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Develop Your Story / The Eighth (Re-write)
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:11:54 AM »
So after sitting for a while, I decieded to start re-writing Bjorns story!

Chapter 1: Inevitable Prophecy
Dark smoke, dust and rain laden cloud created a dim filter, sheltering the Grand City of Tuhn from the glaring sun. The capital of eastern continent Galyaev on Nalis. Known once for its beautifully carved buildings made of crystal. The great city had never seen war for over two thousand years, not until I bought it to its doorstep during late drying season. Usually it would never rain during this time but today of all days it rained enough to flood the streets, extinguishing fires and carrying debris out of the city and into the ocean. As I walked, I tried to see where I went wrong over the past six months and the series of unfortunate events that happened following my actions against the lie that everyone had collaborated against me.

In those six months prior to the extermination of Tuhn, I had been imprisoned within an archaic spellbound box made of obsidian. It had been a long time coming but I could feel the spells that bound me weakening day by day. Enough so for me to break free and take revenge. The time in solitude I would never forget, but I had definitely forgotten the many years confined inside the box. All of my friends, those who I called family and my own flesh and blood conspired against me and locked me away.

Though, they presumed the bonds would last an eternity. Perhaps if they did not bury my vessel into the very source of my power, the earth that gives life to all. Slowly cracks began to creep over the archaic incantations covering the obsidian prison. I knew, soon I would be able to exact vengeance on those that betrayed me. Perhaps that would play directly into the hands of the prophecy, but a prophecy will always fulfil itself no matter what you do to delay the inevitable.

A moment in quiet reminiscence stopped abruptly as the last towering green translucent crystal structure fell in the boulevard district, throwing up finely ground particles in the air that could kill a powerless human being if they were caught in the cloud. The rain restricted my vision as I held my stomach, my injuries were no longer healing themselves like they were prior to this engagement.

Trudging through a small back street that still had its buildings intact, my silver boots now stained with mud that began to develop a red tinge. My blood I thought, it had been so long since I saw it last. Was it finally time to reclaim the earth I stood upon and give myself to the Golden One?

“No…” I spoke a loud, disagreeing with myself in the empty water logged street. I smirked, “Why would I speak out loud to myself.” I coughed catching the blood in my hand, I held it out as the rained filled my cupped hand, revealing my face that had been on the receiving end of a heavy brawl earlier in the day. My left eye had swollen and closed developing a large blue-purple bruise around it. Both my cheeks and my bottom lip had split and began to swell to match my eye. I sighed loudly and let the liquid fall between my fingers.

“So as to give away your hiding place, traitor.” A man whom once I called a brother yelled out in the distance. I heard the crunch of shattered crystal debris under boot fall as he descended from the sky landing behind me. His bleached white armour dull against the lightning flashing overhead.
“Jozea… I implore you.” I uttered, feeling the pain in my stomach spike I leaned over in pain almost tripping and falling into the mud. Blood dribbling down my chin.

“Implore me? To do what? Betray the others like you have?” Jozea cackled as he drew his broadsword. The razor sharp edges seems to shine from the hilt to the tip of the blade in the dim street unnaturally in unison with his eyes.

“Do not joke Bjorn you are the bringer of calamity, you are the one that was never supposed to be. I will destroy you here and this will be the end of the prophecy once and for all.” He began to pace himself faster than I could hobble with my injuries, soon coming to ten yards behind me.

“My destruction will only speed the process Jozea, will you not come to reason!?” Wiping the blood off my mouth I turned to face Jozea. His stare was far beyond seeing who I was, only seeing the catastrophe that was believed to emerge.

“You want me to reason with you and to delay your death? After all that you have done, your little tantrum massacred millions and destroyed valuable cities in my domain!” Jozea lifted his sword and pointed it toward me, raw hatred emanated from his glare.

“That was necessary to draw out the Golden One.” I stuttered as I summoned my long sword and shield, preparing for an attack. The last of my strength I had left I was prepared to defend against one blow and strike just once.

“The Golden One? He is just a fairy tale among people and us, he is just a myth.” He pulled his sword back and lowered himself into an offensive stance, preparing to attack.

“He is not a myth as he will unite us all, I am sick of all this fighting between us... brother.” I hoped that Jozea would see the light and remember his oath that all of us took from Ulrik with the utmost importance of upholding, for the protection of mankind and the universe.

“I’m sorry but, those words that drunk vomits onto parchment aren’t legitimate, even a child that knows no better wouldn’t believe them!” Jozea began to charge toward me with all his power. As I braced for impact, readying myself to deflect most of his energy, it was as if time slowed down.
“Life, or death Bjorn.” A voice of a girl called out from within the warm light that had appeared before me, it had obscured my sight of Jozea. I prepared myself to die on this day but, whether or not I obeyed the light I could possibly death would be an inevitable outcome.

“Life.” I managed to utter, before the light grew immensely, blinding me temporarily. I closed my eyes quickly and let the light fill me with warmth. Moments later I could hear no more rain, nor could I hear the crunch of broken crystal under Jozea’s boots as he was charging. Opening my eyes, I saw the orange glow of a low sun on a grassy field. Large buildings littered the horizon for as far as the eye could see, lights coming from most of the windows.

“I see, you chose life.” The girl's voice called out again. There she was, standing before me.
“Who are you? Friend or foe?” I asked loudly, holding my shield up and my sword ready losing my balance I stumbled backward a fews steps before being able to right myself. The girl giggled at my question.

“Who do you want me to be?” She asked, her short gold hair was only enhanced by the orange sun in the distance. Her white coat seemed overly large for her size as it flapped lazily in the soft breeze.

“Friend.” I said as I hoped that she was going to answer correctly. A moment passed as we both stared at eachother, my stance was gradually weakening as the small amount of time passed. My knees began to shiver as they tried to sustain my position.

“Yes, of course Bjorn. I am a friend to you.” She smiled as she walked closer, seeing her smile was almost addictive. The sun began to sink below the horizon, just as the lights from the structures in the distance evoked an otherworldly glow unlike fire or crystal.

“Wise choice on my part.” I whispered as I dropped to my knees, my armour and weapons had dissipated like dust in the wind. I felt no evil in the girl as I dropped my guard, holding the wound across my stomach I gritted my teeth.

“Very wise Bjorn, now rest please. I will take care of you… indefinitely.” She held my battered face gently, before I closed my un-swollen eye I saw her deep blue eyes staring into mine. A gaze that was extraordinarily assuring as I fell into a deep sleep.

Manga Artists Wanted / (Unpaid) Not manga! Logo/banner Request
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:59:54 AM »
Hi, looking for an artist to do a logo for a youtube channel.

The Channels name is KommyTastik, and will about gaming in general. The logo will be like the Russian Star except with a Maple leaf. So yellow border and a yellow kangaroo silhouette

Maple leaf

Star example

With in the leaf I want a kangaroo silhouette in the same yellow the hammer and sickle is in.


The banner needs to be 2560x1440 Red background the the Maple leaf logo on the right hand side of the image of canter a few degrees with yellow lines radiating from the center and KommyTastik in this font in yellow with a black outline

Unpaid though I will reference you in the description with your website/deviant art :)

General Manga writer discussions / Try out Workflowy
« on: January 11, 2016, 01:00:59 PM »
Seriously just stumbled on this and it is a cool online note taking tool. Im going to trial this for maybe a month or so, I've got a new story concept which has lots of things that need to be fleshed out to make sense so hopefully this will work out perfectly! Also you can #tag important titles and set them as a filter so you can see all the notes you've put down on that particular subject, which I find extremely helpful.

Use the referral and you will start off with double the amount of space to use, its free but if you refer people you get more space so it works out somehow I guess.

Starter Gallery / Swearzy does arts!?
« on: January 06, 2016, 09:22:24 AM »
I did say something about doing a thread here, and someone said to be a cool kid you gotta get in here first. But I don't know where to start! Drop a suggestion and I'll try it out... >.> I'm not great but bear with me

Anime Talk / Digimon Adventure Tri Discussion.
« on: November 22, 2015, 03:28:57 PM »
So I watched the first ep, it isn't really exciting enough to draw a new crowd I think. Though for long time fans, they will stick around. Persistence is key to this one I think, I hope it is as good as I am expecting it to be.

Develop Your Story / Horizon Expedition Team.
« on: September 24, 2015, 12:23:01 AM »
Horizon Expedition Team takes place on Terra, a home away from home. Civilians recruited to cross the horizon portal and explore the land beyond for a private company called Atlus (Giant mining mega corp). Of course with basic military boot camp training they are well equipped to defend themselves from 'humans'. If real mercenaries had trouble, why would they send civilians?

Chapter 1: Gun for hire.

The sun was low in the eastern sky, the orange glow seeping through my thick curtains meeting the bright LCD screen of my desktop computer. I sat on the old chair scouring for jobs as I have been unemployed for far too long. There was one that kept cropping up. ‘Mercenaries wanted; No experience required, High salary.’ So I thought ‘What the hell’ and I emailed them my resume. I got a response in around ninety minutes, which was definitely weird because it was now late evening. I assumed they operated within the normal business hours of nine to five.

As I read the reply the contents were shocking, ‘Hi, thank you for applying with Atlus. We will be meeting in person soon, best of luck. Lucy.’ There was no way they were coming to my house was there? No sooner than I had finished reading the email, I heard a loud knock on my front door. Peering through the peep sight there was a short black haired woman wearing a beret with a weird pin on it, she was extremely cute and proportioned nicely. “Please open the door Blake, I can see your shadow through the peep sight.” She said.

I opened the door, letting the stranger in. Closing it behind her she introduced herself promptly. “I am Lucy, I replied to your email. And I am here to disclose the contents of this job but first, you need to sign this waiver form agreeing that you are under oath and will not blab about this.” I looked over the document, standard gag order. It had the Governments seal but, it was not a part of the Government. “You guys aren’t with the Government?” I asked Lucy, “We are not, though we are their main contractors.” She replied with a smile.

Taking off her beret she placed it on the coffee table and sat on the brown leather couch. I sat opposite her and put the documents on the table. “I can’t know what the job is about until I sign this piece of paper?” Pointing at the document, she replied “Correct, there is one catch though. You have to sign it in your blood.” ‘Interesting’ I thought, ‘it must be an exciting job if it requires such an exchange.’ She put a small flick knife on the table and a fountain pen alongside it.

I picked the knife up and flicked the blade out and made a small cut on my thumb, filling the pen up I licked the cut. “Well, it would be a waste of time if you came all this way for me to say no right?” I signed the page Blake Goliath Draige. “I like your attitude boy, we leave now. You don’t need any belongings, you just need yourself. Your things here will be taken care of, no need to worry.” Lucy covered everything I could think of so far. I felt a weird presence coming from her, as if we had met before. I could trust her without thinking twice.

Revision 1
The sun was low in the eastern sky, the orange glow making its way through the amalgamation of concrete structures that made up the metropolis I called home for a long time. Before long it seeped through my thick curtains meeting the bright LCD screen of my desktop computer. A thought occurred to me ‘I’ll be out of savings soon, I can’t sit around forever doing nothing’. The chair creaked as a lent back, casting my hands behind my head. A mail notification sounded just as I had begun to doze off. ‘Ahh more jobs, this one looks... Interesting.’ Skimming the title and contents it read. “Atlus Corp - If you like nature’s beauty an all-rounder is required for a surveying crew – No experience necessary, high salary, immediate start.” “High salary and no experience huh? It’s probably already filled.. right?” I ended up clicking apply and sending my resume off anyway. My chances of success were slim but I could at least say I tried.

An hour later the sun had set, the street lights blinked on showing the concrete and asphalt that made up the current world. Another blip hit my mail box. “A reply from the application earlier? No way, I wasn’t I expecting anything until next week at the earliest.” As I read the reply the contents were surprising to say the least I felt suspicious. ‘Hi, thank you for applying with Atlus. We will be meeting in person soon, very soon best of luck. Lucy.’ “Do they want me to go to them? It seems they didn’t leave an address or an appointment.”

A knock on my door echoed through the empty apartment. ‘That.. can’t be right, It’s probably the old lady next door.’ I thought as I walked to the entrance. I opened the door to find something I was not expecting. “Hi, I am Lucy your point of contact with Atlus.” She spoke confidently to a complete stranger. Pushing past me while tossing a crème folder onto the coffee table, her stride was long and proud. “You mean you were the one who replied to my application?” “Sure was and I will be with you till the end of the process, now if you can read this.” She sat down and lent over the table, she drew her hair back over her small ears. I couldn’t help but stare, luckily enough her jacket was buttoned up.

She looked up noticing that my stare was blatant and asked. “Mr. Blake? Are you ok? Perhaps another time would be better?” “N.. no Its just that you’re..” “I am?” “No don’t worry.” My rational thoughts stopped me from saying something I would regret. “If nothing is wrong then please pay attention to the page and not me.” 'Ah she noticed, I'm a fool' I scrutinized myself as my temperature rose slightly. She showed a slight grin as I looked over the document. “Is this a gag order?” I asked. It had the Governments seal but, it was not a part of the Government. “You guys aren’t with the Government?” I asked again. “We are not, though we are their main contractors. And we like to keep loose ends tied.” She replied with a smile this time.

Taking off her beret she placed it on the coffee table and was overly comfortable in someone else’ home. “I can’t know what the job is about until I sign this piece of paper?” Pointing at the document, she replied “Correct, there is one catch though. You have to sign it in your blood.” ‘Interesting’ I thought, ‘it must be an extremely well paying if it requires such an exchange.’ She put a small flick knife on the table and a fountain pen alongside it. Picking the knife up while flicking the blade out simultaneously I made a small cut on my thumb, filling the pen up I licked the cut. “Well, it would be a waste of time if you came all this way for me to say no right?” I signed the page Blake Goliath Draige. “I like your attitude boy, we leave now. You don’t need any belongings, you just need yourself. Your things here will be taken care of, no need to worry.” Lucy had covered everything I could think of so far. I now felt a weird presence coming from her, as if we had met before. I could trust her without thinking twice.

Chapter 2: Welcome to Atlus.

Walking down the ramp off the rear of a C130 cargo plane, I had no Idea where we had landed. The airbase or at least the air strip was encased in tall concrete walls with towers spaced every one hundred meters. I started to sweat as soon as I left the belly of the large jet. “Where are we?” I asked, as the group I met on the plane was in a similar situation to me but they seemed sheepish. “Why, we are at Atlus headquarters ladies and gentlemen.” Lucy replied turning around on the spot with her arms up show casing the empty earth. We all looked around and saw nothing but dirt and tarmac.

“Everyone gather in, stand inside the yellow line kay’.” Lucy produced a mobile phone from her pocket and dialed speaking briefly. “Do it.” She hung up, the ground began to shake violently. I looked at the ground surrounding the yellow outline, slowly it rose as steel locking pins slowly exposed themselves to the sunlight. “The whole of Atlus is underground?” I said aloud accidently. “Ding 100 points to Mr. Blake. Correct the company is underground! We are of course in the middle of a desert and this saves energy and... other things.” Lucy smiled to bring assurance to the crowd.

I began to think ‘If they can afford to build a whole office underground, what the hell were they doing? Surveying didn’t bring enough money in, and the crates on the plane were suspicious to say the least being unmarked.’ As the platform was lowered a giant door slid over us including the C130. There were buildings cut right into the stone walls and in the immediate vicinity of the elevator pad there were Sukoi F50 fighter jets and MI28NM Hind attack helicopters armed to the teeth. Soldiers were doing pushups with a rather pissed off drill sergeant barking orders.

A tall but spindly man caught up to me, he wore thick glasses and had shoulder length hair. “Blake was it? I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself on the flight. I’m François, Frank for short.” I shook his hand, “Good to meet you Frank.” He nodded, “What do you think we will be doing here?” “Well it doesn’t look like we will be surveyors.” I chuckled as he looked around and it finally clicked, seeing all the military hardware and men in uniform. “Oh ok, I was hoping there would be like a logistics position..” Frank kept a straight face and I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

“Nope, just gun toting mercenaries for hire.” I joked. Frank nodded again. I couldn’t imagine the guy shooting at someone. We walked into one of the office buildings, a cool wave of air covered me which was relieving. “Attention! Single file!” a man shouted with a wide brimmed hat, which was followed by a shorter man in a very expensive looking suit. “How far is that guy’s head up his ass huh? I’m Dave by the way.” He shook both Frank and my hand before we stepped into line. “Yeah I know right? Haha.” I replied.

The man in the suit struts his way to the middle of the room with hands behind his back. “Welcome to Atlus green horns, I am Robert Atlus CEO of Atlus. We here at Atlus are in the process of establishing a bulkhead on the other side of the universe. Well we say it is the on the other side of the universe but it could very well be an alternate reality of our own earth. What is your job? I’m glad you asked. You people will travel and survey these lands for minerals and mingle with the people. Having trigger happy brain dead guns on legs isn’t helping me make any money. Sleep well tonight greenies, you start tomorrow, dismissed.” Waving his fingers at us he walked out of the building with Lucy as we were shown our rooms by the sergeant.

Chapter 3: Sanctanimity.

‘To travel through the portal you must have a clear consciousness. If you don’t your brain will be effected with a disease to that similar of Alzheimer's only that it erases everything but your sins.’ “The sergeant said, but is it true?” Frank questioned Lucy. “Yes, half of the men we sent through were reliving their nightmares, and unfortunately there were incidents of green on blue.” She replied promptly. “Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. So the affliction is fifty fifty?” I interjected. “Well.. We have no control over who gets the disease at this moment, I heard the white coats have a prototype to protect the brain as to its effectiveness..” Lucy rolled her eyes. “I don’t like those odds.” Frank said. I believed Frank was correct, they were just throwing soldiers out like the Chinese during the 3rd world war.

“You don’t have to like those odds, if you make it your reward is much worth the risk.” She turned her attention to a monitor in front of the conference room and pushed a button on her remote. “This will be where you are going.” The picture showed a large circular stone city with huge statues scattered throughout it. The citizens were on horseback and had weapons from the medieval period. “As you might have derived from the picture, the time period is that of our medieval era. Though their mages and the local creatures are much more dangerous.”
 I put my hand up like I was back in school. Lucy pointed at me and instructed me to speak. “Magic and dragons are real?” “Correct, they are quite real. Not like fantasy movies here. They are nasty and hard to kill with a sword. That is why you will be equipped with these.” She went to the next slide on the screen. “These are current military issue M five A two multi-function rifles. They come in five five six and seven point six two, and one of you lucky bastards will get the Barrett Fifty BMG. Side arms consist of a Glock forty five because nine millimeters won’t penetrate magic reinforced steel armour.”

I personally was excited to get my hands on the guns. I’ve always had an affinity for firearms big and small. “Cool weapons aside, what is our paycheck going to look like? It was never hinted at only that it was a high paying salary.” “Yes Tyler I’m glad you asked.” She flicked the slide over. “This is the base pay, it consists of 1 metric ton of gold. 100 square acres of land beyond the portal and a land title similar to that of a baron. IF! You can get the Queen to change her opinion of us. That is your mission. To enable us to mine their resources.” “What if we can’t get the monarchy to change their mind?” I finally chimed in. “Well, you did see all the hardware in the hanger right?” Lucy almost scoffed. “You will just wipe them out?” “Sure although the hobnobs in the Government don’t want to but, as a last resort I was given the green light.”

“Isn’t that cruel? These people are defenseless against our technology.” Another man whom I had not met stood up and voiced his opinion clearly. He then walked toward the front of the conference room. “This is wrong in all aspects, destroying a whole culture just for mineral resources.” “Sit down.” Lucy barked. “I will not, I am against this operation.” The man motioned to put his hands on Lucy, not before two loud shots pierced the air. The man fell back with two holes in his stomach, blood dripped on the floor. Lucy shot the man without hesitation. “I dislike disobedient dogs.” She snarled. Speaking into her radio ‘Security, we have a volunteer for the new portal tech’ The two men stationed outside the door came in and picked the bleeding man off the floor and dragged him out the room. “That concludes our theory lessons, dismissed.”

Lucy walked out of the room, following the two guards as they dragged Tyler down the long hallway. She waved another guard over and pointed to the bloodied floor. “Right away Ma’am.” He responded obediently before jogging away. She felt dizzy and braced herself against the wall. ‘I told you not to do that!’ ‘Ehh~ But I was feeling a little eccentric.’ ‘You are going to jeopardize the mission with your stupid outbursts.’ ‘Even though I gave you the means to gain everything you have today?’ Lucy punched the wall, cracking the concrete. “You piss me off so much Belphe-.” Her left hand flew up and covered her mouth ‘Ah don’t say my name out loud’. The guard from earlier returned with a mop and bucket. “Miss Lucy are you ok?” he asked. “I.. I’m fine. Continue with your duty.” Lucy straightened herself up and continued after the blood trail.

Chapter 4: New World.
After thirteen weeks of basic training today was finally the day we got to step through the portal. I don’t know why I was even comfortable with the chances of making it through the portal sane. Maybe I felt it was fate. Though, I had nothing to lose either. No wife or kids anymore, no family alive or anything I could look forward to. Is this where broken men go to die? “Oi Oi Blake, it’s time to go.” Frank shook my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see the group putting on the newly approved head gear. I guess my chances of success went up due to that idiot. I slipped on the silver helmet and cinched the strap tight. The moment I put the helmet on it felt like the world was cut off from my thoughts, if anyone could listen.

“You really wanna do this huh?” I could see the excitement in Franks expression. “Yeah buddy, got nothing to lose and everything to gain right?” “Wow you seem confident all of a sudden, where did that come from?” “I dunno, maybe it was the training and mentoring we had the past few weeks.” “Yeah they were pretty thorough. But I still can’t wrap my head around Lucy shooting that guy.” “Well he’s kinda lucky if you look at it, he’s already through the portal.” “Yeah if you put it that way I guess haha.” I smiled before the PA system crackled. “All right ladies, final checks Make sure your weapons are loaded we don’t know what’s going to be there when we land! We depart in 2 minutes.” An officer yelled out over the PA system. A heavy grinding sound started to echo around the stone room. On the closest wall a sliver of blue light pierced the stone covering the hanger.

“Woah, I wasn’t expecting something like that.” In the center of 4 pillars made of quartz there was a large square door, you could see the other side. There was green grass and trees scattered around, the wind was blowing as the trees bowed with it. “It will take 10 seconds before you will materialize on the other side. You must be in a blank state of mind.” Lucy had arrived un-noticed and announced to the group. ‘Lucy~ I trust everything is going to plan?’ “Stop talking to me not now, they will get suspicious.” I watched Lucy as she commanded the group, but it looked like she was talking to herself for a moment. Or she appeared to be speaking into her radio.
“Alright let’s move. Single file, you will step in on the green light.” She yelled over the intercom, everyone else responded with a cheer. The morale was high. “See you on the other side Frank.” “Good luck Blake.” I stepped through the barrier, my mind blank. Then a voice whispered to me. “Daddy, why did you do it? Why? Please tell me.” My daughter long since passed talked to me as if she was here. I saw her behind closed eyes as she grabbed my arm trying to pull herself up covered in blood. “Blake you ok? Open your eyes bud’ take it all in.” Frank took a deep breath, I did too once I opened my eyes. It was extremely fresh, it wasn’t recycled or scrubbed like it was on earth. Pure air, I took my helmet off and tossed it into my bag. Green grass for as far as the eye could see, trees older than the whole group combined, the rest of the horizon skirted by a deep blue ocean.

There were remnants of a camp here. Sand bag embankments, tents and weapons scattered about like there was a battle. Most likely in this case, I picked up a dagger which was half covered in dirt. The handle made from ivory of some sort and the guard and pommel made of solid gold, making the piece heavier than it looked. My first souvenir, I cracked a smile and placed it in my belt. My radio crackled to life. Tangos at 12 o clock they look like armoured mages, the ones with the staves. They have equally armoured guards. “They can sense the portal when the power surges I think.  A similar occurrence happened last time. “Don’t shoot, I’m going to talk to them.” I said regretfully. I cast down my bags and my rifle and placed my pistol into the back of my trousers. “Wish me luck.” I headed down toward the entourage. As I walked toward the locals my arm started to itch so I scratched it, the itch wouldn’t dissipate so I inspected the site of the problem. A small childlike handprint had started to fade from my arm, the print was a deep black. Peering around at the others I decided to keep it to myself as the itch stopped by itself when the print had completely disappeared.

Chapter 5: New encounters.

I was getting pretty close to the armoured men I could make out the small insignias above their hearts. At first I thought they were winged lions, but upon closer inspection it was a red and gold gilded Dragon. The wind picked up a little throwing up some bull dust, the trees rustled casually.  The guys behind me were practically biting their fingers off as I neared the men. “Hello, we come in peace.” The armoured men took notice of me and realized I was not a local and spread out into a defensive stance. I put my hands up and they seemed curious and approached with weapons ready. One spoke to another in a different language, which closely resembled something from Europe.

One of the men pointed at my newly acquired dagger, and stepped forward and spoke in English. “Where did you acquire that blade?” “Ah you can speak English? That makes things easier.” I pulled the knife out of my belt. Not a second later a lightning bolt stuck my hand and flung the dagger twenty feet into the air, falling short of the man that spoke. He picked it up inspecting the craftsmanship. “This steel is high quality, so is the gold. I ask again, where did you acquire the knife?” “I f..found it just up the way there.” I wondered whether or not my response was going to get me killed.

“You need not lie to me, I commend you on killing that bastard.” He walked toward me with the knife, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. He gestured with the knife, so I stuck my hand out and he placed the blade in my palm. I sighed with relief as the man and his men stood down into a more casual form. “Ahh it was nothing.” Figured I just avoided a land mine. “Let us shake hands as fellow soldiers.” He said his arm extended, as I shook his hand he said “I am Sir Jasso Veirge of Hallya. If you would be as kind as to come with us to meet our Captain you will be rewarded for your work.” “Sure, why not.” I replied with a smile. “There are more of you are there not? We will feast and drink tonight in celebration of slaying the heretic.” Strange I thought, ‘They were hunting heretics, to which they were already dead when we came through the horizon. There weren’t many bodies near the Horizon… Then where did the guns come from?’

“My men will be with us shortly.” I said to Jasso, whispering into my radio I beckoned the rag tag team of conscripted civilians. They all appeared and walked to my position and I got my rifle and other gear off of Frank. “Well done, I think we should vote for you as our CO right guys?” “Ooahh!” everyone else had responded with enthusiasm. I had really gotten myself in a terrible position. “Oh you are from beyond the great horizon? We’ve had a few of you come before, and that guy you killed. Well let’s just say he didn’t want your presence in our country.” “I wondered why you weren’t surprised at my appearance.” “Yeah,  we have been in contact with you for 10 winters now. Some have pledged their allegiance with us.” He smiled and started to walk toward the mysterious stone city.

A few hours had past while I let them gain some distance between us and my group. I guess you could call us the Horizon Expedition Team. “He said these guys have been back and forth for 10 years, I wonder what they did that caused them to destroy their ties.” I said to Frank as he walked beside me. “It is quite suspicious is it not?” He replied. “I feel like we are being set up, Oi Dave see that rock formation east? Go and setup ok I want to know what’s in the valley before we get down into it.” “No worries bud, leave it to me.” Dave ran off toward the rock formation. Lucky he was a big man otherwise all his gear plus the Barrett and munitions would pose quite a problem carrying it long distances. “Hey boss... We’ve got a problem.” I heard over the radio.

Chapter 6: Illegal Immigrants.

“You guys keep following them, I’ll go and assess the situation with Dave.” I started to jog to Dave’s position on the rocky formation overlooking the valley. The grass was much longer here, I could clearly see where Dave made his way through the thick scrubby bushes. I finally reached the rock breathing moderately, the heat made it all much worse. I pulled my new pair of binoculars out of their canvas bag and looked through them. “It’s bad ain’t it?” Dave said, I saw at least 1000 soldiers in a camp outside of the stone city. There were various siege weapons, and large bon fires lit with men crowding them drinking and eating. I noticed the sun was getting low in the western sky, tents were starting to appear on the edges of the camp.

“I.. don’t think they are hostile, they are having a celebration by the look of it.” Dave said looking through the powerful scope on his anti-matter rifle. “W..woah lucky.. look east 200m from the camp, see that? Heh.” There was a deep blue coloured lake, the women from the troupe were bathing bare skinned. “I don’t mind staying up here and keeping watch, if you guys wanna go eat and whatever.” He looked at me, I grinned “Sure Dave no worries, I won’t uhh keep you. I’ll be on band 4 separate from the others if something happens let me know first and I will advise, Good luck.” He was honest about keeping watch, though he did feel a little embarrassed. “Sure thing, you can trust me.” Dave replied.

Jogging back down to the group, we were getting close to the camp. “Blake, that captain guy was looking for you. He’s just ahead of the group at that checkpoint.” Sadie called out as I returned “Thanks bud.” I replied as I jogged past my team up to the check point. Jasso waved me over and handed me a small wooden crate full of similarly shaped stones which appeared to be diamonds. “These are for you your comrades, you will need them if you are to travel without burden in this country.” I looked at the stones, inspecting them closer. “Ah yes, forgive me. All foreigners must carry these stones, when you enter a town or a city you pass through a check point like this one here. They will ask for these and verify your legality.”

I now understood what he meant. “Ah no problem, thanks Mr. Veirge. You really helped us out. Have you been having an immigrant problem?” His expression changed as if to know where the conversation was going to end up. “Call me Jace, yes since we’ve learned your techniques for farming food is now at a surplus and porpers from neighboring countries come to live better.” “Is that a bad thing?” “Not entirely but, there have been some… unsavory coincidences.” Jace turned to his left marginally and a wave of sadness swept over his joyful expression. “I understand, I won’t pry any further. We will make camp on the outskirts here as to not to get in your soldiers way.” “Yes, I think that would be wise.” We shook hands and parted ways. Watching Jace walk away, a girl joined him. She had an unusual garb of all black and two small swords on her back with a small pouch on her hip. Her face was covered by a hood, which has two small lumps underneath it. A ninja with Chinese twin hair buns I thought as I chuckled.

After setting up camp, I handed the stones out to everyone and told them not to lose them as they were like a passport. “How did the meeting go with the noble dude?” Frank asked as I sat down and opened a ration pack, tonight was chicken and rice. “Eh it was kinda awkward I think, he said they are having problems with illegal immigrants.” I poured water into the flame less heater and slid the pack in, leaning it on a rock. “Ah, they kept peering back at us as we were following them. I thought that was weird.” I nodded as my radio crackled. “Do you read Blake?” “Copy Dave, what’s up?” “A bunch of important looking people have gathered in the big tent.” “Crap, I knew it was too good to be true. Alright Dave keep me up to date over.” “Roger that, over and out.” Dave replied.
“So what are we going to do? We shouldn’t do anything to arouse suspicion.” Frank said as he had a mouthful of his chicken and rice. “Yes about that, I will get the two LMG teams to setup with crossfire in front of our camp once the fires die down ahh what were their names?” Blake clicked his finger and thumb trying to jog his memory. “Mason and that uhh Sadie chick?” Frank murmured as he chewed on his chicken and rice. “Yeah those two, then we wait locked and loaded… I have always wanted to say that!” We both had a little chuckle then Frank asked “What if nothing happens?” “Then nothing happens right?” “Alright well that was easy. I will get the teams informed of the situation while you set your tent up.” Frank stood up and trod off into the diminishing light.

Chapter 7: Betrayals and family.

“We are in position Blake, over.” Sadie called through her radio. “Same here sir.” Mason followed. “Roger, teams change watch every 5 hours. Let’s hope for an easy first night, over and out.” I switch my radio to channel four to keep in contact with Dave as I unzipped the tent flap. My tent was a standard issue one man tent, it was olive green with a matching tarpaulin to prevent rain from getting in. i nodded to Frank before I slipped in feet first, sliding all the way down until I touched the far end. Zipping up the opening, I laid my rifle to my left making sure the chamber was full and the safety was on. I then put the pistol and knife under my pillow and rolled onto my left side closing my eyes.

I could hear the crickets chirping and the odd sounds of the owls hooting. The nearby stream that entered the lake was flowing quite fast and had a refreshing sound to it. I felt safe in that canvas tent I thought as I had fallen asleep rather quickly. A little girl around the age of twelve was sitting in the family room. Her long light blonde hair reached to the ground. I walked into the room and she turned to look at me with her hazel coloured eyes and jumped up. “Papa, lets go!”she said running to me giving me a hug. “Go where honey?” I replied lifting her up, and kissing her. “I wanna go to the zoo.” She whispered in my ear “Why are you whispering?” I ask as she looked at me in the eyes, she looked down and then to the left scrunching her face a little. “Because mama said no, not until next week.” She was one hundred percent serious, which made me laugh. “ Sure, but not until tomorrow Papa has to work today.” She looked down and then up, nodding in agreement. “Okay, it’s a promise okay?” She stuck her pinky out and clasped it onto mine. “Okay, it’s a promise.”

I felt woozy all of a sudden, a group of people dressed in black stood around me as I walked bearing a small black coffin. I realized I wasn’t in control, as I placed it down on the guards. The priest began to say his prayers. “As we gather here today to commit our sister to God, our father. And to commit her body to the elements, let us express in prayer our common faith…” I stood there are watched the minister, I remember the feeling of nothingness. I tried to cry and mourn but my body stood still watching the coffin being lowered into the earth. I threw the first handful of earth into the grave, as the last granules left my hand I felt something cold touch my throat. Alarmed I woke up grabbing my pistol and thrusting it into whoever was weighing me down.

“Who-.” It was the spitting image of my daughter. Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes. “K- Kaede?” The girl looked into my eyes and then to the gun. “Ho- How do you know my name?” Kaede pressed the knife on my neck with more pressure. “You… Can you take the knife off of my neck?” She pondered for a few minutes before she took the knife off my neck. I put the pistol down and there was an awkward  silence.  “Can we, move out of the tent? You sitting like that isn’t the greatest…” I squirmed a little before she realized and blushed moving out of the tent.
“You look like my father.” Kaede finally spoke. I threw a new log onto the smoldering coals, soon after it burst into life. Kaede rummaged through her black vest producing a black and white photograph. “This was before you died.” She handed me the picture and I looked exactly the same and so did Shiori, my deceased wife. “Is she?” I pointed at Shiori. “Yes she is still alive.” Kaedes expression told me there was more to the story. “What happened? How did I die?” I asked, handing back the photograph. “You were killed by thieves 6 years ago. We were going to see the traveling circus. I asked you that day if we could go.” Kaede covered her face. “Well, I… He would be happy that you are alive.” I rubbed her shoulder, as she started to cry. “It was my fault you got killed.” She wiped her eyes, trying to stop the tears.

“Don’t cry, it isn’t your fault. If god has intended it, then it was fate.” I continued to grip her shoulder, the lumps under her hood began to twitch. “Fate… isn’t real.” Kaede stopped crying now. Her eyes were still red. “Fate did this… on the slightest chance, this meeting across two different worlds.” There was a silence before my radio crackled. “Blake, they are grouping up and headed your way.” I scrabbled for my radio. “Are you sure?” “One hundred percent, they have weapons at the ready.” Kaede’s stomach sunk, staring at me she stood up. “We must leave now, I will explain later… Papa.” She looked away immediately “It’s like we were never apart, weird right?” I smiled in relief as I switched radio stations and said. “Weapons ready people, no packs. We take care of them tonight. Don’t shoot until I say the word.” Kaede looked and smiled back. Her love of fighting was as obvious as mine is, after all she is my daughter.

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Discussion and go,

  • Favourite Character
  • Favourite Episode so far

Movies and TV shows / Fear The Walking Dead
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So new series started today, this is about what happened while Rick was in a coma right? I think its off to a good start, its going to take a while to get used to the new setting and characters but I can't wait for thr next episode. But really I just want season 6 to air already and finish it off gracefully.

Develop Your Story / Commander. WIP (Place holder title)
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Yet another flavour to the mix. Started writing while watching tv for no apparent reason, turned out better than I thought. I want to keep the chapters short, around 8-900 words.

Chapter one - Men can't fly.
Naim woke to the claxons of his alarm hopping around on the bedside table. Shifting he tapped the top of the device, the claxon died and a short clip played.

"The time is 7:00am, good morning Naim."

Naim groaned and swung his legs off the side of the bed. Looking across the room a pile of boxes stood with his name plastered and the side.

"Glad I'm moving out of this *censored* hole, you'd be proud dad." He grabbed his phone and checked the time again, 7:03. Two messages recieved, one from Shala.

'Hey Naim, I can't wait to see you after all these years. You're lucky to have gotten a place in the acadamy, let alone the dorm next to mine.. haha! Anyway, I'll see you soon bai~ <3'

"Good lord, what trouble am I getting into.." He got up and walked to the bathroom, relieving himself he turned to the basin the cracked mirror jaded his reflection. He was a handsome man with sharp features, sharp eyes and shortly cropped hair. He lent down and washed his hands before splashing his face with the cold water.

The devices on his ears glowed and subtle blue, he ran his fingers of them. A black shroud covered the whole ear, preventing any natural sound entering.

"They said I'd get used to wearing these damned things quickly.. Bloody annoying if anything." Banging errupted from the door.

"I ain't got all day boy! Open the door."

"Oh *censored* I forgot they were coming to take my stuff, Just a second!" Naim ran out of the bathroom and through to the front door. He double checked by looking through the security cam, the man was dressed in blue overalls a scanner was on his belt and he had a trolley with him. A hat covered his face.

Naim slid the dead bolt open, and began to twist the door knob. The man kicked the door in, Naim was swept off his feet landing meters away from the entrance stunned. He walked in over the door checking his corners painting the room with the muzzle of the gun, satisfied he was alone he walked over toward Naim.

"You are Naim right?"

"What's it to you.." Naim croaked as he clutched his side, a rib had snapped.

"Lets just say I got the wrong door on the level below." He pulled a bloodied knife from a sheath on his leg. He licked the blade, pointing the gun at Naim.

"Why, are you here to kill me?"

"Yup its your lucky day" His ear devices started to glow white indicating he was enjoying this moment. The man took a step closer and squat. He tapped the knife on Naims ear pieces and put the gun on his forehead.

"Take them off."

"No, what a stupid question." The man licked his lips and moved the pistol to his shoulder and shot. Naim winced as a hole opened up, blood flowing freely. The slide caught open on the empty magazine lock.

"Woops, It seems I enjoyed myself down stairs hahahaa!"

"*censored* you." Naim rocked up and head butt him, breaking his nose and pushing him off balance. Falling on his arse, he let go of the pistol sliding out of reach. Naim jaunted up and knocked him on his back, grabbing the knife hand he wrestled to get it free. Putting all his weight on the knife, slowly decending to the mans jugular, he managed to slip it to the side. It caught on his ear piece sliding it off, revealing a ghost white ear. The fear in the mans eyes were real now. He lost.

"Stop." Naim smiled as he stood up over the man, the man stopped.

"Get up and bring two chairs." The man as if a trance stood up and collected two chairs and placed them infront of Naim.

"Sit." The man sat, Naim turned the chair around and sat, leaning his arms on the back rest.
"Please let me g-."

"Shut up." The man obeyed and shut his mouth.

"Now, we shall talk. What is your name?" The man looked away but his mouth opened reguardless of what he willed it to do.


"Okay, Jon. Who sent you here?"

"A.. a middle man."

"The name of your contact?"

"Mmmmmmmmathew." Resisted all he could but he gave in to the command.

"And, where will I find this Mathew?"

"At the golden sun." The man sighed and slumped in his chair. A knock came from the hallway. Another man in blue overalls.

"Uhh am I interrupting?"

"No, not at all." Naim got up from his chair and greeted the man, slipped a wad of cash into the mans chest pocket.

"You didn't see anything did you?"

"N..nothing at all sir."

"Fantastic! My boxes are in the next room if you would, please."

"No problem." The man walked over the rubble and collected the boxes and left immidiately.

"Now... what to do with you." Naim looked out toward the balcony. Jons eyes widened like saucers. Naim smirked.

"You can fly right? Once I leave the room you are to fly. Understand?" Im so glad I used false details to rent this place."

Naim went to the bathroom and looked over his shoulder. The wound was clean, he began to stitch the front himself. Using a mirror he managed the back as well. Refreshed he bid his good byes to Jon and left the room with his satchel. He heard faint screaming and an abrupt stop. Taking the elevator down and walked out the door to see ambulances and police cordoning off the front of the apartment building, blending with the crowd he disappeared.

Develop Your Story / Space Wolf fluff story.
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So if you don't know what a Space Wolf is, they are a chapter of Spacemarines from the Table Top Game called Warhammer40k. And I started to re-read one of my various books that I've had for a while and I wanted to do a short story, maybe 5-10k words.,000

This is what they look like, usually between 7-10' tall.

For the love of Russ.
"Svald get your head down!" Jorg whispered over the intercom. A shell whistled overhead. I took a drag of the air, picking up corpses weeks old and freshly spent powder from sporatic fire coming out of the gunport not near fifty yards away. As I slid down the plascrete into the deep trench, thick with mud and blood of the countless guardsmen thrown into seiging this heretic bunker. The superious loosed the wolves to clean up this mess, not that I can complain sitting around the fang was boring me so.
We came via drop pod, long since ditched as it was destroyed by heavy artillery shells bombarding the position as soon as we hit the ground. Rest in peace Haeger, may you take your last breath in the final battle, for Russ.

"A fortress circumvented ceases to be an obstacle. A fortress destroyed ceases to be a threat. Do not forget the difference." Jorg recited from his worn leather tome.
"Russ forbid, are you taking his teachings in vain or is this pure mockery?"

"Ack youre always too serious, if we had a pack of grizzley long fangs this bastard would have been blown off the face of the planet.."

"Hahahahaha, true that my brother. I suppose we better crack this keg of ale then." Checking my bolter over, making sure everything is in working order for the imminent assault.

"I've got plenty of krak 'nades left. Just need to get to that damn portal. That heavy bolter will mince us in seconds."

"I suppose I'll bait and you do the easy work aye?"

"Aye" Jorg cracked a grin

"You owe me a barrel of Asaheims finest when we rotate back to Fenris. Hahahaha"

"A deal it is, on the count of three.. ready?" His pose tightened ready for the initial burst to get past the arc of fire from the portal. I nodded and faced west.

"Three.. t-.."  I bounded over the top of the plascrete barrier, exploding in a sprint I covered dead mans land in mere seconds. I heard the first few shots whiz past my right the next bounced off of my chipped ceramite shoulder piece.

"Oi! that wasnt the plan! *censored*." Jorg scrambled out of the trench. Almost slipping on his jaw as it hit the ground in surprise. Clearing past their arc of fire I soon head the krak grenade activate and bounce around the interior of the bunker. Half a dozen screams ensued.

"Grenada!" Boom, silence followed as death embraced the hell touched souls.

"Only death suits those who are touched by the eye of terror." A chilled winter breeze whipped up loose snow
"Damn right brother. Now according to Russ we should dismantle this uhh plascrete death trap." Leaning up against the grey building he slapped the wall.

"Yes, indefinitely. I have just the thing. I still have a satchel charge!"

"Well now its a party then!" We set the charge up and headed down to the destroyed drop pod to retrieve Haegers body. Booom! The explosives rattled the earth surrounding the smoking pit that was a bunker.

"We need a priest down here to extract our brother." Jorg sent a transmission via the intercom, it crackled in response.

"Affirmative thunder hawk inbound."

"On to the final fight." Jorg knelt down closed Haegers eyes. Placing his arms holding his bolter in the middle of his torso.

"For the Allfather." Silence ensued as we stood waiting. Soon the sound of engines filled the silence between the winds rippling over the mounds. The stench of the burning fuels made me scrunch my noise in disgust.
 The rear door lowered, the white wolf skull and the Crozius Arcanum was a sure give away that he was a Wolf priest. Also noting the full black armour. His scribed amulets glowed a feint blue as he walked past without a word and started extracting Haegers geneseed.

 The wolf priest waved his hand and two thralls lumbered out of the ship with a stretcher. Their servos whined as they Hefted Haeger onto the stretcher and carried him inside, the priest followed and we in turn boarded the ship.
The priest turned and faced us both and finally uttered instruction.

"Three of our brothers are MIA, new mission assigned, search and rescue. I will assist. Last known whereabouts Discovered a Cultist den under their target area."

“Aye, wish they would just bombard this planet from orbit and be done with it.”

“Where’s the fun in that Jorg?”

“You blood fangs, always easily excitable. Once a planet is affected, its always going to be a hive for demon spawn.”

“This mission was classified, an item of great importance was to be recovered.” The priest chimed in.
“Ohh I see now” Jorg crossed his arms. “Now I understand why there weren’t any Imperial artillery pieces down on the surface.”

The thunder hawk rattled from heavy turbulence, bang! That was definitely no turbulence. A huge hole opened up in the side from anti aircraft artillery well camouflaged under the snow. Shrapnel showered the steel ship as it rapidly descended into the white blanketed fields.

“Brace for impact!” The pilot screamed over the intercom. He managed to land tail first gently, the ship sliding for 300 meters before coming to a screeching halt.

“Is everyone alright?” I got up and checked the priest and Jorg, one of the thralls had disappeared through the gap created by the explosion. Walking up to the cockpit the air heavy with iron indicated that the pilot was injured, forcing the door open the shattered glass peppered the copilot. He lay limp in his seat. A large piece of shrapnel had the other man in the gut his bleeding was too much to stop. Still conscious I thanked him for saving the ship. His smile indicated he was satisfied and that he could die as a hero serving the Emperor of mankind. He too soon drooped in his seat.


Develop Your Story / Thunder WIP
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So in letting the 8th sit for a little while I had this in my mind and wanted it on paper, please feel free to tell me your thoughts :D

I cannot for the life of me think of a synopsis, definitely set in medieval/fantasy. I don't know the direction of the story alls I knows is that I've set it up for a "Son takes revenge" type deal.

Click me! UPDATED 12/5

Thunder echoed around the castle. The drone of hard rain ensued. Holding out his hand, Octavius summoned forth his retainer. A beautiful wood elf stood before him, their illegitimate love child in hand.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you so early Vaele. But I must send you and our son away immediately. I cannot go against my father with my engagement to the princess of the east." Octavius was containing his sorrow, his expression unchanged. Lowering his hand down to his sons’ tiny face, caressing him.

"Micah." He called out; the rippling of chain mail scratching against steel plates filled the room.

"Yes my lord?" Micah had now stood within the candle light, her highly ornate Armour glistened gold. Lightning flashed revealing the shiny silver metal and the gold inlays.

"You will take Vaele and Rubius far south. Here, take these. One letter is for my son and one is with instruction. This gold should last you for a few cycles." Micah stowed the scrolls into her breastplate, hitching the gold to her belt.

"When are we to return, my love?" Vaela asked looking at the large bag of gold. Octavius hesitated to say his mind, he clenched his fists.

"You cannot return." Vaele's face grew white trembling; little golden orbs of liquid ran jagged down her cheeks.
"Micah, take them and go now. There is a carriage waiting." Octavius turned and left the room slamming the door shut, the clicks of the locks clacking shut. He rested his forrid against it. Relieved he could show his emotion to the darkness, he let the tears flow.

"I'm sorry." Octavius could barely produce the words he wanted to tell her.

“Milady, please we must hurry. The rain grows heavy.” Opening the door as the rain swept in waves and the wind grew vicious. Horses neighed in disapproval of being in the cold, wet weather. Seated now, Micah wiped herself with a towel, handing Vaele a fresh dry blanket to wrap the baby in. Micah turned to the small window and rapped upon it, the driver flicked the reins forcing the restless beasts to move forward.

“What is our destination?” Vaele asked as she nursed the boy. Micah realized and averted her gaze.

“We.. are to arrive at Maisk’I by morning, then to a small village on the outskirts.” She sneezed suddenly. Wiping her nose with a tattered cloth.

“Ah I see, and you are to stay with me? For how long?” The boy had his fill, covering up she placed him in his cradle where he immediately fell asleep.

“Until…” Micah paused and looked out at the stormy sky. Lightning lit the dark silhouette of the castle walls.

“Until when?” Vaele had moved and sat next to Micah placing her hand on Micah’s. Thunder rattled the windows.

“I.. I may never return. I am no longer able to serve My Lord.” She sniffled again, wiping her face.

“Everything will be fine; you may stay with me for however long you want.” Vaele motioned to take her armour off.

“Let’s remove your armour else you will get sick staying cold.” Micah shuffled around to let Vaele have access to the buckles on the back side of the plated armour.

“Thank you, Milady.” Vaele continued to remove the plating. There were bruises where the straps had been tightened.

“These are.. Always like this?” She ran her finger over one of the elongated bruises. Micah flinched.

“Y..yes, for a long time. Being in this position is awkward.” Drawing her long brunette hair to the side, the severity of the bruises was now visible in the poor light shed by the oil lantern.

“Awkward?” Vaele tilted her head pondering how awkward it was.

“Someone else is removing my armour.” Micah grabbed the intricate shoulder piece, admiring the craftsman ship for a moment before placing it into a burlap sack.

“You do this yourself then?” Releasing the breast plate, she almost dropped the wet heavy steel.

“Yes, it is an annoyance but I would not dare let a man or women touch me.” Fire grew in her voice. Vaele
reached into her bag and retrieved a small round container, opening it a sweet smell filled the cabin.

“But I am?” Vaele placed a herbal paste on the bruise.

“Yes but you are..” Looking at Vaele’s reflection in the glass, splinters of light speared through the dark clouds.

“Never mind, what is that paste you have?” Closing her eyes she smelled the sweet aroma.

“It is a secret! Handed down through my family for generations, although I might live for the next thousand years the generation gaps are quite large.” She smiled and continued to apply the balm on her bruises.

“Really… makes my live seem insignificant.” Micah’s shoulders drooped.

“Don’t be like that, cheer up. Enjoy the present; the next twenty years are going to be peaceful ones. You may even find a husband.” She joked, expecting to get a sharpened retort back she got a flushed embarrassed face.
“ it’ll never happen!” Micah exclaimed. They soon came to a small village, the sun was on the horizon casting an orange glow across the town.

“It’s quite beautiful isn’t it?” Vaele looks out the window, watching the buildings pass by. The carriage came to an abrupt stop. Militia men seemed to be stopping their progress. Micah got out of the carriage with her sword on her hip.

“What seems to be the problem?” Pointing at the bloke standing in front of the group.

“We jus’ s’posed ta be checkin the carriages comin’ in.” He garbled from his chubby face. Taking a swig from his flask.
“Checking for what exactly?” She placed her hand on the pommel of her sword.

“Anyfin suspicious.” He stowed his flask in his jacket and took a few steps forward.

“An’ oo’ you s’posed ta be? Royale’ guards? Only that twat would av’ a woman as a guard, there only good fer one thing.” He used vulgar hand gestures to explain his meaning. Micah took a few steps forward and threw an expert right jab in the jaw knocking him out cold.

“I am a Royale Guard. And I am the new authority of this town under his Lordship Octavius the Second.” The other guards scattered, with one to drag off the unconscious drunk Micah got back into the carriage and it continued to rumble through the town.

“So much for being peaceful..” Now the natural light filled the carriage, Micah handed Vaele the sealed envelope from Octavius.

“I’m sorry, I should have told you before we left. We shall be arriving shortly.”

To Vaele,

You are to become the Baroness of Maisk’I until my son if of age. I entrust to you this position despite the objections from my advisors, be wary. Your new assistant shall be waiting for your arrival at the Mansion. Burn this letter after your arrival.

Yours sincerely,


Just as Vaele had finished reading her letter the carriage stopped and the door was opened by a young boy.

“G’mornin milady, Micah. Welcome to Maisk’I.” He bowed and showed the door to the mansion.

“He seems kinda scrawny to be an assistant doesn’t he?” Micah whispered to Vaele.

“So.. in saying this you’ve taken notice of this young boy? I’d go as far as calling you a cradle snatcher.” Vaele giggled stepping out of the carriage.

“W…what!? Is that what you think?” The gravel crushed loudly under her steel boots. Walking towards the grand oak door, they saw many peasants were tending to livestock and harvesting the fields. Picking up baby Rubius and handing him to his mother they walked toward the entrance.

“Well yes, you had your eyes painting all over him.” Taking their first steps over the threshold, there was a beautifully ornate marble staircase, and a large crystal chandelier.  Empty places for portraits of the occupants and several maids lined up in front of the staircase.

“Welcome home!” They all chimed together, before splitting up to take care of the luggage.

“Milady, I have a few things to discuss and go over with you before you can rest.” Holding a large scroll under one arm he gestured toward a room in the front of the building.

“Micah can you watch over Rubius while I take care of this business.” Handing Rubius over to Micah she was whisked away by the young boy.

“Well he isn’t as cute are you are.” Holding the boy she walked toward the kitchen. A boy brushed past them in a hurry, hiding his face. Rubius made some baby noises. Glass smashing echoed throughout the mansion. A maid screamed.

“MICAH!? COME QUICKLY!” The assistant ran out of the room in search of the Royale Guard. Hair raised on the back of her neck fearing the worst, she ran toward the main entrance. Holding the boy tight she ran into the front room to see Vaele sprawled out on the floor and a large puddle of wine stained the rug. Laying the boy down within reach she checked for Vaeles vitals. She was breathing but unconscious. With no visual damage inflicted she ascertained she would live.

“You boy come here.” She grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and lifted him off the ground.

“Do you know who did this?” Walking toward the closest wall she slammed John into it.

“N…n no, a small servant boy came into the room and left hastily. The only other person to come in was him.” She dropped him smelling only fear. He landed, legs giving way he landed fair on his arse.

“Take care of this baby, if you don’t by the gods you will hang.” Micah ran out of the room smelling the air, remember the boy who had slipped past her moments before.

“I knew that scent was familiar.” Cutting loose a horse from the carriage she rode without saddle. Following her targets scent, primal instincts taking over. She pulled the horse to a stop in a small clearing beyond the Mansion. Sliding off she took another deep breath.

“I know you’re here, skin walker. Come out.” The clearing became visually dark, a small rustle in the bushes to her left and then to her right.

“More than one the more the fun.” She goaded, drawing her large long sword from its scabbard. A high pitched cackle erupted, sending chills down her spine.

“I see you’ve got us all figured out, you dirty half breed.” The boy she saw before stepped out of the bush. He didn’t look as innocent as before, his yellow eyes glowed. Distinct cracking of bones ensued as his body began to reshape, clothes splitting in two and skin draping off his body. He grew beyond several feet tall. Nothing else intended to join in on the fight.

“Can you beat me now?” The skin walker lunged forward, putting his reach to advantage swiping low. Micah dodged backward and countered with a swing of her long sword, cleaving his large hand clean off. The wounds burned, smoking like a damp fire pit.

“Aaargggh! You little bitch! To think you’d bring a silver sword.” Holding his forearm Micah caught him off guard slicing his knees, dropping him to the ground. Impaling his good arm, hearing the silver sizzling against his flesh, she stomped her foot on his neck.

“Who commanded you to do this?” Holding her position.

“I’m won’t say a word.” She twisted the blade in his arm, he squealed in pain.

“Are you sure?” Putting more weight on her foot.

“O..ok I’ll talk, but you’ll let me free.” He pleaded for his safety, squirming under her induced pain. She said nothing.

“Th…. The Baron to the east. He wanted his new competition incapacitated.” Trying to move, she strained his neck even harder.

“Is that all? And you swear it is nothing but the truth?” She slid the sword out of his arm.

“Y.. yes it is the truth I swear.” Moving his arm he pushed himself up.

“By decree of Lord Octavius the Second, attempted murder of the Baroness de Maisk’I I sentence you to death.” The skin walker looked toward Micah, trying to flee only to be met with the cold silver lopping his head off. His head rolled as his jaw tried to produce words, walking over she looked at the fear in its already dead eyes, picking up the severed head she left for the mansion.

Video / PC Games / Black Mesa Research Facility?
« on: May 02, 2015, 02:42:50 PM »
So I went on reddit and this came up

If anyone enjoyed the Half life games, I know HL3 was HINTED HARD so this is related somehow. Gman shows up in it and everything

Develop Your Story / Swearzys Concepts.
« on: March 12, 2015, 10:50:12 AM »
I got a brain flash and I've got a couple more stories I'd like to share so, I thought I'd just make a dump thread to put all my stuff in without having to make a new thread for each one.

8th rules is currently under rerwiting!

My other works in progress.

Commander! WIP

WH40K Space Wolves OC fluff WIP

Thunder WIP

Dead Projects

First fail. Dead project

Develop Your Story / Unnamed romcom/superpower/action/gb.
« on: March 08, 2015, 11:48:02 AM »
Hi, so I'd thought I post this up and get some much needed feedback. I'm not sure of the direction I want to take with this but it could be a longish one shot, or a smaller series. I did write it in a semi-script form. It is a genderbender/romcom/superpower/action, well that's at least what I gather from what I wrote. Didn't think much of it at the time tia for reading.

Brief Description: (Character names are just placeholders at this point in time)

Jun Kobayashi is the heir to a large multimedia company (cliche right?) Father passed away and his uncle has full controls over the company 'NeoKei' until he is of age. His mother was never present as he was an illegitimate love child. Since he has not had a mother type figure in his whole like apart from the maid Sachiko he develops a liking for wearing ladies clothes.

He gets an anonymous email from a distributor of accessories and he decides to buy it. He gets home puts the wig on he "transforms" (queue sailor moon transforming sequence lol) into a female. He gets a phone call explaining how the game works and is forced to play the game in order to regain what was taken.

Brief Character overview

Jun Kobayashi is the heir to the NeoKei Conglomerate. Rich and has a mansion, personal maid what ever he wants to get stereotypical rich kid.

Aki is Jun's best friend. Akis parents had a falling out and Jun did not want him and his little sister Miyuki to deal with all the bad baggage and offered them to stay in his Mansion. This was easy because Aki likes maids.. alot particularly Sachiko. (Comic relief character perhaps.)

Miyuki is Aki's little sister, has a crush on Jun.

Sachiko is the resident maid of Jun's Mansion.

Ashley is the current antagonist.

Chiyo and Uehara are supporting roles

Chapter 1

Classroom at Jun’s Desk the first period bell rings
Jun: *Looking at emails on his smart phone *

(Email advert for fashion accessories specifically a new brand on Wig.)

A paper ball hits him in the back of the head, He turns to see the culprit seeing Aki pointing to the front of the class while he’s mouthing out 'TEACHER'.

Teacher projects her voice out to the back of the room, “Jun Hallway now!”

In the Hallway

Jun stands up and stomps out towards the door, he flings it open and immediately walks into someone standing in the door way.

*Books clapping to the floor* “Damn it who the hell is standing here of all places”.

 He leans over to pick up the books, "Ah sorry, that was my fault for standing in the doorway.” (Leant over with books in his arms looking up toward the person who is has leant over in front of him).

He peaks up as he does to see a very handsome young man leaning over picking up the dropped items.

“No it was mine barging out the door like that, I had pissed off the teacher *Smirk*” “I’m Jun by the way”

“Ashley, I’m the new assistant teacher” *Shakes Jun’s hand* “I hope we will have a trouble free year Jun.”

*Jun smiled as Ashley walks into the classroom, it abruptly fades as the teacher walks out after a short moment*

Teacher: “You know what your father will say if you keep messing around in class, I’ll let you off today ok?”
Jun: “OK..” *Pissed*

School has finished on dusk and Jun has now arrived outside the shop on Mahou Street #24 No sign nomenclature Jun is his drag outfit
(Fluffy skirt/light top and a medium length straight haired wig?)

Jun: Ah it’s open, hello? (In the doorway)

Ashley: “Welcome, how can I help you?” (Doors slams shut)

*Jun gets frightened from the door almost trips up*
Ashley: “It’s ok darling no one is going to hurt you” (standing behind Jun)
Ashley: “Wow you really are something like he said” (She embraces him from behind licking her lips)

Jun: “W…what the hell” (Jun pushes her away)
Ashley: “Jun I understand you want to purchase one of my most exquisite items don’t you?”
Jun: “Yes.. I do, you just freaked me out a little. How do you know my name? Who are you?”
Ashley: “I’m a friend of a friend, don’t you worry too much about it” (She smiles)

*She gives him a bag* Ashley: “Don’t worry this is on the house for the inconvenience I caused you earlier <3, these are revolutionary they will change your life”

Jun: “Sweet it’s free, bye.” *Outside the store*

(Weird sound graphic, Jun glances at an empty lot. Too indulged in his new accessory) O^O “Whatever, I just want to try this on ASAP!”

Arriving at home to his mansion lights are off.

Jun: I’m back…they must be sleeping.. Sweet! (Taking shoes off in the landing)

I find it hard to believe they are sleeping (walking down the hallway talking to himself)

Jun taking his shirt off in the dressing room as he is taking his shirt off he hears a noise from the closet (In front on Jun with the closet door behind him with his shirt over his head)

Jun: “? Is that you Mashumaro? *Mashumaro the black pet cat* (from the closet looking at Jun walking toward the closet through the door being open slightly)

Whispering “Crap crap crap he’s going to find m… me”
(Behind Jun again with the back of his head showing with the doors flung open and Miyuki curled up in the closet)

Jun: “Miyuki? What are you doing in there?”

Miyuki: “I…. I ahh wanted to see you in drag (awkward face)

Jun: “Is that all, you don’t have to hide you know.”

Jun: “Now then for punishment for try to peek on me, I get to dress you up.”
(Jun pulling Miyuki up with an evil smile)

Miyuki: “N….no I hate wearing those clothes.”
(Draw Miyuki in some fancy clothes standing up showing)

Jun: “Hehe I told you so.”
(Outside the room Aki and Sachiko (she’s the hot maid that Aki moved in for but failed)

Sachiko: “Operation success!”

Aki: “I can’t believe that worked.” *Referring to a magazine*

Sachiko: “Let’s go back to sleep Aki, let them talk alone ok?”

Aki: “Aight baby ;).” (Aki winking at Sachiko, Sachiko kinda disgusted face)

Jun: “I can’t believe you don’t dress up like this all the time you could be pretty popular.” (Miyuki pouting)

Jun: “Stop with that look I’ll die from cute overload.’’
(Miyuki embarrassed with Jun pouting)

Jun: “Can you help me with this wig please?”

Miyuki: “Fine, ok.”
(Miyuki putting the wig on looks annoyed)

Miyuki: “It’s like you were supposed to be a girl.”
(Miyuki hugs Jun from behind)

*she feels abnormal parts on Jun’s chest* (so a shocked effect)
Miyuki: “J…Jun?”
(She looks at the mirror to see what’s she’s gotten a hold of Jun’s face is blushed)

Jun: “WHAT!?”
(Jun has jumped up out of his seat)
(Phone ringing on the bench)
(Jun picks it up with an unknown caller ID)

Ashley: “Ah Jun, I see you’ve put my master piece on <3.”

Jun: “Who is this?”
(Jun with an annoyed face)

Ashley: “I told you it would change you *ahhnn* don’t tell me you forgot <3?”
(I just had to put the ahhn in I think she’s some deprived mid 30’s woman lol)

Jun: “What did you do to me?” (Pissed off)

Ashley: “It is a game, contestants have been chosen of all similar stature as well as looks. Your games will be pushed to you via the Neokei device. Yours will be on your desk in 2.. 1 (A shiny light on the desk with a small tablet like device)

Jun: “What if I don’t want to participate?”
(Miyuki starts disappearing behind Jun)

Ashley: “Don’t you worry about that, we will convince you to participate bye <3.”

Miyuki: “J…Jun what is happening?”
(Jun turns to see Miyuki fading)

Jun: “No… no Miyuki wait!”
(He runs toward Miyuki hand goes through like a hologram)

Jun: “I will save you Miyuki, wait for me I promise.”

Miyuki: “Ju-.”
(She completely disappears)
(He runs into the wall putting a hole into it knocking himself out.)
(Sachiko hears the bang obviously and knocks on the door)

Sachiko: “Jun.. are you two ok in there?” *thinking to herself he better not have done anything to Miyuki*
(Walks in the door to see a half naked figure on the ground)

Sachiko: “Who are you? (Kung Fu mode)

Jun: “They… they took Miyuki.”
(Jun Passed out with Sachiko with a wtf how is that Jun look)

Sachiko: “A.. are those real?” *Poke* (shocked)
(She picks Jun up)

Sachiko: “I guess I should carry you to bed, the last time you were sleeping this peaceful was when you were born.”

End chapter 1

Maybe Chapter 1 could be split into a 2 or 3. I'm not sure.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2.
(A holding cell with three beds one dull light on the far wall with an old school camera overlooking the room. The door is beneath the camera with a small slit in it with no handle on the inside.)
Miyuki lying on a fold out stretcher, the light blinked in an intermitted fashion.
Miyuki: “Jun~” (Sleepy talk)
              “Jun!?” (Sits upright)
Miyuki scans the room“Where am I?”

Uehara: “We are being held prisoner.”

Miyuki: “Who… who’s there?”

Uehara: “Ah sorry  to have startled you.” (He sits up)

Uehara: “I’m Uehara Sato, looks like we’ll be here for a while. This here is Chiyo Tanaka, she’s been asleep for a while now.

Miyuki: “I see.”

Uehara: “When they dropped you off in here you were out for two days.”

Miyuki: “H… how is that possible?”

Uehara: “Apparently the machine used drains the victims to make them easier to capture when they are ‘transported’.”

Miyuki: “…. You still haven’t answered my question to where we are.”

Uehara: “ Well.. From what I’ve seen we are in a small underground bunker or dungeon, whatever you prefer to call it.” (He’s winking with a grin maybe sparkly teeth)

Miyuki: “You think this is a joke?”
(Serious death stare)

Uehara: “ Bwahahaha, you are hilarious.  I was just trying to lighten the mood.

Chiyo: *Stirs* “Shaddap noisy idiot.”
Uehara and Miyuki look at each other they both laugh.

Chiyo: (Leans up rubbing her eye) “What’s so funny.”
Uehara falls of the bed clutching his sides laughing, Miyuki wiping tears off her cheek from laughing so much smiling.

Chiyo: “Really…”
(Banging on the door)

Guard: “Oi! Keep it down in there”
(Uehara and Miyuki get scared/shocked)

Guard: “Chow time.”
(Three trays slide through the slot on the bottom of the door)

Uehara: “Bout time, although..”

Miyuki: “Is there something wrong?”

Uehara: “YES! The food is horrible!”

Miyuki: “Ehh it can’t be that bad can it?”

Uehara: “We are prisoners you know.” (Smirking)
Miyuki trying the food and is Disgusted.

Miyuki: “Ewwww gross.”

Uehara: “Hahaha you will get used to it. Oi Chiyo, foods here.
Chiyo wakes up and wolfs down the contents of the tray and goes back to sleep.
(Uehara and Miyuki watch in astonishment.)

~Meanwhile at the Kobayashi house.~

(Sachiko and Aki simultaneously)

Jun: “The person who made me a… a girl took Miyuki.”

Aki: *thinking* “My best friend has been turned into a girl hehe” (Perverted expression)

Sachiko: “So you went and bought that wig you are wearing and?”

Jun: “When I got home and put it on I got a call from the lady from the shop.”

Sachiko: “And she just disappeared into thin air?

Jun: “Y..Yeah” (scratching the back of his head)

(Aki leans over to Jun whispering and trying not to look at her chest)

Aki: “I think she’s about to blow up.”
Her expression is extremely pissed off and then she faints

Aki: Dives off his chair to catch Sachiko

Jun: “Sachiko?” (Checking her pulse)

Aki: “ She just fainted I think.”

Jun: “ Yeah, Miyuki is a part of our family. I was pretty shocked when she disappeared.

Aki: “So she’s like a little sister to you?”

Jun: “Yeah, just like a little sister and we are like brothers right?”

Aki: “Yeah..” (Disappointed *thinking* he really doesn’t see her as a girl after all)

Sachiko: “Y…you’ll disappoint Miyuki Jun.. A… Aki… how long are you going to hold me like this!? (Explodes)

Aki: “Ah~ don’t hurt me” (Flinching)

Sachiko: I’m old enough to be you mother you know.”

Aki: “Ah.. But love has no boundaries.” (Shakespeare like)

Sachiko: “Ah… (Annoyed look)

Sachiko: “I’ve already had children though.” (While looking at Jun)

Jun: “I thought you said you were always single and had no other obligations?” (Suspicious)

Sachiko: “Ahahaha what was I saying”

Sachiko: “Tehe.” (Taps self on the head with her tongue out)

Jun,  Aki: “Ah~ really?”   (Jun slips out of the room)

Sachiko: “W..Where is he going?” (Attempting to leave the room)

Aki: “Ahh ahhah you aren't leaving 'till he has some dirt of you heh” (winking covering the door)

Sachiko: “L...let me out.” (Trying to push past Aki)

Sachiko: “What if I let you..” (Pulling up her skirt)

Aki: “Hehe you think you can just bribe me with those kinds of things” (Looking down at her skirt)

Sachiko: “oh really?” (Sliding the skirt up even more)
(Jun entering Sachiko’s room)

Aki loses concentration and tries for the skirt
Sachiko kicks Aki in the face and escapes the room
Jun finding an old dusty photo album wiping it off
Sachiko makes it to her bedroom

Sachiko: “W...wait Jun don't look in there!” (Desperate)

End of Chapter 2.

That's what I have written so far I hope it is decent :D. I apologize if I made you guys scroll a lot I seemed to have trouble reading it when it was just a blocky wall of text. I look forward to any advice, thanks for reading.

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