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Develop Your Story / A bad concept dont exist
« on: November 04, 2023, 08:38:48 AM »
This topic is inspired by super's "There's no such thing as a bad concept". This is my attempt in all honesty to explore such statement mainly because of my curiosity. This is a learning experience of course. Thank you Super-san!

Concept #1: "My zucchini hero turned into a battle ready refrigerator"

Notes to self: this was just though of randomly. Maybe it also has to do with my current involvement with crops. Of course this story would be a gag manga because of pure silliness. Moving forward.....

From this concept i create points to associate with concept. Some will be more elaborate than others:

-Narrator would probably say; Stony Azomite!!! Said to be from a meteor fragment has been used in many phenomenon through out the millennium. It has been in breakthroughs of maintaining long lasting beauty vitality and if enough would be used is fabled to give eternal life. Its legend has been lost over the years as finding any of it could be as hard as locating a speck in this grand universe. Funnily enough meteor showers are a thing of wonder and the garden below seems to be enjoying the nourishment of azomite.

Scene: a garden with a meteorite lump in the middle is seen. Eating sounds  would be coming from the garden with the occasional "oishi".

- the main character would be impoverish in modern day with food being something hard for him to get.
-he comes in contact with zuchinni. befriends it and the zuchinni promises to never let him go hungry again.
-zuchinni has merge with fridge to give him food but as they continue living together organizations and other vegetables are after them.

Disclaimer this is not one of my concepts I'm working on for February (maybe it could be) but its just fun to think of. Its free for elaboration.

Manga Talk / Japan's first script writing competition
« on: October 26, 2023, 04:22:56 PM »
Yes, yes thats right! I was surprised too. A manga magazine has made it possible for writers to submit a chapter of a script in any genre for a chance of it being draawn by professionals and published. Finally something for writers to look forward to right?

Submission is between November this year and february next year!! So there's still time. Results will be in May next year..

GOOGLE - Silent writers audition for more info on this. The name of the competition is silent manga audition but they calling this competiton Script writing audition (SWA)

P.S I wasnt gonna gate keep this  :D :D ;)

Manga Creations / EARTHBOUND
« on: June 02, 2014, 12:23:00 PM »

Develop Your Story / EARTHBOUND
« on: May 25, 2014, 10:29:05 AM »

 shonen, zombie, supernatural, adventure, action, martial arts, fantasy, mystery,

Isami Miro, a normal schoolgirl, has found herself in the afterlife's lobby due to a grave mistake, now she must survive and look for a way out of the lawless, Hollow's Lobby with even the aid of a crazy "Land Bird" .



Big Bird: this character looks looks like a mixture between a chicken and an ostrich. It has a pair of binoculars and a sack around its neck and its height is 5'5

Isami: a long-haired blonde with blue eyes and dressed in dirty school clothes. Also her height is 5'2

Caretker: He always wears a leather trench coat and he has a quite appealing face. His hair is long and black and it flows down his head. His eyes are silver like the staples on the lining of his face and he usually smiles which gives off his pleasant demeanor.

Doctor: This character is a male zombie at 6 inches height. He wears a pair of glasses with a eerie patterned and he resembles  a bobble head Einstein.

Madame Rouge:

A male in a red evening gown with powdery make up and red long hair. All of his limbs are feminine except for her torso and head


Hallow's Lobby

This is a wasteland in total darkness in the underground of Earth. It is bordered from the Earth's surface by a rocky ceiling and the inhabitants there use electrical lighting to thrive. Also there are circular lamps hanging on the rocky ceilings and there are ruins located which shows evidence of Hallow's Lobby history.

Forever Noir

This refers to places that are in total darkness and it is beleived that these areas are completely uninhabited in


"Junkyard" is a place that resembles a land fill of a mile distance that is  circumferenced by A 25 feet wall. The refuse in Junkyard are organized in piles of various heights. Some heights even reach 50 feet, clinging to the stone ceiling that borders Hallow's Lobby from the Earth's surface. Junkyard is used as a military base and smelter plantation to benefit the owner.





Within the depths of the Earth, there are two main chambers that are used in the afterlife.

A panel will be used to show the architecture of two buildings in the Earth. One building is at a higher level to the Earth’s surface than the other

Hallow’s Lobby, a waiting room designed to keep the dead present until their trial,

A humanoid silhouette is sitting in a room.

 And Hallow’s Court, the place where the dead receives judgment to be transported to their final resting place.
A humanoid figure stood in the midst of eight giant silhouettes sitting on thrones.

Together these two plaes were known as Hallow’s Justice. 
Hallow’s Justice was governed by the gods but even they needed help in carrying out the required duties so they used their children or demi-gods to assist them in their tasks.

A large number of humanoid Silhouettes crowded and in the back of them stood the eight towering humanoid figures.

 As years past of hard work the gods felt satisfaction towards their children for their dedication in their duties but the demi-gods had different feelings towards their parents.
On the gods annual week of rest, Hallow’s Justice was attacked by the demi-gods and they left destruction and these words. “We don’t care what you humans do just don’t interfere”. Now at Hallow's Justice, the deceased are free to do as they please and are willing to do anything to keep this opportunity at any cost while in their rapidly decaying bodies.

On the Battlement of Junkyard's wall

A flightless bird stood on a fat zombie.

Bird: Well, that should take care of them.

The bird looked at the zombies lying all around writhing in pain

Bird: Now let’s see if they got anything new

The bird pulls a pair of binoculars from around its neck and looks at Junkyard that was about 50 meters in front of it.

Man: Hurry up!!

The bird turned and saw through his binoculars a line of zombies that stretch from Forever Noir to Junkyard's entrance.

Man: Hurry up!

A fat zombie motioned forward four other zombies that were carrying him on a throne.

Fat zombie: I want to get there before the Auction starts.
Bird: hmm there are a lot of idiots coming in for today's auction. That Scrow guy probably has gotten new toys for me.


A hollow rumbling alerts the Bird to a small opening in the stone ceiling above Junkyard.

Bird (thought): That’s strange.

An unconscious school girl falls out of the opening.

Bird: It’s a......girl!

The Bird shrieked as he watched the mysterious girl fall through his binoculars.

In a typical teenager room.

The mysterious girl is sleeping on her bed.

Woman: Isami, get up or you'll be late!

She buried her head in her pillows.

Isami: Five more minutes!

Woman: Isami you have to get up now or you’ll be late!
Isami: Ok....I will get five more minutes.

Isami yawns.

People: Yeah!!!

Isami pulled her blanket over her head.

People: Yeah!!! (The yelling becomes louder)
Isami: Mom, can you ask dad to lower the volume on the T.V?
People: Yeah!!!

Isami threw the blanket off and gets off of her bed.

Isami: Okay,

Isami rubbed her eyes sleepily.

Isami: I'm up.

At a military courtyard in Junkyard

Scrow: Ladies and gentlemen a drivre (driv-ray)
Crowd: Yeah!!!
Isami (thought): Drivre? What's going on?

Isami eyes popped, startled by what she saw.

Isami:  Zombies!?

A crowd of disproportional, decaying humanoids rowdily cheered at Isami while she was gagged and tied to a chair.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, this is just one of the main products we have today. More will be arriving shortly.

Isami desperately struggled as the man in an old leather trench coat spoke to the crowd.

Man: Ahh Miss, you seem to be awake.

He spoke in Isami’s ear.

Man: Welcome to Junkyard.

He bowed his head.

Man: You really had surprised us with your presence. One usually doesn’t fall out of the ceiling.

Scrow pointed upward. Isami looked up at the stone ceiling.

Isami (thought): What is he talking about? Does he mean that I fell here, from that height?
Man: Well at least one doesn’t usually fall directly under Junkyard. Well that’s enough of that. I am known as the Caretaker or Caretaker any one will do and you have the unfortunate pleasure of being serviced by me. And you must be.
Isami: Ermph! Ermph!
Caretaker: How rude of me, asking a lady a question while she is gagged.

He chuckled.

Caretaker: But no worries there are other ways to have your acquaintance, right Doctor.

Doctor: Of Course

Isami looked down at her lap and she sees a tiny person wearing a lab coat.

Doctor: these glasses can already tell so much about her.

Doctor crawled up and down Isami’s body, running his hands friskily.

Grab, Squeeze, Feel, Touch

She squirmed during the whole process.

Doctor: She is quite interesting.
Doctor then firmly grabbed Isami’s face

Doctor: What a find Caretaker. She is well versed in many things but her best is in tailoring.
Caretaker: You heard that people and this one is just the first to come.
Doctor: Her price should be quite high and as a drivre she would practically fly off the shelves.

The two laughed.

Woman: Caretaker!

Everyone directed their attention to a flamboyant group in the crowd

Woman: I don’t care for the other parts but save me that torso. It will fit perfectly on this body.

The woman smirked at Isami while rubbing her masculine chest seductively. Isami began struggling

Caretaker: Madame Rouge you have a good eye as always and as one of my best clients I shall make that exception but I must double the price.

Isami removed the gag.

Isami: What’s going on here!

The courtyard became silent.

Isami: And where am I? All I remember was getting out of bed today and now I’m here.

The crowd began laughing.

Isami: What’s so funny?
Caretaker: look around Isami. Where do you think you are?
Isami: I don’t know that’s why I’m asking
Caretaker:  Fair enough. You are in Hallow's Lobby Isami Miro, the waiting room of the afterlife.
Isami: The afterlife? Does this mean I am....
Caretaker: Yes Isami, you are dead.
Isami: No you're lying. I can't be....dead?
Caretaker: Let me ask you this Isami. Is there any reason why I should lie to you,

Caretaker stared deep into her eyes

Caretaker: This place and your death is not a dream, it's not a figment of your twisted imagination, it's real and
the sooner you ubderstand this the sooner you might find some peace.     
Isami eyes gaped open as everyone snickered.

Caretaker: Now everyone please forward to the Auction house there is still some needed preparations so your patience will be greatly appreciated.

The crowd broke and everyone one chattered while leaving.

Caretaker: Take Isami for proper preparations.
Guard: Yes Sir
Isami (thought): I am….dead?

The bird hid at a nearby Junk Mountain peering through his binoculars.

Forever Noir

A well-lit trailer truck is driving steadily towards Junkyard. In the front seats there are two passengers. A male is in the passenger seat and a female is driving. The male began sniffing through his cowl that covered half his face.

Woman: what is it Larrow?
Man: I smell him

He pulled down his cowl, only exposing his nose that resembles one from a star nose mole.

Man: He is in the direction of Junkyard

The man pulled up his cowl and crawled out of the truck’s window and onto the roof.

Man: If Scrow asks tell him I’m off hunting.

As his feet dug into the roof his foot was seen anatomically and gears and a compressed spring was shown. He then shot forward.


A semi-trailer made a curb around a junk mountain. Isami is tied to a chair in the trailer with her head arched over distressed.

Isami (thought): I can’t be dead; I’m still breathing and sweating so I can’t be dead. I don’t even remember how I died so that should mean I’m alive right But why do I have a feeling that what Caretaker said was true and if that’s true then I can’t see my…I can’t see my
Man: Be careful there.

Isami looked towards the opposite corner of the trailer. She saw a man in a torn up black robe, sitting with his knees brought up to chin while he was petting a rat with orange texturized eyes.

Man:  Your head lookslike its about to explode.
Isami: Who are you?
Man: my name is not important but I shall give you my proud reputation. I am the rat of Junkyard. I have live years here without Scrow’s fools catching me and it was quite the life until you spoilt it.
Isami: I did?
Man: Yes. Your little fall here raised quite a commotion and that’s when they found me. But don’t worry. I am not the one to hold any grudges besides we shouldn’t be angry in our situation.
Isami: What do you mean by “our situation”?


Larrow perched himself on the battlement of Junkyard. He sees the bird jumping from Junk Mountain to Junk Mountain.

Larrow (thought): You are not running at your full speed so you’re not being chased.

He focused his eyes on the bird.

Larrow: What are you looking for?

In the semi-trailer truck

Man: Everyone living in this wasteland needs large amounts of nutrients daily to keep them from decaying and unfortunately, using severed body parts are the most preferred method for revitalization.  and that’s where we  are going to…...
Isami: What trying to say? That we are going to be chopped to be used like meat.
Man: That’s one way of looking at it.
Isami: But why aren’t you trying to make an escape.
Man: I have tried but I cannot escape this carrier even with my special abilities.
Isami: Wait. What do you mean special abilities.
Man: In Hallow's Body our human bodies are also far more adaptive than and let's just say I wish I knew that before I started to survive off the flesh of rodents.

He smirked while Isami was puzzledby what she heard


The trailer was split in half and the gap between them was five meters. The man’s body sensed danger and he soon segmented and turned into a small colony of rats that scurried away.

Isami: How did he…..?

Isami’s attention was directed at the roof of the other half of the trailer opposite to her. The bird and Larrow stared menacingly at each other. The bird looked over at Isami. Larrow followed where he was looking.

Tracks of jagged cutting chains ripped through Larrow’s Skin, revving at intense speeds

Larrow: So that’s what you’re after.

Larrow whipped back his arm and before he launched an attack at Isami, the bird kicked Larrow’s shoulder redirecting it. From the momentum of the kick, the bird leapt towards Isami. On landing the bird used his talons to cut the rope that bounded fer then used his beak to grip her and throw her on his back. He soon sped off, climbing a Junk Mountain.

Isami: What are you doing and where are you taking me

The girl constantly fought the bird.

Bird: Hey stop that
Isami: Put me down!
Larrow looked at the two bickering and decided to seize the opportunity. He prepared his legs to launch.

Bird: stop, I'm trying to save you from....

Larrow leapt an as he was in front of the two and whipped his leg towards them. The bird simply moved his neck to dodge but Isami received a nasty slash at her chest.

Larrow: Looks like you have problems protecting the both of you. 

Larrow dismounted. Isami began falling but the bird pulled her back on his back and ran.

Larrow: So now you’re running at your full speed.

Larrow broke his own shoulder and dislocated his elbow and wrist joint.

Larrow: But I am going to catch you this time.

Larrow whipped back his arm that extended greatly. Then he whipped it forward. On its way reaching towards his prey the arm split junk mountains that obstructed it path. Its maximum extension had been reached and Larrow was able to cut tendon in the bird’s calf.

Larrow: That should slow you down

 The bird stumbled at first from its sudden wound but it got back up and scaled the wall of Junkyard.
The zombie in the driver’s seat of the semi-trailer truck was pulled out.

Larrow: Listen, when Shura arrives, tell here that I am still hunting. Do you understand?
Guard: Yes uhh...General Larrow sir.




break Room / Writer Competition Thread
« on: May 02, 2014, 11:46:32 PM »
HEy guys I stumbled on this competition for writers on this site
So I will be participating to gain raw experience in my writing department and just came by to let u raiders know about it.
You have to be younger than 25 to participate and the prizes seem good. Also the first prize winners get to fly to japan for an award ceremony in December 2014 so this can be a good experience to visit the manga land. Hope you participate and good luck

By the way I will post online competioins here for writers!!!! And you guys can post competitions here toooo!!!! :thumbsup:

break Room / coffee sucks
« on: April 30, 2014, 07:27:24 AM »
Yo I drank Two cups of coffee last night to pull a all nighter to study and stayed up from nine pm to now. Seriously  I am jittering like a human vibrater. Any Help Cause I think this will damage my nerves If this keeps up  :noidea:

break Room / What makes manga manga
« on: April 03, 2014, 01:55:38 PM »
Hey I started this thread to find out from you guys what is the aspects you love about manga and anime  and why it caught your attention.

My reasons is its light hearted comedy and its way it is easily relateable in so many ways if you stripped down some of the fantasies  :dance:

Develop Your Story / under costruction
« on: March 04, 2014, 02:37:10 PM »
removed it , still working out the kinks

break Room / Why your avatar name
« on: March 02, 2014, 05:19:42 PM »
Hey people I was browsing again for japanese food and found my avatar name there just the first (NABE) and it was a  type of japanese cooking which involves cooking over an open flame.  :notunderstand: I choose my name cause it was my initials with an 'e' on the end, really weird. So my name is unintentially Japanese, cool huh :hmm:. So my name means cooking with an open flame man(Nabe man) :dance: anyway why did you choose your name :thumbsup: :biggrin:   

break Room / Inspiration what do you recommend
« on: February 23, 2014, 05:41:42 PM »
Hey people havent been posting much because i am looking for inspiration to increase my flow of ideas and to get more of a feel of anime. So what movies greatly inspired you. It can be any genre just movies that can assure ones inspiration. Pleas and thank you.  :biggrin: :thumbsup:

break Room / Wooohoooo
« on: February 20, 2014, 04:36:24 PM »
This may seem  trivial  but i am now a full member. Wohooo :biggrin: :sheep: just want to brag my promotion. :dance:    8) and to say i plan to be more active than usual cause writing manga is my passion although i am good at subjects in school being a slave at jobs never suited my uncaged personality.  :dance: :biggrin: :sheep:

Develop Your Story / Prologue of Asguardian ( under construcion)
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:58:32 PM »
Here is the Prologue of a manga i am writing. Plz enjoy. And leave criticism if can.

Prologue OF Asguardian

Manga Script
Chapter 0
Genre: Shonen, Comedy, Action, Martial arts, Mystery, drama, superpower, adventure, other, fantasy, Supernatural

Setting “Forest”

Eric is walking tiredly through a thick forest with his, superior, Suri. She is walking in the back (with a black book reading) of Eric as he walks at the front tiredly. In the forest there are vines the size of tree trunks swinging (at arm’s length) with fruits. The forest is like a tropical forest with exotic trees and plants etc.

Eric: Suri, Can we rest?  I am hungry and tired.

Suri: No, we have to bring back the Maginata before the day ends.

Eric: But can we………

Suri: Eric,

Suri made a pause
Eric notices her anger in her tone.

 Suri: Are you questioning your superior’s Judgment?
 She said calmly with an angry but cold expression.

Soon, she reaches on the floor for something.

Eric: No, no not at all.

Eric said quickly and calmly.

Eric thought: Is best I don’t get Suri mad. I don’t want her to throw a boulder at me. 

Suri crudely watches him and puts back a boulder on the floor.

Soon she stops.

Suri: Eric, you should be a bit more serious. Remember although I am your friend, I am still grading you as your superior in the field and up to now you haven’t impressed me with mental or physical abilities.

Suri turns around.

Suri: Furthermore

she sees him fighting a monkey for an apple

Eric: Give me the apple you can find hundreds

Suri looked furious

Eric notices her anger.

Eric pointed at the monkey.

Eric: He took my apple.

Suri throws a large rock and Eric got hit in the head.

Suri is dragging him through the forest.

Suri: What are you doing with an apple in a survival mission?

Eric: I… was…. hungry (he mumbled)
Eric said while trying his best to remain conscious


Setting Change (Temple)
There is a pyramid shaped temple where a tribe had inhabited. The Temple looked ancient with moss and vines.
A bald man is there with a child at the temple. The child is trying to read inscriptions on the wall as the man nervously looked on.

Saru (the man): Did you find it .

Akuza:  No, the writing only talks about protocols of the Temple.

Saru:  Damn!

Saru Thought: I hope this kid gets the location of the Maginata.

Akuza interrupted: I found something!

Saru: read it!

Akuza: “This Maginata was bestowed to this tribe of Hermes by the gods. It was used in many battles even to fend off a beast that looked like a possessed cow. This treasured weapon resembles a mallet with a great size of 5 men and made of pure gold.

Saru interrupted: Wow gold! This will surely raise the price of the Maginata.

Saru: in that inscription, does it state the location of the Maginata?

Akuza:  hmmmmm…… No.

Saru looks annoyed.

Saru thought: The information is probably is in that damn temple. I hate these damn temples, they are always really scary and creepy with traps………

Akuza: Um….
Saru looked annoyed

 Saru: What is it?

Akuza: how are we going to carry a huge Hammer?

Saru: all Maginatas are so light that even a child can lift it.

Saru thought: Maybe……..

Akuza interrupted: But won’t we look suspicious with a huge hammer carrying it from town to town.

Saru boiled with annoyance

Saru: When we have it we will deal with the problems.

Saru thought: When I get that Maginata, it will be like winning the lottery and………

Akuza interrupted: But won’t………

Saru grabbed Akuza at his shirt.

Saru: Look here brat. I didn’t take you out of that damn orphanage to ask me damn questions. We are not friends; we are not anything, so stop talking to me and do your damn job.

Akuza: Yes
Saru tossed Akuza on the ground.

Saru: You ask so many damn questions. I can’t even here myself think
Saru scoffed

Saru: Now… let’s go in the damn temple.

As Saru was going inside the Temple

Suri: Where are you going Sir?

Saru looked panicked

Eric and Suri came to the temple.

Suri looks uptight while Eric has a smile on his face with a bandage on his head.

Suri: Sir that Temple is off limits to civilians.

Saru turns around.

Saru: I am not going in there. I am...uh a tourist with his son uh... site seeing.
Saru helps up Akuza to his feet

Suri looks at the man carefully.

Suri: Who are you?

Saru: uh I am Saru and this is Akuza.
Suri saw blood on Akuza’s leg.

Suri: What happen to your Akuza?

Akuza: I…….
Saru: He fell down….uh playing in the temple ruins.
Suri looks at Akuza’s leg.

Suri: Well I can fix that.
Suri goes in her bag.

Suri: by the way I am Suri a Soldier of Scerra and this is ……

Eric: Hey I am Eric, soldier of Scerra….

Suri interrupted: In training

Eric: I am going to graduate. He said angrily
Suri: wouldn’t bet on it.
Suri gave a cold expression

Eric looks pissed at Suri as she attends to Akuza’s injury.

Akuza looked helpless in the middle of their conversation.

Saru thought: Why is resistance scum here? I have to leave, better not blow my cover.

Suri: All finished.
Suri dressed Akuza’s wound.

Saru: Thank you for fixing his leg. We will be going now. We don’t want to be in your way of your mission? So Good bye!

Saru was rushing to go, tugging Akuza’s hand. They suddenly stepped on a trap that emitted an ear-ringing screeched.
Everyone at the temple covered their ears.

Saru: was that a trap?

Soon an aggressive howl was heard.
Minotaur: Heeeeee Haaaaawawaw!

Eric looks puzzled.

Eric: Did someone hit a donkey?

Soon loud stomping was very audible and was getting closer.
A Minotaur (15 feet tall) came with the Maginata in its hand swinging.

Minotaur: Heeeeehawwwwwawawa

everyone looks scared except for Eric and Suri. Eric looked excited while Suri looked extremely annoyed

Eric: That’s one big ugly donkey.

Suri is leaving to go in the temple.

Eric: Where are you going Suri?

Suri: I am going inside to……… learn about the Maginata. You deal with things out here

Eric: sure, this will be easy but remember to come back soon.  Eric smiled brightly
Suri went inside the temple ignoring what Eric had to say.

Saru took off running with Akuza in his hand.
The Minotaur went running towards them, tackling Eric in the process. Eric was thrown away from the temple.

Saru: Damn these things always happen.
Saru looked behind and saw the monster charging with great speed.
Saru looks at Akuza and with desperation Saru tossed Akuza and ran off.

Saru ran, focused in escaping the beast.

Saru: Tough luck kid! You were too heavy.

As Akuza lied on the ground, the Minotaur’s hoof was about to mash him. Akuza looked in awe at the mindless beast. Soon Eric jumped under the hoof, holding it up.

Eric: Hey kid, do me a favor and move out the way.

Akuza: You……

Eric: Yeah I am holding the Donkey’s foot. Can you move?

Akuza still in awe,

Eric picked up Akuza with one foot and tossed him away from the fight.

Eric looked at Akuza with conviction. I will kick this donkey’s ass so stay alive I will protect……..( he said with his thumb up smiling).

As he said that the Minotaur swung the hammer (like golf) and hit Eric, sending him flying.

Akuza: Eric!!

The Minotaur was going towards where Eric was sent
As the Minotaur approached the location, Akuza had thrown a rock at the Minotaur.

He didn’t get the Minotaur’s attention.

Akuza thought: What am I doing? I don’t want to get killed by that thing but…….. I can’t let Eric die because of me…..
Like her. I won’t let him die because of me.
Akuza looks confused
Akuza thought: No I won’t let him die like how she died trying to protect me!
In the Background showed a girl around Akuza’s age.
Akuza:  Mika, You always told me to keep friends near me but friends in my time is a resource hard to come by but…… when Eric looked at me, I saw your eyes, it was like you looking at me, so even if he is a little like you, like my friend, I will fight this time even at the cost of my life!
So don’t you dare touch Eric!

Akuza threw the nearest thing to him.

A larger rock was launched at the Minotaur.

The Minotaur’s attention was directed at Akuza.

Minotaur: HeeeeeeeeHaaaawawawaw!!!!!

The Minotaur went berserk, running towards Akuza, preparing an attack.

The Minotaur was about to land an attack at Akuza with the hammer when Eric jumped towards Akuza and punched
 the hammer. Their attacks were on par.

Eric: You cow, assed face Donkey….. That is the last time you will hit me.

Eric looks furious.

The Minotaur was sizing up another attack.
Eric jumped up to the Minotaur’s chest and prepared a menacing-looking punch.

Eric: After…….shock!

He threw a punch at the front of its chest (not connecting) and a large punch print was outlined on the Minotaur's chest.
Akuza looked faint afterwards
The Minotaur and Eric fell.

Akuza: Eric!!

Akuza rushed towards Eric (limping)

Akuza: Eric! Are you O.K.?

Eric: it’s nothing, just a little hungry.

Akuza looked at him smiling.

Eric: You know what you did was really stupid….
Akuza looked disappointed in himself.

Eric: but I like you. You’re my first friend that’s really weak and brave
Akuza: Friend?

Akuza began to cry then he hugged Eric.
Akuza: Eric!!!!!!

Eric: ahh………… Ok, ok that hurts a bit

Akuza still clenched Eric tightly.

Scene Change (Temple ruins)
The temple ruins comprised of buildings that were destroyed due to the environment.
Akuza and Eric are sitting on a builder while Suri is treating their injuries.

 The Minotaur is also lying on the floor next to the Maginata.

Suri: Are you ok?

Both Akuza and Eric are in bandages.

Eric: Yeah I am fine.

Suri: I am not talking about you bone head.
Suri gave a cold expression.

Eric looks annoyed.

Suri: I am talking to Akuza.
She said coldly

Akuza: Yeah…….. I am fine but Eric has all the injuries.

Suri: He never focuses on his mission and that’s why he is always in bruises.
Akuza whispered: I am always in bruises because you always throw things at me.
Suri got furious
Suri: What did you say bone head?
Akuza: Nothing, nothing

Suri breathes out.

Akuza:  Suri……

Suri: Yeah

Akuza: did you find it?

Suri: Find what?

Akuza: The information on the Maginata

Suri: Well ummmm…….

Suri looked like she’s trying to make up something.

Eric whispered to Akuza: She just said that to read her manga.

 Suri: It is not just a manga.

Suri looks disgusted and pulls out a pink manga book.
 It’s “my pony” a story that demonstrates a girl’s dedication to receive the love of a horse. To read I require total silence.

Akuza and Eric looks disturbed to see that side of Suri.

.Suri looks into the sunset with passion in her eyes for her book.

Suri: Now, I need to go in the woods to find some uh… herbs for medicine. Suri took her manga with her.

The two boys look at her with expressions like “Who is she trying to fool”
Suri leaves

Akuza: Hey

Eric: Yeah
Akuza: What’s a Maginata?

Eric: Hmmmmm let me think. I don’t usual pay attention during class. He said smiling.

Akuza looks like he expected that from Eric.

Eric: Ah, Maginatas is weapons the gods left behind for us humans. They greatly boost our abilities. That’s why the resistance wants them to beat monsters like that donkey today.

Akuza: If Maginatas are used to beat that monster, how did you beat it.

Eric: Cause I have a Maginata.

Akuza: Really, Where?

Eric: Here
Eric shows him a tattoo that is gold with an address and writing that says “take out” under it

Akuza: That looks like a restaurant address tattooed to your arm.

Eric: It’s not just a tattooed address of my favorite restaurant……It’s my Maginata.
Akuza looks puzzled.

Eric:  There isn’t much Maginatas in the world so the soldiers of Scerra melts the Maginata and applies a small amount of it melted as a tattoo so many people can get all the gained abilities that one get from one Maginata.

Akuza: So that giant Maginata can be used by many people at once in a form of a tattoo.
Eric: Yep and we call the tattoos eicons.
 Akuza: Wow!

Eric nodded in proudness.
Eric: It took me five years of Suri’s horrible teachings to learn that.
Eric looked scared.

Eric’s stomach then started to growl.

Eric then looked at the Minotaur.

Eric: Can you make donkey stew?
Akuza: That’s a Minotaur
Eric looked puzzled.
Akuza: Half cow half……
Eric: You mean I can get beef from that Minwa
Akuza: Minotaur!
Eric: Awesome.

Setting Change (Forest Exit)

The characters are leaving the forest.
Eric is holding Akuza on his back, dragging the Minotaur in one hand, while Suri is in the back reading a black book in one hand and holding the Maginata in the other.

Suri:  Akuza…..

Akuza: yeah

Suri: Where is your dad?

Akuza: Saru is not my dad. He only adopted me because I can read the inscriptions on the temple.

Suri: You can read those inscriptions? That’s amazing. It takes scholars years to decipher that but….. Who is that man you were with?

Akuza: He is a tomb raider……. (Akuza looked alarmed) and I know tomb raiding is illegal and I am sorry that I was helping…..

Suri: it’s ok Akuza. I am not angry at you.

Eric: Hey Suri…… you think I can go back and print my knuckles on Saru’s cue balled head.

Suri: No Eric. We need to notify Scerra before we apprehend Saru besides from my experience people like that guy always get what they deserve.

Akuza: Really.

Suri: Really, you have nothing to worry about.

Eric: And if you need a place to stay you can live with my mom and me.

Akuza: Your…. home?

Eric: Yeah, at home the people there are really nice and friendly but the only thing you have to worry about is my mom’s horrible cooking.

Akuza started to cry…..

Akuza: (Sniff, Sniff,) Arigato!
Akuza hugged Eric

Eric: Ok, ok
Suri: hahahhahahah
Eric: This is not funny Suri

Setting Change (Forest Zorons’ territory)

Saru is in traversing through the forest and passed a sign that says “Zoron Territory, warning mating season”. (Zorons are creatures that resemble alligator/Gorilla and the males are interested in all species at mating season)

Saru: I can’t believe I got lost in this damn forest. I also lost that kid. Now where am I going to find a damn translator for those damn Inscriptions?

Saru breathes out in relief.
Saru: At least now I am safe away from that damn monster.

Soon a howl was heard.

Zoron: hawwoohawooooo!

Then five male Zorons surrounded Saru.

In this panel (The last panel) shows the sky and Saru’s Screaming voice.

Saru: Ahhhhhhhhhhwaaaaaawoooooooh

General Manga writer discussions / MINA lend me your knowledge
« on: February 16, 2014, 02:47:15 PM »
Hey people of mr or nakama. What is terms in manga and their meaning. like genre names like shounen and stuff. It will be greatly appreciated.


Develop Your Story / Nabe Man's ideas
« on: February 16, 2014, 10:52:10 AM »
Before you take a trip down Nabe Man alley you should know a bit of my writing style. I love to write fantasy. Fantasy in my definition is livelier slice of life because life just needs creative excitement and action( probably cause i am dude). Oh and feel free to tell me anything. I am surprising open to all suggestions or anything and is always willing, so ask on. The crazier the better 

1. Earthbound
 How about this story  Zombies that digging their way to the surface to join civilization.
As you may know their are several levels of rocks etc that make up the earth so their are levels that can have interesting zombies to battle. The zombies must dig down to the core of the earth to reach to some teleporting device. The catch is only a group around eight can transport every year and be human( No one has ever transported berfore for eight years so now eight people can go). The zombies cant  penetrated the topsoil or be at the surface( They become inanimate like a dead person). Battling style: Zombies can collect dead body parts to equip to them to increase battling techniques and strenghts( These parts are preferably from skilled warriors.

The main character (Female sempstress) got buried alive but did not die. The friend that saw her buried alive though she was dead so got flowers and a headstone and prepared a funeral for her( This process is the key to the otherside of the earth) leading her to the setting where the action will occur.

This is shonen.

2. Ferensity

This story takes place on earth where the people is dictated in everything they do and have no say or thought towards said dictators. The judiciary system is very harsh harsh towards crimes and such many people is arrested and set to prison on crimes one simple crime.E.g. lying, simple stealing and even slandering people names. The little crimes adds up and so they are sent to prison for a very long time.

The prison is located on a belt of planets and so they will be experimented on as punishment. On these planets alien life once lived, so the people of earth will be spliced with dna from the planets. The scientist is experimenting on them to form a better human being and for information that lurked in the living tissue of the organism to improve life.

Prison people is not mainly experimented on alone. Orphans that are forgotten are also experimented on for use. This is so because orhans rate of succession in life after eighteen was not great so they didnt want a lag in the development of a better earth.

There are eight  Planets that had alien life so there are eight major facilities.
The action will be the experimented people in battle and ability to withstand.
The characters will be from different planet facilities through prison drafting. 
This is seinen
Genre is horror, adventure
I plan to have the first episode be a jailbreak and the planets be lawless waste lands.
 the Earthlings have difficulty now getting the planets back without destroying it because they now have gained abilities that are tremendous


Stone Aged

How about this. Modern age. Technology everywhere. The ratio for the person with the least technology is 10-1.
The people of earth actually live in an age where there is no magic just science. The human race had actually found ways to no be near their future demise like food shortages and such. So as the last polar ice caps melt( man found a way to avoid flooding) Their was a stone table with a witch in it. The Witch looked like she was about to put a key in the stone table( as she was Frozen) They thawed thawed the woman and Unexpectedly she was alive and she stabbed the keyhole with some gibberish said. Then the whole world went back in time where all solved problems and technology Had been removed and nothing but magic existed. So the humans went to their own "made lab" to understand what happen and try to reverse what happened scientifically But.....

With this new era the main character (a believer of magic and a person who has the genes of a wizard)  went on a journey to reverse these events because " one cant live without the internet!!!!!"

P.s more will come.

« on: February 15, 2014, 05:08:59 PM »
Where were you and how were you introduced to manga and Why be a mangagka.

Here is mine.

My first anime introduced to  me was Dragon ball z. I had a uncle who would always have the remote and i would always watch it against my will And i didnt like it. To be honest it was like rainbows farting in my eyes and i was 5 and it was in japanese so i was major confused. I got interested in manga in the nineties with card captors and all that stuff and was hooked. Anime was major distractions to many mountains in my life and it was alot. People wondefs how i am still sane or even how i am still alive( not exaggerating). In all of my experience in life is tremendous and intend to share my personality and such through writing. I want to inspire those through their hardships and instill at least something in them to make them smile at the end of the day.

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