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Develop Your Story / Our World Inside The World
« on: March 21, 2021, 12:33:30 AM »
Every time she calls nothing seems to be normal. There are two worlds for 23-year-old college freshman Warren Crosby. Most days he’s going to class and hanging out with his friends. But some nights he gets a call from Tessa. When she appears, reality seems to distort itself and shape itself into something simpler and more comforting. Warren finds himself stuck between two different worlds and having to balance his relationships with his friends while scraping by in college to make something of himself.

This is a new story and idea I just came up with today! I intend on sharing everything as I write it, no matter how rough it is. I haven't been writing in some time, but I have recently felt a desire to make comics again.

I have written this as a script so I hope it's not too difficult to read and understand. This is the first draft and I just wanted to make a thread to show the development of this project. Maybe it will end up as nothing, or maybe not. This is the start anyway. I want to turn this into a comic so I wrote it like that.

I'm open to all input! This idea is bound to change and evolve as I write more.

I have written this as a chapter that is ahead a bit in the story. In the next chapters I want to dial it back so we can get introduced to everyone better and start at square one with the friendship of Warren, Kessy and Don. I was debating how to start this chapter so I thought I'd try this way of just throwing the reader in. 

Oh yes, this song I made a year and a half ago serves as the theme of sorts for it.


Warren is a 23-year-old who goes to college on campus in Lightning River, Ontario. He is a shy guy who loves to socialize but is very self conscious and scared to make big moves. He always lived a comfortable life without taking chances or doing anything to change the status quo. He decided to finally take a big step and leave home to go to college. He takes General Business and is in his first year during the story.

Kessy is a 29-year-old who been through many false starts in her young adult life. Now she has found herself living in a duplex rental house near the college. Kessy feels like a failure and all her friends are younger because she wants to be their age again and go back and fix her mistakes. Kessy is rough, aggressive and she talks without thinking often. She is crude and her house is usually a mess. She shows affection by making fun of people but when she’s drunk she’s an emotional softy.

Tessa is a 22-year-old who seems to exists in a different plane of reality. She is a sweet and compassionate person with a warm and caring energy. In the other world she is in the same dorm as Warren. She moved from the big city to take the forestry program at the college. She is an outdoors person and more of a free spirit with a sense of adventure. She gets bored staying inside and she always wants to be doing something. Tessa has a great curiosity, and she is an intense listener. She won’t let people pass over weird points and she often pries for information. She is not one to get caught up looking in the past, she lives life in the moment.

Don is a 26-year-old who made fast friends with Warren. He is a goof who is always trying to make it big online. He streams, makes videos and changes his hobbies every few months. In his past he was an indistinct kid who never talked in class. He did things other kids liked, such as playing video games and watching hockey but he could never find an interest of his own. Now at the age of 20 Don is looking for his thing and always trying to find his identity through new hobbies and interests. He likes being silly and goofing off.

CHAPTER 1 : She's In Another Program


Kessy, Warren and Don are sitting on a small couch together. Kessy is wearing a black sweater and pajama shorts. Her long black hair is in a loose bun. Warren is wearing a white and blue long sleeve with jeans. His brown hair is a medium length and shaggy. Don is wearing a plaid shirt unbuttoned with a white undershirt and black jeans. He has long black hair messily flowing down from under his hat that he wears inside. He has thick black glasses which sit crocked on his face. 

A guy unclogging storm drains is on the TV in front of them. Beer cans are all over the floor along with bags of garbage.

Kessy: Dude, pass that *censored* over.

Don: One second, I’m just going to blow some bubbles in my chocolate milk.

Don takes a rip from a green bong full of assorted cartoony stickers and passes it over to Kessy.

Warren sits between the two, expressionless as Don starts coughing. Kessy takes a rip and groans.

Kessy: *censored* dude!   

Warren grimaces as Kessy blows smoke across the table. A Gamecube and four controllers sit on the table with a takeout box on top of it. 

Don: You can have a rip anytime bud you know that right?

Warren: Come on man, you know I don't do that!

Don: Fair enough bud, it's an open invite though. Hey, Kessy wanna order some pizzas? I’m not paying though so you gotta e-transfer me first.

Kessy: I’m broke Donny, but maybe Warren could pass me a few pieces of his pizza if he gets one.

Kessy elbows Warren in the side and grins before she takes another rip of the bong.

Don: You know he doesn’t order food a second time in the night Kessy.

Kessy starts to talk but she begins coughing and then drops the bong on the carpeted floor. The water splashes all over.

Kessy: Oh *censored*.

Warren moves his feet off the floor and sits crossed legged on the couch.

Kessy lazily dries the floor with her socks and then she shrugs.

Kessy: It’ll dry. 

Warren: Ya I'm not hungry. That Chinese food killed me earlier. I should get going now also.

Warren starts to get up when Kessy suddenly pulls him back down.

Kessy: Whoa buddy, where do you think you’re going! The night’s just getting started!

Don: It’s 11:24 Kessy! If he doesn’t leave now then how’s he going to wake up at 5:30 or whatever! 

Warren: 6:30 Don, get it right.

Kessy: Come on Warren it’s a Friday! You can be tired for one day!

Warren: Sorry guys I got something to do tomorrow. I want to get a good sleep you know! So I’ll see you later! Enjoy your night.

Kessy: Fine then, goodbye Warren. Anyway how about getting an extra large and giving me a couple pieces Donny. This is my place we've been spending every Friday at after all. I let you use my hydro and my water…

Warren walks out the door and approaches his car. He spins his keys in his hand and after unlocking the door he falls into the driver’s seat, closes the door and puts the key in the ignition in one fluid motion. Warren looks back at the front window of Kessy’s place and sighs.   

Warren: I don't want to get in their way.

Warren drives off and within a few minutes he arrives at the dorms of the nearby college. Warren walks across the small bridge by the creek and then enters the building. He goes up a few flights of stairs and approaches his room. 

After washing up Warren sits at his desk and turns the lamp on. He glances down at a partial assembled mecha model kit below him. He turns on the TV to a random channel and gets to work when suddenly his phone rings.

Warren: A phone call? It’s not Kessy or Don…who is this?

Warren debates answering the call and before he can swipe it goes to voicemail.

Warren: If they don’t leave a message then I’m sure it’s nothing.

Warren works on his model kit a little longer and then he gets up to the fridge.

Warren: Nothing.

He kicks on his shoes and leaves the room, going down the hall to the vending machines. On his way there he notices a girl standing in front of the pop machine.

By the time Warren reaches the vending machine he keeps walking and then he goes up a flight of stairs. The girl looks back and tilts her head. 

Warren runs up the stairs, speed walks to the end of the hall and then goes down the opposite set of steps.

Warren: That was a close one! I was going to look like such a freak just standing there! 

As he reached the end of the stairwell he saw the girl standing there with her arms crossed. She had thick medium length brown hair which went down to her shoulders and neat bangs that swooped across her forehead. Her green eyes seemed to radiate an intense energy.

Tessa: Out for a walk around the dorms?

Warren stood frozen, unsure how to reply.

Warren: Oh I um, I had to drop something off.

Tessa: Sure you did. Hey, you doing anything right now?

Warren: Well I was working on something, but I guess I can do it later. 

Tessa: Great! I’m dying to get out. Why don't you come with me and see the fireworks.

Warren: Fireworks?

Tessa motioned Warren over and started going down the steps. Warren hesitated until Tessa looked back up.

Tessa: You coming?

Warren: Wha…ya!

Warren followed Tessa down the steps and out the door. When they made it outside there was a few groups of students huddled around firepits and riding their bikes around campus.

Warren: I didn’t see all this earlier…

Tessa: You ever had Mango’s before?

Warren: No what’s that?

Tessa: You don’t know! Haha, come on this way!

Tessa grabs Warren’s arm and leads him off down the trail. They come across a food truck situated in the dorm parking lot.  The man behind the counter has his shirt pulled over his nose and a big pair of black sunglasses on.

Mango: What’ll it be pal?

Tessa: One Agent Orange Gyro with everything in it for me, and what about you?

Warren: I’m not really hungry I mean…

Tessa: He’ll have the same!

Mango: Mission accepted. Operation engaged.

Mango draws duel blades from his sleeves and starts craving off chunks of donair from the rotisserie.  Warren watches confused, looking at all the strange people around him.

Craig: I'm going to find buried treasure!

A guy with a metal detector runs pass Warren and off into the trees.

Warren: Is this, the night life?

Warren and Tessa sit at a picnic table and eat their gyros.

Tessa: So you’re taking General Business?

Warren: Ya, it was kind of like my back up plan in case I couldn’t think of anything else to take. It’s been 6 years and I didn’t know what else to do so, business it was.

Tessa: You graduated high school 6 years ago?

Warren: Don’t make me feel old now!

Tessa: No no! I’m just a year younger than you and this is my first time in college as well so don’t feel bad.

Warren: What are you taking?

Tessa: Forestry. I’ve always loved nature and where I’m from we don’t have much of it. So I thought coming up North would be a good idea.

Warren: Are you from Southern Ontario?

Tessa: Yup, Kitchener.

Warren: Huh, some of my family lives near there. I’d hate living there myself though. Even Lighting River is too big for me. I’m from a real small town.

Tessa: Are you bragging?

Warren: What do you mean?

Tessa: “I’m from a small town”. You’re saying that like it’s a badge of honor! Everyone wants to be from a small town don’t they!

Warren: Oh did that sound stupid?

Tessa: No, I’m just messing with ya buddy.

A firework explodes in the sky above Tessa. She looks up wide eyed in the middle of a bite of her gyro.

Tessa: We’re going to miss the fireworks dude! Come on I know a good place to see them!

Warren: Fireworks? Since when did the school do that!

Tessa drags Warren through the forest and up a hill. They come across a clearing with a view of the city below them. Fireworks go off across the sky.

Warren: Jeez, I never thought to come up here. I didn’t know there was a view like this.

Tessa: It pays to explore eh!

Warren: Ya…

Tessa: My name’s Tessa by the way.

Warren: Oh hey, I’m Warren. Do…um…

Warren tried to extend his hand but he hesitated. 

Tessa: Hhhm? You don’t think you can shake hands with a girl or something? 

Warren: No…no! Not at all! No way I mean. I just. I didn’t know if you like...well...

Tessa: You’re goofy! Let’s try this again. My name’s Tessa.

Tessa extends her hand to Warren.

Warren: I’m Warren, nice to meet you.

The two shake hands as fireworks go off in the sky around them.

Suddenly Warren wakes up in his bed. His lamp and the TV are still on. He looks at the time, 6:30.

Warren: Oh I gotta…well, it’s Saturday. I guess I can sleep it another hour.

Warren sets his alarm to 7:30 and rolls back into bed.

We see a few texts from Kessy on his phone as the scream fades.


Anime Talk / Gundam And The Power Of Anime
« on: March 15, 2021, 09:50:54 AM »
I'm about to go off on a self indulgent ramble here so fair warning.

There are plenty anime that are forgettable. I'm sure you've seen many shows that technically did things right but in the end they didn't leave any sort of impression. There are series that just don't do anything for you. No investment in the characters or drama and no "x-factor" to add spice to it. Sometimes it's like you watch a show to watch it and you don't really care about it.

Slice Of Life is my most watched genre because of the warm and comfortable feelings it gives me. I have lived vicariously through the cast in series like K-On! and found relatable characters who would react the way I would and make the same mistakes as me in shows like White Album 2. I love that stuff, but that's another ramble. There is something else I love even more. It is shows with that x-factor.   

Ever since I started watching anime when I was 12 I've been looking for that x-factor. I got into anime because of the insanity of Gurren Lagann. Such a crazy show but something you could take seriously and get really invested in. It didn't matter how stupid a robot with a giant drill was because it was awesome and it still is awesome. Anime is a medium that dares to be ridiculous and it can get away with the most insane ideas. That is why this is my favorite medium and nothing even comes close to it for me. There is such a well of insanity and quirkiness. That is why Gundam is a perfect example of the craziness that got me into anime and when I started watching the series last year it made me feel all those things anime made me feel when I got into it.

This is a franchise with a long history and lots of shows to watch. They will not appeal to everyone, although with the sheer volume of series there is bound to something for almost any viewer. Gundam appeals to me because it's insane, it's stupid, and most of all, it takes that insanity and stupidity seriously.

Gundam shows have a recipe that makes them so good. Insanely cool mecha, high melodrama, God tier OPs, weirdness, down right impractical concepts, cool girls, and burning spirit. A series like G Gundam has the dumbest stuff in the world but since it takes itself seriously I can both laugh at the silly Gundams and also be invested in it's world. Gundam Wing kind of sucks but I love it because of that. The show is just balls to the wall insane and it takes itself extremely seriously. The series treat their world and characters with respect which is what makes them so good.


I love SEED because it's a teen drama. The dramatics are what got me hooked and I loved the dynamic between the cast. I just like melodrama! I love when the pilots go through hardship and I love seeing them struggle and then gain confidence as the series goes on. This happened in all the good Gundam shows, the original, Zeta, SEED etc. I love the stories of the shows and their pacing. Whether it's the politics, military stuff or just the characters yelling at each other.

There is something so powerful in the scenes when the pilots are fighting in space and they yell at each other in a battle of ideologies. That is what makes Gundam so great, the greyness of it all. Not just good vs evil, it's people clashing over their ideals. Those scenes like the stunning finale of Char's Counterattack make it so good. Following Amuro and Char through the original series, watching them grow and change. It's always well earned when the pilots just get in their mobile suits and scream at each other.

G Gundam is full of yelling and it has a hot blooded energy and spirit that is so great. This show has a separate appeal to the other series and I can go on forever about how great it is. Gundam is full of these different types of series. I don't care for the shows after SEED as much. 00 is a good but not outstanding show to me, Unicorn is like a Marvel movie, you watch it once, enjoy the spectacle and then forget about it. But other people love 00 and Unicorn, and the other Gundam anime I have zero interest in personally like Iron Blooded Orphans and the whole Build Fighters thing. That's what cool about this franchise!

The God tier opening songs also help. If a Gundam show has a weak OP for me like After War Gundam X then it effects my enjoyment a little bit. We need those amazing songs to get us going and to keep the show alive after we're finished. The songs that we'll listen to over and over and feel power and excitement from. I have listened to the Gundam songs so many times, especially in the shower and in my car. They are just so cool and exciting. 


The animation in the OPs can be downright stunning. Gundam Wing's second OP "RHYTHM EMOTION" is my favorite. It has one of the coolest things I've ever seen which is just the beeping at the beginning and then the Wing Zero blasting off. It's just so cool, and it could only of worked with traditional animation. Then we have the incredible sequences of animation for the other Gundams and an awesome shot of Wing Zero and Epyon that is better than the entire show itself. TWO-MIX's great song works perfect and adds a sense of drama.

G Gundam's opening "FLYING IN THE SKY" is an incredible burst of overwhelming and amazing testosterone. It's so badass and the way it connects song and animation is incredible. The pre-chorus has a feeling of powering up which we see reflect in the visuals as Domon sees his motivation for fighting and then gets ready to brawl. The song is so perfect, hyped up and powerful!

Victory Gundam's OP "STAND UP TO THE VICTORY" is unskippable. The song is just pure power, an absolute jam that gives you all the energy you need for the day. The animation is insanely good. Pay attention to the details and the way the Victory Gundam moves. It's so fluid and there is so much thought put into the weight and impact of every motion. I don't care if I sound like a Boomer, traditional animation is the only way to go. There is so much life and soul put into these sequences, and you feel all the love and effort that the animators put in. Not to mention the amazing colours and shading that make it feel dynamic.

Zeta Gundam has my favorite song of all the Gundam shows, the City Pop jam "Z~Toki wo Koete". The song is incredible and the animation is nice. There are some prime shots. The song is so cool and there are very few better ones I've heard in anime.

0083's "THE WINNER" has one amazing bit. The sequence of the GP01 rising from the ship, taking off and flying towards the GP02 is so cool that I can't handle it. The song is just amazing "I GOT A BURNING LOVE!". This sequence locks in with the song and the timing is so amazing. The added sound effects add a lot and it's just so amazing, it makes me feel alive and it brings joy and excitement to my stagnant grey heart of the last year. In a time like this where I haven't felt like I've been living life much at all Gundam has given me something to be excited about again. The opening of 0083 gets into my caveman brain and it gives me that powerful feeling of "THIS IS INSANELY COOL".

It might sound pathetic but you know, I don't care. These days feeling happiness and joy is something to be treasured. Being excited over something, no matter what it is, is great. I don't lose sight of all I'm thankful for in my life and I value my family and friends. I'm happy to be in college again, even if it's online, since it gives me a plan and path to the future. Anime, music and such is the stuff take enhances life and makes existence enjoyable in good, bad and everything inbetween times. I've seen so many anime that make me feel nothing at all. But Gundam has brought that feeling back and reminded me why I enjoy anime so much and the power of the medium. The inspiration it can bring to other parts of my life, such as my music. The power the songs can give me and the great feelings this form of entertainment offers.   

Being actively involved and invested in the entertainment you consume is a great feeling. So often there is a numbing effect to the Internet and background noise type shows. So when you find something you truly enjoy, treasure that.

The Gundam shows are imperfect and that's why I love them. There is that x-factor, that ridiculousness, that balls out insanity. That is why I love anime. In shows like Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta, Wing, Victory, 0083 and king of them all, G Gundam, that's what you get. There are so many unforgettable characters like Amuro, Char, Captain Bright, Emma, Domon, Master Asia, Cagali, Cima, Hamon etc. and insanely cool mobile suits. We all have those things we want to get out of any medium, for myself Gundam has every single thing that made me love anime to begin with. It has given so much to me over the last year and made my life more enjoyable in this era.

I just wanted to ramble about this. I might sound silly, but whatever. There is nothing wrong with being excited about something and sharing that. Go and find something you enjoy and feel excited about, it can have benefits on the rest of your life. There is never great entertainment to run out of. I believe there is a difference between passive entertainment and the stuff you find great. There are those shows and movies you just kind of have on to pass time and then there are those things you truly click with.

I could keep going on about the opening to 0083, the appearance of the Wing Zero in Endless Waltz, Char's speech at the UN type assembly in Zeta, the powerful emotional ending of the original series, the end of Char's Counterattack and everything to do with G Gundam. In short, I love Gundam. All it's flaws and silliness shape it's unique and enjoyable character. I've never been after perfect things, I mean KISS is my favorite band. I am after things that truly make me feel something.


Music / 2021 In Music
« on: January 15, 2021, 01:25:55 PM »

A general discussion thread for everything 2021 in music.

BAND-MAID, Unseen World

The rocking maids bring their forth full on studio album. All 13 tracks are fully written by the band. This is the most relentless and heavy duty album they have made yet. There are no soft songs and very few moments to take a breath. This album kicks it up from the first 14 seconds of "Warning!" to the end. CONQUEROR saw the band do some different things and experiment with their sound. Unseen World is a more confident and tight release.

"Chemical Reaction" is an awesome song that has some cool riffs and small details. Miku thankfully gets a song with "Sayonakidori" which is fantastic and the best song on the album. I sort of like Miku's voice more than Saiki's. She gives a lot of awesome shouts on the album. Saiki is amazing here though, very strong performances. "Giovanni" has that classic BAND-MAID craft where the second verse goes into a different direction, Misa takes over and leads the song with her cool basslines. There are a lot of really cool bits like the echoey vocal section in "Honkai". That song is an overload with the sheer amount of stuff happening every few seconds. "Black Hole" is just way too much to decode, Akane is going utterly insane on the drums.

While this album is strong I am not instantly taken by it. There are a lot of songs in the first half that blend together and it lacks in hooks. I wish it had a ballad like "anemone" to slow down the pace. There is no great highlight like that song or "Daydreaming" to break up the busy instrumentals and constant musical shifts. "Why Why Why" is the closest we have to that and it's, fine. CONQUEROR wasn't great on my first listen either so I'll see how it grows on me. "Chemical Reaction", "Sayonakidori" and "Giovanni" were the ones that stood out on first listen.

MR Pub / Chit Chat 2021
« on: January 01, 2021, 12:41:12 PM »
New year, new thread baby. Let's keep the chit chattin' goin' on and on.

I'll start with a small ramble. KISS did a New Years Eve livestream from Dubai last night. I thought it was ridiculous for the band to do this but you know it was enjoyable to watch. Paul Stanley can't sing and has resorted to lip syncing certain parts of songs or singing to a track. But the band has been going for almost 50 years now and they have allowed younger fans like me to witness a KISS show by sticking around past the 2000 Farewell Tour. I make fun of how they are nowadays and everything but by the end I felt a little tingling of "okay that's cool" when they set an assload of pyro and fireworks off during "Rock 'n Roll All Nite". Something about that actives the primal brain and makes you think "okay fine". Felt a little tingling when I saw Eric Carr (KISS' second drummer who died in 1991) on the video screen during the montage in "Do You Love Me?" and I was happy when the band did a surprise performance of "Strutter".

At the end of the day they're still doing their thing and the show was entertaining. It's not 1977 anymore you know, we have all that great old footage of the band to enjoy.

That's my ramble, what did everyone else do on New Years Eve?

Music / The Manimal's Yuletide J-Pop Advent Calendar 2020 Edition
« on: November 25, 2020, 08:00:42 AM »
It's back. In 2016 I did this and now I'll do it again. Everyday I'll share a different J-Pop song as a advent calendar of sorts. I'm starting now and going for 30 days until Christmas Eve.

As to not clog the front page I'll only make a new post every now and then so keep checking back every day for updates. Enjoy the tunes and hopefully you'll find some cool new to you stuff.

Let's get into it! Links for every song under my small write ups. 

Anime Talk / Fall 2020 Anime
« on: September 21, 2020, 10:38:57 AM »

Another season of anime, let's watch some new shows. This is the thread to talk about all things Fall 2020 anime.

I was saved from my 2 year loss of interest in viewing anime by Gundam and watching through classic shows but now I have been in watching part way and going to something else Hell. I think watching airing shows is what I want to do now. I must say nothing is exciting for me this season. But here are some I'll check out, and I'm sure I'll try more as well. 

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club
The third generation of Love Live, a new show with new characters. I loved the original and I'm super attached to the Sunshine characters so this will be harder to accept a new cast. What I think the show needs to do is separate itself and be it's own thing. Love Live Sunshine was very similar to the original since it was about a group of characters inspired by the original school idol group Muse. The show was fairly mediocre unfortunately, it was just the characters like Yoshiko, Dia, Kanan and Riko that I liked. For this new generation I'm not crazy about the designs, I don't think they're as good as Muse and Aqours, but we'll see how this show is. I'll give it a chance and view it as it's own thing. It's worth noting the original & Sunshine had the same logo & "School Idol Project" subtitle and this one doesn't.

Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls
A gamer becomes a rock climber and goes against exaggerated opponents. Featuring some of the most fit anime girls ever seen. I'm getting a ping on my Keijo radar as this looks like a shameless sports series with some over the top elements that takes it's world seriously despite being ridiculous. I don't expect it to be nearly as good as Keijo or even the same but it is reminding me of that. Let's see how it is.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
A new adaptation of Higurashi. The 2006 anime is very well known so there's no surprise what it's about, but I haven't watched the original past the first episode. I'll give the new version a chance just because it's airing. I expect low production values and ugly art. Which honestly I find the artstyle of Higurashi to be poor anyway. The characters are very...glossy. We'll see how this turns out.

Adachi to Shimamura
This show could be really boring or a pleasant watch. It looks cute and colourful. I'm sure it will bring nice Slice of Life elements. Oh ya and Yuri. We'll see how it is. Expectations are low so it could be a pleasant surprise. 

Manga Art Gallery / The Manimal's New Art Thread
« on: September 10, 2020, 06:59:54 AM »
Recently I started drawing again a bit and I've found it fun.

I'm making a sort of Gundam team to go along with random High Grades I get. Sort of mismashing a bunch together and creating characters to go along with them. So here are some random drawings of the three characters I have so far. Farrah, Connie and Kessie. The latter is based on LingLing from BiSH. A lot of the poses and such are stiff, I'm getting back in the groove. Something is off but I'm having fun and figuring out the look for these characters

break Room / The Gunpla Thread
« on: June 12, 2020, 01:58:25 PM »

Gunpla, it's cool, it's fun, it's a good time. This is a thread to talk about Gundam models, making 'em, reviewing 'em, whatever. I'm going to share my builds and blog style posts about making them in this thread so if anyone else out there enjoys this fun hobby let's talk about it.

I got into the hobby at the beginning of the year and now I'm addicted, I can't stop, I love it, I'm having a great time. At first I'd never even seen an episode of Gundam and now I've watched the original and Zeta and the franchise has begun a new phase of revitalized interest in anime for me. I started with the 2004 HG Force Impulse Gundam because it looked like a basic kit and I've made about 16 or so since. I love it. The local hobby shop here stocks them and they get in some older kits which is nice. Now was really the perfect time to get into this hobby so that's a bright side to things. I just love making these things, so of course I had to make a thread to share my experiences with this hobby. and anyone else who makes Gunpla here go ahead and post away.

Anime Talk / Spring Season 2020 Discussion
« on: April 02, 2020, 08:04:04 AM »

Here is the general discussion thread for all things from the Spring season 2020.

break Room / My New Daily Podcast For April 2020
« on: April 01, 2020, 09:29:12 AM »
Kanttila FM

Listen Here!

I have dumb ideas, I try them. We see what happens. It's my intention to upload a short 10-15 minute podcast episode every day of this month. Whether it's just me or with other people we'll see, I intend to have a topic each episode. We'll see how it goes eh.

This is the first episode where I talk about BiSH.

Music / 2020 In Music
« on: January 01, 2020, 01:22:55 PM »

2020 music. The songs are released and we talk about them. A general discussion thread for everything 2020 in music.

MY ONGOING RANKING (Rated On My Enjoyment)

Rina Sawayama : Sawayama (9/10) 
Seiko Oomori : Kintsugi (8.5/10)
PEDRO : Roman (8/10) 
Charli XCX : How I'm Feeling Now (8/10)                                           
Haru Nemuri : LOVETHEISM EP (7.5/10)   
chelmico : maze (7/10)
Aimyon : Heard That There's Good Pasta (7.5/10) 
Ai Furihata : Moonrise (7.5/10)
You'll Melt More! : Surpriser (7/10)
the peggies : Anemone EP (7/10) 
McCartney III (7/10)
Bruce Springsteen : Letter To You (7/10)
BiSH : LETTERS EP (7/10)
Ac/Dc : Power Up (7/10)
Machine Gun Kelly : Tickets To My Downfall (7/10)
Anna Takeuchi : MATOUSIC (7/10)
Anly : Sweet Cruisin' (7/10)       
Fiona Apple : Fetch The Bolt Cutters (8/10)   
GARNiDELiA : Kishikaisei (6.5/10)
Carly Rae Jepsen : Dedicated Side B (7/10)
Yung Lean : Starz (7/10)
The Strokes : The New Abnormal (7/10)
Gacharic Spin : Gold Dash (7/10)   
Thundercat : It Is What It Is (7/10)
Hayley Williams : Pedals For Armor (7/10) 
tricot : Makkuro (7/10)
Suwa Nanaka : So Sweet Dolce (6/10)
Dua Lipa : Future Nostalgia (6/10)   
Tame Impala : The Slow Rush (6/10) 
Silent Siren : mix10th (5.5/10) 
DAOKO : anima (5.5./10)
iri : Sparkle (5.5/10)
SCANDAL : Kiss From The Darkness (5.5/10) 
REOL : Kinjitou (5/10)   
The Weeknd : After Hours (4/10)
Yaeji : What We Drew EP (3/10)       

Anime Talk / Winter Season 2020 Discussion
« on: January 01, 2020, 12:56:10 PM »

It's the season of the White Album and, I'm making another thread like this? Yes I am. This is the thread to discuss all anime of Winter 2020 as it airs. I've been out of things since Fall 2017, but there is no time to start again but the present. and something about a new decade and this and that sort of gets one going. So let's do it, Winter anime time.

Develop Your Story / Emerald Hill Comix
« on: October 31, 2019, 07:40:54 AM »
A mundane story of normal people getting by in a small Canadian city of faltering glory. Ellie Jakomäki a freshly out of college officer worker grows interested in Warren Wasko, the new owner of downtown comic store Emerald Hill Comix. This is a story of the small worlds of two characters coming together and the little pieces that give the city it's character.

Chapter 1 : COMEBACK

NOTES : This is a very rough draft, I haven't edited it yet, I'm just writing to write again and worrying about making it nice later! Enjoy!

"Now Main Street's whitewashed windows and vacant stores
Seems like there ain't nobody wants to come down here no more
They're closing down the textile mill across the railroad tracks
Foreman says these jobs are going boys and they ain't coming back"

-Bruce Springsteen

       "I threw them all away, I didn't need them", Warren spoke softly, flipping through the pages of the latest X-Men comic. It was the same played out story, given in monthly installations.
       "Then what do you need?", Ellie Jaakimaki asked, leaning over the glass counter. Her brown purse hung down her back and she lightly stomped her black wedge sneaker against the carpeted floor.
       "Enough business to keep the lights on”, Warren replied. “Are you going to buy anything, or are you going to just question me all day?" Warren calmly slid the comic he was reading back into it's plastic board.
       Ellie pouted as Warren turned around to place it in a box on the other side of the counter. She pulled at the strings of her black hoodie and shifted her position. "I'm just curious,” Ellie said. “I've been interested in the kind of person who runs a shop like this.”
       Ellie stood up, looking around at the small but densely packed store. Comic books were neatly organized all along the walls, with newsstands full of new issues and racks of backlog. A section of graphic novels filled bookshelves that made up the back wall.A set of stairs lead to an even busier basement packed with comic boxes. One could spend all day in the shop and not even see every item in the store.
       "You must have nothing better to do with your time. There is nothing interesting about me, and there is certainly nothing I intend on telling you," Warren said as he adjusted his posture on the stool and went back to the computer. He typed furiously on the keyboard as he updated his online stock. Afterall, was a Thursday: the day after new comics were released.
       Typically every week he received a new shipment, of which he and a part time employee, paid half by store credit, distributed the issues into bags for all the people who had subscribed to the store. A customer could state the titles they were interested in and have them saved every week, for an extra 10% off. Hardcore collectors would specify which covers they wanted for each comic. In a small community such as Copper Lake, it was easy to get to know the customers and what they wanted.
       A tall old man strolled in through the open door and approached the desk. "What do you got for me this week?" Ellie shifted away, taking a good look at the man before walking towards the graphic novels. She kept an ear open for the ensuing conversation.
       "Let's see, Harold," Warren said,spinning around to the box and pulling out a bag filled with 15 comic books. "You amassed quite a bit. I didn't catch you last week."
       "Ah yes, the weather has been quite poor so I didn't feel like walking over. Otherwise I'd never miss my weekly trip," the old man said, standing with his hands behind his back. He wore an old jacket and dress pants. A beanie on his head stuck up. He was a unique fixture of the downtown area.
       Ellie peered at him through a comic rack, noting his appearance and mannerisms in her head. He took out a coin purse filled with dollar bills and slowly counted his money out.
       "Have you heard the news about that there new Batman movie? They say it's going to be real dark and gritty this time," Harold spoke, smacking his lips with each sentence.
       "They say that every time. I've been let down enough by these superhero movies. They aren't for people like us anyway," Warren spoke dismissively. Naturally the comic store owner was wearing his iconic Batman t-shirt. He could be seen on almost any day of the week wearing the old faded shirt.
       "Yeah but this director, the young fella, Anthony Orb, he seems to know his stuff quite well."
       "They all drop the same lines. Talking about how they took inspiration from the same graphic novels. The Killing Joke, The Long Halloween, Year One. They talk about how they strive for an accurate representation of the character in the modern age, and every single time it's the same disappointment. Batman using guns, Batman killing people, and so on.”
    "This time could be different though, I hear they are going for a more realistic approach with less gizmos and gadgets."
       "You're older than me Harold, I'm surprised they keep fooling you this way. It's the same cycle every time and the same movie every time. Haven't you grown tired of this?"
       Harold shook his head and grabbed his bag of newly purchased comics, "No Warren. I keep my imagination alive. My inner child is always excited."
       Ellie grimaced at the last sentence as she peered over from the manga she was pretending to flip through as Harold left the store. She found the conversation oddly interesting, and wished to know more about Warren's stance. She ran a hand through her jet-black dyed hair, fixing the messy bun on top of her head and neatly fixing her bangs which sat thinly over her forehead.
       She strolled back to the counter with a waltz to her step, "So, don't like superhero movies much, huh?"
       "No I don't. They haven't made a good one since Superman in 1978." Warren's eyes never left the computer screen as he hunched over, typing madly.
       Ellie leaned on the counter with her chin in hand, "You're talking like a bitter old man. I reckon you aren't much older than me."
       With a little bit of eye shadow and lipstick Ellie appeared to be more mature than she was, however the curious girl was only in her early twenties.
       "Irrelevant information, are you going to buy anything?", Warren gave her a brief glare before his eyes went back to the screen. He grabbed a bottle of Iced Tea nearby and tossed his head back, finishing it off in a few big gulps. For a guy of his age Warren seemed to adopt the habits of a middle aged man, despite being only 25.
       "No, I guess I'll be on my way. But I'll be back." Ellie strolled off casually, looking behind her to see if Warren's gaze walked her out. But the man was fixated on his work once more. Leaving Ellie all the more interested in the character and his business.

       In Copper Lake the downtown area was mostly run down with new businesses coming and going at a fast rate. There was an effort to try and bring life back to the area with trendy restaurants, clothes shops and record stores. The success rate however tended to be rather low and compared to an areas of higher population like Toronto and Winnipeg there was waning interest in such niche stores.
       However the comic shop still survived, carried on by Warren Wasko who purchased the business in the last days of its original owner Timmy Shustack. Emerald City Comix was the one business that stayed afloat among the ever changing and every degrading downtown.
       A person could seldom walk down the streets without being asked for change or cigarettes atleast once. Landowners held waterlogged run down buildings with no intentions of repurposing them, leaving many areas vacant, boarded up and left to rot. The efforts to revitalize the downtown where mostly fruitless, however many still tried.

       The bell on the door chimed as Ellie entered Speedy’s Records. She looked over to the man behind the desk and shot finger guns at him, “Hey Stebie!”
       “Eh kid what’s happening huh.” The older gentleman sat back in his chair, with his plump form fitting uncomfortably in a red bowling shirt and black pants belted up his waist. The Italian’s greasy hair was slicked back and he wore sunglasses and a golf cap to cover up his bald spot.
       “Not much, not much, just came to flip through.” Ellie magnetized to the new release section. Typically the only spot of the store a regular would bother to look at as the other areas where unchanging.
       Below her two younger boys where looking through the countless dollar bins on the floor. “This is bunk man, I ain’t see no Hip Hop.” One of them whined, pulling his black beanie down over his face.
       “They only stock real music here Terry”, the nerdy looking kid replied, carrying a stack of records under his arm. Ellie looked down with a grin, must have been two high schoolers on their lunch break given the time of day. She remembered being their age and getting into records for the first time and how exciting it was to build a collection.
       These days it was harder to find anything she wanted. She flipped with the hope that the next reveal would be a gem. Everytime she built herself up for disappointment. 
       “Vinyl is making a comeback eh?” the beanie wearing kid spoke.
       “It’s been making a comeback for a decade now, if there is to be a comeback it already happened”, the owner blurted out from behind the desk.
       The kid looked up with his mouth open for a second and then turned back to the records. “Sounds like my Grandpa,” he muttered.
       “Well it’s certainly become more popular since I started collecting, I’d say it’s on the rise.” Ellie chimed in on the discussion causing the high schoolers to look up at her.
       “They always say that, but where is it rising to? It will always be a niche market, it just happens to have become trendy like the cassette tape.” Stevie retorted speaking primarily with his hands.
       “What’s a casset tape?”, the dumbfounded high schooler asked to nobody.
       “It’s what all your Disney movies are on dooey!”, his friend fired back.
       “Uh noooo that’s VHS you idiot!” the other replied smugly. “So, you admit to having a collection?” his friend replied even more self-satisfied.
       “What’s wrong with that?”, Ellie titled her head looking at the high schoolers confused. 
       “Oh…I don’t know…nothing I guess”, feeling intimidated the boys turned their backs to Ellie and flipped through the rest of bin silently. 
       Ellie glanced over at the racks and turned to look at the rest of the small store. It was filled with racks and bins of records but nothing caught her eye.
       “Nothing this time, I’ll catch ya later Stebie”, Ellie finger gunned on her way out to which Steve put his hands up and pretended to fall back.
       “Ah, I am dead”, he slumped over prompting a small giggle from the girl as she strolled out.

Ellie walked back to her car, looking to the crisp afternoon sky. A sun that wasn’t blocked by construction. In the city the buildings never stood overly tall, upon observing the entirety of the land from a mountain one could only pick out the old paper mills by the lake and a few apartment buildings as sticking out from the rest. 
       She liked the coziness the city brought, even though the downtown was getting rougher. And yet, businesses still hung onto life and she enjoyed visiting every week. Especially Emerald Hill Comix, a place with a pull and interest she could not deny.

Comics and other Gallery / The Manimal Draws Again
« on: May 21, 2019, 09:23:01 AM »
Melodramatic intro 

I kinda of stopped drawing in 2016 when I started making music and I completely stopped drawing at the beginning of 2018 when I started at the Pawn Shop. But now I've quit and it's time to change some things in my life and take this movement I have and use it for the betterment of myself, as was my idea when quitting. The world is full of distractions and truly nothing is eviler than the pull of the Internet and all it's mindless nonsense. What a bunch of junk it all is, I've realized how it has numbed my mind in ways when I look at it too much, but yesterday I zoned in on drawing again, listened to some CD's and felt that feeling once more. I have found how much better I feel when I draw, make music, listen to great music, watch good movies, read good comics and play engaging games rather than aimless browsing and other nonsense I do too much.

I want to make comics again like I did from age 4 up to 2016 and I'm going to do it. I've reignited my love for comics when I read The Dark Knight Returns last month and now I've been addicted to Batman comics. I've never read the classic comics from Batman, Superman and all them, and now I've found it's an untapped resource of divine work for me to get into. The Long Halloween + Dark Victory, Hush, The Court Of Owls, Year One, and it goes on, and I keep reading them. I haven't even got to anyone but Batman yet because it's so good. It's made me feel something I have not felt in so long. 

So it's time to stop talking. I'm going to be posting in here as often as I draw, which I aim to make more often to rebuild my skills and make me better than I ever have in my own context. I need to balance my hobbies, not just make music, not just do one thing. This is not a gallery for finished works or anything fancy, I'm just doing this for me. I'm just posting words, I do that you guys know that. I got words I post 'em.

So I copy catted a bit of the Huntress in Hush and sketched from some Gigs magazines on BAND-MAID and Silent Siren. I'm rusty but in the last drawing I felt something move. I was like whoa, I can do this again.


Music / The Manimal's Spicy Spotify Playlists
« on: March 20, 2019, 03:57:54 PM »
As a way of killing time on the job, I mean filling up the music section with my endless junk, I mean sharing some music I love once more, I will share some of my Spotify playlists. I'm not a playlist guy, if anything I make quicklists, but I made these because I felt like it and it kills time. If you want something new to listen to or whatever, or if I'm just justifying my putting too much effort into sequencing these because I'm the master of the cassette mixtape, whatever. It's time.

The Manimal's Spicy Spotify Playlists 

A collection of my favorite artists who's discographies I know very well. Basically like my mixtapes but expanded. It's my Best Of compilations.

The Golden Playlist Series

Elvis Presley
The Smiths
The Beatles
Bruce Springsteen 
Seiko Oomori
Utada Hikaru
Sonic Youth   


Kanttila's J-Pop Playlist (My Favorite J-Pop Artists + Songs On Spotify)
Best Ever Elvis Playlist (Mostly Slower + Obscure Songs)
Breaking New Gate (Rock + J-Pop)
2019 (Update As Stuff Comes Out)   

Yes, it goes on. 


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