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Topics - Lovus Eternius

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Welcome Center / I'm back.
« on: January 01, 2020, 09:10:36 PM »
Hello. I'm back. Though I don't know who is still here or how things are going. Just thought I'd leave a little bit of a notification.

Previously known as: Gelmra.

MR Pub / Right, Decided to make a Chatbox.
« on: March 06, 2016, 09:14:17 PM »
MangaRaiders CB

I worked really hard... kind of. Come chat if you want to. I'll probably just end up talking to myself half the time tho...

(even added this to my favorites)

MR Pub / Happy Birthday To Me.
« on: January 07, 2016, 12:06:42 AM »
Today is my birthday. (Jan. 6)

Yay me.

My true age will never be disclosed to the general populace. That means I'm too old.

MR Pub / Thing I have learned about Writing
« on: September 11, 2015, 12:09:43 AM »
If writing is not fun, then you will never be a bestselling author.

If it is not fun for awhile, then you have been writing too long and too hard.

Those who don't get published right away, sometimes neglect descriptive writing.

A Failed Resurrection
You enter the corridor, it is clearly well air-conditioned as you can see your breath as you exhale. A hand crawls up your spine and sends a chill through your body. Forcing you to shiver.

Every bone in your body tells you to turn around, but despite that... a sickening urge calls you forward - it beckons you. Clawing at you from the inside out; the heat fills you with warmth and joy. Yet you feel fear, dread and an air of creepiness. What is wrong?


You hear a familiar voice call you forward, ragged purple hair whips past your field of view in the distance.

It is then you begin taking steps forward to sate your curiosity and make your way down the corridor with no discretion or hesitation, beasts and demons gnashing their teeth at you from all sides as you head deeper and deeper into the corridor.

Finally, you come to a door, despite all the wheeps, moans and growls you hear gnawing at your mind and breath you feel on your neck. You are compelled to open it. The doorknob is cold, and tries to resist - until you jiggle it a little.

It is then that the door tries to resist, moaning in protest as you open the door - until it fell off the hinges and onto the ground, alerting whatever is inside to your presence.

Dread... is all you feel, and you take a slow and awkward step forward.

Inside you hear a voice silently whispering the fated word.

"Outrageous... outrageous... outrageous... outrageous... outrageous... outrageous... outrageous..."

The long forgotten mythical beast is interrupted not even by inhalations... because he can talk while inhaling.

"Gelmra?" You ask, no reply.

"Outrageous." You say.

His hair whipped to the side of the room as he turned his head one-hundred and eighty degrees in an instant. The beast starts walking backwards towards you, flailing his legs and arms exaggeratedly.

You fight every urge in your body to run... because to run or take a step back in here is to admit defeat and death shall come to you quickly.

"Outrageous." He replies and comes to a stop three steps away from you, to turn the rest of his body around - his neck snapped, causing you to wince.

"Gems? Gems are outrageous... they are truly... truly... truly... outrageous."

He falls on his face and slowly his entire hair engulfs his body and he uses it to rise up from his faceplant and proceeds o grab your arm, then bend his legs and...


He smashed his face on the ceiling and then fell on the floor... dead.

Just thought you'd like something to read...

Moving on... I decided to write a flagship story based in the same universe as all of my other stories. This one shall follow the Froste Enterprise which is a family of millionares that joined a Crime Syndicate and are trying to get their kids into the family business. The story shall follow Gabriel Froste, Caleb Froste and a lowly thug who is introduced to Gabriel and Caleb as a servant. Romantic-Action-Comedy.

Will y'all read it if I post it?

Develop Your Story / War Never Changes
« on: June 21, 2015, 07:40:26 PM »
I wrote this, enjoy.
Chapter One - ALICE POV Full
She woke with a harness pulled down over her shoulders. The entire interior of the dropship was torn to shreds and the hull had been breached in multiple places. Flames were licking her boots and her feet felt hot, like they were boiling in her boots.

Alice: -Bitter- “Hot.” –she shifts her boots away from the flames as much as she can-

She looks left and right.

Left: Dead bodies line the interior and the cockpit door is locked with smoke leaking out from beneath the door.

Right: The ‘Meat-tray’ door is lodged shut and all power has been cut, manual release was already used and the locks pulled back. The door was cracked open a little. The one who had used to the manual release was laying on the floor, a gaping hole in the front of his helmet.

Alice: Zarkonan Hand Cannon Blast. No survivors. Status Report of Power-Suit.

RAGE: Recon, Assault, and Guidance Entity STATUS: Online. / Exterior: Armor Plating Sustained Minimal Damage. / Battery: Fifty-percent. / CODENAME: ALICE Situational Report: Logged. / UAD Linked to Power-Armor. / No Hostiles Detected Within 50 Meters of Shuttle. / UAD Beginning Diversion / Recommendation: Evacuate Vicinity.

Alice: Acknowledged… anything else you’d like to say?

RAGE: Appease my desires, mortal.

A green cue light, indicating his humor suddenly activated.

Alice: Amusing... truly. –sarcastic-

Alice suddenly disengages her harness and gets up, stepping into the flames and reaching above her seat and into a weapon storage compartment, she removes a set of pistols and mounts them onto the magnetic grips at her hips.

RAGE: Observation: Limited Ammo.

Alice: There’s plenty of ammo on the dead bodies of my allies and enemies.

RAGE: Higher Risk of Death When Retrieving.

Alice kicks the Meat-tray door down with barely any effort and a slight grunt.

Alice: Then I can just use my fists.

RAGE: Do Not Recommend Hand to Hand Combat.

Alice and RAGE both take a step off of the dropship and turn to face the wreckage, the entire craft is engulfed in flames and bodies surrounded the entire craft.

RAGE: Unmanned Assault Drone Override has been engaged, Colonel Viden is trying to contact us.

Alice: Put him through.

RAGE: Affirmative.

There is a brief pause, front shot of Alice’s face through her helmet. Switch to Colonel Viden’s POV


Swap back to Alice’s POV

Alice: Sorry sir, I can’t hear you. –Dark expression, hair obscures eyes-

RAGE: Commlink Ended.

Alice: Thank you…

RAGE: Blood Pressure Rising. Brain-wave Activity Rising.

Alice: That old bastard wants me out there? It’s his fault we flew into a trap in the first place… I TRIED TO TELL THAT SENILE OLD FUU- NNNNGH!!! –she pulls her helmet off and runs a gauntleted hand through her hair-

RAGE: Recommend immediate action.

Alice: Why?!

RAGE: Function at maximum efficiency when in a state of bloodlust.

Alice: -sadistic laughter-

Alice: Yeah… -she wipes her mouth and pulls her helmet back over her head.

RAGE: Combat coming from the West, towards our line.

Alice: Then we go east.

RAGE: Why?

Alice: Because that’s where their command center is.

RAGE: How so certain?

Alice: I can smell the testosterone.

RAGE: Must be a female organism thing. –Cue light-

Alice: And the blood of the wounded.



End of Alice’s Perspective For Chapter

Develop Your Story / Dark Haven - Help Requested
« on: February 17, 2015, 11:39:22 PM »
Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is currently Gnash-sama, most people knew me as Gelmra. Which was Arm-leg backwards and a temporary pen-name as I decided to try to think of something cooler and more meaningful.

But let's get to the point, I'm a writer and I write stories. This one is in need of dire help in terms of editing. So I would like to ask for permanent help from an editor or two. This story in particular is for a contest where all submissions are due on March 31st, with winners announced in April. Said winners will acquire a publishing contract.

I am open to a co-writer and an editor who change things around for the better, but I would like to provide all the ideas and flesh out the plot, unless the co-writer comes up with a better alternative. Basically... I take the stick, you man the guns.

Now for the big question, right? I can pay you, but I don't have a lot of money, and you'd probably get a lot more out of it if you were working with me for a long time... stressful... stressful, need help.

Also, you will have to go through a selection process to determine who is best suited for that role, there will be two available positions as of now, and the group will go larger over time as my main goal is to write for Manga and become the very definition of a glorious combine. You can either submit a sample of work or edit one of my existing chapters and that will function as a clear cut indicator of your capabilities.


Contact details: TheRealObsidianPLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL ADDRESSES.com


Without further ado, I present to you... the introduction to Dark Haven.

Introduction to Dark Haven

Nothing but murky darkness peeks through the crack at a summit of a gorge. In the depths of the gorge lies a city which focuses on mining and unorthodox agriculture. It’s depth is several kilometers, it’s width it several kilometers, and it’s length is hundreds of kilometers. There is no escape, as it lies at the bottom of the ocean and is the last safe haven on the entire planet after a global nuclear war ravaged the land, filled the atmosphere with radiation and made the entire planet uninhabitable. In the depths of the gorge was Dark Haven. A city where crime rates and deaths rate remain abnormally high – the chances of death through any means is an average of fifty percent per every one citizen. The entire city is at constant war in an indestructible dome… for better or for worse.

My name is Damon Lovus of the Lovus stronghold; we are one of the most hated strongholds within Dark Haven. The reason is probably because we control food rations and the executions of treasonous citizens in exchange for a purpose and a reason for us to be allowed to exist. It’s nothing personal, just business – and I’m not the one pulling the strings but that doesn’t stop everyone from loathing my existence… something about Earl Lovus having an heir to keep up our trash reputation at a standstill or make it worse.

Well, that doesn’t really matter right now - since it’s a dirty little secret of mine and I’m attending a school while nobody is any the wiser. I also ran away from home, and now I am tasked with dressing as multiple different entities in the hopes that nobody will recognize me and loathe me, or have me return to the house… or decide to suddenly kill me. The purpose of all this is to gain a better understanding of the entire world of humans and to make revolutionary changes for the better.

Today is my first day in school as Keima, a Japanese name derived from the English word “Gamer”. This personality is designed to be apathetic, distant and knowledgeable about the entertainment industry. To be honest, it is just an instant clone of my own personality with a name that I like. This personality also has an easily maintainable disguise.
Now to the important bit… actually walking into school and coming up with a believable reason as to why I transferred… or just reading the script and following the plan.

Develop Your Story / Darkcity
« on: January 08, 2015, 01:23:28 AM »
Project I'm Working on For a Contest - Can't tell you which one but here's a short introduction

Let me hear your thoughts, unless it's talking about how short it is. It's going to be easy reading for people that want to pick it up and be able to read through it and get it done quickly.

Chapter One
Chapter One: Karias Ultikas

My name is Karias Ultikas. That name doesn’t mean anything in any language, nor does it have any sentimental significance to my parents. They just ignorantly thought “it was cool” and sent me off to school.
On a less relevant note, my house parents are individuals that think relatively highly of themselves despite constant arguments, disagreements and the high level of discouragement they constantly supply me with. My opinion is that what they do is quite simply: “doing it wrong”.

In common human terms, people think I’m a ‘scary idiot’ because of them, thus I have no friends and people are antisocial when I decide to strike up a conversation on topics that relate to them as human beings. Although, the friends I had, had been deemed nerds, or other vulgarities my parents used in reference to them. Some of things they were called made no sense in any context. Of course, my friends still found that offensive and were driven away. Now I am what people call a loner. Why do people do that? It’s not like I have a choice in the matter. Nor can I even be considered weak or a nerd; I’m of average intelligence, just with a somewhat advanced vocabulary and above average grades.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted and I snapped back to reality in an instant, my eyes locked onto hers as soon as she uttered the first sound of her sentence.

“Karias! Did you see that?!” Asked Kayle, her eyes were wide and her facial expression was glowing with pride.

‘How long had I been sitting here’ I wondered; I had been waiting for her to change into her regular clothes, at her request. She had just finished winning every single fight at the Art of Combat tournament; and was drenched in sweat, so yeah. The event itself was basically a bunch of fight clubs coming together to test their mettle against each other for a one thousand dollar grand prize; sponsored by the school after several months of fundraising. The method of combat was supposed to take your opponent down with the least amount of injuries as possible. Somewhat controversial, but acceptable and entertaining… but this season just ended. The school year will also end soon and I won’t be able to see Kayle during that time.

I let out a deep sigh, and offered a slight smile. “Yeah, I saw… you were as awesome as always.” I said, then nervously pushed my rimless spectacles up the bridge of my nose.

“Oooh…” She said with a grin, “That’s the most flattery from you I’ve gotten this year!” She said, speaking loudly – without any shame in her tone.

My mouth also twisted into an involuntary grin but I tried to hide it with my hand, through sheer embarrassment, there was no resisting it. “While the most I’ve complimented you… might be true – I don’t think it was flattery… just my acknowledgement of your finesse, elegance and grace.” I said then let out a deep sigh.

“You’re too kind.” She murmured then offered a hand.

I studied it for a moment, thinking for a few moments before deciding to take it like an idiot.
“Lunch money?” I asked her, with a smirk.

“Eh heh heh…” She laughed nervously and stuck out her tongue. “I forgot mine at home.”

“It might not have sunk in completely… but you just won a thousand dollars.” I offered a reply but stood up and dug in my pocket for a five dollar bill.

“Oh… but I’m saving it for something else.” She replied cryptically – I could probably find the reason, but I liked surprises.

I slapped the money in her hand and she curled her fingers and held my hand for a moment.
Thank you.

She mouthed the words, then relieved herself of the conversation and went for lunch. I went my separate way, she would most likely be hanging out with her friends… and I had no place there.

I usually just went to the fast food restaurant on the corner of the next block down for lunch anyway, but she couldn’t have any of that. “Too much calories and fat” she says.

MR Pub / 2015 New Year's Resolutions - Within reason and with conviction.
« on: January 01, 2015, 03:32:44 AM »
The world will knowing my glory/Finish writing a book.

What are yours?

FanFics / Fanfiction I decided to write when I was bored
« on: December 08, 2014, 02:35:53 PM »
Written by yours truly; for your reading pleasure.
Don't bother to critique it; Just a waste of your time.
(I'm trying to figure out when the hell I should use semicolons.


Starter Gallery / Come closer...
« on: December 07, 2014, 01:50:11 AM »
Simple Drawing of a male. Decided to draw after was bored.


Purpose of drawing: To get back into the habit of doing it.

Develop Your Story / Zaeltorne; Working Title
« on: October 09, 2014, 01:19:48 PM »
Prologue/Chapter One
“So the legend told that it would’ve be a normal day; were it not for the blood that flowed endlessly into the storm drains; back out to a sea stained red, overflowing with frenzied sharks tearing each other apart. These oversized fish thrashed so violently that the surface of the ocean was but a flurry of white and red that blasted into the air like an awesome display of gruesome fireworks.

“That day would’ve be a normal day; were it not for the clashing of two different armies within the city walls and the ice-cold wind warred with the flames which were gradually reducing the city to cinders and ashes.

“It would’ve be a normal day, were it not for a necromancer’s corrupted army of the dead that remorselessly murdered the citizens who merely tried to douse the flames lit a top their homes.

“That day would be a normal day, were it not for the Master of Zaelheim standing knee-deep in the blood of their enemies that clogged Zaelheim’s sewers. Their blood-soaked cape burning a constant and brilliant blue, bearing the glorious colors of Zaelheim’s army as their black armor pulsated red, actively feeding on the blood that it drank.

“The Master’s name was Galatriel and they relentlessly hacked and slashed through the armies of their former friend and ally; Syzala.”


“The legend said that, Galatriel stood nine-feet tall, garbed in almost completely air-tight armor that was bound to their flesh… if there was even flesh inside the monstrous ruler of Zaelheim; a massive city of pirates, brigands, bandits, mercenaries, thieves, militia, prostitutes, strippers, pubs, taverns, bars, night clubs, civil war, and everything else family unfriendly. It was said that Galatriel came to be ruler of Zaelheim several decades ago after single-handedly usurping the throne and taking by force; then systematically removing every single law the people had once known and discarding them. For Galatriel believes tradition is merely the corpse of wisdom.

“Those that tried declined these changes were weeded out and killed, those that embraced them became stronger, those who succumbed to them were weeded out, died and then were consigned to the Well of Souls. A bottomless magical well of that consumed the memories and energy of souls before releasing them into the world again to live again and prosper, given another chance to become stronger – what greater gift was there?

“Of course, there was the Necromancer – a great evil man who sought the well to alter its nature. So he could drain and consume the energy of these souls to make himself more powerful.”


“But that’s a story for another time…”

“Galatriel stood silently, taking long strides towards the leader of the army of the dead; striking down the undead that dare rise again along his path.

“The Master Necromancer just grinned and threw forth his barrage of spells – his hands darkened to black and not but a second later; flames of the same color erupted from them and he cast them outward. Towards Galatriel; who showed not even the slightest hint of fear.

“Galatriel tossed their swords aside, and rose their hands taking the brunt of the black and corrupted flames palms first.

“Details aside, it is said that their conflict lasted hours and the entire nation of the Zaeltorne was reduced to a barren landscape riddled with ruins and the undead... some speculate that the necromancer won, and is currently stealing the souls of those foolish enough to wander into what had once been known as Zaeltorne slowly building up an army large enough to take the world for himself… some argue that it was a stalemate, that both the necromancer and Galatriel both lost because of the sheer amount of power that was being poured into the dark armor Galatriel wore – that the power reacted with that which Galatriel already possessed and exploded, turning them all into the walking dead… they say that we’re just lucky we were outside of the affection radius.” With ale dripping out of the man’s beard, he finished his story and inhaled the goodness of a burning herb from his pipe, said to have healing properties and prevent the hangover from settling in overnight – and then gave a slow nod, “But ‘am sure you’ve already heard that tale.”

“A tale that is wild and fantastical, which is used only to scare children out of going beyond the wall… without cause.” Claimed a man who had been listening while sitting in a chair; Next to the aging man who had told his old tale. His voice cracked and there was sweat on his brow, quite the anxiety.
With a smirk, I finally opened my mouth to speak.

“You are right to be afraid, for I have been beyond the thing what you call a wall.” I stated, but my slight amusement turned to regret as all those present in the tavern turned their flimsy necks and heads towards me either with disgust, curiosity or fascination.

One of my companion also turned his stony gaze towards me, a man who went by the name of Borzhak who was born an Orichama or just Orc for short.

“We will need to run very shortly, the drunk do not know restraint… and I wish not to kill anyone this day.”

I was about to answer, but a voice to my right cut me off.

“Come on Borry-boy, don’t give ‘em any ideas – let’s just slip out nice and quiet-like while the boss takes care of all the legalities.” Asasuji, the marksman of our company said with a certain smugness that could make anyone cringe.

I let out a deep sigh and hold up both hands.

 “My name is Dalorryn.” Was all I said, and the effect was that everyone instantly turned their backs and shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

We were suddenly allowed to go back to our business but only because my name held a weight of it’s own; even in a Mirerat’s ass of a town like this. Of course, it’s not like we could stay for much longer due to the awkward silence the three of us were enduring.

So we finished our drinks, left four coins; three for the drinks and one for our tender; then got up and headed outside. The ice-cold winds of winter that bit voraciously into our faces were the more welcome between that and the tavern’s silence.  Still, we had to adjust our coats while giving each other slight glances – words on our tongues but too smart or cautious to say anything too inappropriate to one another.

“So where are we headed next?” Asasuji asked, his hood and scarf wrapped around his head in a futile effort to keep warm – nobody was safe from the deadly winds of the Dead North, a territory filled with scattered villages struggling against the short-summers and deadly winters as much as they were struggling against the undead that constantly rose from the graves and gave birth to the traditions of burning bodies to get the dead to stay that way.

Before answering, I tried to recall a place nobody would go that could keep us sheltered for the night. The only place I could think of was the ruined fort a few thousand units west of town, towards the deadlands… good enough.

“We could try the fort west of town, fourty minute walk, probably filled with undead.” I replied, and then nodded slightly in Borzhak’s direction.

“A question in your mind; ask and answer shall be given.” He stated with that certain bluntness only an Orc could have… but they have always been noted for their situational alertness; even despite their savagery and bloodlust in combat.

I gave a long pause before finally mustering up the words in as polite a way as possible, without making myself seem like a

“I was hesitant on asking but could you use your axes to obtain some firewood?” I asked the Orc who carried a collection of axes meant primarily for killing anything that opposes the company.

“If that results in the prolongation of the company then I shall – it also raises an Orc’s honor to have their ax used for as many purposes as possible.” Borzhak answered, giving his head a heavy nod.

Asasuji did not share the same eagerness.

“Really? Do you know how hard it is to shoot in these conditions?” Asasuji asked, he was shivering hard enough that I could see it – and he only now decided to speak up because the cold sometimes makes the lesser races not want to do or say anything. Asasuji the dark-skinned human from the deserts of the east was of no exception. How he even came to live in these lands is but a mystery that would probably have a boringly tragic story nobody would want to listen to.

After falling prey to my thoughts for a few moments, I turned my eyes towards Asasuji and raised the palm of my hand towards the sky. It took a while for me to channel the elemental energy of my own spirit to create the flames that sparked and then ignited into a bright blue flame; on the palm of my gloved hand.
“Better?” I asked the marksman with a smirk, heat built up around my body and the flames felt warm against the skin of my face.

“I’ve never understood how the magic doesn’t burn those damned gloves of yours.” Asasuji stated, shivering a little less; and raising his hands towards the flame.

I looked at my flame-hand and smiled slightly at the first reply which came to mind.

“Magic,” I answered.

Asasuji and Borzhak obviously did not contain a high capacity for humor.

“I enchanted his gloves so they wouldn’t burn away.” Borzhak said, slaughtering my pride in my humor like an undead human with the axe that was his bluntness.

I let out a deep sigh and pinched the bridge of my nose with my free hand and very slowly shook my head just to get my disappointment across. Decided it was best to move out before we did anything else to make me disappointed.

“Let’s go, before I use up too much energy.” I stated, keeping as composed as a Prime could in times like these.

“I agree, I’d rather not spend so much damn time in this air that is colder than the shoulder of my mother-in-law.” Said the marksman who adjusted his gun holster.

Borzhak only stayed quiet, and I supressed a slight chuckle.

Without further ado, the three of us finally decided to move from the single spot in the snow outside of the tavern; sometime in the evening.

Develop Your Story / Total Chaos
« on: September 26, 2014, 03:20:05 PM »
Chapter One
Our story begins one cold summer night, with Macy – a black-haired 14 year old girl – traveling alone in the alleys of a fictional city; which I still have to figure out a name for.

Unbeknownst to her, she is being followed by several goons, all perversely giddy with a potential score – since she looks pretty rich and well off.

Although, unbeknownst to these goons, they’re also being followed by a symbol of darkness… and lust.
These goons, armed with knives and easily concealable ballistic weaponry follow Macy; until she enters the apartment complex that houses her family of four: her lesbian parents, herself and a twin brother.

Creepy-thug: Kukukukuku (awkward laughter)…
 Lower-Boss: Shut it, we’re here for the cash – put your masks on and no killing - the boss don’t want any extra heat on us.
Creepy-thug: Kek (grinning with psychotic eyes while looking at the lower-boss)
Lower-boss: *censored* it. Let’s go. (Doesn’t bother with the masks)
(They all storm into the building and the boss notices that the door at the end of the hall closes)
(The creepy thug of all people, goes running down the hall; taking the role of point man at his own discretion)
(He sets his ear against the door)
BUKAAAAN! (Shotgun, poimtblank)
(Head explodes into a mess of blood and gore and the body falls backwards)
(The low boss just ignores the body and immediately has his gun raised)
(Fires in next frame)
Thug-01: Boss- what the fu-
(The thug’s brains get splattered across the wall)
The firefight continues, and then the smoke of weapon discharges finally clears.

Macy: Mom… mom! Get up!
Mom-1: I’m fine sweetie!
Macy: Not you! The other one!
Mom-1: Oh… she’s dead? Are you sure?
Macy: Why the hell are you so calm about it?!
Mom-1: Why indeed… how about your brother?
Macy: He’s there… lying facedown in a pool of his own blood – right at your *censored*ing feet!
Mom: Oh… I see…

Macy: Mom?
Mom: Yes sweetie?
Macy: What are you doing?
Mom: Joining my love in paradise.
Macy: You selfish bi-

Low-Boss: Uh… you still there?
Macy: Yes.
Low-boss: Can we come in and loot the corpses?
Macy: What the *censored*?
Low-boss: Uh- yeah, whatever… *censored* it – let’s go.
(They charge into the room, carelessly and the first three guys are shot dead on the spot by Macy hiding behind a table with Mom-1’s pistol)
Macy: Like hell you’d kill my family and think I’d just let you get aw-
(Macy drops to the floor, dead)
Low-boss: Shut the *censored* up.
(He turned his head to the rest of his guys… only to find he’s the only one left)
Low-boss: …well… at least the bodies are still warm.
Miranda: You know… if you were scheduled to die today…
(Low-Boss slash LB turns his head towards the Death God in a black robe, her hair is brown.)
Miranda: I’m on official business… now if you’ll just excuse me… I have to burn this entire place to the ground.
(She pays the man no heed, and has her eyes on the page of her book.)
LB: Wha-who the *censored* are you, and what’s with that get up? (He points his gun at her)
Miranda: Oh… would you look at that, I read the… necromag wrong. Sorry I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you, grind your soul up into tiny pieces and serve it to the demons of hell as a condiment to put on your nice and roasty-toasty flesh and bone… like salt… only really gross.


Elsewhere, relatively same time.
Universal Chaos
Macy’s soul, in the form of her body floats nude and surrounded by long black hair in an empty white expanse.
Macy: Pffuuuuaaah! (gasp for air)
Macy opens her eyes and bears witness to Universal Chaos – the realm in which God and Satan wage an eternal war that is nearly coming to an end… though only a small portion – a white and black room actually. With a white intercom on one side and a black one on the other… designed primarily for negotiations or temporary ‘verbal-agreement’ ceasefires.
God: GREETINGS CHILD! (Melodrama)
Satan: You should’ve let it sink it a little more...
Macy: Uh-wha… where am I?
Macy: Universal Chaos?
Satan: UC for short.
Macy: Oh my god… just tell me.
Macy: Whatever, I don’t care – when do I wake up?
Macy: …
Satan: You won’t wake up, you’re dead and your body is being burned up by Death God flames – which transports the organic matter into hell where it is torn apart and eaten by demons.
Macy: Are you kidding me? Why the *censored* did you do that to my body?
Macy: Who are you? My dad?!
Satan: The reason why is because you have a far greater purpose than to be the deceased child of two individuals that view themselves as women, transsexuals were my creation… pretty cool right?
Macy: I guess… whatever, I mean… I’d have liked to know what it’s like – to have one of those… things that dangle between your legs, even if just for a day.
Satan: Okay, so I’m going to ask you to make a list of things you’d like to have.
Macy: What’s the catch?
Satan: Quick on the uptake, young one.
Macy: What are you, a pedophile?
God: NO, I AM GOD.
Macy: Whatever… you don’t love me.
Satan: Idiot.
Macy: I’m a fourteen year old girl who just watched her entire family die and had her body burned up, then eaten by demons… and it’s all your fault.
Satan: You’re damn right it is.
Macy: I’ll just say I was raped by two old guys and get an abortion.
Macy: An unfair offer being made by two old men that have been alive too long.
Satan: Shut up, just make your damn list and tell us what the *censored* you want, or I’ll eat your damned soul.
Macy: (Sticks her tongue out at Satan, the very source of evil, corruption, mutation, lust, immorality and evolution.)
… (Satan, the Black speaker remains silent for a time)
Satan: You’re unbelievable.
Macy: Can you make me shapeshift?
Satan: Yes.
Macy: Rich?
Satan: Yes.
Macy: So what will I be doing?
Macy: Why me?
Satan: The Kawaii is real.
Macy: So if it’s for all of eternity, does that mean I live forever?
Satan: Don’t encourage her… she’s still a child.
Macy: Hah… just send me back already – you old guys are wasting all of our time time.
Satan: Very well.
(Macy poofs from the room, and they’re both left there… sitting quietly for awhile.)
God: SO…
Satan: We probably should’ve got her mentally prepared for childbirth.
Satan: You really enjoy being the object of people’s hatred and enduring a ton of physical and emotional pain, don’t you?
Satan: This is why we can’t be in the same room together… I don’t know why people think hell is so bad.

Back on Earth… 7 days later
Macy is lying face down on the ground.
Miranda stands over her and pulls her to her feet, even though she is nothing more than a soul.
Miranda: It’s a little disorienting at first, but I ordered you a new body and I branded your soul with my signature – just so other Death Gods know you died but were resurrected by God, and Satan as both angel and demon.
Macy: Who are you?
Miranda: My name is Miranda, as of now I’m the one who will be monitoring your case and functioning as the vanguard of the twins you are currently pregnant with.
Macy: Twins? Pregnant? Oh my god! Help me!
Miranda: Hah! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! I’ve always wanted to say this…
(Her eyes darken and shows a close up of them in the next frame)
Miranda: Where is your god now?
Macy: …
Macy: That was really cliché
Miranda: (Disheartened) I see.
Miranda: WELL ANYWAYS, I’m supposed to tell you that your new body is imbued with the powers of god and satan and you can do with it as you desire – but must work for, or either sacrifice things to hell and heaven in order to obtain more power.
Macy: Sugoi, sugoi!
Miranda: The sacrifices will likely be rogue demons who’ve managed to escape the clutches of death and currently roam free in this realm.
Macy: So you want me to kill demons?
Miranda: Pretty much, since the power-surge your re-entry into this realm caused and the creation of your new body will probably just lure hungry demons over to you and attempt to breed to create baby demons they can eat as an unlimited food source using a very rare female demon’s body.
(Shocked expression on Macy)
Macy: That’s disgusting!
Miranda: Yes… it is, and they breed pretty fast too – they can also breed with humans of all shapes and sizes but prefer to mate and enslave the males.
Macy: Oh I get it… they’re like those chestbursters, right?
Miranda: No. They go up the back side and crawl their way into the intestines, consuming food and nutrients then eat the organs of the males, corrupting the body with dark magics and essentially turning them into zombies… males eat lots more than females – quicker breeding times… 24 hours or so.
Macy: Ewww… Are there any sexy demons?
Miranda: Other than you? (Pause) I don’t think so.
Macy: Heh~~~? So you’re of that type?
Miranda: Wha- oh…
(blush, head lowered slightly)
Macy: It’s okay, you don’t need to be shy! (Reassuring pat on the shoulder)
Miranda: Shut up.

Macy: So how do you know so much about demons and their breeding habits? (Smug)
Miranda: (Horrified expression) …I was just a little girl when it happened… (Flashback of her standing in the shadow of a demon.)
Macy: Nevermind.
Miranda: (back to normal, somewhat gungho expression) Very well.
Macy: So what now?
Miranda: We use the funds generously given to us by sponsors and God and Satan themselves to buy or build a location of operations in this horrifying city.
Macy: It’s not that bad, is it?
Miranda: You just died in it.
Macy: Touché.


Please note that this chapter is still in the early stages of editing and is so long because it's setting the BASIC premise of the story and introducing the main characters.

The main focus of this Manga/'Light' Novel is a specific virtual reality.

There are a lot of roles that need to be filled for the manga, or light novel. Not quite sure which format to put it in yet - leaning more towards a Manga though.

The name of the virtual reality is 'Ascension', and the current plot-line focuses on a Galactic Tournament which occurs every 10 years and only one winner is chosen. The main character is chosen from a select few to become a Commander (A backline operator who stays in a defensive outpost and leads from there along with a variety of other commanders or alone, depending on rank, and scenario) and work for a company and a good chunk of the prize in the galactic tournament. Their main weakness are slayers... who infiltrate outposts, command centers, and even fortresses to kill commanders.

That's all I could think of to disclose as of now.

The roles I currently think I need are:

Two Artists
Character Designer - Sci-Fi specialty
One background artist

I would like you to be able to draw maps and several shots of large-small scale conflict. As well as pretty badass backgrounds and expressions on faces. I'm thinking of including a variety of different guns, outfits, armor, suits, power-armor, mecha, and a variety of vehicles from light-heavy. All classifications.

That might be a lot to ask for, but at least I'm letting you know what you'll be getting into before you get into it and feel overwhelmed.

Speaking of overwhelmed. You're free to try out and all that jazz, but I will be taking the role of editor to let you all know what's good and what isn't - now... I won't be being too rude to you but, I do expect you all to make deadlines since I am trying to become a writer and editor for manga and make a living doing it. (I can also try to get this series published in a novel format, but images feel cooler than words - and I have trouble explaining the badass things that pop in my head, and my drawing skills aren't that good yet.

One last thing. To get these roles, you will need to voice your interest and provide a link to a single original manga page or your art that you currently have. Colored or uncolored, I leave that much to you.

Oh yeah. I got manga studio 5 and I can do the paneling and format if need be. I just need somebody to do the drawing.

Notice me senpai.

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