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After months of drawing with little to no true progress, I'm withdrawing from the board. In fact, I kind of already had - this is the official notice. And no, this has nothing to do with any perception of hazing in case you were wondering...if you were wondering at all, for that matter.

Two months have passed, and in those two months I've joined a fine arts school and met with a friend of a friend who is a mangaka of sorts. Also, in those two months, absolutely nothing has changed, there or here. The same middling results continue with very little having been produced and little in the way of inspiration as well.

Simply put, this winter has been a very commonly-used four-letter expletive, and I'm pretty much at my breaking point. But don't think this means that I'm quitting drawing - I will die before that happens. I'm still going to draw until my arms fall off, but until my work looks anything remotely close to this: http://safebooru.org//images/972/7a7b3b0f4410f4ac3e2c3eb0e4b5d5c268fb65f0.png?977794 whether it's in color or ink, then I will not post it or anything else here or anywhere.

For the time being, I'm withdrawing and going under the wing of said mangaka friend. Unlike me, he has a record of getting work published. Unlike me, he actually can create quality work. Perhaps, by some accident, I might be able to do the same, but until any sort of improvement shows, I might not be back for a very long time.

I wish you all the best.

Manga Art Gallery / Proteus' Gallery
« on: December 29, 2012, 01:44:13 AM »
I've had doubts about posting my own stuff after having seen the stuff on the other galleries. Simply put, everyone's worst work here makes my best work thus far look downright primitive.

Nevertheless, I came here to learn and to become stronger, and so I'll post my better work over the last year or so. Hopefully it can be made better.

First up - Kasen Ibaraki from the Touhou Project. She's one of my favorite characters, and it's not hard to see why. I made this one a couple of days ago.

Kasen again. I had a lot of fun making this. Took about two to three days to make.

I know it's not manga, but the Postal Dude is one of my favorite game characters (except Postal 3).

A "badass" styled shot of some of the main characters from a book I'm working on with a friend, "Status: Infected"
From left to right: Sheena, Kouzou and Slayer Fenris.

Slayer Izanagi, one of the more powerful characters of SI.

Dr. Krogoth, one of SI's villains, inspecting a capsule of a dangerous and volatile berserker virus...

...and the effects of said virus on Sheena.

Asuna Nishimura Chanbara, one of the heroines. She's an immensely skilled medical expert and serves as the chief medic for the heroes of SI.

One of my badly done colored shots. I want to get better at coloring...badly. This was among my first forays into using Prismacolor markers, and I don't think it's as good as it could have been. How they can make stuff look so tangible is beyond me...

And last in the colored series, Revy and Sheena (two psychopaths) holding each other at gunpoint and being held at gunpoint by multiple Legion Troopers of SI.

Don't go easy on these. I've had six years to try and improve and the best I've made doesn't look too promising. If there's anyone here who happens to be an expert on coloring and/or possesses Godlike skills in drawing, I'll gladly take up anything you've got to help make these better - I'm not gonna stop until I'm able to make immensely detailed manga (colored or B&W) within a few hours at most.

Welcome Center / Well, here goes.
« on: December 23, 2012, 03:29:05 AM »
It's been a long time since I came to a forum...I'll do my best to post frequently, but I'm often preoccupied.

That said, I am called Proteus (not in real life, obviously :P), and I am a 24-year-old manga artist-in-training.

I've got over six years of experience, but only basic proficiency in my work. Suffice to say, I lack finesse and am in desperate need of improvement. I'd like to learn how to improve anatomy/proportions, draw action sequences, and generally improve what work I have, which I will post as soon as possible.

My tools of the trade usually consist of little more than a couple of specialized pencils (usually 2H or 4H), an eraser, and whatever blank paper happens to be on hand. Recently got a lightbox, some Prismacolors and a drawing tablet, but the latter two are...harder to use than I anticipated, so expect a lot of pencil works.

What else...strength-wise, I'm great at drawing eyes and expressions, and can draw manga faces pretty well, along with standing poses. As for weaknesses, angled shots, action shots, 3/4 head shots, and pretty much anything else apart from what I listed in the strengths section is lackluster at best.

Currently, I am working on a collaboration with a friend of mine for a dystopian series called Status: Infected. I've gotten almost half of the first book's scripts written, though they are in need of some help as well.

That took a lot longer than I expected...anyway, I look forward to meeting you all, and hope that this will improve my quality of work. I'll do my best to follow the advice I'm given, and I tend to ask a lot of questions, so hopefully that won't be too annoying.

Edit: Read the update about Imageshack. My bad. Will post asap.

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