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Develop Your Story / Suddendly, Gaijin
« on: July 08, 2012, 07:56:05 PM »
Hey everyone, long time since I actualy worked on something full time. So here we go, gonna get busy this vacation as I write this out, wish me luck XD.

I'll start by stating out the plot:

An exchange student suddendly appears in Keiko's home without her knowledge, now they have to live togeher through many unlikely events. However, there is a secret behind the newcomer, no one knows where he's from.

Special Thanks to Zealapeal for correcting mistakes and whatnot.

Though it was supposed to be a cold winter, that day in mid February was warm; perhaps a blessing from god to celebrate that date. Many parents entered the school patio from the white entry gate which held a cheap blue banner written, "Big Watanabe School Graduation". As they took their seats on the white plastic chairs arranged in rows of ten, Keiko looking determined shook her right leg in excitement. As soon as everyone had sat down as she promptly got a hold of the microphone standing in front of her. The wind blew against Keiko's black gown as she prepared for a speech.
   "My name is Keiko Watanabe. I'm Class 2-1 and 2-2's speaker, chosen by the majority in an election, which by the way I totally didn't force people to vote for me, but I digress..." she bragged. "We are gathered here today for our graduation. It's proof that our hard studies really paid off. I spent many days in advance studying for every test, I passed with flying colors. Amazing isn't it!?"
   The crowd remained silent and awkward as Keiko decided to keep going with a weird smile.
   "Anyway," she giggled nervously. "Everyone worked really hard, and I bet they get asked a lot: What do you want to be when you grow up? I never have an answer, but I'm amazed to see how many students seem like they've got their lives figured out. It makes me really proud to be such a big influence to all the students, and as the class representative, I'm very happy today."
   Everyone began to talk, questioning the reason as to why they were there. Weren't students supposed to graduate at a later age? A voice coming from a young, blonde man broke through all others' voices. He was not wearing the black gown like the other second-year students, instead, he was in his P.E. uniform.
   "Get to the point already!" he grumbled, stretching his bulky body.
Keiko pointed at him in disappointment.
   "What the hell are you doing not wearing the ceremony clothes!?" she roared. "Kenta, God damn it. You're the most irresponsible person I've ever had the burden to work with!"
   Some gasped by her rough choice of words. However, he merely responded in a bored tone.
   "I didn't feel like participating in this make-believe graduation party your dad pulled out of nowhere."
   Her face grew red with anger at his insolence for talking back at her.
   "My daddy always does what I ask him to, he loves me very much!" she objected as if it'd make a difference.
   "You're so spoiled," he said bringing his palm to his face.
   "A-Anyway!" she stuttered. "Let's bring out the students who passed this year!"
   Many teenagers got on stage and received their diplomas from a rusty foldable table. Stand, bow, leave. That's what took place for nearly an hour and by the end of the ceremony pretty much everyone had already gone home a few diplomas remained on the table; they belonged to the students who didn't participate. As the sky took an orange tone from the setting sun, Keiko sat down on the stage's edge and dried a sweat from her head, it was finally getting cold again, yet her body was too hot from hosting the graduation.
   A short straight blue-haired, skinny guy walked over to her and offered her a bottle of water.
   "You were pretty energetic there." he said with a smile.
   "Thanks, Yori, I can always count on you," she accepted the bottle without looking at his face. "You're such a good friend."
   His face froze for a second.
   "What if we were more than friends?" He proposed.
   She spat the water along with an outburst of laughter.
   "That's crazy!" she yelled, spitting out her water.
   He put on a weird smile and walked away. As soon as he was out of sight, he began to hit his head hard against a wall, leaving a crack in it. A hand reached for his shoulder, it was a guy in leather jacket, sunglasses and  really short, straight black hair with a long ponytail.
   "Friend-zone, dude..." he said.
   "Leave me alone Yoichi," Yori cried.

   Keiko stood up, ready to walk back home, however she found herself halting as a small hand tugged her robes. A little 13-year old girl with dark, tidy long hair and wearing the ceremony's black gown was standing next to her.
   "I came here to pick up my diploma." she wasted no time to greet.
   "Ah, Tochiko. It's in that table over there." Keiko said pointing to the stage, where a metal, foldable table was. "I wondered why you didn't come."
   "I was busy lecturing at a university."
   "Ah..." Keiko gasped, astonished.
   "If you'll excuse me." Tochiko headed for the table and opened her diploma.
   A bright light shone from the piece of paper, illuminating the now dark winter skies.
   "Hmph, only got an A+++ this year." Tochiko complained, throwing it in the trash.
   "Aren't you going to take it home?"
   "Nope, my dad would probably be disappointed in me." Tochiko affirmed, walking away.
   Keiko picked up the diploma from the trash can, the grade was so great that it was inscribed in shiny gold, she used its shine as a lantern so she could walk back home, complaining about how much smarter she would be if she hadn't lost her grandma's charm.

   She arrived home panting and entered the house without warning everyone that she had arrived, left her shoes next to the door and took off the black gown from over her pink summer top and blue shorts. The house's entrance consisted of a small hallway with stairways that led up to the left and two doors to the right, one for the bathroom and the other for the living room and kitchen. She went upstairs and straight into her room.
   Her room was questionably the largest in the house, with pink walls and stuffed animals sitting on shelves with a blank, silly look. Next to a big closet was a wooden desk where she kept her diary which she took in a deep breath before begining to write.
   "Dear Diary, It's been 16XX days since I asked my parents for a little brother or sister, and today on the ceremony was another piece of evidence on how it would benefit my life. Stupid Tochiko's grades would be low compared to mine if I had someone to compete with since I was little. Now it's only but a distant dream, I'll never be able to go head to head with a younger family member, and now that I lost my grandma's medalion, I'm done for! Stupid parents won't even get me a sibling when I ask them. Love, Keiko."
   Closing the notebook she took yet another deep breath, then stood up and went downstairs.
   "Hey Dad, what's for dinner?" she said entering the living room where there were three red, somewhat small couches that could fit around 2 people, in front of them was a big LCD TV over a small table in the room's corner. The floor was made of wood and there was a green rug. Big sliding glass doors led to the garden.
   the sight of her Dad, Mom and the stranger from the train station sitting one in each couch froze her. Mr. Watanabe was a bald man with a messy black mustache, big rounded nose resembling a potato, and squinty eyes called from the living room's door. He was wearing a beige suit with the name Watanabe in it.
   Her mom had coffee straight hair and blue, peaceful eyes. She also wore a very light pink headband and apron, as she was ready to cook dinner.
   "What the hell are you doing here!?" Keiko asked, pointing to the one she met earlier that day.
   The boy stood up and walked to her.
   "I'm sorry for earlier, I also can't believe you're here," he greeted her.
   "Why can you not believe? This is my house!"
   "It seems like they haven't told you."
   "Told me what?" She looked confused, what the hell were her parents hiding from her?
   "Um, that is-" Mr. Watanabe was about to complete his sentence when the boy interrupted him.
   "I have a brilliant idea!" he yelled completely out of the blue. "It may be sudden, but you will refer to me as Gaijin. I am an exchange student and am going to live in your home," he bowed, then continued. "I heard from your parents how competitive you can get, so let's make this a little game. I won't tell you my name or where I'm from; you'll have to find that out yourself."
   Keiko just stared at the one who called himself Gaijin with disbelief in her face.
   "Mom, Dad... What the hell?"
   "Surprise!" they both yelled at the same time. "This is the little brother you wished for so long."
   "You're going off topic," Keiko pointed out.
   "Don't get the wrong idea; I won't be calling you big sister like a creep." Gaijin added.
   "Are you really fine with living in the same house with a person whose name you don't know?" Keiko questioned her parent's attitude.
   "Oh, we know his name," Mrs. Watanabe affirmed.
   "Yes, and we think that game of his looks rather interesting," Mr. Watanabe claimed with a nod.
   "You guys are insane..." Keiko muttered.
   The pressure cooker on the stove whistled loudly, catching everyone's attention.
   "Oh no," Keiko grumbled.
   "What's wrong?" Gaijin questioned her reaction.
   "That's the harbinger of death; my mom's cooking,"
   Harumi came closer to them.
   "So, who's ready for dinner?" her mom smiled. "I made your favorite, sweetie."
   "You cooked it? I'll pass!" she refused.
   "Let's at least all sit in the table like a family," her dad requested.
   So they sat in the kitchen table. The kitchen had a large granite balcony with a sink and next to it was a huge fridge with double doors. It was also a room attached to the living room, so if one were to sit on the couch, that someone could maintain a conversation with those who ate.
   Keiko's mom brought the food to the table, it was fried rice with steamed chicken and tea. It looked delicious.
   "Thank you, Harumi," her dad thanked.
   "You're welcome Hiroshi, dear."
   She then handed Gaijin a plate, he thanked her as well.
   "Let's eat!" they all shouted, except for Keiko, who stared at Gaijin with a bothered face.
   "What's wrong?" he held some food in front of his mouth.
   "What's wrong? Is that all you know how to say?" Keiko growled.
   "You just look like something bothers you. Why don't you eat?"
   "Put that in your mouth, and you'll see," she challenged.
   He ate what he had pinched by his chopsticks and his face turned green; the taste was terrible.
   "Well? Do you feel it?" she smirked.
   "Delicious," he lied, and continued to chow.
   Seeing someone feast on her mother's dinner was really an impressive sight for Keiko, bite after bite, his face filled with disgust and dispair, she wondered how he hadn't died yet. Gaijin finally emptied his plate and thanked for the meal. Once everyone had finished eating, Harumi and Hiroshi went to watch some TV, Gaijin pulled out a portable game and Keiko went to have a chat with her parents.
   "You owe me an explanation," she demanded.
   "About what?" Harumi inquired without moving her eyes from the TV.
   "Wha- Are you kidding me!? Am I the only one who questions what the hell is going on!?" she ranted. "You asked a stranger to live in our house and you act like it's perfectly fine to hide it from me!"
   "I guess you're right, but then it wouldn't be a surprise if you knew about it beforehand. We got to know him during the past six months or so," Hiroshi Explained.
   "Where's he sleeping then?" she sighed.
   "Don't worry, he'll sleep in the couch," her dad assured.
   "Good, I don't want some creep sleeping close to me, but I guess downstairs is fine," she ranted.
   "It's not nice to call people that," Gaijin overheard from the couch he sat on.
   "Shut up, creep!" Keiko growled.
   Gaijin paused his game and glared at her. "That's not really how you are supposed to treat guests."
   she sighed heavily and stormed out to her room. Once there, she sat down again and wrote another entry on her diary.
   "Dear Diary, my parents got me a little brother. Though I know nothing about him, they do, and expect me to find out who he is by myself? Aren't they stupid!? I'll go to bed earlier today and try to enjoy the rest of winter break without having that prick get in my way. Then I'll find out where he's from and ship his foreign ass back to his country! (Not trying to be racist, he's just... Annoying). Anyway, time for bed!"
   Once in her pajamas, she tilted a painting of a boat on the wall, behind it was a hole that looks like it had been punched in, filled with chocolate bars. Keiko took one so she wouldn't starve, then brushed her teeth and laid down in bed to read a book.

   Back downstairs a couple of minutes later Harumi and Hiroshi decided to go to sleep as well, leaving Gaijin alone in the darkness of the room where he laid down in the small couch, having to go into fetal position to fit in its entirety.
   "God, this is uncomfortable," he thought to himself. "And that chick is a real pest. I wonder if it was a good idea to come all this way after all."
   With those thoughts in mind, he went to sleep, or so he thought. An unbelievable stomach ache hit him like a punch in the guts and he ran as fast as he could for the bathroom, luckily he had already taken a tour through the house. The bathroom was very tidy with shampoos labeled in shelves, from conditioner to chocolate smelling ones... Yuck. Many blue and white tiles on the wall made a mosaic that looked like the ocean with a white sky above it. Also, a shower was there, it appeared to be a shower room instead of a bathroom, because there was no toilet.
   "Oh cruel world!" he blasted those words in his mind as he ran upstairs, there had to be a toilet in the 2nd floor. He took the final step up the stairs and looked around in desperation, there were only two doors, one would think they are the parents' room and Keiko's. How very unfortunate, he had to ask one of them to use theirs.
   "I don't want to wake them up, they are so nice, I don't want to bother," he pondered. "I'll just ask Keiko instead."
   Gaijin knocked on her door and she opened it with a half-asleep look.
   "What do you want?" she moaned.
   "Bathroom," he went straight to the point.
   "No way. My toilet is mine and mine alone."
   "Listen, lady, I had to endure a crappy excuse for a meal this night. My belly hurts a lot and I don't have time to listen to your crap. Show me the toilet!" he cried, trying not to be too loud.
   "Alright, alright," she gave up.
   Gaijin stormed in and locked the door as he entered her private restroom. Keiko leaned against the wall as if waiting for something. Sure enough, she heard him yell from the other side of the door.
   "What the hell? There's a hole on the floor!"
   "Yeah. That's a squat toilet," she laughed.
   "Why would someone even consider owning such thing!?"
   "It's quite hygienic, since your body doesn't touch the ceramic at all."
   "So, I gotta squat?"
   "Pretty much."
   Everything went silent for a second, painful sounds came from inside the restroom. Then a thud.
   "I fell..." Gaijin complained.
   "God, you're so dumb," she giggled. "Time's up, try again another time."
   "Why is there no toilet downstairs?" he complained.
   "Because that's where we shower. If we ever have guests, I let them use my bathroom, since all my guests are girls. We also save a bit of money for not having to buy a toilet and installing more pipes and such."
   "But then I can't leave until my business here is done! Doesn't matter if there's toilet water all over me!"
   "Okay, that's downright disgusting, get out of my room before I force you out."
   "Okay then, here's what; teach me how to squat in this thing," he pleaded.
   The scene shifted to Keiko's door being slammed in Gaijin's face, he cringed and walked slowly downstairs wet and in pain. His bathroom operation was a failure.
   When he was about to lie back in the couch, he realised he couldn't, because it would ruin it.
   He got a towel from a big bag in the downstairs bathroom and dried himself, then changed into normal clothes. His pajamas were ruined and he had no other ones to wear.
   "This is arguably the worst night of my life."

Manga Writer workshop / WRITING SURVIVAL!!!
« on: May 27, 2012, 07:20:46 PM »
So yeah, the artists have their own SURVIAL!!!!! thread, why shouldn't we? Let's all improve with that great idea and adapt it to writing, shall we?

Here are the rules!
  • After posting your first paragraph, you must at least submit one paragraph/day.
  • If you forget to write 1 day, you die. However, you may only lose after having posted your 10th paragraph.
  • Punishment for losing is to participate in 1 of the workshops previously created.
  • You may be excused from writing if you have a good reason (Traveling, medical condition, etc.)
  • Writing on weekends is optional, everyone is entitled to their social life on the weekends.
  • Writing on the weekends will award you 1 Token, please keep track of how many tokens you have. When making a post on the weekends, write WEEKEND POST before the paragraph
  • You can use 1 Token to be excused from writing for 1 day.
  • The paragraphs can be written in Script or Narrative form

Good luck! Write on! (I won't start mine right now.)

Hey everyone, StoryTeller here (Duh), and this is my first new topic outside of the writer's section. I'm pretty excited, let's get to the point. Coryn advised me to post here, so if it's not the right place, sorry.

Did you ever come up with somethign and wanted a cool title image for it? I know I have, so I took it into my own hands and learned some graphic design (Though not much, I can really work my way around it). And was wondering if anyone would like one too. I improve, you get title, win-win situation, huh?

Here are some examples of what I did so far, the first two are from stories I'm currently working on and the third one is a possible idea, but nonetheless, it's there.

In order to get this done though, I need to know a couple of things.

1- Story name.
2- Which word in the story needs to be emphatised. (Check I dream of Gaijin above to know what I'm talkign about)
3- Setting. (Where does it happen)
4- Genre. (Horror, Action, Slice of life...)
5- General feel of it. (Lighthearted story, sad...)

Develop Your Story / Ghost Gift.
« on: May 06, 2012, 03:18:27 PM »
Hello everyone! StoryTeller here!
I decided to make Ghost Gift

Ghost Gift Is the story of Shinra Kamiguchi, a 17yr old boy with social issues and a horrible father. He falls in love with his only friend since he was very small, Megumi, who rejects him claiming: We're too good friends to date. Shirna becomes very sad, and his father being a complete idiot, makes him even madder and elaborates Shinra's desire to kill even further.

Chapter 1 - Welcome to the friendzone!
It was a beautiful morning in Ozaka, 1988, the summer sun was shining brightly and illuminated the classroom.

MONDAY, 15th August, 1988.-

Shinra (17), the protagonist with short smooth hair and dark eyes, was sat in the middle of of the room waiting for class to start, observing as the ramining students arrived.
When his best friend, Megumi (17) entered the room, his eyes were filled with light, a remarkable sight she was, just looking at her made oneself feel at peace. She had very long blonde hair and light blue eyes.
   Classmate: You should ask her out!
   Shinra: Don't be silly...
   Classmate: C'mon, do it, you two have been best friends since you were little, and you OBVIOUSLY like her!
   Shinra: Pipe down, she'll hear you!
   Classmate: But if you don't like her then you wouldn't mind if she did.
   Shinra: Fine, I like her, happy now?
   Classmate: You will ask her out.
   Shinra: I will not.
   Classmate: Yes, you will.
   Shinra: I will not.
   Classmate: Yes, you will.
   Shinra: I will not.
   Classmate: Yes, you will.
   Shirna: Yes, I will.
   Classmate: No, you will not.
Shinra smirks and his classmate becomes angry.
   Classmate: Fine, do it your way, jerk.
His classmate walks away as Megumi comes closer to Shinra and sits on the table besides him.
   Megumi: Good morning!
   Shinra: Mornin'
He lays his head in his hand and puts on a bothered face.
   Megumi: What's with the long face?
   Shinra: Nothin'
The teacher comes in the room, all stand, bow and sit again. While the teacher begins to write on the board, Megumi whispers to Shinra.
   Megumi: You used to be in such high spirits as a kid, but after your mom died-
   Shinra: People die, Megumi. Her death has nothing to do with this.
She looks away, saddened.
   Megumi: You look sad all the time now, it really makes me concerned about you.
   Shinra: I'm fine... Really.
   Teacher: Both of you, stop talking.
   Both: Apologies, sir.
   Teacher: Very well, today I've decided to give you all a project to work on, it will be made in doubles, so pick who you want to work with.
   Megumi: Let's do it together, Shinra.
   Shinra: Sure... (The world hates me, it's like it is constantly teasing me).
   Teacher: This project will be a 20 page report on japanese history, you have two months to finish it, it is to be delivered in the 20th of October, not a single day late, understood?
   Everyone: Yes, Teacher!
   Megumi: Shinra, I want to work on this as soon as possible, so meet me in my house after school, go home first and get some history books, whatever we can work with.
   Shinra: Alright.
And so, after class, Shinra headed home, he arrived as the sun was almost gone, around 5PM. He entered his house and walked through the living room, his dad was sitting on the couch drinking. Shinra ignored his presence and walked up to his room, grabbed some books, put them in a bag and went downstairs, as he was about to leave his father asked with a cold tone in his voice.
   Father: Where are you going?
   Shinra: Megumi's
   Father: Why?
   Shinra: School Project.
   Father: What about those books?
        Shinra: It's a project on japanese history, 20 pages.
        Father: Don't come home too late
And without even looking at his father's face, he left.
He arrived at Megumi's house around 6PM, he knocked on the door and Megumi's mom answered.
   Megumi's Mom: Good afternoon dear, how've you been?
   Shinra: I've been fine, thanks, Ms.Fukuki.
   Megumi's Mom: Good, good! I'm preparing some squid for dinner, would you like some.
   Shinra: Yes, thank you very much. But... I came to see Megumi.
   Megumi's Mom: Oh right, of course! Sorry for stalling you, please come in.
He steps in.
   Shinra: Sorry for the intrusion.
And heads up to Megumi's room, he knocks on the door and she says.
   Megumi: Come in!
He enters the room and sees Megumi with her back turned to him, she was only on her underwear. Shinra looks away very fast and yells.
   Shinra: What the hell, Megumi!
   Megumi: Sorry, it's just that now that we've grown up we're not so innocent anymore, remember when we were young? You even used to see me naked.
   Shinra: Shut up and put something on already!
He closes the door and hears her respond.
   Megumi: Alright, Alright.
A few seconds pass and she opens the door, now fully dressed. Shinra enters the room, utterly embarassed.
   Megumi: So, what did you bring?
Shinra opened the bag, it was filled with history books.
   Megumi: So many...
   Shinra: Yeah, these are all the history books we used in school since we were smaller.
   Megumi: We better get started then.
They work on the report for a few hours, and before they notice, it was already midnight.
        Shinra: Crap, my dad is gonna be furious! I gotta go.
He sprints out of the room, and ran home. When he got there he opened the door and sneaked in. He could hear his dad's snoring coming from the couch.
        Shinra: (He's so lazy. Spends all day sitting on the couch and drinking. Some role model of a father he is).
As he sneaks closer to the stairs, he hits his little toe on a table. The noise wakes up his father.
        Father: Urm.... Shinra?
        Shinra: Sh**
        Father: You're late. What did I say about being late!?
        Shinra: I'm sorry! We were working really hard and lost the track of time.
His dad slaps him.
        Father: Go to your room.
And so the nights flew by, everyday Shinra would go to Megumi's house to work on the project and arrive home very late, his father would always scold him and sometimes hit him when he did, an argument would happen and Shinra would go to bed... Until THAT night.

SUNDAY, September 18th, 1998.-

Shinra and Megumi are studying alongside each other.
   Megumi: Thanks for helping me with the project.
   Shinra: No problem.
   Megumi: You're very nice, you know? I wish I had a boyfriend like you.
   Shinra: ...
   Megumi: What's wrong?
   Shinra*reluctantly*: W-Why don't you date ME then?
Megumi bursts into laughter.
   Megumi: Are you kidding me? We're too good friends to date.
   Shinra: Isn't that the point?
   Megumi: Wait... You're serious?
   Shinra: Yeah!
   Megumi: ... I'm sorry, I just don't think of you that way.
   Shirna: I see...
He stands up and walks for the door.
   Shinra: I should be going home, my father will scold me, again.
Shinra leaves the house, running and crying.
He arrives at home with his tears already dried, he looks to where his father is, in the couch, but instead of reading, he was drinking.
   Father: Look who's late again!
   Shinra: I'm sorry.
   Father: Don't give me that crap!
He slaps Shinra in he face.
   Shinra: Dad!
   Father: Look at you, you're a mess, your eyes are red, have you been smoking something?
   Shinra: I was at Megumi's.
   Father: Don't lie to me!
   Shinra: I'm not lying, Damn it!
His dad breaks the bottle he was drinking from in Shinra's face, cutting him. Shinra falls on the floor. His dad walks closer with the broken bottle in hand, threatening to stab him.
   Shinra: Dad, stop! You're drunk.
He came even closer.
   Shinra: Stop! Stoooooooooooooooop!
Everything becomes foggy and in black and white, Shinra's father freezes in place.
   Shinra: What the hell?

Manga Artists Wanted / Project Right: Artist Wanted! + Concept Art
« on: April 27, 2012, 06:55:57 PM »
Hello everyone! StoryTeller here.
I've finished my story on Project Right, it's still constantly under revision, but the core is done. I figured this would be a time to look for artists to draw it!

I suggest you read it before you apply though!,5602.0.html

Moving on...
Although this is my first story, I'm looking for a GOOD artist, not just anyone. I am aware I'm in no position to be demanding, but I just want a good artist to set the serious mood that the story carries. Sorry :/

Anyway, I asked a friend of mine to do some concept art of the main character: Yoshima.
He drew it for me, but claims he needs more experience. I also had some others draw me concept, but his was the best. Thus I've given everyone 3 months to improve. (Think it's not long enough? Let's discuss that).
Here's the concept art.

If you can draw better than that, please show me!
It would be nice to have more than one drawing, including poses.

Good Luck!

Manga Creations / Project Right
« on: April 11, 2012, 06:33:37 PM »

Newer versions avaiable! Follow these links to their respective chapters!

Chapter 1 - Brawl at the school,5602.msg110945.html#msg110945

Chapter 2 - Viral video is viral,5602.msg111196.html#msg111196

Chapter 3 - Chase at the crossroads,5602.msg111442.html#msg111442

Chapter 4 - That one cliche machine,5602.msg111792.html#msg111792

Chapter 5 - Coming Soon

Develop Your Story / My first story!
« on: April 07, 2012, 08:56:33 PM »
I have so many things to write about, I'll try sumarizing as much as possible.

I have two main characters so far: Yoshima Nakayama and Naomi Matsumoto, as of now, neither have aesthetic qualities, only names and some of their psychology. Will enter in detail if asked.

Now for my synopsis  :read:
       In present day Tokio, Yoshima is a 16 year old with the strongest feelings of righteousness ever seen spends his recess in school protecting smaller kids from bullies. Some may say that he takes this whole "justice" thing of his too far.
   During the season of hanami, a few days after his school year started, All students are assigned the task to assist with one research project funded by the government of their choice, but only for a day, if they like it, they may keep cooperating.
        Yoshima hears Naomi, a classmate and also his crush, volunteered for a scientific project called Project Right, that studies human behaviour on choice-making. Thus, he also volunteers for the project in hopes to spend more time with her, but it turns out it's not exactly what he thought it was. Project Right will Naomi and Yoshima's ability of righteous choice making to make mankind itself think as one, towards the greater good.
         Naomi chooses to stay at Project Right on hew own free will, but Yoshima disagrees with their cause claiming it would take mankind's individuality away and decides to fight for humanity.

Project Right:

        Project Right isn't evil, this is a battle between two good intentions, and it's up to both to decide which good is greater, however, PR (Short for Project Right) needs two people  with a strong sense of justice to power up the machine that will accomplish their goals. Naomi and Yoshima are only two out of hundreds of people left on the world with such trait (Let's face it, it's hard to find truly good people nowadays).
   PR's goal to change mankind itself into acting like Yoshima and Naomi do, thus, mankind will think as one and will be forced to cooperate with each other and create a better world.
   Yoshima understands their motive but rejects it claiming heroicaly "If you do so, mankind will have one of its few good traits taken away, individuality!" another cool line would be "I will fight for mankind's Ultimate Right to be unique!" 
        After some talking and Yoshima obtaining super strenght from pure willpower, he escapes, and PR issues an order to seize him, or any other people that might work as a replacement.

        PR is looking for one more person to activate the machine, wheter it is Yoshima or not. Meanwhile, Yoshima is also looking for people that may work as a substitute of him, so he can keep them away from PR. As he looks for such people, he wonders if what he doing is truly for the best.

Genre and Power backstory:

        I intend this to be a battle manga, with a touch of minor philosophy, nothing that would require a degree, but enough for the reader to question which is right, and come up with his own solution (not that the characters will listen, because the're drawn).
        Yoshima will have super strenght, first signs of his power appear when he protects a group of elementary schoolers from a bully. Later, they draw him wearing a fiery golden scarf (Fiery as in, not solid, acts like fire would) around his neck, though Yoshima claims that he never wore it, ever.
        His power is then confirmed when Naomi steps into the machine, to stay there until a second person is found. As the machine closes, Yoshima desperatly tries to hold it open and convince Naomi, as the doors are about to close on him hand, the scarf appears on his neck, and he becomes super strong. Still not enough to "save" Naomi.
        He cannot activate his own power on free will itself, hiw willpower and determination needed to do so must be very intense. He will fight against PR "Knights" (are what they call the "minions" in charge of bringing people to the facility). Knights will be mainly the private security/police that PR owns.

        Along the story, Yoshima will meet the other contestants to the Project, and must convince them to either turn their backs on it, or join him to help stop it; The persuasion will either go peacefully or through combat. Yoshima wouldn't really like to hurt others, but as they start exchanging ideals, Yoshima sees no other way to stop them without a fight, "I must do what has to be done to save my cause" is what drives him to battle other contestants (which will also have powers of sorts, unlocked at some point in ther lives where much willpower was needed), and that of course turns him into a big hypocrit, and leads him and the readers to wonder: Is this right? What is justice?

EDIT 09/04/2012 1:55PM (my time)
I would love to see you guys come up with more characters (contestants) and their powers, leave a reply with characters you'd like to see, create them yourself, make cameos to appear as contestants, after all, It's a project we are all working on!  :dance:

Last but not least, I'm stuck with a tile name, either VOTE "Project Right", "Ultimate Right" or "Ultimate Justice"  :hmm:

Project Right: 1
Ultmate Right: 0
Ultimate Justice: 0

Hope I didn't make any spelling mistakes. Thank you for your time.

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I'm Pedro. AKA StoryTeller (because I can't draw, at all)
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