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break Room / Any light novel readers out there?
« on: August 07, 2020, 08:42:54 PM »
I'm thinking of doing narration and voice acting for light novels as something to do for fun. Does anyone know of any newish light novels that are good reads? (regular updates and has between 10-100 chapters?)

Welcome Center / It's been years and I'm saying hello once again.
« on: August 07, 2020, 08:31:39 PM »
Hello all,

My name is Rojas and I used to come around here often, it's been almost a decade since I've posted here regularly.

I hope to meet some old friends and make some new ones. I want to start getting back into the creative parts of my life and I thought why not come back here and try to reconnect with a community.

I hope to get back into both writing and narration. Here's hoping to go with a good start to that.

Thank you and I hope to have great interactions with you all.

Develop Your Story / Carl the Crazy Crime Fighter
« on: June 02, 2014, 09:49:28 PM »
(I'm completely serious)


Given the opportunity this news reporter just had to get any scoop he could. Long flowing shoulder-length hair and long slim figure fitted into the fanciest of suits a news reporter can have, Carl had it all.

A mistake surely, but he had to go through with the recent story. Five motherless baby ducklings on the loose raiding everything in sight. These weren't any ordinary ducks they were the "Bad Quackers". Their gang knowing nothing, but pooping everywhere and wreaking havoc throughout town.

Carl on his latest effort to catch the big story had to risk it all for fame and fortune. Being the topdoge that he is he couldn't refuse this crazy catch. He then picks up his trusty camera and writing pad.

Through all his leads given by the newspaper department he had found them mercilessly attacking a party store containing multiple pinatas. These were some bad capital A ducks. The gore from all the paper bits and candy organs was everywhere.

Not only was Carl a reporter, but he was a superhero and burst into action. "Stop there you ducks."

"Quack quack," the five ducklings replied menacingly.

Carl lets loose a war cry so fearsome that the ducks tip over in pain. They are paralyzed and stunned. Now Carl springs into action karate chopping the ducks to, not deadening, but sleep. Carl then pulls out his camera, which was previously hidden in his trousers, and snaps the picture of the ducks laying in pain among the horrific battleground of pinata remains and candy.

Carl reports the story and it soon comes out to paper. He then is deemed savior of the town as the revered true hero of Angst-Town.

The end.

You did it Carl, you did it.

break Room / EcchiWorld Jumpstart
« on: September 26, 2012, 04:11:17 PM »
Ok as everyone knows MR's sister site is EcchiWorld. Now it is dieing out and I want to help it out by attracting new members and keeping up new posts to progress the site. We need more regular members there and if you really want to help join and check out this post.


^ Fan of ecchi and have some thoughts that you couldn't portray on MR? That goes here :D.

Manga Writer workshop / Definition, Usage, and Word Check/Search Help
« on: September 15, 2012, 07:17:52 AM »
Here I am today to make a request as well as add in a workshop to help others with certain words.

- If for some reason a definition doesn't make sense or you don't know how to use a word post here to gain help.
- Also if you are unsure if a word is real, but you're pretty damn sure about it maybe we can help.
- Looking for a certain word, but can't find it. Well we are here for all these reasons and more.

*By we I mean the MR community of course

Here is my situation. I tried looking up a definition for anonymousity, but it doesn't show up in the dictionary.

My question is if it is a real word or if there is something similar to it that is proper to use? Would the word itself be fine to use in my story and be considered proper?

Ex: Anomousity begins to speak...
(I'm talking about random people, anonymous among a crowd)

break Room / Stats Screenshots!
« on: August 30, 2012, 03:17:39 AM »
What are your stats? What times do you mostly post at? How much time have you spent on MR?

Post your stats screenshot here!

*For those who don't know how to get to their own stats go to your profile and click show stats ^_^.

Members Workshops / Serious Art Feedback/Help For Artists Who Need It
« on: August 26, 2012, 06:55:25 AM »
Everyone knows you get normal feedback from your normal gallery, but what if you need help with something before its done or need to make sure something looks good from someone else's eyes? Maybe you have something that needs to be looked at that hasn't been looked at.

That's where this thread comes in. Here I want people to post work they need help on or are unsure about to get help and views from other people. It will be for both finished and unfinished works.

*added new rule - If you do modify or redraw a picture post it to show improvement of the picture. This will show you took the criticism into thought and used it to better yourself.

If you do post feedback and constructive criticism make it isn't something as simple as "oh anatomy needs work" add more and say "your anatomy work for the body in general needs work. The shoulders connect differently, legs are about half the body, elbow goes to around the area  to the bottom of the rib cage, etc. you get the idea.

Now I will post something I drew a while ago to get this started. I know generally what I have done wrong, but I want to see your views on it. What should I do to improve this if I ever wanted to try and recreate this?

Suggestions And Feedback / Inappropriate Behavior
« on: August 26, 2012, 06:02:58 AM »
Do we have set rules for this? It seems some members at times can get a little out of control. Refer to link below v


Sorry to snitch, but I don't want to scare new members away. Just want the site to progress and do better

Manga Talk / Animated Short Films (Links Fixed)
« on: August 14, 2012, 02:49:44 AM »
Well I have recently been looking at a bunch of these lately. I thought maybe everyone else would like them as well. Anyone have good recommendations? I guess we could start a list of animated short films. I would like to see what everyone else finds as well ^_^.

Backwater Gospel
The Lady and the Reaper
The Tale of the Three Brothers

I will update the list if people are interested. Also please post your own findings to be added to the list.

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / MR game intro music
« on: July 12, 2012, 01:37:41 AM »
Alright, so I have the task of trying to come up with intro music for the MR game.

This is a quote from Coryn about what he wants; "here's an idea... try and concentrate on a main theme. it should be something that embodies MR through sound so to speak... [It's] just something to muse over."

Now my question from all of you to help me out is to answer a couple questions.

1. What do you symbolize MR as whenever you think of it
2. What feelings do you have associated with MR
3. Do you have any suggestions to how it should be made (soft ambience, rock, electronic, abstract, etc.)
4. Your favorite memory from MR
5. Anything else that might help

I can also make samples of the styles as I go along with the project as to show you people and to get votes on which ones are good and which are bad. I would like the truth and not false answers, so that I truly get the best I can make.

This is under the collaboration section because I'm getting ideas from everyone.

Thank you :D I will have samples up soon and will update this original post with links to samples whenever I have them ready after submitted as a reply.

Develop Your Story / The Tip of the Blade (title subject to change)
« on: June 09, 2012, 05:44:56 AM »
Alright, so I haven't written anything like this before and I made it up one day while doing a workshop here on MR. Either way I would like feedback on this please. Thank you for reading.

Btw anytime you see a line that indicates a break. Originally it was to be cut into 3 sections, but the 3rd section was needed to fill in certain info as to not have plot holes. The next section (4th) which I am currently making will include an extra filler about... well you have the read the 3rd to know the hint.


Under normal circumstances this would be a beautiful night; the beach's mist mixing into the air, a cool temperature with a calm breeze, the crescent moon lighting up the city sky, the bars and clubs lighting up the streets… Everything is in a nice, calm state.

"Shut up B****!"

Until of course you walk around the corner to the sleazy part of town.

In an alleyway, a man around 6 feet tall is heard yelling at a young woman. Her name is Kandy Sprinkles and wears clothing appropriate to the name. A tight leather jacket and burgundy low cut shirt, dark tight ripped jeans, and to bottom it out stark black boots.

Her physical features complement this well. A nicely maintained body made to keep men's jaws low and eye brows perched high. The taste of her caramel sweet tan and the soft features of her face, delicate blue eyes, only secure her cunning look. Even her short size and midnight blue hair make her look so innocent, five foot two inches of pure cunning wit.

"You think you can just do whatever the f*** you want. Girl I'll slit your f****** throat!"

"I dare you to tryy~," Kandy only smirks while saying this.

Able to keep a cool composure as the man slowly proceeds towards her with a knife. His skin is smooth and pale, body lanky and stance off. Obviously the man doesn't know how to wield a blade. Weakly held and pointed front wards with the hand forward. Even the blade itself is pretty shoddy.

"Are you new at this? Let me give you a couple tips."

Kandy pulls a knife from the holder she has at her waist, which is attached to her belt loop. Then she flicks it out and shows him the blade, purple hilt and blue shined metal.

"Get a blade that isn't from the arts and crafts section. Also learn how to wield a blade."

She spins the blade around her right hand and catches it. Then it is launched in the air and caught to be held in a different position. Thumb on end of hilt and blade out the other side of the hand. Left foot and hand forward, right side back.

"Learn your stance... Though I doubt you'll survive this encounter to practice much anyways."

The man is now weakly shaking and scared.

"Hmm? Don't think about running or I'll-"

Mid sentence he turns around and drops the knife.


Kandy slides the hilt up to hold it by the blade.

"I told you..."

The blade is thrown and instantly stuck to the back of his neck. It catches him off balance and he proceeds to hit the wall of the alley before finally blacking out.

Under normal circumstances this would be a beautiful night.


Kandy reaches into her jean pocket to pull out a slim, black touch-screen phone.

Beep beep beep ring ring

“Hey Jerry ring it up, I got him. Weak sauce little punk.” She gives a scowl at the body lying limply.

“I told you that job wasn’t worth your time.”

“Yeah, I needed to get out of the house we haven’t had business for a while. Try to find me something more interesting next time.” Kandy goes to retrieve her knife and cleans it on the man’s shirt.

“Actually I might have something for you. Drop by tomorrow afternoon we will talk about it over lunch. It’s pretty big. Don’t forget to clean up your mess right now we are pretty much under the radar. Got what you needed?”

Kandy searches all over the body and finds a phone then goes through it. It looks like a normal top of the line smart phone, but there is something different about it. The screen and interface show nothing that resembles a normal phone.

“Yeah I got it.”

“Now finish cleaning up and get out of there.”


Back at the apartment Kandy throws the door open shuts it and lays on the couch. She doesn’t really have anything to look forward to. An old ripped up couch, broken TV screen, and dim lighting. The rest of her house is pretty barren except for an old, beat down, dirty kitchen, and a lone mattress resting in the single bedroom without sheets or blankets. The bathroom itself is just a disaster, ripped shower sheet, rusty sink, and a diluted toilet sitting upon a broken tile floor.

“No wonder I try to avoid this place. A damn barren wasteland that even roaches wouldn’t want to live in.”

Kandy goes to the fridge to look for food. Upon opening a person could almost see the stench coming out of it. Though the smell doesn’t seem to affect Kandy it’s as if she’s used to it by now.

“Why do I even bother there ain’t *censored* ever in this damn thing.” Says Kandy as she slams the fridge door and kicks the bottom of it.

“Stop your whining I didn’t come to hear that.”

Kandy turns to see another girl, a bit taller than Kandy with dark purple hair and matching eyes. She is no less arousing than Kandy and has her own style to match. A small black leather hoodie which is worn more for style than warmth, as it doesn’t have a zipper and doesn’t proceed much further than her breast line. The colorful shirt with writings on it and short shorts say she doesn’t really care what people think of her. Evening out this outfit are thigh high stripped socks fitted into high top sneakers. Kandy doesn’t approve of the trendy look, but she has to admit deep in the recess of her mind it’s pretty cute.

“Shut up Sam. I hate when you sneak in.”

“You know you love me baby.” Sam proceeds to blow a kiss, “Come on let’s get out of here I needa drink.”

“Fine not much to do in this place anyways.” Kandy says while twisting and stretching her body out.
Kandy deposits the phone she retrieved earlier inside the broken TV. “Remind me I hid this here, I gotta turn it in tomorrow afternoon.”


They pull up to the parking lot of the bar in Sam’s old black Plymouth.

“The Zero Bar, this wreck of a place, you serious?”

“Kandy it’s not too bad and it gets pretty interesting here.”

The two walk in and head straight towards the counter. Passing throughout the bar the smell of smoke and alcohol is mixed with the sweat of gambling men.

“Yeah, very nice choice Samantha.”

“Shut up, you know I hate that name, it sounds pathetic. Should I remind you of your real name?”

Kandy just swallows her words and continues on. “Whatever I need a drink now. Hey Ted!” Kandy slams on the bar counter. “Give me a Captain Shooter.”

“Double that order.” Smirks Sam

“Rough night eh?” Says Ted as he fills up a cup. Ted is a pretty clean looking older fella. Though in his eyes you know he has been through a lot.

“Yeah Sam here doesn’t know how to pick a decent bar.” Kandy just winks at Ted.

“Stop your whining.” Says Sam as she downs the shot.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have the pigs show up every other night. The gangs around here have been making bad business and I’m losing money because of it.”

“Ted, you really needa let one off and shoot that gun of yours you keep under the bar counter.  Show these people who the boss is around here. Me and Sam could help you out for a price.”

“Hmm… alright keep it on the down low.” Ted starts to whisper as the girls lean in, “You know the Red Coats have been acting a little rowdy lately. I think it’s on account of their new hot shot member. Not sure of his name though you could easily spot him. Bright red mohawk you can’t miss him. He just thinks he’s the new bad ass of town just because he can wave a gun around. If you take care of him then I will be sure to pay ya a nice sum and a round a drinks for you two.”

Sam and Kandy just look at each other for a while and smile before saying. “We will take it!” at the same time.

The rest of the night passed by smoothly, laughing and drinking it up. All while gambling and taking money from drunken men. They really didn’t much look the part though this was their scene. Who would want to go home anyways, there’s more excitement to be seen around the night’s main street strip.

And just like that the night faded away into the blackness of dark liquor and cigarette smoke.

“Ah, what the hell who kicked me in the head… Huh?”

Kandy had a rude awakening for sure though there is someone else under the sheets with her. Only trying to comprehend what is going on her confused state only gets worse.

“Damn I over did it again. Sam you better be under there…”

As Kandy rips the covers away two bodies are underneath. One immediately recognized as Sam and the other person she is clinging onto isn’t recognizable.

“Come on Sam get off your lover.” Kandy shakes Sam trying to revive her from sleep. They must have passed out hard for they still had their clothes on. Though to Kandy it’s weird to find Sam with another girl, Kandy always thought it weird to be with a girl though she never judged Sam.


Sam had a good life before being with Kandy. She lived in a decent house with a nice family. Though that all had ended when her parents were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. She was devastated and Kandy was her only hope. Kandy was the only one there for her and has always been around to help since middle school. They had always been together through everything. If not Sam would have been in a foster home.

After the incident Sam was adopted into Kandy’s sad attempt of a family at the age of 15. Kandy’s mother was dead and her father was an alcoholic druggie who looked forward to nothing other than his smoking buddies and hookah sessions.

The only two reasons Sam was able to stay is because Kandy begged her father for Sam to stay and mostly because he liked staring in perversion towards Sam. After all Sam always had a trendy style wearing short, tight clothing revealing sneaky peeks of herself.

It wasn’t too bad of a living all they had to do was make sure the house was clean. Their father always seemed satisfied by that, but it wasn’t enough. He would beat them on his ‘influenced’ nights and sometimes try to molest them.

One night he had tried too hard to fulfill his supposed needs. While Kandy was in the shower her father was drunkenly trying to feel on Sam in the living room. She couldn’t handle the massiveness of him and he soon had Sam’s shirt ripped off.

“Get off of me! Help me!”

Kandy had music playing loud while showering and was unable to hear the loud noises. Sam was out of luck and slowly being taken over.

“Just shut up and be a good little girl. I wouldn’t want to have to spank your cute ass.”

“Stop stop please I’ll do whatever you want just not this.”

He wouldn’t stop and didn’t even comprehend the noises coming from Sam. He had only one thing processing through his mind. This sexual drive made his mind go crazy. Pulling Sam’s shorts down and revealing her panties he wasn’t going to stop.

“No, no, stop, stop! Ahhh!” Sam yelled at the top of her lungs.

He started to run his finger along the top of her panty line when Kandy comes in and screams. “What the f*** are you doing!”  She barely heard the screaming when the song was changing and she rushed out with only a towel on.

Her father turns his head and becomes enraged. “Go the hell away or you’ll get it next!”

“F*** you Dad I never liked you.” Says Kandy as she grabs one of her father’s blades off the table. She slashes the knife and blood flings out.

She cut her father pretty well on his arm when he tried to block it and the sight of this only makes the situation worse. “I’ll kill ya you little b****!” He gets up and grabs Kandy’s arm which has the blade forgetting about Sam.

As Kandy is struggling to break free she drops the blade. Sam sees it and grabs it. “Let go of her or else I will hurt you.”

He smirks and grabs her arm too and both of them can’t get out of the hold. Though Kandy knows a weak spot every man with a perverted mind has. She uses her free hand to punch him boldly in the balls.

“Ah, F***!” He let’s go of both of them in pain.

“Sam, come on!” Kandy says while picking up the blade. They both end up running to the basement and locking the door before running down the stairs.

“Sam, are you ok?”

“No, I’m not f****** ok. I’ve had it with his bull sh**. He needs to die in a hole with his d**k in his mouth.”

“Just-“ Kandy stops mid sentence when her father busts the door down.

“You two are gonna get it now!” He says this while slowly and drunkenly descending the steps.

Kandy holds the knife tightly as if she is holding onto her life. Sam is panicking and she picks up a hammer from the tool bench. Holding it she throws it at Kandy’s father and he is hit in the knee. He loses balance as his leg collapses and he falls down the stairs. At the end of the fall he lands forehead first onto the cement floor of the basement.

“Holy s*** Sam!”

“Lily I’m s-“

“No, just shut up it’s not your fault.”

“Is he…?”

“I don’t know, I just don’t know.”

In the end her father died from the blow to the head, Mr. Fields was dead. Since Sam was already of age and had a job she was able to adopt Kandy who was 17 at the time. After a while Sam’s working place was shut down for lack of customers. The gang members hung out around the area and the police didn’t do much about it.

Low on money Sam had to do something for money, so she went to stripping. Kandy didn’t know about it for a while and she was angry at Sam for doing it. Kandy accepted it after a while and eventually got herself a job working there. That’s where she earned the name Kandy Sprinkles. Then that stuck with her to this very day.


I'm making a story and I'm stuck on how I want to write her name. Take a vote and pick which looks better. (Btw its not her real name she likes going by it instead though) She is also one of the main characters.

(Kandy has been chosen to be the official spelling.)

Manga Artists Battle Ground / Who can draw a robot the best!!!
« on: May 28, 2012, 03:32:38 AM »
Well this project was supposed to be done by members of the Skype chat and I'm not sure when they are posting theirs but if anyone also wants to add to the hype they may submit a photo. It was supposed to be due Sunday. Though of course anyone is allowed to post even if its late.

break Room / MR Sleepless Nights Journal (post late night thoughts)
« on: May 16, 2012, 04:28:46 AM »
Since I have been having a bunch of sleepless nights I decided to make a forum topic about it. Here I want everyone to post a little journal entry every time you can't sleep. It will be interesting to see what people think about while trying to fall asleep, but unable to. I will post mine as to show an example and get this started.

Sleepless Night - Rojas Journal Entry #1

I have been trying to sleep, but I find myself keep waking up. I knew tonight was going to be a rough night as I kept drifting on the border of daydreaming and stage 1 sleep.

As I couldn't sleep I began to think about drawing. I have been craving to draw more, but I needed sleep. I was thinking tomorrow I will experiment with a new drawing style. I will try to incorporate cute with my darker drawings and see what will happen.

Then I kept on creating random characters in my head. Realistic, chibi, loli, anime, manga, all various styles of drawings and various characters. That's when it hit me to start thinking of drawing a cutesie manga. It probably started with that drawing I did earlier in the day. http://rojas557.deviantart.com/art/Young-girl-colored-302382651

I decided tomorrow I'm starting my cutesie mini-comic. I hope it will turn out well. I already have a couple ideas for it just almost dreaming of it.

Those were the main topics I was thinking of and now I need to try and sleep. I know I'm going to fall asleep in class today/tomorrow.

Stay up,

*Side note - There's my example and I hope to see everyone else post something soon too. I think this is a good idea. Tell me whatcha think about the topic.

K so here is another one of our competitions between the skype community various artists are participating.

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