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General Discussion / Panel Balancing
« on: February 20, 2012, 04:22:51 PM »
Whoot! New topic that I thought of! xD

I wanted to make this topic to see how others go about making panels and making sure that they balance out when they draw their mangas and comics. <3 (Mainly because there seemed to be a need for more interesting topics and I wanted to help out!  ;) )

Guess I'll go first then  :ohmy:

When it comes to panels, I sometimes look at the layouts of other mangas for general ideas. Most of mine come from shojo mangas such as Tokyo Mew Mew, Jade of Bango, and Hot Gimmick as well as various shonen manga like Kingdom Hearts, Nora, and sometimes even Bleach.

I get clueless when it comes to panels, so I put together my own kinds based off different panel pieces in other mangas, though I do make my own off the top of my head at times.

So, how do you go about doing panels? Do they randomly appear in your head? Or do you look for ideas like me? O.O This panda wishes to know!! Oooohhh, and how do you go about deciding which panels fit with the flow of your story?  :-\ Oh and do you like thick panel lines or thin ones? (Strangely I like thick lines xD **weirdo I know**)

Hope I was able to help make a nice new topic to talk about ^^;; heh  :push:

Manga Art Gallery / xoxoPanda-chan's Corner
« on: January 26, 2012, 07:24:03 PM »
Allooooo! And welcome to ze corner of dooooom!! *dum dum dum!!* Just kidding! :D This is just a regular corner only in the shape of a circle! *even though corners are kinda square shaped....

ANYWHO~! I actually managed to finish a sketch that I uploaded to my new dA account, pandasayori <3
It's a rather simple sketch I would say...of my friend Angel's OC on dA :)

gyaaaahhh style?! why must you change so much?!?! >.< Bleh! In the new few months I might not even be drawing like this anymore...then again x3 I do adore the simpleness of it<3....  and curse you scanner!! DX I love you but....blaaaarrrrrrg!!!

Develop Your Story / xoxoPanda-chan's Projects
« on: January 05, 2012, 08:28:00 PM »
My head hurts from mindless hours of drawing XD but I shall type this out!!!!! ::

1) RE:boost

Who says you can't get comedy from dying? Ichigo Hinawari was going through a normal day, when things changed to a series of unfortunate events. After dying in a hit in run accident, he expected to go somewhere else, only to realize, his soul had been attached to girl.. Kassidi Blake, an African-American high school student was going though the motions of the day with her best friend, and blonde bombshell Angela Tippet, when she was suddenly knocked unconscious due to a fly-away volleyball. Once waking up in the hospital, she hears a voice, only to realize the voice belong to the ghost Ichigo. Due their series of unfortunate events, they have to endure the awkard 'talking to yourself' situations, randomly exploding light bulbs, and floating pizza until Ichigo is able to seperate from Kassidi. Ready to tag along for the ride?

2) Sweet Stones

Meet Gem, a sweet blue haired neko-boy with a love of girly things and manga. Emmie, his twin sister, is a bit tom-boyish and always seems to have her head in a book. Though different, these siblings have one things in common....turning the world upside down with their randomness. (Sucky summary, I know ^^;;)


To be honest, I'm sure how well either of these stories will go... But I WILL keep working on them :D

Tell me what you think? Any help would be nice...

Welcome Center / Anyone order a panda? :D
« on: January 04, 2012, 10:30:49 AM »
Hello there, I'm Panda-chan! But you may call me "Vondri" or "Danni" <3
I'm a 17 (about to be 18 in April) year old high school senior who will be attending college this fall to major in art as well as asian studies!
Did I mention that I was female? (lol)
I'm still learning the basics of manga and comic style (even though I've been attempting it for years) hoping to become a graphic novelist when I get older.
Art is my life<3 I love it, live, and breathe it! It's the only thing I seem to be good at since I'm not great with homework (bleh).
My favorite manga of all time is Hot Gimmick by Miki Aihara! I love her style and I love the way she tells her stories.
As for hobbies: drawing, coloring, script writing, video gaming, and cosplaying. (Does this mean I have no life?) XDDD

Hope to hear from somebody soon!

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