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Comics and other Gallery / Please critique my artwork
« on: January 24, 2014, 09:47:49 AM »
Hello guys. I am very eager to improve my artwork  so I decided that I will draw as much as I can in my free time.  Can I ask for your feedback and critique . If you can tell me what I could improve, what I did wrong, what should I add or get rid off etc :) I will be posting my artworks  here and hopefully improve overtime.

Movies and TV shows / Concept art for films
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:15:24 PM »
Hello there guys for the last couple of years I had a huge artist block trying to figure out if art is still my passion.(My other hobby is martial arts) I tried to make myself enjoy it, I got on the illustration course at the university and quit after 1 month thinking that it is not for me any more...

 I kept on doing martial arts but I came to conclusion that this path could be over really fast if I ever got injured or if I am not good enough. So after researching and asking 'the universe' everyday for years 'what is my path???!!!' an idea to become a concept artist for films magically appeared! I decided that I am going to go back to university next year (the illustration course is very flexible I can join it with modules from animation or digital media)...

But anyway to the point... I started doing my research and now I would also like to start drawing before I go back to University. It would be nice if you guys help me out here. From what I understand concept artist for film read the script first and then design characters,environment etc.....

It would be nice if any writers on this forum could send me or post their stories and ideas here so that
I could start drawing from them.
Also if anyone knows anything about this field any advice and tips would be highly appreciated.
I will post my progress and drawings on here :)
Thank you

Members Manga / Migoto(shonen manga)
« on: July 03, 2013, 09:20:05 PM »
Plot Summary :

Every 4 yeras on the Island of Magja, there is held a huge tournament. Warriors from all the nations participate to showcase their skills and represent their nations. Long time ago the Land of Ja was a very powerful nation, famous for having the best warriors, however over the centuries it has been attacked and weakened by the other nations that feared it's power.
The warrior class has become extinct in the Land of Ja.
 For a very long time no warrior from that nation was able to win the tournament. Fighters from that land are disrespected and had become a topic for jokes .
In the land of Ja in Kurokai village a boy is born. His biggest dream is to change the way other nations perceive his nation.He believes he will achieve that by winning the great tournament. He is the strongest person in his village but people still do not believe that this is enough, to face all the incredible warriors from other nations.
Most of the successfull warriors are usually members of clans and fighting schools and their strong genes are passed over the generaions.
The boy is only a son of a farmer and nobody thinks he will stand a chance against the hierarchy... but is he really just an ordinary boy?

Description of the nations(lands)

Land of Ma
Has got highly sophisticated and evolved culture. Especially in enterteinment, art, theatre and like other lands in martial arts.  Warriors can earn a lot of money in here by protecting the rich Lords.

Land of Ja
Was once great, however gradually it become known as the weakest due to other cultures attacking this nation and stealing their knowledge. Nobody respects the warriors from this land because they consider them to be very weak.
Land of Uma
Is a spiritual place full of beautiful landscapes . The warriors in here connect martial arts with spirituality. Homeland for the famous monk-warriors . It an amazing place to meditate and connect with nature.

Land of Kra
Is settled by mafia, criminals and villans. It was once uninhabited land  but then used by other lands to deport the criminals. Over the times the land become very powerful and other lands were unable to control it anymore.
Feared by other lands as it is growing in strength under the evil rulers called the Mask Order.

Island Magja
Island located in the centre of all 4 nations
Is a land of diversity. People from all 4 cultures can move here freely and live together. This land is famous for its enormous battle tournaments and rich nightlife. It is plentiful in entertainment and also in one of the greatest martial art schools in the world.

Sorry the first page is akward and grey (wrong scanner settings)

Members Manga / WASABI (new manga)
« on: November 04, 2012, 07:03:20 PM »
Hi guys here is my new manga called Wasabi :D

genre : martial arts, shonen, comedy

Sorry for a lot of writing and speech bubbles on the first few pages but I need to explain the concept...Also sorry for my horrible english! Anyway ENJOY!

Manga Anime FanArts / Dragon Ball fan art :)
« on: August 22, 2012, 05:17:48 PM »
Teenage Pan :D

Members Manga / The Substance
« on: April 22, 2012, 01:59:59 PM »
Yo! Yo! Here are first 3 pages for my new manga :D  martial arts , shonen ,comedy ,adventure ,adventure and even more adventure!!!!  I will be thankfull for any advices,tips and critique ;D

Develop Your Story / The Substance
« on: April 14, 2012, 01:41:43 PM »
GENRE : martial arts, adventure ,comedy                Scroll down to see rough sketches of the characters :)

Ok here is a little concept for my manga. Later on I will post the information about chracters,main adventures and fights, names of cities, and chapters etc

The plot probably is not perfect so I will be very thankfull If you guys could give me any advices and tips :)

‘X’ years after the nuclear war, after most populations and live forms are gone, the planet Earth is starting to rebuild and fix itself by producing a special substance which gets rid of radiation and contamination. Around the world there are quite few deposits of this substance. Areas and grounds around them are very fertile and full of live. New plants and animals are born around these areas as well.
Around 20% of the world population has survived. Many of the people spread around the world and started building villages and settlements as close to the deposits of the substance as possible. People need this substance in order to stay alive. The substance makes the radioactive molecules disappear on instant when it gets close to it. If the people carry around a little bit of the substance with them, it protects them from radiation.
The villages and small towns do not really belong to any countries, they are just populated areas spread around the continents. However apart from these small dwelling-places there are two big and quite highly advanced countries that have their own governments, schools, homes, shops etc.
One country is ruled by a good government, who extracts and gives out the substance to their people for free. The other one is ruled by evil government who with the use of their technology and power is starting to take over, all of the deposits of the substance around the world and making people pay for it. People from small villages and dwelling-places who use to have it for free now have to pay for it. These people do not have enough power to resist, so they have to migrate to the ‘bad’ country and work hard to afford the substance. (Without the substance they could get seriously ill or even die because there still are quite high levels of radiation present.)They cannot migrate to the ‘good country’ because the country is slowly lacking of the free substance…
The bad government from the (bad country) wants to take over the control of the good country as well. They know that they can do that by cutting off access to all of the deposits of the substance and then making them pay for it. The good government from the ‘good country’ is starting to realize that they used up all of the free deposits already and they do not have access to the ones which have been taken over by the government of ‘bad country’.

The ‘bad country’ already took over 99% percent of the deposits but THERE IS ONE MORE LEFT…
So, both countries find out about the last big deposit of the substance left. The bad country needs it in order to gain the ultimate power over the world. The good country needs it to save and help the people. Both of the countries are  going to select and send their ‘best people’ to find it… but the way to get there will not be that easy…..

The description of (GOOD COUNTRY)
X years after the nuclear war, the country of (name) is trying to rebuild itself. New technology has been invented in order to clean out the radiation. Due to the fact that radiation levels are still quite high, every citizen carry around a small round contrivance, which consists of a crystal and a special liquid substance inside, it, makes the radiation disappear completely when it gets close to it.  Instead of protective clothes or masks it is enough that citizens carry around this gadget for protection. (The gadget is around half a width and height of a football ball so, usually citizen wear them on the string as a necklace.)
In order to rebuild the country and make everything work, the government created divisions of people to take care of different things. Since the young age people are assigned to different divisions and taught necessary skills within their divisions. These divisions are:

HEALERS – They are taught by monks who have migrated from the mountains and secret monasteries. During the war the monks hid underground and perfected their art of ancient and natural healing. Now, after the war they are voluntarily healing the people and also they are teaching their healing art to the upcoming healers. They can also use their powers to decontaminate the radioactive areas.

FIGHTERS/PROTECTORS-They are taught by martial arts masters. There are special schools around the country that teach all kinds of martial arts from modern arts like combat, to old ones like ninjutsu etc. The students attend there like for a normal school, but most of their timetable consists of learning different martial arts. The planned future for the graduates is either to join a new formed military (To protect the new build country from potential danger) or to be a guardian on the boards of the country.

TECHNICIAN-SCIENTIST – These are the people who have got a very good knowledge of technology, mathematics, science and they can also build new machines or contrivances out of wasted or recycled materials after the war.

CLEANERS – These are the people who use their contrivances and gadgets to clean radioactive and contaminated areas around the country. Every cleaner have got extra portion of the substance for cleaning bigger areas, radiation detector and some other equipment. Every cleaner is assigned to clean out different parts of the city that they live in.


One day the government of the (GOOD COUNTRY) announces that they are going to send the best people from each division for an expedition in the search of THE SUBSTANCE…
The group should consist of at least 4 people from each divisions but it will turn out that only 2 fighters,1 healer, 1 cleaner and 1 technician-scientist will be brave enough to go, because the journey is very dangerous and full of traps. It is almost suicidal [Not for the main characters though ;) ]
The government from the bad country (The main antagonist is pulling strings here) finds out about the last deposit of the substance and about the plans of ‘good country’ sending their best specialist for the expedition. The government from ‘the bad country’ decides to create their own group of people who have to prevent the ‘good group’ from reaching their destination. The group will consist of powerful villains (antagonists).

I will post the rest info later, please tell me what do you think so far :)

Hello guys. RECENTLY I have no ideas for manga and even if i have i draw and get bored afterr a whiile. I would like to ask if anyone could give me ideas or write a brief plot and come up with characters for shonen, martial arts, adventure, comedy manga. My favvourite mangas are dragon ball, naruto and bleach so something along those lines would be good. I need some amazing and interesting characters preferably young or in their teens but not neccesserly. THEY would have to go on some adventure and meet opponents and fighters or train for some tournament or to save the world. The antagonists shall be cool and interesting as well :)

IF u want to check my art thats my devianart account name : Paulis1tp

IF anyone is interested and i will like the story i can start sketching the characters pretty soon cuz my hands want to draw. Thanks for help :)

Comics and other Gallery / Fruity shoes ( ^ - ^ )
« on: March 21, 2012, 10:28:52 AM »
Here are few pictures of the shoes that i designed gor my graphics class.

Members Manga / Fibi (new manga)
« on: January 31, 2012, 07:15:23 PM »
Hello This is my new manga called Fibi which is the name of the main character.

Genre: school drama, romance , comedy

Sorry that the first pages are so bad it is because i have not been drawing manga for ages now.

I would really appreciate any advices and tips on how could I improve.

« on: January 26, 2012, 08:02:17 AM »
Please help to stop ACTA - Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement It may also affect US on this side or any other artistic side.


Members Manga / The way to hell (new manga)
« on: July 01, 2011, 07:27:27 AM »
Hello. So i got back to drawing after few months of depression(hhehhe) And here is something new. I hope you gonna enjoy this and please leave any comments ,suggestions and opinions on how can i improve ,what should i change and what do Youl like and what You dont like :D

Manga Writers wanted / I would like to illustrate some short story
« on: June 28, 2011, 11:33:55 AM »
Hello . I have got one month free  before i will go off for holidays so i would like to illustrate some short story.
 :D Preferable topics for manga : martial arts ,action, adventure, supernatural, comedy
But if it is a romance or something else however it is interesting then i would love to draw it as well :D

My deviantart : http://paulis1tp.deviantart.com/

Please if u have any questions then ask :D And please come up with something cause im really keen :D hehe !!!

If u have some old stories you came up ages ago,even if it aint a short storie just lemme know :D

Members Workshops / Worksho bad boys >:p
« on: February 27, 2011, 06:54:17 AM »
Ok here is a challange I hope all of You will participate!!!!

So you have to draw BAD BOYS (think of akatsuki,vegeta etc)



Manga Art Gallery / My manga project
« on: February 18, 2011, 07:48:03 AM »
Hello .So Even thou the art is crap I decided to put my first orginal manga (Hovewer i have been drawining lot of comics before) (Really fat ones :) ) (This is from year 2009 or even 2010) ( I GOT BETTER NOW THOU!!!) :D

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