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Manga Art Gallery / JGun's Arts (Just learning) Again...
« on: May 03, 2022, 01:14:02 PM »
Hello guys... It's been a long time since I last came to this site. Almost a year I think. I have had a lot of college works, had 2 continuous semesters which was a pain in the "you know what". I did this work after I came for vacation. Still didn't finish yet😅😅. But anyways to show that I haven't lost my interest.


This is the project franchise I've been working for about a year. Interested artists can reply here. I am a newbie artist too and I could help in rough drawings and views. As of manga culture, black and white arts are enough.

NAME OF FRANCHISE: Zenus Chronicles

NAME OF MANGA: Zenus Chronicles: Blood Lake

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shonen, Magic, Historical


Blake was the 1st successful test subject of a secret organization called Zenus Labs which experiments on people giving them abilities for many purposes such as military, politics or even becoming an illuminatus etc. By an experiment during Blake's birth, he was given all human knowledge the world ever has but on one drawback - Due to the usage of large amount of memory storage in his brain for storing knowledge, his brain simulations became tremendously different resulting in easy traumas and change in personalities. Ever since during his childhood when his friend Tanaka Maya died in an ambush by terrorists to capture him, his motive was just one thing - To bring her back alive.

He began to research beyond his knowledge and gained many abilities but nothing could bring back life from the dead but costing many lives instead. Blake created many inventions which helped the people at a large scale but when he created "The Dominium" which has the ability to create, destroy and manipulate all forms of matter and energy and implanted it in himself, all major countries pointed their weapons on him, some to exploit and conquer the world and other to destroy it for the sake of peace to continue. Facing many hardships was hard for him with such a weak mental strength. He decided to kill himself and destroy all his technology and its footprints. But he accidentally travelled to another world.

This is the story of Blake's adventure, hardships and decisions to bring back the lives of his childhood friend as well as the people who lost their lives involving in his research.

I uploaded some progress in "Develop your Story" in Manga Raiders page. Hope it will help too.

Payment sharing discussions can be done later depending on the popularity of this manga in the future.

And this franchise contains many other superheroes and worlds to travel and hypothesis regarding the secrets of this world today. Blake will be the protagonist of this manga series but not for the whole franchise.

Manga Art Gallery / JGun's Arts (Just learning).
« on: July 12, 2021, 10:31:15 AM »
Did this sample art to learn drawing with my pc. Criticizing and pointing my mistakes would be of great help.

Welcome Center / Hello! I am back.
« on: June 06, 2021, 07:34:53 AM »
It's been a long time since I came to this site the last time. I had lots of college works and exams and so I had to keep this away for some time. Since I came back :dance:, I will post some works I did and be sure look at it and give feedback if any improvements are to be done. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I did a start of a story here. If it has any problem please tell me so that I can improve.

"WAKE UP BLAKE!!". Blake woke up from unconsciousness saying "Ain't I dead?? What happened??" and opened his eyes realizing that he is at the center of a large crater at a beautiful grassland and surrounded by a large number of medieval soldiers. "BLAKE, WE HAVE BEEN SURROUNDED." The voice of a girl speaks to him in his mind.

The soldiers cuffed him taking him somewhere across the woods to the capital of the kingdom. He doesn't show any resistance. While taking him the captain and the vice captain of the group discussed-

CAPTAIN: "Looks like the ancient prophecy of the Black Wolf is real. Same time interval, same place, same wolf shaped crater as in the prophecy. What do you think Arlos??"

VICE CAPTAIN - ARLOS: "Yes Captain. Looks like it. But we don't have proof that he was really summoned by the world itself. There is a possibility that somebody would have cast a high level magic and kept an unconscious man wearing weird clothes just for pulling pranks or any big plan."

CAPTAIN: "*Laughing* Anyway he is going to get sacrificed or made a Gladiator in the Arena. Both ways to die serves the king."

ARLOS: "*Sigh* Unimaginable power isn't it?? That's our King. Too much lust on power. But this guy doesn't look strong as the prophecy told."

CAPTAIN: "You see, we are gonna meet the king in person. So, don't spill your words to him like that. If it's impossible then just shut up. You don't have to speak a word."


*A sound of strong wind strangely howling inside the woods.*

CAPTAIN: " Shh.. Can you hear that??"

*The sound stopped*

ARLOS: " Must be the wind Captain. Or any wild beast or monster. Might have ran away sir. Nothing to worry about."

They didn't notice that some of the trees inside the woods were getting dissipated into small particles in the air.

They reached the capital city. It was huge although the major part of the city is occupied by the poor, the other minor part is for the nobles and the large royal castle made of only white marble and gemstones is at the centre. There wasn't much population in the nobles when compared to the poor.

They went inside the king's throne room. It was a large and spacious place for just a king and some ministers.

The King was sitting on his throne and the ministers were sitting in front of him facing each other.

KING: "So this is the wolf from the prophecy. WELL DONE!! Uh who are you??"

CAPTAIN - MAXIS: "Your Majesty, It is Maxis."

KING: "Yeah Maxis. Did he show any abilities to resist from restraining??"

MAXIS: "No sir, he didn't even resist. His eyes looks like a dead man's eyes. Looks like he suffered from great pain.

KING: *Approaches the restrained Blake, lifts his head* "Put him in the Arena prison. We will have the game tomorrow. *Whispers inside Blake's left ear* Show me my future abilities as much as you can."

KING: *Goes back and sits on the throne* "You may take him."

MAXIS: "Yes, your Majesty."

BLAKE: *Grins and thinks within* "Looks like I don't have to die yet. Things are going to get interesting."

Manga Art Gallery / Some arts I've did when I was bored.
« on: March 30, 2021, 07:45:51 AM »
I am not much of an artist but these are some arts I've done to kill some time.

Hello! This story I uploaded is a chapter of one of my superheroes' story in my franchise but since this is the first time, I would have made mistakes or my writing style would be a bit boring. So if any of you reading this have found a mistake, Feel free to reply it here. I will change the style according to it. I don't know how to post it. So I'll post as a spoiler.


CHAPTER 1: Raiya becomes a Superhuman.

The Shadow Organization "World Benders" continued to do experiments on orphan children and pregnant women under poverty. Raiya Shiroyuki was just a 6 month baby when he was rented to them by his own family in return for family needs and allowance for the next 10 years. The experiment on him was fortunately successful. He was the fourth successful experiment out of a near thousand experiments.

Inside the research laboratory:
"God, a success after a long time." the assistant scientist says with a relieving look in the face. "I don't believe in god. I believe in superiority." the chief scientist replied with pride. "Don't you just beat around the bush and tell me what you modified in this experiment." angrily interrupted by the head of the organization through an encrypted call in a speaker. "Oh pardon me, unlike the first successful experiment this experiment is unimaginably fast at analyzing, learning and exploiting what he learnt and this ability exceeds human limits." the chief scientist replied. "Sounds like he is just an extraordinary human." the head said. "What if I say that he will surpass me, the scientist with most scientific knowledge and skills who is given the CODENAME: APOLLO in just after 5 years from now?? His IQ will increase exponentially and his decisions will be the wisest. I am sure of it." the scientist replies him with a challenging face. "Oh then he has a chance to become the heir of this organization against the first experiment. And don't you speak to CODENAME:CHRONOS like that. You are just APOLLO." warned by the head to the chief scientist. "Okay then, I will be looking upon your life Raiya Shiroyuki. I know you won't let us down. <Laughs Evil>" the head ends the call.

Raiya Shiroyuki has a family of mother and an elder sister with 7 year age difference. His father was a miner and died of pneumoconiosis (the miner disease) during the day he was born. His mother hated him from his birth thinking that he is a cursed child because of her husband's demise. She hated him until he returned from the laboratory after renting. He was pale and looked almost dead. That was the time she realized that she gave her own son to do a dangerous experiment just because of her self satisfaction and regretted a lot. She cannot raise him as a normal mother as seeing him would remind her of that day. Raiya hadn't laughed or cried ever since that day.

When he was two years old, he was always alone silently looking at books and watching TV programs which are meant for way too higher education while his sister plays with dolls and friends. Her mother one day sees him alone and lonely and tries to speak with him and nurture him. But he looks at her mother with an empty facial expression as if he was dead already. Her mom felt heartbroken seeing his face but didn't give up. She then brought the photo of the family, pointed at herself in the photo and said to him "This is mommy. Say MOMMY." He looked at the photo and his mother repeatedly. She again said "Say MOMMY" but she was shocked the reply she got from him. He replied "Why??". She thought it was just a coincidence as a baby can say anything without a meaning. She asked "What??" in shock. But he asked "Why??" repeatedly this time like a question. Her mother was in a dilemma whether to be happy for him saying his first word or feel sad for why he said the answer. She started crying as she thought it was her own mistake that she didn't take her responsibilities as his mother and even didn't treat him as her son for sometime. She hugged him tightly and repeatedly saying "I am Sorry!! It is my fault.." while crying. In a minute, he started patting his mother's head saying "MOM, DON'T CRY. MOM, IT'S OKAY." while being hugged. Hearing this she got relieved from all those regrets she had and cried with relief. Mirai Shiroyuki, his sister peeked inside and shocked seeing him speaking and shouted "Rai-chan Spoke!!!". Her mother sees her and says "Yes, he spoke." with a relieved crying smile.

When Raiya turned seven years old, he had no friends due to his behavior which is different from normal children of his age. He can't make any facial expression and he doesn't really care about it. He hated going to school because school to him is just useless as the academics inside schools are inferior, he runs and exercises a lot to gain stamina and maintain his health, and is satisfied with what he does. One more reason is that, he decided to keep his skills a secret. So, he started to live without any contact to the outer society. Mirai often gets in quarrel with him as she feels envious as he is an unimaginable genius but she is a complete idiot when it comes to academics. She shouts "Why this boring brother got such a gift while I didn't get such skills??" every time the quarrel ends.

Mirai slacks all the time and one day when her final exams got near, she started skimming her books but didn't understand anything in Math and Science. It was night time she shouted "Why can't I understand this??" and throws the book away and lied down in her bed giving up. Awoken up from sleep and seeing this, Raiya said her "It is not the fault of the book that you can't understand. Give your books more respect". Raiya replied angrily "I know and I don't want you to say that to me. Even you throw your books after you read.". "Shall I help you??" he asked calmly. She replied "Huh?? Why should I require your help??". "Oh then I'll go back to bed. Good Night." he said and while leaving she pulled him over and said "Won't you help me if I didn't ask for your help??". He replied "I won't. I will help you only if you ask me to help me politely.". She did as he told after a long argument. He decided to help her and his help in academics became an interesting course to her. She moreover longed to get his help. Teaching her was one of the great time period to Raiya everyday.

Because of his tutoring got the top grades of the school while the other schoolmates were shocked to see a slacker get top grades. At home when she showed her report to him, "So, you got the top grades." he asked. "Yeah! So what?? Are you jealous??" she replied. He stares at her as if with a plain face as if he wanted something in return. "What are you looking at??" she asked and he replied "Nothing. Let's get to the topic." and while he continued teaching her, she interrupted and said "Thank you for teaching me!!" in a shy manner. "Being shy at your own brother just for thanking, YOU ARE THE MOST TSUNDERE PERSON I'VE EVER SEEN." he replied. "What the heck are you telling to your own sister??" she asked. "But spending time like this is not bad!!" he said and smiled. She took a photo of him and then called her mother and "OH MOMMY, RAI-CHAN SMILED FOR THE FIRST TIME JUST NOW." she shouted. Her mother came with tears so fast from her work just to see his smile. That was the first time he smiled after all.

CHAPTER 2: Raiya gets to know about the cruel world.

Welcome Center / An aspiring author here.
« on: March 09, 2021, 01:53:52 AM »
Hello I am Jagan ( Shortened to J Gun ). I am an Indian aspiring manga author. At first I thought manga and anime were childish as they were 2D but when I watched anime and read manga, I got inspired of the stories and art of them. I like scifi, fantasy and action mangas and animes with unimaginable and intense battles and planning to do manga on those when I find an artist. Glad to post. ;D ;D ;D

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