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Manga Art Gallery / Sketch break anyone?
« on: September 15, 2021, 10:54:14 PM »
Anyone want to trade a silly sketch with me.
I need an hour break from pages tonight xD  :dance:
I'll post on DA too so I can find someone in time hopefully :> don't get breaks often. Will post results xD

No srs art, any art level welcome!
Can only do one ;o; but maybe others will want to trade sketches on here?

Visual ref only pls, doesn't have to be great! Oc for oc would be cool!

"I only just saw this would have been better suited to the exchange thread ;o; soz"

General Discussion / Fonts :0
« on: February 23, 2021, 06:48:26 PM »
So I use Clip Studio amazing.
Lol. (I just love it, switched from ps years ago)

I was recommended the komika font (I believe that's the name). To which I am currently using. But does anyone else know if any good standard dialogue fonts for manga/comics easily available?
I feel what I am using doesn't quite fit... Not even sure how I would describe what I want.

What does everyone else use font wise?

Manga Art Gallery / 2020 panel art :>
« on: December 05, 2020, 08:18:02 PM »
These are panels I liked from this years pages I created for my comic :) I stuck em all together!
(I tend to say comic more than manga because I don't understand much Japanese language and grew up with the word "comic" more)  2000 AD was my intro xD

My style is more inspired by old B+W cartoons ._.; oddly enough and then it grew into what it is.

I feel quite proud I have got this far ;u; I started creating pages two years ago- very slowly going through different styles and techniques. (Have drawn and written much longer)
I am far from the level I want to reach for myself but getting there.
My 2021 focus will be learning how to plan/do layouts properly. No matter how well written your work is I find the translation process from words to art incredibly HARD! I brought a book someone recommended me in tutorials thread here, arrived yesterday, will be finished tomorrow!

I struggle a huge amount sharing art. I am also a very private closet artist irl.
I have ZERO professional goals or big dreams so I tend not to branch out much and that is comfortable for me. I see myself quietly working on this for the next 20 years xD
I just want to reach the personal goal. Completion and personal satisfaction.
I am only focused on one project and do not have time for anything else due to a heavily involved day job and my heart not being anywhere else. I am a credit controller and auditor  :bored: yaaaay

Maybe after 20 years and I am done it would be nice to share my processes and help others but, I am struggling even helping myself atm so haha, that can wait.

Can't post links so low quality xD  :thumbsup: but you get the idea. High res are on my DA page if curious at all, I am KatMiLo.

Oh Mikey, the girl with the chest. Yeah, I am a girl and I got tired of other artists saying you cant draw woman like yolo *got even more extra* haaa.  :heart:

[img w[/img]

Tips and Tutorials / Tutorial Request?
« on: November 30, 2020, 07:05:08 PM »
Hello :)
I'm more here to request tips and tutorials if you know any goods ones, please share away :D

In particular for layout, pacing and paneling.

So part time hobbyist artist here.
Been drawing and writing a long time but only two years ago started to attempt to develop a comic style and pages.
Went through 3 style tests at 100% effort, finally found my thing on the 4th attempt. Few months(okay maybe 6) in done my little intro chapter and onto Chapter 1!

The intro was just seeing if I could do it. An experiment of style and skill.

Now that parts over I really need to pay attention to layout and pacing of my story(long completed because I'm more of a writer. Imo anyway)

So any references or tutorials, reading material would be appreciated :)
I would note I definitely am not novice that would be putting myself down too much. Intermediate level.

Phone post if I've typo'd, sorry!!

Welcome Center / Hello newbie here :)
« on: November 23, 2020, 11:51:14 PM »
Hello everyone.

I've been drawing a lil while. Wanted to find others who are creating pages and such. I am a closet artist irl so I make the most out of online resources :> Also I get excited about things I learn and have no one to tell ._.; even DA has been dead lately for conversation.

Hoping to pick up tips and tricks here and there.
Started developing styles about two years ago, finally found one I liked for pages this year and am a small way into my first chapter with a solid plan and posting schedule. Day jobs and all keep it slow but its fun.

Not confident to post the Webtoons or DA link here but I might drop a comment now and then and am very interested in the theory side of things.

Excuse my phone post. :D x

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