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Over here in the UK there's still a lockdown. People are only allowed to leave for a walk/run/cycle or go to buy essentials. It's affecting diff people in diff ways I guess, albeit more of the social guys... but it's good to be social!

If you do read this, how are you coping personally? Have you set yourself any goals? Do you exercise more often?

I've had to work from home for the past 6 weeks (alongside art ofcourse) so I've been able to stay on top of things, here's to hoping you guys are well!

« on: January 26, 2020, 04:26:02 PM »
The premise is simple. The Gods of humanity (Greek, Hindu etc) vs the greatest/most notorious humans ... it sounds crazy because Gods should stomp, but Valkyries are another race involved here and they're on the humans side, using themselves as different kinds weapons that the humans will weild in different ways to battle the Gods.

So it starts off hype, very quickly - maybe first or second chapter, and just gets more and more hype. It's the first time I've got such a prompt and sustained fix of hype, (not healthy. :hmm: )

If you haven't seen and you like berserk type battles (maybe even more crazy?) defo worth reading!!!

Currently on chapter 20 I believe, tbh I'm tired of the far overdone zero-hero w/ romance interest story, big part of why I shifted to seinen (particularly seinen psychologicals, but that's for another convo) but this started off so strong!
I know it's a webcomic and not manga but I know some guys here will have read it!

Manga Art Gallery / Basic Art
« on: January 25, 2020, 05:19:01 PM »
I started here on MR 5 years ago with dreams of being a mangaka, made a little team with RobinRyuu (who you'll also see here) and attempted a manga project which as usual for amateurs, fell through  ::). Years went on and my ambition has changed to get into character concept art and illustration, FULL time, I'm currently doing projects here and there but I'm in full-time management for Sony consumer electronics.

(Lol yeah, the guys there think I'm mad for wanting to do art full time instead of management, but you guys understand). 

Dr Stone: Kohaku

Demon Slayer: Sabito

;) Feel free to critique/comment/ask questions/chat with me on the other threads, I could do with more Jojo, Monster, Death Note, Hunter etc. buddies!

I'll throw some more stuff up here later. Thanks for viewin'!

Anime Talk / Anyone watching BABYLON? Thoughts?
« on: January 25, 2020, 03:53:29 PM »
Anyone watching Babylon?

If so, what's your views on the suicide law, what do you think ai magase's power is?!

Personally, as I'm pro-euthanasia, I'm for the suicide law, however I think it's a pointless law and shows the flaw in Babylon concept.


Anime Talk / Monster. Best Anime I have ever seen by far. Any fans?
« on: March 02, 2018, 05:18:21 PM »
If so who's your fave char?

Tenma is in my heart but Johan is in my head.
Amazing story, will defo check out Naoki's other stories.

Watch Monster if you haven't already.

I'm not too sure if I'm allowed to promote any other site or anything here, it's just a small page on facebook that allows artists to post their work and get a little more in touch personally with people/buyers/colleagues.

Moderators: Feel free to delete post if posts of this nature are prohibited.

Yeah, I feel expanding your social network as an artist/writer is invaluable to your portfolio and recognition.

PM/Contact personally for details I think I/someone in group has to send you an invite on fb (it's a massive group).

Happy drawing/writing

Identity: Make sure you establish yourself in that your style and your content is known and specific to a niche. Unless you're skilled at a wide range of niches you'll find yourself slaving over work when you should be enjoying it.

Target audience: This links with identity, everything must correlate; ensure the people that see your work are interested in your work and are pleased to see you on their wall when you post. You'll get more work this way, work you like doing.

Money: I personally charge based on the tools I use, and the type of work. Naturally, traditional pieces are cheaper than digitial. However you must remember with this method if your client is fussy you may find yourself working 'harder' than you anticipated. If you've already given a quote you won't be able to charge more due to difficulty completing the task.

Traditional: Pencil sketch, £5 Pen, £7.50-£10 etc.
Digital: Time. The more time spent the more expensive, however digital by default starts £10-15.

Skill and experience affects pay too: the better you are and the better your portfolio in terms of working with people, good recommendations and length of time worked you can charge more and more.

Manga Art Gallery / I've come a long way, even longer to go. ~NinoDonBuri
« on: January 14, 2018, 01:41:28 PM »
Update as of 23/05/2018

Formalities;  :angel:
Evening MR x

Second return to MR, looking forward to sharing some work, offering/taking some advice and being inspired by many of the pieces here. (First left due to inactivity, the second leaving was due to change of style; I embraced realism/western comic style and didn't feel here would be good for me, however reintroducing manga fan art pieces again I have returned)

I've improved MASSIVELY since first joining here 3/4 years ago, and so to any new joiners here I'd definitely recommend staying here for a while, mingling with the society and bringing more friends here if possible.

Love to all.


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