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Manga Art Gallery / TrueFiction manga Art
« on: September 22, 2010, 08:27:24 PM »
Hello everyone I'm not much of an artist I just do the script writing.^^ I little starter is the artist. She works on the character arts for our manga. She works very hard and I am very proud of her progress!^^ Even though she feels as though her work isn't good at all. Well here they  are hopefully you like them! All art work is past and present work of our manga Called TrueFiction.^^ I'll post what I can a day.^^

This is a real old drawing the first one for our first Ep. actually my sisters art changed a bit from then. They are named Emma and Lazaro. you can see the difference From Emma here and the one from the second drawing.^^

One of our main cast! Her name is Emma

This is another old one. The other one who changed thought was Selina who is in the for left. The boy is Nelson, and the girl in the right is Dalia.^^

This is Karson. He is the ultimate evil in our story. Just recently he went through a major change because My sister did feel he was "Evil" looking enough plus it was and ancient drawing lol saddy we can't post his new look at the moment.


Now when My sister drew the picture up above I took it and tried my newbie editing.^^"" Well he doesn't look like this anymore saddly but I still wanted everyone to see it.^^

Well hope you like these they are mostly old arts but the one of only Emma. I'll post more soon. I'll try some latest ones.^^ Thank you everyone!!^^

Here are a few more of my sisters arts for TrueFiction.

 This is Dalia one of the main casts. she has a spicy yet icy attitude. Beware...

Here's a lovely episode pic of the starting main cast. Emma is the captain, Selina is on top, The girl and boy looking through the scopes are Dalia and Lazaro. Nelson is the only guy left.

This was one of my starting edits.

This here is a future picture Far future, I haven't even written that far yet. This is Lazao in his Blood lust form.

Here is also a future picture Far future, I haven't even written that far yet either lol. This is nelson in a fierce new look.

This would be our sixth new member to our main cast. Chris this is an old picture though I'll try and look for a better one.

Now this guy is our final member to the cast, Brian.

Now the Whole Cast!!^^ Lazaro is on the champagne, Chris is on the Turkey leg, Brian is wearing the funny hat with the cheesy smile, Emma is hanging from the glass, Dalia is in the Glass, and Finally Selina is under the glass modeling.^^ Hope fully you like them all I'll post more soon!! Please let us know what you think!!^^

Starter Gallery / TF moved
« on: September 20, 2010, 05:20:27 PM »

Welcome Center / Hello Everyone^^
« on: September 20, 2010, 04:40:31 PM »
Well I'm really bad at this heh heh I've never been in a forum before but here Goes^^

Hello everyone You can call me Laz or Taito that's my Nice name. I'm a guy and I love Animes and Mangas!^^ My hobbies are playing video games. Fighting and adventures are my favorite. That said The King Of Fighters is my most favorite video game ever!!^^ Well I've be working on a manga alone with my family since 2004 and well we've been through a lot of rough times personally so that's why we haven't gone to far with it. I have a younger sister who draws the arts for our manga. she started out at 9 and now she is 15. She improved a lot. I'm 22 now and I am just the writer of this story. I do a little bit of editing. Though I only right Manga/script so I could guide my sister we the arts.

I found this site on quest to look for a place to share what we have art wise and script wise and Script wise.^^ I'm glad I found this site. This site looks perfect though this the first I've ever joined and used so I hope I do get lost and confused.^^

well A lot of what our dream is, was accidentally posted in the Manga writers/Manga creations thread I wouldn't want everyone to read the same thing twice so I'll let you Know The Manga is Called TrueFiction And There are four of us working on it.^^ Hopefully you like our Idea we posted with our episode.

Manga Creations / TrueFiction/ A manga my family and I are Working on
« on: September 20, 2010, 12:13:57 AM »
Hello everyone I'm just a guy with dreams of making a manga like so many others. I have help with my family members, I'm the writer, my sister the artist, Our two cousins the female typist and Male musician for the website and hopefully one day anime if lucky. We are doing what we can to make are dreams come true. At the moment we don't have everything we need yet to start the manga process but we'll get there. Right Now we just have some arts from my sister and the play/script that I am writing to help guide my sister to draw it and if need be play and act out scenes for her.  There are a lot of mangas/animes out with so many idea and stuff that makes it hard to come up with some fresh and new.

Well we wanted to try something. The world and most of the people in it are "True" The events that suddenly happened are "Fiction" If you are interested and read what goes on with the story we wanted to if we make big to have our fans become apart of the Manga/Anime. There roles would all depend on weather their Bio  "True" or "Fiction" is good or how the Major events the happened affected them and what they are doing after it had finished. Plus one more thing if it were possible but wouldn't have too send in a drawing Manga art or Anime of how you would see yourself my sister would mix it into our art style and That could also help the role played as well. Our Motto is You're the "True" Live the "Fiction" Hopefully people would like the idea of getting themselves immortalized in and manga/Anime.

Well enough of that, I've written ton of Play/Scripts that I call Episodes and I'd like to post what I got in hopes people will like it here. People I have shown lately do like it and Love my sisters art work as well. She will be the one to make us go far. Not my writing lol but oh well it's the manga that count's lol.^^

Here is Our main Cast!!^^ This is my little sister's awesome art work and more to come!!^^ You will soon know who is who in the Future if you like the story. Now these are only scripts so try not to kill me too bad it's nothing big. Only there to guide my sisters work. Now FINALLY here is Episode 1!!^^

 Ep.1 Season 1 Time Crisis   
                 Opening theme Song: Blow Me Away   

   Seven...Seven graves.... All with statues of what looks like teenagers, young teenagers.
On each grave had a name and history. The names read Nelson, Dalia, Selina, Lazaro, Emma, Chris, and Brian.
Voice 1- Hey isn’t that creepy for being the first thing you see. Well my name is Lazaro. That’s my grave in the middle.
Voice 2- I’m Emma!!! My grave is next to his!!!
Voice3- My Name is Dal-!!!
Lazaro- Hey wait! Everyone will know who we are when we tell them our story.
Voice 4- Then why did you tell them your name?
Lazaro- Well uhh... I forgot Nelson.
Nelson- Right...
Voice 5- You just wanted the spot light.
Lazaro- Hey I did not Chris!
Voice 6- He got you there.
Lazaro- Shut up Brian!
Voice 7- Are we ever going to start the story?!
Lazaro- Yeah Listen to Selina. Alright, I bet you’re wondering how we got here right. Well it a real long story. A Story of our lives. How one moment changed our normal lives forever.. (Fade out)

Dong!!! Dong!!!Dong!!! A boy jumps up his bed trying to shut off the alarm clock, he then  spotted his door open and his mom walked through the kitchen.
Lazaro- (That’s Me!!!)

Everyone- (Shut up and let the story tell them!!!)
Lazaro- (Heh heh, sorry...)

Mom- Hey Taito.
Lazaro- Hey Mom.
Emma came into the kitchen to go to Lazaro’s room.

Mom- Hey lets walk to downtown to do some shopping.
Both- No we don’t want to go!.. We just got up!
Mom- Alright, alright I’ll go by myself.

Their Mom left the house going to downtown.
Emma- I’m going to the backyard to play. Let me just put on some nice cloths.
Lazaro- What nice clothes?

Emma- Shut up!!
She puts on a black jeans with a long black jacket and a black shirt with a purple broken heart. She was just about to go outside until Lazaro spotted her.
 Lazaro- What in gods name are you wearing?

Emma- Hey I’m going out Fashionable moron.
Lzazro- Really? Well as long as you take Destiny out.
Emma goes outside to play with Destiny (the dog) and Lazaro stares out the window watching them play. This is
something that goes on in their daily lives, but all that is about to change. Lazaro Suddenly spots something. A black
explosion, shaped like a dome growing larger and larger.

Lazaro- Holy Hell....
  Lazaro quickly puts on his blue jeans his favorite red jacket and hat and rushes out trying to call in Emma and Destiny.
Lazaro- Emma! Destiny! Get in here!
Emma- Why? I just got out here!
Lazaro- Emma get your butt over here!

Emma turns around and see the black explosion right in front of her face. She turned blue.
Emma picks up Destiny and starts running. Only she trips dropping the dog.
Lazaro- Jeez!
Lazaro runs down the stairs and picks up Destiny. Than he grabs Emma. But the black explosion engulfed them all....
Lazaro- No!!!

Moments later the explosion imploded and it was gone, but there was no damage at all.
Emma- Wha...what happen.
Lazaro- I- I don’t Know. Last time I check  nuclear  explosions leaves more damage then this. Hmm... looks like everything is back to normal. Well I’ll just go back inside. You can still play if you want to.
Emma- Uhh, Y-yeah

Lazaro turns to go back inside.
Lazaro- (I really don’t get it. What just happened there?)
 Then suddenly Lazaro heard a strange sound coming down the one way street. Lazaro turn only to see an army of old Japanese warriors running down the street.
Lazaro- (What is this? The Japanese parade? Do we even have those in America?)
One of the soldiers looked at Lazaro for a while

Lazaro- Hm?
 Then charged at him. Lazaro fell backward.
Lazaro- Hey, hey what the hell are you doing?!?!
Lazaro on fours crawled away trying not to get slash by the warrior sword. The warrior slashing away at Lazaro was just barley missing, and Lazaro soon was trapped in the corner of the fence.
Lazaro- please, please don’t kill me!!! I.. I.. I don’t even know you!!!
Warrior- shi-ne ! !
Lazaro- shi-ne ?!!

The soldier swung his sword at Lazaro ready to kill him, Lazaro yelled trying to block the attack with his arms. Then suddenly flame started surrounding Lazaro and the warrior sword melted on impact. Lazaro opened his eyes only to see a shock warrior with a melted blade. Lazaro looked at himself dumb founded and in flames.
Lazaro- Oh my god!!! I’m on fire!!!!
Lazaro jumped up, down, and all around trying to put out the flames. The warrior on the floor was staring at Lazaro confused and frozen.

Lazaro- Wait a minute...It’s not burning. I don’t feel a thing. Strange the color of the fire is not normal. purple on the outside blueish-green on the inside.
All of the sudden many soldiers enter Lazaro backyard and the soldiers went straight for him.
Lazaro- What the hell is going on?!?! Err, looks like I don’t have time for question!!
Suddenly all his fire was focused to his fists.
Lazaro- How did I - Ahhh!!
The soldiers got to him and they started to swing their weapons.
Lazaro- Can you guys give a guy a break!!!?

Suddenly a soldier cut him in the chest. Not a deep cut. Good thing too. Only Lazaro saw the blood stain on his shirt and a rage suddenly grow in him.
Lazaro- Why you!!!!
With a flaming punch to the face the soldier who cut him was sent soaring into the wall of the house.
Lazaro- Uhh?! Where did that come from?!
The soldiers around him couldn’t believe what just happened, but they shook it off and started to attack again
Lazaro- You guys don’t learn do you?!!
This time Lazaro was fighting back. With one hit with his flaming fists the soldiers were down. He looked at himself in owe.

Lazaro- How was I able to do all that so easily? Did my backyard training really pay off?
Suddenly a soldier came from behind, but Lazaro quickly nailed a flaming spin kick sending him through the gate and the ground.
Lazaro- Wow!!! Fire on the legs too!!
Emma- Ahh! Lazaro!!!
Lazaro look towards Emma and saw many soldiers chasing after her.
Emma- Help!!
Lazaro- Emma stay away from their swords!!
Emma- Don’t you think I’m trying!!!!!

Emma was trying her best to run away and the soldiers were right behind  her. Then suddenly the grass got longer and wrapped around the soldiers and they couldn’t move.
Lazaro- What did you do!?
Emma- I don’t know!!!!
Lazaro- (Wait a minute could it be that she has powers?!) Wait could Emma have powers too? Emma there’s more coming do something!
Emma- What?! Why don’t you come and do something?!?! You’re my brother!!! Aren’t you supposed to protect me?!?!
Lazaro- Emma I think you may have special powers! I just don’t know yet.
Emma- All right I’ll try something, but uh what can I do?!
Lazaro- Emma!!!

A soldier was really close for a kill. With a swing of his sword he tried to take her head,  Emma luckily fell to the floor trying to get away, but now she had soldier with their swords up and ready for the kill.
Lazaro- No!!!
Suddenly the grass rose again and wrapped very slowly around the soldiers.
Lazaro- ?!?! You do have powers!!!
Emma- Huh??
Emma had her eyes closed so she didn’t really see a thing. As she opened them she saw the soldiers wrapped in grass again.
Emma- How did I do that?!

Then more soldiers came to the backyard.
Lazaro- Ah, come on! How many of you are there?!
Lazaro fire up his fist and races on the warriors and they were all blown away by his burning fist. Soldiers were hit through houses and into the air.
Lazaro- Hey I’m really getting better at this. Well I played fighting games all my life. That has to count for something.
Then out of the blue the earth started trembling.

Lazaro- From the sound of it, the whole army is on it’s way.
He was completely right. A huge army headed their way from the street.
Lazaro- Oh Great!! I can’t take all of then at once!!!
Emma- Hey Taito check this out.
Lazaro Huh?

Emma puts her hand on the ground and the road crack all around the soldiers and they failed into a huge hole.
Lazaro- Emma! Don’t you know that’s not our property!!
Emma- All right let me test something.
Emma close her eyes and her hand still on the ground. She was able to close the road back up like nothing ever happened.

Lazaro- wow that was amazing. How did you do that?!
Emma- thanks Lazz, but I don’t really know. I just thought of it really hard and it happened.
Lazaro- Alright Emma we got to get out of here. We got to check if Mom and Dad is ok. Just let me grab Destiny.

Lazaro went  to get the dog.
Lazaro- Here Emma hold the dog, alright lets see if  Dad’s ok.
Emma- How the heck are we going to get over there.

Lazaro- We run.
Emma- What! Are you kidding me?!
Lazaro- Well I can’t drive. Now lets go.

Emma and Lazaro started running. But they wasn’t running as fast as they usually do.
Lazaro- what the, I never ran this fast.
Lazaro turned around.

Lazaro- Eh?!?! Now I know she doesn’t run that fast. Lets see if we can go faster. Emma ! Try to keep up with me.
Lazaro ran as fast as he could and Emma seem to follow.
Lazaro- Alright super speed and it looks like we both have it.

Lazaro and Emma looked around them as they ran and as they did, they just couldn’t believe what they saw. The world was in Chaos. Strange people wearing old clothes were running around all over the place. Some would attack homes and other people.  Others would just be lost in confusion.
Emma- Lazaro? Why is this happening?
Lazaro- I- I don’t Know.

Lazaro and Emma ran to their father’s house. Only to find no one in his house and it was a wreck.
Lazaro- I don’t know what happen here, but we need to find mom.     
Emma and Lazaro ran to downtown and search every where, but could not find her. Also downtown was a mess.
Lazaro- We can’t find her anywhere. Mom and Dad. What going on?!!!
Emma- Do you think something happened to them?
Lazaro- No, Just you wait. We’ll find them.  Lets check if Nelson and them are alright.

Lazaro took his cell phone and called Nelson’s  phone. Ring, ring...ring.
Nelson- Hello.
Lazaro- Is this Nelson.
Nelson- who else.
Lazaro- Did anything strange happened over there.
Nelson- what do you consider strange.
Lazaro- well Japanese warriors trying to take our lives.
Nelson- This is what I consider strange, pirates coming out of the blue with there vile smiling breath and there black darkness teeth trying to kill us.
Lazaro- Well I can see you had a fine day.
Nelson- Lets drop the sarcasms.
Lazaro- How’s your sisters.

Dalia- Hey Lazz,  how you doing?
Selina- What’s up?
Lazaro- I’m fine even Emma. I’ll be there soon. I’m glad to here you’re all ok.
Lazaro went to hang up the phone.
Nelson- No! Don’t hang u...

Lazaro and Emma were about to go to Nelson house all the way in Newark, but something caught Lazaro eyes. Lazaro turned to a wreck Marshall store. It was a shirt with a full moon and a crescent moon in the inside.
Lazaro- I don’t think they’d be needing that anymore.
Emma- Lazaro!! Are you going to steal that shirt?!
Lazaro- Come on, It’s not like they’re going to be doing any sell anytime soon. Besides my shirt’s a mess.
Emma- Err, idiot!

Lazaro went into the shop to change. Once his got out, he was a new man.
Lazaro- I really don’t know what is going on here, but why do I get the feeling it’s going to be hell.
Emma- Maybe because all of New Brunswick is going through hell right now.
Lazaro- Your probably right. Oh well, lets go!!!

With that Emma and Lazaro were of to Nelson’s house. (Fade out)

                                     Ending Theme Song-

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