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Manga & Anime characters / Pokemon One Piece Mix
« on: July 04, 2017, 07:23:03 PM »
I watch One Piece and Pokemon and while thinking about the Regi trio, Regirock, regice, and registeel, they reminded me of the three admirals pre timeskip, Kuzan Aokiji, Borsalino Kizaru, and Sakazuki Akainu, from One Piece. I know that they're alot of legendary trios in pokemon but the thing that resembles the regi trio to the admirals the most is the fact that the regi trios have humanoid bodies. If anyone is up for the challenge, try to draw the reg trio with One piece marines admiral uniform. I look forward to seeing it.

Here's a picture of the regi trio:

Here's a picture of the three admirals:

Maybe someone can draw regigigas as fleet admiral too. Regigigas has short legs compared to his body like Fleet admiral sengoku in his Buddha form.

Here's a picture of regigigas:

Here's a picture of Fleet Admiral Sengoku:

Sounds cool?

Anime Talk / The way the 3 Admirals are sitting.
« on: November 12, 2016, 09:59:08 PM »
In the One Piece anime during their marineford arc, the three admirals walk to their seats and sit. You can watch th episode or google the image of them sitting and if you look at them, Kizaru and Akainu are sitting with their foot twisted. I've tried sitting that way too and it's impossible for me without breaking my foot. I find it hard to believe that 2 nicely dressed middle aged men could do it. Anyone find that weird or have an explanation?

Manga Artists Wanted / Artist wanted (Unpaid)
« on: September 10, 2016, 06:07:49 PM »
I need an artist for my idea. The artist can give ideas too. I'm a dud when it cakes to details so I'm willing to accept suggestions and open to new ideas. I'm just doing this for fun it will be unpaid. If you want to see my ideas, check the develop your story section.

break Room / Top 3 NARUTO Fight scenes
« on: September 09, 2016, 08:47:42 PM »
My top 3 are:
1. NARUTO vs Pain
2. Sakura and lady Chiyo vs Sasori
3. Rock Lee vs Gaara

What are your top 3?

Develop Your Story / My idea.
« on: September 04, 2016, 11:33:17 PM »
Here is the link to the introduction. It explains the world that this idea takes place in:,16838.msg269781.html#msg269781
Here is chapter 1 and 2 of my idea. They're both short because i need some help. I am a dud when it comes to specific details. I am open to suggestions, ideas, and criticism. I will be updating this with more chapters.

Chapter 1:

Dan and his team of 7 were patrolling out in the desert of Nevada. They were protecting their resistance base from any soldiers of the empire. Dan was remembering his failure at Washington D.C.

Begin flashback:

Commanding officer: Newbies! This is your time to shine! The enemy has defeated our frontline and landed on our shores and it’s up to us to protect our capital!

All U.S. soldiers: Yes sir!

A few moments later.

Dan: My bullets aren’t penetrating their shield!

Steven: We have to leave! They’re pushing and we can’t do anything about it.

Enemy soldiers were marching towards the capitol without much trouble. They were armed with tridents and wore special futuristic armor and helmets.

Dan: I’m not going to abandon my country. Ahhh!

Dan was stunned from a zap of the enemy’s trident. He couldn’t move.

Steven: Come on Dan we have to move.

Steven, his comrade, tried to drag him away to avoid his capture.

Dan: NO! Leave me here. I must perform my duty!

Steven: You can’t fulfill your duty if you can’t even move. Let’s retreat to fight another day.

Steven continues to drag Dan away somewhere safe. Dan was brought into a helicopter that flew westward, far away from the capital. Dan and the rest of the surviving soldiers watched as the enemy entered the capital building and replaced the American flag with the new flag.  While recuperating in their secret base, Dan and the other U.S. soldiers heard news that the whole world lost WW3.

End flashback:

Dan: (Thinking) I will avenge my home country.

Roger: (Using his binocular) I see 2 figures in the distance.

Dan: Are they soldiers?

Roger: Not likely. They both appear to be unarmed.

John: Travelers?

Roger: No. They’re wearing the empire’s seal.

Dan: I think there’s a reason why they sent only 2 men. Lets hide and ambush them. We cannot underestimate them.

Dan’s team hid behind a boulder and waited for the 2 men to get close.

Dan: They stopped for some reason.

John: Do they know that we’re here?

Roger: I say we attack while we still have the element of surprise.

Dan: I agree.

John throws a grenade at the 2 men. One of them, the one wearing a black and yellow coat (Tekk), quickly kicks it so hard that the grenade shatters in mid air and changes trajectory and explodes further away from the 2 men.

Tekk: Sorry grenades don’t work on me.

Dan: Fire!

4 members of the team open fire on the 2 men.

Tekk: Let me handle this.

Dan: What the? He’s catching all the bullets!

Tekk: Bullets don’t work on me either.

In the brief moment that the team had to reload, Tekk runs towards the team with great speed. After reloading, the team fires again at Tekk. He cartwheels and summersaults to dodge all the bullets. When Tekk got within range, he used his martial arts skills to beat up the team. None of the resistance could land a single blow on him. Dan aims his gun at the other man.

Tekk: Pay attention.

Tekk kicks Dan’s gun out of his hand and continues to pummel him. After the first 4 fell on the ground, the other 3 come out from hiding wielding Bazookas and shot at Tekk one at a time.

Resistance 1: He caught a Bazooka shell?

Resistance 2 shot one.

Resistance 2: He caught another one?

Resistance 3: He won’t catch this one. Both his arms are holding the first 2.

Tekk jumped and caught the 3rd shell between his knees. Everyone else looked away right before Tekk hit the ground. There was a loud explosion. When the 3 looked back at the smoke, they saw a figure walking towards them.

Resistance 2: He’s unscathed? How can this be?

Tekk: Bazooka shells don’t work either.

Tekk then ran towards them and engaged in close combat. The 3 resistance men fought with their Bazookas as blunt melee weapons but also couldn’t land a blow on Tekk, who was too agile. When Tekk finished pummeling the last 3, he walks back to his partner. After he passes Dan, Dan stealthily pulls a pistol from his boot and shoots at Tekk from behind. Tekk somehow turns around and catches the bullet.

Dan: How?!?!

Tekk: Your primitive weaponry cannot harm me.

Dan: W-who are you? What are you?

Tekk: I am Tekk Nickel and one of the 8 cabinet members of the empire. I am a human just like you.

Tekk puts a sticker of the empire’s seal on Dan and proceeds with his partner, Max, towards the resistance base.

Max: You’re lucky. We chose to spare you so you can spread the word of your experience.

Dan then falls unconscious.

10 minutes later, an empire airship arrives to pick up the fallen resistance team.

Empire soldier 1: We can’t take this one. He has the seal.

Empire soldier 2: Ok. Leave him here.

Chapter 2:
Dan wakes up and realizes that his team is gone.

Dan: Where is everybody? *gasp*! I have to go and check on the base! I hope I’m not too late.

Dan runs towards the base despite the pain he’s feeling throughout his body.

Dan: Oh no.

Dan sees that he is too late and the resistance members were forced into the airship and the base was crushed. He also sees the 2 men there.

Steven: Dan you’re alive! I thought they took you too.

Dan: The spared me so I could explain what happened to my team. How are you here?

Steven: I snuck away. And you should too.

Dan: I am not leaving this time. Are you going to stop me again?

Steven: No I won’t. I’m going to get help. Be smart about this Dan.

Steven leaves Dan.

Dan: I have to save them, but how?

When all the prisoners were on board, the hatch closed. Dan ran towards the airship and climbed to the roof. Dam planned to lay low until they arrive at their destination so he can sneak in. The airship ascended and flew towards the mainland. Dan held on tight.

Empire soldier 1: We have a stowaway on our roof.

Tekk: It looks like he wants a rematch. I’ll gladly grant him one.

Tekk goes up the stairs and onto the roof.

Tekk: Back for more?

Dan didn’t respond. Instead he prepared to fight. The situation hasn’t changed. Dan still couldn’t land a hit on Tekk and Tekk was still clobbering him. Tekk held Dan up by his shirt collar and prepared to finish him with a punch to the face with his other hand until a strong gust of wind made Tekk drop Dan onto the roof.
Tekk: I was not expecting this weather.

All of a sudden, a storm develops. Dan was able to grab onto the roof. The storm blew Tekk off the roof and sent him falling. The storm quickly subsided and the airship was close to the mainland.

Empire soldier 1: Tekk is missing and he’s still on the roof.

Max: 3 soldiers, go to the roof and deal with this resistance.

3 empire soldiers: Understood!

When the 3 empire soldiers went to the roof, they saw Dan bruised. They pointed their tridents at Dan.
Empire soldier 2: Surrender now or else.

Dan knew that he had no choice. He couldn’t fight them in his current state. Steven’s advice echoed in his mind.

Steven: (echoed voice) Lets retreat to fight another day.

Dan looks at the sea below the airship and jumps off the airship. The 3 empire soldiers go back into the cockpit to report to Max.

Max: Is he taken care of?

Empire soldier 3: Yes.

Max: Good.

The unexpected storm that hit the airship was no coincidence. This is real: In Gakona, Alaska, there’s a facility called HAARP that was made to research the ionosphere. They’re conspiracy theories that the U.S. government uses it to control the weather (Research it if you don’t belive me). In this manga: HAARP can control the weather and is currently controlled by the U.S. resistance. After Steven escapes, he contacted another U.S. resistance base and spread the news. The resistance then coordinates a weather attack on the airship, which was the storm.

Sounds cool? I'm not very good at writing fight scenes. Any advice about that would be appreciated.

Develop Your Story / Manga Idea. Introduction ONLY.
« on: September 03, 2016, 09:11:48 PM »
This is the introduction only to tell the place, time, and the events before the beginning of the story. I have come up with some chapters but im not ready to release them. I am open to suggestions and criticism and help. Like I said in one my previous thread, i am only a half writer. I have the general idea but not the specific details so i haven't come up with all the names or dialogue. I'll reveal some of the characters. Here it is:


In the year 2026, a new country is made on a new land mass created from a volcano eruption in the Atlantic Ocean between the U.S.A. and Europe . This new country developed fast and has established cities as well as new technology that was ahead of its time. One day in 2028, this new country committed some acts of war against multiple other countries creating tension and eventually causing those countries as well as their allies under their Mutual Defensive Pacts to declare war on the new country starting World War 3. Other smaller countries joined the fight against the new country simply to invigorate their economy since war helps with the economy. Although greatly outnumbered, the other countries underestimated the extent of the new country’s technology and were easily defeated with no casualties of the new country. Not only was the new country able to defend itself, it pushed further past enemy front lines and easily took their Capitals starting a new empire that consisted of the whole world. The boarders may have been united, but the hearts of the new citizens are not.


The Empire:
The new country became an empire after winning World War 3 and occupies the whole world. Led by their founder turned Emperor, they continue to try and unite the hearts of their new citizens and continue to make new technological advances. The empire has a small but powerful army and strong centralized government. The mainland of the empire is more advanced than the new colonies despite developing for only 2 years.

The Resistance:

Mankind typically takes a while, if not ever, to adapt to change. Groups of resistance developed around the world around the former countries that could afford the expenses. This faction coordinates attacks on the new empire in an attempt to make things go back to the way they were before WW3. The resistance consists of volunteering citizens and surviving soldiers of WW3 of their respective countries. There are multiple resistance groups that range from militant forces to non violence activists.

The Rebels:
Some people within the empire have other plans for the future of the world. These rebels want to take control of the empire and use its vast resources and influence to point the world in their direction.

Character so far: (I haven't thought of any names yet)

#1. He is a young man who joined the U.S. army. Since he was new, he fought to defend the U.S capital and survived. Now, he is part of the U.S resistance base somewhere far west (far away from the former capital.) He gets into brawls with high ranking empire officers and ends up infiltrating the empire’s mainland, sort of. (Big plot twist for this character.)

 #2-9. The Cabinet: Consists of 8 high ranking and powerful officers of the empire. They are experts in diverse fields and help to advise the emperor. Because of some scientific experiments that had unexpected results, they acquired new powers based on their attempted innovation.
#9. The emperor: The ruler of the empire and also a member of the cabinet. He was once American but left his country to found a new one.

#10. Leaders of various resistance groups: They were very patriotic people who have had high influence or power in their respective countries before WW3. They control the actions of their resistance groups.
#11: A member of the French resistance. She is one of the first 2 super human test subjects to give them a better chance of fighting the empire.

#12: Another member of the French resistance. He is one of the 2 super human test subjects. Later after some events, he is made into a cyborg giving him even more power but is under the control of the rebels that made him into a cyborg.

I have an idea for a manga that takes place in the real world in the near future. As in the country names are the same, nationalities exist, etc. Does that sound like a good idea?

Manga Writers wanted / [UNPAID] Looking for a team.
« on: September 02, 2016, 11:20:09 PM »
I'm new at this so forgive me.

Technically, I need an artist in addition to writer or an artist who can also write because I believe that every member can pitch in the story. I am a half artist half writer. Im a half artist because I can draw fake fictional things but I'm bad at drawing real things like humans. I am also a half writer because I have a story idea but it's very general and I don't have an idea for each particular chapter/episode.

Like the title says, it's unpaid. I'm hoping to do this for fun and experience and I am new at this. Anyone want to join?

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