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Music / Yuma's fave Albums
« on: February 22, 2017, 09:14:05 PM »
This will update slowly and not really have a full count or anything. Just crap I like. Heres the first one. More later

New Order Substance

When it comes to New Order of the 80's. this is da bomb, collecting all of there songs from 80 to 87. The only new song that was written for it was True Faith. A personal fave when I write stories or songs.

Discussions / Majora Arcana Discussion
« on: January 19, 2017, 01:29:35 AM »
This is for discussion of my manga in the works Majora Arcana, as well as for posting profiles and designs

Main Thread: http://forums.mangaraiders.com/index.php/topic,17361.0.html

Manga Creations / Majora Arcana: Chapter #1 Up
« on: January 19, 2017, 12:01:03 AM »
Majora Arcana

This story will be done is script style, chapter by chapter. This is done for reasons, one being its fun, and two being the fact it could turn into an actual comic. I have some character and other designs coming soon. As well as profiles for each character that will come into this. The scenes will be done better later on, this is just the first chapter after all :p Plus its just script, lol

Synopsis: This is a Shonen style manga that revolves around a 13 year-old girl named Hina Orashka who meets the spirited form of 13 year old boy named Ashura, who died 100 years ago in the past. Hina has the rare ability of being able to see, speak and even touch spirits, which makes her the first person in over 100 years to do so and be able to use the Majora Arcana, a book that inprisions spirits within the book. With the help of Ashura, the previous owner of the book, she will grow stronger, as well as have to be wary of others around her. But others have begun to take notice the second she picks the book up.....

Genres: Magical Girl, Action, Adventure, Fantasy.

Chapter #1: Meeting With A Spirit and A Book

Panel 1. Hina is in front of the gates of a large mansion

So this is the old Ashura Mansion? I hear there are many mysterious things inside

Panel 2. Hina is seen passing through the old gates of the mansion, smiling to herself. She is seen wearing her school uniform

I guess I will have to just go inside and see for myself!


Panel 1. Hina puts her hands over the doors to the mansion

Panel 2. The doors open by themselves. Hins is slightly shocked looking


Panel 3. Hina walks through the doors now with her hand under her chin.

They opened by themselves….


Panel 1. Hina gasps at the sight of a largish interior before her.

It’s so big in here! They must have a lot of living space in here…

Panel 2. Loud laughing is heard and makes Hina turn her head quickly.

Panel 3. Hina turns her head to the left and speaks with a hint of fear in her voice.

H-hello? Is there someone else in here?

Panel 4. A vice is heard talking now. Different form the laughter

Yes…..I am here…...yet...I am not….


Panel 1. Hina walks towards the voice.

Here but not here? What do you mean?

Panel 2. The voice is heard again as Hina walks down a hallway

I live here in the land of the living, yet I myself am not living….

Panel 3. Hina is slightly shocked looking, but otherwise unmoving.

Your a spirit that lives here?


Panel 4. Hina puts her hand on a door handle and opens it.


Panel 1. Hina is opening the door when the voice is heard again.

Yes, I used to live here in this very mansion with my family. But now that I am dead, nobody hears me anymore…..yet…..

Panel 2. Hina smiles as she walks inside a library filled with books

I can hear you….I can also see people of your kind….

Then please look at me and see me. It's been ages since I’ve talked with anyone…

Panel 3. Hina looks in front of her and sees a wispy outline of a boy about her same age, wearing an outfit befitting of someone from the 1920’s

I am Ashura Hinohara, the former owner of this home.


Panel 1. Hina frowns slightly

But you look so young…..How long h-

Panel 2. Ashura walks over to a pile of books and looks at them.

I am 13 years old, and I died 100 years ago. I have been here for so long….All alone

Panel 3. Hina frowns in a somewhat understanding way.


Panel 1. The boy points at a book on the top of a pile of others.

I was killed because of this book. It’s a magical tool that I used back then….

Panel 2. Hina stands by him and looks at the book, titled “Majora Arcana”

You can use magical powers?

Yes, much like you can as well. I used to use this book to imprison the evil kami of the world.

Panel 3. Hina looks as Ashura smiles downcast at the book

But I am now myself like those kami...Spirits…..and I can no longer catch them anymore. And thus there are more roaming the land and causing sadness in so many ways.


Panel 1. Ashura puts a ghostly hand on Hinas shoulder.

But I feel their time is finally at an end. Now that you are here Hina…..

Panel 2. Hina looks at him in surprise.

H-How do you know my name?!

Panel 3. Ashura takes ahold of her hand and closes his eyes smiling

Before I died. I foresaw that I would meet a young girl, who just like me, could speak to and touch spirits.


Panel 1. Hina grasps his hand and feels it, shocked.

You saw the future before you died? And I was the one that you would meet? What does that mean?

Panel 2. Ashura is simply smiling.

It means that you are now the new spirit catcher, and this book is now yours. And if  I were you….

Panel 3. Maniacal laughing is heard outside the room

I would use the book to trap those who so long ago kept me here.


Panel 1. The door behind Hina is being pounded on as she looks at it

H-How do I do that?!

Simply open the book and read the first verse of magic you see.

Panel 2. Hina opens the book and she looks at it.

Panel 3. Ashura leans as Hina begins to open her mouth.



Panel 1. Spindly spirits are dragged through the door as Hina shouts the word.


Panel 2. The spirits go into the book, disappearing within.


Panel 1. Ashura is clapping loudly as Hina finishes her performance.

Awesome! You did it!!

Panel 2. Hina blushes slightly

But where did they go exactly?

Panel 3. Ashura points at the book.

They have been trapped within that book. Whatever powers they had are now yours.


Panel 1. Hina looks at the book

What does that mean?

It means you get stronger and wiser with every spirit you trap.

Panel 2. Ashura extends his arms before himself

The spirits that resided here with me kept me in constant agony. They had been been with me since the day I died, never allowing me to leave.

Panel 3. Ashura looks at Hina with a pleasant smile.

But now I can explore this world with you.


Panel 1. Hina is curious

Can’t you just go and it explore it yourself?

Panel 2. Ashura puts a hand on the book in Hinas hands.

I can leave on my own yes, but I think it would be rather smart to go with you. You are now officially the new spirit catcher Hina, and I will be the one to teach you.


Panel 1. Ashura bows his head to Hina slightly

ASHURA: With your help, I will be able to finally do what I was tasked with….

Panel 2. Close up of Ashura’s face.

Trapping the Fox forever!


Panel 1. Hina is interested.

Hina: The Fox?

Panel 2. Ashura simply smiles again.

It is nothing. It does not matter at this moment. What does matter is that you start training tomorrow!

Panel 3. Ashura leads Hina out of the room

Lets leave this old house and go to where you live, would that be alright?



Full page art, with series name and chapter title. Hina with the book open in her hands, and Ashura peering behind her with a smile.


Panel 1. A skeleton wearing a Hakama walks into a smoky and dark room, only illuminated by some windows with the moonlight.

U-Um...I am afraid I must report something….

Panel 2. A woman is seen sitting in a lavish seat with her legs over one of the arms. She eyes the skeleton with intrigue

What is it? Haven't I told you enough to never bother me when I’m in here?

Well yes…..but this time…


Panel 1. Arashi is tired of the skeletons nervousness and sits upright.

Spit it out already!

Y-Yes mistress! I must report that the spirits that kept the old….spirit catcher have….vanished…..

Panel 2. Arashi is somewhat bolted from her seat.

What?! That's impossible!

Well…..that's what I was told…

Panel 3. Arashi is tired of the skeleton and knocks of his head with her long nails.

I tire of your prattle……


Panel 1. A voice behind Arashi takes her attention.

There is no need to get upset mistress. Just send me, I will be able to find this old spirit catcher…

Panel 2. Arashi smiles to the voice in the dark of the room

You're saying that you can smell him already?

Yes….I smell his scent….as well as that of another….

Panel 3. Arashi turns back to the skeleton who is fixing its head.

Very well then. You…..release the other and prepare them for the hunt

Y-yes mistress!

Panel 4. Arashi turns back to her seat as the skeleton runs off

We will end that pathetic dream catchers spiritual life for you, and then bring his broken spirit for you to devour


Panel 1. Arashi is seated in her lavish seat again and is smiling evilly as she rubs her stomach.

Yes...that should very well help the growth.

It shall be as my mistress wishes. Anything to see your dream come to fruition.

Panel 2. Laughing is heard as the skeleton leaves the room fully


Panel 1. Hina is seen sitting on the floor next to her bed.

Panel 2. Ashura is seen sitting by the opposite wall and is speaking

You have a very nice room and house! So much nicer than my old home.

Panel 3. Hina leans forward and squints at him

Yeah, about that…


Panel 4. Hina tilts her head a bit as she speaks to him

You have the same name as the mansion….but you were only 13 when you died...why is that?


Panel 1. Ashura leans a head in his hand

Ah! Yes, I am the fourth Ashura in the family. Thus I am “Ashura the fourth”, but I prefer being called just “Ashura”

Panel 2. Hina fingers the book on the floor next to her

How did you become what you said you became...a..

A spirit catcher

Panel 3. Ashura is still in the same pose, leaning head in hand

I come from a long line of spirits catchers. My great-grandfather was the very one who created that book. Without it, life would have been very hard

Panel 4. Hina lays the book in her lap

So, then this book really does do what it did earlier. Then that means those spirits are in here as well…


Panel 1. Ashura nods his head

Yeah, pretty much. The book adds their powers to itself, as well as to the user who trapped them within its pages. And thus, the book creates new magic for the user to learn for the future, as well as allow for them to speak with those spirits whenever they wish.

Panel 2. Hina feels the pages of the book

Then that means the fuzzy feeling I feel in my heart….

That is the feeling of your powers growing just a little. Those spirits you trapped were just small fry though.

Panel 3. Hina puts a hand on her chest now.

But those spirits…….are they still alive? Even within this book?

Panel 4. Ashura leans over the book and smiles.

Yes, they are still alive inside the book. The world of the book is a giant place, filled with many things. Once put their, they can never leave unless they are summoned by the master of the book…..


Panel 1. Ashura smiles as Hina looks at him in intrique

Which you are now Hina!

Panel 2. Hina closes the book

So they can become my allies then? They won”t hurt me?

Panel 3. Ashura look at her in seriousness

Those who dwell in the book will never hurt the one who controls it, nor will they hurt their immediate family or friends. But it will take time for a spirit to warm up to someone who imprisoned it.


Panel 1. Hina slightly yawns

I see, I guess that would make sense….

Panel 2. Ashura stands up and smiles at her

You should get some sleep now. You have a lot ahead of you tomorrow.

Panel 3. Hina rubs her eyes

O-Okay, but what about you?

Panel 4. Ashura looks up above him

I think I will look at the moon tonight….it's been ages since I could gaze upon its beauty…


Panel 1. Hina is seen sleeping in her bed

Panel 2. Ashura is sitting on the top of the roof and looking at the moon

All this time later, and the moon is the one thing left unchanged.

Panel 3. Ashura closes his eyes as he smiles

With the help of that girl, I can finally finish what I set out to do!

Panel 4. Ashura clenches a fist.

From this side of the world…..this in between...I will make the world safe once again…
For you…


Panel 1. A dark cloaked figure is seen stalking the deserted streets of Tokyo

Panel 2. Another cloaked figure is seen as well, but with a slight variation to the cloak

Panel 3. The first cloaked figure sniffs the air and speaks

I smell it……


Panel 1. The gleaming eyes of a spirit can be seen from the other cloaked figure

I smell it too

Panel 2. Rei brings her body closer to the ground and smells it

Panel 3. Rei’s eyes can be seen again, gleaming form within the hood

But I smell another as well

Panel 4. Yu’s eyes can be seen gleaming too

Yes...it's the smell of a living presence……..a magical presence…


Panel 1. Rei stands once again

Should we also give this other to her...our mistress?

Panel 2. Yu’s fingers extend, with his gloves as well in front of him. His eyes still seen gleaming

No...we will feast on this others life energy ourselves. Then with it we can….

Panel 3. Rei interlocks her gloved hands with Yu’s

We can be free of her…...Truly free!

Panel 4. Both cloaked figures walk down the street, sniffing around in the air.

Yes…..I sense our time is nigh…..


Panel 1. They both begin to vanish in the dark of the night. Only sniffing is heard.


Develop Your Story / End Epsilon
« on: January 14, 2017, 08:09:00 PM »
"Kitaro Rhyzer is one of three children of the great Lord of Dimensions, Lord Rhyzer. But one day when the family is celebrating the marriage of Kitaro, his twin brother, Mio, with the help of the villainous Arashi, kill Lord Rhyzer in order to steal his powers of dimensions. On the instant of his death, time is frozen by the the Lords son as his fathers last breath is about to be made. Now Kitaro must travel through the dimensions, huntiing after his brother, as well as Arashi. But unkowing to him or Mio, Arashi plans to steal their souls from their otherselves to make herself the true Lord of Dimensions! Follow Kitaro as he battles time, space and even death itself as he travels to save his family."

This will be done either in Light Novel or Manga Script format. Have not choosen yet.

Either way, the first bit will be coming soon! Yeah, this should be trippy, ugh  :bored:

MR Pub / Yuuma's Lyric Haus
« on: January 12, 2017, 11:22:50 PM »
Well, this is where I will post all my written songs that I write. Expect anything from totally serious to just not so much serious
Might as well start off with two of em
Thoughts are always welcome. I might not record these in song form for a long time, so if anyones interested in playing around with them, lemme know!


Enter my world, I dare you
Into this space, riped from time
People here repeat their moments, day in, day out
But that don't scare me much, I don't really need them
I trapped them here anyways, in this time of plenty

I hope you enter my world, I really do dare you
Cause I won't dissapoint, and I will excite all
In this space, ripped from providence itself
How divine, is the time, in which you spend with me?

All in my little world
Don't worry, perhaps together
Time will move forward, little by little
Moving us forward, moment by moment

Enter my world, take my dare
And together we will break the divine providence of space and time
In the space, ripped from time itself

Enter my world, if you pretty please
Cause if you do, you will never leave
And together we will enjoy, the divine time of plenty, forever, ever and ever
Until space, time, and providence itself lets us free
From my world, ripped from space and time
fromt hsi dare, that I gave you
When you entered my little world


It all started on that magical day, when I found a board on the street
I thought my life would be dull, but on that day, everything changed
One day I was walking all glum and feeling all alone
But now I feel as high as the hawk that rips the sky, ripping through the streets of the baby blue sky

Yeah I'm a ripper now babe, and you better stay away
Anything that gets too close to me gets ripped to pieces, just like that great sky above us
It all started on that great day I found the board I love
And my life will forever be changed cause of that fateful day, the day I first ripped the baby blue sky above me

Now I'm a ripper of both Earth and air, and nothing can stop me
I'm just like the great hawk, the one and only hawk that rips the skies above us all

I'm a ripper babe, and nothings gonna change that, not even that sky above me
So you best beware of my kind, cause once you see us, you too will forever be changed
Just like the hawk and the baby blue sky above

Now if you will excuse me, but I have to be on my way to rip the skies of yours and our dreams
And just like the hawk that rips the baby blue sky, I too will rip it 'til the day I die

I'm a ripper babe, and only death will do me apart with my board
'Til that day, I will rip the skies forever and ever, and bring my kind together

Cause I am the ripper babe, and I am here to bring the sky to all
Just like the hawk did so long ago

FanFics / CCS FanFic, Christmas Eve Gift
« on: December 17, 2016, 09:42:08 PM »
Well, I'm a fan of Yuri, but I like Yuri that's more or less romantic in some sense. So thats How I wrote this out, plus its the first in a series. It features Sakura and Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura, one of fave Manga/Animes ever. I just loved all the characters and it made me fall in love with pretty much all of Clamps works. I'm wanting to collcect the manga now. But without further ado, I present my Yuri short. And happy holidays! 

Christmas Eve Gift

It had been a really long and cold day working with her job, but Sakura had finally gotten off for Christmas Eve and was walking down the street towards her childhood friend's house. Her friend Tomoyo had invited her to stay for the night, since both their families were away for the holidays. She finally bounded up the steps to her friends large house and made it to the entrance. She banged on the door quickly and a voice from inside could be heard. "One second Saku-chan!"

Sakura rubbed her hands together, cold from the temperature outside. She brought them up to her mouth and breathed on them to help warm up. As shew was laboring to keep her hands warm, the front door opened widely and a form jumped out at Sakura inexpertly. "Saku-chan! I'm so glad you came!"

Sakura blushed as she hugged her lifelong friend and smiled. "It's nice to see you to Tomo-chan, it's been too long." Tomoyo was smiling richly at Sakura, but then quickly reddened in the face when she saw her poor friend shaking from the cold. "What am I doing?! Your freezing, get inside!" She grabbed Sakura's arm and dragged her inside, seating her in front of the living rooms fireplace.

"There! Does that feel better?"

Sakura shook her head up and down as she put her hands in front of the fire, feeling the warmth. "Much better! Any longer and I would have been a goner, hehe." She giggled at that and Tomoyo smiled sweetly as she heard it. A buzzer went off in another room and its sound made Tomoyo snap to attention. "Oh! I almost forgot, I have cookies in the oven." She ran off to go get the cookies and Sakura was all alone. She smiled at the fire, happy for its warmth, as well as Tomoyo's pleasantness for letting her stay the night. As soon as she had left, Tomoyo returned and placed a plate of cookies down on the coffee table by Sakura. She picked one up and handed it to Sakura, who graciously took it. She tenderly bit and tasted some of the cookie, and the taste of the cinnamon swirled in her mouth. She placed a hand on her chest and spoke with a happy smile after swallowing. "This is wonderful tasting Tomo-chan! Much better then fathers cookies."

Hearing Sakura's praise made her blush a little, and she smiled it away and spoke up. "ahhh, that makes me feel good Saku-chan! I did my best to follow the recipe to heart." She clasped both of her hands close to her chest and watched sweetly as Sakura ate the rest of the cookie in bliss. After her last swallow, Sakura spoke up again to ask a question.

"Tomo-chan, what do you plan on doing tonight?" Tomoyo simply stood up and walked over to the tree that was in the far corner in the room. She spoke as she walked towards it. "Well, seeing as it is Christmas Eve, I thought I would give you an early present." She bent down and picked up a gift labeled Sakura. She walked back and handed it to her friend, then sat down in front of her, crossing her legs as she saw Sakura smile. "You didn't have to give me a gift Tomo-chan!" Tomoyo simply smiled and brushed her off softly. "Oh don't be like that! It felt good to give you something, so there you go!"

Sakura smiled and ripped the gift wrapping, revealing a small white box. She looked at Tomoyo intrigued by what could be inside, and then began to slide the lid off. When she had fully slid it off, she revealed a small heart shaped locked. She pulled it out and held it before her eyes and gasped in amazement. Oh Tomo-chan, it's beautiful!" Tomoyo just pointed at it and smiled. "It gets better."

Sakura obeyed and undid the tiny latch with her finger nail, and gasped more at what she saw inside. In the locket was a small and very old photograph of two little girls, no older than six years old, hugging and smiling at the camera. The two girls in the picture were none other than Sakura and Tomoyo when they had first met fourteen years ago. Sakura brought her attention back to Tomoyo again, who was looking at her sweetly.

"It's us from the first day we met…..what a lovely gift!"

Tomoyo slowly got herself up from the opposite couch and re-sat herself next to Sakura. She took the locket and spoke as she placed it around her friend's neck. "It's to celebrate fourteen years of happiness we've shared together as friends, as well as to toast to our future Saku-chan."

Sakura blushed at the sentiment and began to look a little bit worried. "But Tomo-chan…I didn't get you a gift…." Sakura was looking down somewhat, worried that Tomoyo would be upset. Tomoyo simply put a finger over Sakura's lips to silence her, and spoke in a loving manner. "You have no need to be sorry, and now if you would please close your eyes. I want to give you your second gift."

Sakura was surprised at the sound of another gift, but quickly closed her eyes like Tomoyo wanted. When her eyes were fully closed, Tomoyo took ahold of Sakura's hands and held them tightly. "First Saku-chan, just you being here is a gift for me. And…." She leaned in with her face and pressed her lips down on Sakura's, passionately kissing her. She brought her lips away as soon as she had and continued to speak. "And I love you Sakura!"

Sakura opened her eyes in shock at feeling and hearing Tomoyo's love for her, but rather then yell or run, she just sat there. Tomoyo reddened up no and looked at Sakura worried now. "I'm sorry…..that was too abrupt…..I should have just told you….."

Sakura didn't say anything, but she brought a hand up to Tomoyo's face and began to gently stroke it, causing Tomoyo to go redder. Sakura finally pulled Tomoyo closer to her and pressed their bodies together, causing them to feel each other's body heat. She began to stroke Tomoyo's hair and now spoke. "Don't be afraid of what you did Tomoyo….It made me feel wonderful, just like you always do, and…." She began to purse her lips together to kiss Tomoyo. "I love you too, I've always felt that. I want to be close with you, be close just like this."

She finally brought herself downwards and madly and passionately kissed Tomoyo hard, causing them to both close their eyes. After a few minutes of blissful kissing, they pulled away and giggled. Tomoyo brought her head to rest on Sakura's shoulder and smiled.

"So does this mean you and me can be….an item?"

Sakura brought a hand down on Tomoyo's head and gently stroked her hair again.

"Yes Tomo-chan….we are an item now, and I will always be there for you." She brought her face down and sweetly kissed Tomoyo's hair, causing them to both to giggle. Tomoyo sighed aloud in happiness as Sakura gently kissed her hair.

"This is the best Christmas ever…."

FanFics / Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Tsubasa Chronicle Short!
« on: December 06, 2016, 11:21:10 PM »
I just wanted to wish everybody happy holiday with this short TRC stupid and silly fic I wrote. This was not even meant to be serious, lol  :santa:

I really wanted to something for the holiday season, so I thought I would have Fai tell a story to get Kurogane, Syaoran and Mokona in the spirits. This is set after Fei Wong was defeated and Sakura was left in Clow. I might actually make a series out of Fai telling stories that are too good to be true.

A Very Fei Wong Christmas
It was Christmas Eve and Fai, Kurogane, Syaoran and Mokona were all sitting in a comfy living room by a roaring fireplace. They all had raised a tree in the room and laid the presents down, now all that was left was a Christmas story. Fai decided now was the time to get everybody in the spirits for the coming day. He spoke aloud clearly for everybody.
“Heh, seeing as it’s now Christmas Eve, perhaps a story will get you all in the Christmas spirits?”
Kurogane batted a red eye at him and in his usual gruff manner, said, “Heh, give it your best shot!”
Mokona was excited about it and hopped up on Kurogane’s head and teased him, causing the ninja to get angry.
“Kurogane is so hard on Fai! Fai always has the best stories!”
As Kurogane batted the white-pork bun like thing away, Syaoran looked at Fai in interest. He was always interested in a well told story and well, Fai wasn’t bad at telling them. The only problem were their legitimacy. He decided to ask Fai about what the story was.
“Fai-san, what is it about? Does it have something to with Christmas?”
Fai laughed aloud at Syaoran for questioning his story telling powers.
“Of course it’s got to do with Christmas silly! It’s about a man from a long time ago named Fei Wong Reed……”


The puppet master himself, Fei Wong Reed, sat in his highly uncomfortable chair and flipped through the channels on his remote viewing mirror. He was tired of watching the pawns in his game momentarily and came upon a channel showing nothing but a flaming fireplace and playing some catchy song about a fat mam and bells. He was amazed at what he heard, it was so new to him, so new that he had to yell for his emotionless girl slave to check it out.
“Xing-Huo! Get out here quick, I need you to see this! It’s amazing!”
Xing-Huo ran out from the room where they stored their victim from his great scheme and she expected that he wanted her to see something from their traveling pawns. But as she ran into the room, she skidded to a stop when she saw her master dancing to a song called “Santa Baby” and smiling from ear to ear like a small child. Emotionlessly as always, she raised a disapproving eyebrow at him.
 “Fei Wong….why are you dancing and listening to weird songs about fat men?”
He stooped in his tracks and ran up to her, grabbing her by the shoulders and shacking her back and forth. She did nothing to stop him and just kept the same old frown like she always did. He yelled aloud to her in a joyful voice
“Don’t you see?! It’s called “Christmas” and it’s all about joy and giving gifts!”
He ran over and switched to another channel and peered into some poor families home. He smiled wildly at Xing-Huo as she watched the family put up a tree and decorate it with all sorts of stuff.
“Don’t you see now Xing-Huo?!” He yelled at her and pointed at the image in the mirror. She blankly looked at him with her eyes as he raved on. “They celebrate together and it all revolves around this tree! They put gifts under it, than they remove them later to open!”
Xing-Huo spoke to her master as he ran around her like a child that had had too much sugar after dinner and was carelessly holding scissors.
“When did you ever want to give someone a gift? It’s a little out of your area and……I doubt we could get a tree anyways….”
Fei Wong stopped again and ran up and shook her again. She bobbed around like a bowling pin that had almost been knocked down by the ball.
“That’s it! We need to get a tree and then we can put the gifts under it!” He snapped his fingers and yelled for his other creation, “Kyle! Get out here! I have a big task for you!”
Kyle ran out from another room and snapped to attention for his master. Eager, he quickly asked of what he was needed for.
“Yes Master! Am I to meddle with the travelers finally?!”
Fei Wong spoke down to Kyle rudely in order to quickly crush his dreams of meddling. 
“Not this time Kyle, you are not creative enough to meddle. However, you have a very simple task to complete for me: Get a tall tree to put up in this room!”
Kyle tried to hold a serious look, but he was unable to. He glanced over at Xing-Huo who was the queen of keeping the same blank look.
“A-A tree master? Why do we need a tree?”
“We need it for Christmas! Now go and get one before I decide against giving you a present!”
Kyle quickly saluted again and ran. Fei Wong walked back to his seat and sat back down. He stretched his legs out in front of him and flipped through the many stations of his mirror until he came upon a show about an animal with a bright red nose. Xing-Huo stood beside him and watched the show, but for the first time in her life, she was truly fearful of him. Just as quickly as he had gone, Kyle had returned dragging a long tree. He managed to push the tree up and then fell on his ass, tired from the heavy dragging he had to do to get it in the room. Fei Wong jumped up and snapped his fingers. Instantly, lights, decorations and gifts popped up under the tree. He went and picked up two of them and handed each to his two underlings. Xing-Huo was the first to open hers and revealed a book. Emotionlessly, she read the title aloud.
“How to not be an emotionless girl, by Fei Wong Reed, with a special introduction also by Fei Wong Reed. Gee, thanks…….”
Kyle was the next to rip his gift open and revealed a letter that he quickly opened up.
“Dear Kyle, I would like to inform you that you will now be able to finally meddle with my pawns from afar. Your goal is to hypnotize children for a year and bag the mothers for yourself. Sincerely yours, Fei Wong Reed.
 Kyle looked at his master and cried tears of happiness, the tears making his glasses wet.
“Master, this is the best gift ever!”
Fei Wong simply brushed off their thankyous and went and picked up a gift for him. He ripped it open and gasped in enjoyment. He pulled out a nearly identical monocle to the one he always wore and held it out to them. Kyle oed and awed, but Xing-Huo said nothing.
“Many thanks my young underlings, this is a very thoughtful gift!”
Xing-Huo stared at him as he switched the old monocle for the new one.
“You do realize that’s the exact same as the one you just took off…..”
Fei Wong brushed her off and sat back down in his chair. He crossed his legs and took a sip of the eggnog another of his creations had made for him.
“Please, you don’t have to be so kind and humble about the gift!”
“You also do realize we never gave you a gift……..”


Syaoran and Mokona were engrossed in the tale that they had just heard from Fai, and he bowed his head low and thanked them for enjoying it. Kurogane was the only one to question it and narrowed his eyes at Fai.
“I highly doubt that ever happened. I mean sure, we never liked the guy, but it seems wrong to paint a playful image of him….”
Fai grabbed Kurogane’s cheeks and spread them into a long angry smile, laughing as he did so.
“Oh Kuro-poppo! You should never question a story! How do you know it’s not true? Maybe we should ask Syaoran-kun over there….
Syaoran stared at them in embarrassment as they turned their focus onto him. He raised his hands in front of him to help his point.
“You do realize that I was asleep the entire time in the glass tube he trapped me in, right?”

So the basic idea of this is to make it so that Syaoran was the one who had lost his memories, and Sakura was the one to go and find them for him. The story will be 100% AU and only intercross with Clamps original plotline here and there. This will be a work in progress, and I bet the chapters will get better given time. I will post what I have of the first chapter so far. And yes, some characters are getting gender - bent for reasons to help and work with story. This is only what is writ so far, and follows the first chapter of the original manga closely, but soon it will go its on way and get better. Here ya go:

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – Twisted Beginnings

Sakura was standing in her home holding a picture frame. She smiled to it.
“I’m home father. You were right, the tip of the ruins is only the start of a much larger picture. The excavation of the eastern ruins is well underway.”
A loud knocking was heard at the front door. She went and opened it and a figure jumped and hugged her. The figure crashed onto the floor with Sakura.
“Sakura! Welcome home! How are things! Did everything go alright? Did you eat enough? You didn’t catch a cold did you?”
“E-everything is fine your majesty-“
“I told you to call me Syaoran!”
Syaoran smiled at Sakura and helped her get up.
“You know, I’m really happy your home Sakura.”
“Your majesty….Syaoran, you knew when I would get back?”
Syaoran grinned and rubbed his hair with his hand.
“Yup! All the other people from the dig went to speak with Queen Touya, and I figured you would be back here.”
“But you didn’t come here all by yourself did you?”
Syaoran popped up and walked over to the round window in Sakura’s small house.
“Yep again! I snuck out of the castle and made my way down here. Touya would never let me come see even you without at least one guard.”
Sakura’s face had the look of doom and gloom as he beamed after saying he snuck out if the castle. Syaoran went and picked up the picture frame Sakura had been looking at moments earlier.
“It’s been seven years huh? Since you and your father first came to our country.  I am still surprised that such a big and renowned archaeologist like your father would be interested in Clow’s ruins. He even told my father, the previous king, that there was something more to them hidden within.”
Sakura looked down a bit and smiled at the memory of her father.
“He died during the dig. But his life was a happy one and he was smiling until the very end.”
Syaoran sat back down in front of Sakura and frowned at her.
“We invited you to live in the castle with us when he passed away! Why didn’t you?”
“I would have felt weird living in a castle.”
“It’s not weird!  We’ve been friends since childhood after all!”
“That might be true, but I feel more comfortable living on my own. Anyways, I have more than enough money from the digs to live on my own.”
Syaoran frowned and looked away somewhat.
“But it’s lonely not being to hang out with you as much anymore. We hardly see each other anymore. It’s lonely. Isn’t it lonely for you?”
“It’s lonely. But excavating those ruins for both me and dad were-“
Syaoran interrupted her and smiled lightly.
“I know. I was your closest dream you both had, I understand  that, but I still miss you when you’re gone,” He bent his head low and frowned at the floor, “Sometimes when I’m alone and getting ready to sleep, sometimes I wonder what you’re doing and if you think of me. I wonder if you think of all the great memories he have.”
Sakura smiled sweetly and put a hand on his shoulder. He looked back up at her as she did.
“Of course I think of you! I always think of our memories as well as the future ones we will share. In fact…..”
Sakura began to blush and redden in the cheeks a bit.
“There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you….for some time.”
“What is it?”
Sakura held her hands close to her chest and looked him in the eyes.
A loud bell was heard and made Sakura and Syaoran jump up quickly. Syaoran was the first to tell what the sound meant.
“Ah! The castles bells. It must be evening already then. Are you alright?”
Sakura looked at him and painfully smiled.
“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just a little startled, that’s all! But I have the feeling that bell was rung on purpose….”
“Purpose? What purpose?”
Sakura reddened up quickly and smiled more.
“Nothing, nothing!”
“Well, when the bells ring, that means I have to go home. Otherwise big sister will be here to get me.”
“Do you want me to walk with you?”
“No, that’s okay! Its fine, I have to sneak back into the castle anyways.”
Sakura walked with him to the door and opened it for him. He walked out and as he began to leave, Sakura spoke up to him.
“Yeah Sakura?”
“That things I was going to tell you. I will tell you tomorrow, alright?”
Syaoran turned and smiled one last time at her before he set of for the castle.
“Oh? Sure, tell me when you feel like it. Hopefully we will see each other tomorrow Sakura!”
And with that, he sprinted away. Sakura closed the door and walked back to the picture frame by the window. She looked out the window and smiled lightly as he vanished into the horizon.
“Tomorrow I will surprise him with a special meal cooked up by me. That when I will tell him….that I love him.”
She continued to smile as she thought about the old and new memories they would have with each other.

Syaoran had made it back into the castle and was tip toeing his way through the main throne room. A loud feminine voice startled him and he almost tripped and fell. Recovering a bit from his shock, he peeked from behind a column and smiled at the voices location.
“Heh, I’m home Queen Touya!”
An extravagant looking young woman was seen seated in a bean-bag like throne, leaning her head on her hand. She stared at Syaoran with a blank look and spoke in a rude tone to him.
“Have you been with that hole digging twerp again?”
Syaoran reddened up with anger and spat at Touya who was smirking at him. She was really happy with herself for getting him angry and watched him explode.
“She’s not a twerp! And her names Sakura!”
Touya rose from her seat lazily and bumped heads with Syaoran. She grinned at him while he bit his lower lip, angry at her for her rudeness behind Sakura’s back. Grinning even more so, she put more tone into her voice to make sure that her point got to him about Sakura.
“She’s a twerp! Once a twerp, always a twerp!”
“You take that back! At least she’s more hardworking than you! All you ever do is sit in that throne and act like you own the place!”
Touya leaned back on a column and let her long hair fall over shoulder. She smirked at him and replied in a smartass tone to him.
“Well I do. I am the Queen after all, and you’re the prince. It’s my job to make sure no……”unwanted” females bug you. That twerp falls under the “unwanted” list if I do recall.”
“What do you mean by that?!”
A voice from behind Syaoran spoke up to break the enpeading civil war that was about break out between the two siblings. Syaoran jumped and turned around and joyfully smiled at a familiar face he always knew. A young boy with glasses and short blonde hair was smiling softly and held a scroll in his hands. Syaoran ran up to his side.
“Yukito-san! Have you ended your duties for today?”
Yukito opened the scroll for him and pointed out some things.
“Yes. And we just finished hearing the reports from the diggers of the ruins.”
“They’ve come a long way now haven’t they? And to think they will be done soon-“
Touya chuckled under her breath and stroked her long black hair. As she was softly stroking her hair, she grinned when Syaoran looked at her with malice.
“They said they had uncovered a room that leads them to believe there is more to then the ruins. Which means the hole digging twerp will be busy for a long, long, long time.
Syaoran gripped his hands into fists and did his best to control his emotions.
“That’s fine. She loves to uncover new things! It’s hers and her father’s most precious dream! As long as it makes her happy, then I am too!”
Syaoran quickly and furiously stormed off to his room. Once he made it inside, he slammed the door shut and slid down the back it. He rubbed his hair and shook of the comments from his overbearing sister.
“Really, I let her get to me to much! As long as Sakura is happy, then I will always be happy no matter what. I just wished she would take a break and go and do things again.”
He stood up and walked to the balcony off his room. He leaned over and gazed at the ruins that loomed ominously in the distance. A light breeze could be felt, silently cooling the dark and starry night. As he gazed at the ruins, he spoke aloud to himself.
“You know what, I think I will drag my sister to the ruins with me tomorrow. Then Sakura and I will at least be able to spend some time together. And maybe, just maybe……I will be able to tell her my feeling for her. I will be damned if I let someone like my older sister stop me from being with Sakura!”
Just as he was about to turn in, a soft sound like that of a wind chime was heard in the distance. Syaoran cupped an ear with his hand and leaned forward more to hear it.
“What’s that sound? It sound like its coming from the ruins.” He began to float in the air and his eyes were in a drugged like state. He extended his left arm and pointed at the ruins. “It’s almost as if I’ve heard this sound before. As if I had set it off before….”
A series of images began to could his vision. First he saw Sakura banging her hands and pounding with all her might on what looked like a giant glass window. Then, another image showed him a woman with curly black hair pointing what looked like a gun, but it was hard to tell since the image shifted once again. Finally, a man with a pronounced chin and whitening hair could be see sipping on a glass of what appeared to be red wine. He was wearing a monocle of some sorts and had what looked like a symbol of a bat on his chest. He leaned back softly in the seat and pointed at Syaoran. The man grinned and then Syaoran’s vision went black as he fell asleep on the balcony, quickly forgetting everything he had saw.


Sakura was walking down a narrow and winding stone path deep within the ruins of Clow. She held a book opened in her hands and examined it as she strode with ease down the steps. I’ve never read of anything like this before. There seems to be no records of this existing before. We seem to be very lucky to have uncovered it, but it feels like it wanted to be found……..
She entered a circular room and looked down at the round engraving deep in the floor. A set of ancient looking wings were carved into the floor and she flipped through her book more for details on them. And this raises my interest even more so! There are no record of these carvings in Clow’s history, or any of the other surrounding countries histories. This theoretically should not existed. Yet it does. Why?
She was suddenly surprised by the sound of feet running down the stairs behind her. She turned and saw Syaroan huffing and puffing behind her and beaming a large smile like he always did. All she could do was shout at him for rushing down into the dark chamber.
“Syaoran! What are you doing here? Does the queen know about this?”
He snickered at her fearfulness of his older sister and stood before her finally.
“Yeah, she’s hear! But I dragged her here to inspect the outer areas of the ruins, so I’m free to come and hang out with you!” He snuck a look over her shoulder and pointed. “What do you have here? Anything mysterious?”
Sakura rolled her jade green eyes at his childish antics about escaping his older sister. Sakura was glad that Touya-hime wasn’t here with him, she could be too overbearing at times for her. Sometimes even downright mean and evil towards Sakura….
“There’s not much really, just a dead end. We have reason to believe there’s more underneath, but we just can’t get past the panel on the floor. Syaoran walked past her and looked at the wing engravings and leaned down.
“This….I’ve seen this before.”
Syaoran placed the palms of his hands down on the panel and it began to split open. Sakura was almost swept away by the sudden gust of air that was released and Syaoran began to float over it. What’s going on?! How is this happening……Syaoran!
Sakura ran after Syaoran as be floated down the opening. She landed on a narrow pathway and looked up above her. Gasping, she saw Syaoran extended in midair as a set of long wings appeared behind him. He was slowly being sucked into the wall behind him, but he was unaware of it, like he was comatose. Sakura muttered aloud at the sight.
“What in the world?!”

The man that Syaoran had seen in his vision sat in an elegant and polished seat, sipping a glass of wine as he surveyed the scenes being shown to him from a looking glass like mirror. A dark haired woman stood next to him and emotionlessly watched as Syaoran was floating midair. The man set his glass down and pointed at the image of Syaoran and spoke up with a deep resonating voice.
“The power that had once been lost has been reborn! The power of time and space shall now be given to me! The Tsubasa!”
The woman next to him said nothing and continued to watch as the events unfolded.

 Sakura reacted quickly to the sight of Syaoran being sucked up by the strange wall. She made a running start and jumped up and grabbed Syaoran before he banished forever. They fell to the ground with a loud thud, and to her surprise she saw his wings curl up and explode. The sight of feathers could be seen as they cris-crossed all over the chamber and vanished until the wings were fully gone. Sakura looked down at Syaoran who was not fully unconscious in her hands. He’s getting colder and colder by the second! I have to get him out of here!
She quickly picked him up with all her might and made her way out of the chamber, as the walls shook violently.

The dark haired woman finally spoke to her master next to her as Sakura ran out of the chamber with Syaoran in her arms.
“It’s seems like it didn’t work….Fei Wang Reed!”
The man smiled lightly and took another sip of the wine, enjoying the crisp taste of the liquid as it washed down his throat. He set the glass down next to him and spoke lightly to his underling to help her understand why it wasn’t a complete failure.
“It’s not a complete failure Xing-Huo, this is only the beginning of everything. Soon everything will fall under my discretion and then I will be victorious in making the dream come true!”
Xing-Huo glanced at him as he sipped more of his wine, then turned her attention back to the mirror.
“For your sake, I hope you are right….”

Sakura clutched Syaoran close to her and rushed outside of the ruins. But instead of seeing a peaceful land, the bodies of people she knew and didn’t know were strewn all over the sands. Some of the bodies even had marking she had never seen from Clow or anywhere to be honest. What happened out here? It looks like a war zone now.
A familiar voice spoke up to her in a gruff manner and she recognized it at once
“What did you do to my little brother? He better be alright twerp!”
Sakura was shocked to see the queen grin painfully then begin to slump down. She was about to fall all the way, but another figure ran and held her as she lost consciousness, probably from the pain of her massive wounds. Sakura instantly recognized the boy in glasses that was at the queen’s side now.
“Yukito-san! Touya-sama……….”
Yukito looked at the queen as Sakura ran up with Syaoran to him.
“Don’t worry, I will never allow her to die…”
He went and placed the palm of his hand on Sakura’s forehand and frowned. He looked around them as he spoke.
“I have read your memory. It seems that the memory feathers have been scattered and can no longer be found in Clow, or the world anymore!”
“What! Memories?”
“The prices very soul. Without them…..he will die.”
Sakura looked down at Syaoran hurriedly. He was still passed out and was growing even colder.
“Die! What can I do then?!”
“There isn’t a moment to lose then!” He put his hands together and something began to appear below Sakura and Syaoran. A magical circle?! Where are we going……!
“I will send you to someone in another world. Some who like me, is powerful in magic’s….perhaps even more powerful then myself….”
“What do I do when I meet this person?”

Yukito closed his eyes as waves of magic began to enclose Sakura and Syaoran. Her last words were heard before Sakura vanished.
“She is called the space time witch! You will tell her everything and beg her to save the prince!”
And just as the waves made everything dark, suddenly they disappeared and Sakura gripped Syoaran harder now. She felt the soft pitter pat of raindrops fall on her head and all around. She looked from where she sat and saw a beautiful young woman with long hair looking at her. Sakura could hardly hold back her emotions.
“Are you the space time witch?!”
The woman looked at Sakura with silent eyes and responded.
“I have been called that, yes.”
Sakura gripped Syaoran tighter now and began to tear up.
“Will you…..I need you to save Syaoran!”
The woman said nothing and stared at her as the raindrops continued to fall loudly around them.

End Chapter 1

Chapter 2
TRC Twisted Worlds – Chapter 2

The pounding sound of raindrops were all that could be heard as Sakura sat with the comatose body of Syaoran in her arms. She was being stared at with blank and emotionless eyes of a beautiful looking woman who was wearing a long black dress that was on the edge of elegent. Where are we now? There are so many buildings around, and this rain…….it’s all so difficult for me now. And Syaoran…..I need her to save him!
She grimped the heavy and dripping wet body of the boy and brought him closer to her, slightly shielding him with her cloak. Syaorans eyes were closed tightly and his mouth was agape slightly. Sakura was shedding tears at the sight of him like this, missing that bright smile he always had for her. The witch strode over to Sakura as the rain fell around, but not onto her. She leaned down and placed a hand on Syaorans head and spoke again finally.
“This child’s name is Syaoran is it not?”
“And you?”
“I’m Sakura.”
The witch leaned in more closely and softly pursued her lips into a tight frown as she gazed at the boy in Sakura’s arms.
“This young one has lost something very precious.”
But I don’t understand why this all happened. His memories were turned into feathers. Why? How is that possible…..
The witch straightened herself up and looked down at Sakura and spoke in a more sober tone.
“And, that precious something has been scattered through time and space.” She walked away and flicked her long dark hair aside. She turned her head back at Sakura and spoke even more seriously to her. “And it seems if this young one does not get that precious something back, he will die…”
Sakura bit down on her lip, causing it to bleed a little in her mouth as she looked down at Syaoran. She teared up more and the soft tears fell onto his gentle and silent face.  I will never allow him to die! I want him to live, I want him to smile again! I want to love him forever!  I will do anything to save his precious life….
The witch looked to the building on her left and pointed at a shaggy haired boy who had just walked out to see what all the commotion was.
“Watunuki, I would like you to bring that item I showed you earlier.”
As he ran off, the witch returned her focus towards Sakura once again. She looked down at the unconscious body of Syaoran and saw all the emotion that was pouring out of Sakura. Sensing her pain, the witch spoke with a soft certainty.
“Do you wish to save this young one?”
“There is a price. Are you still willing?”
Sakura looked closely at Syaoran as the witches words echoed in her head. I would do anything to save him! I want him to be well again!
Making her mind up, she looked up at the witch with a fire of passion in her jade green eyes.
“I will pay any price as long as I can save him!”
The witch silently raised her eyes and looked at the spaces on either side of Sakura.
“They have finally arrived.”
In a sudden motion, two separate waves of dark and light crashed open and two new figure appeared on either side of Sakura. She was surprised at the sight. On either side of her were two men, one with dark hair and with a sword leaning over his shoulder, and a blonde with a tall staff and odd looking clothes. The dark haired man was the first to speak, but in a rather rude tone.
“Who the hell are you?”
The blonde haired man spoke up after him and more politely bowed towards the witch.
“Are you the time space witch?”
“Yes, I have been called that.”
The dark haired man stood up from where he crouched and looked at all the buildings that surrounded them.
“Where is this place?”
“You are in Japan.”
“Japan? I’m from Japan lady!”
“Yes, but from another Japan.”
The dark haired man was obviously not getting a word of what she was saying and so the blonde spoke up for him.
“You’re in another world Mr. Black, don’t you know you just traveled the dimensions?”
“What did you just call me?...”
The witch was unflustered and slightly unphased at the dark haired man’s rudeness. With a gentle smile at his anger, the witch asked a question of them.
“Please, give me your names so that I can better help you.”
The dark haired man was the first to speak.
“Me? I’m Kurogane, and I still don’t get one bit of this!”
The blonde kindly smiled and pushed his hood back, allowing the rain to slowly soak his hair.
“I am the wizard of Seresu, Fai D. Flowright.”
“And do you understand why you are here?”
“Yes, this is a place where any wish may be granted as long as a suitable price is made.”
Kurogane was still a little confused, but Fai did seem to know what was truly going on, so He watched closely. Who are these people really? They both look like complete opposites of each other….
The witch spoke to both of the men now and slightly leaned on her left leg.
“And so the reason you two came here is for a wish to be granted. So what are they?”
They both spoke at the same time without knowing it and Kurogane glared at Fai.
“My home…..is where I want to be,” Said Kurogane, but Fais was similar but different. “My home is where I do not want to be.”
The witch raised a hand and rubbed her small chin as she heard their wishes.
“That is a tall order for the both of you….no, for the three of you. But even if you offered the most precious things you own, none of you have enough to pay. However,” She brought her hand back down to the side of her body and blankly stared at all three of them. “If all three of you paid together, perhaps you just might be able to afford it.”
Kurogane laughed rudely and looked at the witch with his blood red eyes, unbelieving what she said.
“What kind of crap are you spouting now lady?”
“Hey Mr. Black, can you at least keep your insults down?”
Kurogane turned her face to Fai and barked at him in hot anger.
“I am not “Mr. Black!” I’m Kurogane!”
The witch continued, ignoring Kurogane’s outburst and his utter lack of respect for others.
“All three of your wishes are the same. Sakura,” Sakura reacted to hearing her name and listened to what the witch had to say. “You wish to visit as many as many worlds as possible in order to restore the memory of this child. Kurogane, you wish to return to your own world, and Fai wishes to visit many world in order to avoid his own. You all have different reasons, but the method is the same. The travel to different dimensions is what you need.”
Sakura looked at the witch and the two men in interest for the reasons of travel. Different dimensions and costs now? This keeps getting more deep and harder to handle. All I want to do is save Syaoran!
“Each of you cannot individually make that wish happen. However, if all of you combine your payment for one wish, you just might be able to afford it.”
“What would my payment be then?” Asked Kurogane with a serious tone this time.
“Your price is the sword on your shoulder.”
He jumped at her telling him the price for him to travel.
“Wha-?! I would never give you Ginryu!”
The witch playfully poked him in the chest and smirked like a child.
“Fine! Then you will wander this world forever like a lost soul at a comic-con and never be able to leave without my help!”
“That’s got to be a lie!”
Fai lightly laughed under his breath and confirmed it for Kurogane.
“It’s all true!”
Kurogane looked at his sword one last time, as if it was a very close heirloom to him, then stretched it out to the witch.
“Fine! But I will be coming back for it when I’m done!”
The sword floated in front of the witch, as if it was as light as a feather. She looked at Fai and addressed him for his price.
“Fai, your price……is the marking on your back.”
He frowned for a moment, then turned it into a gentle smile. He pointed at the staff in his hand in the hopes that she would want it instead.
“I don’t suppose this would do instead?”
“No, it must be the marking, otherwise it won’t work.”
Fai smiled and the marking from his back floated over to the witch. Finally, she moved her eyes down to Sakura.
“What about you? Now is the time to hand over your most precious thing. And then you will be able to travel the worlds.”
“You do realize I haven’t named the price yet.”
“The only thing I can do is send you to other worlds. Finding his memories is something you will have to do.”
Sakura looked at Syaoran once more and thought to herself. I will find every memory of his and help him live, even if it has to be on other worlds. I will save him!
She finally looked up at the witch again and spoke seriously. The seriousness the showed surprised the two men besides her.
“Fine! I will do anything I must to help him live!”
The witch truly smiled for the first time at her seriousness, as if Sakura was the first bright light she had seen.
“I like your attitude.”
The bot from earlier arrived back outside again. This time he cradled two rabbit like things in his arms. One was white while the other was black, but they both shared long ears, pinched eyes and a jewel in the middle of their little heads. The witch grabbed the white one and held it out to the three.
“The name of this young one is Mokona Modoki. Mokona will lead you through the worlds.”
Kurogane pointed to the black one still in the boy’s arms and smiled.
“Give me that one, I will go home with it!”
“Oh, that one has no powers of dimension traveling. Its only purpose is to keep us in contact when needed. Mokona will take you to different worlds, but there is no way to control which dimension you land in. Only fate will decide if your wishes will be granted. However there is now coincidence in the world. There is only Hitsuzen. What brought you all together was also Hitsuzen. Now Sakura, your price is,” She stared at Sakura with her eyes slight closed, “Your relationship with him.”
Sakura was confused by the price she asked of her. My relationship? How can I give that up to her? The witch answered Sakura for her.
“Your relationship with him is the thing you value the most. Even if you find all of his memories, the one you will never find will be his memory of you. So what is he to you?”
Sakura closed her eyes and brought Syaoran closer to her, warming his body with hers. She spoke up with a shaky voice as the two men looked at her in concern.
“What is he to me? A childhood friend…..and the prince of a country and…..and the boy I love!”
The witch looked at her with comforting eyes, understanding the pain Sakura was feeling.
“I see…..however, if you wish to accept Mokona that relationship will end. Even if he regains all of his memories, the one he will never retrieve will be the memory of you. That is my price. Do you still wish to pay it?”
Sakura opened her eyes and looked up at the witch with that fire of passion in her eyes.
“Let’s go! I will never allow him to die!”
The witch smiled and extended Mokona in the air above them.
“Sincerity and determination. It seems you are dedicated to him, and that warms my heart. Very well, you may go!”
The rabbit like thing floated into the air and a set of wings popped up behind it. It opened its mouth and began to suck up the air around Sakura and the others. A magic circle suddenly was underneath them and those familiar dark waves began to engulf them. Sakura was suddenly enveloped in darkness with Syaoran, but suddenly the walls came down. From her vantage point, all she could see where nothing but tall trees all around them.
Where are we?!
End Chapter 2

I promise the story will get better discrip wise and thought wise for characters. This is only the beginning. And I hope my idea of role-changing was smart. In the original manga, Sakura was the princess if you remember.

Here, let me give the basic breakdown here:

Kazama Wa Onnaline

The name translates to "kazama is online/woman" in Japanese

Welcome to a LN-series within the same lines as SAO....at least the game of death part. But thats not what bugs Kazama about the game, its the fact that the game system screwed up and turned him into a female character. Not only does he have to survive the game no matter what, but also live with the looks and feelings of a female. Enter a world of vast designs and places, this is the world of New Worlds Online!

And here is a link to the current story on RoyalRoads

Basically just the art for the chapters so much when needed. Although I doubt anyone would wanna work for unpaided tho  :tongue:

More details can be asked if needed.
(I would love to turn this into a manga  :ninja:

So, I wanted an LN that had the feels of SAO (Ya know, that whole game of death thing) so I made it a game with unlimited levels and worlds and no clear way to beat it. And to make matter better or worse, the MC, Kazama, somehow had the game system screw up and turn him into a female. And here is the slight beginning, lawl. I am also going to be posting this on RR

New Worlds Online

New Worlds Online was unlike any other game created before it. It was a fully live VRMMORPG game that allowed its players to live their daily lives within its confines and take up any sort of adventure. The game product promised a fully unlimited game, full of vast worlds to explore. The game was very simple, all you had to do was explore the current layout, level up, and finally beat the boss with the other players to advance to the next stage or world. The game was an instant smash hit, with seventy percent of the human population hooking themselves up and preparing to live their new lives out. But after a week of its release, rumors began to spread about players disappearing and never respawning like they should have after dying. Two weeks later, a group of in game hackers announced that they had taken the entire game hostage as well as all the players within. If anyone tried to do something to effect the game play and escape, they would die. They also would die if their HP bar dropped zero and the only way to win was to try and find a solution to ending the game. After three weeks’ time, the death toll had gone up to one million of the in game population, as the players began to do their best to survive in the first world and stage of NWO. But that wasn’t the worst part of the game. The worst part was that I, Kazama, an ordinary guy like anyone else, had had the game system screw up on recreating my real life image in the game. When I came too and looked in the mirror, I saw myself……as a female girl! And from that moment on, I, Kazama, had decided that I would live through this game, whether or not I was not fully myself. It was humiliating enough to be the wrong gender, and even more so to have the full blown feelings of a female, but that did not mean I would die as one. I would conquer this game and set myself free and reclaim my manhood!

~Kazama, 2079, the Third Week of the Game

Also, this is more or less my first Light Novel, so be easy on me. Yeah, I know its got SAO feels, but trust me, it will differ vastly...


I'm writing the first chapter right now and promise to have it sometime after Thanksgiving for everyone.

Me and a bunch of other writers are in the process of turning our ideas for mangas into Light Novel stories. What I was hoping to know is if there are any good tips while writing such a novel? Ive heard that LN's are 20,000 to 40,000 words and 200+ pages a book. And i'm thinking that the story I am writing would span multiple volumes (Seeing as its all about arcs, like a manga) So I hope that helps too.

Mainly I just want to know how to get it started off on the right track. The amount of writing seems like a nightmare to me, but good thing I actually like writing I guess, heh  :tongue:

General Discussion / Following a certain style
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Is it alright to work in a sort of style? Like, I love Clamps style for how they drew Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, but would it be alright to base how I draw a manga after that?

Example of TRC:

I just love their inking style as well as drawing for this manga.


I am an artist myself, but I have a story that I have been wanting to just write.  I have a first chapter that was written by me and a friend from about a year ago and I will be continuing as the writer. What I need is an artist who knows how to draw in the shonen style of manga. This manga is called Lord of Dimensions (See my sig for a link to an old thread of it.)  This story will have to do with the travel of dimensions, so i would say it would have Sci Fi/Action Adventure/etc really. You of course will be able to help me with the story and keep it flowing, and I can help with any sort of editing and inking for art (I am an artist as stated.)

Just comment below or PM please. All that I need to see are some examples of art you have done, and if I like it, I will send you character descrips for you to design and then ultimately get to a chapter by chapter basis.  This will be a rather long running manga with many arcs, so if your willing to commit, then we shall make this awesome and legen-wait for it-DARY!


Here are a couple pages from first chapter:
PAGE ONE: (two panels)

Panel 1. The house of the Mistress of Dimensions.

Panel 2. Close up of Li's eye, wide open and frightened.


PAGE TWO: (four panels)

Panel 1. Li sits up in the bed he lays in , holding his head confused.

Panel 2.  There is a table with candles lit, illuminating the dark room.

Panel 3. Li sits in bed staring at the candles.

Where am I?

Panel 4. He grasps the candle.

This is how the writing style will be, but I will make it as descriptive as possible

Welcome Center / I'm back in the world of Manga
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I used to be active on here in the past. Well, ive finally been able to get back into manga and art after a tuff year IRL as well as a crappy time with a manga group who didn't respect me or a few friends I made through it. I plan on showcasing some art soon as well as a little writing on a story I have in my head.  Well, i'm happy to be back doing what I love and I hope to help learn from others on here 8)


Im looking for artists who can do line arting on my manga pages as well as can draw characters, backgrounds and more. There is only room for one or two so let me know if you can do it. if you can, I will PM you a guest link to the major manga crew im a part of.


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