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Manga Artists Wanted / [REQUEST] Design my tattoo!
« on: August 09, 2013, 06:14:35 PM »
So I've been sitting around, thinking for quite a long time about the subject, and I got to a conclusion: I want a tattoo. It's not just for the sake of it though. I want a tattoo to remind me of my roots, where I come from and what I hold dearest: Spain.

It's quite a long story but I'll keep it short: I was born in Spain, but my mother took me to Holland when I was about 5 years old to get away from my dad when she divorced him. It was to be for just a year, and then come back to Spain and pick up our old lives.
When we were in Holland though (her home country, by the way) she heard that the job where she'd worked, and where she had asked for a year off (not paid obviously), was no longer available. See, she used to work at a bank, and apparently her boss was counterfeiting money and the like. She had a position right under the boss, meaning she had to put an autograph on everything her boss had one on too, or else transactions could not be made. If she had been in Spain at the time of the discovery, who knows what might have happened. People had their suspicions about her, seeing as she'd fled the country right before the whole thing was discovered.
She was shocked. But after another year, and then another year in Holland, I started to pick up the language and made friends, and my mom decided to stay. We still visit Spain every year on holiday, to meet up with family and friends, but I obviously still miss my home country.

So that's why I decided to get a tattoo! But I needed a design, something that reminds you of Spain when you see it. And what's more spanish than the bull? The bull is Spain's symbolic animal (comes from the bullfighting and the Pamplona bull races).

But the bull like this is a bit boring to me. So who better to ask then Mangaraiders, where the best of artists gather? So here's the request I have for all you artists out there: design my tattoo! If I like your design, I might consider using it (or most of it) to bear on my skin for the rest of my life. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Develop Your Story / FORGOTTEN
« on: March 02, 2013, 04:34:56 PM »
FORGOTTEN. A story about those who left and those who stayed. I wanted to keep this to myself until it's finished but then I remembered that I'm on my dad's craptop so if I save it here, I will probably never see it again. Not taking that risk, so here it is. It isn't really canon anyway so that works out.

Oh yeah, I suppose I should mention that it's an MR story. Sort of.


A grim figure in the grim streets, like a fish in the water. He knew the town like the back of his hand, yet still, he worried. Worried about the sickness, famine, death? No.

He flicked the screen of his phone and put it to his ear.

"Who.", he said.
"Who? What?"
"Who am I talking to."
"I don't know. You tell me. I've been running around here for a while now and I feel worried."
"I know, I know."
"They told me I should contact you."
"Is that so?" He was genuinely surprised. "Who told you that."
"I don't know. You tell me."
"I'm sensing a pattern here. Where are you?"

An audible sigh came from the other side.

"Why would they trick me?"
"Listen, they told me exactly the same. I refused to call until you called me in stead."
"So you don't know anything either?"
"Well, I do. I seem to recognise where I am. Maybe they made a mistake."
"Doubt it. They seemed smart."
"We need to meet up." he offered.

There was a pause.

"Yes. You're probably right."
"I'm glad you called."
"Do you think this was their plan?"
"I don't know. You tell me."
"Shut up, that's my line."

He kept walking.

"There's a bar south of the chapel. Robert's Place. Do you think you can find it?"

Another silence. Whoever was on the other side probably put down her phone for a second.

"I don't see the chapel."
"You're kidding right? They put us in different towns?"
"I'm confused. There is no town."
"Where the hell are you?"
"I wouldn't have called if I knew, now, would I."
"No, just... The area. What does it look like."

This time, he was the one to sigh.

"Can you please cooperate?"
"Dammit, I... Oh *censored*, what?"
"The woman... What did she do wrong?"
"What woman? What are you talking about?"
"She's right here. Guts all over the place."

He stopped in front of the bar.

"This was probably not part of their plan." he said.
"Maybe. Just help me, Monster. I'm worried."

There was a big pause. His breath got heavier. He had just been called Monster by someone. There was a select group of people that called him that. A certain group he was never supposed to talk to again.

"How'd you call me?"
"Monster. That's what it said in the phone."

A sudden shock of realisation shot through him. Was this set up by them, then? It all makes sense now. He took another look at Robert's Place, the bar. Robert... Rob. Of course. He put his fist softly in his palm. But if Robert's Place was here then... He looked right and left but didn't find what he was looking for.

"Oh. Yes. Mind to tell me your name then?"

They didn't even take the time to put her name in the phone. They did give away Monster however. They gave away who they were. What an odd move.

"Matsu, listen to me. Just keep walking. Whichever direction you go, you're either going to find a cliff, or a town. A city, rather. Find the cliff? Turn around, walk. Find the city? I'll be waiting here, in Robert's Place."
"Great. Just great. Alright, well I don't seem to have much of a choice."
"Yep. Yep... Yep. See you here."
"See ya."


It took a while to find his way in the darkness of the pub. Even the streets were lit by the faint light of the moon, but Robert's Place wasn't. He sat down and opened the first bottle he came across. After a sip he noticed it was rum, which was fine.

Immediately he tried to figure out who the woman was Matsu was talking about. She mentioned it was one of them, at least that's what he could make of it. Would they kill one of their own, or was this an accident? Whatever it was, they had one member less. They were weaker than when this all started.

He had been called by them before Matsu called. They told him possibly exactly what they told her, but he hadn't been able to figure out who they were, until after Matsu's call. They had put up voice-changing chips, or whatever. So much trouble, and then to make such a rookie mistake, it just doesn't add up. They'd told him to call the number in his phone, and told him that person would know where he'd be and what he'd have to do. They probably expected him to be somewhere else, somewhere he wouldn't recognise.

Then there was Matsu. He'd heard the name before, but probably forgot. Monster forgot a lot of things. Was she in the same situation as him? Who knows.

The creaking of a door interrupted Monster's train of thought. A figure entered the bar. Monster figured it would only be more awkward for him to stand up in this darkness, so he stayed seated. The figure took a couple of steps into the bar, slowly, and knocked into a chair.

"GOD-FU... OUCH, DAMMIT!" she yelled.

Monster realised who it was. He didn't like this.

"Why hey there."

The figure jumped and knocked into some more things.

"HOLY SH- DON'T STARTLE ME LIKE THAT!" she kept yelling.
"I'm sorry? Actually, I'm not. I thought it was hilarious."
"I just didn't see you there and you didn't even make a noise! You creep."
"Doodle... Do you even remember me?"
"Wait... Robert's Place, and now someone calling me Doodle? Oh no. Oh I ended up here again. Damnit."
"I know that feeling."
"So what do we do now?"
"I'm waiting for a girl called Matsu. Do you know her?"
"Matsu? Yes, actually, I remember her. Never thought I'd hear her name again."

There was an awkward silence. Doodle took a seat at the same table as Monster.

"So, they're collecting old members then?" Monster said.
"It seems like it. Why though?"
"Why indeed."
"Someone missed us, maybe?"
"Would they though? They're cold-hearted bastards, that's what they are. Probably part of the reason I left."
"You never really left though, did you. Not like I did."
"I suppose so. It's funny, they even ranked me up even though I was never around anymore."

Monster remembered the ceremony, in the tall building. Everyone was there. Even...

"Freaking Toast." Monster suddenly blabbed out.
"Toast? I mean, yes, I'm hungry too, but..."
"No. No... No! Don't you get it? It's Toast! It's freaking Toast!"

Monster stood up from his chair in excitement.

"I don't get it, no."
"Dammit Doodle, Toast! Always whining about Matsu coming back!"
"I don't remember there being any Toast when I was around."
"You're hopeless."

Suddenly, barging through the front door, another figure jumped in. She closed the door immediately and leaned against it, as if she were afraid of it opening. She gasped for air.

"Hey there!" Monster said.
"Ah! Ah..." She too had been startled by Monster.
"Am I that scary?" he asked.
"Well, you ARE dubbed Monster for a reason."
"Dammit Doodle, that's not funny."

Awkward laughter ensued. They were nervous, even in such familiar space, with such familiar people. They felt watched.

"Why didn't you tell me there were things out there, Monster?" Matsu nearly cried. "I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS DAMMIT."
"Calm down, Matsu. What exactly was out there?" Monster replied.
"Just... Things. Wierd. Dark. Scary. Stuff started to go down after I saw the woman."

Monster came to a sudden realisation, once again.

"If both you and Doodle are here... Who the hell was the woman?" He shuddered.
"Couldn't tell. I could hardly tell she was a woman, to be honest. As I said, guts everywhere. Luckily I'm used to it, my dad used to- oh, never mind."
"Your dad, huh. Anyway, the only other woman I can think of right away would be Hannah."
"Or Cory of course." Doodle mentioned.
"Yeah, or Cory. Doubt they'd leave Cory lying around like that though."
"Would they leave anyone around like that?" Matsu asked.

They started to think.

"Remember Toast, Matsu?" Monster asked her.
"Sort of."
"Hmm. Well, let's just say he remembers you."
"Who the hell is Toast then?" Doodle asked for the last time.
"You forget as much as I do, don't you. He came into the group back when Aero was still around."

Speak of the devil. Aero, a tall, dark-haired man, suddenly crashed through the ceiling. He fell from the aer, if you will. He landed right on the table the group was sitting at.

"Ugh... Hi guys." he said, as he brushed rubble off of him.
"So the only one we're missing right now is..." Monster asked.
"Is..." Matsu repeated him.

Silence, again.

"Sai." Aero added.

Remember I said I'm on my dad's craptop? Well, this was made on notepad because it doesn't have Word. Which is a bit sad because I haven't been able to read through it and spell-check it well.

With this story I tried to get a bit more into dialogues and talking in general, but it might have made it a bit unreadable. If so, tell me.

The title of the chapter was inspired by the song Soldier Side by System of a Down. Listen to it once, it's worth it.

I think that covers it, I hope you all enjoyed!

« on: December 31, 2012, 12:37:54 PM »
Happy birthday Aero! We haven't forgotten ya matey

Manga Creations / The Royal Guards
« on: November 01, 2012, 03:44:20 PM »

It was time. I started writing again! MR Canon, again. As always I'm still inspired by steampunk and all that hangs around it, but to satisfy Lego I added some cyberpunk. Coryn, if there's anything wrong with this story in terms of correctness to Canon, tell me. I will edit.

Before you start reading, take a couple of notes. This story comes quite a while after the events of the first chapter of Ascent to Modhood written by Coryn Sken. The city has become more crowded since then, you could say. I've taken passages from and refered to said story, not to steal but merely to make this correct with the already set MR Canon.

Coryn, you’re going to have some writing to do in your MR Canon Guide, ‘cause this definitely stirs things up a bit.

CHAPTER ONE: A meeting with her Majesty

Time could not contain MR city. Its boundaries from east to west were parted by time, as well as space. Technology, fashion, ideals and art were in complete disarray. West, led by the King Ninja, was a cyberpunk utopia, filled with windowed skyscrapers and advanced technology. Its dark skies mirrored its dark ways, for it was the most chaotic part of the city. Criminals and gangs ruled the streets in a mafia type of way, and the King Ninja was not going to stop them. West was home to the deadliest of assassins and the strongest of brawlers, and living there was a constant survival of the fittest.

I, however, found myself in East MR, the Steampunk counterpart to West. Its houses were small yet cosy, and so were its streets. Its skies were full of steam powered blimps and its streets were densely populated with guards to retain the order, even though even they had a hard time stopping the family feuds that lasted centuries within East. It was by far the most populated area of the city. Whereas cybertronic clothing was common in West, a far more classy clothing style was trend in East. Top hats and monocles ruled amongst the Easterns. Corycaly, East’s Queen, would not have it any other way either. She deemed fashion the most important thing, and it’s no surprise if you’d seen her closet, or more like ‘clothing room’. I was one of the only people alive to get this opportunity.

I had presented myself to her in my tidiest of suits. A red jacket, accentuated in gold, under a nice black trenchcoat, finished by a top hat. I’d taken off my boots as to not make a mess on the beautiful wooden floor and carpets. The Queen’s butler had opened the door for me and had me wait in the entrance. Red drapes hung along the tall windows, and were accompanied by paintings of the Royals’ predecessors. It struck me as odd that the King Ninja’s family portraits hung in the house as well, although I had no knowledge of the relationship between the Royals. The Queen herself interrupted my train of thought as she stepped through the large doors in the middle of the wall ahead of me. She was clothed in a white, beautiful dress, red roses carefully sewn to its sleeves and skirt, and a crown placed carefully on her head. Her hand held a large rod, or sceptre, incrusted with precious gems. She welcomed me wholeheartedly and told me to follow her into the hallway she had just entered from.

MR had been a mess lately. I had felt it before, since the disappearance of two of the three Royal Guards, all of which had been appointed by the Royals themselves, or so they said. I myself was but a mere Raider in the city, although I had been appointed the title of Hero long ago. The final Royal Guard had settled in MR tower, the epicentre of the city and the most obvious place for someone of his status to watch over us citizens.

Through the hallway, up the stairs, through another small hallway, into the clothing room. The bright sunlight warmed my face through the windows. I could see her wardrobe clearly: dresses, casual clothing, all sewn by herself according to legend. I took a quick peek through the open door on the other side of the room and saw some machinery and equipment, most probably the sewing room. It would also explain the huge steaming chimney at the top of the palace. I took my hat off and put my hand through my hair, and got smiled at by the Queen.

“You’re probably wondering why I summoned you.” She said in her French, majestic accent.

“I do, your Majesty.” I replied. I’d had letters from her before but I had seen her in person only twice before, at the annual Raider meeting. It was there that I’d also become acquainted with Lego, a Western.

“You must have heard of the missing Royal Guards, no?” She asked me, continuing before I could reply. “I’ve been trying to keep that info away from the masses but it seems that West has gone in uproar because of this lack of… Moderation.”

“The King Ninja is not known for his order, your Majesty.”

“Yes, and while this is true, it has really gotten out of hand this time.” She responded with a serious look in her eyes.

“What happened, if I may ask?”

“MR Tower’s security has recently been breached.”

I was shocked. MR Tower had been the most important place of the city. It had a certain Roman feel to its architecture, and was by far the tallest out of all the skyscrapers in West. Not even Raiders like myself were allowed inside the structure, and one would be shot if they tried. It was under constant surveillance from the remaining Royal Guard and his Generals. Up until now, I thought it was unreachable.

“What happened, your Majesty?”

“Legions of rebel Westerns, marching through West’s streets and ravaging the place. Its outer fences were quickly breached and the guards could not withstand the force of the amount of people. Personally, I think this is to blame on the lack of Royal Guards.”

I let her finish, but as soon as she did I asked her about what was bugging me the most: “What have they done?”

“To my knowledge, they have ravaged the lower two floors of the structure, mostly destroying records of MR history. Coryn has appointed detectives to investigate the damage. This cannot go unpunished.”

Coryn was the final remaining Royal Guard. I imagined the duty of having to protect the Royal families and the city as a whole to be a tiresome thing.

“I understand.” I said. Then I spewed out the last thing that was on my mind. “But what do I have to do with this?”

She paused for a moment and shifted her attention to her wardrobe, and sighed.

“Hasith has decided to appoint more Royal Guards.”

As soon as I understood where she was going with this, I became both excited and worried.

“I need… You… To come… With me…” These words seemed to roll over her lips in slow motion. I thought about this heavily until I realized that there was not much of a choice for me.

She started walking to the workshop room, and I followed her there. I tried to ask her why she wanted me of all Raiders, but she ignored my stuttering and pointed at a contraption that looked like an old time machine from the movies. With much hesitation but without a word I stepped into the machine. I felt my stomach twist as the machine sent me in every direction while I heard the words “Godspeed, Toasty.”, right before everything went black.

Don't worry about not finishing this one. I'm full of inspiration and the next chapter is lying here already, waiting to be posted. I'm going to write a chapter ahead each time, this keeps me writing because I can't WAIT to see what you guys think of it.

TIME FOR ANOTHER FREE FOR ALL SUDDEN DEATH! Same rules as ever apply! For reference, check the BOTA thread! http://forums.mangaraiders.com/index.php/topic,3240.msg65627.html#msg65627


« on: August 28, 2012, 06:19:00 AM »

Happy Birthday!

« on: June 29, 2012, 12:36:54 PM »
Happy birthday Zachary.

You fool. >.>


Members Workshops / You as an element bender! (Avatar: the Last Airbender)
« on: February 23, 2012, 01:32:46 PM »
So! As my own contribution to the fact that we need more topics, here's an interesting workshop from me! Draw yourself as any type of bender from Avatar: the Last Airbender! And if you'd like (like me), you could also create some sort of backstory for your character. Here's mine:

This guy is the secret son of Aang, raised by the sandbender people. He primarily uses his daggers in combat but also uses his sand to make traps that are pretty much invisible for the opponent.
You gotta know how Avatar: the Last Airbender ended to understand what's happening. If not,


So Zuko reigns his fire kingdom in peace. Aang lives in his castle too. They're a little bit older (as you can see in the drawing, lol). But then, Aang comitted an act of treason, or at least in Zuko's eyes. May tries to take over the throne by murdering Zuko. Aang notices and ends up killing her in a battle (on accident, because he wouldn't kill anyone). Zuko is enraged, and goes to his sister Azula in the prison for advice (not a really smart move on his part though). She tells him that he should take his vengeance on Aang for doing that, but what he does not know is that it was Azula herself who told May to murder Zuko.
Thus, Zuko engages battle with Aang through the halls of the palace. Aang manages to escape, but Zuko isn't satisfied. He calls up his whole army to find the Avatar once again. The other regions don't want another war but don't have a lot of choice (it's the avatar, who previously saved them all). Aang promises to stop the war once Zuko's army is weaker, getting his morale down.

Now, it's the time for my character to shine (haven't given him a name yet). While Aang is hidden, he's off to murder Zuko, even though Aang told him not to. In the meantime, battle has changed for a few, including my character. He knows that battle with large armies isn't very sophisticated anymore. He's basically an elite unit all by himself.

tl;dr: Post your drawing here! I'm interested to see what you guys come up with.

« on: January 25, 2012, 12:35:15 PM »


Develop Your Story / 'The Internet', an MR canon by Toasty
« on: November 29, 2011, 03:36:55 PM »
Hi guys, it's me again! Yayy... Again with a story too. Why am I not posting this in my practice thread? Well, because this is no practice. And because it's an MR canon. I want this one to be somewhat longer than Project BECK. Like, at least five chapters of average lenght. With which I'm not really starting out, since this chapter is kinda short. =_= There's just so much info to gather from it all that it might get a little confusing, but I think you guys will understand what I mean by everything.

Well, here's the first chapter.


Doodler found her surroundings familiar. A girl, or rather woman, with her brown hair glistering in the sun, in the middle of a large city. But the city was far from average. Her buildings were tall, yes, but they had a rusty brown color to them, as if large random pieces of scrap metal were used to create these buildings. In the horizon, Doodler noticed small plumes of smoke, only a few blocks away. She decided to start walking in that direction, even though her gut told her that she'd get in trouble for doing that. Doodler didn't mind a little trouble.
   All there was to the scene was rubble and ashes. Chunks of the already random buildings were now scattered about, joined by another pile of somewhat prettier plates of metal. Shiny, as they should be. Which was odd, because ash covered all of it, and it looked like the rubble had been there for quite a while. Doodler felt uncomfortable, yet still found that the place had a sense of familiarity to it. Then all of a sudden, one of the shiny plates moved. A shady figure came out from under it by lifting it up and throwing it elsewhere. Doodler's eyes widened, not because of the man she didn't recognize, but because she read the text on the piece of metal the man had just thrown away.
   She quickly snapped out of it when the man turned to her. He was wearing a black trench coat similar to the one Coryn Sken always wore, except it lacked the red triangular symbol on the back. The rest of his appearance was far from Coryn's though: he had brown, short hair and a large diagonal scar going all across his face. Under his trench coat he wore a greenish shirt and some black boots.
   “Hey there.” he spoke. Doodler didn't recognize the guy from anything, which she found weird. She though she knew everyone in the MR universe.
   “I met an acquaintance of yours earlier. Long, blonde hair? I think his name was Sken.” he continued.
   “Hmm, yes, that sounds like him.” Doodler answered. She had her guard up: this definitely didn't look like a newbie in MR, and if he was she would've known.
   “Oh my, it seems I forgot to introduce myself. The name's Nate. And there's no need to be so hostile, ma'am.” Doodler relaxed her muscles a bit.
   “It's Doodler. And who are you exactly?”
   “That, dear Doodler, is a long story. I could tell you how I got here though.”
   “Please do.”
   Before he could start, Nate was interrupted by the sound of a boot stomping on a piece of metal. Sure enough, it was Coryn Sken in his full glory.
   “LISTEN UP, SCUM. I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BUT THIS IS MY TERRITORY, AND I WILL NOT ALLOW INVADERS!” he exclaimed. He was panting, as if he'd been running really hard.
   “I respect that.” Nate said, his head turned to Coryn, “I do not mean to invade.”
   “Oh.” Coryn let out. “Then explain to me what you ARE doing here. And where are we, anyway?”
   “The look in her eyes tells me your female friend here knows the answer.” Nate calmly answered. Coryn looked at Doodler, who in turn pointed her finger at the metal plate from earlier.
   “Ah, I see.”

On top of a building, a youngster with green skin and red hair stood on top of one of the brown piles which represented buildings. In the distance he noticed the three, standing around the rubble and remains of destruction. He too was wearing a trench coat. Much more interesting was the fact that he had the appearance of a cat, including ears and whiskers. The word “MADCAT” was spelled in green on his coat.

“Hi Lego.” Coryn said, out of nowhere. Behind him was standing the cat person. Nate and Doodler hadn't noticed him yet.
   “Damn it Coryn, why can't I ever sneak up on you?” Lego responded.
   “I wouldn't dare try, if I were you.”
   Lego looked over to Nate, the man he obviously didn't know. They inspected each other for a little while, when Nate broke the silence.
   “Hi, I'm Nate. Your timing is great, I was about to tell you guys where I come from.”
   “Were you?” Doodler asked.
   “As you might have noticed, I am not part of this universe. That's why you're here, probably. Your unconscious felt a change in the universe, so you came to fix it.”
   “Indeed, I was already wondering why I didn't know you.” Doodler said. Coryn was still doubtful of Nate.
   “Then how'd you get here?”
   “Right.” Nate continued, “They call my species 'walkers'. Well, it's more of a race, really. What we do, basically, is 'walk' from one universe to another. It has very interesting results.”
   “From one universe to another? You mean there's more?” Lego asked, puzzled by what had just been stated. Coryn seemed to question it only a little, as he had experienced weirder things. Doodler kept her poker face straight.
   “Yes. This universe, 'MR' as you like to call it, is part of a larger multiverse. We walkers call it 'the internet'.” Nate followed.
   “I've got one question.” Coryn said. “Why THIS particular dimension of MR, of all places?” Lego tried to figure out why he asked that. He hadn't familiarized with the area.
   “That is your only question? I honestly have no clue, my dear Coryn. I thought you'd like to know WHY I came here though.”
   “I was gonna ask that next, yes.” Coryn answered, slightly annoyed by Nate's arrogance.
   “Well, don't be mad at me, but... I'm kinda putting your lives on the line here. Actually, the complete existence of this universe. I've been followed by some weird entity when I was in 'the space', where the walkers travel to and from to get to other universes.”
   “So you're saying that monster is here? Is it dangerous?” Lego asked.
   “I have no answer to both those questions. But if it was in the space then it must be dangerous. Traveling to other universes is a delicate thing. They are all part of one whole, the internet as I said earlier. If a universe collapses, the internet might become unstable and be destroyed completely. Only walkers are entrusted with the ability to go from one universe to another for this very reason: we are the guardians of the internet.”

In the pile of rubbish, rusty and shiny pieces of metal lie covered in a layer of ash. On top of it is the metal plate Nate threw when he stood up. The faded letters on it form the word: BECK.

So yes. I have a lot of rivalry planned between Coryn and Nate, since Nate pretty much does what Coryn does but different 0_0 Coryn feels like he's not the only 'almost-god' out there. Furthermore, why doesn't anybody have weapons? Find out next time! Or maybe after that. I dunno. There's a lot more dialogue to come.

I hate dialogue. =_=

CosPlay / Halloween! What to cosplay as?
« on: October 26, 2011, 11:02:23 AM »
Hi guys! I'm not really a big cosplayer even though I've tried it in the past, but it seems that I've been invited to a (early) Halloween party this saturday, and I need a costume.

Basically I wanted to do something with anime that still scares the *censored* outta people, even though they don't know the anime (cause really, nobody watches anime among my friends). I was thinking BB from Death Note.

He's not really that scary at all but he's fairly easy to cosplay, both because the costume is easy to make and because his character isn't really developed (he wasn't even in the actual show), so I can basically do whatever I want with it. I need something easy because I only got till saturday to make the costume, obviously. >.>

Any other suggestions? Here's a list of other things I wanted to do, some harder than the others.

Zombie Slayer: Baseball bat, cap, gun, some blood here and there (fairly easy. I got all the 'ingredients' already)
TF2 Spy: Red suit and skimask. Basically impossible for me to find a nice red suit and actually buy it before saturday =_=
Pumpkinhead: I show up with my head in a large pumpkin. Isn't a reference to any anime or other show or whatever though.
L4D2 Hunter: Blue hoodie, blood in some parts, tape around the arms and legs (again, this one is easy. Got the stuff right here. Dunno if anyone will know the reference though)
V (V for Vendetta): V mask, black clothing and cape (I have no goddamn clue where to get this stuff before saturday)
Joker: Purple suit, white face, red scarred mouth, black around the eyes, green hair (even harder than the TF2 spy)

If you know anything else please tell me, I'm desperate.

Video / PC Games / Team Fortress Arcade
« on: October 06, 2011, 01:31:39 PM »
Need I say more? TEAM FORTRESS ARCADE PEOPLE. The fun gameplay of Team Fortress 2 combined with the frustrating difficulty of arcade games makes for an awesome game.


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