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MR Pub / Re: Happy Birthday Musicfreak8800
« on: August 03, 2017, 01:48:09 PM »
Happy Birthday Music! :D

Video / PC Games / Re: Stranger of Sword City w/ Carshald
« on: July 23, 2017, 08:24:10 AM »
Stranger of Sword City was one of my favorite games that I never beat.
So funny you should mention this... It's precisely the same for me with XCOM 2! XD

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2017
« on: July 19, 2017, 06:55:06 PM »
...Lately for some reason I've been craving vegetables. Is this what adulthood is? I'm scared.

Weeeeeeeell... IF that's adulthood... sh*t guess i missed the bus XD

MR Pub / Re: Happy Birthday Manimal
« on: July 14, 2017, 02:53:11 PM »
Happy Birthday Manimal!! Sooooooo... how does it to be a fully-fledged adult? :D

break Room / Re: Happy Birthday Coryn!
« on: July 11, 2017, 04:55:45 AM »
Happy birthday Coryn!!  Weather seems nice, guess that you've been nice all year? :tongue:... Anyway hope you'll have a great day! ^^

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Gabryel's Gallery
« on: July 10, 2017, 06:56:58 PM »
I personally like shyness and melancholy, on the subtle end of the emotional scale, when it comes to art. I do admit dread has it's appeal, depending on what the artist is trying to tell with his/her work. Fear is kinda.... meeeh... dull i suppose. Dread on the other hand is ofcourse a more intense version of fear, but still.. I think of them more as two seperate feelings despite their similarity, especially if shown with the right artwork.

As a non-artist... I find it very interesting to see pictures like the 2nd one, as it gives a look into an artist process (yours in this case). The 1st and the 2nd picture... well you could have fooled me if you said they were made by two different people. They're both so different from one another, and the fact that you don't just stick to one style but expand and go beyond your "comfort zone"... Well i think that's awesome and impressive ^^ (but that's a non-artist talking XD)

Manga Art Gallery / Re: K-Seki's Studio
« on: July 08, 2017, 11:58:53 AM »
:O that's so COOL! I want to do chorus battles too, what is that! Which of those voices is yours though, it was difficult to hear. MAybe I'll try later with headphones...

Funny you should mention that you had difficulties hearing which one was K-Seki.... I kid you not... When i went to check it out, this was showing up on the right. The video even indicates when it's K singing! :p

MR Pub / Re: You raff you ruse. (warning: may contain ecchi)
« on: July 06, 2017, 11:01:01 AM »

Hmmmmmmm... i guess Terry's shirt exploded! XD

Video / PC Games / Stranger of Sword City w/ Carshald
« on: July 06, 2017, 04:30:35 AM »
I really liked Devola's idea of involving fellow members, as recruitable characters. Which gave me sort of the kick i needed to get back into one of my favorit games (of all times),

Stranger of Sword City
Short Synopsis:

You awaken in a strange land, full of crashed air plains. Upon your arrival, you're immediately attacked by several monsters. You're then saved by a mysterious girl, who reveales herself to be a stranger to these lands much like yourself. On earth (not we're not in space but in a different realm/dimension) the gravity is heavier, so Strangers (us visitors from a different dimension) are stronger and faster than the citizens of this world. As you are recruit into the Strangers guild, you help your newfound friends find a way to return home.

Strangers of Sword City is an old school dungeon crawler rpg, where you create your own characters (and yes i mean more than just your main protagonist. If a team member dies, you HAVE to create a new character.
So thanks to Devola's interesting thread, i've decided to play this myself again and as such i'm looking for recruits! ^^ You're also welcome to post more than just one character (as already mention this game features the risk of characters dying!), so post your character's name, race, talent, class (and future class choice).

I won't just use the first 5 people (because there's the risk of perma-death XD), so i'll use anyone who decides to join this campaign, post updates, maybe even record a bit of gameplay, upload it on youtube and share that aswell. However... I apologize before hand if my actions result in the death of any of my dear fellow raiders!

On a side-note the game has two art styles (three if we count the last set of portraits but won't bother with them. Art style is not just portrait choice but the art style for the whole game. Here's an example of the two styles.

Yoko Tsukamoto & Oxijiyen
Both are examples of the same character. However I will personally be using the Yoko Tsukamoto style, because there's a larger pool of character portraits to choose from.

I've decided to add a link so that you can see the portraits yourself and choose...
On the Character Creation page you can find starting stats for each race, information concerning Life Points/Bonus points depending on character age.

Race & Talent
Characters' innate skills, which express themselves in various ways.

Humans: The most common race in Escario that look just like Strangers. Stats are fairly good and can be useful as any class.
Elf: A handsome race that came from the forest. Highly intelligent and skilled with magic.
Dwarf: A tough, war-forged race. Skilled warriors with high attack and defense stats.
Migmy: A race of small, spiritual creatures. Weak but swift, and attuned to holy magic.
Ney: A therianthrope race that came from Eastern climes. Quick reflexes, but are inadept with magic.

Each race has a standart talents, but they can freely exchange them during character creation, regardless of chosen race.[/i]

Fortunate: Blessed with luck on the battlefield, this person is more likely to sense surprise attacks and evade them.
Educated: With the wealth of knowledge they have been accumulating since childhood, they can see the true forms of both equipment and monsters.
Invincible: Born with a naturally hardy body resistant to critical attacks and various status effects.
Intuition: An eye for detail that can ferret out traps hidden in treasure chests.
Wild Eye: Can easily sniff out secrets in Labyrinths thanks to their sharp senses and animal instincts.
Vitality: Spirit filled with vigor. Starting Life Point +2.
Deprived:   No talent, but grants better Bonus Point rolls during character creation.

Now moving on to the class choices...

Fighter: A lively soldier that specializes in close combat. Uses powerful weapons and has immense destructive power.
Knight: A defender that stays in the front row to protect allies. When equipped with heavy armor, they become the shield of the party.
Samurai: A speedy fighter for the front row. Uses one-hit kill sword skills.
Ranger: A mid-range class that can attack from distance with a bow. Attacks are weak, but highly accurate.
Ninja: An advanced class that rattles the enemy. A class that can defend, distract enemies, or assassinate strong targets.
Dancer: A trickster that specializes in singing and dancing. It elegantly fights with thrown weapons and items.
Wizard: A magician that specializes in support magic. Not recommended for close combat.
Cleric: Heals wounded allies with magic. By using blunt weapons, they can attack from mid range.

And last but not least... Character Age.
When creating a Character you have to choose your character's age, however in this game age isn't just a number for aesthetic purposes. The older your character is the more bonus point you get when creating your character, but you also have less life points (and ofcourse if you run out of lifepoints... game over).

On a side-note, the group is set up of 3 frontline fighters such as Fighter/Knigtht/Samurai/Ninja and 3 backrow support/ranged attackers such Ranger/Dancer/Wizard/Cleric. So I won't be choicing 5 frontline fighters because close-range weapons are useless in the backrow.

As a final side-note, there's something called Job change. Basically you can customize your class in-depth. Let's say you choose Samurai, but you want your Samurai to learn Ninja's Hide and Assassination skills that unlock at Ninja level 6. To do so you simply choose (IF YOU WANT A MORE COMPLEX CLASS) Ninja (until Level 6), then switch to Samurai. As for each class' skills, the clickable class name has a link to it's adjacent wiki-page, with information on the class. Or you can also simply just go full Samurai and stay like that, or choose the 3rd option, the "Suprise Me" option, giving me full control over your character's developement...

Video / PC Games / Re: XCOM 2 with Devola
« on: July 06, 2017, 03:08:46 AM »
OMG! I love XCOM! ^^ Reporting for duty as the Psi Operator (my favorite class anyway).

Let's brainwash those spineless, scaly invaders!

I collect something else  :blush:

OMFG! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!.. New quest.. "Investigate the Lala disapperances" XD

Gawd those outfits  ÖwÖ can't get enough. Want them aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall


The reason i got hooked on FFxiv was mainly the community.
There are actual nice people in dungeons and provide actual help.
When I played heavensward dungeons someone showed me that I was missing an quest wich gave me an very important skill!

And outfits lots and lots of outfits!
The realm reborn main quest line is quite boring. But heavensward is great.
Lol yeah FF has a good community. Most games nowadays have a rather venomous community, where 90% is ready to throw you under the bus for whatever reason... Sadly gaming communities are slowly going downhill...

OUTFITS! I luv me my outfits XD Im a sucker for games with great outfits and FF does it really well.

I dont trust them cause those damn bastards still owe me 300$ from way bk when they got hacked.  >:( I wasnt one of lucky ones that were refunded due to stolen CC info.

Yeah playing every/any class with one character was one of the things that (to me atleast) made FF standout from other MMOS. Btw wasnt there cross-play between playstation and pc? Been so long so dont remember, i played on pc. I DONT TRUST SONY! >:( thieving netches!

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