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I think I chose demon slayer because it read better and the little tiny fact that you used Lillie as a character name.  Don't ask.  :D

That was a funny answer, glad you liked DSH as that's only the three chapters that fit within the 3 chapter limit but the arc is longer than 3 chapters.

Demon Slayer Hedy
Chapter 3
Another World Part 3

The Humanoid Demons work their way through the tavern asking people to show their ID’s which they each conspicuously pull out of their left pocket on their tops in front of their hearts.

Lillie and Hedy keep their cool as the demons work their way from the left side of the tavern to them and don’t reach for their weapons.

One of the demons walks up to Hedy and says “Young girl,
show me your ID.”

Hedy reaches into the left breast pocket and pulls out an ID and hands it to the demon silently while putting on a look of nervousness consistent with a 12 year old being questioned by an authority figure.

The demon looks at her ID and says “Yours checks out little girl,
but is this woman your mother?”

Lillie pulls out the ID in her left breast pocket and says “I’m not her mother sir,
I’m her older sister.
Our mother was the captain of a ship that got sunk in the early stages of the war.
Please excuse my speaking for my sister as she isn’t very comfortable speaking with non humans yet.”

The demon gets a skeptical look and replies “If you’re her older sister that fits,
but if your mother was a ship captain then do not write her off just yet.”
“Many ships crews are currently prisoners.
Are you not from this town?” The demon asks with a serious look.

“We’re from a recently annexed town to the north,
but our cousin lives here and wanted us to visit.
She wanted to see we’re alright despite the resistance forces who defended the town.” Lillie replies with a look of worry.

The demon hands back her ID with a satisfied look and says “Well everything seems to be in order so I hope you become productive citizens under King Solomon's rule.”

The demons go about their inspection normally and once they’ve inspected everyone's ID’s gather at the door, and the one in charge says “If you see anyone with Blond Hair and Blue Eyes,
especially females, alert the town mayor.
Report any and all details you have and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.”

The demons leave the tavern and everyone goes back to their drinking and the bartender walks up to Lillie and says “We’ve been hearing about those two Arians they were looking for all day.
I doubt they aren’t likely to still be in town.
I overheard you say you were from out of town and that your mother captained a ship but I wouldn’t hold out hope,
my wife was on one of the ships the day they started sinking them,
apparently they only take those they fish out of the water alive prisoner.”

Lillie looks at him and sees a funny look in his eyes then Hedy says “We are who we say we are,
but our mother never learned to swim,
unless there was a miracle that day she drowned for sure.”

The bartender steps away and says “Sorry to hear that is the case.”

The bartender walks away and someone sits next to Lillie and says “The Barkeep used to get his beer from abroad especially the guinness,
but now he has to get every drop from this island.
He doesn’t trust the demons much either,
that’s why we asked him to test you before we spoke to you.
When you leave here head to the factory in the north of the forge,
ask to speak to McGraw and we’ll talk openly.”

The person gets up and walks away quietly and leaves the tavern.

“We can trust him,
he and the barkeeper are telling the truth Lillie,
we should go after we finish our drinks.” Hedy whispers to Lillie with a look of confidence in her eyes

Lillie looks at her and whispers back “If you trust him then I guess I might as well trust him too,
but how on earth do you keep picking up on this stuff so easily?”

“Grandma “AKA Grandmaster Magdalena” told me it’s a side effect of that incident 7 years ago calling it ESP,
but I don’t know what it means or how to use this ability but tells me things it didn’t tell me before.” Hedy whispers back as an explanation of her unusual ability to pick up on things other people would miss.

Lillie takes another sip of her beer and says “If that’s the case then she should have informed me before the mission.”

After that the two of them sit there quietly drinking until their glasses are empty and leave the tavern quietly.

They walk to the forge and look for the factory in the north of the forge, as they wander around with confused looks a woman walks up to them and says “Excuse me but this area is off limits to non staff members,
please leave.”

Lillie turns to her and says “Sorry to intrude but we were told to come here and speak to someone called McGraw,
you wouldn’t happen to know where we can find them would you?”

The woman looks at Lillie with a look of surprise and say “Follow me,
McGraw's place is over this way.”

The woman leads them to a large factory and yells “HEY!!!

A tall man with black hair and brown eyes walks out of the factory in a blue jump suit and says “Honestly,
do you have to shout and make accusations like that when you know they aren’t true?
One of these days someone is going to believe you and I’m gonna end up a pariah because of your big mouth.”

The woman glares at him like her eyes are daggers and says “You are the one who keeps giving out invites to people who have no place coming here and doing your business on my premisis you *censored*e bag!”

“Enough of the arguing already!!!
We came here to speak to someone so either get it over with or we’re leaving!!!” Lillie states with a seriously annoyed look.

McGraw turns to the door and says “If that’s the case then just follow me.
And as for you Jessica,
do not upset my clients any more than you already have if you insist on sticking around!”

They all walk into the factory and head to the office before McGraw turns on a tape which plays the sound of McGraw and Jessica arguing like outside and Jessica pushes a button on the floor with her foot opening a hidden passage.

McGraw and Jessica don’t say a word and quietly walk into the passage and beckon Lillie and Hedy to follow them.

Lillie and Hedy follow them into the passage and find themselves in a large underground room with an unusual world map different from that of the earth but with similar land masses and markings indicating the spread of the Demons control of the earth and another that shows where in Scotland has been taken and where is still contested.

McGraw turns to them and says “Apologies for the over the top performance out front,
Jessica reads too many stories of the wrong type for ideas.”

Jessica glares at him with a look of annoyance and says “Well if you don’t want me acting like a Tsundere then what do you want me to act like!?”

McGraw raises his arm and slams his hand down on the table and says “Honestly!!!
Enough of the Japanese Slang you geeky tomboy!!!”

Lillie draws her swords and puts them to their throats and yells “ENOUGH!!!

Everyone goes quiet for a moment and Jessica says “Sorry for the stupidity.
Our acting outside has a measure of truth to it but only in how we feel about each other.”

Lillie calms down and puts away her swords and says “Well if all the stupidity is done then let's get to whatever it was you called us here for.”

McGraw and Jessica stand beside each other on the other side of a table in the middle of the room and McGraw says “I’ll start by explaining the most important thing,
you two are demon slayers from a world we refer to as Shaien,
this world is a whole other universe we call Antheria.”
“In this world as you’re aware we use magic and have a demon problem,
as you can see from the maps and as you’ve heard in town we’re getting our asses kicked left and right.
Our problems though aren’t as bad as yours since the demons have been on the hunt for you for the last six months,
it’s like they’ve been expecting you to show,
and we are guessing you only just arrived in our world today,
but your friends did some time ago.” McGraw continues with a serious look

“The main problem for you now is that you are at a disadvantage to the demons,
they outnumber you,
have more info on you than you have on them,
and they’ve had plenty of time to prepare for your arrival and even caught one of you already.” Jessica states with a look of worry as she explains some of the details of their situation and continues by saying “The good news is you have allies in this world such as us in the Scottish Resistance forces,
we have the resources and manpower to at least help free your captured friend and find the others.
Another thing is we’re well aware of how advanced your world is compared to ours currently.
We were once a lot more advanced,
but when things went to hell our technology suffered for it,
now we’re lucky to still have lights.”

Lillie and Hedy stand there and listen carefully as Jessica and McGraw continue to explain the details of their worlds complexities and when they are done Lillie looks at them calmly and says “If I’m getting this right,
this former Human King Solomon decided that because Humans were disrupting the natural order and polluting the world,
we needed to go on a No Fossil Fuels and No advanced technology diet consisting of pure Cold Turkey to address the problem whether we like it or not.
That’s about the gist of it correct?” Lillie asks with a look of curiosity.

Jessica walks up to the island map and says “That is the case,
but what we’ve explained is just what little we know of the situation,
there is surely more we do not know.
For instance there is the fact that we don’t know which of your friends it is in Aberdeen other than he’s the kid who uses guns,
and the one in the high lands uses spears and lances and is quite a skilled child,
but will be eliminated within a month by the demonic forces.

Lillie gets a look of worry and asks “The one in Aberdeen is called Kurt,
and the one in the Highlands is Hans,
both of them are cousins of ours,
all of us have the last name Brandt.
They and Hedy’s lives are my personal responsibility so tell me honestly,
what are the chances we can rescue them with your help?”

McGraw walks up next to Jessica with a concerned look and says “We don’t have a strong presence in either location,
but we can at least get you to both relatively safely if you hide the fact you’re Arians.
The problem is you aren’t equipped for what you’re up against,
standard weapons won’t do much against demons when they’re in this world.”

“I sort of sensed that when I tasted some sea water.” Hedy states with a look of surprise.
“I sensed there was an energy in the water native to this world that allows for Magic and probably boosts the powers of the demons,
so I immediately tried to remember some of the spells I read in a book in my grandmother's library and got an odd feeling when remembering them.” Hedy continues to explain as she looks at them.

Lillie turns to her with a look of shock and says “You mean you knew that we are in a different world this whole time!?
Why didn’t you tell me!?
And do you really know some spells that could be of use!?”

Hedy turns away from Lillie and says “I wasn’t sure but I suspected,
you know what I’m like with my episodes so you know I’m not likely to use them.”

Lillie calms down and puts her hand on Hedy’s head and says “It’s ok,
I’m not angry just shocked you held out on me for this long.”

Jessica points to Aberdeen on the map and says “Whatever you’re going to do you need to decide within the week,
your friend Kurt will be getting transferred to London in 7 days,
if you want to save him you’ve only got two options to save him and they are,
either hit the transport,
or bust him out and get your asses up to the highland at top speed.”

Lillie looks at her and asks “Just how heavily guarded are the cells in Aberdeen's prison?”

McGraw pulls out an old floor plan and says “They can only squeeze humanoids into that place without sacrificing combat viability,
so only 5 of them are on site,
they’ve got a local garrison within the city as well as an army of different demons in the surrounding forest they’ll sick on you.”

“Then we’ll just need to escape via a non physical route!” Hedy states clearly with a look of wisdom despite the fact she shouldn’t know what she’s talking about.

Everyone looks at her with a look of shock like she just said something totally ingenious but totally impractical and Lillie says “You may have a point,
but it’s totally impractical,
we don’t know how the portal that brought us here works!”

Hedy steps up to the table and looks at the floor plan and says “This prison has a max security solitary sector deep inside the prison,
I’d bet money on it that’s where they’ve got Kurt.”
“Even if he had his guns and we had Hans and the other instructors,
the layout of this place is designed to not only keep prisoners in but any and all would be rescuers,
and is designed to let us get in deep before trapping us there,
a teleport of some sort is our only chance.” Hedy states with a serious look as she reads the floor plan.

Lillie walks up to her and says “You may have a point about the viability of rescuing him without an exit plan,
but we can hit them while they transport him and escape easier that way.”

Hedy turns her head to Lillie and says “I know you’re a master strategist and tactician,
but that plan is the most obvious one there is and they know we’d try that so it’s a no go.”
“We need to come up with a viable way to escape with him from the Prison or we won’t be able to save him.” Hedy states with a tone of annoyance as she turns her head back to the Floor Plan.

Hedy steps away and lowers her head and says “How to pull this off… Hmm…”

McGraw steps away from the table and mutters “If only we were in contact with the McKenzie’s,
we’d be able to use the escape methods of our people within Demon held territory!”

Jessica turns to him with a pissed off look and yells “Don’t you dare think of contacting them!!!
They may be our allies but they are one of the groups that pulled out of the fight to take back the Demon held territories so to hell with them!!!”

Hedy gets a look like something utterly ingenious just hit her like a ton of bricks as she turns to them and yells “You just said something that really may be the key to our success!!!”

Hedy turns to Lillie and says “Lillie!
Bertha told me that you are a bit of a history buff,
so do you happen to know anything about ancient Scottish Warfare?”

Lillie gets a shocked look and says “Did you seriously either just get an ingenious idea or have you lost it!?”

Hedy turns to her and says “No time to explain but I need the details as quick as you can!
And Miss Jessica do you have any books on Scottish Warfare tactics from this world,
or any materials that cover covert movement from this world?”

Jessica gets a stunned look and says “You may have just figured something out!
I’ll get the books right now!
And I’d cooperate with her if I were you Lillie,
the girl’s seriously onto something huge here!”

Jessica leaves the room via a door leading deeper into the underground facility and doesn’t return for several minutes and when she does, brings a cart of books with her.

“This is everything relevant to the tactics of our people,
going back all the way to when the Romans invaded via England.” Jessica states with a look like she’s been digging through a mountain of books and continues “While I was at it I dug out anything related to Shinobi,
and anyone else known to be able to disappear and reappear like rabbits in and out of a Magician's hat!”

Hedy turns to her while sitting in a corner holding a map of Scotland and says “Thanks for that!”
“I had Lillie fill me in on what she knows,
so I know what subjects to look at specifically while she cooks up a battle plan.” She continues with an excited look.

“So have you got any promising leads?” Jessica asks with a curious and excited yet calm look.

Hedy walks over and picks up a book on ancient Ninja techniques and one on Celtic guerrilla warfare tactics and says “I’ve got a few,
if what Mr McGraw said is accurate then I’ve got a decent idea of what I’m after,
it may be useful to you too!”

(3 Days Later in Aberdeen)

Lillie and Hedy wander through the city carefully and cautiously looking for a decent Inn to stay at and Lillie says “Honestly,
how hard is it to find an Inn in a city these days?”

Hedy walks alongside her and says “I remember seeing one on the map just down the street,
but it’s apparently tourist season or something so we aren’t likely to get a room.”

“You’ve sure become talkative the last few days,
I never pegged you as much of a talker,
but you’re not only talkative but have a really good brain in your head.” Lillie states with an impressed look.

Hedy turns her head away and says “Bertha talked about you all the time but didn’t go into too much detail,
but said you’re a really harsh instructor so I was a bit nervous at first.”

Lillie keeps walking calmly and says “Not surprising,
she said to me that you are a bright and bubbly ball of energy with a talent for fighting,
and better at academics than she was.” Lillie says as they walk but doesn’t look to Hedy when Hedy looks at her in surprise and she continues by saying “She even went so far as to confess to me that she was envious of your shear intuitive knack for using knowledge and wisdom to your advantage.”

While staring up at her face she sees a tear run down Lillie’s face and says “Maybe we should pick this up later at the Inn.”

Lillie wipes her tear away and quietly says “Yes, you’re right we should have this conversation in private.”

Later at the Inn Lillie sits on a bed opposite from one Hedy sits on and says “I’m sorry for that display on the street earlier.”
“I never thought I’d begin to crack up publicly in the middle of a mission,
I nearly jeopardize the whole plan with my lack of control.” Lillie continues with a look of self disappointment.

Hedy lowers her head and says “I wasn’t far from losing it too,
I decided to do what little I could under the circumstances.”
“In the incident 7 years ago my older sister Bertha saved my life at the cost of her own,
I’ve never been able to forget the demons that did it.” Hedy continues as tears fall from her face.

Lillie raises her head and says “I know how you feel since I blame myself for not being able to protect her either.”
“I wanted to move in and rescue her and the other trainees caught in the attack,
but because she was one of my students I was overruled on the grounds I was too emotionally involved to make a clear decision.” She continues with tears running down her face.

“I guess we’ve both got issues related to what happened to her.
Her death caused my PTSD which I would have told Kurt and Hans if we had time,
but we both know that we won’t be able to tell them for some time yet.” Hedy states with a look of guilt that they aren’t there to hear the details of the tragic story they’ve chosen to put into words.

"Lets leave this for a better time Hedy,
I think we have something important to talk about.” Lillie states calmly as she wipes her eyes.

Hedy wipes the tears from her eyes and says “I agree,
we both cared about Bertha before she died that day.”

Hedy stands up and walks over to the window and leans against the ledge and says “Is it that you’re worried about reclaiming or replacing Kurt’s guns?”

Lillie looks straight at her and says “Yes that’s what I’m worried about.
Kurt is more than capable with his bare hands but he’s only at his best with his guns,
let's hope we can find some viable replacements.”

Hedy looks at her confidently and says “Well I did read a story about a pair of handguns native to this universe,
I’m pretty confident we can get them for Kurt.”

Lillie gets up and walks to her and says “We’ll be able to look into that after we rescue Kurt,
but before that we should go eat.”

Lillie walks to the door and says “Let's get going before it gets much later,
also I don’t like the look of those clouds in the sky so we should probably find a place indoors to eat.”

Lillie and Hedy leave the room with a look of confidence and head toward a nearby cafe.

(Meanwhile in the prison)

Kurt sits in a cell and thinks “I wish I had my guns when I got here.”
Kurt flashes back to when he was in the portal and remembers trying to stay close to Hans but being drawn further and further away from him and losing his gun belt and watching as it flies toward Hans before he catches it.

“I seriously hope he still has my guns!
If not I’m gonna punch him!!” Kurt thinks in a frustrated tone.

Just as Kurt is beginning to doze off one of the Humanoid demons opens the cell doors eye slide and says “Hey Demon Slayer Brat!
We’ve heard reports that two of your comrades have been sighted in Glasgow!
They are expected to be coming here to rescue you!”

“But don’t get your hopes up!
We’ve increased security and even have an Insectoid working with us who’s fought you brats before!” The Humanoid states with a note of confidence in an arrogant tone.

Kurt glares at the Humanoid and says “You think you’re capable of taking my friends?
Don’t make me laugh!!
You rejects from wherever you’re from aren’t capable of taking my friends in a fight,
especially not my instructor she’ll cut you to pieces!!!”

The Humanoid goes silent for a moment then says calmly “Maybe in your own world it is the case that the Demon Slayers slay the Demons but,
here in this world it is the Demons who slay the Demon Slayers!”
“In other words,
in our world you preditors become our prey!!!” The Humanoid states clearly with it’s eyes glowing bright red.

To Be Continued

Demon Slayer Hedy
Chapter 2
Another World Part 2

As Lillie and Hedy jump into the portal the insect demons swarm the room and several try to jump through the portal. Just before they do the explosives go off and the building explodes.

(Meanwhile on the other side of the portal)

Beleth turns to a group of robed insectoids and yells “CUT OFF THE PORTAL NOW!!!

(Return to Hedy and Lillie)

Hedy and Lillie fall through a white void that seems to lead to somewhere else when suddenly black streaks begin to shoot through the white void and they begin to feel like they’re being pulled away from each other.

Lillie turns to Hedy and reaches out to her hand and yells “Grab on and don’t let go Hedy!!!”

Hedy turns to her and reaches out with all her might but can’t reach her.

Lillie gets a desperate look and notices Hedy brought her axes extension shafts and yells “Use your axes!!!

Hedy grabs the extension shafts and attaches them to the axes and joins them together and reaches out to Lillie with them.

Lillie reaches for the axes grip and grabs on and Hedy pulls her in close and grabs on to her and says “Whatever you do,
don’t let go or we’ll be separated!!!”

Lillie and Hedy both lose consciousness

When they wake up, they find themselves on a beach on a large island with tall mountains and high hills and lots of trees.

Lillie looks around and sees no one is around but that Hedy is still unconscious.

Lillie stands up and slaps Hedy on the cheek gently to wake her up and says “Hedy!
Wake up!
You’ve got to wake up!
We’re in trouble and you need to wake up already!”

Hedy stirs and wakes up and says “Lillie?
Where are the bug demons?”

“I’m not sure,
but I know we aren’t in our world anymore!” Lillie states with a note of worry and says “We need to get it together and find the others,
then we need to figure where we are and how to get home!”

Hedy gets up and walks over to the water and puts her finger in the water and tastes it then turns to Lillie and says “One thing’s for sure,
we’re at the sea.
This water is super salty and tastes funny for some reason.”

“Funny as in what,
contaminated?” Lillie asks with a confused look

“No it’s definitely not contaminated,
I mean it tastes like H20, Sodium and various soupy life mass like sea water should,
but it’s like I taste something strange,
but it’s not coming from my tongue.” Hedy replies with a confused look

Lillie puts her finger to her chin and thinks “Not a contaminant yet it still tastes strange,
and not coming from her tongue…?
What is it she’s tasting?
Does she taste something different because of that portal?
Or is it to do with where we are?”

“Either way,
we’ll have to figure this out after we at least find Hans and Kurt.” Lillie continues to think as she turns and says “Let's find a way in land and worry about the water later.”

Lillie and Hedy walk along the beach for a while and see the mouth of a river heading inland and they follow it deeper into the island with a look of curiosity.

As Hedy looks around she notices something’s moving in the forest, she grabs her axes but doesn’t draw them.

Lillie looks at her and notices she’s readying her weapons and positions her hands ready to draw her swords and asks “What do you see?”

“I’m not sure,
but there seems to be something following us in the forest.” Hedy replies quietly while not looking at Lillie or the movement in the forest.

The movement in the forest gets closer and closer and Hedy faintly hears a buzzing sound like wings moving extremely fast.

Hedy looks toward Lillie and says “It’s another bug demon,
a flyer by the sound of it.
We aren’t equipped to take it in the open.
If it attacks I think we should make for the forest.”

Lillie looks at her calmly and says “I agree.
If it comes out then make for the trees and I’ll cover you with a flash grenade.”

Hedy and Lillie keep walking and the sound gets closer and closer until suddenly the bug comes flying out of the trees.

They draw their weapons ready to fight and Lillie puts the grenade pin between her teeth but the bug demon ignores them and flies over the river and heads into the forest at the other side.

Lillie lets go of the grenade pin and looks at Hedy and says “Bertha.”

Hedy turns to her and says “I managed to stay in control this time,
but that’s not what we should be worrying about.”

Lilly puts away the grenade and her swords and says “I know,
we need to focus on finding the others and find out where we are.
Though it is strange and suspicious that it ignored us.”

Before Hedy puts away her axes a rustling sound comes from the bushes and she turns to them with a serious look and says “Lillie,
we have another one!”

Lillie turns to the bushes and draws her swords.

Suddenly a human walks out of the bushes and says in English “Oh sorry to spook you!
Are you visitors from the mainland?”

Lillie and Hedy get shocked looks and Hedy says “Did you understand a word of what he just said?”

“Not a word.” Lillie replies with a look of confusion and continues “It sounds like he’s speaking english.
Alois was the only one on the team that speaks it.”

The man looks at them with a look of confusion and says in English “If you aren’t able to understand me then just follow me to Glasgow.
The mayor will help you out.”

The man begins to walk up river as Hedy and Lillie stand there watching him walk away.

He turns back to them and says “Glasgow!” And points up river and does a beckoning move with his hand to tell them to follow him

Hedy turns to Lillie and says “I think he wants us to follow him.”

“I think so too.
As far as I know Glasgow is a famous city in Scotland in the UK.” Lillie replies with a look of surprise.

Lillie and Hedy follow the man.

The man leads them up river to a large town with rather old yet low tech looking buildings and the man turns to them and says in English “This is Glasgow.” While pointing to the town

Lillie gets a shocked look and says “I always heard Glasgow was this huge city known for its commerce,
its high levels of greenery,
good schools,
historic buildings and wide variety of cultural art,
but this place looks nothing like a modern city!”

Hedy turns to her and says “I’m not sure why but I think he’s telling the truth.
That large tower up there looks different from the other buildings but I’m not sure why,
this place though is definitely this Glasgow place he keeps mentioning.”

They walk through the town to a large sandstone building on the north end of the town in a large plaza all the while getting funny looks from most of the people they pass like they’ve never seen someone with Blond Hair and Blue Eyes

Hedy gets closer to Lillie and whispers “What do you think these peoples deal is?
They keep staring at us like they’ve never seen a German before.”

“They’re clearly Scots,
but I don’t think they’ve seen a German before,
or at least not an Arian anyway.
Just try to ignore it.” Lillie whispers back confidently as they walk up to the large sandstone building.

The man speaks to the guards and one goes inside while the others keep a close eye on them.

3 minutes after the guard went in a old man in colourful robes bearing the Glasgow Coat of Arms comes out holding a large stone with a handprint on it and holds it out to them and says in English “Please place your hand in the hand print and listen carefully.” As he points to the handprint.

Lillie raises her right hand and places it on the hand print and the Old man says “I know you must have a lot of questions but first please repeat after me.
Oh gods of speech please grant unto me the power to comprehend and speak the language of whom ever may speak to me in the name of the mighty all.”

Lillie gets a confused look but repeats what he said in German as he requested and suddenly a strange light envelopes Lillies Ears and Mouth and the old man says “Now you know the spell of Translation,
it’ll let you speak the language of everyone you are in the presence of,
and all those you meet for the next 72 hours.”

Lillie gets a shocked look and says “You mean that was a Magic Spell and it allows me to communicate with anyone!?
But how is that even Possible!?
As far as I’ve always known Magic is total fiction!”

The old man gets a confused look and says “It’s always been possible,
but how do you not know how to use such a common and basic spell as that when you travel to another country?”

“We don’t even know where we are,
but Glasgow should be a big city not a large town.” Lillie replies with a shocked look as Hedy mutters something

“I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about.
This town is Glasgow and has never been a city.
But as for where you are,
you are in Scotland which is an Island Nation part of a collective called the United Kingdom,
but only because the English insist it be called that.” The old man states calmly with a look of surprise and shock.

Hedy steps forward and says “We don’t know about your countries personal affairs,
but we’re from Germany and were on a job with some comrades we need to find and meet up with.
We got separated after falling through some sort of portal,
but we don’t know who created it or why and it’s probably our only way home.”

The old man looks at her with surprise and confusion and says “Well aren’t you a fast learner aren’t you.
I don’t know much about the situation you’re having with this portal,
but if you’re from Germany then getting home shouldn’t be too hard.”

Lillie looks at Hedy in shock and says “Why’d you copy what I said!?”

“Because you were clearly able to speak to him after saying that stuff!” Hedy replies with a rebellious look and continues by saying “I remember reading words like that in an old book in my grandmother's library when I was little!
I probably know a few other spells!”

Lillie looks at her with a very annoyed look and says “Fine but no more fooling around with this stuff or you might blow something up by Accident and not be able to pay for it!”

The old man looks at them and says “Back to what I was saying,
if you’re from Germany it shouldn’t be too hard to get home.
There are ferries that take people from Scotland to England and Wales on the south coast,
and from England you can get one to France and from there it’s just a matter of traveling across the continent to Germany,
or at least that was the case before the Demon King Solomon started his war.
He tried to take England and cut off all inter island travel routes even by air.”

“So you have air travel here?” Lillie replies with a curious look

The old man points to the tower and says “That was the Airship landing and docking station.
It facilitated passenger boarding for the public crossing airships from London until the attacks began.”

“If that’s true then how are we supposed to get back to Germany!?” Lillie replies with a look of shock.

The old man looks at her with a serious look and says “The only way is to either get permission from the local overseer,
or somehow get past all the demons guarding the only safe routes by air and sea.”
“But if you came here without following their procedures I’d recommend not using either route and avoiding any inspections for your sake as well as ours.” He continues with a worried look

“Inspections and procedures!?
Are you saying the demons have control of your country!?” Lillie replies with a look of shock and horror

The old man lowers his head and says “I’m ashamed to say it’s so but unfortunately it is as you say,
as we’ve neither the forces nor the weapons to fight them.
They’ve been taking our country one town at a time.”

Lillie steps back from the shock at what she had just heard and says “You are seriously unable to defend yourselves!?
you really are up the Rhine without an oar by the sounds of it.”
“So what will the demons do if they find out about us?” Lillie asks with a worried look

The old man looks at her calmly and says “They’ll likely execute you as invaders or as rebels,
but they might actually take you prisoner and question you before they do whatever they will with you.”

“We came here with 6 others who look like us but we got separated when we entered the portal that dropped us here,
if you’ve heard where any of them might be we’d appreciate your help in finding them.” Hedy states as she steps in

The old man looks at her with surprise and says “We’ve heard rumours the last month of a child with blond hair and blue eyes in the highlands fighting the demons,
and a message from Aberdeen that they’re holding a young boy with Blond Hair and Blue eyes on suspicion of being a Demon Slayer.”
“They wouldn’t happen to be among the friends you’re looking for would they?” The old man inquires with a look of disbelief

Lillie gets a serious look and says “I’m not sure.
The hair and eye colours sound right but we’d need to see them with our own eyes to be sure.”
“But we’ll have to see for ourselves if it’s them but chances are it’s not.” Lillie continues with a calm look as she lifts her hand from the stone and turns to walk away

“If you are planning on going to investigate,
I suggest going to Aberdeen first.
You will be safer to go there first.” The old man says with a concerned look

“We’ll spend the night here if you accept Euros as we don’t have any Pounds Sterling with us.” Lillie replies as she and Hedy walk away toward the outskirts of town

“Actually we still have a currency exchange here in the town hall.” The old man states as they walk away

Lillie and Hedy suddenly stop walking

Lillie turns to him and asks “Then what’s the exchange rate for 1 Euro to £1?”

The old man looks at her with a surprised look and asks “What exactly is a Euro?”

“You mean you haven’t heard of the European Union or its currency the Euro?” Lillie asks with a stunned look.

The old man looks at them a look of shock and says “If that’s what you mean then it’s a problem for you since the Euro-zone collapsed at the start of the war.
The Euro is practically worthless now.”

Lillie snaps her fingers with an annoyed look and says “Damn!
The only money we have are Euros!
If they’re worthless we’re penniless!!”

“If that’s the case then the least we can do is offer you a fair deal on the exchange rate for your Euros.” The old man says with a look of concern

Lillie and Hedy turn around and walk back and Lillie says “How much will you give us per Euro?”

The old man looks at her calmly and says “£1 per Euro sounds fair to me.”
“This is a perfect opportunity to put some money back in the town's treasury if they have a lot of Euros,
the overseer has been paying top coin for foreign currencies from collapsed economic zones!
And that makes these girls major cash cows!” The Old Man thinks with a seriously creepy and sinister voice.

Lillie walks up to him and says “I happen to have 500 Euros in cash on me and Hedy should have 150 Euros on her so that makes for £650 if we exchange it all.”

The old man gets a seriously happy look and says “That should be no problem,
and with that much money getting to Aberdeen should be fairly cheap and easy.”

The old man leads them into the town hall and they exchange their Euros for Pounds Sterling.

They walk out of the building with a map of the town and Hedy whispers “He clearly had an ulterior motive to exchange our currency despite it supposedly being worthless.
So what are you up to Lillie?
I did notice you hid the fact we have more money than what you said.”

Lillie gets an amused look and says “Shrewdness must run in the main family,
you almost remind me of your sister when you figure me out like that.”
“And yes we can’t trust the people of this town,
they are clearly under the demons rule. Yet, they are ignoring our evident connection to Hans and Kurt,
if he isn’t reporting us yet he must have some sort of reason not to.”
“We mustn’t stay here longer than we need to.
Lets make for the nearest source of transport and gather supplies and make for Aberdeen before the Demons find us.” Lillie continues to whisper calmly with a look of distrust and worry in her eyes.

The two of them head for the market and buy some food and water and start looking for transport.

Lillie looks around and says “This place is so low tech I doubt they have cars and vans,
we should look for horses or something that these people will actually have.”

Just as Lillie finishes talking Hedy hears the sound of a rubber tire kicking up dirt and a bicycle chain in motion and turns around to see where it’s coming from and sees someone riding a bike through the market and tugs at Lillies sleeve and points to it and says “I wouldn’t write off their technological capabilities so fast Lillie.”

Lillie looks at the bike with a look of surprise and replies “Well a bike would be an economical option under the circumstances.
Let's find a place we can buy them.”

While they walk around the streets someone walks up behind Lillie and places something in her hand as they pass her and Hedy.

Lillie leads Hedy into an alley and they read the note.

Note (In German) “Arians aren’t very popular with the demons,
use the spell below and find your way to the Wee Mans Tavern in the Park Head sector near the forge,
we’ll discuss the important stuff there in private.
Don’t be seen by the inspection force coming to find you.”

“This seems rather suspicious,
but the fact it’s written in German and they know we’re Arians not regular Germans,
I’m honestly not sure what to think of this letter.
If this spell is real we better be careful casting it.” Lillie whispers to Hedy then looks over and sees she’s muttering something again while looking at the spell

Suddenly Hedy is surrounded by a strange light which quickly dissipates revealing a girl around Hedy’s size with brown hair and green eyes and lightly tanned skin clad in local clothing styles.

Lillie looks at her in shock and says “Who are you and what have you done with Hedy!?”

“I’m Hedy!
I don’t know why you think I’m someone else but I’m Hedy!” the girl replies with a look of confusion

Lillie grabs one of Hedy’s axes off the girl from under her cloak and says “Look at your reflection in the axe and tell me if you’re really Hedy!” As she aims the reflective side of the axe blade at the girl

The girl sees that she looks different from Hedy, especially her hair and eyes and says “So it was a spell of transformation like I thought!”
“Lillie try saying the spell and look at your own reflection and you’ll know it’s me!” The girl states sternly to Lillie

Lillie casts the spell with a sceptical look and the same light that enveloped Hedy envelopes her.

The light dissipates and she finds her reflection has brown hair and green eyes and lightly tanned skin and that she’s wearing local clothes as well.

“Guess you are Hedy and it is a spell of transformation.” Lillie whispers apologetically as she hands back Hedy’s axe.

“Let's go find this Wee Man's Tavern mentioned in the note.” Lillie continues as she walks out of the alley with Hedy.

Lillie and Hedy walk off following the map to the Park Head Sector and start looking for the Wee Mans Tavern and stop when they see a small green building with the sign for a tavern saying “The Wee Man’s Tavern”.

Lillie gets a surprised look and says “The name aside it’s a not bad looking little place.
Who ever sent us that note better be in there or I’ll be really mad.” Lillie whispers with a look of annoyance.

Lillie and Hedy walk into the tavern and they head over to the bar and Lillie says “One Guinness and one juice please.”

The bartender brings Lillie a large jug like glass with a handle filled with beer and a glass of a bubbling red juice and gives beer to Lillie and the Juice to Hedy and says “Your party will be here shortly so please be patient.”

Lillie sips at her beer and says “At least they have decent beer here.
Hows your juice?”

Hedy sips at her juice and says “It’s got a mild and smooth sweetness to it with a strong undertone from the bubbles.”

“It sounds good.
Too bad I had to order alcohol since we’re new here.” Lillie states with a look of surprise

As they sit there waiting for whoever it was that sent the note a group of armour clad Humanoid Demons march in and say “We are carrying out an inspection due to reports of two foreign females suspected of being Demon Slayers.
If you are found to be harbouring them or working with them you will be arrested.
Present your ID’s when asked to.

Lillie and Hedy sit there quietly and wait for the demons to ask for their ID’s as part of the inspection.

To be continued

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 Demon Slayer Hedy
Chapter 1
Another World Part 1

(Date May 2nd 2015) (Location Ammergebirge Mountain Germany)

Rain pours down upon a little girl holding a gun and a bloody axe.
There are several children huddled underneath a tree, feeling terrified as lightning struck nearby as 3 adults arrive on the scene.

A woman steps forward and asks “Hedy what happened here?”

The girl stands silently over the half eaten corpse of her older sister and simply collapses while she drops her weapons.

The woman catches the girl and looked around seeing several corpses of large, insect-like creatures.

One of the other adults approaches her and says “Lillie we need to get the survivors out of here!”

“Bring the girl and we'll get the others to safety.” The other adult states with a calm yet concerned look and a stern tone.

Lightning strikes again and everything goes white.

(Date June 15 2022) (Location: Munich Germany Abandoned Pre-Fabricated Factory in the Factory District)

Alois Brandt stands in front of 3 trainees with 4 other instructors with a stern look and says “Alright, you three kids are new to missions,
and even though this is a beginner mission,
you must be careful at all times as this is not training.
Anything can happen when it’s the real thing,
this is totally different from training so no slacking off or being asleep on your feet,
especially with you Hedy.
We will be facing insect demons in there so keep your cool and don’t go on a rampage.”

Dominik Brandt steps forward with a serious look and says “Don’t be so hard on her,
taking the initiative is a part of this sort of work.
The team is only as strong as its weakest link,
so if the weakest link lacks the ability to fight then we are all weak.
Hedy may go nuts when she sees a bug but she becomes incredibly strong in that situation,
So if you are in her party make sure to support her as you were trained to do when someone takes the initiative!”

Gerhard Brandt stands there with a disapproving look and says “Order is more important,
without order you end up dead.
I won’t have anyone dying on a mission like this one. So no messing around!
Especially you Hedy,
if you get someone killed I’ll make sure you never work as a demon slayer again!”

Hugo Brandt turns to them with a look of disbelief and says “You need to remember they are still kids. It’s only natural they will likely not be able to handle things yet,
so cut them some slack.
They’ll be the ones to inherit the future of our profession if they live that long so let’s keep them alive.”

Lillie Brandt steps in with a look of annoyance and says “I personally don't like the idea of these kids being the future of our profession,
but even though they are weak right now and barely have the skills to fight alongside us,
I can see that they will one day be stronger than us!
And that is why Master Magdalena put me in charge of them!!
So you guys focus on your tasks and leave the kids to me!”

Alois, Dominik, Gerhard and Hugo spread out around the building and climb to the roof before they snuck in through a roof access hatch.

Lillie turns to the trainees with a professional look and says “Alright you three,
stick close and don't chatter too much.
Some of these demons have sharp hearing and night-vision eyes.”

Hans, Hedy and Kurt all stand at attention and reply “Yes Ma'am.”

A bunch of noises start to roar out of the building before a small swarm of 3 insect demons burst out of the main door.

Hans turns to the demons and yells “LET'S GET THEM!!”

Kurt turns to the demons and yells “YEAH!!!”

Both kids and Lillie grab their weapons and as the kids attempt to charge.

Lillie stands still and yells “STOP!
Do not break ranks!
Take formation Alpha!”

The boys took positions on Lillie's left and right with their weapons at the ready but Hedy stands there fidgeting with a weird dark aura forming around her.

Hedy grabs her weapons and charges towards the demons and as she does suddenly “Hedy!
Get back in formation!” Lillie yells
But Hedy ignores her and keeps charging and attacked the bug demons head on.

One of the insect demons fires silk threads from its abdomen and climbs onto the factory wall and starts giving dirty looks towards Lillie, Hans and Kurt.

A second insect demon with a thick shell, long sharp mandibles, and strong pincers charges at Hedy and tries to skewer her with its right mandible. While the third one, which had wings and sharp mandibles but a very thin shell, flew towards the group.

Hedy dodged the attack from the insect demon in front of her and chopped off its right and left mandibles.

The flying insect demon goes in close to Hans, Kurt and Lillie as they stand their ground.

Kurt aims his gun at the flying insect demon but before he fires it flies straight up, Lillie suddenly yells “SPREAD OUT!”
Lillie, Kurt and Hans all spread out and took up a large circular formation around the door when suddenly a ball of acid hit the spot where they previously stood.

Lillie looks at the spider-like demon clinging to the wall of the factory and sees that it was drooling an acid-like substance and thought “So that's the one that tried to melt us!”

The spider like demon fires off another round at Kurt but as he tried to evade the attack, he discovered he was stuck where he stood.
He reaches around his back and throws a grenade at the acid and the grenade explodes scattering the acid that was about to hit him.

Lillie looks at her feet and noticed her feet became stuck in a previously invisible web. She then looks at Hans and Kurt's feet and sees that they've stepped into the webs as well.

Lillie looks toward Kurt and yells “Kurt,
pull out your gun and shoot down that flying one!”
Then, she looks toward Hans and yells “Hans,
use the holy water on the webs around your feet and free Kurt free!”
And then she looks at Hedy as she jumps around hacking at the armoured ones back with her axes and yells “And Hedy!

Hedy snaps out of her berserk state and Lillie yells “Take out that acid spewing wall crawler!”

Hedy returns to her berserk state and then jumps into the air and attacks the wall crawler.
The wall crawler runs up the wall with Hedy in hot pursuit as she uses her axes on the aged metal walls to avoid falling.

Hans frees himself and then frees Kurt while Lillie frees herself.

Lillie ran over to Kurt and Hans and says “Hans,
get on the armoured one’s back and use your spear to pierce through the spots Hedy weakened.
stick with me and take out the flyer with my support!”

Hans runs off toward the armoured one and the flyer tries to ambush him when Kurt cuts it off with 3 bullets and it evades to the left and Lillie ambushes it from its blind spot and chops off it's wings.
While the flyer is flailing around trying to regain its balance Kurt charges in and kicks it into the air.
He then fired 5 rounds into its back which after that, Lillie chopped its legs off just as it hits the ground before she took off its head.

Hans throws a flash grenade in front of the Armoured ones face and jumps on its back while its blinded and rams his spear into one of the weak spots on its back and starts carving out a deep spot while Lillie attacks its legs on the left side and Kurt attacks the legs on its right.
While they attack the legs Hans carves out a deep hole in its flesh and drops in a incendiary grenade and jumps down and yells “Grenade!”

Hans, Kurt and Lillie all back away and the Armoured one explodes with flames shooting out of every hole in its body and dies.
Meanwhile Hedy chases the Wall Crawler around the wall swinging her axes in its direction but it avoids every attack by inches.
Suddenly bullets rain down restricting its movements and Hedy chops it's abdomen off and it drops to the ground where Hans skewers it with his spear.
Hedy jumps down and proceeds to continue attacking the corps of the Armoured demon as everyone regroups.

Lillie turns to Hedy with a look of disbelief and yells “Hedy!” but Hedy ignores her so Lillie yells “Bertha!” and Hedy returns to normal.
Another Demon shows up while Hedy is still coming back to her senses and targets her but Lillie jumps at it and nailed it with her swords.

Hedy returns to her senses and looks round to see Lillie pulling her swords from the demon's body.
Hedy looks at the dead demon as Lillie turns to her and as her expression turns to one of utter shock she yells “Wow!
How close was that thing to me!?”

Lillie turns to her with a calm yet stern look and says “Calm down,
you had one of your episodes,
keep your cool and don't let it bother you in the heat of battle,
but feel free to worry about it when you're not in the field.”

Kurt walks up to Hedy with a look of amazement and calmly says “So the rumours about you having the Savant ability are true,
but the other half of the rumour is also true,
that you have no control over Hysteria mode,
also no control of its stress triggers on top of my theory about you being right.”

Hans walks over to them with a shocked look and enters the conversation saying “Wait,
Hedy had a secret other than having been a part of that incident 7 years ago?”

“It would seem to be the case,
what's the story Hedy?” Kurt replies with a look of curiosity at what the untold details are.

Hedy turns to them with a look of embarrassment and shame and says “It's true,
I have Hysteria Savant Syndrome as well as PTSD.”

Lillie steps in with a serious look and says “Enough chatter we have a job to do,
we can discuss these matters later.”

As Lillie says that another Bug Demon comes running out of the building,
it takes one look at the group and sees Hedy begin to go into hysteria mode.
But it recognises her before turning around and running back into the building with Hedy chasing it at top speed.

Hans stands there with a stunned look and says “Well that bug sure looked scared to see her.”

Kurt folds his arms and nods his head and says “Even more proof of my theory.”

“Chatter later we need to get in there and back her up before she gets in over her head!” Lillie states with a stern tone as she readies her swords and begins to walk toward the building with a scary look on her face

Kurt and Hans fall in behind Lillie with their weapons at the ready as they rush into the factory after Hedy.

As they run through the slime, web and secretion coated halls of the factory after Hedy, they see the bodies of several insect demons littering the ground leading to a large room with 4 insect demons and 1 very big insectoid demon that is clearly commanding the others with Hedy chasing after it.

The insectoid demon makes a series of strange noises as it evades Hedy’s attacks and the 4 insect demons start going after her.

“Formation B then charge!” Lillie yells as she readies her swords and positions to charge

Kurt and Hans take up positions at Lillies 3 and 9 o'clock, ready their weapons and prepare to charge.

Lillie charges after Hedy and covers her throwing a flash grenade at the 4 insect demons that’s chasing after her.

Hans charges in and attacks the insect demon on the far left with his spear from behind and kills it.

Kurt aims his guns at the one on the centre left and kills it before wounding the one on the centre right with a few rounds.

When the flash lets up the insectoid had escaped and Hedy is still running around looking for it.

Lillie chops up the centre right Insect demon and as she does the far right one goes for her but when Hans attempts to counter it with his spear it jumps over them and avoids Kurt's bullets and aims for Hedy.

The insect demon closes in on Hedy and tries to bite her head off but when it gets close, Hedy spins around and chops off its legs on the left side followed by the ones on the right and finishes it off by chopping it to pieces.

Lillie, Hans and Kurt run over to Hedy but Hedy starts to run around again looking for the insect demon and Lillie yells “Bertha!!!”

Hedy snaps out of it and returns to normal and looks around and sees the dead demons and that she's inside the factory and raises her hand to the back of her head and begins to scratch at it as she says “Guess I went on another rampage again.” With a ditzy smile and a cheery tone

Hans gets an irritated look as he walks away and looks around the room looking for the way that the insectoid escaped.
Kurt laughs and say “You're a real riot sometimes Heads!”
“You'll make a hell of a comedian when you grow up so give me your autograph after the mission!” he continues with an amused look

Lillie gets an angry look and clonks him on the head and says “I said to cut the chatter!!”
“And another thing,
if there are anymore jokes I'll remove the both of you from the mission list!!!” Lillie continues with a stern yet angry tone
Hans looks up at the wall on the right side of the room and notices a hatch that was previously open and turns to the others and says “Miss Lillie,
I think that insectoid escaped via that hatch up there!” As he points to the hatch with a look like he's found something
Lillie turns to him and sees he's pointing up at something, she looked to where he's pointing and sees the hatch and says “Looks about the right size but it's a bit high to have climbed up without footholds.”

Lillie takes a look around and sees there is a ladder up the left wall to a control booth without the lights on and a moving gantry which looks functional but not powered up.

“Come back over here and cover me a moment.” Lillie says to Hans as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone.

As Lillie dials a number Hans, Hedy and Kurt gather around Lillie and cover her blind spots.
Someone picks up the call at the other end and Lillie says “Hugo I'm with the kids in the factory near the assembly line in what I think was the final inspection room.”
“We sighted a large insectoid demon that ran off after sending the regular insect demons to attack us,
it escaped through a hatch that leads deeper into the facility which is closed now but if you guys can get the power back on we can pursue it.” She continues with a serious look and asks “Can you do that for us?”

Lillie puts away the phone with a pleased look and says “Ok everyone,
up the ladder double time,
we're going after the insectoid!”

The 4 of them climb the ladder quickly as they can. It creeks and flakes rust with every step they take until they get to the control booth and as Hans climbs up the last of the way the last step gives way as he pushes off of it and the railing buckles from his weight.

Hedy and Kurt catch Hans as he nearly falls and pull him up but suddenly Hedy slips on some spilled oil and they nearly all fall but Lillie catches them and pulls them up and says “Honestly,
this place is a death trap!”

Once the three of them are on the platform Lillie looks around behind her and finds an exposed support beam and attaches a line which she throws over the railing for the others to follow later.

As they walk into the control booth the lights come on and Lillies phone vibrates in her pocket.
Lillie pulls out her phone and says “The power's on now but be careful,
this place should be demolished after we clear out this infestation,
we had a close call with a fatigued ladder and a failing railing so I've set up a climbing line,
yeah we'll wait for you before we go in,
but we'll get the gantry and the hatch ready.

Lillie hangs up the phone and starts pushing buttons on the control console and the gantry begins to move and the hatch begins to open.

The gantry gets as far as the hatch then suddenly breaks down and refuses to budge further than the open part of the hatch and the hatch jams partially open.

“Damn this death trap of a factory!!” Lillie shouts with an annoyed look and suddenly the control panel short circuits and they all back away from it.

Alois, Dominik, Gerhard and Hugo all show up and climb up the line and Hugo says “I guess you were right that this place is a death trap,
we nearly fell through the floor 5 times on our way here!”

“Well let's go and take out that insectoid and finish this mission!” Lillie states with an excited tone as she walks toward the gantry

All eight of them go walking across the gantry and walk through a large passage to a large room filled with old weapons including WWII tank prototypes and some super large guns that had been modified to cannons the size of the Insectoid.

At the back of the room stand 3 insectoids and 1 very large insectoid demon clad in armour Beleth and armed with unusual weapons all in front of a large portal of light.

They take up stealthy positions near the passages exit and watch as Beleth seems to dress down the 3 insectoids and they seem to be bowing to it.

Beleth makes a lot of noises like he's yelling at them angrily and suddenly turns to the portal of light and yells “I don't know why the demon slayers are here and I don't care!!!”
“Scuttle this place and kill the demon slayers within the next hour or I'll close the portal and leave you all to rot here in this wretched world!!!” Beleth continues as he enters the portal and disappears into the light

After Beleth disappears into the portal the 3 insectoids begin to gather excess shells and plant them next to the support beams for the room and attach timers to them.

“That big one had armour and spoke our language!?” Alois whispers with a look of shock and continues by saying “What the *censored* is going on here!?”

Dominik turns to him and says “That one was clearly the leader of this group and just ordered the others to blow this place sky high!
It even said something about another world!
We need to tell Grandmaster Magdalena what we've seen and heard,
especially about the weapons and the portal!”

Lillie turns to them and says “Before we do that we need to do something about these demons before they blow this place and do something about the portal!”

“And how do you suggest we do that!?” Hugo asks with a cynical tone

“Actually there is a 7.5cm Pak 40/2 L/46 for a Marder II right over there!” Kurt states as he points at a large gun that has been modified and has been attached to a turret ring

“And how did you know something like that!?” Alois asks with a note of surprise

“I know more about WWII tanks than most people,
but that is something anyone who knows their German Tanks should know.” Kurt states as he looks around and continues “There's plenty of ammo around,
it should be able to blow their heads off easily enough!”

“No joke it will!
A gun that huge would blow a hole the size of a human in the walls of this place!” Hans states with a look of shock

We'll go down there and operate the gun and you guys handle distracting them for us.” Lillie states to the other adults

Lillie and the kids sneak down to the gun and get it ready for the attack and as they do the other adults prep for their attack.

Just as the other adults are getting ready to ambush the insectoids Kurt slips on a bit of oil and accidentally fires the gun sending a shell through the portal which damages Beleths armour on the other side.

Hugo looks in their direction and sees the barrel of the gun smoking and thinks “Damn it!
We need to move now!”

The adults launch an assault on the insectoids and as they do Hedy loads the next round into the gun and Hans Rotates the gun as Lillie gives directions.

One of the Insectoids knocks Alois flying and Lillie yells “FIRE!!!” And Kurt fires the gun and blows it's head off

One of the insectoids begins to go after the gun and Lillie says “Hurry and load the next round!”

While holding the next shell Hedy replies “I'm going as fast as I can!

Just as the Insectoid approaches Gerhard ambushes it from behind and hacks at its leg getting its attention and distracts it.

The insectoid tries to kick him with one of its other legs and he jumps up to avoid it and kicks off from its body to the left and suddenly Lillie yells “FIRE!!!” And Kurt fires a shell right through the insectoids body killing it

The final insectoid runs in front of the portal holding one of the cannons like it's going to blast them with it and Hedy loads the last shell and Lillie yells “Fire!!!” And Kurt fires the last shell at the exact same moment the insectoid fires

The two shells collide in mid air and explode and while it does the insectoid is knocked off its feet into the portal followed by the 4 adults.

“Damn they got blown in there with it!” Lillie shouts as she climbs down from the top of the turret ring.

Hedy runs over to one of the piles of shells and sees there are only 60 seconds until they blow and suddenly the sound of swarms of insect demons comes roaring through the passages into the room.

“We gotta get out of here!!!” Hedy shouts to Lillie

“I couldn't agree more Hedy!
Into the Portal!” Lillie yells as she grabs Hans and Kurt and throws them through the portal.

Hedy and Lillie run to the portal as the room fills with insect demons and jump in and everything goes white.

To be Continued

This is the Synopsis of Demon Slayer Heady the first 3 chapters of which will be posted on the stated date.

Demon Slayer Hedy is the Story of Hedy Brandt, an apprentice Demon Slayer from the Brandt Demon Slaying Clan.
Seven years prior to current events she was involved in an ambush by a small army of Demons whom murdered many of the next generation of Demon Slayers including Hedy’s older Sister Bertha Brandt and scared Hedy with PTSD as well as awakened her savant abilities.
Seven years onward Hedy and some other skilled apprentices as well as a team of adults go on a training mission which quickly turns ugly leading to Hedy and her group being stranded in another world with a major Demon Problem.
Hedy and her instructor whom was her late sisters mentor must find their now scattered comrades and find a way home and deal with the many Demons infesting the other world called Antheria and hopefully save both worlds from horrors that threaten both worlds futures.

Weapons / Re: Favorite kind of weapon?
« on: January 04, 2017, 11:34:27 AM »
Since it has been a really, really long time, I thought I'd give an update because my favorite weapon types have changed since I've started sort of sparring and considering logistics and other such things. God, I still typed in purple back then. Dear gods why...

Anyway, curved blade weapons still hold my heart, namely the scimitar and the khopesh, however I've become fond of battle hammers and axes lately as well. Perhaps also ball and chain maces. The greatest thing about the khopesh in particular is that its shape makes it excellent for disarming an opponent and going in straight for a counterattack. Now, I do know for a fact that I can wield a whip, so a chain-based weapon might not be out of my reach. Seriously, if you guys ever run into Everlastin again, ask her about the time I ripped her sword from her with a whip.

Nice choice of sword, the Scimitar is an excellent sword for high speed fighting making it perfect for cavalry combat and its thickness and width make it great gor deflecting projectiles such as arrows if you know what you're doing.
Recently though my long forgotten appreciation of the 5.7mm has been revived and I really think the game Black was a bit off on the accuracy of the FNP90 as it's accurate up to 500 meters and can sever a mans torso on full auto, put someone who can wield a FNP90 and a Scimitar on a Harly Davidson you'd have a modern cavalry set up.

Manga Writers wanted / Re: Seeking a Proof Reader
« on: February 23, 2016, 09:04:35 PM »
Sorry WAC but as I said already I found someone a while back and they're doing a great job.

Manga Writers wanted / Re: Seeking a Proof Reader
« on: January 07, 2016, 03:03:35 PM »
Thank you for all the applications but I've found myself a proof reader who is now my official proof reader so I no longer need to find one.

I appreciate all your interest and am thankful to you all.

I hope those of you still looking for someone to work with find someone.

Sorry I was in a bit of a rush and flustered since I needed to write the one shot and didn't time to refresh myself on the rules.

I'm someone who was going to take their time and get an artist a slightly better way than this but since this just came to my attention I really haven't got the time.



I'm seeking an Artist who can handle cranking out a 50 Page One Shot Manga for the WSJ in before March 17th as that is the deadline so not a lot of time and it's potentially a 3 way split assuming we win a prize but even if we get a Runner Up prize it's more than worth it.

I should tell you right now that my art Lv is about as good as my natural aptitude for Swimming which is about the same as any normal humans aptitude for flying without a parachute so don't count on Story Boards as I make up for it with descriptive text that can give you a view like you're actually there watching the scene unfold.

Also the one shot story is currently unwritten but I have everything in my head needed to produce the story and since it's a story for a series I've already written 12 chapters of it's not a problem so be aware we may be in this for the long haul so unless you can also handle a weekly series don't step up.

Please be aware I'm 1000000000000% serious about this and will not give up if I can get someone to do this and most importantly I'm more than willing to show you what you'll have to work with once I write up the script for the one shot but before hand with one of the DSH Story Chapters.

If you wish to see the sort of work I am capable of I will hand out links on request but only under the condition that the story remain confidential.

I hope to hear from you soon with a positive response but I'll understand if no one wants to work with a writer who can't do storyboards and makes up for that with descriptive text.

Manga Writers wanted / Seeking a Proof Reader
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:35:55 PM »
I'm a writer but I need a proof reader to go over my work and make sure it's not full of grammar and spelling mistakes among other little issues that'd need ironed out as I'm no expert and only got about 5 years of instruction on reading and writing due to a misdiagnosis early in life and being dumped in a dead end school for the first half of my compulsory education.

If you'd like to know more PM me and I'll explain the other reasons why I'm taking up a proof reader but be aware that each chapter will have a 1 week deadline for being read over and any necessary work being pointed out but you'll be paid £1 a chapter and the job will come with 14 chapters right out of the gate and depending on how things go the wage may be increased according to how much I earn from the story I need a proof reader for.

Develop Your Story / Re: Naming the Universe
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:08:29 PM »
Since there are no more ideas for names figured I'd just open up the vote and the voting will be available for 33 days and you each get 2 votes but once they're cast there's no take backs so choose wisely which names you wish to vote for as you may regret picking only the one or picking one and then putting the other vote on some random one you didn't like later.

If you have more names to add then add them quick or you may lose out on the voting.

Develop Your Story / Re: Naming the Universe
« on: October 21, 2015, 05:04:56 PM »

That's one very good attempt at a Sub Multiversal Coordinate system, it may be a little rough around the edges and the lingo needs a once over by a scientist who knows the theories and related lingo to smooth that over a bit but it's a viable coordinate system and I find it very impressive.

Just to clarify a bit though, the type of universe that coordinate system applies to is the kind that shares the same multiveral coordinates meaning in astranomical terms this universe would be the Earth as it's probably the dominant universe "the one that appears in the multiverse by out living the other universes in it's coordinates" and the other one in my story would be Mars meaning it's coordinates in the Multiverse are different but it's an easy mistake to make.

With a skill like that you'll go far in Sci-fi.

Develop Your Story / Naming the Universe
« on: October 21, 2015, 03:50:27 PM »
I've created a story that has a slight problem which I can't solve myself as it requires a name type you can't use name sites to find a usable name on.

The problem is there are two universes in my story and not alternate realities or alternate time lines or even alternate universes the two universes are totally unrelated other than that they're made from the same basic materials and have a similar base time line that make up all their variants.

The issue is one of the universes happens to be an alternate version of this universe we live in and I'm worried the name will catch on and am terrible at coming up with names without reference material so figured I'd ask you guys if you want to take a crack at naming the universe.

Just a few ground rules though.

1. No names that are names of people

2. Absolutely no names like Prime make it original

and 3. Please be serious as if you mess around you'll be known as the quote "Jack Ass who gave the Universe a ridiculous name." and no one with any self respect would want that and I don't want to be known as that persons accessory

As for how the name will be picked I'll take the best of them and put it to a vote and the first place winner will get to be the one I use for this universe and the second place winner I'll use for the other universe.

If you need more details please ask but all spoilers will be given via PM not by forum post.

I hope you guys give me some useful names.

Weapons / Re: Favorite kind of weapon?
« on: January 09, 2015, 07:53:01 PM »
A wooden plank with a nail in it

Classical and Primitive yet effective if you know what you're doing and coat the nail in an anticoagulant.

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