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Okay, I think I may have misinterpreted my orders for this assignment, but I did the paneling style in the same way as the storyboard - I just felt it worked that way (and was really unsure of what to do with the assignment as well...)

Nevertheless, here's my current progress. I can still make stuff with it for the upcoming sketching assignment. Might add some more panels for added effect, but I don't know.

Page 1 (for that big cityscape shot)

Page 2 (the factory shots will be here)

*sigh* I'm screwed, aren't I?

Thanks...though I wish the same could be said for my architectural work - yeesh. I know it's supposed to be a sketch, but damn.


Heyo! Sorry for not getting it in sooner! It's all here! I swear! Only nine minutes late! orz

Phew! Finally got some time today! Started work on the storyboard; should have it done tomorrow after work at the earliest.

Sorry for the late reply. Work has been heavy as of late. Still glad to be here with this.

Out of curiosity, how big do these assignments tend to be? I'll do my best with getting them done.

MR Pub / Re: I had to come back...and I'm sorry for my absence.
« on: June 26, 2013, 12:42:52 AM »
Glad to be back here. Truth be told, I missed you all a lot.

MR Pub / I had to come back...and I'm sorry for my absence.
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:12:52 PM »
Hello all. As you are no doubt well aware, I went on hiatus roughly several months ago in pursuit of further training on how to become a mangaka with a friend of mine. He does know the ropes and is incredibly skilled, and I have learned a lot, but my own abilities are still not yet perfected. This doesn't mean I'm quitting my training on that end - I'm still doing what I can there, but I'd neglected to train on my own end - at home - and on here.

Furthermore, in my absence I'd lost a bit of motivation in spite of said training and going to an art school for fine tuning other abilities. True, I've filled up two sketchbooks, but between both of them, only 10 pages of material were any good (out of 40 pages). Plus, I felt as though I'd lost more than just motivation - I'd lost a link to help improve and people who were there to lend a hand, as my buddy wasn't always available; when he wasn't, I wasn't able to pick up without constant feedback on how to get better, nor was I aware on where I was going wrong...so nothing came of a number of shots. Simply put, I'd ended up only cutting off one of my lifelines, and it was wrong of me to do so. While the time away gave me time to reflect on things, it did more harm than good, I feel.

Again, I sincerely apologize. I'll be opening a new gallery soon to replace the cruddy old one, as the stuff that I've made, I feel, has much greater value. In addition, I'll try to have a more active presence here, and I'll also post some of my works from my fine arts training down the line. Life's been busy (two jobs to deal with), but I'll do my best to post when I can. Most of all, thank you for helping me realize that I was wrong to have even temporarily left.

On the plus side, I now have a loving girlfriend - been dating for four months now, and she's a fairly good artist in her own right, though writing is more her forte.

Didn't think I'd come back, didja? ;D

I know I haven't been around much, and I apologize. I'm still trying to get many of the basics down, and suffice to say, I've been getting my head handed to me during training...the last few months have had more downs than ups, and few of my drawings have been going well. Nevertheless, I'm committed to the cause, and will do whatever I can.

Name: Proteus

Art Method: Traditional Art

Preferred Demographic Groups: Shounen, sometimes Seinen, sometimes Shoujo (for romantic inspiration when writing or drawing)

Preferred Sub-Demographic Groups: Mecha, Ecchi

Preferred Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, School Life, Slice of Life, Sci-Fi, Doujinshi, Fantasy, sometimes Horror

And I know it's not in the requirements, but I feel I should add a statistical evaluation of my present abilities over the last few months of drawing, so you know where I'm at, and what needs to be worked on.

These are graded on a level from E (worst) to S (best)

Overall Drawing Abilities
Line Quality - S
Line Control - A-
Shading - B-
Coloring - C
Detail Quality - B+
Drawing Speed - C-
Accuracy - S
Reference Drawing - A+
Drawing from Imagination - C+
Realistic Drawing - B+

Heads - A-
Arms - B-
Hands - C+
Torsos - B+
Legs - C+
Feet - C+
Faces - A-

I'll upload some of my newer stuff soon, so stay tuned.

After months of drawing with little to no true progress, I'm withdrawing from the board. In fact, I kind of already had - this is the official notice. And no, this has nothing to do with any perception of hazing in case you were wondering...if you were wondering at all, for that matter.

Two months have passed, and in those two months I've joined a fine arts school and met with a friend of a friend who is a mangaka of sorts. Also, in those two months, absolutely nothing has changed, there or here. The same middling results continue with very little having been produced and little in the way of inspiration as well.

Simply put, this winter has been a very commonly-used four-letter expletive, and I'm pretty much at my breaking point. But don't think this means that I'm quitting drawing - I will die before that happens. I'm still going to draw until my arms fall off, but until my work looks anything remotely close to this: http://safebooru.org//images/972/7a7b3b0f4410f4ac3e2c3eb0e4b5d5c268fb65f0.png?977794 whether it's in color or ink, then I will not post it or anything else here or anywhere.

For the time being, I'm withdrawing and going under the wing of said mangaka friend. Unlike me, he has a record of getting work published. Unlike me, he actually can create quality work. Perhaps, by some accident, I might be able to do the same, but until any sort of improvement shows, I might not be back for a very long time.

I wish you all the best.

Before even drawing, I try to go for a pose via reference material or posing in a mirror or something, and once that's selected, I'll draw the head, outlining the areas for the facial features, then go for the neck, and start making an outline or skeleton for the body in the shape of the pose.

From there, I take the size of the head and measure it up against the pose to make certain that it's proportionally correct, adjusting as need be, and then filling in the outside details, facial expressions, hair and so on.

Then it's just adding the clothes, attempting to find a light source and then trying to shade it. Typically takes about 2-4 hours, and it's worked so far in most cases. Still trying to shoot for a faster finish time with higher accuracy.

Anime Talk / Re: What Pokémon Are You?
« on: January 11, 2013, 06:49:02 PM »
Eh, makes sense to me.

Hello and welcome!

Movies and TV shows / Re: The last movie you have watched
« on: January 11, 2013, 12:26:12 AM »
Skyfall. Interesting movie story-wise, but it really, really didn't feel like a James Bond movie in the traditional sense.

In all seriousness (and those who have seen it will get this), I was waiting for Macaulay Culkin to start fighting against the villains during the big fight near the end.

I'm sorry to any Bond fans here, but I really hope the next one's better than this. I honestly had more fun playing Time Crisis 3 in the theater's lobby.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Proteus' Gallery
« on: January 10, 2013, 10:37:12 PM »
Okay, I know I said I'd do my best to post less sketchy work (and the newest batch has admittedly been a lot less sketchy), but I've been busting my tail on value practice and studies as best I can, and pencil work is still my forte at the moment. I'll be retouching these at some point in the future.

Still need some work on muscle studies (which I'll be doing tomorrow), but I now have three of my main characters redesigned and conforming with the new, updated style.

First up - Sheena Kasane, the petulant 20-year-old redhead, and Kouzou's ally/love interest/pain in the ass.

Second, Kouzou Genji, the unfortunate 23-year-old former metalworker and fledgling sword fighter.

Note: The scanner wasn't picking up the shading on the hands especially well, and the paper was wearing thin, so I'll fix that as soon as I can.

And last but not least, Slayer Fenris, a mutated warrior and top "peacekeeper" for the main villains, ASLAN Incorporated. He later defects after ASLAN's chairman makes multiple attempts on his life out of spite.

Note: I do need to fix his head, as it's about nine heads tall (fitting with the Heroic standards of Loomis, but still, I'm not nuts about it either).

That said, I'm sorry for the delay and the lack of (relatively) finished work. This was more of a test of craftsmanship to see if there have been any marked improvements and where weaknesses need fixing. It was surprisingly easy to do this as well, as the heads are incredibly easier to make and set up now, but I'm not getting overconfident. I hope you like these, and will take any feedback that can improve them and future works.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Proteus' Gallery
« on: January 08, 2013, 09:41:23 PM »
Yeah, sorry about that. I'm just trying to ensure that I have a solid style and a plan before committing to a finished piece, which is the next step on the list. Currently working on one right now and hoping to have it up as soon as possible...it still has traces of that sketch-like quality, but the lines are more solid for the most part.

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