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Welcome Center / Hi I'm Kazumi a new Writer
« on: June 11, 2022, 10:35:25 AM »
I'm new on this forum and hope to meet a lot of friendly people.
My favorite name is Kazumi, I'm 23 and female. That forum suggested by a youtuber Midnight X Cross.
I would introduce me as a writer, fanfictions from diabolik lovers and mature storys, but now I'm trying something new. For a month, I started with webcomics, and well.. I'm totally obsessed ^^'.
I'm coming from Germany, and I don't speak or write good english. Please forgive me uwu
My favorite Mangas are: Killing Stalking and The Beast must die.
Animes: Diabolik Lovers, That Time that I reincarnate as a slime, any of the isekais ^^', Guilty Crown and so on..
I like reading, writing, singing and drinking in company x3

I am search for anybody who would like to draw my story in webcomic manga. For any interest or questions, please let me know ^-^

Warm Greetings Kazumi :3

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