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Manga & Anime characters / Pokemon One Piece Mix
« on: July 04, 2017, 07:23:03 PM »
I watch One Piece and Pokemon and while thinking about the Regi trio, Regirock, regice, and registeel, they reminded me of the three admirals pre timeskip, Kuzan Aokiji, Borsalino Kizaru, and Sakazuki Akainu, from One Piece. I know that they're alot of legendary trios in pokemon but the thing that resembles the regi trio to the admirals the most is the fact that the regi trios have humanoid bodies. If anyone is up for the challenge, try to draw the reg trio with One piece marines admiral uniform. I look forward to seeing it.

Here's a picture of the regi trio:

Here's a picture of the three admirals:

Maybe someone can draw regigigas as fleet admiral too. Regigigas has short legs compared to his body like Fleet admiral sengoku in his Buddha form.

Here's a picture of regigigas:

Here's a picture of Fleet Admiral Sengoku:

Sounds cool?

Develop Your Story / Re: My idea.
« on: November 19, 2016, 10:29:09 PM »
Here is chapter 22. This was more of a filler to give more insight into the types of resistance that exist in this universe. I am worried however that this chapter may be a bit controversial. Any suggestions, tips, or help would be greatly appreciated.
Chapter 22:
Aceline and a few other French resistance members are driving through the Arizona deserts towards the U.S. resistance headquarters.
French resistance 1: If their head quarter is in Utah why are we taking the longer way there?
Aceline: Because it’s this route that has the least chance of encountering an empire checkpoint.
French resistance 2: But isn’t that the beauty of being resistance? Being able to blend in with the surrounding people is our advantage.
Aceline: Not in this country. A group of people with French accents in one car would seems suspicious to me.
French resistance 1: Makes sense.
They continue driving until a group of people were in there way.
Mexican resistance 1: Stop!
They stopped. French resistance 1 poked his head out of his window.
French resistance 1 (The driver): What is the problem?
Mexican resistance 1: You are trespassing into Mexican resistance territory.
French resistance 1: This is not Mexican territory. This is U.S. territory.
Mexican resistance 1: Do you see any U.S. or empire soldiers here?
French resistance 1: No but-
Mexican resistance 1: So it is our land.
Aceline lowers her window and pokes her head out.
Aceline: We only need to pass through. We have no interest in your land.
Mexican resistance 1: That would be prohibited.
French resistance 2: I say we kick their asses and force our way through.
Aceline: (To French resistance 2) That would be an ugly battle. They outnumber us and can possibly call for reinforcements. (To French resistance 1) I guess we’re going to have to turn around and make a detour.
As Aceline was talking, more Mexican resistance surrounded the car.
French resistance 1: I’m afraid turning around is no longer possible.
They looked around to see the people surrounding them.
Mexican resistance 1: In exchange for letting you live, allow us to check your vehicle and, hahaha, confiscate anything we deem valuab- I mean dangerous.
Aceline looked in the back trunk to see the box of laser swords.
Aceline: (To the French resistance) This was meant for the U.S. resistance. We can’t let them have it.
Aceline opened her door and stepped out of the car.
Aceline: We are of the French resistance. Since you’re also resistance, we can cooperate.
Mexican resistance 1: Exactly, now cooperate and allow us to check your vehicle.
Aceline: I mean cooperate to fight the empire.
Mexican resistance 1: Sorry senorita, we’re not interested in alliances today.
Aceline remembers what Alyonna told her.
Alyonna:  Not all resistance groups want the world back to the days before WW3. Some just abuse the chaos of this new age.
Aceline: I guess this won’t end peacefully then.
The others stepped out of the car. They all activated their laser swords. The Mexican resistance aimed their guns. After a gust of wind pushed tumbleweed away, the French resistance charged towards the Mexican resistance. The Mexican resistance opened fire. The French resistance blocked the bullets with their swords. When in range, they sliced their guns in two.
Mexican resistance 2: Our weapons! What do we do now?
Mexican resistance 1: We use our fists!
The Mexican resistance tried to fight with their fists but were easily overpowered by Aceline’s superhuman strength. Soon the battle ended with the French resistance’s laser swords next to the necks of the Mexican resistance.
Mexican resistance 1: Why don’t you finish us off?
Aceline: We are both resistance. I honestly hope that we can come to an alliance. If that is to happen, I don’t want to do anything that would sever that chance. So will you reconsider?
Aceline deactivated her sword.
Aceline: (To the French resistance) Let them go.
French resistance 1: Are you sure?
Aceline: Oui.
The French resistance let the Mexican resistance go and they ran off.
Aceline: They didn’t accept. How unfortunate. Well let’s keep moving. (Thinking) Now I know why the empire tries not to kill any resistance.
French resistance 2 was examining the car.
French resistance 2: We can’t. During the battle they shot our tires.
Aceline: We’ll have to walk into a nearby town and seek help.
French resistance 1: We can walk towards where they ran off to.
FR 2(French resistance): What if we run into them again? This time their entire force.
Aceline: We’ll do what resistance groups do, guerilla tactics.
FR 2: Yah I guess they won’t expect it.
Aceline: Let’s go.
FR 1 and FR 2 and FR 3 brought the boxes full of laser swords with them. The French resistance walked in the desert and after a while, they found a town. There were guards patrolling the boarder. With some stealth and timing, the FR snuck behind some of the guards and knocked them out with the butts of their swords. Aceline signaled to keep moving into the town. They became less stealthy when they walked into a populated area.
Aceline: Time to find some help.
The FR walked around for a while asking if anyone could help them in their situation.
Aceline: (Thinking) I hope I remember my Spanish. (Speaking) Hola. Mi nombre-
Woman: You don’t have to speak Spanish. Most of us are not Mexican.
Aceline: You’re not?
Woman: You’re still in American territory, until the MR (Mexican resistance) took over by force.
Aceline: You couldn’t defend yourselves?
Woman: No. The U.S. resistance is so focused on attacking the empire that they don’t defend any other states from rival resistance attacks and the empire is spread thin trying to counter those resistance attacks so we have no one to defend us.
Aceline: You can’t leave?
Woman: We’re being held here by force. They MR have the weapons. Right now they’re forcing us to work for them manufacturing weapons and ammunition.
Aceline: (Thinking) How cruel. Alyonna was right. The MR only want to exploit these people. (Speaking) Don’t worry we will liberate you people.
Woman: Thanks a lot.
Aceline turned to speak with the FR.
Aceline: We’re going to save these people. In exchange they may give us the help we need. We’re going to have to drive off the MR to do it. You three tell the people to prepare to leave. We can’t have anyone getting hurt.
The 3 other FR split up to warn the townspeople. Meanwhile, Aceline snuck into the factory through the roof. There were many people working hard in the factory.
Aceline: Those poor people being worked to illness.
 Stealthily, she maneuvered through the factory until she found what seemed to be an administrative room. She used her laser sword to break the lock and she walked in.
MR Leader: Who are you and what are you doing here?
The MR Leader grasped his gun and aimed it at Aceline.
Aceline: Don’t bother.
Aceline sliced his pistol in two. MR Leader then grabbed a dagger and attempted to slash her. Aceline quickly dodged and got behind him and held her sword next to his neck. A few MR ran into the room.
MR 1: You again!
MR Leader: You know her?
MR 1: Yeah we ran into her out in the desert. Don’t worry, she doesn’t kill.
MR Leader: In that case.
MR leader elbowed her and got away from her and stood behind MR 1 and 2.
MR Leader: Shot her boys!
MR 1 and 2 opened fire on Aceline. She blocked the bullets with her sword. She quickly approached them.
Aceline: You’re right. I don’t kill other resistance, but I never said anything about harming them.
Aceline slashed all 3 of them dealing deep wounds to them.
MR Leader: Stop it stop it. What do you want?
Aceline: I want you to tell your resistance to leave this town.
MR Leader: And how are you going to stop us from returning again?
Aceline: I won’t. The townspeople however will escape while you go away and they will no longer be slaves to you.
MR Leader: Fine.
MR leader ordered his resistance to vacate the town and the townspeople also vacated the town but in a different direction. Aceline joined up with the FR.
Woman: Thank you so much. How can we repay you?
Aceline: Do you have a car we can use? Our car was damaged.
Woman: Sure sure have mine.
The woman gave FR 1 the keys and pointed to her car.
Woman: I though all resistance are inconsiderate and evil criminals but it seems I’m wrong.
FR 1: We’re not all like that.
Aceline: Go to the nearest city that is occupied by the empire. They’ll protect you from now on. And do us a favor, if asked, don’t mention us ok? We don’t need anymore trouble.
Woman: Of course of course. Bye!
The woman ran off with the rest of the townspeople and the FR got into the car and drove off. After a while of driving, FR 3 noticed something.
FR 3: Guys I think I see something over the cliff.
The car went off the road and stopped near the edge of the cliff. They all got off the car and looked. There was a large army marching.
Aceline: What’s going to happen?
FR 2: I’m not sure but it looks like it’s going to be big.
FR 1: I agree. The empire is spread thin. If they have this many soldiers in one place, it must be for a serious reason.
The empire army continued marching.

Sounds cool?

Develop Your Story / Re: Forged In The Flames
« on: November 16, 2016, 06:28:50 PM »
Hello blue sky. There is a lot of description. Try for some more dialogue. The bigger font size made it easier to read.

Develop Your Story / Re: My idea.
« on: November 15, 2016, 12:24:12 PM »
Here is chapter 21. Its getting near the end of the first season. Any feedback, advice, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Chapter 21:
In a rebel laboratory, rebel scientists are researching a weakness to the emperor’s power.
Schneider: How is the research?
Scientist: We analyzed the blue energy samples from the factory hanger. We mostly understand how it works and its weakness.
Schneider: What is its weakness?
Scientist: Its weakness is nothing that exists naturally. It must be artificially made.
Schneider: What is it and how does it work?
View changes to the sky (to imply that some time has passed.)
Scientist: …and that’s how it works.
Schneider: Fascinating. What do you need to create it?
The scientist move the computer monitor again to show Schneider what the key ingredient is.
Schneider: I know that ingredient! It is the same thing that those weak resistances were after in the mines.
Scientist: Unfortunately, as you know, it was destroyed by the intensity of the battle.
Schneider: I know and the other mines are more heavily guarded by the empire since they now have 1 less mine to guard. The only way we’re going to acquire that resource is if we took it from the resistance by force.
Schneider walks out of the laboratory. Scene change to the English resistance headquarters:
Resistance scout: Mr. Trench we have found some resource buried underground.
The English resistance leader turns his swivel chair around to face the resistance scout.
Trench: Terrific! That is useful since the old mine now longer exists. Get ready. We will go take it now.
The resistance arrives at the site:
Trench: Start digging.
The resistance began digging and collecting the resource.
Resistance: It’s not a lot. It seems like someone mined it before and hid it here to collect later.
Trench: Doesn’t matter. Their loss is our gain.
After a while of digging:
Resistance: I think that’s all of it.
Trench: Good. Lets pack up and leave!
The resistance loaded the resource onto their trucks and started to leave. While they were driving away, an explosion ahead of them caused the road to be blocked.
Trench: What happened?
Rebel Soldiers ran towards the resistance from the left and right directions.
Resistance: We’re surrounded sir.
Trench: We’ll have to fight our way out of this. With the new weapons that our ally, Alister may he rest in peace, stole for us, we should stand a better chance.
As the two forces were locked in battle, 4 of the English resistance each took a container of the resources and tried to sneak away while the rebels were distracted by the battle. All of a sudden, they were spotted by Alister. Alister made a big leap towards the 4 and landed in front of them.
Resistance 2: Alister you’re alive?
Alister engaged in close combat with the 4 resistance. He punched and kicked them. The 4 resistance ended up dropping the containers. As Alister reaches for a container, his sensors notify him of an incoming attack. A laser sword was swung at him. Alister was able to draw his laser sword and parry it. Alister looks to see the sword wielder.
Trench: G’day Alister, back from the dead are we?
Alister: I was given a second chance at life.
Trench: You were a valuable member of my resistance. You were even given the superhuman serum. Why use it for the rebels?
Alister: I lost my first life serving your resistance.
During their conversation, their swords were still in contact and Alister’s superior strength slowly pushed towards Trench.
Trench: (Thinking) Blimey! His strength is too great. I’m going to have to out maneuver him.
Alister: You can’t overpower me!
Trench: (With a struggling tone) You know Alister, you maybe a super cyborg, but you’re still a student in my eyes so how about another lesson?
Trench moved his sword out of the way and dodged Alister’s swing. They continued to parry each other’s swings and move around the battle field. Trench was adept at keeping his distance and outsmarting Alister. Their battle continued for a while until Alister noticed that Trench was just a distraction. The 4 resistance from earlier were moving the containers again. Alister turned his attention to the 4 and jet boosted towards them.
Trench: Oh no I didn’t distract him long enough. I can’t match his speed.
As Alister was charging to towards the 4, the 4 ran. When Alister got within range, he brutally beat the 4. While the 4 resistance were lying on the ground, Alister picked up a container and rolled it towards the other rebels. As Alister was picking up the last container, a truck crashed into him causing him to drop the last container Alister got up from the ground. When the truck stopped, the door opened and Trench came out.
Trench: I’m your opponent.  (Thinking) This isn’t going so well. They already took 3 of the 4 containers. I think we’ll need focus on safely retreating.
Alister: You’re going to regret that!
Alister chases Trench. Meanwhile, some English resistance members are rolling the last container away. Alister activates his jetboost and charges towards Trench. Trench runs towards the wall of fallen rocks from the earlier explosion and changes direction at the last second. Alister breaks through the wall since he couldn’t stop or change direction in time.
Trench: (To the English resistance) I found a way out!
During the smoke from the debris, they were able to roll the last container through the passage undetected. Soon the rest of the English resistance rushed through the passage. After regaining focus, Alister used his cyborg eye to zoom in and see who had the container. He chases after them. The resistance turns a corner and Alister’s vision was blocked by the terrain. Before Alister could turn the corner, a tier 3 rebel holding a container flies towards Alister from the corner.
Rebel*: Sir I have acquired the resource container from the resistance.
Alister: Nice work. Schneider is going to be satisfied with this.
Rebel 2: Don’t you want to keep chasing them?
Alister: We have what we wanted. After Schneider gets this, we can destroy the resistance anytime.
Scene change to the rebel laboratory:
Alister and rebel* and 3 other rebels walk into the lab to deliver the 4 containers. The rebels holding the containers placed them on the ground.
Schneider: I knew those resistances are weak.
Alister: We have taken all the resources that the English resistance had.
Schneider: (Thinking) So he clashed with his former leader. (Aloud) Now that we have the resources, my plan to forge the emperor’s ultimate weakness can now be achieved!
The scientists use the resources in their procedure. It was poured, mixed, and went through a lot of change.
Schneider: Now leave the lab. We have to prepare for the great invasion.
Rebel*: (Thinking) The great invasion? This sounds serious.
Scene change to the English resistance base:
Trench: (Calling Aceline on the phone) Aceline we have procured another container of the resource.
Aceline: How? The mines were destroyed.
Trench: My forces found some buried.
Aceline: Is there more?
Trench: We could have gotten more but the others were taken by the rebels.
Aceline: Well, you survived the encounter which was amazing enough.
Trench: Where are you?
Aceline: I’m en route to the U.S. resistance base to negotiate a deal.
Trench: Sounds good. I’ll make use with the little resource we acquired. I’ll see you when we all gather. Bon voyage.
Aceline: Au revoir.
Trench hangs up the phone.
Trench: (Thinking) I wonder what the rebels are planning to do with the resource.
Scene change to the capitol:
Timothy: (Over the phone) Whaa??? They’re making my weakness?
Dan: (Over the phone) That’s what I heard. I also heard about a big invasion.
Timothy: Then we will have to prepare. Do you know where the rebel base is?
Dan: Yes. I’ll send you the coordinates now.
Timothy: Excellent. We will invade them first. I can’t risk this “weakness” falling into other wrong hands.
Timothy hangs up the phone.
Timothy: (Thinking) Time to mobilize the troops.

Sounds cool?

Anime Talk / Re: The way the 3 Admirals are sitting.
« on: November 13, 2016, 12:06:41 AM »
Artistic license, or they're double jointed and it's a subtle foreshadowing
What is subtle foreshadowing?

That those two are crooked compared to aokiji. Also, Foreshadowing should always be subtle. But, I think it's bad animation unless there is actual meaning behind it, symbolically, or if even Oda drew it like that too.
Ohhhh. That makes a lot of sense. I understand. They portray Aokiji as more of a good guy than the other two.

Anime Talk / Re: The way the 3 Admirals are sitting.
« on: November 12, 2016, 11:40:47 PM »
Artistic license, or they're double jointed and it's a subtle foreshadowing
What is subtle foreshadowing?

Anime Talk / The way the 3 Admirals are sitting.
« on: November 12, 2016, 09:59:08 PM »
In the One Piece anime during their marineford arc, the three admirals walk to their seats and sit. You can watch th episode or google the image of them sitting and if you look at them, Kizaru and Akainu are sitting with their foot twisted. I've tried sitting that way too and it's impossible for me without breaking my foot. I find it hard to believe that 2 nicely dressed middle aged men could do it. Anyone find that weird or have an explanation?

Develop Your Story / Re: My idea.
« on: November 09, 2016, 09:26:56 PM »
Here is chapter 20. I wrote many fight scenes but they're getting harder to do. It's hard because its something that an illustrator would really come in handy with. Sometimes words cannot describe just how epic these fight scenes are. As usual, any suggestions, advice, or help would be greatly appreciated.

Chapter 20:
It is morning and the emperor is in his office talking on the phone.
Timothy: He accepted my offer?
Wei: Yes sir. I approve of your decision to appoint him too.
Timothy: Sounds great. I already have a mission in mind for him. I can already imagine the success we’re going to have.
Wei: I hope so too. Bye.
Timothy: Bye.
Timothy puts down the phone. Timothy walks to the windows and looks at the capital. Shortly after, the phone rings. Timothy walks back to his desk and pick up the phone.
Engineer: Sir it is complete.
Timothy: Really? I’ll be there soon.
Timothy put down the phone and exited his office. He walks with 6 of his guards (tier 3 soldiers) to an empire ship. The ship brought them to an island close to the capital that has the factory of infinite machines. When the emperor and his guards exited the ship, they were greeted by the engineer.
Engineer: We are pleased to present to you our finish product. Follow me.
They all walked into the factory and down a long hallway.
Timothy: I hope this one won’t turn out like last time.
Engineer: We have reflected on our previous failure like you ordered and we are positive that the thrusters can be controlled.
Timothy: Cool.
They entered a large hanger.
Engineer: I’ll be right back. I’m going to tell the other engineers to bring in the thruster prototype.
Timothy: I’ll wait.
The engineer left the hanger.
Timothy: He sure is taking a while.
The engineer was gone for a while and the prototype still wasn’t brought into the hanger. The emperor and his 6 guards continued to wait.
Timothy: What could be taking them so long?
Guard 3-6 nodded at each other and guard 3 and 4 pointed their gauntlet guns at the back of guards 1 and 2 heads and fired instantly killing them.
Timothy: What is the meaning of this?
Guards 5 and 6 pointed their gauntlet guns at the emperor and fired. Guards 3-6 then somersaulted away and watched in confusion.
Guard 3: He’s still standing.
Guard 4: How is that possible? He took a point blank shot from two of us.
Guard 5: This is weird. He should be dead.
When Timothy removed his hands from the two area where he was shot and revealed a bright blue glow from those areas.
Guard 6: What is that?
Timothy: You guys don’t know much about me. You see, I am energy therefore-
The 4 guards unleashed a barrage of shots at the emperor all of which failed to harm him. More glowing blue spots were seen from the areas where he was shot.
Timothy: As I was saying, therefore I cannot be destroyed. Your lasers only add to my energy.
Guard 5: He’s bluffing. That’s probably a new shield he invented.
The big hanger roof opened and an airship was hovering above the hanger.
Guard 6: Vacate the area! You don’t want to get caught in this.
Guards 3-6 flew away with their jet boosts.
Timothy: So you rebels are executing an assassination attempt. It won’t work.
The turrets of the airship aimed at the emperor and blasted big laser beams. The emperor didn’t try to dodge. The laser continued to fire for a while. Guards 3-6 (now rebels) arrived in the airship.
Rebel 3: He has some kind new shield. Don’t take any chances. Continue to focus the laser on him until his shield breaks.
Rebel 1: Understood.
A few minutes later:
Rebel 3: I think that should be enough.
The rebels turned off the laser.
The rebels stare in awe at the emperor.
Timothy: I should thank you. Normally I would have to channel energy to gain all this energy. Instead, your attack allowed me to absorb it instead.
Timothy was completely covered in blue energy.
Rebel 4: Is he invincible?
Rebel 6: It can’t be.
Timothy: Now for my counter attack.
Timothy aimed his palm towards the airship and unleashed a big blast of energy back at the rebels.
Rebel 5: Abandon ship!
The airship took a direct hit. The blast destroyed a lot of the airship causing it to fall and crash in flames onto the ground. All the rebels evacuated the airship. The tier 1 rebels and the 6 tier 3 rebels landed on the ground.
Rebel 1: How do we damage him?
Rebel 6: If he absorbs energy, then let’s not use energy attacks.
The rebels charged at the emperor. Timothy pointed his index and middle figure together and shoots thin lasers to immobilize some rebels. Rebels 3 and 5 were shot in the knees and fell to the ground. The tier 1 rebels that didn’t get hit swung their tridents at Timothy.The tridents went straight through him. Rebels 4 and 6 used their jet boost to enhance their punch but they also went through him.
Rebel 6: What are you?
Timothy: I told you already. I am energy so I follow the law of thermodynamics; I cannot be destroyed. You however, don’t follow that.
Timothy shoots the remaining rebels. All the remaining rebels were lying on the floor and unable to move.
Rebel 5: You have all this power. Why haven’t you finished us off? Why hasn’t the empire won yet?
Timothy: You rebels seem to forget your training after you change sides. If I simply destroyed all my enemies, I would just gain more enemies so my enemies would never end.
Timothy walked around the destroyed hanger. He spotted the engineer on the floor.
Timothy: Are you alright?
Engineer: (Weak tone) Sir, your skin!
Timothy: I know I know. It’s my power.
Engineer: They betrayed us.
Timothy: I know. That is what a rebel is. Don’t worry. The airships will be here soon to take you to a hospital.
After a few minutes, the empire airships arrived. Timothy already dissipated his excess energy so his appearance went back to normal. When the airships landed, Laura came out of an airship.
Laura: We saw smoke coming from the factory of infinite machines. What happened?
Timothy: The rebels are spreading to our higher ranking soldiers. 4 of my guards attacked me and the 2 other guards. 
Laura: It’s getting harder to trust our own people.
Timothy: I know. I’m going to have to make the promotion requirements stricter.
Empire soldier: Sir we have found another survivor.
Engineer 2: I was hiding somewhere so I was able to avoid danger.
Timothy: Good. Is the prototype safe too?
Engineer 2: It was untouched by the rebels.
Timothy: Great. I expect to see it in action soon.
Engineer 2: There is a problem though sir.
Timothy: What is it?
Engineer 2: Your “collateral damage” damaged the prototype. We’re going to have to repair it.
Laura: (Stares at Timothy) What collateral damage?
Timothy: Well, they used an airship against me and had powerful soldiers outnumber me so…
Laura: You used your power?
Timothy: Yeah. The rebels are getting more and more powerful. We will have to find Schneider and shut him down quickly.
Laura: Do you have a plan?
Timothy: In fact yes I do.
Scene changes to the rebel headquarter:
Rebel 7: Schneider our forces at the Factory of Infinite Machines have been defeated.
Schneider: I expected that. That’s why I sent the expendable soldiers. Do we have new information from the battle?
Rebel 7: Yes sir. The emperor’s power was revealed. He has energy manipulation.
Schneider: Good. We can now plan accordingly.
Rebel 7: But his power is more like a way of life.
Schneider: What do you mean?
Rebel 7: Our forces couldn’t even harm him.
Schneider: I see. The law of Thermodynamics applies to him. (To a rebel scientist) Time to start research. We will create the emperor’s weakness. Hahahahahahaha!!!

Sounds cool? Any advice about what I was talking about above would be appreciated.

Develop Your Story / Re: My idea.
« on: November 05, 2016, 11:22:38 PM »
Here is chapter 19. Any thoughts, assistance, or reviews will be considered.
Chapter 19:
In the capitol in front of Wei’s office:
Dan: *Sigh* (Thinking) I can do this.
Dan knocks the door.
Dan: (Thinking) What if he’s still mad at me?
Begin Dan’s flashback:
Timothy: I’m glad you’re back on our side. You chose wisely.
Dan: How do I face the empire again?
Timothy: Don’t worry. You just assisted in the emperor’s mission. They’ll welcome you back.
End Dan’s flashback:
Wei: Come in.
Dan opens the door and walks into Wei’s office.
Dan: General, I-
Wei: (Angry) So you’re back resistance?
Dan: I was a different pers-
Wei was walking around his desk and approached Dan.
Wei: You thought you could infiltrate the empire, receive free health care and military training and equipment, and almost kill a secretary?
Dan: Please let me expl-
Wei: There is no explanation!
Wei’s armor flew towards him and equipped itself onto him. As soon as his armor was fully equipped, Wei punched Dan. Dan crashed through the door.
Wei: You better put your training to use now soldier or else!
Wei walked towards Dan. Dan got up and jet boosted away from Wei.
Dan: Please I don’t want to fight you.
Wei: Good. Make my job a lot easier.
Wei opened his gauntlet guns and shot at Dan. Dan dodged them.
Wei: Is running and dodging all that we taught you or is that the resistance way of fighting?
Dan stopped dodging and used his gauntlet guns to fire back to nullify Wei’s shots. Wei continues to fly towards Dan and threw him to the ground.
Dan: Ahh!
Dan fell on the ground.
Dan: Fine I’ll give you a fight.
Dan flew towards Wei and Wei flew towards Dan. They’re punches met. Each was struggling to push the other away. Wei activated his turret from his back and was about to shoot at Dan. Dan pointed his jet boost somewhere else to spin Wei around. After spinning fast enough, Dan threw Wei and Wei was sent flying and crashed onto the roof. Dan flew onto the roof and engaged in close combat. They exchanged punches and kicks for a while. While they were fighting, the workers in the capitol were running away from the destruction. Soon, tier 3 empire soldiers arrived.
Empire soldier: General! Do you need assistance?
Dan: What? He attacked me!
Wei: No I do not soldier. This is a personal battle between student and teacher, honor it.
Empire soldier: Yes sir.
The empire soldiers stood around the capitol and watched the battle.
After a while, Dan activated his short blades and slashed at Wei. Wei dodged them.
Wei: Nice shiny weapon you go their resistance! Where did you steal it from?
Dan: I didn’t steal it.
Wei found an opening and kicked Dan in his gauntlet crushing the laser blade mechanism on his right hand. Dan continued with his remaining 3 blades. Wei reached into a compartment next to his right waist and grabbed some grenades and threw them at Dan. Dan was able to cut through the first and kick away the second but narrowly dodged the third so he was caught in to blast.
Dan: Ahh! (Thinking) Damn! The blast destroyed my left foot blade.
Dan was close to Wei and tried to slash him again. Wei caught Dan’s right foot and was crushing his right ankle with his hand breaking the laser blade there.
Dan: (Thinking) He’s compressing my armor with only his hand?
Before Wei could do major damage, Dan jet boosted away causing Wei to get caught in the flames and created distance between the two.
Wei: It’s so hot. (Thinking) Good thing my armor has some heat resistance.
Wei removed his helmet and threw it away. His sweating face was exposed. They flew towards each other and continued to fight in melee range. While fighting, Wei aimed his back turret at Dan for a close range shot. Dan sliced off the turret. Wei punched Dan onto the floor. While on the floor, Dan secretly cut a line on the roof. Wei kicked Dana way and was shooting at Dan. Dan dodged and jet boosted around way. When Wei shot in a full 360, the roof below him broke and Wei fell onto the ground. Wei fell on his back and Dan jumped onto him. Dan put his right hand blade, his last remaining laser sword, next to Wei’s neck. Wei smiled.
Wei: Hahahahahaha! I shouldn’t have taken off my helmet.
The empire soldiers aimed their weapons at Dan.
Wei: Hold your fire!
Empire soldiers: Huh?
Wei reached for his personal shield. As the shield expanded to its full radius, Dan was pushed back. Wei got up and wiped the dust of him.
Wei: (Calmer) I hope this wasn’t too much for you soldier.
Dan: What was all this about?
Wei walked over to a pile of debris and dug through it. From the pile of debris, he picked up his helmet and dusted it off.
Wei: The emperor already filled me in about you. I forgave you already. I just wanted to test your strength myself.
Dan: All this destruction was for a test?
Wei: Don’t worry about the mess. Congratulations, you passed the test.
Dan: Why a test?
Wei: The emperor opened a new department in the military, one that requires skills and stealth to retrieve information about the enemy.
Dan: I didn’t know that the empire had spies.
Wei: That’s because he just made it up and he appointed you to be its director. During his studies about the resistance, the emperor noticed that part of the reason why the resistance has lasted as long as they did was because they resorted to sneaky tactics so the emperor believed that if he integrated the same style, the empire would have a better chance at winning against the rebels and resistance.
Dan: What does that have to do with the test?
Wei: I wanted to check if you are up to it. Clearly you are.
Dan: Wow, this is unexpected. I accept.
Wei: Terrific!
Perspective change to the resistance and scene change to somewhere in the cold windy tundra of Russia:
Aceline and the French resistance walk towards a group of people standing by a hill.
Aceline: We have an appointment with your leader.
Russian resistance: We were expecting you.
The Russian guards opened a thick door at the side of the hill and escorted them in to their hidden base. They were walking down the hall.
French resistance: (Small talk) Nice base you got here. It’s a lot more comfy than out there.
Russian resistance: It does its job well. Here, we are well hidden from the empire. Plus, the empire isn’t going to send anyone to go through the troubles of trekking through the tundra to search for us.
French resistance: Oui, the travel here was rough for us.
Russian resistance: You’ll get used to it.
At the end of the hall, they enter a large conference room.
Aceline: Send your leader. We have what she wants.
Alyona: Aceline you made it back.
Aceline: I fulfilled my part of the deal.
Aceline cued 3 French resistance members to put the boxes on top of the table. They opened them.
Alyona: The laser swords! Good job. How did you get these?
Aceline: We stormed into the mines and mined the key resource to produce the weapons you see here.
Alyona: Excellent. You gave me what I wanted; now I’ll give you what we agreed on, my allegiance. You now have the help of the Russian resistance.
Aceline: I shouldn’t have to do your dirty work to gain your help. In this age, we need to work together to defeat the empire.
Alyona: I just needed a way to tell if I can trust you.
Aceline: Something happened in the past?
Alyona: Da. I tried partnering with the Japanese resistance before and they weren’t so trustworthy. They betrayed us. Now look what happened to them, they’re extinct. That probably wouldn’t have happened to them if they cooperated with us.
Aceline: How could they?
Alyona: Not all resistance groups want the world back to the days before WW3. Some just abuse the chaos of this new age.
Aceline: Well I was willing to do anything for the good of the resistance anyway. The resistance just got stronger. 
Some Russian resistance members brought drinks and cups to share with the French resistance. The drink was poured into the cup.
Alyona: To the resistance.
Aceline: To the resistance.
Both resistances raised their cups before drinking it in a toast. After the meeting, the French resistance left the base.
Aceline: Now, only one resistance group left to add.

Sounds cool?

Here's mine:
Name: Mark Grande
Age: 34
Height: 7'2
Gender: Male

Appearance: Mark has long black hair and tan skin. (This part is hard to describe so it's fine if it's wrong) He wears a long jacket that it mostly blue with 2 vertical yellow stripes.

Weapon: Mark wields a very big laser sword named Extra Large. As it's name suggests, it's wider and longer than a normals sword. It's 7 feet long and 2 feet wide. It has the letters "XL" on its guard (The part of the sword that is perpendicular to the blade and handle and is between the blade and the handle."

Personality: Mark is a serious, impatient, and focused person. He tries to do his job as effieciently and quickly as possible.

Thank you for being the first to let me practice! I only did an upper body sketch due to some lack of information for your character, and I wasn't sure how specifically you wanted him to look. So I made it 'half-baked'. Hope you like it!

I am impressed! You made the hair better than I imagined!

Here's mine:
Name: Mark Grande
Age: 34
Height: 7'2
Gender: Male

Appearance: Mark has long black hair and tan skin. (This part is hard to describe so it's fine if it's wrong) He wears a long jacket that it mostly blue with 2 vertical yellow stripes.

Weapon: Mark wields a very big laser sword named Extra Large. As it's name suggests, it's wider and longer than a normals sword. It's 7 feet long and 2 feet wide. It has the letters "XL" on its guard (The part of the sword that is perpendicular to the blade and handle and is between the blade and the handle."

Personality: Mark is a serious, impatient, and focused person. He tries to do his job as effieciently and quickly as possible.

Develop Your Story / Re: My idea.
« on: November 02, 2016, 09:42:36 PM »
Here is chapter 18. Any ideas, suggestions, or view would be appreciated.

Chapter 18:
Before Timothy could fight Alister, Dan swooped in to take on Alister instead.
Timothy: Nice timing.
Dan: I’m glad to be back on the battle field. Aren’t you supposed to be powerful?
Timothy: I am. I was going to use it before you showed up. Good thing you’re here. I’ll capture Schneider while you fight Alister.
Dan: Yes sir!
While Alister and Dan were pushing against each other, Timothy ran around Alister towards Schneider. Aceline ran into a cavern within the mines to blast another exit but was noticed by Schneider.
Schneider: Not so fast Aceline. You and your resistance are not going to escape from here alive.
Schneider drew his phaser and shot at Aceline. Aceline blocked the shot with her sword and pointed it at him.
Aceline: Then I’ll have to make sure that you don’t leave here alive.
Timothy caught up to the two and alternated between pointing his phaser at Aceline and Shneider.
Timothy: Two major enemies of the empire in the same place. How convenient. You’ll both leave here alive under custody.
Aceline: (Thinking) They both have shields and the same weapon. The only difference is that Schneider is old. I think I know who to target first.
They both stare at each other for a while until Aceline makes the first move and slashing Schneider. He was protected by his personal shield. Schneider shoots back but Aceline continues to block his shots. Aceline viciously attacks his shield repeatedly causing Schneider to run away deeper into the cavern. Timothy chases after them while attempting to stun Aceline. Aceline dodges Timothy’s shots.
Aceline: You made a mistake challenging me old man.
Schneider: Oh did I?
While running, Schneider shot the ceiling above Aceline attempting to cave in her. Aceline dodged the falling rocks with her superhuman speed while Timothy ran into a  large fallen rock.
Timothy: Oof!
Aceline: You’re cornered.
Schneider looked behind Aceline.
Schneider: I disagree.
Aceline charged towards Schneider. Aceline was stunned in the left leg and fell before she could strike Schneider.
Aceline: What happened?
She looks behind her and sees that Timothy somehow made it though the barrier of fallen rocks.
Aceline: (Thinking) He shot me from behind.
Schneider: Hahahaha!!! You should have paid more attention.
Schneider pointed his phaser at Aceline’s face.
Schnieder: This won’t stun.
Perspective change to Dan:
Alister’s massive strength pushed Dan downwards. Dan counters by activating his jet boost to add more force to his push. They were back in equilibrium.
Dan: You’re strong.
A tier 2 rebel soldier that was blocking the exit intervened and flew in and pushed Dan away. Dan fell rolling on the ground.
Dan: what the?
Dan looks to see who pushed him.
Dan: Daichi?
Daichi: Hello Argon.
Dan: That’s not my name.
Daichi: Whatever.
Dan: I heard about what you did in Japan.
Daichi: It had to be done. All resistance had to be eradicated.
Dan stood up again.
Dan: You have become an enemy of the empire. I’m going to have to take you in.
Daichi: It’s time I show you how much stronger I’ve become with the rebels anyway.
Alister joins Daichi. Dan activates his jet boost and flies towards Daichi. Daichi tries to punch Dan but Dan quickly boosts a different direction to dodge. Dan activates his short energy blades from his gauntlets and boots and slashes around Daichi’s armor.
Dan: I’ve taken on more powerful foes before.
Alister shoots at Dan from his left eye. Dan flies around the mines dodging the lasers. Daichi and Alister activate their jet boosts to catch up to Dan. While Dan was being chased by the two, he shot back at the two with his hidden gauntlet guns. They both dodge. Daichi readies his turret behind his armor and channels energy and aims at Dan. While aiming Dan turns around and uses his short blades to sever his turret. Alister punches Dan and shoots him with his laser eye. Dan activates his personal shield to block the shot. Dan then slashes Alister’s laser eye causing it to malfunction. Alister couldn’t use it anymore.
Alister: Damn you.
While the battle continued on the ground, Daichi and Alister engaged in close combat against Dan.
Dan: (Thinking) It’s hard to fight them both. I’m going to need some assistance from my surroundings.
Alister punched Dan upwards causing Dan to hit the ceiling and Daichi followed up with a jet boost enhanced upward punch. At the last, second Dan jet boosted away causing Daichi to hit the ceiling. The force of his punch caused the ceiling to collapse and rocks were falling.
Dan: (Thinking) That punch had more power in it than I expected.
The three tried to dodge the rocks for as long as they can.
Dan: (To the soldiers below) Evacuate the area!
The rocks eventually hit Daichi, Alister, and Dan causing them to fall. They continued to evacuate on the ground. During all the dust and smoke from the falling rocks, the resistance were able to exit the mines and exit undetected.
Resistance 2: Where’s Aceline?
Resistance 3: We can’t worry about her now, the mine in giving in.
The resistance continues to run. Outnumbered and without resistance for the empire to face, the rebels also fled the scene.
Perspective change to Schneider:
 Schneider: This won’t stun.
*Rumbling sound*
Schneider: What’s happening?
Rocks started falling all over the place.
Schneider: (Over com link) Daichi get me out of her!
Daichi: (Over com link) Yes sir.
Daichi flew in from above and lifted Schneider out of the area.
Timothy: (Thinking) Am I going to need to use my power?
Aceline: (Thinking) I can’t move. Am I going to die?
A rock fell and hit Aceline in the forehead knocking her unconscious. Something flew in from above and picked up Aceline out of the mine. The mine completely caved in. Perspective change to Aceline:
Aceline was regaining consciousness. As she opened her eyes, she noticed that she was on safe ground outside the mine and she saw a figure flying away.
Aceline: Alister?
Resistance 2: Aceline are you ok?
The resistance was running towards Aceline’s location.
Aceline: I’m fine but I can’t walk for a while.
Resistance 3: Let me.
Resistance 3 held her left arm to help her walk.
Aceline: Despite the battle, this operation was a success. He have the resources that we came here for.
Perspective change to Dan:
Dan: (Thinking) Did he make it out? (To the empire soldiers) Spread out! Look for the emperor!
Empire soldiers: Yes sir.
They spread out looking for Timothy.
Dan: He can’t be dead.
Timothy: Of course I’m not dead.
Dan looked behind him and saw a tunnel where Timothy came out of.
Dan: You’re alive! How?
Timothy: I’m the emperor, I find ways.
The empire soldiers regrouped and boarded their airship and set course for the capital. While on the airship:
Timothy: This battle wasn’t very successful. We walked out of that with only a few resistance and rebel prisoners. I was expecting to turn the resistance against each other. Instead they got away with the resources.
Dan: It wasn’t all for nothing. We learned more about the rebels.
Timothy: True and the empire just gained a new ally, you.
Dan: I’m proud to continue serving the empire.
Timothy: The conflict ahead won’t be easy. The resistance has figured out how to use their new weapon. They now have a way to damage us.
Dan: Yeah. I wonder what they’re going to do with those resources.
Perspective change to the rebels:
Schneider: (Angry) How did we fail?How did the emperor get out of the mines? (To Daichi and Alister) How did you two have trouble fighting one person ?
Daichi: He is very strong. There’s a reason why he was made an empire elite.
Alister: He didn’t really defeat us. The battle ended in a stalemate.
Schneider: Then you’ll need some upgrades.
Schneider left and reentered the room.
Schneider: Here Alister. This weapon was found by my rebels near the site of your battle with Tekk.
Schneider handed over Alister’s laser sword to him. And for you Daichi, I’ll make some upgrades to your armor.
Daichi: Thank you sir.
Schneider: Dan has energy blades in his armor so I’ll give you something to rival it. That Aceline, she’s becoming as great of a leader as her father. (Thinking) What was the blue glow coming out of his sleeve? Could it be his power? The emperor is the only one that is unknown. I'll have to push him more if i want to further my intelligence.

Sounds cool?

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: free commission I wanna draw your characters
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Here's mine:
Name: Tekk Nickel
Height: 6'3
Gender: N/A (Looks like a man)
Age: 2 (Looks like late 20s)

He's an android (human looking robot) made to look like an adult male human in his late 20s. He was programmed to love humanity to prevent him from turning against humans. He loves humanity so much that he likes to believe that he's human too. He has an innocent personality since he's really 2 years old. He's very optimistic.

He has short black hair. He wears special black gloves that reduce the damage of his metal punches so he doesn't accidentally deal a lethal blow. This part is hard to describe so it's fine if this part is not accurate:  he wears a long jacket that is mostly black with 2 vertical yellow stripes.

He has superior strength, speed, and reaction time than a normal human. He can use martial arts and a wide variety of hidden weapons.

Develop Your Story / Re: My idea.
« on: October 31, 2016, 05:33:06 PM »
Here is chapter 17. Any ideas, advice, or offers would be appreciated.
Chapter 17:
Scene change to the mines:
Aceline: Take as much resources as you can! We must acquire enough to improve our arsenal!
Resistance: Yes ma’am.
Resistance scout: The Empire! They’re here!
Aceline: We won’t be able to get out the way we came in. You there!
Aceline points to a group of resistance.
Aceline: We will try to distract the empire to buy you some time to blast an exit though the other way.
Resistance 2: But wouldn’t that cave in the whole mine?
Aceline: It’s better that we get away while we still have the resource and cut off the empire’s resource.
Scene change to rebel headquarters:
Rebel: Sir our intelligence has reports of an imminent clash between the empire and rebels in the mines and the emperor is going to be there.
Rebel leader: So the emperor is finally going to get his hand dirty.
Rebel: How many are you going to send?
Rebel leader: We have suffered enough loss in the previous battle. I’m going and I’m going to bring a small group with me. Its time I show our newest weapon!
In the background, there is a shadowy figure with a red glowing right eye. The scene changes back to the mines from the empire’s perspective. The empire’s airships landed in front of the mines. The hatch opened and the empire’s army was coming out.
Empire soldier: We have surrounded the resistance. They have no other way out of the mines.
The empire walked towards the entrance of the mine. Aceline and some resistance soldiers walked out.
Timothy: Nice to see you again Aceline.
Aceline: I can’t say the same to you.
Timothy: I see you’ve committed some crimes here. You and your resistance have killed empire soldiers and are in possession of illegal resources.
Aceline: We’re not part of your empire. We don’t have to follow your laws.
Timothy looks around and observes the resistance.
Timothy: I also see that you French resistance allied yourself with the English resistance. (Shouting to the resistance) Let me ask you something, IF you manage to overthrow the empire and separate the world, who will rule it?
The two resistances were looking at each other in confusion.
Timothy: I mean, with the old boarders gone, how will you know who’s land is who’s?
Aceline: (Shouting to the resistance) Don’t listen to him! He’s trying to split us. If we are to have a chance at ending the empire, we need to cooperate!
Timothy: Let my question sink in. (To empire soldiers) Engage the resistance.
Empire soldier: Yes sir.
The empire soldiers charge towards the resistance.
Aceline: (To the resistance) Remember we don’t have to beat them. W just have to stall. As soon as they’re done blasting, we get out of here.
When they clashed on the battlefield, the tier 1 empire soldiers used their tridents to zap the resistance. The resistance absorbed their zaps with their laser swords. The resistance were greater in number compared to the empire.
Timothy: (Thinking) They learned about the versatility of those swords. They’re becoming a real threat.
The ones that were able to defend themselves from the zaps started slashing at the empire’s shields. Little by little the shields were losing their strength.
Timothy: (Shouting to the empire soldiers) If your shields are destroyed, you have authorization to engage in melee.
The first shield broke and a group of empire soldiers attacked in melee range of the resistance. Their tridents were covered in electricity. There were sounds of metal clashing with metal. Aceline was able to chip away their shields faster because of her superhuman strength. During the fighting, Timothy stood in the back line and drew his phaser and shot at the resistance to stun them.
Resistance: (Over com link) Ma’am we have successfully blasted an  newexit. We await your arrival.
Aceline: (Over com link) Bon travail. We will be their shortly.
Resistance: (Over com link) We also did it without blowing the place dow- Ahhhh!
Aceline: (Over com link) What happened?
Resistance: (Over com link) …
Aceline: (Thinking) Weird. I’ll check it out when we get there. (To the resistance) Our exit is available. Slowly retreat.
Little by little the resistance backed off and ran into the mines. Aceline stayed to ensure their escape. The empire soldiers were advancing.
Timothy: (Thinking) Where are they going?
The last of the resistance were entering the mines.
Resistance 2: They’re fallowing behind us.
Aceline: Set some explosives at the entrance. We’ll blast the rocks to seal the entrance.
The resistance set up the explosives around the entrance. When all was clear, they detonated the explosives. The rocks collapsed and created a wall.
Timothy: Darn it. They sealed us out, and they sealed themselves in.
Perspective change to the resistance:
Aceline: Keep going. We should be close to the new exit.
As the resistance was approaching the exit, they noticed a dead body of resistance 1 on the ground.
Resistance 2: One of us is dead.
Aceline: Who could have done this?
The light at the end of the tunnel was diminishing as a figure blocked it. It was human shaped.
Rebel Leader: Hallo Leroy.
Aceline turned to look at the speaker. There were a few tier 3 soldiers on his side.
Aceline: Did you do this?
Rebel Leader: Not quite. But I did order it. I heard what happened to your father.
Aceline was reminded of the death of her father at the hands of the rebels.
Aceline: You ordered his death too didn’t you?
Rebel Leader: What if I did?
Aceline: So you’re the rebel leader!
Aceline charged at the old man and swung her sword. A figure quickly ran in the way to block the attack. Aceline’s swing was stopped by a hand with a bluish energy aura around it.
Rebel Leader: Do you like my new weapon? I think you’ll like it too.
Aceline looked at the figure that blocked her attack. She was astonished to see that it was Alister. Alister looked a bit different.
Aceline: Alister?
Alister didn’t respond.
Rebel leader: Charming isn’t he? When he was delivered to me, I couldn’t resist but to make some improvements. Now, he’s a super human and a cyborg, a super cyborg!
Aceline: (Thinking) He survived?
Rebel Leader: Alister, crush all resistance.
Alister: Yes sir.
Alister punched Aceline. The force was so great that Aceline was rolling away on the floor. Alister ran towards the resistance with remarkable speed punching and elbowing the resistance. The resistance tried to fight back with their laser swords but couldn’t hit Alister through his evasion. Aceline got up and tried to fight back. She parried his punches with her sword.
Rebel Leader: Rebels attack the resistance!
Rebels: Yes sir.
The rebel soldiers attack the resistance while Alister was busy fighting Aceline.
Aceline: Alister it’s me Aceline! You saved me from the prison. Do you remember?
Alister: No I don’t.
Aceline: You are a member of the English Resistance.
Alister: I am not. I am a rebel.
Alister managed to smack her sword out of her hand. Alister overpowered Aceline and grabbed her by her left forearm and lifted her up until her face was the same level as his.
Rebel Leader: (Shouting) Everyone! Witness the end of the leader of the French Resistance!
Alister’s right eye was channeling energy. Aceline tried to break free from his grip but she couldn’t. As Alister was finishing his channel, a beam was shot from a distance and hit Alister in the forehead causing him to miss Aceline and the laser was shot at the ceiling. Took advantage of the confusion and broke freefrom his grip and picked up her sword.
Aceline: (Thinking) What made him miss?
Timothy: Hallo Albert Scheinder.
Aceline turned to see the voice. She saw the empire soldiers marching deeper into the mines and Timothy with his phaser pointing to Alister with smoke coming out of the barrel.
Aceline: The emperor? How did you get here?
Timothy: That’s confidential. (Turned to the rebel leader) My my my Albert Schneider, head doctor of the empire’s greatest hospital, what are you doing here around all these rebels? Are you their leader?
Schneider: That would be correct.
Timothy: I see that the super human resistance was alive all along. You have been working behind my back for a while haven’t you?
Schneider: More than you know.
Timothy: I’ll be sure to find out what else you have been doing after you’re captured and brought to justice.
Schneider: Come and try.
Timothy: Ok. Soldiers attack them.
The Empire soldiers advanced to fight both the resistance and the rebels.
Schneider: Alister, ignore Aceline. It’s time to end the emperor’s reign.
Alister turned his attention to the emperor and charged towards him.
Timothy: (Thinking) Oh boy he is dangerous.
Timothy prepared for battle. He pulled his hand into his sleeve and a blue glow can be seen coming out of his sleeve. Suddenly, someone landed in between Timothy and Alister and interrupted Alister’s charge. Timothy looked to see who it was.
Timothy: Nice timing.
Dan: I’m glad to be back on the battle field.

Sounds cool?

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