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Title: Renegade Robot
Post by: J.J.Watts on October 05, 2021, 08:38:54 AM
Hi, I've been writing and drawing my own manga/graphic novel for a while now. I've started a Patreon where I will continue to upload chapters as I finish them. My goal is to produce 1 every two weeks. This first chapter is available to view here. All feedback is welcome.

*Link removed*


Set during a wave of industrial revolution, humans are reliant on robots for everything, and they are treated as nothing more than appliances. It is believed that robots are incapable of expressing emotions, independent thought or freewill. That is until one day, when a lowly Maintenancebot called Bolt decides to rebel against the humans after a traumatic experience awakens his consciousness. After becoming a wanted criminal, Bolt goes on a journey to gather up like-minded robots and dismantle the fabric of human society.
Title: Re: Renegade Robot
Post by: Coryn on October 08, 2021, 12:38:09 PM
Hey JJ! Welcome to the forum, but unfortunately I had to remove your link. We don't allow link posting until you've made 25 posts. But I encourage you to introduce yourself in the welcome center and stick around!