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Author Topic: Bring an item to life!  (Read 460 times)

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Bring an item to life!
« on: September 19, 2013, 08:14:50 PM »
That's right! This is all about personification! The technique of taking an ordinary object and giving it human traits (though animalistic ones would be interesting as well).

Example: The tree groaned and stretched. The teddy bear glared.

So my challenge to you is to find a random object, such as a doll, shoes, xbox, and bring it to life in a mini story.

I'll start.

Footwear for a Buck

This story is about a pair of boots, swashbuckling boots to be exact. Now if any of you know what swashbuckling boots look like then you obviously know that they're not the prettiest boots. Actually, they're positively ugly. For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about, here's an image for you.

Imagine a pair of ordinary, knee-high, white boots. You got that pictured? Good. Now add on four or five unsightly brown leather buckles spaced evenly from top of the boot to bottom. An ugly, unfashionable pair of boots. What's the use for all them buckles anyways?

Well now, I'm getting off topic but you got the point, right? Great, now remember that picture as the story begins. We shall begin with the owner.

Now these particular pair of swashbuckling boots belonged to a skinny washout of a pirate named Andy. Andy has messy, greasy brown hair and dull green eyes and he wore the boots all the time, and I mean ALL. In fact, they're his only pair of shoes. He picked them off of some poor bloke that he killed in a bar fight down south.

His reasoning that they looked kind of nifty with the buckles and all that. He figured after cleaning the blood off them, well he'd be the best dressed pirate in all the seas. Yep, ALL the seas.

Andy's so proud of his boots he even gave them names. The left one's Booty and the right one, can you guess it? Bootie, with and I and an E. Classy, I know. So everywhere Andy goes Booty and Bootie go too, they're his best friends.

See, now you're probably thinking that this Andy guy is a loser. Funny thing is, you're probably right but not for this reason. No, you see living the life of a pirate is tough. You can't trust no one.

See, you turn your back for a second and the next thing you know your so called "Best friend" has you pinned to the top of the mast by your underwear. So you see Andy's pretty smart giving his trust to a pair of shoes and all. I mean, aren't your shoes always gonna be there for you?

Yeah, come one. Just look at Booty and Bootie. They never talk back, they walk wherever he walks, and (here's the hooker) they don't even complain when Andy walks all over them. What great pals. Yep, a better pair of boots couldn't be found anywhere in the seven seas. What a lucky guy.

So what's it like to be such an amazing pair of boots? Well to start, everyday Booty and Bootie wake up to the gentle sway of the "Red Dragon"; if you didn't catch it, that's the ship they're on. So anyways, they wake to the gentle sway though sometimes it ain't so gentle and sometimes they're not even on a ship. Maybe in a tavern of something. Though for your sake we'll stick to the ship.

See, Booty and Bootie wake up pretty early and stare at the other side of the cabin until Andy wakes up. The two don't really seem to talk much so time tends to go by slowly. By the time Andy gets up Booty and Bootie are well awake and waiting.

As Andy sticks his feet into them they give a silent good morning to Mr. and Mrs. Socks, their tenants.

Now that everybody's settled and comfortable, it's time for work. Booty and Bootie don't need to wait for instructions, they know where to go. The routine goes something like this:

Walk with Andy to his breakfast of oatmeal and mystery sludge. Head up to top deck to scrub it down, maybe muttering a few curses as he does so. Every now and then Booty and Bootie get hit in the face by some splash of soapy, yet dirty, water.

By the time high noon is here, Booty and Bootie are ready for the lunch break; and what does Andy eat? You guessed it, a biscuit and mystery sludge number 2 which amazingly looks and tastes exactly like mystery sludge number one. Hmmmmm. Anyways, then it's all hands on deck to play some poker. Maybe listening to their owners plans for fame, fortune, and well... more fortune.

They don't really understand what he's talkin' about when he says he's gonna get himself "a pretty little piece of meat." How can meat be pretty? It seems to conjure up the image of red high-heels and black lace.

Eventually, Captain Grouch comes over and yells at Andy to "Stop wasting his bloody time talking to those bloody boots" and "How about using them to do some bloody walkin' 'stead of talkin'." Translation: "Get to work you lazy bum." So off Andy goes a mutterin' and a cursin' under his breath.

By the end of the day Booty and Bootie are worn down and ready to go to bed. They say good night to Mr. and Mrs. socks and make plans for lunch the next day. All in all it's not such a bad life for a pair of boots. "Hey ho, the pirates life, the pirates life for me!"

I look forward to other creations!