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Author Topic: (Free) Escape puzzle series, looking for writers to help with creating puzzles  (Read 453 times)

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I'm working on a series to succeed my current webcomic, Blood Crush. In it, the characters must solve puzzles to escape from rooms at least once a chapter. I plan to handle the story and characters by myself, but would like to find some help with creating the escape puzzles. There is no need for commitment on this; you might want to help edit a single puzzle which I've already written or come up with several on your own, but anyone who helps will be credited accordingly.
The puzzles follow a basic format: The person or persons enter a room with some kind of theme. For example, the room might appear to be a simple kitchen, and contain things you would expect to find in an ordinary kitchen.  The subjects will receive a message on their phone (every subject carries one with their number) telling them how to begin.
The complete but unfinished premise of the series can be found here
If you have any questions, please email me. novelist99PLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL
This series will not begin for several months, but if you help me with a puzzle before it begins, I will still credit you and try to contact you when it begins. Thank you ^^