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Author Topic: MechTechs.Tv American Manga-Mecha  (Read 1163 times)

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MechTechs.Tv American Manga-Mecha
« on: July 30, 2008, 01:36:23 AM »

MechTechs is a new manga mini-series and virtual world that is currently being developed.

The series is set in a mecha garage run by a dysfunctional cast of characters that is passionate about fabricating giant pilot driven robots, or mechas. While the comedic dysfunction of the relationships and the daily drama in the garage is the primary focus of the series, the garage is but a microcosm of a much larger mecha universe. The mechas being built in the garage are being used to fight in the inter-galactic mecha-fought tournament that is taking place right outside.

Want to know the cool part? During the development phase, manga fans can visit the MechTechs blogs and see the characters as they are being drawn via our live 24-hour webcast.

And even better, fans can contribute and make suggestions to the artists as they draw the characters.

Visit our site MechTechs @ DeviantArt and see the development of our comicbook.
Bookmark our blogsite and get to know more about the people behind Mechtechs and the pressures that they're dealing with while creating the comicbook: MechTechs @ blogspot

Sign-up for more updates on Mechtechs at

The first print issue of the series will be released in November 2008 along with the launch of the 3-D virtual mecha world.
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