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Author Topic: Anthology FAQ  (Read 7823 times)

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Anthology FAQ
« on: June 03, 2013, 03:06:49 PM »
Yeah all questions/Answer C$$p about Anthology goes here.   :sheep:

@.  Mangaraiders Anthology ?

MR Anthology is collection of members stories and comics which are published by forum. Both Online and Printed versions. Members can submit written stories and Comics.

@. Do we have to pay money for this ?

No. Members can submit stories/Manga for free. We Publish Anthology online as web publication for free. But if you want to buy the printed version then you will need to pay for printing cost.

@. Can I buy one of those previous MR Anthologies ?

Yes you can. Check these links,

MR Anthology Vol 01.  >>  Link <<

MR Anthology Vol 02   >> Link <<

MR Writers Antho #01 >> Link <<

@. Where are the MR Anthology Vol. 03 and Vol. 04 ?

We encountered some difficulties with our online printers because of their own errors and members errors like not proofreading and rechecking files. We will try to publish these 2 Anthologies online to read but I don't think you will get printed version.

@. What about copyrights of art and stories ?

Artists and writers will retain the copyright to their material. By submitting a story or comic you agree to publish it in MR Anthology. we will not be used or publish anywhere else or in any other publication ( Author can do it ). Having your work published both online and in printed form will give you legal proof it belongs to you date wise.


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