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Author Topic: Read down...  (Read 414 times)

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Read down...
« on: May 20, 2013, 08:28:29 PM »
Heavily breathing, i cant see in front of me but mist.
Ever bone, mussel and nerve aches with intense pain.
Left alone in a vast, Unfamiliar plane of existence.
Peoples shadows dance against the dark mist.

Menacingly, they laugh in high tones, maybe they're right.
Eventually sadness drifts into sleep.

In every corner, i hear there taunting laughter turn to fade shrills from a distance
Maybe this is it, maybe i can just lie here, curl up and accept that i lost.

Lost, and maybe when i do, they will leave
Or maybe, they will stop laughing at me so tauntingly,
"Someday i hope to find a way out of this hell but i Dont know how..."
"Today i'll make a change", these hollow promises ring in my ears

"I will not give up. i'll find peace soon."
Not as if i have been keeping track, I've lost count

There is that word again, lost
How sad, im like a dog who wondered into the unknown
Even so, At least someone would come looking for a dog

Darkness begin to brighten into blue hues
Another morning, if you can even call it that
Ridiculous to call this a sun rise, but the sun we all know is long gone.
Kainophobia sets in, this world is all i know now
Not since my family cast me out
"Enough sleep, i can not afford to lie here all day"
"Still lying to yourself" and uneasy voice "you wont find the way back"
Somber tones echo of int the distance

Another voice, this one deeper then the last
Nostalgia took me back to those days back home, before i was outcast
"Dont stare at that boy, you need to choose a bride" my fathers shouting always drew my attentions away

In the long row of discomforted guests was my childhood friend, Maya
Mother never approved of our childish games and pranks on the others.

"Son, we do this for you, not because we despise you but out of the truest form of love"
Out of all the things i heard that day, these words stuck with me

Suffocating, i finally reach a break in the thick forest of fog
Cast out of my home because of the way i was, how shameful
Apart from the others banished from their homes, i was alone.
Rest now, it's all i can do. I dream of seeing him again
"Enough of that, it will only fill me will grief"
Do we ever really escape the mist? are any of us free? or do we all hide in the mist.