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« on: May 04, 2013, 03:27:40 PM »
it is watching, i know it to be true. though his sockets are empty he still peers at me from afar. His flesh is a sickly green, ripped and torn. My stomach churned, even though i could not see him i felt his presence. One night an Outreached hand lead into the darkness, i do not know what good that would do, because he was always just out of reached. But just then i felt something dropped in my palm. It was slimy but i could make out the distinct facial features. It had been my mother.
i did no scream, i did not cry only smiled
"that's a good boy"
you see, my mother had not been the caring mother she was thought to be. She beat me, used me to feed her lust and got rid of my sister. With an outreached hand i caressed it sickly tangled mane.
"this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
and this was not the last.
"tomorrow we going to see Mr. Tuddle"
Mr. Tuddle was a sick bastard, he attacked young children and abducted them off the streets to be sold in his "auctions"
"you'll love playing with him."