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Author Topic: Minato's skill isn't that great  (Read 1154 times)

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Minato's skill isn't that great
« on: December 13, 2012, 12:44:12 PM »
While some people considered him as strongest shinobi in Narutoverse, I don't think it is proper thing to say. I mean, there is a lot people worthy more to be called as strongest shinobi. Even if he able to move so fast (thanks to FGT), it can't put him so high. FGT is S-rank

Rasengan is another favourite jutsu of his. Rasengan is A-rank. Certainly from his intelligence and skill, he is one of the best, but not the strongest. "Strong" term isn't something people should abuse just for any his/her favourite. Sure, he can fly from one place to another and stopped bijuudama with FGT but it is because FGT is very versatile jutsu.

Yet, versatile =/= strongest. It is just very useful. Oh... I wonder if he can handle genjutsu.

There is several shinobi I can put higher than him.

Senju Hashirama- able to combined two elements and created Mokuton. His mokuton is very versatile, his medical ninjutsu is very high level (according to Madara) and his stamina must be ridiculously high to made him able fought Madara's perfect Susanoo.

Senju Tobirama- also Space Time ninjutsu user and able to use A rank water ninjutsu just with one seal. In addition, he must be very creative to think something like Edo Tensei.

Muu- Flying shinobi, perfectly camouflaged with his surrounding and the only person besides his student able to use Kekkai Tota. He must be goddamn smart to created Jinton.

Beastkage- Do I need to elaborate more? This guy is epitome of raw power at its finest.

Uchiha Madara- Even when he was alive, Perfect Susanoo should be enough. He also quite smart and patient (from how he created Moon Eye Plan) .

Nagato- not really smart but his Rinnegan gives him edge. :santa:

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Re: Minato's skill isn't that great
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2012, 11:40:15 PM »
Umm.....well I'm not a big fan of Mr. 4th but the dude is incredibly strong
Other than hashirama or itachi or madara.....then he is unbeatable
MK says he's on hashirama's level which is completely strong....
Tobirama is more of a suiton user so I think he would lose 
And the other two whoever they were...... >.>
MK is having a hard problem showing off his powers so that's why he makes up movies
With the 4th or with the 4th just to show his strengths and this dude is a "GENIUS" O.O
Even when he talks on the field of battle shows off his power......
Plus I think he has way more powerful jutsus its just hard to show a dead person skills
But 4th mostly rely on fuinjutsu and that brings in FTG
I don't think he's the strongest but he's clearly powerful!!