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[VOL 5] Mangaraiders Anthology Guidelines and rules discussions

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Here you can make comments or ask questions about the rules and guidelines concerning the Mangaraiders Anthology volume 5.

Here are the rules list:

hi there...
im trying to get my ass in gear to create a little manga to the anthology...

but im just wondering if it works to draw on a A4 and then after scanning shrimp it
to a A5?..

and also wondering if you mean that the (1cm) border is the zone there i cand draw at all?..
or if it's that i can draw there, but the riskt excist that it can be cut off?..


The 1 cm  space is a border which can cut away so it's better to not put anything in it. We have had huge problems in the previous anthologies with borders.

You can draw on a a4 or even a3 page and scan it.

thanks for the answers =^,^=

by a strange reason i hasn't drawed anythign in the border, but felt
that i had to ask, just in case i shoudl think about it sometime :P

oki, then it sounds great  :clapping:

thanks alot for the answers  :biggrin:


we might able to provide you a sample page so you can use it. I will ask Cory.


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