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Author Topic: -Blood Tournament-  (Read 1652 times)

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-Blood Tournament-
« on: August 23, 2012, 10:30:36 AM »
Hi everyone!, Obliviously I'm new here, but I have a great story, some of my friends like it, but I would like to know if any of you would like it too. Would appreciate what you guys think, and would be great If I had a artist help me out :P. But anyways, I'm going to start off with the Back Story then it will start after that. Also if you find words in between (**) <-- those, It means Actions, and the character thinking in there head. Thanks

                                                                             Blood Tournament
                                                                                    Back Story

There were once Three warriors of separate origins, one was a Human named Izaku the “Chain Shot”, an Ancient Demon named Deadlock the “Gold Flame Fist”, and the Great Swordsmen Wolf named Shiroi Ookami. The three most powerful among their species,With different bloodlines, but the same dream, To be the Strongest, and to Protect the ones they hold most Precious to. The three have known each other since they were mere children. Training with each other everyday. The World was ruled by one Man or Being you may say, People say he might be so powerful he may be something Angelic! This King even doesn’t tell his own people of his Name, he wants to be preferred as the World King. So strong no one has ever compared their strength with him. But soon afterward the World King had to keep an eye on these three warriors, growing in strength everyday, worried if they may overthrow him in the future. One day the King ordered there be a Grand Tournament, namely the Blood Tournament. The three were wondering why this happened, but in the same time, the tournament was something never done before it was perfect to see the world and the strongest gather together to be the best. Strangely the main goal at the end of the tournament you are declared Champion of the Blood Tournament, and the World for the time being until there is another Champion. But as a Champion you may fight against the King himself for his Throne or become his Partner. The King knew the Three would want to fight him, and the perfect plan was to face them one on one, and have them fight among each other, Divide and Conquer. What he did not expect though, Before the Tournament started, The three came to the King with all their people by their side, and proposed a rule, and said the Tournament would rather be good in itself to show its strongest, but! even better if you can choose to be in a group and fight as a team, and the First Team would be Izaka, Deadlock, and Shiroi, Deadlock as the Captain of the Team, and as a great mark in peace between the species, what kind of King would disagree with that in front of everyone, so of course he agreed, but in one condition, the King himself must gather up a team of his own. The rules of this Tournament is now been declared and made.

The Champion is made the Best and strongest, and may either Fight the King or Join him in his ranks, If it is a Group of people, Only the Captain can be the King, But he can actually Choose who can become the King, obviously the Captain can make himself the King but he can choose! But when as a team, you'll have to fight the kings group of powerful men. But to form a group it must be at least three or more people in it. Of course any species is allowed to participate in the Blood Tournament, also to win a match, the person must be knocked out at least up to 10 seconds, you must never kill, unless before the fight, you have to mark your blood on your weapon, and declare a death match. A very serious issue, not many declare death matches, but both men must decide on that issue to have it or not. If there is a match between groups the number of matches is dependent of how many they have. Like if one Team has only four members and the other has three members, then there will be only three matches for the groups teams, same goes for if a man goes solo the whole time against a group of eight, there will be one match only, And the tournament will be Held in Central Continent.

Once the Blood Tournament started, the trio flew through their matches with ease. There were many strong opponents along the way, but eventually the Trio have met their goal, and finally face to face to the king, there were men besides him, The World's Master Swordsman, Yami no Ha, and The Best Gunslinger in the World, Scar the “Diamondback”. All warriors having great reputation, and so... the battle started off with Scar vs Izaku. The battle was most intense of all, Both wieling the same Divined Eyes of Fushichou. But in the end Izaku won by a sliver of time, both having to get up in the ten count and Scar falling at nine, and Izaku rising in his victory. The second match was Shiroi vs Yami. Before even walking into the match, they stare at each others eyes, having history with each other, without a doubt this match will make them nearly kill each other. A great fight between the most skillful swordsman who ever walked the Earth during its time. Yami having the Divined Eyes of Ikusa, giving him a great advantage over Shiroi, But it didn't matter Shiroi having mastered the Ways of Natura. Both side never giving an inch over each other. Techniques so quick not even a trained eye can’t keep up with the movements. In the end both side gave in and completely collapse in the same time, making it a draw. Now one more Battle to go and the last,  This will depict the real winner. The King, finally announcing his name, Mostly towards Deadlock, looking at him as a true warrior, Geo! the “Grip of God”, Now vs Deadlock the “Gold Flame Fist”. Greatest powers finally meet in the field, both having Divined Eyes of Seifuku, There Aura power being the same in strength, but something was different, This battle was the thing that King Geo most feared, A power equal to him  and he may lose to him, having his power over the World was something he didn't want to happen. Finally the battle started and without a doubt no one held back for a second. No one knew who would win, nor the people would think of having a Demon as a King, Demons were always naturally neglected in society, but some people look past that and live on. But this day would further the gap between Demons and everyone else. King Geo getting tired from this fight, He quickly punches the floor causing a cloud of sand to blind everyone from the fight. From then on, it got serious and King Geo was willing to kill, In so, Draining all the strength and power of Shiroi and Izaku from afar, Geo then rips through Deadlocks abdominal area with a single punch. Deadlock, in a shock, and never meeting something so powerful, But in the luck of fate, Shiroi and Izaku were still alive, and went up to Deadlock and gave them their life Aura, Which would destroy them in the process but they knew Dead would win, and they gave them all their trust. Dead and Geo looking at each other for the final blow, Still in smoke and nobody can see, the Greatest fists finally clash, and the “Golden Flame Fist” has beaten the “Grip of God”, But Geo still conscience had one more Plan, he then went up to both his men, Then struck both his men and himself in the chest area and Temporally stopping each others hearts and died....for now, Then exactly then, when the cloud of dust has dissipated, all everyone sees, Is a Demon standing alone while everyone around him has looked dead. Everyone knew this was no Death Match, everyone was in a uproar and thus was the spark to the most gruesome and hateful war in history, The Blood War. Every species at a panic, Everyone complaining with other, agreeing and disagreeing about a war with all the Demons, But the Creatures of Forests, wanting nothing to do with the war, But others in there race disagree, knowing there most powerful among them is dead, Humans accusing both races of what have happened, mostly on the demons. All speciaes at each others throat, quite a mess has happened. As for Deadlock he was hunted down, but never found, and having his family in exile, even among the demons he was hated, because all they know was that he started the war and now all Demons were hated and despised at. The Blood War lasted for a hundred years. As for the King and his team, After Deadlock was chased out and hunted, a day later they came back to life, Amazing! Just as Geo planned, and everyone was relieved and since everyone was still in a uproar of this, they wanted war and many agreed. Of course Geo, also wanted all the demons to be killed, or captured. Knowing, The only possibly thing that can beat himself is a demon.

Finally the story starts here with a young man with a dream, and ambition, Named Devin Dead-Eye, always a happy go getting guy, always sees the good in people no matter who they are, Even having a bad past, and not just a normal 17 year old kid, he's a half demon. Unlike his older sister she is full human, name Raven Dead-Eye, she is 25 years old, and a master Gunslinger with a legendary reputation, but you guys will soon find out. She has taking care of Devin her whole life. But it wasn’t always like this, back then they both had their parents by their side like any other happy family. But a sad day had to come, both the mother of Devin and Raven, and Devin's Father, both died tragically, and almost nearly losing Devin, Raven saved him at the age of 13, Raven had to be the adult for the time being, and left to her only other relative she knew that was alive. Her Grandfather, only living relative and now Raven had to make the journey to him, A promise driving her the whole time, and she will always keep that promise. But know 12 more years later, Its only Raven, and Devin, only having each other, Raven having to go out for her work, and once a year participating in the Blood Tournament, ever since she was 14! Devin was usually alone at home, trying to make friends, but no one didn’t want to do any business with him at all. Having yellow gold eyes, and a sharp tooth always showing, and most of all, A brand mark on his left shoulder showing a circle and a skull in the middle, many demons, but mostly half demons, were found, if its a non-threat like a newborn, he or she was marked, and if a demon was captured he was marked as well, all during the Blood War and its aftermath.

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-Blood Tournament-
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2012, 10:34:43 AM »
                                                                     Blood Tournament

                                                                   Chapter 1: Beginnings 

Devin: *with a big smile, and yells out, in front of his house* I’m going to be the Champion of the world! this time I will be in the Tournament for sure!
(with his head up high, and doesn’t notice no one is listening and passing by.)
Devin: *Looking at his Pendant around his neck* I wonder hows sis is doing at work. *Looks up in the clear blue sky*

Raven: *Walking along the road, with a bag of gold* Looks like todays bounty was too easy, this would be enough for at least a month...or maybe a week,*Thinks of Devins appetite*
Raven: * Suddenly looks at a bulletin on the side of the road* Well, it looks like the tournament is going to start again this year, Devin is going to bug me a lot today. *Looks up* Is he ready yet?

Devin: *Walking towards to his usually isolated spot* (A hill, with a shady tree on top) *Stomach growls* Hmm I wonder if there is anything good to eat from the stand. *Smells the air, and catches a scent in no time* Yes! Pork Ramen! *Silently crawls his way to the stand, with a long drool* Must have...RAMEN!

Chicken Stand Man: Hey, kid!, what are you doing, this is the 3rd time you've tried this! *Hits his hand with a metal fork* How'd you like that huh! demon boy!

Devin: Oh come on! How bout a taste. It smell really delicious man! *while having his hand in his mouth*

Chicken Stand Man: No!, We don’t need you around, if you're hungry, just ask your death wish sister for food *Glaring down to Devin*

Devin: * Then smashes the stand with his fist* Don’t you dare talk about my sister that way!

Chicken Stand Man: Hey! you know you're going to pay for that child! *As Devin walks away from the stand*

Devin *Walking with a empty stomach* Ooooh man Raven is going to kill me *Scary thoughts of Raven, with fire coming from her mouth and beating him up* What am I going to eat today, sis isn’t even here yet *MOANS*

Little Girl: Hey mister would you like some bread, your stomach is making monster sounds Teehee *Holding the bread with both of her hands, handing it to Devin*

Devin: Sure! *Drools* Thanks kid, Your a lifesaver! *About to take the bread*

Little Girls Mother: Oh no! *Runs to her daughter, and grabs her right about when she was about to give the bread to Devin, But drops it instead* Cynthia! Get away from that boy, hes a demon! hell eat you! *Mother walks away while Cynthia waving bye*

Cynthia: Bye mister, sowwy about the bread *With a smile, and with small tears in the side*

Devin: Its ok! *Smiles and waves back to the girl, Then eats the bread straight from the floor* This is the greatest Bread I've ever had, Thanks Cynthia!... *later walking in the center of town* Hmm sis should be back by now I wonder what's taking her. *Looks straight down the road with a blank face*

Mad Impatient Crowd: *Moves in, surrounding Devin* Hey boy! How long have you lived her!?

Devin: *With a clueless face* I don’t know, but it has been a while *Smiles at them* maybe a few years.

Mad Impatient Crowd: Well it has been four years! Having you here is giving our town a bad name, having your kind here. Reason why you're still here is because of your older sister. But we can’t stand it, having a half demon here is too much. Tell your sister you guys have two days.

Devin: *Sitting down, Looking down in himself*

Raven: *Then coming from the crowd up to Devin* Hey little brother how are you today *With a happy smile*

Devin: *Happy face* Raven! Where have you been, You've been gone a while, and i'm Hungry!

Raven: *Hits Devin on top of the head* I heard you destroyed a Sales Stand earlier. *Smiling, but with bad intent behind her*

Devin: *Sweats in fear* Uhh, it was an accident, I'm Sorry! and they were talking bad about you sis! you think I could've stood there and took it!

Raven: Yes! you need to control your emotions, ...and everyone around needs to leave....Now! I already know you townsfolk want us gone, Then so be it, we’ll leave by tomorrow morning.

Devin: *Walking back, to his soon to be gone home*
Raven: Hey Devin i'm not done with you yet. *Runs towards to Devin*

Devin: *Shoots a look at her older sister* Everytime Raven, ...we've been thrown out from towns everywhere, some towns might accept us but not for that long, and some just want us out as soon as we come in. *Puts his hand on his shoulder over his mark* Why was I born to be hated. Is it because of what I am, or is it what I might become.

Raven: Devin I know it seems hard everyday, and some days feels like it will never end. But you should know your not always alone to face your hardships *Putting her hand on his Pendant* Remember what mom told us before Devin?

Devin: *Smiling thinking of the good times with his mother, father, and sister* You need to never give up on your dream, and no matter how dark it is, no matter how alone you feel, your family and friends will always be by your side, to give you strength, No matter who you are, you decide who you want to be and great things will happen, and if you're put down over and over, then dammit try harder!

Raven: *Smiles and looking up* Can’t believe she told that to a five year old, but its something we'll always remember right Dev?

Devin: Hell Yea! *Smiles back*. ... Oh since we're leaving where are we going to go?

Raven: Ah, yes well, There was a reason why I was late, I was thinking and visited Mom, And now..... I think your ready for the Blood Tournament. *With a serious look*

Devin: *In complete awe* ….Yes! Can’t believe it, my way to become the best has started! *Shoots his arms up, with a big smile, But as soon as he does that, he overdoes it in his aura, and blows up the roof*

Raven and Devin: *With a Blown out of there mind face* ...Crap...

Raven: *Knocks him hard on the head* Idiot! control your dam strength! We gotta go now. *Has a bag with her* I hear a town named Steel Ridge is hosting a Tournament.

Devin: Well lets go! *Grabs Raven by the arm, and run straight out the door and straight out to the forest path* Champion here I come!

Raven: *Being the fact that shes being literaly ragged dolled on the way* Well ...in one condition, I’ll let you join the tournament, but with a group only. so we need to find some strong members by your side.

Devin: *Keeps running straight on the path* I'm sure we'll find someone at the tournament, someone very strong *With a big grin on his face* Hehe

                                                               (Later that Day)

                                               Showing (Steel Ridge Town in a bar)

*Two men sitting by each other chatting*

First Man: I hear this years Blood Tournament, is going to be quite insane.

Second Man: Yes, i've heard very strong people from around, and far will join this years Tournament.

First Man: Do you think King Geo and his Team will be defeated this time?

Second Man: Highly doubt it, many of the people who do end up fighting him, always just join him, and the others that fight against him, don’t have a chance at the slightest.

Mystery Swordsman: *Sitting two seats away from the men* Tcch... Our King of ours is just any other power hungry ruler, He would do anything to keep himself the King. *Place his X mark scar on his Left eye* The one I want to defeat is one man, a very powerful man, and he's apparently a part of the Kings team.

First Man: Keep dreaming kid, The King and his team are impossible to beat, with unimaginable power. What makes you think you're stronger than one of the Kings Teammates let alone the King himself huh!

*Out of nowhere a Big Giant Man, with his lackeys enters the bar with great aggression*

Big Giant Man: *Rips the door off, and flings it near the swordsman* I hear there are some strong people around here! *With over confidence, and a grin* You can join me in the Tournament, or be destroyed otherwise!

*Lackeys grinning and over confident*

*Everyone in the bar in shock*

Mysterious Swordsman: *Casually drinking, and ignoring the cockheaded fool* Bartender... where are the sign ups for the Tournament?

Bartender: *Still in shock, and scared from the giant man* we..we’ll.. i've heard there having it at the Steel Tower a..and there starting tomorrow.

Big Giant Man: *Hearing the commotion over there* Hey you kid! Are you listening to what i'm saying!

Mysterious Swordsman: Sorry I don't speak ogre. *Walks towards to the riped off doors entrance*

Lackeys: Hey! you don't talk like that to our Boss!

Big Giant Man: *Grabs a table, and slams it in front of the swordsman, blocking his way* Sorry, But I don’t think you'll be leaving this bar in one piece!

Mysterious Swordsman: You are quite annoying. and you really don’t wanna start the day with me. *Keeps looking straight at the table in front of him*

Big Giant Man: Think again brat! *Swings in with his enormous fist, towards the swordsman head* I got you now!

Mysterious Swordsman: *Grins, and puts his hand on one of his two swords*

*Everyone hears a slice in the air, and something drops in the floor*

*Everyone in the bar scared and a woman screaming*

Lackeys: NO BOSS!

Big Giant Man: MY ARM! WHAT DID YOU DO YOU BASTARD! *In great pain and agony, and takes another look at the swordsman* N..no.. it can’t be you.. You're that crazy swordsman some people are talking about *In complete Fear, not knowing if he will live* They call you... Zeke Yaiba, also known as the “Devils Blade!”

Zeke: *With a evil grin* Only the weak are afraid of death *picks up the cut off arm, and throws it on the giant* I don’t know if you'll be needing this, But i'll let you off with a
warning this time. *Leaves the bar*

                                                                       End Of Chapter 1

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-Blood Tournament-
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2012, 10:36:25 AM »
                                                                          Blood Tournament

                                                                  Chapter 2: A Rivalry Is Born
                                                                                (Next Day)

Devin: *Still running towards the path, holding onto Raven and not knowing exactly where to go, Yelling* Gonna win gonna win gonna win!

Raven: *Puts her foot down, and completely stops Devin in his tracks* Do you know where we're going! *Hits him on the head making it steam*

Devin: *Rubbing his head* Ow ow ow ow, what was that for. I was just running to the place!

Raven: No were not dammit! We went past it already! *With evil eyes, and sharp teeth*

Devin: Looks back *Dumbfounded with a face, and sees the town from afar* Ohh..Well we found it! *Big smile*

Raven: *Tired, and puts her hand on her head* Well, we can see it. Its not like we've past it by miles! *Sarcastically* Devin I need you to look that way. *Moves Devin to the direction where the town is* Now Devin, run straight with all your strength! *Holds tightly on Devins Scarf*

Devin: Here we come Tournament! *Steadys his foot, then rushes with a blast of aura behind him, destroying all the trees in front of him* Yeaaaa!

Ravin: *Holding on tightly, while the wind is rushing past her like a storm* Crap crap crap crap.

*They then stop at the town finally, Raven jumps off as soon as they get to the entrance, but Devin keeps on going, and crashes into someone*

                                                             *BOOM, CRASH*

Zeke: *On the floor dazed* Ok, ...did a building just hit me...? *Looks up and sees a stupid face*

Devin: *Standing up, and looking at Zeke all confused* Are you ok? you look hurt there, Sorry hehe *Smiles at him*

Zeke: You ran into me you idiot! *Monster face* And you're telling me if i'm hurt! This is what hurt feels *Punches Devin in the head, making his head go straight into the floor* Hah!

Devin: *Gets up quickly, while rocks fall down from his head* Well I said sorry dammit! * With a monster face, Then punches Zekes head straight in the face* What now!

Zeke: *Getting angrier* I'll show you what now!

Zeke and Devin: *Hitting each other ONLY in the face, back and forth, never ending*

Raven: *Comes up to them, and knocks them both on the head, making them drop to the ground*

Devin and Zeke: WHAT WAS THAT FOR! *Synchronized with a angry face*

Raven: I thought you were going to find someone strong for the tournament?

Devin: Oh yea! *Looks around with piercing eyes, and puts his hand on Zekes head, to see further around the town*

Zeke: *Looks at Devin* So you're going to join the tournament are you? *Jumps back with a slide, and pulls out one of his swords, and points it at Devin* Are you strong?

Devin: *His famous big smile, jumps back up, and points his fist to Zeke* I'm the strongest i’ll ever be, and I will become the Champion of the World!

Zeke: *Serious look* I've heard that many times before in my travels, and still yet no one can prove that to me. What makes you think you can be the Champion?

Devin: *Makes a smirk, with a serious look* Well, im kinda stubborn when it comes to losing, and I dont know whats the meaning of giving up. But I can show you, How strong are you...uhh *Serious looks goes away, completely confused, scratching his head* What's your name?

Zeke: *Drops in the floor...Still trying to figure out Devin* Ohh... Well you can call me Zeke, what about you? *Then Notices Devins mark on his left shoulder* hmm...

Devin: Cool! *Scratches hs head* sorry but I like to know the name of my opponents before I fight them, and you can Call me Devin Dead-Eye! the Champion! *Shoots his arms up and smiles*

Zeke: *Is this guy for real....*

Raven: *Comes in between them* Before you macho men kill each other, I think theres a deadline for the sign ups, and you can’t be in it if you don’t sign up in time. I’ll be at the sign ups, while you look for strong people to join you.

Devin and Zeke: OH HELL NO *Zeke runs full speed towards the sign ups, Devin looking around all nervous* HEY IS THERE ANYONE IN THIS TOWN HERE STRONG! *Runs off*

Raven: *Facepalms* Oh boy...*But that Zeke guy, hmm he might be someone very difficult to handle, even for Devin* ….. Oh well! Lets see..If I remember correctly, Steel Tower is the place... *Walks towards there*

Devin: Crap crap crap crap, I need to find someone!... Well I don't know if Raven is in my group already, Dam! haven't asked her! So I need one person!...Look a BAR! *Walks dramatically into a bar, and sits down on the stool, while everyone is looking at him all weirded out*

Bartender: What would you like sir?

Devin: *Looks at the bartender dramatically* Know anyone....Strong around these parts

Bartender: *Confused in why Devin is looking at him that way* (coughs) Well there was one fellow, with swords

Devin: *Thinking about someone with swords* Hmm... More details!

Bartender: Well he did cut off this giants arm off the other day, it was amazing but in the same time scary. He was strong for sure, and the man has a reputation as well

Devin: *In complete awe* Ooo he sounds really strong! Did you get his name!

Bartender: Yes the man was named....Zeke Yaiba also known around as the “Devils Blade”

Devin: *Having completely forgotten about Zeke* Wow! I really want him to be in my team then!

Bartender: *In shock* Are you insane boy! That man is a monster, sometimes even mistaken as a demon at times! You're asking for a death wish kid.

Devin: *Grins* That doesn’t matter to me, ...unless they're strong, and having something to believe in. Where can I find this Zeke?

Bartender: *Shocked, but confused in the same time* If you must...I can’t tell what to do then. I hear hes signing up for the Blood Tournament this year at the Steel Tower. You can go straight down the road, and you'll see the big tower, you will never miss it.

Devin: Thanks old man! *Zooms out of the bar, and straight outside* Here I come Strong guy!

Raven: *Walks in the Tower* Looks like Devin hasn't found anyone yet, maybe I should look around here for people, maybe they can form a team with Devin. *Looks around inside the Tower, and sees Zeke in meditation on a chair* Hey! Zeke how are you doing!

Zeke: *Having his concentration broken by the loudest thing hes ever heard, Looks and sees Raven* What do you want, and wheres that noisy brother of yours?

Raven: Well *Tries to think what Devin is really doing, Sees him eating, or him completely lost* Im sure hes on his way, maybe having someone by his side *Hurting Devin in her thoughts if he doesn't come in with a partner*

Zeke: Tcch, I doubt anyone would join him, just by looking at him he looks like a hassle to deal with, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead on his side.

Raven: *Looking up casually, while Zekes head is steaming from the punch Raven gave him*

Zeke: Ok ok ok, my bad *Holding his head Together*

Raven: But if he doesn’t come in with a partner, I’ll...
                                                                  *Gets interrupted*

Devin: *Crashes through the doors* Where are strong man! You're going to be part of my team!

Raven and Zeke: * With a you gotta be kidding me face*

Devin: *Looks around cluelessly, and walk up to her sister* Uhh.. *Scratches his head* I haven't found anyone yet hehe *Smiles*

Raven: *Looking at Devin, with her face looking like its about to explode with anger* De..vin..                                                                                                                                                  .                                                             *Interrupted again*

Devin: *Points and yells at Zeke* You! you're that guy!...uhh... *Dumbfounded* Wait who are you again?

Zeke: *Knocks him in the head* ZEKE, you idiot!

Devin: *In pain, but looks up and remembers* Oh yea, ...well how would you like to form a group with me *Smiles greatly*

Zeke: In your dreams kid! Theres no way I'll join you! besides I have my own things I must handle with.

Devin: Ohh come on!! *Whines* how, about....we make a deal? *Smiles again*

Zeke: *Looks at him strangely* and What would that be?

Devin: How bout we, settle things at the tournament! If I win you join me, and if you win, I won’t say a word and leave ya alone for good! So what do you say?

Zeke: *Grins at that Idea* Very well then! We'll see who wins from this Tournament.

*Both Zeke and Devin shake on it*

Raven: Well, I guess you guys can do this, If this ends up getting you a partner Devin, then well done. But if you do lose or any of you... You'll be officially out of the tournament.

Devin and Zeke: No way!

Raven: Yes, Let me refresh you on the rules. This may take a moment.

First rule is, There is no KILLING involve in any of the Tournaments leading up to the final Tournament at Central Continent.

Second rule is, To officially enter, you must of course sign up, and must win your first match, if you do lose at your very first match, you are out, because you would have 0 wins and 1 lose, which equal in -1 in your total score, if you hit -1 ever, you lose and you are gone from the tournament, But! if you do end up losing your first match, you have a second chance, if you make or join a team, and you'll have a clean slate. But it is your second ONLY chance you'll have! and if your team loses, you are out until next year.

Third rule is, You must have at the minimum of 50 points to make it to Central Continent Tournament, which is basically 50 wins with 0 loses, If solo it is difficult but not impossible, But with a team its easier, because each member contributes their wins into the team. Also if someone joins your team with a good amount of wins, there wins and loses will add up in your team. There are many tournaments around Central Continent, so don't worry about not having that many matches. Also if you lose but still have a fair amount of wins you're fine, but the down side is your out of the tournament, and unable to rack up any more wins, and you'll have to go to the next Tournament around, and If a member of the team loses in the match, they will be out but not your whole team. So it good to be in a Team!

Fourth rule is, The number of matches, and Captains, There is only one Captain in the Team, and the Team must decide who it will be. The number of matches depends on how many people are facing each other, If a Team of Five went up against a Team of Three, then there will be only Three matches for that round, Same goes for people if they go Solo, If a Team is up against One man there will be ONLY One match for that round.

Fifth rule is, Of course anyone can join the Blood Tournament no matter who and what you are. Any weapons can be used at your liking.

Finally at the end of the Tournament, and if you are the winner of the Central Continent Blood Tournament, You are then The Champion(s) of the Blood Tournament and the World, and the Captain can Decide, to Fight the World King himself and his Team if you won as a Team, or Join the King in his ranks. If you do win against the King, The Captain can choose who becomes the King of the World, which of course the person would choose himself, But the Winner Chooses!

Devin and Zeke: *Sleeping from boredom, next to each other*

Raven: *Looks at the both of them with a rage, Grabbing both her Magnums, and Whacking them on the side of the head with them* Jerks! You were asleep the whole time weren't you!

Zeke and Devin: *In so much pain, Tearing up, rubbing their heads*

Devin: *With head up high, with a fist size bruise on his head* I'll become Captain of my Team!

Zeke: *With a bruise on his head, acting cool* Tcch, We'll see if you can even make it past me.

*Both Devin and Zeke, look at each other like rivals*

Raven: Hurry up you two, I think they're about to begin the Tournament.

*Both the Rivals race each other to the second floor of the Tower and head on*
                                                                      End Of Chapter 2

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-Blood Tournament-
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2012, 10:39:40 AM »
                                                                      Blood Tournament

                                                           Chapter 3: Let The Games Begin!

Announcer: Well it looks like everyone has arrived! Would the participants please draw a number from the Number Box! *Hold up the Number Box*

*Everyone going up to the Announcer, and drawing their numbers*

Devin: Yea! I got number one! *Big smile, and jumping*

Zeke: hmm... I got number 30... Looks like i'm in the complete opposite side of you Devin. Strange how fate is playing with us.

Devin: *Not having a clue what Zeke is talking about* uhh... Sure, But i'm going to win! you hear me!

Zeke: *Puts his head on Devin face* Don’t get too cocky kid! *Smiles evily*

Announcer: Will the 30 participants, listen well! Numbers 1-10 Stay here for the arena!, Numbers 11-20 go up to the Third Floor, for that arena! and numbers 21-30 go to the Fourth Floor! Don't worry you'll have your own announcer as handsome as i am!

                                                                  *Awkward SIlence*

Announcer: Well get to move on already! *All embarrassed* Oh and one more thing! Theres only one winner for each arena, so in the finals there will be 3 finalist, and it will be a Battle Royal!

Devin and Zeke:  *Look at each for the last time before Zeke leaves upstairs*

Devin: Hell yea! I'm ready for my first Fight! *Shoot his arms up high*

Announcer: Will number One, Devin Dead-Eye please come to the arena! *Looks at the last name again...* Dea...Dead-Eye... *Looks at Devin*

*Everyone else looks at Devin like they have seen a ghost*

Devin: *Looking right at the Announcer with a big smile, and anticipation* Come on call in the other guy!

Announcer: *Wonders, and getting nervous, Theres no way that kid is related to her* (Coughs) Ahem Will number Two, Rafael Zunis please come to the arena!

Announcer: and will 3 and 4....*While the Announcer setups the other fights*

Devin: *Stretches, and getting really eager* Hey you! are you any strong at all!

Rafael: Well you can call me quick with a sword *Smirks* I don't think you'll be able to stand at all when i'm done with you.

Devin: Thats the spirit! Better not hold back on me old man!

Rafael: I’m 23! you ass!

Devin: *Trying to think really hard*...nah, Lets do this!

*Raven walking in to watch the matches, and watching Devins fight*

Announcer: Everyone Ready! ...Prepare yourselves!... Ready in 3...2...1... FIGHT!

Devin: *Charges straight towards Rafael for a punch* I got you know!

Rafael: *Stands still, with a smirk* too slow kid *Grins, then spins around Devin at the last second, and takes out his sword, and hits Devin in the back with the hilt, smashing him to the floor* Looks like I was too much for you *Evil grin*

Raven *Yelling at Devin* Dammit Devin! I've knocked you through buildings harder than that! GET UP DAMMIT!

Devin: *Get up casually, rubbing his back* Oww, that really hurt man...

Rafael: *Shocked, Can’t believe Devin even survived that kind of hit* How are you still able to get up! I've hit u directly in the spine, to the floor!

Devin: *Ignores him* What did you say to me! *Jumps toward Rafael*

Rafael: *Confused and tries to dodge Devins attack* Crap

Devin: *Smashes the floor next to Rafael, blinding him for a moment, then Concentrates his aura into his fist*

Rafael: *Barely Sees a light of aura from the debris* *censored*, I can't avoid this!

Devin: *Smashes his fist onto Rafaels gut, so hard Rafael wasn’t send flying, but when punched he stood still, while the punch was nearly going through him, Then Swings in on top of Rafael with a Kick on top of his head, sending Rafael straight to the floor, and further*

Raven: Thats right! Show him who not to underestimate!... *I hope that guy isn’t dead or were in trouble*

Devin: *Still ready to keep on fighting* Come on I know you're better than this!

Announcer: Is he down or what! 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...Oh wait a minute!

Rafael: *Slowly getting up from the crater he was in, and has broken his right arm* Man kid, you're something else aren't you, Looks like i'll have to try harder now *Stares at Devin*

Devin: Damm right you'll try harder, Lets go!

Rafael: *Having his sword on his good arm, Charges to Devin, very low on the ground*

Devin: *Watches him come towards him, he also charges low, and his fist was then powering up with his aura*

*Both clash, in a blinding light, when both the sword, and Devin FIst hit*

Devin: *Opposite side to where he was, His entire arm bleeding, Slowly looking back to where Rafael is*

Rafael: *Stands Completely still* ...You did well kid... *Sword shatters, and Rafael completely collapses*

Devin: ...Thanks *Smiles back at him*

Announcer: Looks like Rafael is down for the count for good! No need to count down! Devin Dead-Eye you are the winner of the match! ...and can the Emergency Team please come hurry!

Devin: ...*Looks straight up, and with a huge smile* Yeaaaaa! I did it! I won my first match! Aren't you proud of me Guys *Still Looking up*

Raven: I'm sure there very proud of you Devin, You did well *Smiles at him, I think Devin has what it takes, Don't you think so? Looks up as well*

                                                                           End Of Chapter 3

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Re: -Blood Tournament-
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2012, 01:35:37 PM »
Writing skills could improve, but overall it is a cool story. I enjoyed it.
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Re: -Blood Tournament-
« Reply #5 on: February 10, 2014, 07:04:53 AM »
For me the Best Character is  Devin Dead-Eye .

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Re: -Blood Tournament-
« Reply #6 on: February 10, 2014, 08:47:10 AM »
Tino, what is this a fan fic of?

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Re: -Blood Tournament-
« Reply #7 on: February 10, 2014, 08:51:03 AM »
Coryn, this topic is like two years old and I checked his profile. Tino hasn't been active since:
Last Active: September 05, 2012, 05:18:55 PM

If you ask me though it seems like a misplaced original story.

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Re: -Blood Tournament-
« Reply #8 on: February 10, 2014, 12:17:37 PM »
So it is. Didn't think anyone would dig this far down, but whatevs.

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