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Author Topic: Free Story Plots  (Read 21686 times)

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Re: Free Story Plots
« Reply #240 on: January 18, 2018, 05:01:43 AM »
A world of color:
Imagine a world of color; a place where a human's auras radiate.

Auras are used in many ways, as a form of magic; Those who use these auras are called Channelers.

through channeling this aura; your sense will be heightened past a normal humans capabilities.
For most; this increase is limited to a single sense. However, their weakness lies in deception.

Powerful but unstable; Channeling this aura will give you a burst of energy. However, if the channeler cannot keep this aura in check, it could have dangerous consequences.

Channelers of this aura are known to become great healers. However, their weakness lies in their compassion, often risking themselves for others.

Channelers of this aura can shape the world around them, through will and creativity they can form great spires, however, this ability also gives way to destruction if not properly utilized.

Channelers of this aura can only give: feeding others aura with their own. though impulsive and impatient in doing so. channelers of this aura must be careful else risk their own lives.

through channeling this aura, one can alter the feelings of others around them, others can even change the weather slightly simply through there emotions.

Rare: Only a few cases of blue aura channelers, the rare few were able to channel traits of multiple other auras; in a small range. These channelers, however, are unable to accept amplification through other channelers abilities.

Channelers of this ability are able to manipulate others views of themselves this could mean they see them as a radiant beautiful figure, or simply as someone they trust, however; it is found that channelers of this aura will always have a flaw in the projection they cast on others, it only becomes less apparent as the aura is honed. This flaw is their weakness.

This aura is... strange; Its able channel another single aura at a much smaller scale. The weakness of this aura is that on its own, grey aura holds no real trait.

Remember that Aura, like people, changes over time. Many people born with a strong connection to one aura often change to a new aura in different stages of life and only a few remain the same throughout life.

Also remember that Aura channeling can be dangerous, which is why channelers are required to go through intensive study before becoming a state recognized channeler.

lastly. remember that your aura is an extension of your core being. Channeling it means using your very soul as a weapon. wield it wisely.

If any of the 6 Chakra points are damaged, your aura will be unable to manifest at its full strength, remember to protect those points.
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