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Author Topic: Looking for MANGA ARTIST!!  (Read 674 times)

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Looking for MANGA ARTIST!!
« on: September 21, 2012, 05:58:34 PM »
I am a writer and I have an idea for a manga. The only problem is, I CANT DRAW!

So I'm looking for people to be a manga artist and help me publish my manga!

It's a Shonen Battle manga.

Ok, now lets get down to business. Here is a quick idea, main characters(Protagonists(I also have the Antagonists but they are not here yet.)) and a basic overview of chapters 1-5.

In the story, everyone has a cyber weapon. The weapons are used in a sport like game where you battle other people. The main group enters a tournament of this sport, but more than just winning is at stake. The final team is aiming to destroy the world and recreate it because of human's deadliest sins.

Thats all I have for now. Now for the characters.
Main Characters

Takao Satoh- A 16 year old boy with dreams of being the champion of the sport. His weapon is a lance.1 He loves to win and he usually fights without any strategy. His weapon's special usage is the power of light.2

Kuroh Takeda- A 17 year old boy who considers Takao his rival. His weapon is a sword. He is very agile and is angered easily. His weapons special usage is the power of the ground and earth.

Azumi Hiraki- A 16 year old girl who fights hard. She uses a shield that is pointed at the end as a weapon. She is quiet sometimes but other times she is very loud. Her weapons special usage is that it can absorb and send back attacks.

Miki Izumi- A 13 year old girl who is Masa's twin sister. Her weapon is a giant hammer. She is a bit of a wild tsudere. Her weapons special usage is ice. She is a bit protective of Masa because of his condition.

Masa Izumi- A 13 year old boy who is Miki's twin sister. His weapon is a Bow and Arrow. He doesn't fight often because he gets sick very often. He is smart and tactical and always thinks about the battle before facing an opponent. His weapon's special usage is fire.

Sora Miyoshi- A 16 year old boy who is always in debt to someone. His weapon are two shuriken. He is a bit reckless. His weapons special usage is wind.

Now the chapters.

Chapter 1: The main character, Takao Satoh, quickly defeats a random opponent. He states that he loves winning and that he does not want to be challenged by any weak battlers. We then see that Kuroh Takeda, another battler, has been watching the whole thing and walks away. Takao is later seen exhausted after battle and he walks to his home, an abandoned warehouse. Later, Kuroh sends Takao a message saying that he should meet a fierce opponent at the town square. Takao leaves wondering who sent him the message and exited for battle. He arrives at town square at night and sees Kuroh, as the chapter ends with them staring at each other.

Chapter 2: Takao begins the fight after he introduces himself as the champion of battles. Kuroh laughs at his haughtiness and their battle begins. Takao fights without any strategy and attacks with raw power. Kuroh is able to dodge and attack Takao because of his weak strategy abilities. Soon Takao gets exhausted and Kuroh is able to defeat him and win. The chapter ends with Takao unconscious at the foot of an apartment tower.

Chapter 3: Atop the tower, Miki and Masa Izumi see a body lying at the foot of their apartment. They bring him up to their apartment where they let him sleep on the couch until morning.  When Takao wakes up he sees Miki staring at him funnily. She asks him who he is and he introduces himself. Masa notices that he looks beat up and asks if he was in a fight. Takao replies and tells them about his fight with Kuroh, and then asks the twins for their name and who they are. They tell him and Masa asks why he lost. Takao is clueless why and Masa gives him the answer. He tells Takao to battle him so that he can show him what went wrong. Takao and Masa battle a few times and Takao loses every time. Masa then explains that Takao has no strategy and that he needs to think before he attacks. They battle one more time but in the middle Masa collapses. Miki explains that Masa has a desease which limits his physical abilities. Takao leaves once Masa wakes up and tells the twins that they will meet again.

Chapter 4: Miki and Masa wakes up with a message. Takao wants to meet them in the city. They leave and meet up with Takao who is watching a battle between Azumi Hiraki and a random person. Kuroh is also watching the fight and is near Takao. Azumi easily defeats the person and yells out if there are any more challengers. Kuroh, steps foreword at the same time as Takao and they both notice each other. Takao starts yelling at Kuroh and Kuroh starts yelling at Takao. Azumi tells them they are both trying to get out of fighting. They both begrudgingly team up to fight her. They start by attacking but her weapon, a shield, but have no success getting her. Eventually Kuroh and Takao start arguing and Azumi sees her moment to attack. Her shield releases a burst of energy from the point of the shield that becomes a blade on the end of the shield. She quickly starts attacking them and Takao is confused on how they get past her defenses. Kuroh whispers to Takao as they pass that they should try working together. Kuroh tries attacking her head on while Takao sneaks behind and attacks. Azumi notices Takao and switches to attack him. Kuroh takes this opportunity to attack Azumi and win the battle. Azumi laughs and says that it was a good battle and that tey were the first opponents who truly gave her a good fight. She leaves and says that she will see them later.

Chapter 5: Takao, Miki, Masa, Kuroh, and Azumi are all walking together. Takao runs into Sora who falls to the ground. Sora was running away from someone he had to pay a debt to. He explains this to the group in a cafe. Kuroh pays for the food and Sora is worried he is going to be in debt again. Kuroh says that it's fine, and that he has more than enough money. Miki asks Sora a lot of questions like where he was from and who he was. Sora explains he is a battler from overseas who came for the National Battle World Tournament, or the NBWT, but he doesn't have a team. He explains the rules and asks them all if they want to be on his team. They all consider it except for Miki who says she wants to battle him first. She begins her battle with Sora and the rest of the group watches. Miki begins by trying to smash the ground around him with her hammer but he is to fast. He throws his shuriken as a tornado whirls around them. Miki begins to worry that she may lose and gets angry. She begins to aimlessly smash while Sora justs stands in one place. He finally attacks and wins the fight by knocking her down with wind.

 If you want to help me, you can either comment here or email me at ezgershPLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL You can also request the details of the story.

 I'm looking foreword to seeing everyones art, and I hope I can find someone to help me make my Manga.

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Re: Looking for MANGA ARTIST!!
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2012, 07:37:05 PM »
Hey there, it helps out to get your story going if you post a chapter or two of yours written down so people know you have your story going along. No one will contact you if you say, "I have an idea," without any common ground. Artists will look over you for people who have actually written enough down something.

It doesn't make sense to have someone draw your manga when yours isn't even close to being completed. I'm sorry, but that's just how it goes. If your story isn't serious then your artist isn't serious about it either. Write down a story, get it to where you actually like your solid foundation, and then if all is good look for an artist. That way you know you're serious as well and the artist will see it.

Good luck writing your idea, your not going to get far until you make your idea into words.
I hate you ^_^

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Re: Looking for MANGA ARTIST!!
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2012, 07:55:34 PM »
Ok, I'm typing the story now. Ill update my first post with the first chapter idea.