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Author Topic: Vizancar Pt. 04  (Read 4187 times)

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Vizancar Pt. 04
« on: April 22, 2008, 11:30:19 AM »
As Toka and Asami came back from finishing their business outside of  their hometown they were in shock to see the damage and lost of life that had occurred while they were away.

“What could have happen here while we were away and just who could have done something like this” Asami said .

“Not sure but whoever they were they had to have been pretty strong to do this much damage” Toka repiled as those that lived here were not that weak and it would take someone pretty strong to wreck the place like this.

“Asami what wrong what are you staring that so shock…ing” the maroon hair vizancar  asked as he was exactly what catch Asami attention

It was the hollow that Runa had frozen with her cero yet because it had been awhile since Runa’s fight with the ninth epsada that the ice was starting to melt.

“Runa must have come arcoss whoever was doing this as this hollow is already dead and partially eaten” Toka told Asami who still seem in shock over the sight. Runa had become important to the both them over the last five years with  Asami caring for her a little more then Toka did.

“There sight of Runa fighting here but where she is do you think she is Toka as I can not feel her spirital pressure anywhere here at all” Asami asked.

“It unknown just where young Runa has gone as I managed to see a part of the fight before passing out” a villager said as they approached the two of them.

“Tell us everything you know about what happen here as well as what happen to Runa” Toka said as Asami as wanted to know exactly what happen to her.

“Very well I tell you everything that I can remember though I lost conscious thanks to my injuries and Miss Runa’s spiritual pressure” they said as then began telling them about the fight Runa got into with the attacker of the village.

Somewhere in the living world….
“Ahhh where am I” Runa asked herself as woke up in what appear to be someone else bed.

Sitting up she noticed as she pulled the sheet away from her body that she was no longer wearing her normal clothes but simple blue shirt and pants.

‘Where is Shirayuki’ Runa thought as she looked around and noticed that her zanpakuto was laying on a table that was near the bed she was currently lying on.

Starching her head, Runa then heard the door begin to open and rush for her zanpakuto as she did not have any idea where she was at the moment nor if she had been kidnapped or something. So she was not going to take a chances.

“Who are you and where I am” Runa demanded as she had her hand on her sword ready to strike them at a moment notice.

“Wait I do not want to hurt you or anything.  I found you wondering around covered trash and seemly in a daze. After you collapsed I brought you here to my house where I changed your clothes and put those on you. By the way I am Ururu Tsumugiya” the black hair girl who had her  hair done in two short pigtails and one strain between her blue eyes that spit in two.

“Really I was wonder around in a daze huh” Runa asked as Ururu just nodded in respond.

“The last thing I remember is fighting this guy that was destroying my hometown he used some ability to break Shirayuki and then nothing after that everything a blank” Runa said as she stared at her hands.

“Is Shirayuki the name of your sword” Ururu asked as Runa just nodded her head in respond.

“Where are my clothes the ones I was wearing before these” she asked not seeing them around anywhere around

“I took the liberty of washing your clothes for you and they are currently in the dryer where they hopefully will not shrink as their was no tag to saying how to wash them” Ururu told her.

“Thanks my name is Runa Nelku by the way” she told her.

“So Ururu where am I this does not look like any house I seen before its bigger and there all these strange devices here” Runa asked.

“I guess you are not from around here but I kind of see that from your clothes. This is small town about two day trip from Tokyo” she replied only to meet with confused by Runa.

“Tokyo is that something to eat sounds tasty almost like sound Asami would make” Runa told her getting strange look from Ururu.

“How about I show you around town tomorrow then” Ururu suggested as Runa just nodded in respond.

The following day…

“Here take this” Ururu said as she handed Runa a skull cap.

“Why do have to wear this and what was wrong with my normal clothes” she asked was wearing a spare set of Ururu clothes.

“Well not that they do not look good on you they are not exactly what would be consider normal outfit. Also that that skull on your head seem stuck on there for some reason as I tried taking it off but seem glued to your head and did you know that there is large 3 tattoo on your back” the black hair girl asked.

“This is my hollow mask it can not come off as according to Toka and Asami it a part of me and the tattoo on my back that something Asami and Toka have told me about” Runa responded.

“Toka and Asami are the people that you live with  right” Ururu asked.

“Yup that right so why do I have to wear this skull cap then” Runa said once again posing the question regarding her hollow mask.

Ururu sighed she explained that she really not mind the skull but she was not sure about the attention it might attract from others.

Runa did not really understand her reason but decided to wear the skull cap anyway.

Ururu then led out the door where she would show her around town just like she had promised before they went to sleep last night

The next day…

“Wow this place is amazing” Runa said in amazement as Ururu was showing around town.

“So you really never been to anywhere like this before huh” she asked as the dark green hair girl just nodded.

“I have never seen anything like this before in my life or what I can remember at least” Runa told her which got her  a strange look from Ururu.

“What is there something on my face” Runa asked curiously to which Ururu just shook her head.

“Come on I am going to finish showing you around” the black hair girl said taking her  by the hand.

For next couple of hours that exactly what Ururu had done as she showed Runa everything there was to see in her town and all told her about all thing that she liked to do while they were at.

The two of them were animatedly talking to each as the were on their way back to Tsumugiya  household, yet as Ururu noticed a group of girls and all of sudden went quite.

“Hey girl it look like weirdo finally managed to find a friend and her voice for that matter” the one girl in the center said.

“Who are you” Runa asked as did not like how they were speaking to Ururu or how she just stopped talking the moment she said these girls.

“The same could be asked of you as I know almost all the kids in this town and never seen you before. Though did you get out of bed and simply decide not to do anything to your hair as look like you never used brush before and what with that ugly skull cap” the girl asked.

“My hair is just fine and Ururu gave this cap and these clothes to wear as well” Runa said slightly glared at the girl.

“I can see that as your clothes look as plain as her and that name of hers  as what kind of  name  only has two letters in it. What…” the girl said before Runa bashed her in head with her own.

“What right do you have to talk to Ururu like that come we are leaving” she told her as the girl just follow after.

“Hey wait do you think that you can simpl….” Another girl said yet stopped as Runa turned around and let looses some of her spiritual pressure which she  direct towards them causing the entire group to freeze in their tracks.

With this done Runa and Ururu continued their way on back to the Tsumugiya  household.

I would like to thank

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