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Author Topic: Your day as a short story:  (Read 10022 times)

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Re: Your day as a short story:
« Reply #90 on: August 15, 2015, 12:04:40 PM »
As i open my eyes this morning,i find my eyes seems a little bit teary..
with a mainly reason that someone important on our neighborhood just passed away yesterday..

The person who were there when me and my sister lost our parents back in years ago.

The woman who always letting my sister Maya stay in their house when i do my partime jobs every night just to sustain our education and daily needs.

A second mother for me and my sister who were always looking after us from time to time,making some pies and dishes and giving it to us because sometimes we dont have anything to eat back then.

A friend and a parent that will always tap your shoulder either its a "good job" or "just try harder".

And the person who always shouting "Welcome home" despite of her age from afar just for me to hear her after my work assignments.

Not because of her,i am not what i am right now,

-so today,we just visit her family for giving thanks and condolences,
For the person who we indebted to,
Only "thank you" is all i can say.
No matter how i refuse to look,yet it surrounds me.

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Re: Your day as a short story:
« Reply #91 on: August 20, 2015, 01:22:50 PM »
"Take a bath now!" as my voice raises up after i wake up and open Maya's room this morning,seeing everything is in chaos.

"but its soo cold Neil" as she refuses to do so.
I just looked at her followed by "yes~" because im so upset about her room that i cant explain what is going on and why it looked so nasty.

Cleaned all of unnecessary things before she comes out of the bath.

"I'll be off for my routines tomorrow,so take good care of yourselves" as i told her she stepped out of the bath,she just nod at me.

So i just back to my room and pack my things up silently because Rese(my niece which is in my room)still sleeping. 

And after i finished tidying my things Maya called downstaires to eat breakfast,i just didnt wake Rese because she sleep so soundly.
i just go downstaires to eat and as i am about to sit,Maya apologized for what happened earlier, about her room.
I accepted it and told her that most of the time i am not around to scold her,after eating i just go back to my room to answer some calls.-end
No matter how i refuse to look,yet it surrounds me.

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Re: Your day as a short story:
« Reply #92 on: September 09, 2015, 02:34:07 PM »
The day's not even even over, but craziest things have happened today this morning. This all totally happened, totally. I guarantee you:

Earlier today at the beginning of history class in school, a fire drill alarmed us all to go outside on one side of the building. The alarm was extraordinary, weird, and obnoxious: it sounded like a woman screaming on cocaine or something, whatever it was I had no idea what I was listening to. We were outside on one side of the school for quite a while, I was just walking around by myself getting excercise and brainstorming more plot ideas for my stories while everyone else was talking to each other somewhat loudly. The drill seemed to last a lot longer than it usually does and I had no idea what was really going on, but one of the instructors (a.k.a. my former math teacher last year) called us all to go to the other side of the school and forbid us all from talking. As we moved, I saw a fire truck or something leave the school, and there were police officers by the picnic table. The officer said to all of us "Do something like this, and you're going to juvy jail, just like this young man", then I was looking at one of our students being walked back into the building by our school's police officer, handcuffed I might add. I didn't know who he was and don't know what he did, but the principal then gave us a speech about how its wrong to be pulling pranks or making fun of others just because we might think its funny, and that the firemen and police came because our well-being is important to them. She still wouldn't say exactly what the guy did, but just that he did something "he thought would be funny", and my mind was boggling from what was happening. I found it hard to believe he was really being arrested and thought he was taken inside just to be privately warned about what'd happen if he did it again, but as we were to go back to class I then just saw the police come with him outside still handcuffed, and they actually took him to their car, closed the door and drove off! When we got back inside, I found we had been outside for about 40 minutes worth of classtime, and our minds were blown from what happened.

Daaaaaaaang..... never thought I'd see something like this happen around me. I gotta say I feel bad for the guy if all he did was pull a prank..... Who knew pulling a practical joke like this could get you sent to the hoosgow?  :blush:

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Re: Your day as a short story:
« Reply #93 on: October 09, 2015, 09:51:47 PM »
Finally passing out in the back seat of my car after an intense night of work, I was awoken 2 hours later by the military bases' tank training miles away. After falling asleep once more for several hours; a series of knocks beat against my window. I lift the towel on my window to see the reflective vest of Walmart security. The man stares at me--he raises his silver caterpillars which I believe were eyebrows.
"Just making sure that you're alive," he walks back to his car then drives off.
Without any haste, I drive my car as fast as I can across the street then rush into the Dennies. I yank my driver's license from my wallet then present it to the man at the counter.
"You guys give free Grand Slams on birthdays, right?" I ask.
He narrows his eyes while gazing at the laminated card. "*censored*, it is." He beckons me to the table."

The rest of my day pertained to getting more birthday freebies, so there's my short story.

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Re: Your day as a short story:
« Reply #94 on: October 22, 2015, 05:08:01 PM »

One of the Management Team at work: "Hey Simon, since you've worked a lot recently and helped us out. How about taking friday off?"

Me: "Cool, shall do"

One of the Management Team at work: "Well deserved, you enjoy it!"

*Go off and make plans for friday, now being free can go see a few friends in Manchester for drinks*


One of the Management Team at work: "Hi simon, about having Friday off....Can you work 7 till 9pm?"

Me: "Oh, I sorta made plans. If it's just 2 hours, is there no one else at all to cover?"

One of the Management Team at work: "No. You know you really shouldn't be having time off when we are short handed. You need to keep business needs in mind at all times. Thanks for being one team" *Cue corporate sponsored thumbs up for quoting a company value*


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Re: Your day as a short story:
« Reply #95 on: October 22, 2015, 05:13:24 PM »
That is amazing hahahaha

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Re: Your day as a short story:
« Reply #96 on: October 22, 2015, 10:33:01 PM »
@Vacanstein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT9GMjaJ2T4

My day in the style of Ernest Hemingway:

No school.

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Re: Your day as a short story:
« Reply #97 on: January 16, 2018, 10:35:43 PM »
Randomly remembered this and decided to bring this back for the one time. You might as well start calling me "Young Gravedigger", cause all I do is dig up the past.

*Drops mic*

This little piece was something I wrote when I was sort of having "women troubles" a year ago. It's an exaggerated version of what a typical day looked like for me back then, so it doesn't hold up to this topic's name in the purest of sense. However, I really wanted to share this and I didn't want to make a whole new topic for it, so yeah, fight me.

Warning! May contain inappropriate language not suited for individuals who cannot handle the feels.

He was on a bus. A very old and smelly Cta bus. He sat in the very first seat in the front on the right, just sitting there, his knees jerking up and down as he stared at the blank screen of his galaxy smartphone. There was an older fat woman sitting next to him talking on the phone. She was yelling loud, something about a “dumb bitch that's been trying her at work recently.” He paid no attention to her though. He simply just stared blankly at his phone, focused. There were other loud people on the bus too. The bus was packed full of them. But their cacophony of voices did not reach his ears. Even as the bus rocked and jerked violently during the ride, he remained motionless. Nothing moved him, as his mind was only concerned with the one thought that's been eating him alive for months…

Is she thinking about me…?

They had been talking for at least four months now. He first met her last year at his job when they both came in together as new hires. It took some time, but after a long year of battling anxiety, he had finally asked her out on a date. And to his surprise, everything went amazingly smooth. A couple of a good dates. Even got a nice kissing session out of it. You know, textbook dating at its finest. But there was still a problem…

Why am I so unsure…?

Things were moving slow. Uncomfortably slow. He read in a website article about dating, that a girl, if you've been doing everything right, should be all over you by the second or third date. But they've been on at least six dates and yet things feel as if they're not progressing. She told him that she wanted to take things slow and he accepted that. But for some reason, he felt as if things weren't moving at all…

I feel weird…

The bus jerked to the right, hard. His neck jerked right along with it. A sharp crack could be heard as he rolled his neck around. There might been some pain there now, but he didn't notice. He continued staring at his phone with that same Stoic expression. Waiting. He had texted her earlier, telling her that he thinks about her a lot and that she makes him feel happy when he thinks about her. It's  been two hours since he sent that text, and his eyes haven't looked away from his phone screen since then either.

Maybe I'm just over thinking it…

Suddenly his phone lights up. He eyes bulged in excitement. His fingers moved faster than the speed of light as he eagerly put in the password to unlock his phone. He quickly stabbed the message icon and opened up the messenger app. He looked at the message that was sent to him. He frowned.

“Aye fam you bogish for telling her that. You gave off that relationship vibe and now she's backing off. You tweaked hard.” It was a message sent to him by his friend Skid. It was the last thing he wanted to see.

I feel so damn stupid…

He finally put his phone back in his hoodie’s pocket. He drowned his face in his hands and groaned silently in frustration. He knew he had been getting ahead of himself, but he couldn't help it. The way that she made him feel… he had never felt that way about a girl before. It was weird feeling that he wasn't accustomed to, but it was a good feeling nonetheless. It made him do unnecessary stuff. Well, unnecessary to him at least. They say love makes you do stupid things, and while he was sure he wasn't in love just yet, he definitely felt like he was doing stupid *censored*.

Why am I so pathetic…?

He had been chasing her just a little too much. During his desperate research for dating advice, he had learned that women are turned off by men who chase them too often, and that they are more attracted to men who let the woman do all the chasing. It was agreeable logic and he had been doing that for the most part. But after a while he got comfortable. He felt it was okay to send her a text first every now and then, that it was okay for him to tell her how he felt strong feelings for her so early in the dating process. And because of all this, because of his simple mistakes, she had been slightly flakey as of late. She had been texting him less and their conversations are shorter than usual. It wasn’t like that at first and it worried him. It made him feel uneasy. The mere thought of him screwing everything up ate him up inside. He stomach began to churn at the thought.

Maybe she’s done with me…

 “umm Hi.”

The word had startled him. He had been so deep in his thoughts that he forgot about reality for a second. He looked up to see a pretty light skinned girl with brown curly hair smiling gently at him in the same seat where the fat woman had been sitting just a few moments ago. After a brief awkward pause of him just staring at her, he responded in an almost, uncomfortable tone.

“Um… hey…”

Is this happening right now…?

“I'm sorry about your pants,” She said sounding nervous.


“Your pants. I accidentally spilled some of my juice on them. You didn't notice?”

He looked down immediately and noticed a strawberry scented juice stain on his black cargo pants. He was completely dumbfounded by the fact that he didn't even notice. He felt a little stupid for letting his obsession for this girl completely disrupt his sense of reality. Then again, it was funny still, so he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought.

“Damn. I Guess I didn't notice.” He said with a embarrassed smile.

She giggles. “You gotta wake up man! She said with an energetic voice that kinda excited him in a weird way. “Can't be spacing out like that.“

“Yeah… Yeah you right, I guess. My bad dawg.”

“Oh no, you're fine.”


The two shared a smile for a brief moment before they each turned away to fiddle with their phones. He swiped back and forth on the home screen, confused, as if he was looking for a reason to keep himself from looking at the angel who just enchanted his soul.

That was… weird. But…

He looked away from his phone and pretends to glare at the front window of the bus as if he was looking for his stop, which wasn't coming up no time soon. As he did this, he took calculated glances at the girl. To his surprise, she returned the gesture, but they both quickly looked away from each other every time their eyes met.

Is she really looking at me…?

The thought made him feel nervous, perturbed and excited, all wrapped up into one sandwich of emotions. He wasn't sure what to do. In just a short amount of time, he went from obsessing over a girl who he had been crazy about for at least year now, to obsessing over a girl he just met on a bus. And to be honest, he wasn't sure which was worse.

Should I talk to her?

The anxiety was beginning to build up inside him. The idea of striking up a conversation with a girl he just met didn't make him feel too apprehensive. He's done it before. In fact he's pretty good at it. However, an underlying fear was nagging at him.

How would she feel…?

Granted, they weren't in a committed relationship. Going by the rulebook, he had every right to pursue and talk to other women if he so pleased. The problem unfortunately, was that the idea wasn't so pleasing to him. To be frank, he was prioritizing her feelings over his, and that was major problem. He knew it. Just hated to admit it. The question is though, how long will he let it last?

F!ck it. I don't care. I’ll-


The bus string was pulled and the bell sounded. He turned to his right and his sees the girl getting up from her seat and walking to the door. His heart sinks at the sight. His face ridden with defeat, he looked down trying not to stare at the girl preparing for her exit. As he looked down, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the girl turning around to look at him. She smiled and waves at him. Excited, yet unable to hide his disappointment, he waved back with a rather weakly smile of his own and watched his angel get off the bus.

That was an L… F!ck!

He leaned back in his seat and took a couple of deep breaths in attempt to calm himself down. “Another missed opportunity”, he thought. Then again, even he if he did talk to her and somehow got her number, he probably wouldn’t have went along with it anyways. The idea of juggling between two women sounded too much of a headache for him, and plus, his infatuation for the girl he’s currently dating wouldn’t allow him to. But what if this girl he’s obsessing over was talking to another guy and that’s the reason why she’s been so distant as of late? The thought caused him to pull his hair in frustration.
Suddenly, he felt his phone vibrating. He pulled it out, unlocks it and checks the messenger app. His face lights up. His heartbeat escalates . The girl finally responded. He waited a moment, took a breath, and tapped on her name to read it. He smacked his lips in disappointment.

She responded with “Ok.”

I ain’t sh!t…