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Author Topic: 3 Little Witches  (Read 2243 times)

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3 Little Witches
« on: January 13, 2012, 01:20:05 PM »
I have moved my stories "Three Little Witches" to this section since I plan for it to be an ongoing story.

Graduation Day

In the Land of Zenith nearly all of the population are magic users. Many exceptional wielders attend the School of Craft. Today was a special day the class of 2012 were having their graduation ceremony. It is a little after sun rise inside dorm apartment Nine-A. The sunshine poured threw the blinds casting light on two sleeping figures. There was a sound of light snoring under a pile of clothes on one bed. While another figure lays on her side on a neatly made bed also asleep.

The bedroom door crashes open;

A girl with deep blue hair and glasses calls to the two sleepy heads.

Horus: "Wake up it is time for the graduation ceremony."

She waits a moment then screams threw a megaphone;

Horus: "WAKE UP!"

The first to open her eyes was Hazel, she sat up and stretched;

Hazel: "Good morning Horus, what's wrong?"

Horus face was red with anger as she stared over at the messy bed of the still snoring Hilde.

Horus : "We are going to be late for graduation"

Replies calmly pushing up her glasses, she had already put on her commencement robes.  A slight groan is heard and a figure rises from the pile of clothes and grumbles gently;

Hilde: "Why have you woken me during this ungodly hour?"

Hilde's eyes narrowed angrily she hated being woken up. Horus coldly glares back at her;

Horus: "It is time for graduation or did you plan on sleeping the day away?"

She yawns then gets up knocking the clothes to the floor;

Hilde: "Ugh I was up all night trying to pick an after graduation party outfit."

Horus makes a face at her 'That is not a proper excuse' she thinks angrily.

Hazel was already pulling on her robes for the ceremony and smiles;

Hazel: "now now you two come on we finally did it we are graduating from Craft."

All three girls fantasize about their promising futures;

Hazel envisions running a theme park where she could make snow bunny creatures.

Horus envisions hosting a talk show where she discusses how late people annoy her.

Hilde envisions several male servants bringing her tea and cakes and doing her every whim.

The three chant in unison: "Graduation yes!"

The ceremony bell is rung and all three panic: "Ahh were late!"

At the ceremonies the Grand Magi gives a long drawn out speech. Horus sits mesmerized by his words. Hilde sleeps, while Hazel plays a game on her phone.

Horus looks over at them and frowns;


Hazel looks apologetic, while Hilde yawns and makes a grumble like sound.

Horus: "I can't believe you are ignoring the Grand Magi, he is giving an amazing speech."

Hilde: "That old wind bag keeps droning on, besides your only into it because your hot for him."

Horus: "what was that you cow?!"

Hazel: "Guys you are interrupting him."

The Grand Magi stares at the girls along with the other students. Each girl turning a shade of crimson from embarrassment. After the ceremony the girls returned to their dorm room each of them had an important looking letter waiting for them.

Horus: "Thank goodness that bit of embarrassment is over with."

Hilde: "Finally can leave this dump and loaf around for a little."

Hazel: "Hmm I wonder what I am going to do now?"

Each of the girls open their important letters;

*Loud cries of shock*

Both Horus and Hilde show looks of extreme depression holding letters in their hands.

Horus: "I've been cut off. My mother says it is time for me to fly on my own dime."

Hilde: "I've been cut off. My parents got the last credit card bill."

Both girls cry in commiseration. While Hazel let's out an ecstatic cry of joy.

Hazel: "My auntie Magicka just died!"

Hazel has a huge smile on her face, both females stare at her in shock thinking

'That's not happy news.'

Horus: “Forgive me Hazel but that news is hardly happy.”

Hazel: "Oh I did not mean to seem happy about her dying.  It’s just she left me a large house."

The other two girls looked even more depressed;

Horus: "Good for you." (Hides jealous look)

Hilde: "Congrats." (Doesn't hide jealous look her words cold)

Hazel smiles at them;

Hazel: "Well?"

Both girls stare at her confused

Hilde & Horus in unison: "Well what?"

Hazel: "You both have been such great room mates, move in with me. The house is way big enough for the three of us."

She shows them a picture of Crimson Keep, it was a large castle looking structure.

Horus: "Eh are you sure? I don't want to be a burden." 'I don't really wish to be homeless either' she thinks sullen.

Hilde: "Does this place have servants?" She ignores the annoyed look Horus gives her.

Hazel: "only one way to find out."

Both girls reluctantly agree to temporarily accept Hazel's offer. With that done it was time for them to visit their new home.

To be continued.
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In my mind there are thousands of stories all waiting to be told to others. Tune in the the MR Cast for all things Manga Raiders.

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2012, 01:33:56 PM »
Moving In

Our trio moves out of their former dorm and head towards Wicca road where their new home the Crimson Keep is located. As they approach their new dwelling a robbed figure carrying a black briefcase labeled “solicitor” approaches them. 

Solicitor: “Are one of you young ladies the great niece of Lady Magicka?”

Hazel nods to him and smiles;

Hazel: “yes I am Hazel I received your letter about Auntie Magicka.”

The figure nods and opens his case;

Solicitor: “Here is the necessary paperwork; you own the keep and the surrounding ten acres of land. All taxes have been paid on the property with your aunt’s coffers as well as my fee. You will be responsible for any future bills the keep incurs.”

Hazel who was barely paying attention looking around just nods her okay then accepts the keys and paper work.

Both Hilde and Horus sigh ‘some girls have all the luck’ they think in unison, and then Hilde speaks;

Hilde: “I hope there are servants here.”

The solicitor remembers something and pipes up;

Solicitor: “Ah that reminds me there was a small stipulation to you getting this home. Your auntie has a treasured friend her familiar Pau Pau. You are to take responsibility over him.”

Hazel: “Pau Pau?”

Horus: “what’s a Pau Pau?”

A patchwork kitty doll floats down as she asks this landing in Horus's hair. He stands on her head and bows to the ladies and solicitor;

Pau Pau:  “I am Sir Pau Pauwikiss of the guardian purr, familiar extraordinaire to lovely noble ladies.”

Hazel lets out a gleeful cry, while Horus bats him away from her head. He floats away from her towards Hazel;

Hazel: “He’s adorable!”

Pau Pau grins;

Pau Pau: “Ah a female with good taste. Just like Lady Magicka.”

Hilde stares at him with a shrewd glance;

Hilde: “We have to watch this talking dust rag?”

Pau Pau whirls around hissing at her his tail rose as he barred his claws at her;

Pau Pau:  “who are you calling a talking dust rag?”

Horus steps in between them before Hilde could insult the creature again. The Solicitor sighs ‘these are refined young noble women?’

Hazel: “Well let go inside and take a look see.”

The other two agree with this all curious to see what the inside looked like. Pau Pau follows them still grumbling.  The solicitor shakes his head and leaves.   

Meanwhile a hovering eye floats over towards a manor house nearby; it lands on the hand of a pink haired young man who stares into it. 

Berry: “It would seem there are new neighbors moving into the Crimson Keep.”

Two of his brothers, Byron who was fixing his hair as he stared into a hand held mirror and Bugsy who was playing with a spider glance up at him. 

Byron: “Who are they?”

Berry: “They appear to be females, three of them.”

This makes the lecherous Byron smile, while Bugsy rolls his eyes;

Bugsy: “I bet they are a bunch of stupid witches.”

Berry: “It would make sense. The rumors are that old hag Magicka left Crimson Keep to a relative.”

Byron: “I just love young witches, their magic tastes so divine, I could suck it from their”

Bugsy frowns cutting him off;

Bugsy: “yeah, yeah we don’t need to hear about your techniques for hunting them.”

Byron huffs and crosses his arms over his chest;

Byron: “Do not be jealous that outside our elder brother, I am the only other successful hunter. And happen to be the one with all the good looks.”

Both Berry and Bugsy roll their eyes about to give smart remarks when a cool toned voice speaks;

Baron: “so three females have moved into the keep? And they are potential witches? Berry I want you to investigate as much as you can. If they are witches it is our sworn oath to hunt and destroy them.”

The cloaked male turns away from his brothers, heading back into the house.  The three of them shiver;

Berry: “Ah our older brother is so cold it’s scary.”

Bugsy: “He has a point if those three are witches we will have to hunt them.”

Byron: “Leave it to me I’ll have them eating out of the palm of my hands, amongst other things.”

Both Berry and Bugsy groan at this bit of TMI.

Back at Crimson Keep the females marveled at the fancy chandeliers curved stair case and fancy furniture and tapestries. Portraits of Magicka and other prominent members of Hazel’s family hung on several walls.  The girls headed throughout the large home checking out the kitchen, dungeon and upper rooms. Hazel was given the master bed room while Horus and Hilde choose two other guest suites each one designed to their tastes.

Horus: “so many fancy time pieces.”

She spins around happily, there were several fancy clocks, and one large antique grandfather clock made of cherry oak wood.

Hilde gasped at her room, fur lined covers, fancy golden statues and lamps and a walk out balcony.

Hilde: “It’s a room fitting of me.”

Hazel stands out on her own balcony staring up at the night sky.  A shooting star passes over head and she closes her eyes tight making a wish for herself and her friends to make their home safe and happy.  She feels a slight shiver feeling as if she was being watched. She opens her eyes turning to look for the source but saw nothing but the pretty night sky. Pau Pau calls to her;

Pau Pau: “Mistress Hazel is everything okay?”

Hazel: “Yes coming Pau Pau.”

She heads inside. The figure who watched her slipped down from his hiding spot on the roof and sighed. He gave Hazel a longing glance before heading off the wind blowing his tattered shroud.

To be continued.
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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2012, 07:04:06 PM »

Our three little witches have settled into Crimson Keep. While they love their new digs, the realization that they had no servants hit them. Hazel is woken up to the sound of arguing between Hilde and Horus;

Horus: “I am not your maid get it yourself!”

Hilde: “Don’t you yell at me you time freak! You woke me up, so I assumed you were bringing me breakfast!”

Horus: “I woke you up because we need to discuss keeping this place clean!”

Both continue to bicker. Hazel rubs her eyes and heads down to try to calm her friends ire.

Hazel: “guys why are you fighting?”

Pau Pau floats down from the chandelier grumbling;

Pau Pau: “The keep has never been this noisy. You woke me up.”

He pouts and flies to Hazel’s arms for hugs. Hazel pets him making his tail sway happily;

Hilde: “Im sorry I didn’t realize dust rags needed beauty sleep.”

Pau Pau leaps at her claws barred;

Pau Pau: “that’s it I’m going to shred you to ribbons!”

His body is frozen mid leap he looks around;

Pau Pau: “I can’t move?”

Horus adjusts her glasses and frowns then waves her hand and Pau Pau hits the ground.

Horus: “none of this is going to solve the problem we have.”

Hazel: “What problem is that Horus?”

They look around and the house was beginning to look dusty. Dishes filled the kitchen sink and clothes were piled up in the laundry room.

Pau Pau
: “This place is a pig sty.  You girls should clean up more.”

Hilde frowns and turns her back to them.

Hilde: “I think we should hire servants.”

Horus: “with what money?”

Hazel: “if we work together…”

Horus & Hazel: “I am not working with her!”

Hazel puts up her hands trying to calm them down.

Hazel: “Guys come on we really need to get this place clean.”

A portrait of Magicka speaks to them;

Portrait: “Honestly you would think you young women would be neater.”

Pau Pau agrees with the painting while the girls stare in shock. They cry in unison;

Hazel/Horus/Hilde:  “It talks?”

Portrait: “Of course I talk, and you girls should be neater. This keep is magic it should not be hard to clean it.”

Hazel thinks about what the portrait said and nods.

Hazel: “we can use our powers and it should be easy.”

Horus: “I don’t know about this, that one over there barely passed her exams.”

Hilde: “How dare you!”

The two begin to fight, Pau Pau floats up landing on Hazel’s head;

Pau Pau: “Those two could be wasting that energy on cleaning up.”

Meanwhile at Beetle manor a carriage approaches, the horses a strange breed, dark coats and fiery eyes and manes. The driver of the carriage was a skeletal figure.  He pulled in front of the manor home and the doors swing open.  A seductive female slinks out of the carriage then turns to the driver “return home.” He nods and a scream filled portal opens up in front of the carriage which he drives into disappearing.  Baron greets her from behind;

Baron: “Welcome Orchis.”

Orchis: “Ah Baron still hiding your pretty face?”

Baron does not reply to her, Orchis rolls her eye.  Berry and Byron call down to them from a top turret;

Berry: “Orchis darling welcome to our home.”

: “Hello Orchis.”

Byron was not too fond of the succubus, he preferred women he could manipulate.  Orchis grins at him making him frown more; ‘That hag annoys me’ Byron thinks. He feels a cold chill go down his spine as Orchis appears behind him.

Orchis: “Darling you should not frown it will give you wrinkles.”

Byron’s eyes widen and he heads inside to make sure he has no lines on his face. Orchis reappears in front of Baron chuckling softly. Berry smiles and floats down bowing.  Orchis hands him her bag which weighed him down;

Orchis: “come we have much to discuss.”

Baron nods following her inside. Berry struggles to bring her bag into their home. Orchis looks around as she is lead to the formal sitting room. Baron offers her a seat then sits across from her. Orchis grins leaning forward her voice sultry;

Orchis: “So Baron your father sends his regards.”

Baron: “What brings you here Orchis?”

Orchis: “ooh you’re a cold one, fine I will get to the point. Crimson Keep, I have been waiting for that old hag Magicka to kick the bucket. Now that she has I tried to get my hands on the keep only to find someone has taken it over.”

Berry finally drags her bag into the room panting, He gasps as she floats the bag over from him. ‘Ah she could do that all a long?’ he thinks nearly faint. Orchis bag opens and a contract floats out.

Orchis: “Your family has a blood contract with me; I am using this to request you help me get rid of the pests who inhabit Crimson Keep.”

Baron: “We have no contract with you Orchis that was our father you have what he traded you for.”

Orchis grins menacingly at Baron clearly having something up her sleeve.  Baron frowns then turns to his brother;

: “Berry leave now.”

: “But Baron we have a guest and its Barry Call me…”

Baron: “LEAVE!”

Berry’s eyes fill with tears as he runs from the room. Baron stands and walks over to the door locking it. He places a circle along the door warding sound then turns to Orchis his eyes glinting angrily;

Baron: “What do you have up your sleeve demon?!”

Orchis grins slyly at him;

Orchis: “you’re smarter then you look Baron.  Your father did not just trade his soul to me, please read the rest of our contract and I think you will find you will work for me.”

Baron takes the paper reading it, his eyes narrow then looks away sighing;

Baron: “We intended on hunting the three who moved into Crimson Keep anyway.”

: “Then it is settled; oh and the sooner you do this the sooner I will move out.”

Baron: “you intend on staying here then?”

Orchis: “Why not? This way I can see the famous Beetle Brothers in action. You come from a family of renowned witch hunters. Though most had to use unholy means to be so good.”

Orchis gives a menacing laugh.

Back at the Keep Hazel manages to get Hilde and Horus to stop fighting; Hilde dusted furniture while Horus did laundry. Hazel worked on the dishes. Pau Pau grins watching them till Hilde growls at him;

Hilde: “Are you going to just watch us work?”

Pau Pau: “I am a familiar not a maid.”

Hilde flings the duster at him he dodges and grins, then turns shaking his tail at her;

Pau Pau: “Your throwing is as good as your dusting.”

Hilde lunges after him he floats up out of her range. Hazel wipes her brow putting the dishes away then pops her head out of the kitchen door;

Hazel: “Guys I decided to make dinner while I’m in here.”

Hilde and Pau Pau stop their fighting both drooling with hunger. Horus comes in with a basket of clean folded clothes and glances around.

Horus: “This room is still dusty Hilde.”

Hilde: “It’s not my fault that stupid doll kept distracting me!”

Pau Pau: “That’s it I’ll show you a doll!”

He barred his claws again ready to fight. Hazel sighs;

Hazel: “No fighting or no dinner.”

Horus nods in agreement then adds;

Horus: “No chores finished no dinner.”

Hilde whines about how unfair it is when Pau Pau sighs then focuses becoming a miniature vacuum with dust attachments.

Hilde: “Wow you can change into cleaning appliances?”

Both girls stare in shock while Pau Pau groans;

Pau Pau: “Just hurry up and use me I am hungry.”

Hilde runs him around the room getting the place sparkly clean, Horus stares in disbelief. Hazel comes out moments later with a tray of food making all three drool. Pau Pau transforms back and lands on Hazel’s head;

Pau Pau: “At least two of you are useful.”

Hilde glares at him but is distracted by her stomach growling.

Hazel: “Now now time to eat.”

As the trio and familiar sit down to enjoy their meal the mail carrier slides a bundle of letters through the mail slot. Hazel retrieves them and blinks;

Hazel: “Well now this is a pickle.”

: “what’s wrong?”

She asks between bites while Hilde and Pau Pau continue to eat.

: “Our first utility bills have come, only I don’t have any money to pay them.”

: “well when are the bills due?”

As she asks this the lights go out leaving all four of them in the dark.

Pau Pau
: “you three will have to get jobs.”

The girls in unison cry out: “JOBS?!”

To be continued.

**Note Bugsy is not in this story purposely. He will return in story four.**
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In my mind there are thousands of stories all waiting to be told to others. Tune in the the MR Cast for all things Manga Raiders.

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2012, 01:39:07 PM »
A Brother’s Bond

Ah you thought we were going to start the story about the girls and their power crisis? Well as interesting as that is, we instead peek in at Beetle Manor, the sound of crying can be heard from a certain brother.

Berry hugging on his brother Byron who tries his best to comfort him patting his head;

Berry: “He was awful to me, after the struggling I did to get Orchis bag into the house.”

Byron: “I wonder what our elder brother is up to dismissing you in such a way?”

His eyes narrow he hoped Baron was not making the same mistake their father had.  It was a shock to the family when right after losing their mother to sickness; their father was collected by Orchis and her death guards (skeletal warriors) to repay his debits.  The brothers had found out in the worst way the extremes their father Bartholomew went to become a powerful warlock.  The only solace they had was their mother had passed before finding out herself.  Byron sits Berry down on his bed and sighs turning to leave the room he pauses at the door;

Byron: “Don’t worry I will find out what our brother is up to.”

Berry wipes his eyes with his hands and nods. A spider crawls up his leg and the male lets out a powerful shriek;

Berry: “AHHHH!”

Bugsy arises from Byron’s shadow and chuckles at his brother.

Bugsy: “You are such a scaredy cat Berry.”

Byron frowns at his younger brother glaring at Bugsy;

Byron: “Great you are going to start him crying again. And I see you’ve mastered shadow walk.”

Bugsy winks at his older brother while Berry sniffles trying to hold in crying he plucks Bugsy’s spider from his leg. The creature flies off hitting a wall, Bugsy glares at his brother hitting him over the head.

Bugsy: “Hey be gentle with Spidella, she only wanted to make friends.”

Berry rubs his head and frowns back;

Berry: “I don’t want to be friends with your creepy bugs, we have a serious problem. Orchis is back.”
Bugsy frowns at Byron who shrugs;

Byron: “I know as much as you do currently. I know she is holed up with our elder brother and I do not intend on him becoming her next victim.”

All three brothers nod then get up to head downstairs. Byron frowns stopping them holding up his hand;

Byron: “Baron won’t talk to you two about it, I barely have a chance myself but let me go alone. I promise I’ll find out what’s going on.”

Bugsy frowns wanting to protest then stares in shock as Berry nods in agreement with Byron. He sits back down on his brother’s bed looking away sadly. Byron turns towards the door;

Byron: “Chin up Berry I will make sure Baron explains to me what is going on.”
He leaves the room and Bugsy and Berry sigh in annoyance at being the youngest siblings.

(Author’s note: Byron’s room is a classically elegant room; he has it decorated to be a love palace with columns, naked female statues and a four poster bed. He also on the right side of the room has a fire place with a rug that has a print of Aphrodite on it in front of a fire place which provides the room with warmth.  A large bay window with heavy drawn curtains opens up onto a velvet love seat couch which sits in front of it. It is a romantic spot where he takes females he plans to drain of their energies.)

Byron travels down the steps of the manor home and goes up to the sitting room door frowning as he senses the ward Baron has placed on the door.  He holds up a hand about to try to strip the ward when the door opens and Orchis smiles at him;

Orchis: “Hello Byron dear take care of your wrinkle problem?”

Byron frowns at the female then turns away;

Bryon: “I have no time for your pettiness Orchis, I wish to speak with my brother.”

The succubus grins then shrugs turning back to Baron who was standing by a window;

Orchis: “I’ll just be in my room then.”

She leaves heading upstairs ignoring Byron’s look of shock. Byron glares at Baron who was still staring out the window;

Byron: “What is the meaning of this? She cannot really be staying here?”

Baron turns to him his eyes the only visible part of him shimmers sadly, the look catches Byron off guard and he frowns;

Byron: “Baron please tell me you did not trade your soul to that creature?”

Baron: “No I did not nor would I ever.”

Byron gives a soft sigh of relief but then glances at his brother with concern;

Byron: “then why is she staying here with us?”

Baron: “Father did more than sell his soul brother that is all I am willing to tell you for now. I know you will worry. Berry and Bugsy as well but this is a burden I must carry on my own shoulders for now. Please understand.

Byron looks down his shoulders slump, for Byron to speak in such a way or show any kind of emotion in his eyes, he knew it was a serious situation. He looks back up at his brother;

Byron: “What am I to tell Berry he was very upset with you at yelling at him? Bugsy also now is suspicious and will be more so with Orchis staying here.”

Baron turns back to staring at the sky threw the window;

Baron: “Do not lie to them; tell them I have told you nothing but to trust me. That is all you can do. I can only hope our bond as brothers will satisfy them for now.”

Byron: “It would make it easier if you trusted us Baron, if it is something bad that involves our family we should know.”

Baron: “I just need time to find out if there is something that can be done, besides the only thing Orchis truly wants is that keep. We intend on hunting the witches inhabiting the place either way so it may work out to our benefit.”
Byron thinks then shakes his head;

Byron: “That demon cannot be trusted brother.”

Baron nods to his brother then walks up to him putting a hand on his shoulder;

Baron: “I know this but hunting them will buy us time okay?”

Byron blushed slightly, Baron was not known to use physical contact for him to touch his shoulders was an act of trust to the young male. He nods gently then sighs;

Byron: “I’ll keep Berry and Bugsy from asking too many questions.”

Baron: “Good have them go test our new neighbor’s abilities that should keep them busy.”
Byron stares at him shocked;

Byron: “Should we not just take them out quickly?”

Baron shakes his head no then looks over to a portrait of their family.  Byron looks up at it as well then back to his brother questioningly. Baron does not look back at him only replies;

Baron: “No we will take them down in due time, I truly need time to figure things out.”

Byron was unsure why but he found himself agreeing to his elder brother’s wishes. Though he knew he could probably charm and seduce all three girls with ease he left the room and headed upstairs informing Bugsy and Berry that they would go to test the girls.  Both brothers were eager to test their skills against the girls;

Bugsy: “I will attack them with the creepiest creatures I can conjure up!”

Berry: “ooh I have been brewing a rash inducing potion in my lab; I will put it in a perfume bottle and give it to them as a gift!”

‘I hope our elder brother knows what he is doing’ Byron thinks with a frown watching his younger brothers plotting their attack strategies.

With battle plans forming, the Beetle manor now became a base of operations in their war against the three witches and the fight for Crimson Keep was now under way. Orchis has a grin on her face standing on a turret of Beetle manor;

Orchis: “Soon I will have you Crimson Keep and all the power you harness within.”

Her eyes glint menacingly at the nearby castle her haunting laughter filling the night sky.

To be continued.

Authors notes:
Hey this episode is sans the witches because I wanted to showcase their enemies the Beetle brothers. Each brother represents a certain aspect of personality. 

Byron the play boy is a charmer; he uses his good looks to woo witches then drains them of their power or essence. He is like a vampire without the cool fangs. How does he drain them? He has a pendant that he hides under his clothes. It resembles a medium sized ruby on a gold chain. When a female is in the throes of passion he pulls it out and all that’s left of her is ash. Her soul and power siphoned into this gem for Byron to use. Because of the many times he has done this, Byron has become a powerful warlock. But he is still not as strong as his elder brother Baron.

Berry the cry baby; he is the youngest of the brothers, his power stem from incantations and alchemy and loves his lab.  He was the last brother born to a house of nearly all men. His mother wanted him to be a little girl and refused to cut his long strawberry blonde hair. (His hair is more strawberry then blonde giving it a soft pinkish color). He is very intelligent and loves concocting potions to use against his enemies but is not very strong with magic yet. He is mostly self taught as well since his brothers are often off doing their own personal tasks to train him. 

Bugsy the creepy one; He is the second to youngest brother, his powers involve shadows and conjuring. His favorite creatures to summon are bugs; he has no particular favorites though his personal pet is a giant caterpillar named Lady who tends to follow his every command. Lady is so large he can ride her as a mount and is strong enough to carry him and a few others. While she resembles the colors and looks of an ordinary caterpillar only gigantic, Lady can carry more than a normal bug of her species can making it seem that she was an experiment gone right.  Bugsy is a grungy guy, he prefers soiled jeans and dingy t-shirts when not in his brown robes and yellow pants. He likes being barefoot when not in his scruffy brown boots as well.  Though he often hits and teases Berry they are very close and he will attack others who make him cry even though he tends to make Berry cry more than anyone else.

Baron the cloaked/cold one; so much about Baron is shrouded in mystery, he as the first born is the true owner of Beetle manor, but shares the home and land with his brothers. Baron keeps himself shrouded head to two in a tattered yet mystic shroud.  The shroud is grayish black and flows on air patterns which is a slight display of his skills. He has talents in the element of air magic that allow him to use the air to hover and fly.  But just how skilled his magic abilities are is not truly known.  He is able to ward rooms from people spying and use strong spells without incantations. 

Baron knows of many of the families deep dark secrets and is said that maybe why he hides himself out of shame of their discretion's. He loved his mother who was a pious woman who only hunted evil witches knowing that there were good ones out there. While his father hunted all witches with fervor and was later found to have sold his soul and something more sinister in order to win his wife’s hand in marriage.  Baron is seen as a cold person to most but he truly cares for his family and has feelings for a female that he keeps to himself.

Another note: The Beetle Family portrait, this painting was done in classical family portrait style. Bernice Beetle sat in a fancy high back chair in a fine blue noble woman’s dress *think the style of old Victorian era* While to her right side with a hand on her shoulder her husband Bartholomew stood proud in a tailored suit. *Old fashion short coat with trim slacks, white shirt grey vest and stripped tie.* The boys were all very young in the portrait, Berry the baby was wrapped in a soft pink blanket only his eyes and a lock of curly hair appear as he is held in his mother’s lap.  Baron wore a suit almost like his father’s, his hair was pulled back in a soft brown pony tail but for some reason he was allowed to hide the lower half of his face with a fan. He stood on the left side of his mother his hand on her other shoulder. Byron had on black short pants and a white shirt with a grey tie and looked unhappy for some reason.  His hair was short cut in a bowl style and he had on short grey socks and brown shoes. Bugsy who was holding a spider (the only way they could keep him still for the portrait) had a mischievous grin on his young face. He too wore a white shirt and black short pants but without a tie and brown shoes. His green hair was styled like his brother Byron’s only with a small cowlick at the top his head. Bugsy stood in front of his father while Byron stood in front of Baron. This was the only picture the family was able to take together, soon after Bernice fell ill and passed away. Their father was taken to the under realm to pay for services rendered and Baron took over as head of the family.

Next story I will return to the Crimson Keep and our Witches I promise, Pau Pau can put his claws away now.

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #4 on: January 17, 2012, 05:16:02 PM »
I have only read the first two parts of this so far and I do like the ideas and the flow. The only part that made me go "what?" was when Hazel read the letter during the graduation. Even if she didn't know the person too well, it was still a family member so she would still be somewhat depressed about that wouldn't she? Maybe her friends could be reading over her shoulder and be excited about that while the other one consoles her about her aunt.

Love your idea. =)
I'm back~~~

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #5 on: January 17, 2012, 05:39:53 PM »
I have only read the first two parts of this so far and I do like the ideas and the flow. The only part that made me go "what?" was when Hazel read the letter during the graduation. Even if she didn't know the person too well, it was still a family member so she would still be somewhat depressed about that wouldn't she? Maybe her friends could be reading over her shoulder and be excited about that while the other one consoles her about her aunt.

Love your idea. =)

Thank you Sai ^_^ I appreciate you reading it.  Regards to Hazel's reaction she is kinda a clueless character save when shes is preforming her craft. I am developing her to be kinda ditzy when shes not casting spells. To her an great aunt dying didn't register as much as getting a big house though now that you mention it, she does seem cold blooded. I will look to see how I can edit it better I wanted her to come across as an airhead :)
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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2012, 05:47:15 PM »
Yea, right now she seems more cold than ditzy.
I'm back~~~

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #7 on: January 17, 2012, 08:50:31 PM »
okay fixed it hopefully the scene comes out  a bit better now to ^_^ thanks for your help SaiHawkeye
In my mind there are thousands of stories all waiting to be told to others. Tune in the the MR Cast for all things Manga Raiders.

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #8 on: February 13, 2012, 05:16:45 PM »
Bumble, Bumble Beetle trouble

As we return to the adventures of our three little witch friends, two of the girls
are on a covert mission to bring power to the keep. The plan that Hilde cooked
up was for them to temporarily ‘borrow’ power from the neighboring houses
generator.  As they sneak around the neighboring property, Horus frowns thinking ‘
why am I doing this?’ While Hilde sneaks around the house closest to them looking
for the power crystal outlet.   The Keep’s power crystal was shut off by
Con Power Corporation due to an overdue bill for power usage. 

Hilde spots the outlet and grins ‘yes it’s an outside line.’ She pulls out a scroll and chants;

Hilde: “Channel, Channel power thy, connect to our crystal power become mine.”

Horus (staring in disbelief): “It won’t work.”

Hilde (grins at her): “Of course it will it’s how Hazel and I had free power for our
dorm room. We just used the room next doors generator and it was one less expense.”

Horus pauses thinking about what Hilde just said, then grabs the girl up glaring;

: “You mean to tell me you’re the reason why my power expense was so high?
My mother complained about that in my cut off letter!”

Hilde pushes her off and huffs then turns seeing the line from the neighbor’s crystal
generator form connecting to their own crystal generator. Soon their power crystal
hums with life again and the Crimson keeps power returns. Hazel who was trying
hard to work with a wood stove smiles happily as the lights come back on. Pau Pau blinks in disbelief;

Pau Pau
: “They got the power back on? Did they get jobs?”

: “I don’t know, I am just happy to have our power back though.”

Pau Pau (staring suspiciously outside via a window): “I guess but if they did
anything illegal you are all on your own.”

Hazel grabs him up hugging him smiling;

: “No worries Pau Pau I am sure they did nothing wrong now I can make you a big meal.”

Any argument Pau Pau may have had disappeared at the mention of that. Meanwhile
Hilde ignores Horus as she continues to berate her.

: “I thought you were from a wealthy family? All this time all you’ve done
is scheme your way around! Are you going to answer me?”

Hilde (turning to her giving a cold glare): “I am from a wealthy family. It does not
mean I do not know how to get what I want from others. Besides you’re the smart one
but did not realize that despite hardly ever being in your dorm room that you were paying
an astronomical fee for your power usage. I’d feel bad but all those times you bragged
about being so smart.”

: “Don’t you feel the slightest bit guilty for using me at all?! I thought we were friends.”

Hilde: “I doubt me apologizing would matter at this point what was done is done.
And now the skill is bringing power to the keep so why are you so angry?”

: “You just do not get it do you?”

Horus bows her head and chants in a low voice, a vein bulging on her forehead from her anger;

: The flow of time is in my hand and stops at the will of my command, freeze all before me!”

Hilde is frozen in place by her time binding spell.  Horus glares at Hilde whose eyes
expressing her rage at not being able to move. Horus then turns to leave her outside
frowning wondering if she should cut the illegal line to the power generator when a voice greets her.

Bugsy: “My my, what do we have here? Two little witches fighting amongst each other?”

Another voice joins in with him;

: “That and they are power thieves to, makes our hunting them so much more
pleasurable wouldn’t you say brother?”

The one male nods to the other while Horus freezes in fear thinking ‘witch hunters.’
Hilde unable to move looks on in panic. Horus begins to chant but is interrupted by
the tossing of an explosive flask;

Berry: “I missed on purpose just to show you I am serious, no time spell or I will
use my flask to incinerate you before you finish the incantation.”

(groaning): “Don’t toy with them Berry let’s just kill them and be done,
Byron would have been had them dead.”

Berry (pouting): “were not going to use his method are we?” He blushes at the thought.

Bugsy makes a face of repulsion shaking his head no, their conversation gives Horus
the chance to free Hilde finishing her chant softly. Hilde glares her rage full as she speak to Horus;

Horus: “How dare you use your powers on me you, you!”

The two boys stare at them in shock clearly too wrapped up in their conversation on
how to take out the two witches to notice she was free till that point.

Bugsy: “Carrion crawlers, creepy domain come forth and bring these girls pain!”

He thrust out his hands and Hilde and Horus are sprayed by a multitude of bugs, from
cockroaches to beetles and worms. Both girls scream in disgust, then Hilde already angry
at what Horus did turns to them her eyes glowing angrily.

Hilde: “spirit soul within my sight dance like puppets for my delight!”

Berry, Bugsy and Horus all begin to move their bodies caught up in Hilde’s puppet dance spell.

: “Ah stop this spell I hate dancing” (he says shuffling back and forth)

Berry(crying as he pirouettes like a ballerina): “This wasn’t supposed to happen”

Horus (throwing her hands up above her head shaking her hips in a belly dancers routine): Hilde ah take this spell off me now!”

Hilde glances at her then smirks walking around the girl enjoying immensely that she had
her entrapped in such a spell;

Hilde: “You have a lot of nerve; because of you we nearly got hunted, luckily for us
these two bumblers are not real hunters.”

Berry (crying): "We are not bumblers!"

(glaring at her): “who are you calling not a real hunter? When this spell ends…”

Hilde rolls her eyes at him then chants;

Hilde: “puppets dancing so divine, let our dance last a longer time.” 

Horus panics then feels herself stop she stares at Hilde wonder what gives since the
two boys were still dancing.

Berry & Bugsy (in unison): “Hey why did she stop and we are still going?”

(smirking): “The spell only truly works when I consider the person an enemy. I
was just trying to teach her never to freeze me in time.  I’d love to see it was nice to
meet you hunters but that would be a lie. Bye now.”

She waves to them leaving them to dance walking off with Horus who still looked upset.
Hilde pauses then speaks in a soft voice;

Hilde: “I know you probably hate me now, I don’t blame you I did wrong. But that is
who I am. Despite me hating your know it all ways you are still my friend. So I am sorry I used
you and will understand if you do not consider me your friend.”

Horus glances up at her and blushes then sighs;

Horus: “Apology accepted, but they will probably just negate the  power siphon spell
once they are free of your dance spell.”

Hilde grins menacingly, making Horus stare at her with a nervous look as they
head back into the Keep;

Hilde:  “Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.”

Horus: “What is that supposed to mean?”

A little over an hour later Byron finds his brothers exhaustively shuffling back and forth.
He frowns holding up a hand and they stop and look at their older brother exhausted.

Byron: “why were you both out here dancing? Did you capture the witches next door?”

Berry (staring tiredly groans): “We were supposed to hunt witches?”

: “I’m tired I need to go lay down.”

(glaring at his brother): “You both are useless!”

Both boys ignore him heading inside to lay down, Byron follows them in still angry
at them failing to do their tasks. Neither of the young men noticing the still connected
line from their crystal generator to the Keep’s. Ah that sneaky little witch Hilde once
again gets her way for now...

To be continued.

(Authors note like electric companies power is distributed via power crystals from the major power corporation Con Power when the citizens do not pay the crystal generator is shut down till payment is rendered. Though some citizens of Zenith have ways around such fate even if its against the laws of the land).
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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #9 on: February 14, 2012, 08:58:33 AM »
Wow you really are productive huh. I envy that. I'll read it very soon.

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #10 on: February 15, 2012, 10:53:33 AM »
I just have a lot of stories on the brain and try to write to which ever is strongest at the moment :)
In my mind there are thousands of stories all waiting to be told to others. Tune in the the MR Cast for all things Manga Raiders.

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #11 on: February 16, 2012, 07:19:29 PM »
Just wanted to say I find this pretty interesting. Magic girl like manga is always a hit or miss in my book but so far I can see this one being good laughs and a cute story.  Keep it up I'll continue to read for sure.
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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #12 on: March 07, 2012, 03:10:12 PM »

Hah, i finally finished reading! Its an interesting take on the magic world, but its a bit worrying on how flat the surrounding world is. I also wish the characters could be defined well and i knew the plot. Is the whole story based around the four brothers hunting the three witches? If it is you need to somehow fit in more comedy and define the characters more.

Only Horus seems like the normal girl of the bunch. Seriously i just hate the other two. Especially Hilde. Pau Pau is an interesting character, and the family history of the Beetle brothers has it's own flavour too.

There are some typos and grammos, which slowed down my reading.

Finally, you need a little something to make this magic world a little different from the many we have seen. So far it looks okay, but i'll reserve my judgement for later chapters as it develops.

Make sure to compare ideas with many other magic manga. It may lead to some similar things, but if you get the formula right you'll be able to craft a different and unique story.

In conclusin, the story is not perfect, but it can be worked with and added too. I think the biggest problem is that you need to discuss some points before writing it out. It was a bit tough to read in some places but otherwise it's going good. Keep it up, sharpen your writing and finish the story!

Just my two cents lol

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #13 on: March 07, 2012, 03:27:22 PM »
Thanks Lego and I definitely have plans for Zenith including why demons find it so easy to come and make deals with warlocks and witches and the land itself. I wanted to establish the mains first though before diving into the heart. This first arc is mostly introduction and lighthearted banter, the next chapter will be from Orchis point of view as she is the main antagonist and I had already started with the girls, then the brothers.  Their story is just a drop in my plans for the land itself but the 3 witches will go from having to defend their keep to helping save their world soon enough. :) Thank you for reading it and I will work on grammar and typos I promise. 
In my mind there are thousands of stories all waiting to be told to others. Tune in the the MR Cast for all things Manga Raiders.

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Re: 3 Little Witches
« Reply #14 on: May 31, 2012, 03:44:25 PM »
(I am back with a new story I did not forget about this thread and thank you all who left encouraging feed back)

The Succubus set up part 1

Hello readers! In the Land of Zenith many mystical beings call it home, but some outer world types seek to use the lands rich mana for their own nefarious purposes.  One such being is currently a unwanted guest at Beetle Manor.  She looms on the roof of their home almost gargoyle like staring at Crimson Keep the object of her desires.

Orchis: “Those damned bumble brothers, Crimson keep should be in my hands! It is only three little witch girls after all. Perhaps I should do this myself?” A sly grin graces her demonic face.

Meanwhile inside in the family sitting room Baron ponders ways of ridding their home of the unwanted guest.  He and Byron chat in front of the fire place the family portrait looming over them.

Byron: “That Orchis is bad news Baron, I still believe she is the reason our family was ripped apart.”

Baron (giving a heavy sigh and clenching his left fist): “No that was father and his selfish aims to be the best witch hunter. He did not think of the consequences and now I am stuck cleaning up his mess!”

Byron (frowning):”We are stuck Baron, you are not in this alone brother.”

Baron walks towards a window looking out at the night sky. He knew that the only way to truly be rid of Orchis was to help her take control of Crimson Keep. Under normal circumstances he would more than willingly do so he harbored no love for most witches. But this time things were different, his eyes narrow as he thinks of  Hazel, and knew he could not simply destroy her. Byron’s voice breaks his thoughts;

Byron: “I think I will pay the girls at the keep a visit. Berry and Bugsy had no success perhaps a more sophisticated touch is needed?”

Baron (shrugs): “Do not attack them yet brother,  I have no true want to help a demon even if it is destroying witches in the process.”

Byron (nods): “Helping Orchis with anything is distasteful indeed,  but I would like to see what the big deal is, I won’t attack just spy maybe woo.” 

Baron (trying to hide the tone of annoyance in his voice):”If you must, I would go after the one that seems plain, she would be eager for such attention.”

Byron (smirking): “I need no tips on how to woo dear brother. I think I will go now to meet our new neighbors.”

Orchis appears in a puff of blue smoke;

Orchis: “No need you would only bungle this anyway. I will go over to greet the girls perhaps this needs a woman’s touch?”

Byron (glaring at the succubus): “what could you possibly do to woo them?”

Orchis (rolls her eyes at the young male): “Woo? Don’t be a fool; there is something much more convincing than your tired routine Byron. I will simply befriend and betray them, they are mere girls.”

She waves a hand in front of her body and takes on a new form her skin an ivory pale her long red hair pulled up into two pig tails, her bright red eyes now a soft blue color.

Orchis: “There now to go bond with them and rip the keep from their hands!”

Byron clenches his teeth ready to go after her as she leaves the room but Baron stops him putting a hand on his shoulder;

Baron: “Let her go, this is better in the long run anyway, I have no want to be that creatures minion.”

Byron (still fuming): “Yes but I will not let her make a fool of me either, I still plan on wooing one of those witches.”

Byron storms off and Baron sighs, he too had his own plans to stop Orchis the last thing he wanted was to have her hands on the Crimson Keep, he would extract his revenge for tearing apart his family on the succubus all in good time.


Pau Pau: “I have a bad feeling down my spine.”

Hilde: “you’re a toy how do you feel anything?”

Pau Pau glares then brings out his claws launching himself at the witch;

Pau Pau: “That’s it I’m going to wreck your face!”

Hazel grabs him mid air and begins to stroke the familiar’s back leaving Pau Pau purring happily.

Pau Pau
: “You are lucky Mistress Hazel is so sweet and kind, you were very close to being shred to pieces with my claws!”

Hilde (in mocking tone): “Oh I am so shivering at your claws, I am sure they would have snagged my expensive silk shirt.”

Pau Pau bristles but settles down again as his back is stroked by Hazel’s gentle hands.

Hazel (giggles): “Come on now you two can’t you be friends?”

Both of them humph and turn away from one and other. Hazel shakes her head and smiles while Horus goes to answer a knock at the door.

Horus: “Hello can I help you?”

The strange girl smiles at her and nods;

Orchis: “Hello I am Lena I live a few houses down and heard there were new witches to the neighborhood. I had to come meet you especially hearing you graduated from Craft!”

Horus (stares skeptically at the girl her glasses picking up a faint evil aura): “I am sure you’re a fan but we are quite busy right now. About to go out and find jobs.”

Hilde (pops up behind her and sulks): “Do we have to do this Horus?”

Horus (nodding then dragging the still whining Hilde off by her fancy scarf): “Yes it is not right to live off Hazel for free or steal power let’s go!”

Horus pulls the door shut behind her, leaving Orchis to stand there frowning at the witch as she drags Hilde away. She did not intend to give up that easily and knocks again. Hazel answers the door with a kind smile, leaving Orchis to give her a wicked grin in turn.

Hazel: “Hello there can I help you Miss?”

Orchis (grinning evilly): “Why yes I think you can.”

Things do not look good for our more trusting little witch will Orchis story win her way into the Keep? Turn in next time to see.
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