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Author Topic: Vizancar Pt. 03  (Read 2511 times)

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Vizancar Pt. 03
« on: April 07, 2008, 04:06:58 PM »
Five years later after Toka had found Runa…

The dark green hair vizancar let a long deep breath as she fell back on the ground which was covered with ice and ice pillars that stretch sideways into the sky from the ground. As she was lying there staring up at the sky she turned to her attention to her right were her  zanpakuto Shirayuki was. Toka told her that as a vizancar her sword might have two names yet she would only be able to learn one of them at time the second half of her zanpakuto’s name  was something that she would not know until the time was right. Her zanpakuto itself was light green color with a normal looking blade. The tsuba was two crescent moon surround by metal circle, a light green ribbon hanging from the pommel. The metal of the hilt is white surrounded with cloth that same light green color as the blade. The sheath too was light green color with bell on black strap that wrapped near the top of the sheath.

As Runa stared up at the sky she was wondering what Toka and Asami were doing as they were currently away taking care of something leaving her to take care of the house. Yawning from exhausting too much of her power she fell asleep right there on the icy ground however she did not worry about catching a cold or anything because as a wielder of  a ice elemental-type zanpakuto gave her a certain immunity against ice. She could feel the cold that emanating from the ice but it did not bother her in the slight in fact to her it actually felt rather nice to her. Also while Toka did not exactly tell her but her zanpakuto was the constant release-type as her sword has never reverted back to its sealed state after she learned its first name.     

Runa slept there in the field where she normally trained until she was awoken by the sound of screaming and yelling coming from the town. Jumping into action Runa immediately ran back into town for if someone was trying to harm the people of her home she was going to make them pay. The 81st South Rukongai district is very important to her as it  the place where all those she care for lives and anyone that threaten them were her enemies. 

Runa arrived to into town to see that it was ablaze and that various resident were laying all over the place dead or dying. Her grip on her zanpakuto tighten she ran in search of whoever did this with the intent to kill them.

Aaroniero Arruruerie laughed as he could not believe that place like this exactly existed. He was wondering around Hueco Mundo looking for a Vaste Lorde under Aizen-sama order and somehow wonder into this strange town where spirits, hollows, and these strange beings that were neither one or the other were living together in peace. Seeing them as possible easy kill as none of them seem that strong, he began killing them and devouring those he felt like in order to increase his own power. He just became arrancar after eating a hollow that fused with two powerful shinigami and need to increase his power in order to not only retain his rank up increase as well.
 Aaroniero was currently eating some hollow he recently killed when he quickly jump out the way to avoid a cero blast that frozen hollow he currently eating and could have done the same to him if he had move out the way.

The white mask espada turned to see that the blast was fired from girl about fifty feet away from him as he could still see icy vapor coming from her mouth with her eye glaring straight at him with anger and rage clearly seen within them.  Yet  the feeling he got from her was the same from those beings he ate that were neither hollow or a shinigami.

“Say girl what exactly are you as you are neither hollow with shinigami power or possibly a shinigami with hollow powers” Aaroniero said as he was curious to find what being like her were exactly.

“I am vizancar and I am going to kill you for what you do to my hometown” Runa growled as she swung her sword while yelling hakuren.

Aaroniero  dodge the massive wave of ice with easily and counter with a shockwave from his own zanpakuto  which had take on the form of trident.

This cause Runa to stare in shock as from some reason seeing him with that trident zanpakuto made her get even angrier. Something with her seem to stir within her tell her that zanpakuto did belong to him and that he must have stolen it

“Where did steal that zanpakuto from as it not your” Runa said angrily not breaking her sword stance as she did not want to be caught off guard.

“Steal I did no such thing I simple ate a hollow that fused with shinigami that must have this as their sword” he responded shrugging as he never really thought about before but simply that hollow allowed to become the espada he was today through.

The killer intent come from Runa at that moment double as she seem to disappear yet he managed to block the attack against his side with his own zanpakuto.

Aaroniero then wonder just who was this girl as skill with the sword did not seem that might better then his own but the strength behind each attack was something that he did not expect from someone as younger as her.

The ninth espada fired a wave of water at Runa from his trident however instead of dodge of counter it Runa simply swallowed the attack whole and then shot back at him as one of her weird icy cero blast that hit him dead on but the damage done was not that serious as he managed to melt a majority of ice with the power of hollow he absorbed that had fiery hide.

When the smoke cleared he noticed that Runa was gone only to look down see the small girl jump and fire hado spell right in their face causing them to lost their balance. Then using his shoulder as foot hold she push off him and fire another hakuren at his body sending him flying into wreckage of a building behind him.

Runa then crashed to the ground as she unable to land properly because while she might have recover some her energy through the nap she had she still was kind of tired and was also getting hungry. Aaoniero who had already recovered from the attack decided that now was the time taking advantage of this and activate another one of the ability he gain from that hollow that fused with those two shinigami.

The espada snapped his finger and Runa just stared in shock as her zanpakuto’s blade shatter into thousand pieces.

“Surprised I see as the hollow that absorbing to give me my shinigami powers and an ability to destroy one zanpakuto every day for the shinigami that touch their tentacle. I expand on this ability as the once a day I can destroy a zanpakuto of those that touch my body with their bare hand or in your case feet” Aaroneiro laughed.

“Now that you no long have your sword I am going to eat you and absorb your….” The ninth Espada said but stopped when they felt a massive jab to their gut that knock the wind out of them.

Looking up they saw Runa however she was no longer the same as she was a moment ago. Her hollow mask had moved from the top of head to over her face and the mask itself had changed. It still had the same basic shape but it was no longer cartoonish and two large horns appeared on the side of it. A sick smirk appear on Runa’s face as the eye in mask glowed slightly as she gripped his mask with one head her finger going through the mask.  The other she cocked back and slammed it into Aaroniero’s face with all her power.

The ninth Espada was once again send flying yet this Runa did not wait for him to landed as she appeared on his stomach pounding at his chest with both hands laughing and constantly repeating how she was going to kill him over and over again.

Aaroniero started to raise his sword but Runa fire a cero at his arm freeze it instantly and later shatter as gravity and Runa slammed on his chest caused him to hit the ground.

Aaroniero then slammed Runa in the head shattering the already badly damaged mask her wore to reveal that his head is simply two hollow mask floating in tube.

He then watches in horror as Runa flip out of the head butt landing on her feet then to slowly walk back towards Aaroniero with broken zanpakuto in hand. As she walking towards him he could see the particle surrounding the hilt forming strange looking lance like blade that she hurls after he managed to get back to his feet leaving him impaled through the gut against a building unable to move and very cold.

Aaroniero last act was trying to send his partner in this mission  a warning about Runa. However the only thing they saw was the berserker Runa beating  Aaroniero’s tube until it crack with his own leg. Then of her slowly devouring the ninth espada piece by piece as the two hollow masks lying on the ground cracked in half with liquid that was once contain within being absorbed into the ground.

Aaroniero’s partner died soon afterwards seeing this at the hands of  another hollow that used them being distracted as opening to devour them. Thus Runa secret was safe as Aaroniero was eaten by her and the only other one to inform anyone of her whereabouts was also dead.