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Author Topic: [VOL 4]MANGARAIDERS ANTHOLOGY 4 Rules and Guidelines  (Read 2051 times)

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[VOL 4]MANGARAIDERS ANTHOLOGY 4 Rules and Guidelines
« on: September 12, 2010, 03:38:55 PM »

01. Maximum 20  pages by member, including title and author pages. Only one author page by project.

02. Original characters and stories only. ( cannot be a fanfic or copyrighted material )

03. All pages must be posted in the anthology gallery. Projects which haven't been posted won't be included in the anthology.

04. Entries must read left to right for printing consistency and must be under PG 13 rating.
You can check this topic to be sure your project will be appropriate for the anthology.:

05. Nothing adult/Hentai nothing nude or semi nude. lets say swimsuit/bikini is the limit.

06.Every author is responsable of his own project.
The grammar corrections and any necessary corrections will be done by the story author.

07. The anthology participants have to update their project topic every week. Inactive anthology projects won't be included in the anthology.

08. All authors have to use this font: Comic sans MS size 10.


01. Closing date for accepting entries is 10 th december
The pages must be send for grammar checking before the 20th february
The corrected and final files must be sent before the 30st february

02. Images must be 300 DPI  format JPEG

We will post a template once we have found the new printer.
We strongly recommand the use of this template for every page of the project.[/b][/u]
We won't be held responsable if problems such as file resolution/borders arise if the author didn't use the template.

Please underline the live area limits in black on every page to make any necessary resizing corrections easier.

04. Pages must be BLACK AND WHITE.

05. Inking help can be provided. Read this topic for more information

06. If You need a 2 pages spread, you need to let us know ahead of time


01. Artists and writers will retain the copyright to their material.
Participating in the anthology only means that you give us the right to publish the content .
More information can be found at:

02. If you or any member of your manga circle feel that you no longer want your works published in the anthology,
the publisher ka-blam charges a fee of $20 (subject to change) to change content within the printing document.
This fee must be paid by the party initiating the change.

03. This anthology is a non profit project. You will not make a living working on the anthology.

If you have any questions regarding the anthology rules, please ask them at the following thread:

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