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Author Topic: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)  (Read 115021 times)

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Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« Reply #1515 on: May 01, 2020, 03:02:26 PM »
This is simply phenomenal work suuper. Totally been blown out of the water here, and its brilliant to see! This is the tangible no-nonsense visible improvement I've always wanted to be able to see in my own art work. You've legitimately using your own research and drive and efforts become a better artist! I don't think it's just a matter of 'I had more time to work on this' but all of the above tweaking and hemming and hawing that you've done to make your progress look so much better.

First and fourth are my favourite, but damn where do I even start. The freaking hair of the fourth one blows me away but mostly it's just how awesome all the frills (on all of them, btw. I can only by my gut be sure I like 1 and 4 the most)  it's just... Wow. This is the sort of detail I love to see. Strangely enough even though photorealistic pencil drawings blow me away at this level I find this even more impressive because it's made by yourself. Serious props dude!

Will be curious as to how that upgrade in time looks too. And by the way, yeaup, this is hands down commission level stuff for sure. I'm a bit flat for the next year but as soon as I get an influx of cash I'm hands down ordering a commission from you haha.

Keep at it and see you around!

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Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« Reply #1516 on: May 14, 2020, 01:33:15 AM »
thanks :)
It started off as me just saying "OK let's spend a super large amount of time on these pieces, and use every skill I have to push their quality to the maximum, no shortcuts allowed at all". Naturally the skills used were ones that I have gained over the years, but seriously dont underestimate the time aspect. That alone probably accounts for at least 50% of the quality. But it was good use of time (if I do say so myself) that makes the difference, not just randomly spending lots of time on the sketches, but having a solid plan for each stage, how to improve between stages, and having a target quality. So yes just throwing time into something won't always guarantee a better quality, but it's hard to get a high quality without time. So a good workflow perhaps was the MVP here.

I actually wanted to have them in more natural poses with backgrounds (my target "true masterpiece") but I decided that it would take too long, as I'm not great with backgrounds at the moment and don't want to waste time if I seriously don't know what I'm doing. So plenty to improve for next time.
(I'm still trying to add a simple background to them but I think I sort of burnt out that project for the while)

I would love to do original photorealistic sketches. That's something for the far future I think.

thanks, I think this is the first time I would agree that it is commission level, although my other good pieces have been pretty decent there's always been something that nagged at me "couldn't you even get X right?", but these were very solid in my opinion as well. But still stuff to improve on. A friend said the poses felt quite stiff, so even something that early on in the sketch I could have improved.
I dont even know how much I would charge for pieces of that quality considering the time spent. If I took my normal hourly wage that would make them $100+ easily. Feels a bit unreal, thinking that if I actually had commissions coming in that I could actually make a living off it.


I've done mostly studies in the last 2 weeks, so nothing to really show for it, here's some animal studies.

I haven't really spent as much time drawing as I would have liked, only about 2 hours a day, way below my massive target of 6. But I blame most of that on the shock from making that set of masterpieces last time I posted. I really was a huge surprise that I could work at such a high quality, and it really made me rethink the quality I work to at my standard level, and especailly my WIPs. it really put a lot of my WIPs to shame for the low quality, and especially highlighted the poor methods I was using in my resolving sketch phase of the WIPs. I've adjusted my WIP processing stages to increase the diversity and level of detail in my sketches, and also increase the accuracy when resolving. I'm also not too keen on the disjointedness that comes from working on an illustration only one step at a time (with maybe 6+ months in between steps). I don't know if that's just impatience in wanting to finish it or what, but it's not that bad a feeling.

In the middle of one of my study pages I suddenly had an idea for a new style, mostly as inking style I guess, so I spent maybe 20 minutes on this.

I've been working on making sure that I don't spend too much time on studies instead of working on my own sketches, which is very easy to do, just copying other stuff, but it's not great for improving your art if you dont draw original sketches at the same time, you'll just forget what you're learning. So I'm trying to get a nice balance and get my WIP count lower still as a semi goal.

I'm starting to have backgrounds in my resolved sketch stage very soon (they're in the queue), so that will be my first major attempt to process backgrounds in my WIPs, and figure out what workflow/style I'm going to use for guidelines or 3d or whatever. After a couple of rounds I should have an idea what I'm doing I hope haha.

So I'm just about back on track, I drew for 10 hours in the last 2 days so I'm picking up speed for my next burst of work. A manga is in the pipeline, but I'm going to wait until I start processing backgrounds in my normal WIPs to figure out what's going on with that before I attempt backgrounds in my manga. So it'll be a while before anything happens with that unfortunately, but it's all progress, just about :P
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