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Author Topic: Elisa the Gargoyle Pokemon Pt. 01  (Read 3178 times)

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Elisa the Gargoyle Pokemon Pt. 01
« on: February 28, 2008, 01:41:48 PM »
‘What a night’ Elisa Maza thought to herself as she had just came to the door of her apartment. She had been really active tonight and knew that she must have broken her own personal record for most arrested in single night, as it seem like every criminal Manhattan just happened to be near by her tonight.

Then she found out that just as she was about to go out the door and was just about to clocked out, when she was stopped and told that she could not leave until she had finished all her paperwork. At first she just waved it off as she knew she had been neglecting it as of late but what was one more night going to hurt. However after actually seeing her desk, she found out where that type of thinking had gotten her. A desk full of paper all that need to be complete before she could leave and thanks to all the arrest she had made tonight had only double the amount of work she had to do. When she started it was about two in the morning but when she finished it was after six. Why it took her so long she did not care as she was just glad it was done finally done and learned to never let her paperwork get back up like that again. All she wanted to do now was go to her apartment and go to sleep. She was not even going to change out of her clothes but, just plop down on her bed and get some well deserved rest.

“So your finally home then. It sure did take you long enough to get here” Elisa heard as she had just finished close the door and had hung up her jacket on her coat racket. She heading in her living room to see red hair woman sitting on her couch dressed in Demona’s clothes and it looked like she was watching her TV. Though before she could question the red hair woman about what she was doing here, they shoot her  right in the chest with dart gun that injected something into her body.

“What did you do to me and who are you” the black hair detective demanded as she pulled out the dart out of her body. 

“Come on you can not tell who am I even if I am not in my true form should not my outfit give me away as for what I did that you should find out in a few moments” the red hair woman said.

“Demo…” Elisa started yet never finished as it at that very moment that her eyes gazed over, her arms fell lifelessly at her side, and she just stood there as the effect of the dart she had just been hit with began. Elisa then began to shrink until there was no longer a five foot five inch woman stand there but a three foot five girl wearing clothing that was now way too big for her small frame. 

However the changes did not stop there as her hands changed from five fingers to four claw. Her ears became very prominent and pointed as eyebrows disappears replaced by slight brow ridges. Her shoes were ripped to shears her feet turned into type of claws as her hands, but much larger with a toe on the high heel. Her shirt was in shears as well as when two gigantic bat-like wings pop out from her back as her skin turned to a tan color. From behind her a tail pop out destroying what was left of her pant after her wings appeared. After it was all said and done where a human girl in oversize clothing once stood was now a stone statue of naked gargoyle child since the sun was up.

Demona smirked as she then walked over to where the statue of gargoyle girl Elisa had become now stood. Her new added wings and tail just laid at her lifelessly behind her as she just stared straight ahead still under the influence what had been injected into her body by that dart.

“This is the second time I seen you as statue and unlike last time there is no Bronx here to save you” Demona said as looked down at the gargoyle girl. Just like before Elisa had no idea that her fate once again laid in the hands of Demona what with being statue and all.

“However you lucked out as I am not trying to kill you, though this certainly was not what I was expecting”  Demona said as she took her eyes away from her for a moment to make sure the door was locked in the way that no one can get in. Demona did not know who had the key to Elisa’s apartment and could risk them coming in to see her and statue of Elisa as gargoyle girl.

The dart that Elisa had been shot with was full with an elixir made to change human into gargoyle. However it seems that the elixir converted her human age into gargoyle one and this is the result in the gargoyle. Demona was glad that she had decide to use Elisa as her test subject because if she had used this on herself she might end up dead or worse consider that she had been alive for a thousand year thanks deal she and Macbeth had made. However since the Elisa was gargoyle again and it was just the begining of the day she would have to wait until sundown to start the second half of her plan, as she was sure that it would not work on statue that she is now.

Once again Demona looked at Elisa and smirked appear on her  face as she just because she could destory her did not mean that she could not mess around with her as she wanted for the sun to set. That being said Demona got two of chair from Elisa’s kitchen and place them near the couch. Then with a lot of sliding, tipping, and awkward turning to Demona had manged to move the stone girl over to the two chair where she tip her over  so she lying face down over the chairs become a makeshift table in which Demona used to place the food that she had eaten during the day and got a ton of stain on her wings as she also then as her napkins.

After sun set Elisa realized where she was and wonder how she had gotten here.

“Why was I and more important how did get like this” Elisa asked herself as she sat in one of the chairs. She then looked at herself, the stone shards that now laid around here, and everything came rushing back to her.

It was at this moment that Demona in her gargoyle form just happened to come out of Elisa’s bathroom silently cursing Puck for screwing up her wish.

 “Demona you...you” Elisa tried but words failed her at the moment as she could not say what she was feeling at the moment. Her eyes glowing crimson red as she stared at Demona with murderous intent on her face for what she had done to her. Elisa then ran at Demona with intent of making her pay for doing this to her. Though while she might have been able to take Demona when she was full grown gargoyle now however was a different story. Demona quickly over power the gargoyle child and pinned her down to the floor.

“Let me go am I going to kill you for doing this to me” Elisa yelled eyes still glowing red as she struggle to get out of Demona grip though it was no use. Demona then placed a hand over Elisa’s face and causing everything to go blank for her. The struggling stop and her eyes stop glowing as she just laid there staring up at the ceiling of her apartment.

Pleased with the result thus far Demona then started to work on the third and last part of her plan. Part one was to test her gargoyle elixir to see if it work. While there were some unseen side effects that need to be sorted out before she used it on herself it otherwise seem to work like a charm. The second part of the plan was test her new memory eraser spell which also seem to be working yet she would have perform another test later on. The third and last plan was to get rid of Elisa for good. Trying to kill or wish her away always seem to backfire so Demona decide instead she would just use a spell that would random send her to another dimension plus since her memories are being erased, she would even try to get back here as would have no memory of this world.

Elisa then started to glow white until her entire form was engulfed by white light and she disappeared leaving nothing behind. Demona moved the chair back where they were before and then left the abandoned apartment laughing sure this time that she had rid herself of that troublesome human turned gargoyle.

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Re: Elisa the Gargoyle Pokemon Pt. 01
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2008, 01:43:21 PM »
thanks for posting your work here!
I'm a fanfic addict so don't worry, post all you have miam miam miam!

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Re: Elisa the Gargoyle Pokemon Pt. 01
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2008, 07:14:04 PM »
This story pwns. However (no offense) there are some grammar problems. E-mail that story to me (notanartistboyPLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL ADDRESSES.com) and i'll send it back to you, edited. -WILL NOT- change the story or wording at all. Just edit it grammatically. Post a reply TX

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