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Author Topic: One with the Earth Pt. 02  (Read 2260 times)

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One with the Earth Pt. 02
« on: February 28, 2008, 01:50:16 PM »
From the direction where the projectile that struck Toph came  a man with smile on their face as to see their handy work. This man was about two heads taller then Toph was with brown eyes and hair

“I heard that she was able to sense things around but it good thing she was too distract by her transformation to notice me and managed to hit my target on the first try otherwise I probably would have a gotten another shot like this” the man said.

‘Though it was by chance I am sure to get into the boss’s good graces by come back with an earth elemental’ the man thought as they got closer to the statue of Toph.

“However I can not say that I am that shocked that of all the earthbenders in the world the best one ends up become an elemental” they said to themselves out loud as Toph was currently able to do anything at the moment.

“With her that two of the four elemental under the boss’s control and then the task will only being able to find the other two elemental” the man said there was smirk on his face.

A hour later….

“Okay we have to be careful with her as if you anything happens to her we all have to answer to the boss” the brown hair man said as he and his partner to load Toph a into box that was then chain down in the carriage his partner brought so it did not move while the two of them were traveling and nothing could accidentally hit Toph in the base of her spine thus reanimate as her as  her Earth Charka was reopened.

After everything was set the man then pull on the chain to make sure that they were  secure and nothing would cause the box to rock during the trip to where the boss told him to go if he were to find an elemental. With everything secure the man and his partner then set out on the trip with Toph load in the carriage behind them.

Whoever these two people were and for what reason they knew about elemental it look like Toph was in trouble either way. Though as the three began were traveling and had gone about ten miles, they did not know that they were being watched by someone from a far who had a smirk on their face as they thought the contains of the box must be worth a lot of money from the way it chained down like that not knowing the what was truly contain within.

“So what do you think the boss is going to give you for find this elemental” the man’s partner  asked.

“Not sure exactly as the boss just orders us to find an elemental so I guess we will learned that when we get back” he responded.

“Though not only did we find an Earth Elemental but it just so happened to be Toph Bei Fong the strongest earth bender in the world, the avatar’s earth bending teacher, and only daughter to the Bei Fong family which one of the richest in the Earth Kingdom. The reward we get might be bigger because of this” he parnter said.

At this the two of them began thinking of what they would get from their boss as they offer whoever managed to find an elemental would get reward. Not only had they found an elemental but was someone from a rich family mean they probably send  huge ransom demand to the Bei Fong Family for her return. Though the second probably was not going to happen as their boss did not seem interested in money.

“Also time for me to make my move” the person that had been following them said with a smirk on their face as they put away their telescope and began set up their trap for stealing the box they did not know held Toph instead of treasures.

“Well after we cross this bridge we will almost be to the halfway close to being able to collect that reward”  the brown hair man said.

“Yeah though at least we have something to come back with this time otherwise we would be in big trouble with the boss” his partner said.

“That true as we already failed once in getting an elemental but I wonder what the boss wants with these elemental and how did they even know it possible for them to exist” the brown eye man asked as he was voice his thought a loud.

“Who know really as all I know is that we better not fail in bring this one in as  because of the one we let get away those other two bastard managed to get all the glory in capturing them” his partner sighed.

It was about when they were halfway across the bridge when a sudden unseen force pushed both of them off  the carriage and across the remain of the bridge.

“What the hell just happen” they both yelled after they managed to recover from the sudden attack.

“You two seem to have something rather interesting in this carriage here to have it chained down like this. In fact it since I think it so interesting I am going to take it for myself” a voice said coming from somewhere but the two men could not see where they were exactly.

“Where are you if you think you going to steal from us you got another thing…” the brown hair man never finished that sentence as he seemly ran into a invisible wall that prevent him from getting back on the bridge.

“Did you hear me I…” though this time it was the voice that stopped in mid sentence as there was a cracking noise that was started underneath the carriage and soon after the that area of the bridge broke causing the carriage to fall into the river below.

As the carriage fell from the bridge into the two man on edge of the bridge managed to see that from their vantage point a kid probably around Toph’s age with light black hair somehow slow the descend enough that the carriage did not crash into the river but land soft in the water to float down the river and out of view.

“I can not bleive this is happening again” the brown hair man growled as he and his partner tried to keep up with the carriage but stopped after it went over a waterfall.

“Well not exactly as if we hurry we might be able to be to the bottom of that waterfall and recover Toph before anyone find her first as their no way that kid on the carriage could have surrived that fall” his parnter said.

“Idiot I bet that kid that appeared as the carriage fell was the same one that robbed us and they seem to be a bender at that but of what as the first thing they used made them look like an airbender however being invisible and that wall that prevent us from getting back on the bridge is something air bender at any level should be able to do” the brown hair man explained after socking his partner in the head.

“Well even if they did managed to surrive how far can they get on foot with what they think is treasure” he said returning the favor by punch him in the head.

The two of them then got into a fight which cause them to roll down the hill which they did not realize they were next too.

Down at the base of the river that flowed after the waterfall the light black hair kid with dark blue eye was cough water from their lungs.

“Stupid bridge who the hell made such a weak bridge that they can not even withstand a carriage when it not moving for long period of time” they yelled as they then sat against the box they had somehow managed to keep from sinking and brought with them to the base of the river.

“Those guys I stole this might be coming for this soon as they seem pretty pissed I stole it from them” the kid sighed as they looked up at the sky then down toward where he had just come from.

“They should be able to get here no time soon so I should be able to take a quick nap” he yawned as he shut his eyes and took a nap.

Though as the slept he was found not by two people however it was not the same two that he stole the from. This was a father and son pair that were wearing earth kingdom clothes and both having facial hair the amount differ from the father to the son. The two of them were also seem to be earthbender as after picked the kid placing in the back of their carriage. They earth bended the box Toph was still in onto their carriage and rode off.