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Author Topic: Coryn's Saga Arc 1  (Read 21028 times)

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2009, 09:20:56 PM »

   Coryn helped Sam up. She clutched at her stomach but the pain was already

starting to ease. “Coryn.”


“Does it always hurt like that?”

“It gets better. Eventually it’s quite exhilarating. Can be scary the first time or two, but

then it gets fun.” Sam stumbled a little bit but quickly found her footing. Coryn made a

waving motion with his hand indicating the other girls try to. “Your turn!” The other

three girls all tried it. Eva and Camarin all performed similarly to Sam but when Katsumi

tried she slammed into Sam when she came out the other side. Coryn looked at them

while stroking his chin. “Not bad. Now that you’ve had a taste lets continue the game.

Coryn disappeared and reappeared three building over on a much higher building. “Over


   The girls used kuupu to get to him and obtained a landings only slightly lighter

than the first. Coryn wasn’t disappointed though. “Well that’s to be expected for now.”

Coryn jumped to another roof and then yet another. With more and more jumps the girls

found themselves able to land on their feet with only moderate  difficulty. Coryn jumped

back to the roof top they had spent the night on. All four girls collapsed out of breath.

Eva spoke up. “I thought you said this gets easy?” “It does. But I’ve been doing it for

thousands of years. So I’m not one to talk.” Suddenly a beeping sound started coming

from Coryn’s head. Coryn reached up and tap the center of his ear. The orange earpiece

appeared and Moon’s voice radiated out. “Coryn. You there?”

 “Yes Moon what is it?”

“Two demons just made it inside of the dome.”

“WHAT?!” Sam got back up. “Coryn I thought you said the demons couldn’t get inside

this thing!” Coryn grabbed the end of the microphone and pulled it closer to his mouth.

“How did they get in?!” Coryn never heard Moon’s answer. In that moment the building

they were standing on began to collapse. “Damn!” Coryn turned to the girls. “We’re

getting off this crazy thing!” Coryn jumped off the building and the girls followed. They

landed back on the street. They were enveloped by a huge cloud of dust. Coryn pulled his

swords and the girls summoned their weapons. Coryn spoke to the girls through the dust.

“Back up we can’t fight in this stuff. The moved out of the cloud following the sound of

Coryn’s footsteps. Once clear they formed a circle. They all looked out towards their

surroundings. Suddenly the ground began to rumble. As the rumbling grew louder the

ground began to shake violently. Eva looked terrified. “Is it an earthquake?!” Coryn

looked back at her. “I wish. JUMP!” Coryn jumped away from where he was standing

and the girls followed his lead. The ground erupted where they were standing a moment

before. When the dust cleared the girls and Coryn could see a large squat demon standing

in the crater made of pavement that had fallen into the whole it had made. The demon had

short legs, a plump body, and large muscular arms. It had dark grey skin and a human

face except for the glowing red eyes. Its long mane of hair was formed out of dark

crystals and it had large crystal claws instead of fingers. All together it stood over 20 feet


   Katsumi who was standing on the other side of the demon yelled over too Coryn.

“I thought you said there were two demons?!”

“I did”


    Coryn, the girls, and even the squat demon looked up. Perched on top of a

building was another demon. It resembled the squat demon except that this demon had a

more human like build. This one was much skinnier and stood almost 30 feet. The demon

on the rooftop stood up strait then jumped down and landed next to the squat demon. The

tall demon spoke. “Have you introduced yourself yet brother.” The tall demon had a very

shrill voice that reminded Coryn of nails on a chalkboard. The squat demon looked up at

its’ brother. “No.” This one had a deep rumbling voice. Coryn and the girls jumped in

front of the brothers. Both the demons looked at them. The tall one spoke. “I am Ra,” He

pointed to the squat one. “..and he is Os.” Coryn sheathed his swords. “Do you mind if

we set some conditions for this fight?” The tall demon looked at him curiously. “What do

you mean?”

“I propose a tag team match.” The squat demon replied. “What does the human mean?”

Ra spoke. “He wants us to fight them one at a time. If one of us can’t fight anymore we

tag the other and they take our place.”

“Oh…” Ra looked at the group. “So which one of you five wants to die first?”

Coryn met his gaze. “Actually. You’re only going to fight two of us.” Coryn walked

backwards a few steps. “Sam, Eva, your turn.” The two girls walked forward to meet the

demons. Eva looked up at them. “Who goes first?” Os spoke. “Why can’t just kill both at

once?” Ra looked at the girls. “You see my brother is rather impatient. So how about it?

We’ll all fight at the same time.”


“EXCELENT!” Ra and Os both stabbed at the girls with their claws. The ground

exploded and dust was thrown into the air. The brothers both had a smile on their face.

But when the dust cleared their smiles disappeared. Sam had blocked Ra’s claws by

lining them up with the long handle of her spear. Eva had used her gloves to entangle

Os’s claws and stop them before they had reached her. In unison Sam pushed Ras’ hand

back up. She brought he spear back and swung. In doing so she cut off all of Ras’ fingers

on his right hand. Meanwhile Os had tried to pull his hand out of Eva’s’ strings. Before

he could get them out Eva jerked her arms back. This put pressure to his claws and the

crystal they were made of shattered. Ra and Os reeled back. Ra looked at his hand. “Not

bad, but we’re not done yet.” Ra lifted up his arm and ran his fingerless hand through his

crystal hair. When the girls saw his hand again he once again had claws. Os began to

chuckle. He stuck his hand out and crystals flew from his hair and recreated his claws.

“As long as we have hair we have weapon.” Coryn looked up at them. “Well isn’t that

just peachy. But you two must surely realize. If those two girls could break your claws so

easily once, what makes you think they won’t just keep doing it till you run out of

crystals?” Ra replied. “Excellent point human! But we wouldn’t be very good demons if

we didn’t already think of this possibility. However…” Ra and Os began to raise their

energy levels and red energy swirled around them. “We already prepared for this

possibility.” Coryn clapped his hands. “Impressive, impressive! Demons that have

control over their power levels! Oh Mikaboshi must be overjoyed to have such advanced

demons under his command! Oh perhaps we should just turn back now in the face of such


Os was obviously displeased. “QUIT MOCKING US!” He charged at Coryn and jabbed

at him with his claws. Coryn stuck out his hand and grabbed Os’s hand before it reached

his head. Coryn’s eyes narrowed. “You seem to have forgotten who you’re fighting

demon.” Os suddenly realized that Sam was behind him and about to bring her spear

down on his exposed back.

   But before she could Sam was knocked out of the way by Ra’s fist and was sent

flying towards the side of a building. Before she reached it however Eva grabbed her with

her strings and lowered her back to the ground. Sam took up her stance next to Eva. Os

turned back towards Sam and Eva. “Why don’t you just hold still and die.” Sam leveled

her spear at them. “Sorry but we can’t afford to do that right now.” Ra replied. “Then

we’ll just have to try harder.” Ra jumped high into the air and started coming down right

on top of Sam. She jumped to the right and avoided him but he once again jumped after

her. Sam jumped up and back moving away from Os and Eva. Ra missed her again but

then rushed her and grabbed Sam with his left hand. He put his other hand around her too

and began to crush her.

   While this was happening Eva had begun to fight Os. She and Os had gotten into

a battle of strength. Using her strings as extensions of her arms Eva was gripping Os’s

hands as he gripped her strings and they both pushed against each other. Neither was able

to overpower the other. Seeing this, Os grabbed Eva’s string and yanked on them. With

her own strength turned against her Eva flew into the side of the building behind Os.

Within the building Eva tried to retract her strings but Os grabbed a hold of them before

she could and pulled her back out of the building. Releasing the strings as she flew

towards him, Os stabbed at Eva. At the same time however Eva shot her strings straight

at Os. Os slashed Eva’s left arm while Eva’s strings skim along Os’s face. Leaving him

with five gashes. Eva lands on the ground and Os reaches up and feels the wounds on his

cheek. He then looks at his fingers which are covered in blood. “YOU LITTLE

WHORE!” Os charged at Eva with both arms. She shot her strings at him and they were

once again in a strength battle. Os began to raise his energy level however and Eva

started to be forced back.

   Back at the fight between Sam and Ra, Ra was still attempting to crush Sam. Sam

began to push his hands away. Ra shouted at her. “DON’T THINK YOU CAN GET

AWAY SO EASILY!” He stabbed at her with his right hand but Sam let out a burst of

energy at the last second. The shockwave shattered the crystals on his left hand and

forced it away from her.. Sam began to fall but Ra swung at her with his right arm. Sam

ended up with three gashes across her body. However she managed to grab onto his right

hand by grabbing her spear close to the blade and stabbing it into the back of his hand.

Without having had time to generate more claws for his left hand Ra had no means to

remove her. He resorted to flinging his arm about madly in an attempt to get her off. Ra

eventually managed to fling both her and he spear off. However, when he flung her off he

sent her straight up. Sam was able to regain her composure as she reached her maximum

height. As she began to fall again she noticed her positioning above Ra. She drew her

spear behind her head and prepared to bring it down directly onto Ra’s head. By the time

Ra noticed this however it was too late to dodge. He folded his arms over his head in an

attempt to stop the blow. Above him Sam began to release large amounts of energy,

increasing her speed. This along with the velocity from the long drop made Sam’s attack

50 fold compared to one of her normal swings. The blades of her spear cut through both

of Ra’s arms and into his head. The force of her spear hitting Ra’s head caused the basses

of the crystals on his head to shatter.

   The remaining crystals fell to the ground and shattered. While the spear was

unable to slice through Ra’s skull it hit it and slid along it making a bone deep cut across

his face that ran over and destroyed his left eye. Sam landed on the ground and had to use

her spear to stand up as she cringed from the cuts across her body. Ra remained standing,

unable to say anything. He stared at her for another moment in the utmost disgust before

he fell to his knees and ultimately onto his front with his head on its side. Sam limped

over to him and stared into his remaining eye as he stared back. She then lifted he spear

up and stabbed it straight down into his skull. Ra disappeared in a blast of black smoke.

   Meanwhile Eva was still fighting against Os. Os continued to release more energy

and was pushing Eva back. Her feet made ruts in the asphalt as she slid back and into the

side of a building. Coryn suddenly yelled out to her. “What do you think you’re doing

Eva! I know you have more energy than that! Use it damn it!” Eva looked at Coryn then

back to Os. She looked down at her feet. “Damn. I hate having to go all out on the small

fry. I was hoping I could conserve my energy until we fought Mikaboshi but…” Eva

began to raise her power level as green energy swirled around her. “I guess I’ll just have

to use it now.” The amount of energy around Eva double and she began to push Os

backwards. “DAMN YOU HUMAN!” Os also raised his energy level once again. The

two became locked in a stalemate in the middle of the road. Suddenly Eva retracted her

strings all the way back into her gloves. Os started falling forward. Eva then shot her

arms forwards and her string erupted from her gloves and shot straight at Os. He barely

had enough time to see them coming. All ten of her strings entered Os’s body across his

chest. Os stopped falling in mid air. Suddenly Eva’s string shot out of Os all over his

body. Eva had essentially turned Os into Swiss cheese. Eva retracted the strings and Os

once again began to fall. Right before he hit the ground Os exploded into black smoke,

and was no more.

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #16 on: December 03, 2009, 09:23:22 PM »

   Sam and Eva regrouped with Coryn and the other two girls. Coryn had them lay

down and he started to heal their wounds. “Well that should leave us with two demons

left. And you two didn’t die so that always a plus.” Sam looked at him. “Those two

weren’t as strong as I thought they would be.”

“Well you’ve trained since you’ve got here. Whether you know it or not the kuupu

training helped you refine your control over Enix. While your increase in energy was

miniscule at best your ability to control it made all the difference in the world.” Katsumi

kicked Coryn in the back of the head. “If you knew this then why didn’t you have us train

before my fight so I wouldn’t have had to go through hell like I did?” Coryn rubbed his

head. “Well truth be told I didn’t know it would work so well. It’s all a matter of potential

really. And I can’t know your potential unless I see you in action.” Coryn finished

healing the girls. “We have more pressing issues however.” Coryn tapped his ear and the

earpiece reappeared. “How did those bastards get in Moon?”

“According to the data I received it seems that they went under it.”

 “Under it? That’s new. These demons are much more creative than the ones I’ve fought

in the past.”

“Don’t ask me mate. All I know about Mikaboshi’s demons is what you’ve told me.”

 “I know I know. Speaking of demons, where’s the next one?”

“Two clicks north east. Hasn’t moved since you got here. Might be rooted to the ground

or something.”

 “Yeah, something. Keep me posted and tell me if it moves.”

“Right O.”

   Coryn tapped the head set again and it disappeared. Sam and Eva were already

back on their feet. Coryn looked at the girls. “Well you heard the man. Time to move.”

Coryn drew one of his swords and threw it into the air. It leveled out horizontally and

began to spin rapidly. The dome flashed quickly then disappeared. The sword fell back

down. Coryn caught it and re-sheathed it. He then started to head down the street towards

the location of the demon and the girls followed.

   An hour and a half or so later Coryn and the girls reached a large clearing. It was

as if all of the buildings in a half mile radius had been cleared away leaving only scarce

amounts of rubble behind. In the center of the circular clearing however stood one

remaining building, perfectly intact. Coryn looked at the building. “That’s different.”

Camarin walked up next to him. “What do you think it is?”

 “Considering this is where Moon said the demon was I assume it some sort of illusion

meant to draw us in to a trap.”

   At those words the building crumbled. As the pieces of the building fell away

armor began appearing from behind it. Soon it was clear that the demon they would be

fighting was as tall as the sky scraper it was hiding in and wore armor exactly like the

dark spirit from the day before. This demons armor however was not entirely made out of

the crystal. Instead it appeared to be only part crystal with the rest being made out of

some dark grey metal. The demon held its sword in its left hand and it appeared to be a

katana except that it’s proportions were out of sync with the size of the demon. Being

much larger it was more like a long butcher knife. All of the girls summoned their

weapons and Coryn gripped the hilts of his swords. Katsumi edged up to Coryn without

taking her sword off of the demon. “Is that another dark spirit?”

 “No. That is what is classified as a Grand Demon. Under that armor is a demon that is

truly gigantic in size, and has a power level to match.” Coryn turned to the girls. “You

four are going to work together to take this bastard down. I’ll step in if I have to.” The

dust from the building falling hit Coryn and the girls. It was at this that the girls dashed

towards the demon leaving Coryn behind.

   As the girls rushed towards the demon they formulated their plan. Sam yelled out

to Katsumi. “With all this armor how are we going to wound it?”

“If we can get its face mask off we’ll have a clear shot at its eyes. If he can see he won’t

be able to hit us and we can take our time to take him out. Eva, try and stop that sword

arm, and bring it to the ground. Sam and I will climb onto it and get up to his face and cut

the mask loose. Camarin, see if you can do anything to his armor for now and be ready to

take out his eyes when his mask is off.” All four girls nodded in agreement and shot into

   The demon raised its sword and sung it at the girls. They scattered and Eva

grabbed the sword with her strings. When the demon tried to bring the sword up again it

was hindered by Eva. Like planned Sam and Katsumi jumped onto the demon’s arm and

started climbing toward its head. The demon swung its arm in an attempt to get them off.

Sam and Katsumi managed to hang on but Eva was sent flying. Her leg broke against an

exposed bit of reinforced concrete when hitting the ground. Putting her out of the fight.

As Sam and Katsumi climbed up, Camarin was busy trying to pierce the demons armor.

This was however to little effect. Her arrows would either slightly crack the crystal or

stick into the metal. The demon however was more preoccupied with Sam and Katsumi.

When they reached the demons head they were having a time of it just trying to hold on.

Sam managed to jump to the other side of the demons head. Together Katsumi and Sam

cut the straps that held the mask on. The demon shook violently sending the falling mask

into Sam knocking her to the ground. As Sam fell the demon brought back its leg and

kicked her and the mask off to the distance. Putting Sam out of the fight as well. Katsumi

now got a good look at the demons face. It was similar to that of Ra and Os except that it

had huge fangs that fit together. The demon lacked flesh around its mouth so that the skin

on its face connected directly to its gums, which were in full view. An arrow shot from

the ground and drilled the demon directly between its glowing red eyes. The demon

leaned back and its right foot slid backwards. When it straightened back out it saw

Camarin had jumped up in front of its face and was about to fire another arrow into one

of its eyes. But before she could the demon took its sword and swung it Camarin.

Camarin was hit by the flat side of the sword and was sent flying. Leaving Katsumi the

only one with the ability to fight.

    The demon’s eyes swiveled towards Katsumi who was hanging on to the

demon’s helmet. The demon grabbed her with its right hand. It drew her up over its head

and threw Katsumi towards the ground. Katsumi hit the ground and started bouncing

along till she finally ground to a stop. Her sword was nowhere to be seen and she was left

on her back staring up at the demon with no way to defend herself. The demon lumbered

towards her, shaking the ground with every step. The sky had turned orange from the

setting sun during the fight and the demon was standing right in front of it. The demon

cast its shadow over her, and all Katsumi could see of the demon was its silhouette

highlighted by the sun. Katsumi tried to stand up but only managed to get into a sitting

position with her legs folded out and back. The demon raised its sword over its head and

brought it down onto Katsumi.

   Katsumi opened her eyes. All she could see was the same black shape of the

demon. She could see that the sword was over her head but she didn’t know why it had

stopped. Then the sun moved out from behind the demon and illuminated the scene.

Coryn was standing a few feet in front of Katsumi blocking the sword. He was only using

one sword that he held in his right hand. His left hand was in the pocket of his coat.

Coryn looked back over his shoulder at Katsumi. “You know, I won’t always be around

to save you like this.” Katsumi blushed as she looked at him. Then looked down towards

her lap. “Damn you Coryn.” A few tears fell out of her eyes. Coryn smiled at her then

looked back at the demon. “That’s ok.” Coryn started raising his energy level as white

energy began to swirl and pulsate around him. He pushed up and to the right on the

demon’s sword, sending sparks flying. The demon’s sword fell to the ground making it

shake. Coryn slowly drew his second sword and took a moment to look at the demon. He

jumped directly at the demon and the demon prepared to swing at Coryn. The battle is

reflecting in Katsumi’s eye as she watches Coryn fight and thinks to herself. “Coryn


   The demon raised its sword above its head and swung it at Coryn’s left side.

Coryn does a hop over the sword as it passes and grabs a hold of the back of it. Being

taken up into the air above the demon. “What is he?” The demon swings the sword to get

Coryn off. Instead Coryn lets go and drops down onto the demon’s helmet. “What is he

doing here?”
Coryn swings down from the helmet and stands in front of the demons face.

He swings both of his swords inwards, cutting up the demons teeth, and his arms wrap

around him. “Why is he so strong?”  Coryn jumps away from the demons face and

downwards. When he is in front of the demon’s chest and does a midair roundhouse kick

into the demon’s chest plate. The demon begins to fall backwards. “Why does everyone

trust him?
” The demon continues falling. “Why don’t I?” Coryn jumps off of thin air and

over the demon who is about to hit the ground. “What is he?!” The demon hits the

ground as Coryn combines both of his swords into one. He is suddenly surrounded by a

huge amount of white energy and he rockets to the ground. It seems that as soon as he

touches the demon it explodes in a huge burst of black smoke. A second later the

shockwave hits and all of the smoke dissipates in an instant. Coryn is standing in the

middle of a shallow crater with a large radius. One side of Kanshou Amatsu is sticking

into the ground up to its hilt with the other end sticking straight up into the air. Coryn

stared at his sword for another moment as if it were a tombstone. He reached out and

touched the side of the exposed blade. The sword exploded into bits of energy which

quickly disappeared.

   Coryn walked out of the crater and over to Katsumi. He extended his hand

towards her and smiled. “Come on Katsumi. We’ve got to go get the rest of the girls.”

Katsumi just stared at him for another moment before taking his hand. Coryn helped her

up then looked at her blank expression. “Something wrong?”

“No…Nothing.” Coryn looked at her perplexed. “Well, Ok then!” Coryn put Katsumi’s

arm over his shoulder and they started hobbling towards the distance to get one of the

girls. Katsumi looked over at Coryn’s face. “Coryn.”


“Where do we go from here?”

 “There’s one

demon left. And we’re going to go to kill it.”

“And after that?” Coryn looked at her. “You sure there isn’t something wrong?”


 “Well I would imagine we’ll keep killing demons. We’ll fight them until we get to

Mikaboshi himself. And at that point, you and the others will seal him away. And then,

I’ll leave.” Coryn looked forward again and Katsumi looked down to her feet. As they

both continued walking Katsumi couldn’t help but think. “Who is he?

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #17 on: December 03, 2009, 09:25:11 PM »

   Night has fallen. Sam, Katsumi, Eva, and Camarin are all laying unconscious next

to each other on a high rooftop. Coryn is laying on his back along the ledge with one leg

hanging off the side of the building. He is looking up at the moon and stars while talking

to Moon who is sitting on the edge next to Coryn in his holographic form with his legs

hanging off the side. Coryn looked rather peaceful. “So Mikaboshi is in Tokyo?”

“It’s the area where I’m getting the highest readings.”

 “I was in Tokyo when this whole thing started to go down. I guess this dark cloud can’t

inter-dimensional travel.”

“Seems so.”

   Coryn reached into his shirt and pulled out the necklace that he wore around his

neck. It was a silver chain with a silver pendant attached. The pendant was roughly an

inch and a half long and a half inch wide. There is a small hole punched in the top of the

pendant with a metal loop to connect it to the chain. The rectangles edges are also

rounded off. It is completely blank on both sides. Coryn stared at it for a moment before

putting it back into his shirt. “You know I never thought I would have to see that bastard

again. It seems however that fate isn’t on my side.”

“Don’t worry about it mate. These girls are something else.”

“I noticed.” Coryn turned his head to the side to see the girls. “They’re

already strong but they haven’t figured their potentials out yet. It’s kind of scary. They’re

amazing in more ways than one.”

“Speaking of which!” Coryn tilted his head towards Moon. “What?” Moon’s image held

out what appeared to be little holographic photographs. “Apparently my dear Coryn.

They have cameras hidden just everywhere in that castle.” A stream of blood began to

come out of Coryn’s right nostril. “Let me see those!” Coryn made a grab for the photos

but Moon took a step backwards. Coryn was thrown off balance and started falling off the

side of the building. He flailed his arms and legs around in the air trying to fly before

starting to fall but he managed to catch himself at the last minute and scurry back onto

the rooftop. He sat on the other side of the raised ledge. “You better not tell anyone about

those photos. But more importantly….” Coryn wiped away some of the blood with his

fingers. “Why is my nose bleeding?” Moon looked over at him.

“Um..Coryn? You were saying something?”

“Oh yeah.” Coryn pulled a white cloth out of his inside pocket and wiped away the rest of

the blood. “More importantly you should probably be ready send a beacon to the others.

These clouds may interfere with the signal so I’ll want you to boost the strength if I need

to send it out.”

 “Can do. But, do you really think you’ll need to?”

“Never know. Mikaboshi is still a god. There’s no getting around that fact.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Coryn looked back up at the moon.

“What does Fuji think about all of this?”

“He worries about you.”

“Fuji, worry about me? That doesn’t seem like him.”

 “He just thinking about the past I suspect.”

“That was 10,000 plus years ago, I’m over it.”

 “He knows. But that doesn’t mean anything.”

“Yeah I know.” Coryn Stood up and turned around to look at the skyline. “It all goes

down tomorrow.”

   Behind Coryn, Sam started to wake up. Coryn turned around and hustled over to

her and crotched down. “Easy easy easy.” Sam sat up with Coryn’s help. “What


 “You broke both legs, one arm and, your left clavicle. After that you lost consciousness.

That’s what happened.”

 “What about the demon? Did we win?” Coryn just stared at Sam for a minute, Sam then

came to a sudden realization. “Stupid question.”

“Just a little bit.” Sam inspected her body. “What all did I break again?”

“Let’s just go with a lot. But I managed to fix you all up pretty good. You and Camarin got the worst of it though.”

“What happened after I was knocked out?”

 “Camarin and Katsumi were both knocked out of the fight too. I stepped in.”

“I guess we didn’t improve that much did we?”

“Ah, I wouldn’t say that. That demon was on a scale that isn’t seen often. I didn’t

expect you guys to win.”

“Then wh…?” Coryn cut her off by putting his finger on her

lips. “One must know they are not strong before they can grow stronger. By showing you

the limits of your strength against an enemy you realized that you have to become


“I don’t get it.”

 “Don’t worry about it then. You’ll figure it out someday. Come on.” Coryn stood up and

gave Sam a hand up. “We haven’t eaten since last night. Food will be a priority for

tomorrow. Can’t fight on an empty stomach.” Sam pointed at the unconscious girls. “Are
we just going to leave them here?”

“Of course. There’s nobody around and the last demon can’t leave the city center.

There’s nothing to worry about. And if something does start to happen Moon will contact

us.” Coryn scooped up Sam into his arms and jumped off the side of the building. He

landed on the roof of a smaller building and continued to jump to lower levels until he

reached the street level next to a market. Coryn put Sam down and they entered the

building. The building’s inside was pitch black. Coryn extended his hand and formed a

ball of bright white energy. Holding out his hand the area around them was illuminated

fairly well. Coryn looked to his left and noticed a rack of water bottles.

   “Sam, grab a couple of those shopping baskets and fill them with as many bottles

of water as you can. I’ll try and find some food.”


    Coryn disappeared and reappeared towards the back of the store. Looking around

he spotted some shelves covered in cup noodles. “Score!” Coryn walked over to the shelf

and looked around at the cups. “Man I could eat like 50 of these right now!” He bent over

and picked one off the shelf and read the label. Coryn swiveled his eyes up to the noodles

on the shelf. “Transportation seems problematic.” Coryn put his hand against the shelf

and all of the cups exploded into beads of light. “I loved that.” Coryn started to walk

down the row tossing and catching the cup noodle he already had in his hand but then

disappeared leaving the cup noodle to fall to the ground. He reappeared at the front of the

store where Sam was. She had just finished filling three baskets with bottled water.

“Found some cup noodles to eat.” Sam leaned over to look behind Coryn. “Where is it?”

“Pocket dimension.” Coryn eyed the baskets. “Looks like enough water. Let’s get back.”

Sam turned around to face the exit. But when she did she saw the shadows of humans

against the wall. She screamed and fell to the ground. “CORYN! WHAT THE HELL IS

THIS?!” Coryn walked up next to her calmly. “Ghost and shadows. Just ghost and


“What do you mean?!”

“People used to live here Sam. And they were all taken and consumed by Mikaboshi for

energy. They’re not technically dead, not technically alive. But their souls are stuck here.

So they just go on doing what they always did.” Coryn dissipated the ball of energy and

the shadows vanished. “They’re who we’re fighting for. Now lets get going before the

girls wake up.” Coryn helped Sam to her feet and out of the store.

   When they got back to the rooftops the sky had begun to brighten but the sun had

not yet dawned. The other girls began to stir as soon as Coryn and Sam had touched

down. Eva sat up and looked at them. “Where are you two getting back from?” She said

it in a very implicating voice. Sam blushed. “Don’t start having any ideas!” She noticed

Coryn was snickering. Sam slapped him in the face sending him to the ground. “DON’T

YOU GIVE HER ANY IDEAS EITHER!” At this point Coryn was just rolling. However

all other noises stopped when a long gurgling noise erupted from everyone’s stomach.

Camarin spoke up. “Please tell me there’s food in those baskets.” Coryn responded.

“Well no. All that’s in the baskets is water.”

“So you didn’t bring food?”

“Wouldn’t say that.”

“Then where is it?” Coryn stretched his arm out and snapped his fingers. And it

started raining cup noodles. Katsumi watched the scene. “I’m not sure if I should laugh or

cry at the moment.” Coryn smiled. “Both if you want.” Sam started setting out the water

and sorting the cup noodles. “But Coryn all of this water is room temperature. How are

we going to boil the noodles?”

 “Leave it to me.” Coryn picked up a cup noodle and

ripped off the lid. He then took a bottle of water and held it in his hand. A second later

the cap shot clean off and steam poured out of the open hole. Coryn poured the water into

the cup noodle and set the lid back on to keep the heat in. Eva just stared at him. “How

did you?”

“I excited the water molecules. Old ability of mine. Actually taught it to somebody at one

point. Lovely girl by the name of Lass. But that’s all ancient history. Well who’s next?”

Coryn preceded to cook noodles for everyone. About half an hour later and everyone had

eaten their fill and the sun was peaking over the horizon. Coryn stood up and walked over

to the buildings edge. “We take down the last demon today girls. Let’s be ready.” The

rest of the girls walked over to the edge and stood next to Coryn. The sun cleared the

buildings and the entire party was bathed in light. Coryn’s face spread out in a grin.

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #18 on: December 03, 2009, 09:25:46 PM »

   The sun is raising in the morning sky. Coryn and the girls are hopping along

rooftops towards their destination. “According to Moon’s sensors the city center has been

destroyed and reduced to something indistinguishable from sand. In the center of the sand

pit is a mass of dark crystals. Which is the energy source of the cloud.” The city center

appeared in front of the group as they cleared a building. The area destroyed was

massive. Like Coryn had said there appeared to be a mass of crystals in the dead center of

the sand. The group landed on the sand and stopped. Katsumi walked up next to Coryn.

“Where’s the demon? Is it hiding like the last one?”

 “Seems so.” They started to walk towards the crystal mass. After a few minutes of

walking they were about 50 feet away from the crystals. Coryn took off his coat and

threw it at Sam who caught it. “Coryn. What are you doing?”

 “I’m going to destroy those crystals, and see what happens.” Coryn walked up to the

crystals and formed one of his swords. “Well let’s do this thing.” Coryn drew the sword

over his head and brought it down onto the crystals. Before it made contact though a

section of the crystals suddenly reshaped into a hand that stuck out and caught the sword.

Coryn yanked his sword away and slid back. When he did the crystals began to change

form. The crystals seem to be moving around like a giant misshapen rubix cube. After a

moment the crystals had completely transformed into what looked like a giant snake with

the body of a man where the head would be. The crystals were the demon. It had glowing

red eyes, no nose and a mouth of jagged teeth. It had no hair and it’s arm ended with

scythe blades instead of hands. Being made of crystals it had no smooth curves but

instead had many flat surfaces all over its body like a crystal would. The demon spoke.

“So you are the one who has been killing off the demons of this city.” He hissed the

words more than spoke them. “Lord Mikaboshi, has made it quite clear you are not to

pass beyond me.” Coryn formed his other sword. . He held both swords backwards in his

hand. “Certainly sounds like me. So, are you going to fight back or just let me slaughter


“Very amusing. But I am afraid there is no room for failure on my part.” The demon

rushed Coryn, and swung its scythes at him. Coryn blocked each scythe with one of his

swords. The demon then pulled back its blades and rammed them back into Coryn’s

swords pushing his arms up into the air. With Coryn’s swords out of the way the demon

swung its whole body around and smacked Coryn in the chest with its tale. Coryn slid

back. He stuck his swords into the ground to stop himself. The tail had small blades of

crystal running along it so Coryn was left with several cuts across his chest. Coryn pulled

his swords out of the ground and looked at his chest. He put his fingers on the cuts and

looked at his own blood. “I’m not healing.” Coryn looked up at the demon. “To be strong

enough that the wounds you inflict don’t heal.” Coryn flipped around the sword in his left

hand and pointed it at the demon. “You are strong demon.” Coryn started to yell. Energy

began to flow around him. Suddenly the energy exploded away from Coryn’s body and

dissipated. Coryn put his finger at the head opening on the front of his shirt and ran his

finger down the shirt all the way to the bottom. A moment after he did the front of his

shirt separated. Almost as if he had undone a zipper. You could see that the cuts on

Coryn’s chest had healed. “However demon. Your power is nothing I can’t handle.” The

demon’s eyes widened. “What?! What happened to your wounds?!”

“My body heals automatically from wounds inflicted by opponents with a lower energy

level than me. So by raising my energy level, the wounds you inflicted were able to heal.

So then.” Coryn extended one leg back lowering himself towards the ground. “Let us end

this demon!” Coryn shot forward. He moved his feet like and ice skater. Moving them

back and forth across the ground. However he never took his feet off of the ground. He

was gliding seamlessly across the top of the sand. Coryn reached the demon and swung

with both swords. The demon blocked and Coryn spun away from him. As Coryn

continued to glide along the demon took chase. Slithering like a snake the demon caught

up to Coryn and moved along next to him. “Do you think you can win this battle with

your fancy tricks human?!” Coryn smiled. “Nope.” Coryn swung both swords towards

the demon. It blocked and both Coryn and the demon continued to fly along the sand with

their blades locked together. “I plan to do it with these two swords!”

“Your methods do not matter human. You will still lose.” At the demon stopped blocking

Coryn’s swords and shot strait down into the sand. The demon disappeared completely.

Coryn slid to a halt and turned around towards the spot where the demon went under.

“This could be bad.” The demon suddenly shot out of the ground directly behind Coryn.

“IT’S OVER!” The demon wrapped his arms around Coryn in an attempt to cut him in

half. Coryn was barely able to block both blades with his swords. However he was still in

the demon’s grip with his swords pushing against his body. The demon spoke to Coryn.

“Do you realize who I am human?!Think back to when you first entered this city!” Coryn

turned his head towards the demon. “The centaur?!”

“Exactly! Mikaboshi has given me a new body and a second chance to defeat you! And

this time I will not fail!”



“I’m sorry demon. But I just can’t let that happen.” Coryn started yelling releasing a huge

amount of energy. He began to force apart the demon’s arms. With another burst of

energy the demon’s arms shot away. Coryn spun around and delivered a kick to the

demon’s chest. The demon flew back and landed on the ground. It regained its composure

and looked at Coryn.

   Coryn took his two swords and combined them into one. He twirled it around his

body and took up a fighting stance. The demon continued to stare at Coryn. “What are

you human?” Coryn smiled. “Me? I’m nobody.”

 “Your insolence is intolerable human.”

   The demon charged Coryn at full speed. It let on an onslaught of attacks with its

blades. Coryn continued sliding backwards along the sand, being able to block most of

the blows but receiving a number of shallow cuts. Also returning attacks Coryn chipped

of small bits of crystal from the demon’s body. Once again their blades locked and the

slid along the sand. This time Coryn pushed hard against the demons blades, sending

himself sliding backwards much faster than the demon could move. Coryn slid to a stop

and so did the demon. “It’s time to end this demon. Neither of us is getting ahead of the


   Coryn separated his swords and started charging up his energy. The demon did

the same. “For once you are right human.” Coryn’s energy peaked. His eyes had gone

white and his hair was flying upwards along with the currents of energy. Coryn shot like

a lightning bolt towards the demon. The demon rushed Coryn as well. Coryn drew both

swords to his left side. When they were close enough the demon swung at Coryn. When

its blades made contact with Coryn’s swords they held for a moment before shattering.

The demon’s eyes opened wide as both of Coryn’s blades sliced through its torso, cutting

the demon in half.

   Coryn came to a halt a few feet behind the demon. He suddenly stopped standing

on the surface of the sand and sunk into it like he normally would. Coryn turned and

looked at the demon who was not quite dead. “Do you think you won human?! Che. I

have been specially augmented by Lord Mikaboshi. If I were to be defeated, my energy

would convert to the unstable form.” Coryn’s eyes widened. The demon laughed. “So

you understand human.” The demon started to laugh uncontrollably. Coryn dissipated his

swords and started running.

   The girls had been watching the fight from a distance. When the battle ended both

Coryn and the demon were only specks in the distance. Suddenly one of those specks got

a whole lot larger. Coryn was running at the girls as fast as he could. He reached them

and stopped to catch his breath. “We ha got ha to ha go.” Katsumi looked at him with a

confused look. “What do you mean?”

“Demon had its energy messed with. It’s in the unstable state. His raw energy is going to


“So what do we do?” Coryn stood

up. “It means it’s time to run.” A bright light shot into the sky behind Coryn where the

demon lay. Coryn grabbed his coat and threw it on. “Lets go!” Coryn and the girls started

running as fast as they could away from the city center. They tried to stick to the main

streets but found themselves having to dodge past empty cars which slowed their

progress. Coryn turned around to see the light getting very bright very fast. “Oohh damn

it all to hell.” The explosion was a mass of purple and red energy swirled together.

Radiating from the single point and creating what seemed to be a gigantic dome. Coryn

and the girls were swept up in the blast and sent flying.

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #19 on: December 03, 2009, 09:27:19 PM »

   The center of the city had been reduced to rubble. But after the explosion was

over the dark energy that surrounded the city had cleared away and the bright sunlight

touched the city for the first time in days. On the outskirts of the field of rubble a large

piece of cement wall turned over on itself and Coryn stood up. He fell over onto his back

on the side of the wall. He breathed heavily and looked up at the sun. He stuck his arm in

front of his face to shield his eyes. “Damn that things bright.” He looked to his right and

left then back up to the sun. “WHO’S DEAD?” The word “Me” resounded from four

different locations around him. “Ok… Good to know.” As the girls started to climb their

way out of the rubble the communicator on Coryn’s ear activated by itself and Moon

started yelling out of it. “Coryn! Coryn are you ok?! You better not be dead you God

damn prick!” Coryn reached up and touched one of the buttons. “I’m fine Moon. We all

are.” Coryn sat up and started to rub his head. “I hurt like hell though.”

“That means you’ll be fine then.”

“Yeah.” The girls had freed themselves and walked over to Coryn. Coryn

stood up. “Ok Moon. Where’s the next city.”

“Next city?”

“Yes Moon, the next city we have to free.” Katsumi interjected. “This was the only city

we had to take care of. Chiyoko sent out strike teams from the order to take care of the

rest of the cities.”

 “Strike teams? You’re telling me there are more people in the order like you four?”

“No they don’t have powers like we do. They cast spells using special scrolls, and they’re

not very strong. Around one hundred were dispatched to each city.” Coryn flopped back

down onto the cement. “Yare yare. Nobody tells me anything. Screw it.” Coryn stood

back up. “Where are we headed then Moon?”

“Tokyo.” Coryn glowed slightly for a second and his clothes restored themselves. “Well

then let’s go.” Coryn stuck out both arms so that each of his hands was on the shoulder of

two girls. “It’ll be faster if I just use kuupu to get us all there.” With that Coryn and the

girls all disappeared from the rubble.

   The place that Coryn and the girls reappeared in resembled a desert more than

Tokyo. It was sand swept and full of bits of rubble and jagged rocks. They were standing

around fifty feet away to a cliff that seemed to be roughly one hundred feet tall. Coryn

looked around. “This isn’t what I was expecting.” Katsumi looked out past the cliff. From

the top of the cliff and up all you could see was the dark cloud that surrounded the city.

“Good God.” Coryn turned towards the cliff and started walking towards it. “Look on the

bright side. All we have to do is stroll on in and WOOAAHH!!” Coryn turned away from

the edged of the cliff and tackled all the girls to the ground. Camarin kicked him. “Coryn

what do you think…?!” Coryn cut her off by making a shush noise and putting his finger

to his mouth. “Follow me and stay on the ground.” The whole group army crawled up to

the cliffs edge. What they saw astonished them. Completely surrounding the city was an

army of human sized demons dressed in armor straight out of feudal Japan. Coryn

surveyed the situation. “They must be millions strong. Move back.” The all crawled

backwards to a point where they could stand up and then moved about another two

hundred feet back. Coryn looked at the girls who had wide eyed expressions across the

board. “I understand this looks bad. But just trust me that it’s going to be ok. I thought

that something like this might happen and I have it arranged for back up to show up.”

Sam looked at him confused. “What do you mean “back up”?”

 “Let me show you.” Coryn reached into his inside pocket and pulled out what appeared

to be an old bronze locket. It was about an inch in diameter and had a bronze chain

attached to it. Coryn placed it flat in his palm. He placed his fingers the button that opens

the locket. Instead of pushing it in he pulled it out. When he let go it snapped back into

place. He did this two more times. When the button snapped back into place after the

third pull the locket opened. A bright white light emitted from the inside of the locket. It

seemed to spiral upwards a few feet into the air before disappearing and the locket

slammed shut by itself. Coryn placed the locket back into his pocket. “Sit back and

watch.” Suddenly behind the girls three objects seemed to shoot down from the heavens

and smash into the ground. They came in almost simultaneously and sent up a large dust

cloud. As the dust began to blow away three objects began to emerge. All three appeared

to be human. The closet one was a girl. She wore large baggy black jeans, Black army

boots, a tight, black t-shirt covered her not so modest breast. Over it all she wore an old

torn up, black, leather trench coat with a multitude of pockets. She had an old, torn up,

black scarf around her neck. She was quite beautiful, had large, green eyes and long red

hair. She looked to be around 18 years old and a little short of six feet tall.

    The next one was male. He wears white tennis shoes and black cargo pants. A

grey t-shirt is worn on the torso over which is a white, leather coat. The coat hangs down

to just above the knee. There is no zipper, the coat hangs open but has three heavy

buckles connected together, leaving gaps in between them. All three buckles are located

above the wearers waist. There are similar buckles on the arms as well, just below the

shoulder and at the elbows. They are connected to black strips of thick fabric, and though

fastened seem to serve no purpose. The ends of the sleeves are long and wide. Beginning

expanding at the elbows, and continuing to the ends of the sleeves which stop just short

of the knuckles. He has large goggles hanging around his neck. His hair is shear white,

relatively untidy and semi short. He has eyes that are sea green and appears to be twenty

to twenty one. He was six feet tall.

   The last new appearance was also male. All of his clothes were old and worn

looking. He had brown cowboy boots, fading black jeans, and a brown t-shirt. Over all of

it he wore a an old west type brown trench coat. On his head was an old, black cowboy

hat with bullets in a ring around it. Running vertically along his spine on his back was a

large clamor. Also hanging on his back was a katana and an M4A1 rifle. The katana and

the rifle crossed in the form of an X and intersected over the clamor. At his waste there

were two holsters with two old western revolvers in them. The holsters were attached to

his belt which also had bullets around it. Also on his belt were two metal loops. Hanging

from the loops on each side of his waste were two MP5 submachine guns with silencers

attached. The area of his jeans that is over his boots bulged in a way that made one think

that there were a number of knives or back up pistols attached to his boots. He had short

brown hair, yellow eyes, and an amount of stubble. He appeared to be around 30 and was

just over six feet tall.
   Coryn walked through the girls and up to this new group of people. He turned

around towards the girls again. “Girls I give you The Eternal Five. We are a group of five

people that can control the energy known as Enix. We use this ability to travel though

time and space. Getting ourselves into situations like this for the good of humanity. I am

Coryn Sken and these are my colleagues. October Nistavuk (red hair), Jack Frost (white

hair), and Colton Lynch (cowboy hat). We are here to offer our services and….” Coryn

was cut off as October came up behind him and clamped her teeth down on the side of his

neck. Coryn turned a shade paler. “Good to see you too October.” October’s reply was

muffled but audible. “Hiiiiiiiii Coryyyyyyn!!”

 “Please remove your teeth from my neck so I may kill you now.”

“Awww.” October let go and drops of blood fell from her mouth. There were two

puncher marks on Coryn’s neck. The four girls freaked out and jumped a few feet back.

They all exclaimed at the same time. “SHES A VAMPIRE?!” Coryn rubbed his neck.

“Yeah why do you ask?” Without waiting for a reply Coryn turned back towards Jack

and Colt. “How you to doing? Colt? Jack?” Colt spoke first. “Usual.” Jack started opened

his mouth but then noticed the four girls behind Coryn. He rushed over to them and

started shaking their hands. “High my names Jack! You been hanging around this looser

huh? Why don’t you go out with me I mean hang out with me instead? He he.” All four

girls simultaneously slapped the left side of Jack’s face. He flew a few feet and

got his head buried in the sand.

   Colt sighed and lit up a cigarette. Jack popped his head back out of the sand and

looked back at Coryn “Why don’t you ever bring be to places where the girls like me?!”

“It’s not the girls it’s you.”

“Why is it always my fault?!”

 “Because it is!” October got in the middle of them. “Coryn’s right Jack you really are

bad at flirting.”

“You’re just saying that cause you’re in love with him!”

 “That’s cause we’re married and we’re both deeply in love with each other!” Coryn’s

eyes got wide. “Eh! Getting married was an accident and you know it!”

“Jack yelled back. “The only reason you like him to begin with is cause you like the taste

of his blood!” October turned to Jack. “I can’t help it! Your blood is cold and Colt’s just

taste bad!” She hugged Coryn tightly. Coryn was unable to breath and started turning

blue. “I’m in love with Coryn and Coryn’s in love with me and its magical!”  Colt spoke

up in a calm voice without removing the cigarette from his mouth. “October.” She turned

towards Colt. “Hm?”

“Coryn can’t breathe October.” October looked at Coryn who was very blue at this time

and let go as fast as she could, bring her arms up against her chest. Coryn fell to the

ground and landed on his back. Jack walked over to him. “Why does this have to happen

every time.” Jack kicked Coryn hard in the chest who sat up suddenly and took in a deep

breath. He massaged his neck. “You’re going to kill me doing that one of these days


 “Ehem.” The sound came from behind Coryn. The four girls were staring in disbelief

that these people were saviors or the universe. Coryn jumped to his feet. “Right. Well as

previously mentioned these are friends of mine and we are The Eternal Five. A group of

five people yada yada yada we are here to help.” Eva looked at them curiously. “But

there’s only four of you.” The Five suddenly got very quiet and looked down at the

ground or off into the distance. Coryn raised his head. “Lets just say that it’s a sore

subject and leave it at that.”

   Colt finished his cigarette and spit out the butt. “So why are we here Coryn? And

does it have anything to do with that army of demons on the other side of the ridge?” The

girls looked at Colt perplexed. Coryn noticed them. “We can sense energy levels. Is it so

strange?” Coryn walked towards the edge and the rest of the five followed. “In a word:

Mikaboshi. Turns out the reason he hasn’t been up to anything is because ancient

members of these girl’s organization locked him away down there.” Coryn reached the

edge and the rest of the five stood shoulder to shoulder next to him. “As you may of

guessed. He’s back.” Jack put his hands on the back of his head. “And all these guys are

protecting that big black thing and Mikaboshi is hiding inside?”

“Something like that yeah.” Colt spoke up. “So kill everything then?”


“Let’s get it over with then.” Colt jumped off the edge and fell straight down to the

bottom where he landed on his feet. All the others soon followed. They started walking

towards the army’s front lines with The Five in front of the girls and Coryn in the middle

of the Five. When they got into hearing range Coryn stepped in front of everyone else

and yelled out to the army who had poised for an attack. “Can I speak to whoever’s in

charge?” A demon in slightly fancier armor wielding a yari stepped out a few feet. “You

shall not pass human. No matter how many demons you can kill one on one there is no

way for you to defeat Lord Mikaboshi’s Grand Army!”

“Listen. Just let me and my friends through and none of you will have to die. You’ll just

have to head on back to the underworld and hang out for another couple of thousand

years.” The demon got angry. “YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!” It threw

it’s yari at Coryn’s head. Coryn narrowed his eyes. “I thought you might say that.” Just

before the spear would have hit Coryn he disappeared and reappeared at the other end of

the yari’s handle. He grabbed a hold of it and disappeared again. This time he reappeared

in front of the demon commander. Coryn swung the yari, cleaving off the demon’s head.

The lines behind where the commander stood moved back a few feet. As the

commander’s head flew off his body fell to its knees. The demon’s head hit the ground

and Coryn stabbed the yari into the ground before disappearing and reappearing back

with the five and the girls. “Negotiations have broken down.”

   October started to crack her joints. “They always do.” Colt drew both MP5’s,

breaking the loops as he did so. “What a pity.” Jack formed a large backwards curving ice

blade on his left hand and large claws of ice on his right. “Isn’t it? Coryn extended his

arms out and summoned his swords backwards in his hand. He flipped them around

slowly so they would be in the correct position. “Yeah. It’s a damn shame.” Then he

looked past the Five and at the girls. “Follow our lead. Fight with your head and don’t

lose it while you’re at it.” Coryn turned back towards the demon army. “Uno…dos…”

Coryn almost whispered the last word. “Tres.” Coryn and the rest of the Five shot

towards the demon army who had also finally decided to attack. The girls took another

second to prepare themselves and then also charged into battle.

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #20 on: December 03, 2009, 09:28:19 PM »

   The fight had started. The Five and the girls had been progressively surrounded

but were still doing fine. Each of the girls always had a member of the Five near to them

in-case they got into serious trouble but most of the demon army was being too cautious

to try and rush them. As Eva was fighting a demon with a katana came up behind her. As

it swung its sword down on her Colt appeared out of nowhere. He did I side kick to the

demon sending him to the ground. Colt then leveled his MP5’s at the demons around

him. He did a one hundred and eighty degree spin while also moving around his arms as

he fired. Firing both guns at the same time he fired 63 rounds and 63 demons dropped

dead. Colt did another quick spin and shot the demon he had kicked in the head as he

tried to stand up. Colt hit the release magazine button on the MP5. As the old magazines

fell new ones generated out of thin air already in place to replace them. This act had left a

large circle of demons around Colt and Eva. They decided to rush and hope they

wouldn’t all die en-route. Colt prepared to fire but before he did Eva unleashed with her

strings. The shot out and began to impale demons much like Os had been. Colt’s eyes

widened slightly. “Well isn’t that nifty.” Colt disappeared again as the demons exploded

into smoke.

Elsewhere on the battle field. Sam and Camarin were fighting back to back with

each other. Suddenly shards of ice rushed pass them taking out several demons on their

left. They looked to their right to see Jack cutting up demons. Jack swung with his left

arm and cleaved a demon in half from the bottom of the shoulders up. Jack noticed them

looking at him. “What? I thought you might like some help.” Another demon attacked

Jack with a sword. He jumped up into the air and over the blade as it went by. He

grabbed the demons head with his right hand while still in the air and used it as an axis to

flip himself over. His claws cut the demon’s head into four slices. When Jack landed on

the other side another demon brought its sword of its head and swung it down on Jack.

Jack moved his right hand through the air as if he was wiping something with a cloth and

created a large sheet of ice. The demon’s attack cut through it but when he did he found

that Jack was no longer there. Jack appeared behind the demon and stabbed it through the

stomach with his left hand. A group of demons started to head towards Jack on his right.

Suddenly from his left a group of Camarin’s arrows shot passed him and took the demons

out. Jack looked towards the two girls. “Don’t even think about saying it.” He started to

stroll towards Sam and Camarin while casually killing any demon who got too close to

him with a single, half minded slash or a flick of his right hand which sent shards of ice

shooting into his target. As Sam continued to fight he hovered around her and observed

her weapon while still staying out of her way and killing demons with shards of ice.

“Nice spear. Mind if I try it out?”

“What?! I need this!”

 “Please, like I would actually take your weapon in the middle of a battle.” Jack touched

the spear for only a second with his claw. Instantly the blade and claws disappeared and

instead he was holding a jumonji-yari that was exactly the same as Sam’s except that it

was made out of ice in his right hand. “Thank you.” Jack shot back into the fray,

experimenting with the spear as if it were a new toy.

   Farther into the mass of demons October was pounding on a demon’s face, and

laughing like a giddy school girl while she did it. She stopped punching the demon’s face

and delivered a round house kick to its gut. The demon flew back at a high speed and

smashed into a group of tightly packed demons. It seemed that the force of the impact

snapped all of the demon’s spines because a second later they all exploded into black

smoke. “Demons never learn.” She looked off into the distance where the battle was

raging. “I wish Coryn had left some of the stronger ones.” At this Katsumi flew out of a

crowd of demons towards October. October stretched her arm out and caught her.

“Hello!” Katsumi found her footing again. The two got back to back and continued to

fight. “Who are you again?”

 “I’m October! You’re one of Coryn’s friends right?”

 “If you can call it that.”

“Do you not like Coryn?”

 “Not especially.”

“That’s too bad. He’s a really nice guy! That why I married him!” October smiled

widely. “ But we can talk about that later.” She turned her head back towards Katsumi.

“Ummm…What was your name again?”


 “Let’s be friends then Katsumi!” Katsumi looked back at October who

winked at her then giggled. “It’s settled then! We’re friends now!” As soon as October

had said it a demon came up to Katsumi while she was still looking at October. The

demon was wearing large metal gauntlets on his hands with spikes over the knuckles. It

prepared to punch Katsumi. Its fist shot forward at Katsumi. She turned around to see the

fist coming but was too late to block or dodge it. October suddenly appeared in front of

Katsumi and blocked the demon’s attack with her own punch. The demon stopped

completely. Maroon colored energy began to swirl and pulsate around October. “No one,

gets to hurt my friends!” A spiral of energy shot out of October and up into the sky. She

started yelling and brought her fist back again. This time when she slammed it into the

demon’s fist the demon’s arm exploded, shortly followed by the rest of its body.

   Across the battle field Coryn looked finished of two demons with a simultaneous

attack with both swords. Behind him October’s pillar of energy shot into the sky. He

turned and looked at it. “Guess October decided to get serious.” Coryn sighed. “Should

probably follow suit shouldn’t I?” Coryn began to raise his energy level as well and his

own pillar of energy shot into the sky. Two more pillars of energy also shot up. One was

yellow and belonged to Colt. The other was light blue and had specks of silver swirling

around in it as well, this was Jack.  

   The four girls looked at the menacing pillars of energy in amazement. Katsumi

started being pushed away from October. As the Five’s energy levels continued to

increase the demons began to be thrown away from them. When at last their energy levels

peaked the pillars of energy disappeared from around them. However they were all left

with an unearthly glow. Coryn glowed white, Colt yellow, Jack blue, and October

maroon. Katsumi who was on the ground behind October looked up at her with fear in

her eyes. October looked back at her with sharp eyes. “Stay out of the way now ok? I

don’t want to accidentally hurt you.” October removed her scarf and coat and threw them

to the ground. Colt took both of his MP5’s and threw them at two demon’s who had

managed to remain close by. Their skulls were crushed. He reached both of his arms

back. He grabbed the M4 with his right hand and drew the katana with his left. Jack

raised his ice spear into the sky and let it dissipate into snow and be carried off by the

wind. He shot his arms out to the sides and as soon as he did long claws appeared on both

hands. Unlike the claws he had before which were only about seven inches long these

were at least two feet in length and were thinner. Coryn took both swords and slowly

touched their handles tip to tip. The swords became one and he started to spin it over his

head. All four of them shot into the fray at once. Coryn was running at full speed through

the hoard of demons. He suddenly stopped in an open spot. As the demons behind him

rushed him they suddenly exploded into chunks. Hundreds of demons followed suit,

clearing a wide strip to where Coryn had started. Coryn disappeared and groups of demon

started to die in the same fashion all over the battle field without Coryn ever being seen.

   Colt was fighting two fronts. With his left arm he slayed demons in close combat

with the katana. With his left he mowed down demons with the M4. Resulting in a half

moon shaped clearing in the mass of demons. Jack’s fighting looked more like a

ceremonial dance than a battle. His dodging was elegant in a way and as he would spin

and twirl he would be slicing demons with both arms.

   October had not drawn any weapons or changed her fighting style. But now when

one of her attacks would land on an enemy they would simply explode. Even if by raw

chance she missed the energy given off by her attacks would rip nearby demons to

shreds. The four girls were amazed by what was happening. Coryn and the rest of the

Five were giving off energy in amounts they had never seen or heard of before. The

demons had come to the realization that they would die. However they could neither

retreat or fight back. Fighting would mean death by the Five. Retreat would mean death

at the hands of Mikaboshi. There was a break in the fighting. A large area had been

cleared out around the Five and the four girls. Colt looked over to Coryn. “If we keep

fighting like this we’ll never be able to get through them all.” He looked back towards the

demons. “I’m going to do that.” Coryn nodded then looked over at October and Jack.

“Jack! October! Grab the girls and let’s get out of here.” Jack and October disappeared

and then reappeared next to two of the girls. Jack grabbed Sam and held her under one

arm. “Sorry about this.” October did the same to Eva. “Please come with me now.” They

then disappeared and picked up the other two girls in the same way. October with

Katsumi and Jack with Camarin. They jumped into the air and started flying away from

Colt. Katsumi wasn’t pleased. “What are you two doing?!” Jack looked over at her.

“We’re getting away from Colt.” Katsumi was left with a confused look on her face.

Back in the clearing Coryn was still standing next to Colt.

“You ok with this Colt?”

“Just make sure I come back.” Colt turned towards Coryn. “Make sure you do the same.”

Coryn turned his back towards Colt. “Don’t worry, I will.” He disappeared leaving Colt

by himself. Colt threw his sword and rifle to the ground and started raising his energy

level. Off in the distance Coryn reappeared flying in front of Jack of October. “T-minus

30 seconds.” Jack’s eyes widened. “We’re still too close!”

“Yeah I know.” Coryn looked down at the demons. “This looks good.” Coryn landed on

the ground in front of a bunch of demons and swung both of this swords outwards. The

shockwave sent the nearby demons flying. “All right get down here before it’s too late!”

In front of Coryn a huge spiral of yellow energy shot out of Colt’s location. “We’re out of

time!” October and Jack hit the ground and started running towards Coryn. They slid

down to the ground taking the girls with them as gently as possible.
   The spiral of energy disappeared. Colt looked up at the demons. They charged

him hoping to take him down while he wasn’t holding a weapon. Coryn looked back and

saw the energy disappear. He drew one of his swords. Colt looked towards the ground as

the demons charged. “Fools.”

Coryn stabbed his sword into the ground all the way to the hand guard. A yellow

shield like he had formed earlier only on a much smaller scale began to form. Just before

the gap in the shield closed Katsumi looked through it. At Colt’s location she saw what

could only be described as an explosion of complete blackness. As if the world was being

erased. The gap closed, and a great wailing noise like there was a sand storm going on

outside started coming from all around the shield. Coryn fell to the ground breathing

heavily. “Too damn close.” Katsumi had a look of horror on her eyes. “What was that?!”

Jack (who was leaning on the shield behind her,) answered. “That was Colt.”

 “But what…?!”

“Colt is the oldest of any of us. Therefore the only one who knows about Colt is Colt. As

for what you saw even we don’t really know what it is. I don’t even think Colt does.”

Coryn interjected. “The only clue we have is an old story. It’s a legend known to those

who travels through dimensions.” Sam looked at Coryn. “What’s the story?” Coryn

looked back at her with serious eyes. “The man who destroys time.”

“The man who destroys time?”

“Yeah. According to the story, in the beginning of time God created a man from the void

itself. Much in the same way Eve was created from part of Adam. This man had the

power to take anything he wanted and turn it into void.”

“You’re not making any sense to me.”

“Basically the void is the space between dimensions. It exist and yet it does not. There is

no time, no space. There is nothing but endless black. By turning something into void.

That thing ceases to exist. It’s simply absorbed into the void. And is no more.”

“So that’s the story?”

 “Not quite. As time went on the man became evil. And sought the destruction of the real

world. He would destroy everything. Leaving only Heaven, Hell, and the void.”

“So what happened”

“God realized his mistake, and used the man’s own power against him. He was absorbed

into the void. Returning to what he once was.”

Coryn laid on the ground and sighed. “Always thought it was just some bedtime

story Fuji told me. Until I saw Colt unleash that power for the first time.”

“So you think Colt is the man from the legend?”

“Not the same man perhaps. But maybe the second attempt.” The wailing noise

stopped, and Coryn sat back up. “It’s over.” Coryn pulled his sword from the ground and

the shield disappeared. There was nothing left of the demon army they had left behind.

No weapons, no shreds of fabric or pools of blood. Only sand, dust, and Colt. He was

standing around 100 meters distant. He was completely naked and facing away from

Coryn and the others. He looked like a defeated man. Coryn looked over to October. “Go

make sure he’s ok and take care of him. Jack and I will go alone.”

 “You sure?” “We’ll be fine, and Colt needs somebody to take care of him now.”


   October started running off towards Colt. As she ran towards him she generated a

coat like he was wearing before. She threw helped him put it on and he fell to his knees.

Colt looked over towards Coryn and nodded. Coryn nodded back and turned towards the

black cloud around Tokyo. “Time to get to getting.” Coryn started walking towards the

cloud with Jack at his side. The four girls watched them for another second before

following. Mikaboshi had both the power and will to kill them all. But perhaps, Coryn

and Jack would have the power to stop him from doing so.
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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #21 on: December 03, 2009, 09:29:07 PM »

   Coryn, Jack and the four girls entered the black cloud around Tokyo. Right in

front of them was nothing but cityscape. Jack looked over at Coryn. “Why are we in the

center of Tokyo?”

“I don’t know.” Coryn started up his earpiece. “Moon why are we

already in down town Tokyo? Moon?” Coryn turned off the device. “The cloud must be

blocking it. It’s probably thicker being Mikaboshi’s location and all.” Coryn looked

around. “My guess, that desert out there used to be the rest of Tokyo. Mikaboshi probably

destroyed it so the army could maneuver more freely.” Jack interjected. “Lot of good that

did ‘em.”

 “Yeah. Well let’s get going then. The sooner we’re done with this the better.”

Coryn leaped up into the air. Jumping around one hundred feet forward. He continued

doing this as Jack and the girls caught up to him in a similar way. “So girls fill me in.

How exactly does this sealing process work?” Camarin answered. “We need to weaken

him first. Once he’s down we’ll have to surround him and recite the sealing ritual.” “And

how long will that take exactly?”

 “Roughly 90 seconds.”

 “Joy.” Jack looked back at the girls. “What’s to keep him from getting back up during

the ritual?” Eva answered this time. “The hope is he’ll be out of energy to the point he

can’t retaliate.” Coryn interjected. “Not to shoot down your plan or anything. But do you

know exactly just how strong a god is?”

“No, all we know is that it was done before. It’s logical that we should be able to do it

again.” Coryn sighed. “This isn’t going to be fun.” Jack looked over at him. “Ah don’t

say that. We’ve taken on people with higher power levels before. Like that one time.”

“Oh I remember. That one time, at that one place, with those certain people. Yeah I

remember that time.”

“See. We’ll be fine.”

The girls just looked at them like they were crazy. Jack got ahead of the group then

looked back at Coryn. “When do you think we’ll get thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!...” Jack

had tripped on a piece of rubble and was sent flying. He landed and looked around. A

huge area had been cleared away. The area was circular and the buildings on the opposite

side were easily two miles distant. Coryn put his hands up to his mouth and yelled out to

Jack. “I would say about now!” Jack got up and walked over to Coryn. “So where is he?”

“Don’t know.” All six gathered looked around the open area and saw nothing. Suddenly

there was a loud crack of thunder. They all looked up and saw that the dark cloud was

forming what looked like a hurricane above them.

Once they had formed the spiral shape the clouds stopped moving and a large

booming voice came from everywhere at once. “WHO ARE YOU THAT HAVE COME

TO THIS PLACE?!” Coryn walked out in front of the group. “Mikaboshi.” He looked up

at the clouds. “Why don’t you come on down and see for yourself.”



“Oh but won’t you? After all we came all this way just to see you.” Coryn put his hands

on his sword hilts. “I’ll tell you something good. You see these girls behind me? They’re

from the Nisou Tomoshibi.” Mikaboshi was silent. “Ohhh. You remember that name

don’t you? Nisou Tomoshibi. The ones who locked you away all that time ago.”


“Yeah, that Nisou Tomoshibi.” Suddenly a great pillar of black smoke shot down from

the eye of the storm and smashed into the ground. When it disappeared there was a large

creature. Made entirely out of black crystals, its head was connected directly to the body

with no neck. More accurate to say it looked like the head was part of the body. Its eyes

were glowing red and it had pointed ears on the top of its head that looked like horns in

silhouette. Its arms were long and had large clawed hands at the ends. The legs were the

same length as the arms. The creature had a cartoonish look about it. Almost as if it had

been drawn by a small child. It was roughly 60 feet high.

   The girls looked at it. Sam looked it over. “Is it another demon?” The creature


back at her. “No, that’s Mikaboshi. He doesn’t have a true physical form. So instead he

just took this one.”


DESTRUCTION.” Coryn drew his swords. “So beat him up till you can seal him right?”

Coryn looked over to Jack. “Keep the girls alive until they can seal him away.” Jack

nodded and Coryn started walking towards Mikaboshi. “It’s been such a long time

Mikaboshi. I wasn’t sure if you would remember me or not. From your reaction I’ll take

it as a no you don’t.”


“We’ve met. A long time ago.”




 “Yare yare. If you don’t remember after seeing me. THEN I’LL JUST HAVE TO BEAT

IT INTO YOU!” Coryn was suddenly very pissed off. He shot like a bullet towards

Mikaboshi. He brought his right sword down but Mikaboshi stuck out his arm and

blocked the attack. A few of the crystals splintered but there was no real damage. Coryn

jumped back and landed on thin air. He stood there for a second before attacking again. It

looked like Coryn was moving at a million miles a minute. His attacks were a rapid

succession of stabs, spins and sword swings from every conceivable direction. Even

though Coryn’s arms were little more than blurs Mikaboshi was blocking each attack.

Suddenly Mikaboshi grabbed Coryn. “FOOLISH MORTAL!” He threw Coryn across the

open area and into a building. Instead of stopping Coryn continued to smash through

several more buildings before coming to a rest. Coryn used kuupu to get back to the first

building he had gone through and walked up to the hole in the wall that he had created.

   His clothes were getting torn up and he was bloodied all over his body. Coryn let

loose energy all around him then shot back towards Mikaboshi. He swung both swords in

unison but Mikaboshi caught them with one hand. Coryn stood there in the air still

holding onto his swords with a look of surprise and fear on his face. He looked up at



Coryn looked down at his hands. They were shaking. “Mikaboshi. If you weren’t a god I

would kill you.” Both halves of Kanshou Amatsu turned to energy and faded away.

Coryn grabbed Mikaboshi’s hand and did a leap frog move onto his arm. He started

running up this arm towards his head and reformed his swords as he did so. When he

reached his neck he stabbed both swords into it and moved them away from each other,

creating two cuts with a short stretch of crystal in between them. What looked like black

blood gushed from the wound and Coryn tried to jump away. However Mikaboshi raised

both arms into the air. He clamped his fist together and brought them down onto Coryn’s

head sending him flying into the ground. Coryn hit the ground hard on his back and

bounced back up into the air. Before gravity could bring him back down Mikaboshi

raised his foot and stomped on Coryn.

   Blood flew out of Coryn’s mouth on the first impact. Mikaboshi continued to

stomped on Coryn. All Coryn could do was lay there as a crater gradually formed with

each impact. Once Coryn had stopped moving all together Mikaboshi removed his foot

and looked down on him. Coryn’s clothes were shredded and torn all over, he was

bruised and bleeding all over. Including a stream of blood coming from his head that ran

over his eye and soaked his hair in blood. There was also a trickle of blood coming from

the side of his mouth. However Coryn was somehow still alive. He looked up towards

Mikaboshi in disgust. Mikaboshi looked down on him. “FOOLISH MORTAL.”

Mikaboshi kicked Coryn sending him flying off just above the ground, towards the girls

and Jack. Coryn twisted in the air and stuck both swords in the ground to slow himself

down. He slid to his feet and removed the swords from the earth. His arms lay limp at his

side as he looked up at Mikaboshi and then back to the ground. Mikaboshi spoke out.



“Lay down…. and die?” Coryn chuckled through the pain. He

quickly lifted both of his swords into the air and spun them around in his hands so the

blades were horizontal and pointed towards his chest. “Who said I was done?” Coryn

shoved the swords into his chest, coughing up blood as he did. The swords were in up to

the hilt and had pierced through his coat as well. The blades were crossed with the point

of intersection inside of Coryn’s chest. Coryn’s head was bowed towards the ground. He

smiled before being consumed by a tornado of energy.    

The whirlwind of white energy shot into the sky and caused everyone including

Mikaboshi to take a few steps back. You could still see Coryn in the vortex of energy.

However it was like he was incased in a sheet of energy and all you could see was his

silhouette. Coryn stood up straight and slowly pulled the swords from his body. Suddenly

the great spiral of energy blasted away from Coryn, sending sand and rubble flying.

Coryn was still glowing white. However bits of energy started to fly off of Coryn and

dissipate. Underneath Coryn was glowing an even brighter white. What was flicking off

was like a skin tight shell. Once the area around Coryn’s head had flew away waist length

hair fell out. As the shell slowly broke away past his waist a long garment fell from the

shell instead of his coat. Once the last of the shell had flicked off and disappeared Coryn

slowly stopped glowing bright white and his features came into view.

His hair was now waist length. While still parted in the middle and pulled away

from the forehead it was no longer as clean lined with strands of hair almost covering his

eyes. Instead of a coat he had a black kimono hanging over his shoulders. Since his arms

were not through it the sleeves lay flat on the sides of the kimono. The triangle symbol

still stood in red on the back of it but around the bottom and at the ends of the sleeves

there was a strange design. It was of thick, wavy lines that gradually came to a sharp

point on both ends. The lines seemed to be randomly thrown on top of each other since

there was no symmetry to it. He was no longer wearing a shirt. Instead he had on what

looked like a compact equipment vest. It was black, relatively thin and covered in several

different pockets of varying sizes. He wore tall, black combat boots and the ends of his

solid, dark green army fatigues pants were tucked into them. Also starting at his waist on

both the front and back were what looked like parts of a loin cloth. The two pieces of

cloth were roughly seven inches wide and extended down just past his knees. The main

part of it was the same color as the fatigues but all along the edge was about an inch of

black trim.

Coryn’s face and body had also changed. He looked around two years older. His

usually clean shaven face had gained a five PM shadow look and he had a long slender

scar running along his right cheek. His eyes had an air of fierceness they hadn’t had

before as well. And along with all of Coryn’s changes the hilt of his swords had also

changed. The leather wrapping around the handle had turned from black to a stark white.

Coryn was looking towards the ground. “Before, you said you didn’t remember me.” His

voiced had changed as well. It was deeper and something about it was just darker. Coryn

looked up at Mikaboshi. “How bout now?”

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #22 on: December 03, 2009, 09:30:09 PM »

   The girls looked at Coryn in amazement. The man that stood before them now

was no longer the Coryn that they knew, but some other, much more darker Coryn.

Katsumi looked up towards Jack. “Jack. What the hell just happened to Coryn?” Jack was

very stoic looking. “That, is Coryn’s true form.”

 “What do you mean?”

 “Thousands of years ago when I first met Coryn that is what he looked like. Shortly after

however, we hit a snag. A dark age monk believed Coryn was possessed by a demon. So

to cleanse him, the monk cast a spell on Coryn.”

 “And what did it do exactly?”

 “It sealed away the dark side of his soul.”

“What are you talking about; dark side of his soul?”

“Everyone who has a soul has two parts to that soul. One side good, the other evil. And

sad to say it is your evil side that gives you the most power.”

“So when part of his soul was sealed away. Coryn lost most of his power?” “Yeah. But

the monk wasn’t able to seal it all away. There was just enough left that Coryn found a way to remove the seal when he needs to.”


“When he impaled himself he used his swords to pulse energy directly into his own body.

It destroys the seal and unleashes his power.”

 “If he can destroy the seal why doesn’t he stay like that all of the time?”

 “Because he’s afraid that one of these days. If he stays like that for too long. He’ll lose

his humanity.”

“Are you serious?”

“Why would I lie? Despite his outwards appearances Coryn has a dark, painful past. His

soul has been twisted in ways that he wishes it wasn’t. But at the moment. It seems he

deemed it a necessary risk. The girls and Jack all look back at Coryn who had pointed

one sword at Mikaboshi while holding the other to the side.



   “Only one Issue with that.” Coryn looked down at his blades. “This sword saved

my life. Now I will repay the favor!” Coryn jumped strait toward Mikaboshi. He drew

both of his swords back and Mikaboshi put up his arms to block the attack. However

Coryn flew right through without ever slowing down. Shattering Mikaboshi’s arms and

smashing straight through his torso. On the other side Coryn slid along the air. He

crouched down and put his hand to the level his feet were at. This caused him to spin

around to face Mikaboshi again. Mikaboshi turned and brought what was left of his arms

forward. He began to fire thousands of the black crystals towards Coryn. Coryn was

running along the air towards Mikaboshi. His steps were short but he was taking them so

fast he was moving at an incredible speed.

 When the crystals got close to Coryn they were simply deflected. There was no

hint that Coryn was doing it at all. They simply flew off when they got too close. Coryn

once again stuck Mikaboshi. He brought both swords down and inwards. This move cut

off Mikaboshi’s head and neck from the rest of his body. Leaving his arms and sides to

flop towards the ground due to the huge hole where his chest used to be.

Mikaboshi crumpled to the ground. Black blood spilled out all over the ground.

Coryn landed on the ground then slid for several feet before slowly turning around. He

looked over at Mikaboshi’s head which lay idle. “How long do you plan to play dead?”

Mikaboshi’s eyes moved towards Coryn. “YOU ARE DESPICABLE AS ALWAYS

ENIX USER.” Mikaboshi’s body parts began to move. His arms reached out, grabbing

his head and shoulders and bringing them back towards the rest of his body. The two

sections of his body reconnected and the hole in his stomach closed up. Mikaboshi stood




“Only the evil ones.”





Black energy began to roll over Mikaboshi’s body. Suddenly Mikaboshi let out a great

roar. He began to change, getting taller while also growing more muscle. A neck formed

and Mikaboshi gained a proper looking head. Two larger horns sprouted from his

forehead and a long snake like tail extended from his lower back as well. When he was

done he stood 200 feet tall and must have weighed unknown tons.

Coryn looked up at Mikaboshi. “Fee fi fo fum eh? Well.” Coryn placed his

swords were they would be if they were sheathed. The sayas poured from his hands and

surrounded the blades and holding them to Coryn’s pants. “Don’t forget Mikaboshi. I’ve

also grown much stronger since the last time you saw me.” Coryn extended his right arm

towards Mikaboshi’s chest. He formed his right hand into the shape of a gun with his

index and middle finger pointed forward and his thumb bent over them to represent the

hammer. “And I’ve learned plenty of new abilities.” Coryn quickly brought down his

thumb. “Bang.” A huge explosion of energy shot forth from a single point directly in

front of Coryn’s fingers. It rocketed towards Mikaboshi. Mikaboshi stuck his arm out in

an attempt to catch the blast. Despite his efforts the blast of energy destroyed his arm.

However Mikaboshi’s regenerative abilities seemed on par with Coryn’s for as soon as

his arm was destroyed he was fully healed.

Coryn jumped into the air, ascending rapidly towards Mikaboshi. He began to let

loose with both hands using the same technique. (However he was no longer saying bang,

only making the hand shape.) Coryn began to fly in all directions around Mikaboshi

while continuing to fire. For a big guy Mikaboshi was pretty quick however and managed

to dodge most of the attacks, regenerating when necessary. Seeing this wasn’t working

Coryn stopped in front of Mikaboshi and slightly above him. He stuck his arms out to his

sides and formed a ball of white energy the size of a basketball in each hand. Coryn

slammed the insides of his wrist together. The two balls of energy combined into a ball

twice the size. A moment later a huge blast of energy shot out of the ball of energy. The

energy beam shot strait towards Mikaboshi. Mikaboshi put both hands out in an attempt

to stop the beam. For a moment he was successful. Coryn started to pour more energy

into the beam while Mikaboshi raised his energy to stop it. Coryn began screaming and

the beam grew even brighter. After resisting for a few more moments Mikaboshi’s arms

were thrown to the side allowing the beam to impact his chest, blowing a massive hole

straight through it.

Coryn stopped supporting himself in the air and dropped to the ground.

Mikaboshi was only momentarily stunned by the attack. He looked down at Coryn while

blood continued to drip from the hole in his chest. “YOU HAVE GROWN POWERFUL

ENIX USER. HOWEVER…” Mikaboshi healed his wound and raised his arms into the

air. “YOU WILL NOT WIN THIS BATTLE.” He brought down his arms rapidly. As he

did his forearms transformed into giant blades. They smashed down on Coryn sending up

a huge dust cloud. Katsumi tried to rush towards the scene. “CORYN!” Jack grabbed her

and stopped her. “What are you stupid?! Go out there and you’ll just get yourself killed!”


 “NO BUTS! Coryn can take care of himself. If you would calm down and wait a

sec you’ll realize he’s not dead yet. Besides, even if you did go Coryn might accidently

kill you.” Katsumi looked up a Jack for a moment before looking back to where Coryn


As the dust settle you could see that the blades had come down only a few

centimeters in front of Coryn. Coryn’s face however was still as stoic as ever. Suddenly

Coryn’s vest split along the sides. The front half of the vest fell off of Coryn’s chest and

the part on Coryn’s back did the same. This clearly revealed two new features. The first

would be a huge jagged scar that ran along Coryn’s front from his left shoulder down to

his right hip. The other was shown since the wind from the attack had pushed Coryn’s

kimono aloft just enough that you could see his upper arms clearly. This other feature

was a tattoo on the side of his left arm. It was a pair of fully extended, feathered wings.

Mikaboshi raised his arms back up and took a few steps back, waiting for Coryn

to make a move. Coryn stared the remains of his vest laying on the ground. He closed his

eyes. “I guess it’s time for that then.” Coryn brought up his arms and slid them through

the sleeves of his kimono. He put his hands on his sword hilts and pulled the swords

straight forward instead of pulling them out of their sayas. The sayas shattered into

thousands of pieces. Coryn spun his swords in the air so they would be in the correct

position and then held them to his sides. A spiral of energy started up around Coryn. Both

blades gained the same shine that Coryn and the rest of the Five had during the battle

with the army. The circling energy quickened its pace and the swords began to glow even

more brightly. Coryn opened his eyes and then said in English. “Heaven’s Edge!”

Instantly all of the energy that surrounded Coryn poured into his blades. Suddenly the

blades seemed to be set ablaze with fire made out of white energy. The energy on the

blades behaved exactly like a real fire, always moving upwards no matter how the blade

was positioned. The flames were two and a half feet tall and seemed to burn with the

intensity of the sun. Even though Coryn’s hands were right next to the blaze his hands

weren’t affected. He looked up at Mikaboshi. “This is the ability of Kanshou Amatsu

Mikaboshi. And I swear to you. You will not be able to regenerate from this attack.”

Mikaboshi started to laugh. “DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME WITH YOU

TRICKS!” He charged Coryn. “NOW YOU DIE!!!!”

   “So be it.” Coryn swung both swords forward. Instead of staying on the blades the

white fire shot forth from the swords. What resulted were two curved blades of energy

that soared through the air towards Mikaboshi. It was if Coryn’s swings had been

transferred into pure energy. The two blades of energy had short tales of energy behind

them. Highlighting the area they had just passed but quickly disappeared. The blades of

energy impacted with Mikaboshi. They sliced through him like butter. With one passing

through his left side and the other through his right shoulder. Mikaboshi stopped and

looked down at Coryn. He laughed. “IF THIS IS YOU ULTIMATE ABILITY THEN I

PITY YOU MORTAL!” Coryn closed his eyes. “It’s not over yet.”

 “WHAT?” Coryn jerked his swords back and

suddenly the two blades of energy sliced straight though Mikaboshi’s gut coming at him

from behind.

   Mikaboshi was stunned to say the least. The energy blades shot towards Coryn.

Coryn seemed to catch the energy with his blades and once again his swords appeared to

be on fire. “Did you really think it was only one attack? Heavens Edge is an attack made

of pure energy, they energy takes the shape of two blades that are even more deadly as

my own physical ones. But most importantly is how the attack is controlled. You see the

energy acts as a controlled boomerang. I can keep it flying through the air as long as I

want to, creating a virtually endless attack. Of course if I want the attack to stop flying

around I can’t just stop it mid air so I have to re-infuse the energy with my swords. So

Mikaboshi, how do you like it?” Mikaboshi just stared at Coryn, seething in hate. Coryn

looked back at him. “That’s a good expression. Too bad it won’t last.” Coryn launched

Heaven’s Edge again. Mikaboshi formed his forearms back to normal and tried to catch

one of the blades with his right hand. It stopped for a second but the blade ended up

slicing his arm in half lengthwise. Coryn began a complete onslaught. He looked as

though he was conducting a grand orchestra with his entire body. The blades of energy

were flying in sync with his movements. Soon Mikaboshi’s body was covered in cuts. It

was a complete one way fight. Mikaboshi fell to his knees causing the ground to shake.

He then fell onto his front right in front of Coryn causing an even larger quake. He lay on

the ground with his gaze directed towards Coryn. Mikaboshi slowly drug his good left

arm towards Coryn and in circled Coryn with his left hand. He grabbed Coryn but it was

apparent he couldn’t squeeze hard enough to effect Coryn.

THIS SHOULD BE POSSIBLE.” Coryn didn’t say a word. Instead he simply gave his

swords a slight twitch, bringing the energy blades back to his own. This move also sliced

off Mikaboshi’s hand. The giant hand fell away from Coryn freeing him. “It’s because

you are weak.” Mikaboshi began to scream. He built up all of his remaining energy and

stood back up he formed his left arm into a blade. “INSOLENCE!” He thrust the blade

towards Coryn. Coryn didn’t release the energy from his swords. Instead he put the ends

of his swords together forming them into one again. The flames of energy brightened and

doubled in size. He then turned the sword vertical. The energy on the lower blade seemed

to be sucked onto the other blade. A huge inferno now burned on the upper blade.

Mikaboshi’s blade reached Coryn. Coryn brought the flaming blade against Mikaboshi.

They stood there in stalemate. Mikaboshi was giving his all and Coryn was even showing

some effort.

   Slowly Coryn began to push Mikaboshi back. Three feet, five feet, ten, twenty.

Mikaboshi was clearly under duress. “WHAT ARE YOU MORTAL!!!” Coryn smiled.

“Why do you insist upon calling me mortal? I have gone far beyond mortal! I have

become…!” Coryn cut himself off. His eyes widened and he started to shutter. He took

his right hand off of his sword and watched it shake. “I have become…I have become.”

Coryn grabbed a hold of his head and started screaming bloody murder. Mikaboshi took

his chance. He slammed his limp right arm into Coryn, sending him flying. The flames

disappeared from Coryn’s sword. He just laid there on the ground screaming and

shivering all over as Mikaboshi made his way towards him. “DAMN HUMAN!”

Mikaboshi formed the blade back into a hand and started to wail on Coryn, pounding him

into the ground. “WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO TORMENT ME?!” He kicked Coryn

sending him flying. Also separating him from his sword. Mikaboshi charged Coryn,

forming the sword again. “DIE!!” When Mikaboshi stabbed at Coryn, Jack appeared in

front of him and created a huge mass of ice, stopping Mikaboshi’s attack. “Coryn we got

to change you back!” Coryn rolled over and spit up blood. “I know… do it before he

attacks again.” Jack pointed his free hand at Coryn. A single bolt of what looked like red

lightning shot out of his palm. It struck Coryn in the chest. Instantly Coryn was

surrounded by the shell of white energy. It exploded into thousands of particles and

Coryn had been changed back to the way he was before. All of his old wounds had

returned and the new ones still remained.

   Coryn coughed up more blood while standing up. He walked over to Jack and put

his hand on his shoulder. “I only got one more attack left in me. I’m going to borrow your

ability for this. If we can freeze him the girls should have enough time to seal him I


“Kay.” Mikaboshi swung his sword shattering the ice barrier. “ARE YOU QUITE

DONE YET?!?!” Coryn looked up at him. “Not even close.” Coryn and Jack

simultaneously brought their arms back then pushed them towards Mikaboshi. What

looked like the energy beam Coryn had used earlier shot out of their hands. It hit

Mikaboshi who started to freeze. Coryn looked to the girls. “DO IT NOW!!!” They took

no time to watch. Instantly they took formation around Mikaboshi, spaced evenly in a

circle around him. They held their weapons in front of them. Sam pointed her spear

towards Mikaboshi and a ball of blue energy formed at its tip. Sam drew an arrow from

her bow with a ball of yellow energy in front of the arrow head. Katsumi took up her

stance with the blade pointed towards Mikaboshi and a ball of red energy formed at the

tip of her sword. Eva had intertwined her strings to form a ball of green energy.

   Coryn and Jack continued to pour on their ice attack at Mikaboshi who could now

not move at all. The girls had been mouthing words silently. Suddenly Mikaboshi started

to raise his energy levels. The ice around him began to crack and shatter. He was on the

verge of being free and Coryn was about to run out of energy. In unison the girls began to

say in Japanese. “Ten thousand monkeys slaughtered. Vengeance falls hard upon the

undertaker. Four points of light shine brightly. FALL INTO HELL!” The colored balls of

energy on their weapons turned bright white and beams of energy shot out of them

towards Mikaboshi. Instantly the beams of energy wrapped around him. Mikaboshi

started to lose his form. He was being distorted and bits of crystals were shattering all

over him. He screamed out as a huge explosion of light engulfed everyone. All of the

darkness disappeared. Only bright white light remained.

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
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   Coryn opened up his eyes and looked around. He was laying in a hospital bed

back at the castle. The room was a long hall with metal frame beds lining either side with

large windows letting in light on both sides. He looked to his right and saw a night stand

covered in get well cards. The majority of which were from October. There was also one

from Jack, one from Chiyoko explaining her thanks, and there was also one card from

each of the four girls. He sifted through some more of October’s cards. “That girl writes

too damn much.” Coryn laid back in his bead and look at his body. He was covered in

bandages and had one wrapped around his forehead as well, causing some of his hair to

stick up and then fall over the top of the bandages. He pulled the sheets aside and sat up

letting his legs hang over the side of the bed and looked down. “EH?! THIS ISN’T THE


   Moon’s voice came out of the cards. “That was Fuji. He’s the one who bandaged

you up. Wouldn’t let the doctors here touch you.” Coryn cleared away the cards and

found that there was a small, grey pad built into the top of the night stand. Once the cards

were off of it Moon’s hologram appeared on it. “They got holo projectors everywhere in


 “I can see that. What the hell happened.”

 “You and Jack held of Mikaboshi long enough for the girls to seal him away again. And

you got the *censored* beat out of you in the process.” Coryn settle back onto the bed. “I really

almost did it this time Moon. For a moment there I didn’t see myself as human anymore.

I thought.”

“You had become a God?”


“Try not to think about it mate. Won’t do you any good.” Coryn didn’t

say anything. Instead he stood up and walked over to the wall where his clothes were

hanging on hooks. “I’m guessing October washed these in between writing all those


 “Actually it was that pretty little Japanese girl.”


“Yeah. Why?”

“No reason.”

Coryn pulled on his pants, fumbling with his belt buckle. “I’m going for some air.

Don’t let anyone see me.”

“Right mate.” Coryn slid on his coat and walked out of the room,

leaving his shirt, socks, and shoes in the room.

   A few minutes later Coryn is laying on the side of the roof of the main building

that faces the back courtyard. Coryn’s coat is pulled away from his chest so he can absorb

the warmth of the sun. After a moment a shadow covers Coryn’s face. Coryn opens his

eyes and sees Fuji standing over him. “I thought you might be here Coryn.” Fuji sat down

next to Coryn. “You always came here to think.”

“Remember that do you?”

“I remember more then you know.” Fuji pulled out a kiseru and lit it with a match. He

took a long drag of it and exhaled slowly. “So how does it feel, to finally get your

revenge.” Fuji took another drag and Coryn looked at him. “I don’t feel anything.”

 “Is that so? Perhaps it’s for the best.”

“I don’t even think you could call it revenge though. In the end I didn’t really do

anything. The girls are the ones who actually won the day.”

“That is true. But was it not you who showed them the confidence they needed to do so?

If it were not for your being there those girls would have been killed by the first demons

they had encountered. Of that I am certain. You are still too modest Coryn.”

“Yeah but I like that about me. Keeps me sane.” Fuji chuckled and finished his tobacco.

He tapped the soot out on the roof and slid the pipe back into his sleeve. “One day Coryn

you’ll figure out that you’ve done more than you think.”

   Fuji stood up looked down onto the main courtyard. “For now though I think you

have other business to attend to.”

“Hmm?” Coryn flipped over and looked down as well.

Katsumi was training with a wooden sword on the right side of the courtyard relative to

Coryn. “Do I have to?”

“Yes Coryn, yes you do.” Coryn grumbled and slid down the roof. “One day I’ll put

you in one of these situations old man!” Fuji smiled at Coryn and sat back down on the

roof facing the main courtyard. “If that kid doesn’t start realizing these things for himself

I’m going to stop telling him one of these days

   Katsumi finished her training and walked towards the front of the castle to sit

down in the shade. As she passed one of the cherry blossom trees she heard Coryn’s

voice. “How’s it going Katsumi?” She turned and saw him leaning against the tree.

“Coryn.” Coryn reached into the inside of his coat and pulled out a small, silver trimmed

cigarette case. He opened it up and pulled out one of the cigarettes with his teeth. He

returned the case to his inside pocket and pulled out a cigarette lighter that looked like it

was a pair with the case. He flipped open the lid and lit his cigarette, blocking the wind

with his hand. He took a drag and exhaled. Katsumi looked at him. “You smoke?”

 “Only when it’s right.”

“What do you mean?” Coryn chuckled. “One of these days you’ll

understand I expect.” Katsumi was confused but blushing. “Katsumi what do I mean to

you?” Katsumi blushed even harder. “Wha…what do you mean?”

“Katsumi do you remember when I told you about how I encountered you in another


“That was when we first met.” “Remember how I told you I fell in love with one of



“You see I told you that I didn’t want a repeat of last time, I also told you that you

fell in love with my friend Takumi. Well the truth of the matter is that you didn’t fall in

love with Takumi, and Takumi didn’t fall in love with you. The one you fell in love

with…was me.”

Katsumi’s eyes widened and she dropped her wooden sword. She rushed towards

Coryn, grabbed his face, and kissed him on the lips. The cigarette had fallen from

Coryn’s mouth and was laying on the ground still burning. Coryn closed his eyes,

embraced Katsumi and kissed her back. The wind picked up and blew cherry blossom

leaves everywhere. A single tear fell and hit the ground. Though it is unclear whose tear

it was. Fuji was still looking on from the rooftop.  “At least he knows what to do

once he gets there.”

That night a celebration was held to commemorate the win against Mikaboshi. In

the end Jack and October got way too drunk. Fuji, Chiyoko, and Colt had sat out of the

way slowly sipping their sake. The girls were too young to drink but they enjoyed the

party just the same. As for Coryn he was too busy shaking hands to drink much of

anything. Despite the help of Jack and October holding the cup in front of his face so he

could multitask.

The next morning Coryn woke up and removed his bandages and dressed quickly.

He made his way to the control center which was vacant because the staff was still asleep

from last night. He looked at the map of earth. All of the clouds of blackness were gone.

All of the destruction that had happened had been undone. Everyone on earth that had

been effected returned to their lives without any idea anything had happened. Once

Mikaboshi was sealed all of the souls he had taken in returned to their physical forms.

And a little time manipulation on the part of Fuji had taken care of the physical damages.

“And so the world turns on eh?” Coryn pulled out the silver sphere in his pocket. “Ready



“Right then.” Coryn plugged in the device and Moon downloaded

himself onto it seamlessly. From there Coryn made his way to the main courtyard as the

sun was beginning to rise. When he reached it he was greeted by Chiyoko, Fuji, and the

rest of the Five. He walked out to them and Chiyoko gave him a hug. “Thank you again

Coryn. You have no idea how much you have helped us.” Fuji chimed in. “You have no

idea Chiyoko.” Chiyoko stopped hugging him. “But are you sure you don’t want the girls

here to see you off?”

“Yeah. It’ll be easier for them to do it this way.” Coryn walked over to the Five. “So any

of you three want to stick together for a while? I get lonely by myself sometimes.” Colt

just shook his head ‘no’. October said she was wanting to go visit her family. Coryn

looked over at Jack. “No way man. I’ve had my fill of almost getting killed for the next

good while.”

“Man none of you guys are any fun.” Coryn looked over at Fuji.

“How bout it old man? Up to reliving some of the adventuring days?” Fuji smiled. “I

think I will stay here. It’s a rather nice place to live when the worlds not in mortal peril.”

Coryn smiled too. “Suit yourself.” He turned towards the Five. “Go on guys. I’ll

see you later.” Colt flashed out of the dimension. Jack gave Coryn a quick salute before

leaving as well. October looked at Coryn and smiled widely. “Next time I see you, you

better not have more cute girls around you!” She winked at him and left. Coryn looked

back at Fuji and Chiyoko and smiled at them. “You two play nice while I’m gone now.”

Chiyoko couldn’t help but smile. “Oh shush.” The sun peaked over the horizon and

shined on Coryn’s smiling face. “See you guys later.” And then Coryn too, flashed out of

the dimension.
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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
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   There is a bright flash of light on a dark street in a rundown part of New York

City. The flash was unnoticed by the two men who were attempting to rape a woman in a

back alley. The woman tried to mace one of the men but he grabbed her wrist before she

could and wrenched the can from her, throwing it into a dumpster behind him. “This is

what pretty girls get for hanging around this part of town at night.” Both of the men

started laughing when they were interrupted by a third man standing at the opening to the

alley. He was hidden by shadow and was speaking in Japanese so the two men couldn’t

understand him. “Who the *censored* are you and what are you sayin?!”

“Yare yare.” The third man stepped into the

light of the alley cast by a single light above the door to one of the adjacent buildings. He

had long blond hair and wore a black, leather trench coat. He was looking towards the

ground so the two men couldn’t see his face because it was shadowed by his hair. The

third man smiled. “Excuse me for that. I’ve recently spent some time in Japan so it just

came out like that. What I said was.” He pulled his hands out of his coat pockets and

spoke in English. “Ugly guys like you shouldn’t hang around back alleys and attack

innocent women.” The two men were pissed. The one man let go of the woman and they

both rushed the third man. “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!”


The third man looked up at them, revealing his face. “I’m Coryn Sken.”

Well thats all for now people. I hope everyone enjoyed the story. So look forward to reading Arc 2! in about 3 more years  :D

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #25 on: December 03, 2009, 10:16:38 PM »

 :o *amazed*

Wow, the story's really good. I can't write something as good as yours. :D

Now, I wanna read more! :D

So cooooooooool!!!
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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
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 :o *amazed*

Wow, the story's really good. I can't write something as good as yours. :D

Now, I wanna read more! :D

So cooooooooool!!!

you've read every single page already?? :confused: ..  now i'm *amazed* 
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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #27 on: December 03, 2009, 10:21:37 PM »
Well, yeah... :D

I'm a fast reader, especially if I'm soooooooooo interested..... :D
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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #28 on: December 03, 2009, 10:51:12 PM »
well thank you thank you. Truth be told i never thought this day would come. to be told im a great writer is awesome too since the day i started writing this story was the first day i had written anything outside of school ever.

the second arc is only so well formulated at the moment. but i imagine it will come easier than this one since i was going on nothing really when i started writing as for as story line is concerned. the only characters i had in my head were Coryn and the four girls.

but could you tell me specific things you liked most of all. and anything you didn't like?

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #29 on: December 04, 2009, 03:54:44 AM »
I really liked the idea of parallel dimensions and the story's interesting from the start, though it's a bit long. :D

The only problem I found is that it's pretty hard to know who's talking in a conversation of 3+ people, I have to backtrack to find out who's saying what. Though, I guess it was because I was reading too fast. I also found some grammatical errors here and there, though nothing too major to point out. :D
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Now reading: Shugo Chara,.........
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