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Author Topic: Coryn's Saga Arc 1  (Read 21035 times)

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Coryn's Saga Arc 1
« on: December 02, 2009, 09:15:30 PM »
For those who don't know Coryn's Saga is my story that i have made numerous references too. But whats important is that i have finally finished writing arc one! this was three years in the making for me so im really excited. It's not edited yet so i still have to do that but once i have done that i will be posting it here in this topic. and well... its huge. 150 pages plus here. so essentially i'll be making a mega post over the next few days. since you can only fit so much into one post it'll be a series of post so please dont post any comments until i have posted the last of it. (you'll know its the end when you see the word epilogue before the chapter) I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as i did writing it. and please people do not steal my ideas.

first chapters will go up tomorrow! so clear some room in your schedule!
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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2009, 09:28:00 PM »
lol, cant wait!


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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2009, 04:41:26 PM »
if you have such a story... why not just make a book

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2009, 06:42:19 PM »
because its a manga. simple as that.

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF


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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2009, 06:47:15 PM »
because its a manga. simple as that.

it clearly isnt a manga cos it isnt in picture.. or did you dream that in was in a manga? if you describe everything with more clarity i dont see why it can't be a good fantasy novel... lol
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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #5 on: December 03, 2009, 06:52:09 PM »
well as it is it is in novel form. but it is meant to be drawn.

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #6 on: December 03, 2009, 09:07:08 PM »
story time! i would ask everyone to please refrain from posting until have the entire story up. if you just absolutely positively have to say something send me a pm. i just dont want to break up the story with other post if i dont have to.

and now to the story!

   December 21, 2012 10:53am. The day started like any other day in the history of

man. The sun rose, people awoke and left their homes for work. However this day had a

feeling of gloom surrounding it. Everyone knew about this day, what it could bring, this

was the day when the Mayan calendar ended. Despite this fact life when on as always and

as usual for this time of year the shopping centers and malls of the world’s cities were

filled with people shopping for Christmas. It was cloudy that day. It had been for several

weeks now. Not just one or two cities but the whole world seemed to be covered in cloud.

Weathermen had said it was amazing that this was happening but said it would pass with


 People had grown use to the clouds and the darkness so at 10:50 when the clouds

seem to group together in odd fashions it was quickly noticed. No gaps in the clouds had

formed but it appeared that all over the sky objects were trying to push through the thick

clouds. As all the people stared in amazement at the sky the lights and music stopped in

the malls people outside watched the traffic lights cut out, and cars crash when the

drivers lost control because all of the electronics in their cars had stopped working even

the people’s cell phones had shut off. But this was barely noticed because as soon as the

electricity died the bulges in the clouds burst and down descended huge ships whose

general shape gave the impression of a giant ray fish sailing across the sky.

 Millions of these dreadnaughts were seen around the world, over every country,

every city, every town these ships came down. At first people were awed ,then people

from every corner of the worlds started to mutter “the Russians”, “the Americans”, “the

North Koreans”, “the Chinese”, “the Iranians”. Then the truth began to sink in this wasn’t

an invasion from any foreign country, this wasn’t even some divine intervention, this was

far worse this was… The people watching never finished this thought because at

approximately 10:55 hundreds of bright objects shot out of the edges of the first warship

and like dominos all the ships behind it fired.

 Millions of projectiles fired at the people on the ground, and

before they could even think to turn and run the missiles hit. Whole cities demolished to

barely recognizable rubble. Manhattan Island wasn’t an island anymore but instead a

gulch at the bottom of the Hudson, New Orleans was half submerged, The pyramids were

unrecognizable piles of stone, the Temple mount in Jerusalem was collapsed in on itself

forever mixing the holy sites of the Christians, Jews, and Islamics, even the new cities of

Athens and even Rome the eternal city resembled their ruined ancient selves. And with

this move, half of the earth’s population was already gone.


   No one noticed the bright flash of light in the back corner of an alley in down

town Tokyo. Even more lucky, was for Coryn to discover that he had jumped into the

dimension just three blocks from an anime convention.

Good that means no one asking questions.” Coryn cast a glance at his sword. It was in

two halves, one half sheathed on each side of his hips. “I won’t look like a complete

crazy for once, unlike that time I jump right onto a crowded subway station in New York.

I had to run from the cops for hours.
”Coryn was wearing a plain dark blue T-shirt, black

jeans, and white tennis shoes. On top of it all he was wearing a black leather trench coat.

It had no straps, buttons, or loops for tying the coat closed, only two pockets. On the back

was a triangular symbol tightly sewn on and made of red leather. It consisted of an

isosceles triangle with sides that extended out past the corners of the triangle. The ends of

the sides were connected to each other forming a larger triangle around the smaller one,

only slightly rotated. Coryn brushed his long blond hair out of his blue eyes and started

heading to the convention center. Talking to himself as he walked down the street, he

mulled over what year it was by observing the city around him.“Hmmm… not a lot of

arches yet, should be… early 21st century?
” Not an exact science but it works well


   By now he had reached the convention center. Upon reaching the door he was

stopped by a man with a shirt stating moderator. When asked for the 2,000yen entry fee.

Coryn simply reached into his pocket and produced the money. What the moderator

didn’t know was that until he had put his and in his pocket Coryn had no money on him.

When he put his hand in his pocket out of sight of the moderator, he had transformed

some of his hand into the money, then he regenerated the loss part of his hand by the time

he took it back out of his pocket.
   When he was inside Coryn was confronted with thousands of people all looking

as odd as himself. Coryn didn’t look out of place at all, save the fact he was an American.

Everyone must have assumed him a tourist for they said nothing. Making his way

through the kiosk and stands Coryn came upon a strange group of girls. The four of them

were making their way around like they were looking for something in particular.

They wore similar clothes: skirts and blouses. The blouse was white with a single color

line around the edges, the skirts were a single color. Each girl had a different color. Not

all of them appeared to be Japanese either. One of them with in yellow, looked Native

American. The one with blue, had blonde hair with blue eyes, Coryn guessed she was

European. The girl in red, had long brown hair and appeared to be Japanese. The last girl,

was slightly shorter than the rest, she was in green. Her hair was short and grey. She

looked European as well. All of them appeared to be between sixteen and eighteen.

Furthermore, all of them were emitting an extremely high amount of Enix.

What are girls from so many different places doing together in Japan?

Coryn didn’t have to wait long to find out.

   As soon as Coryn had finished analyzing them a huge explosion erupted in the

middle of the convention center. After the smoke had cleared it was evident that this was

no man made event. The people in the room weren't running, screaming, or even moving.

They just stood there with a blank look in their eyes, like they weren’t even there. Where

the explosion was now stood a large creature of some sort. Around twenty feet tall. It

stood like a human, but was covered in scales and had a lizard like tail. Its scales were a

shiny black and looked like buffed crystals. The creature opened its mouth and let out a

loud groan. In an instant all of the people in the center were engulfed in dark

energy. When the swirling energy disappeared the people were nowhere to be seen.

Everyone was gone, everyone that is, except for the girls.

   “I knew they were special.” Coryn looked back towards the creature. “Hey!

Lizard dude! Didn’t I see you in a 50’s horror movie one time!” One of the girls spoke, it

was the one in red. “I don’t know who you are, but let us take care of this, you probably

won’t be able to stop it.”

“I’m sure I could handle it, buuuut I’d like to see what you can do.”


   She addressed the rest of the girls without taking her eyes off the demon “Lets

go.” Suddenly the girls became enveloped in pillars colored light, fill. When the light

seemed to sink back into them they were wearing robes of some sort. The girl in red, was

wearing a skirt with a samurai’s kimono around the torso, she carried a katana with a red

handle. The girl with blond hair was in clothes that was reminiscent of a European chain

mail armor, except that she wore a skirt as well. She was carrying a jumonji yari

(Japanese tri-pointed spear) with a long blue handle. The yellow girl had a long dress of

yellow fabric with gold. It was strapless and was split on each side from the bottom of the

dress to the bottom of the thigh. She carried a long bow of gold, with a quiver of gold on

her back. The last girl was wearing what looked like a very simple garment made of thick

green fabric. It consisted of skirt and a large over shirt, covered with the patterns of vines.

She had no visible weapon but wore small pieces of metal that slipped onto the tips of all

her fingers. The tips of metal we connected by thin metal rods to what looked like a pair

of silver knuckles.
    In unison the girls attacked the creature. The girls in red and blue went for a

direct approach, attacking with their weapons at close range. However the monster was

doing a good job of blocking them. The scales seemed to be impervious to their blades.

The girl with the arrows was firing rapidly, aiming for its head, she seemed unable to

get a direct hit. She formed new arrows by pulling on the energy string on her bow.

While Coryn couldn’t see any obvious use for the quiver, a soft glow did emit from it.

The objects at the tips of the fingers of the girl in green had revealed their purpose. Long

strings of energy were sprouting from the tips of her fingers. She was trying to maneuver

the strings to entangle the beast but when she had secured an arm or a leg the creature

would shatter the bonds with sharp blade like objects running up the sides of its arms.

   Smack! The girl in red had been flung off by the creature and slammed strait into

Coryn. “Ow… Hey girl are you all right?”

“I’m fine” She took off for the monster again. “I was watching the green one so intently I

didn’t see her coming. I’m getting slow. Wait a minute! That girl in red, I know her.

Come to think of it they’re all kind of familiar. Where have I seen them before?
”  The

girls’ progress was not getting very far, but more of their attacks were making contact.

The monster was weakening. “Where have I met them?” They had knocked the monster

down, the one in green had both its legs in her bindings. “They were together then to,

where would they all of been together?
” The blue one had stabbed her spear into the

demons right arm and was standing on the demon clutching the spear. Yellow girl had

stuck the left arm to the ground with several arrows. “Kyoto.” The girl in red now stood

directly over the creatures’ mouth, she stabbed her katana down, directly into the

creatures brain. The monster burst into a cloud of black smoke. When it had gone the

creature was gone as well, but the people were still missing. The girls walked to Coryn.

They stopped in front of him and were encased in the same colored light. When they

emerged they were all wearing their similar clothes again. Colored skirts and white

blouses with long, loose sleeves. Coryn couldn’t help but think that if they added a scarf

it could pass as a school uniform. The girl in red walked forward and got very close to

Coryn. She looked him strait in the eyes for at least thirty seconds then slapped him

across the face. “You arrogant fool! I told you to leave for your safety! But you stayed

here anyways, your extremely lucky we were able to stop it!” Coryn, unfazed stood strait

up again, he tilted his head slightly to the left and gave her his customary smile. “Good to

see you too Katsumi.”

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2009, 09:10:10 PM »


   “How did you know my name!?” Katsumi looked like someone just told her the

sun wasn’t going to rise in the morning.“Don’t flatter yourself, I know all your names.”

Coryn pointed in turn to each of the four girls. “Camarin(yellow), Eva(green), and

Samantha(blue). Now all of them had the same look as Katsumi. Coryn cleared his throat.

 “Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Coryn Sken. Long story short I’m an

immortal, with amazing powers. I also happen to be a dimension slash time traveler and

trust me I’ve been to more dimensions than you can count. I also happen to be able to

control the fabric of space and time itself. All this boils down to is that I’m the most

powerful thing in this universe or any other universe for that matter, and the closet thing

to any god you can come up with… So how are you doing today?”

Nothing seemed to have changed, in fact, it had probably only worse. However Katsumi

looked a bit more surprised than the rest. Finally she spoke up.

“So basically you’re saying that you’re the answer to everything?”


“And you can travel to different dimensions?”

“Right again.”
“So you don’t really know us, but are counterparts in a different dimension.”


The rest of the girls began to look a little better.

“So how exactly do you know us, as we were in this other dimension?”

“Well, I made a jump and ended up in Kyoto about 250yrs. back. It was just before the

school term started so I said, ‘Why not?’ So I enrolled and I was in the class with you

guys. All of you were exchange students except for Katsumi. Camarin you were from

America. Sam you were from an English school. Eva you were German. Any rate, you

guys me and my friend Takumi got to be good friends. We got together pretty well. We

flirted, went of dates, this, that, the other, and eventually… well you know. And things

were working out really well for us. Until two new students transferred in, can’t recall

their names but they were probably the definition of stud. I mean every single girl

including you four were after them. It was crazy. At any rate Takumi and I weren’t too

happy that, we just got dumped for the new kids. So we tried everything we could think

of to get you guys back. Things got pretty crazy. You’ve heard the term love triangle?

Think love octagon. Somehow through all of the chaos we settled things out. Me and

Takumi actually became friends with the new guys. And our efforts had paid off too.

Takumi and I had fallen in love with two of you. But it worked both ways, the same two

of you had actually fallen in love with us. As for me I won’t tell you guys who it was, I

don’t need any repeat situations. As for Takumi, Katsumi you had fallen in love with him

without even knowing it. You didn’t figure it out until he finally got up the nerve to

confess to you. Ahhh good times.”

“Sounds a little out there for me.” Coryn snapped back at her. “And this coming from a 

girl who goes around killing crystal monsters.” Katsumi quieted down and Coryn

continued. “Any rate after that the school year ended and we all went our separate ways. I

still travel their sometimes to say high to Takumi though.” Sam spoke “I see. Since

you’re still here I guess you’re telling the truth. You’re probably wondering who we are


“Yeah that could be helpful. I mean you’re obviously not ordinary.”

“Well yes, we belong to the Order of Amaterasu, we are known as the Nisou Tomoshibi

(Light Priestesses) according to legend, Amaterasu formed our order shortly after she was

drawn out of her cave and gave light to the world. She formed the Nisou Tomoshibi as a

sort of strike team. The orders purpose was to protect the world from Mikaboshi and the

darkness he represented. After our order was created the original Nisou Tomoshibi

defeated Mikaboshi and locked him away.”

“So why exactly are you particular four the Nisou Tomoshibi?”

“A Nisou Tomoshibi is selected after a previous member resigns from the order or is

Killed. The new person is selected from anywhere in the world. It is whoever is most like

the original member in that position. However to be eligible you must be a female.”

“I see. So I’ll assume that that.” Coryn pointed to the spot where the creature had

disappeared. “Couldn’t have anything to do with Mikaboshi, could it?”

“I’m afraid it does. It seems that Mikaboshi was able to break the seal that kept him at

bay. Now that he’s back he’ll probably try to return the universe to darkness. But that’s

where we come in.”

“Right, so you plan to stop him how?”

“There are several places around Japan that have been enveloped in dark energy. We

believe if we defeat the demons at those places and get rid of the dark energy fields there

we will be able to perform a new sealing ritual that will keep him locked up forever this


“I see. So when do we start?”

Katsumi glared at him. “What do you mean we?”

“I’ve decided to come with you, you might need my help. Besides it’s been years I want
to hang out with you guys some more it might be fun.”

“I doubt it.”

Coryn became very serious, and turned his back to the girls. “Either way I’m coming I

have a bad feeling about this; I don’t think it’s as clear cut as you say it is.”

Eva spoke finally “What do you mean by a bad feeling?”

“It’s just a feeling, but the last time I had this particular feeling…”

“What is it?”

“It just brings back some memories I’d rather forget. Memories from the war.”

Camarin spoke this time. “What war?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you another time, but not now.”

Coryn brightened up again and turned towards the girls.

“But enough of my ramblings, where to first?”

 “We should probably go to headquarters to report that it really is Mikaboshi.

They’ll also want to know about you I’m sure.” Katsumi turned to Camarin. “Are you

serious?! We just met this guy and you want to invite him to our base?!”

“Calm down Kat! No one would be stupid enough to pull a move in the middle of our

base.” Katsumi quieted down. Coryn clapped his hands together.“Sounds fare then, so

where is head quarters?” Katsumi reached her hand into her shirt. She pulled out a silver

necklace and showed Coryn. It had a rectangular pendent attached to the chain. The

pendent hand some small kanji on it. Coryn had not noticed it before but all the girls wore

a similar necklace, all were the same except that each had different kanji, which was

written in red, blue, yellow, and green respectively.

“Place your finger on the kanji. I’ll do the rest.”

Coryn placed his index finger on Katsumi’s necklace. When he did blinding

white light sprang from the kanji on each necklace, engulfing the party. When the light

had subsided the room was empty.


   Coryn opened his eyes. He was in a vortex of energy; it was full of white light

with other colors swirling about in random places. The girls were above and below him,

and on his left and right sides. They were all moving at very high speeds down the tunnel.

Coryn studied the vortex for a little bit. “Interesting, this is actually an inter-dimensional


Camarin answered. “You mean this is what you use to travel to different dimensions?”

“Yes but when I form a rift it goes much faster. I don’t go through this experience of

moving through the gap. I just disappear in one dimension and appear in the next


“Why is it slower for us then?”

“Probably because you have lower Enix control than I do. Come to think of it, way back

when I first learned about Enix and I traveled to a different dimension for the first time

I experienced something like this. It only lasted a second but it was the same thing. Of

course, several monks who were masters with Enix did it so it would be naturally

faster than this. But you didn’t know this was a dimensional portal?”

“We always figured it was more like a worm hole, like from all those sci-fi shows. Are

you saying we’re going to a different dimension not just another part of space?”


“And one other thing.” It was Eva who spoke. Coryn looked down at her.

“What is it?”

“What’s Enix?”

“Oh yeah I guess I should explain before using it in a sentence. Well Enix is the technical

name for pure energy. But it’s not like we use it in normal speech, we just call it energy.”

Coryn looked around. “But speaking of going to places, where exactly are we headed?”

“It’s a Japanese castle Amaterasu built at the beginning of her rule, it’s where our order

has been based since its creation thousands of years ago. It’s a Japanese castle built

in a forest next to a large river. It looks magnificent.”

“It sounds like your describing the dimension I trained in with the monks…”

Suddenly there was an extremely bright light at the end of the vortex, when Coryn and

the others hit it they suddenly found themselves standing in front of the castle that

Eva had described.

“…Umm I think this is the dimension I trained in.”

They were standing at the bottom of a large mountain. It was covered by a thick

forest, with a few clearings here and there. At the bottom of the mountain many rivers

flowed criss-crossing one another in multiple places, creating a natural defense against

land attacks. Directly in front of them were stone steps that led the top of the mountain

and the castle itself. The castle was a large structure; it was about 6 stories tall and had

two walls protecting it. The walls were octagonal and made of stone as well. Each of the

walls had eight guard towers, on the outer wall there was a tower on each corner but on

the inner wall there was a tower in the middle of each stretch of wall. Between the walls

there was a dense fog, this fog had existed in Coryn’s training grounds as well. Anyone

who entered the fog would wander in it for a few minutes before finding themselves at

the very bottom of the mountain. Inside the walls was a large courtyard. The floor of the

courtyard was covered in paving stones. cherry blossom trees in full bloom stood in rows

30 feet from the walls.  

At the far end of the courtyard stood the main complex. It was a building with a

large façade. Three sets of stairs led to  large covered porch. Above the main level there

were four towers. They were in a line across the inner wall. The two towers in the center

were slightly taller than the outer two. There was four covered bridges between each

tower connecting it to the one next to it. The towers were in the front half of the building,

the back part of the building contained a smaller courtyard filled with more cherry

blossom trees. The main building was built mainly out of a very light colored wood. The

roofs of the buildings were colored a deep royal blue. The only difference was that atop

the four towers were golden statues of the four original Nisou Tomoshibi. Eva responded

to Coryn. “That’s impossible the castle has been here four thousands of years, there’s no

way this is the place that you trained in.”

“Your right, but this is a nearly exact copy of the dimension I was in.”

“Or your dimension is a copy of this one.”

“Right, but on a different subject we should head up.”

“Your right, it will take a little while to get up there.”

The group ascended to steps and around 30 minutes later finally arrived at the top.

When they had made it to the first wall they were stopped by the main gate.

“So is there a secret knock or something?”

Katsumi flashed a sour look back. “No, but we do have to put in the password.”

As soon as she had finished talking bright glowing symbols rose out of the door. They

were in a grid formation, and when Coryn looked a bit closer he could tell it was the

complete hiragana alphabet. Kasumi walked forward and began touching the symbols,

when she touched one it glowed shortly then faded back to normal. When she had spelt

out the password, the door opened. They now walked to the second door. When they

were close enough the door did the same thing as the first, Katsumi spelt out a second

password. The second door now opened as well. The girls went through first as Coryn

took in the sight he hadn’t seen for many years. When Coryn followed the girls through

the door he was quickly surrounded by guards. Fifteen men were quickly around him

with swords and spears drawn on him.

“Is there a problem officer?”

“Don’t be smart! Now who are you?”

“I’m Coryn, now can we put the weapons down.”

“I don’t think so. Who are you with?”

“Umm… them.” Coryn pointed at the girls.

“Don’t lie! How did you find this place?”

“They showed me.”

“I told you to top lying.”


The head guard turned towards Sam.

“He’s not lying.”

“He isn’t?”

Coryn spoke again. “Like I said before, not lying.”

“What is going on here?!”

Everyone turned to see where the voice had originated. An older woman in an

ancient looking kimono was walking towards the group. She had long silver hair tied

back in a pony tail. She had a short sword tied at her waist. It was covered in intricate

designs. The girls all turned around and bowed to her, and said her name in unison.


“Hello girls. Who might this be?”

“My names Coryn, Coryn Sken.”

“I see.” She turned towards the girls again.

“You led him here.”

Katsumi answered “Yes mam.”


“When we were in the convention center and the beast attacked he wasn’t taken.”

“I can see that.”

“Oh! Of course. Well it was what he told us after we had defeated it that caused us to

bring him here.”

“And what was that?”

“Umm.” Everyone looked back at Coryn. “I could probably answer that a bit better. You

see I’m a dimension hopper. I’ve got some powers and I figured that I could help you, ya

know, get the world back together.”

“Do you think this is some sort of game? You would just get yourself killed. Do you have

any idea how strong the foe we have to fight is?”

“With all due respect lady. I’ve led one-thousand against a ten-thousand and

won. I think I’ll be fine.”

“Humph. Well if he’s as strong as he says he is I think we might be able to use him.”

The girls looked rather happy at the news with the exception of Katsumi who looked a

little annoyed by the fact that Coryn would be sticking around. Coryn walked up to the

girls and Chiyoko.

“Glad you see it my way. Now that that’s over where’s the kitchens I’m starving.”

Chiyoko looked at Coryn very surprised.

“What?! I didn’t tell the guards to release you.”

“Oh that’s ok, I released myself.”

“What do you mean?”

Coryn motioned behind him with his head. Chiyoko looked at the guards. They

were standing there exactly the same as before, with two exceptions. One, they were no

longer surrounding Coryn, and two, they all had a very surprised look on their face. After

about a second they all collapsed on the ground. Coryn’s face looked like everything was

normal. While still looking at the guards lying on the ground Chiyoko talked to Coryn


“Are they dead?”


“Will they be alright?”

“Yes, but if I were you I would have some extra strength aspirin for them in the  


Chiyoko snapped back to normal.

“Well should we go inside?”

“Sounds good.”

“But one more thing, get rid of your swords.”

“Oh, well ok.”

Coryn put his hands on the hilts of his swords both exploded into bits of white light, after

a second the bits of light faded away. Chiyoko looked dumbstruck.

“How, how , how. Umm, how did you do that? That’s only something that a Nisou

Tomoshibi can do.”


“Yes! So how did you do it?”

 “Well it’s a rather simple technique, I’m not surprised the girls can do it too. What it

actually is, is making a temporary dimension to hold things in.”  

“Different dimension you say? You’re really not lying are you?”

“Afraid not.”

Chiyoko sighed and turned around. “Well let’s get going inside then, I doubt we could

stop you from getting in even if we wanted”

Without another word the party made their way to the main building.
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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
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When they

reached the large wooden doors they opened by themselves. As they opened they were

completely silent, not one creak. Beyond lay a large entrance hall. On the far wall there

was a large staircase that split into four different stairs, one leading to each tower. Flush

with the doors were pillars, they ran from the doors to stairs. Beyond the pillars was

about 30ft of space on each side to the walls. There were many doors on each wall

presumably leading to more of the main building. The room was painted in the same

royal blue as the tower roofs, and the floor was made of the same light wood as the

outside. Gold trim was everywhere, and golden reliefs of Japanese gods and goddesses

covered the walls and the pillars. The relief of Amaterasu was at the far end of the room,

just above where the stair cases split off from one another.

“It’s as beautiful as I remember it.”

Chiyoko walked up and stood next to Coryn.

“It was sixty years ago when I first entered these halls, and you have never been here.”

“It was a different dimension.”

“I see.”

“Soooo…How is that you came to be in the order Chiyoko?”

 “We’ll if you can believe it there was a point in my life when I was young. When I was

fifteen. I was coming back from school when beautiful young girl of around seventeen

came up to me. She introduced herself as Akane of the Nisou Tomoshibi. She said I had

been chosen to serve the world in a way I could never had had imagined, and she was


“You were a member of the Nisou Tomoshibi?”

“Hard to believe isn’t it?”

“Not too hard, once you know, you wonder how you didn’t realize it before. Who is in

your place now?”


“Ah.” Coryn turned and looked back at Sam.

“Tough legacy to stand up to?”

She looked a little surprised, she blushed and turned her head away a little.

“Yeah, a little bit.”

Coryn flashed her a quick smile then looked at Chiyoko.

“So where are we headed exactly?”

“The central control room, it’s located in the second tower. We need to work out a battle


“Ever here that quote? “No plan survives contact with the enemy.”?”

“Yes, but there’s a reason mankind came up with “Plan B”.

Coryn looked a bit more grim “Those don’t always work either” He brightened up. “But

let’s get going.” They walked across the hall and went up the stair case leading to the

second tower. When they reached the top they entered a door that lead to a room full of

computer equipment with people monitoring them. Coryn sprinted to the nearest set of

monitors and began examining them as the rest of the group walked behind him down the

center aisle.

“Oooo you’ve upgraded to the 21st century.”

Camarin gave him a slightly serious look. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Coryn’s reply was very fast spoken and sudden, it had an air of fright in it.

“Nothing! ... But, your equipment is extraordinary. It’s more advanced than anything else

in the world today.”

“Umm, no its not. We actually need to upgrade most of it.”


“Yeah, really.”

“But that can’t be right… wait!, what’s the year?”


“Oh, that’s explains it then I was thinking it was early than that. That’s means Dexter

Rider has already invented the neumatic processor. This explains how you have this kind

of technology.” Katsumi chimed in, obviously annoyed by the delay. “We should be

going.” Coryn suddenly remembered where he was and why he was there. “Oh, well I

guess you’re right. Let’s go.”

They walked pass the rest of the computer operators to the end of the room where they

entered an elevator. Even though they were in the center of the tower it only went up.

“An up elevator? Even though there’s several floors beneath us?”

Chiyoko answered.

“This is the only way to enter central control. It was designed like this to prevent being

surrounded on two sides in case of an attack.”

“What about an escape route? Like this the people inside get trapped.” Chiyoko put it so

simply it was eerie. “So we won’t retreat.”

“Ummm… good luck with that.”

Chiyoko gave him a sour look. They all entered the elevator even though it was rather

cramped. When they reached the top and the doors opened they saw a room almost

completely covered in computer screens. Every inch of wall had a computer screen and

below each screen there was someone monitoring it. In the center of the room there was a

large circular table. The table looked like it was made out of solid rock but around the

edges were computer interfaces build right in. Also built into the table were more

computer screens. Jut past where the screens were on the inside of the table. The table

became concave, in the center it was only five inches deep, but just above the concave

part of the table there was a 3d hologram of earth. The image was not an actually picture

but it looked like it was hand drawn, like a cell shaded image. It had vibrant colors and

the elements of the planet were in motion. All over clouds moved, in the Pacific Coryn

could see a large volcano erupting, and above the Caribbean there was a hurricane taking

shape. Chiyoko walked in front of Coryn and gave an order to one of the people standing

around the globe.“Bring up Japan.” The globe rotated quickly and then zoomed in to the

island. When it got large enough Coryn could see what looked like black smudges all

over the island. Chiyoko put on a very stern face. “Every major city in Japan. It’s worse

than we predicted.”

“I got the quick version already so can you elucidate?”

“As you can see the major Japanese cities have been consumed in darkness the

people there have been taken by Mikaboshi for energy.”

“And the people outside of the dark areas?”

“They have been put in stasis. Mikaboshi can’t keep those areas in darkness with the

amount of energy he has so he put them in a stasis so they wouldn’t be able to seal him

away again.”

“So, he puts the whole world in stasis then takes over as many major population centers

as he can so he can use that energy to take over more cities and eventually take over the

world. Slow and steady like.”


“So, what’s our battle plan?”

“We enter the dark areas and defeat the monsters defending it inside. Once those

monsters are defeated you will travel to the center of the cloud and locate the dark crystal

that is sustaining the field. When you reach the crystal you will destroy it. You will have

to kill every demon in the cloud beforehand though or they will most definitely try to stop

you from destroying it. We continue this process until all the dark areas are gone.

Once the dark areas are gone you will have to fight Mikaboshi himself at which point

you will perform the sealing ritual and banish him once more to darkness. Any


“No, it’s just I’m used to working with alone, not with small strike teams.”

“Good that you agree then.”

“So do we have any idea what kinds of things we’ll face inside exactly ,or how many?”

“Nothing that specific I’m afraid. You’re going  in mostly blind except for these

parameters. We only know this much because It’s what happened the first time. Our

technology isn’t that accurate sadly.”

“Hmm, well I think I happen to have the answer to that little problem of ours’.”

Chiyoko looked rather interested. “What might that be?”

Coryn smiled at her. He jumped up into the air but instead of falling back to the

floor like normal he stopped falling about a foot above the floor and was just floating

there, like he was standing on an invisible platform. Many of the nearby techs looked at

him with their mouths hanging open. You could hear pens, notepads and the like clatter

to the ground all over the room. Coryn looked around the room beaming at the reaction

that he had gotten.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I have to the solution to your problem! Yes that’s right folks,

right here in my pocket!”

He patted the right side of his chest indicating a pocket on the inside of his coat.

“The solution to your problem, that’s right! He’ll tell us exactly how many we’re

fighting, how strong they are, where they are and the optimal way to defeat them. He’ll

even tell you the color of these four young girls underwear, just for kicks.”

Coryn pointed at the girls who instantly burst out blushing then quickly pushed down

their skirts. One of the male techs laughed. Chiyoko gave him a pointed look.

“Can we get on with things Coryn?”

“But of course. And now Ladies and Gentlemen the main attraction. I give you…”

He reached into his coat and pulled out a small silver sphere. It looked like it was made

of highly polished metal. I was perfectly spherical and had a diameter of roughly two

inches. Coryn held it high above his head.


Eva walked up to Coryn.

“What exactly is Moon, Coryn?”

“Not what, who.”

Chiyoko now looked annoyed by Coryn’s activities.

“Then who is moon?”

“Glad you asked. Moon my friends is the next generation of computer technology quite


“How can a computer be a who?”

“I’m getting to that. You see a while back I was in London. If I recall right is was 2186.

There had been a series of bank robberies across Europe, twenty seven actually. Each

bank had been hacked and had thousands of Euros stolen from each. The U.N. even

started to implement their own firewalls that they use for protecting codes to nuclear

missile launch silos and stuff like that. The strongest fire wall in the world, and Moon got

through. Obviously everyone was freaking out. That’s when I got there I told them I was

a computer analyst and that I could stop him. I was actually able to stop him from getting

into a few more banks. After a few rounds with him I was able to track his signal back to

his location. When I got there I figured out how he was getting in so easily. He had

directly connected his brain to his computer. You see the human brain is thousands of

times faster than the smartest super computer. By supplementing his computer with his

brain’s processing power he could hack any fire wall. When I got there he tried to escape

by downloading his consciousness on to the internet. He was halfway successful. He

was able to download his consciousness but instead onto the internet like planned, I

tricked him into downloading himself onto my flash drive.”

Coryn brandished the silver ball.

“And now I think is time you guys meet face to face.”

Coryn held the ball in front of his face and split it in half. The half in left hand was

hollow, but the half in his right was solid, in the middle of the half in his right hand there

was a male usb port. Coryn reached out and slid the usb into the round console.

Immediately the whole room went black. A voice came out of the darkness it was Sam.

“Coryn, what’s going on?”

“Wait for it.”

“Wait for…?”

Suddenly the room came back online. Every light, button, and screen in the room was at

least three times brighter than before Coryn had plugged in Moon. Suddenly a voice

came out of the console. It had a thick English accent.

“Ello you Prick.”

“Good to see you to Moon. Everything running smoothly.”

“Do you have any idea how under developed this place was. They barely even scratched

the surface of what some of this stuff can do. They were only running at 56% capacity.”

“What are we running at now?”

“310%, better than expected.”

“Are you familiar with everything yet?”

“You kidding? I was playing with systems more advance than this when I was three.”

“Look at the info on our situation.”

“Doing it right now, good guys, bad guys, it’s us against them like usual… Wait! Who

are these lovely ladies it’s talking about?”

“They’re right behind me.”

Coryn stepped out of the way revealing the girls.

“Well ello there my lovelies.”

“Back off Moon, you’re too old for them.”

“So are you mate.”

“Point taken. But what are you going to do anyways, tantalize them with your


“Drop it. So what do you want me to do.”

“I need details on those dark areas. While we’re taking care of them you’re going to be

sending us intelligence, the where’s, what’s, and how strong’s. Got all that?”

“Yah yah yah. Anything else.”

“One thing, we’re going to be in a different dimension so you’ll have to use the delta

channel to reach me.”

“K mate.”

Coryn, Chiyoko, and the girls started walking out of the room.

“I’ll be going now so don’t give the techs to much trouble.”


Coryn spun around and started walking backwards while pointing at the console.

“I mean it, don’t disappoint.”

“Have I ever?”

“Good point.”

Coryn walked into the elevator and the doors slid shut behind him. Chiyoko looked over

at Coryn.

“Umm. Coryn, when Moon said you were too old for the girls what did he mean. I mean

what are you 18? 19?”


“Excuse me?”

Coryn looked at Chiyoko and said in a very explanatory tone.


“But how?”

“I don’t age.”


“Long story, but basically I alter my physical make up on the deepest level so I don’t

physically age, unless I want to that is”

“Something tells me that this isn’t the last time you’re going to tell me something like


“You're probably right.”

 When the elevator stopped they walked back through the rooms of computer equipment

and reentered the great hall. When they reached the bottom of the stairs they went right

and entered one of the halls side doors. Chiyoko began leading them down a long series

of hall ways. “So, once we’re back how do you girls plan to get around?” Camarin


“Once we’ve been sent back we’ll be on the edge of a city affected by the darkness. From

there we simply walk in to the city. However, once inside the dark cloud we won’t be

able to leave again until we’ve taken it down. Inside the city we’ll simply walk.”

“Kind of inefficient isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

They reached the building’s inner court yard, and were headed for the center where there

was a large, round, flat, paving stone, large enough for twenty people to stand on it. The

Kanji for earth was on it.

“Well it’s rather slow isn’t it. We also have to go from city to city to. Long way to walk.”

“We won’t walk from city to city. For that we’ll come back here, then be sent to a

different city.”

They now stood right next to the large stone.

“It takes ten minutes to get from here to there. That’s to slow too.”

Katsumi replied sarcastically.

“So what do you suggest?”

“We Jump”


“Yeah. Basically we jump through space. We start at one place and reappear in another.

Think wormhole like Camarin was talking about earlier.”

“But we don’t know how to do that.”

“I’ll teach you.”

“How do you know we’ll actually be able to do it?”

“The fact that you can stash your weapons in a different dimension proves it. Creating a

dimension is way beyond jumping through space.”

“So are you going to teach us now?”

“No. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“But wont that delay us while we learn this little trick of yours?”

“Nah, you guys are way past where I was when I first mastered the technique so it

shouldn’t take any time at all.”

“How long did it take you?”

“It took me at least six we…”


The voice had come from behind Coryn everyone looked that way and saw and old man

walking towards them. He was about five feet tall, balled, and wrinkly. He wore a

samurai’s kimono with a white top and a green hakama. As soon as Coryn saw him he

dropped to one knee and bowed his head.


“Why does Enix let us use it?”

“In order to protect the universe.”

“What happens to us if you misuse Enix?”

“It will rob us of our power, in any way it sees fit.”

“Correct. It’s good to see in all this time you have not forgotten your teachings.”

“Never master.”


“Yes master?”

“You realize there is no more need to call me master anymore. We have already become


“No matter how strong I become you will always be my master.”

“You have always been too modest Coryn.”

“I know.”

“You can stand up now.”

“Thank you master.”

The girls and Chiyoko were shocked. They looked from Coryn to Fuji to Coryn then back

to Fuji.


“Yes Coryn?”

“Why didn’t you tell me Fuji was here?”

“I didn’t think it was relevant.”

“You didn’t think that telling me my master was here was relevant?!”

“I didn’t know.”

Coryn spun around and looked at Fuji.

“Didn’t you tell anyone?”

“No, if I did something may have stopped you from coming here, and I couldn’t take that


“You knew I would come here?”

“Yes. You see Coryn when you left the temple for the last time I formed a bond with you,

like every master does with their apprentice when the apprentice leaves their training

grounds for the first time. Normally this is done so the master can come to the

apprentices rescue in case of an emergency. I figured that I would never have to

come to your rescue but I formed it any way.”

“Then why?”

“Because I knew that something like this would eventually come up and that I would

have to direct you to it. However it seems you didn’t need my help in deciding to help

them. If Mikaboshi wins it’s not just this dimension that will be ravaged. If he were to

gain the power of everything in this dimension then…well you know what will happen.”

“He will take over everything.”


“Then we have to get going. Every second we waste is a second Mikaboshi has to get


“That’s what I always liked about you Coryn.”

“Thank you master.”

Coryn and the girls walked over and stood on the large stone. Chiyoko walked up to the

edge of the stone and addressed the group.

“Good luck to all of you. With any luck we will be able to take care of this quickly. Fuji

and I will be monitoring the control room in case anything major changes.” Fuji walked

up next to Chiyoko. “I assume you already installed Moon, Coryn?”

“You assume correctly.”

“Good, he’ll be of some use to us besides annoying the techs I hope.”

“I certainly hope so. See you when it’s over. If you need to get a hold of me just talk

to moon and he’ll set up a communications channel.”

The edges of the stone started lighting up.

“Wish us luck.”

Coryn and the girls suddenly disappeared, headed for earth. Leaving Chiyoko and Fuji

standing together alone.

“Do you think they’ll be fine?”

“Coryn can handle it. No harm will come to those girls. Mikaboshi will be

defeated before you know it. You’ll see.”

“I wasn’t talking about the girls being safe in battle.

Fuji chuckled. “Well, that I can’t make any promises about that.”

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #9 on: December 03, 2009, 09:16:02 PM »
         A light appeared above a bridge that crossed a river leading to a large city in Japan.

When the light subsided Coryn and the girls were standing among the crashed cars.

Samantha looked around at the dark cloud the surrounded the city.

“You can hardly see the city.”

Coryn walked up next to her.

“So this is one of those dark clouds that you talked about?”


“What city is this?”


“So how do we get in?”

“We just walk in.”

“Sounds simple enough. Well then, let’s see who’s home.”

   Coryn and the girls walked into the field. As soon as Coryn touched the cloud it
pulled him in as if someone on the other side had grabbed his coat and yanked him inside.
Once inside he looked around. Everything was dark. The colors were washed out and

darkened. There was a general feeling of heaviness in the air.

“Who screwed with the contrast settings?”

Katsumi walked up and stood next to Coryn.

“We should get going and find Mikaboshi’s monsters befo…”

The ground exploded where the bridge reconnected with the ground. Where a second

before was pavement stood a large beast. It was a centaur, the horse part of its body was

covered in the same crystal scales that covered the beast in the convention center. While

the human part had regular looking skin except that it was dark grey. Both halves of its

body were twice normal size. The centaur’s eyes glowed bright red and it had long black

hair. In its right hand it held a large scythe. The handle was angled and the blade was

almost five feet long. Upon seeing the beast the girls changed into their fighting forms.

They brandished their weapons and prepared to jump at the centaur. Just before they did

Coryn put his arm in front of them. He had turned very serious and kept his eyes locked

with the centaurs.

“Am I correct in saying that you represent the demon Mikaboshi?”

“The master does not allow his name to be spoken.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

   Coryn lifted up his hand and stretched his arm towards the centaur. Suddenly one

of the crystals from the centaur’s lower half broke off, shattering at its base. The crystal

zoomed to Coryn’s hand and he caught it and brought it closer to his face. The centaur

was screaming in pain, obviously affected by the loss of the crystal. Coryn was still

studying the black crystal. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s radiating

extreme amounts of energy.” Coryn looked back towards the centaur. “Where do these

crystals come from? What do they do?”

“The master creates the crystals from his own being. They bring us our powers.”

“Like hundreds of little batteries for each demon.”

   The centaur was eyeing the crystal still. Coryn looked from the crystal to the

centaur then back to the crystal. He held the crystal up so he could look at both the crystal

the centaur and the space between them all at the same time. His right eye went

completely white. The pupil and the iris just faded away.

“Hmm. Even though separated the crystal is still sending energy to you. That’s why

you’ve been so keen on looking at it, to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.”

Coryn lifted the crystal even with his face and flattened his palm. Coryn blew onto the

crystal. It began to turn to dust as he blew. The Centaur watched in horror, and

soon the crystal was no more. The Centaur screamed in agony.

“You will pay for what you have done!”

He raised his scythe higher. The girls also began to raise their weapons. Coryn turned to

them. “Don’t worry I’ll take care of this one. Can’t let you have all the fun.” Coryn

turned back to the centaur. “How bought this. Since I made you weaker by destroying

one of your crystal I’ll fight with one hand behind my back.”

   A rope made out of white energy appeared tying Coryn’s left arm

behind his back. The centaur was infuriated. “You have dishonored me too many times!

Now die!” The centaur rushed Coryn. Coryn didn’t move, he stretched his right arm out

and a small bead of white light appeared about three inches away from the palm of his

hand. After about half a second the small light grew very quickly forming the shape of

a sword. As soon as the light stopped growing it seemed to explode revealing one half of

Coryn’s sword. Small droplets of light had remained but quickly vanished into thin air.

The girls looked at Coryn’s sword carefully. It resembled a normal katana, same blade

and hilt length, black wrapping on the hilt and a bronze colored hand guard in the shape

of a elongated octagon. However there was one main difference. There was no curvature

of the blunt side of the  blade. It was strait from guard to tip. The centaur had now

reached Coryn and had raised his scythe high into the air. With one stroke the scythe was

brought down onto Coryn. The girls looked in horror thinking that Coryn was about to

get hit. At the last second however, Coryn raised his sword. The scythe was stopped

about 4inches above Coryn’s’ head. Coryn had blocked the tip of the scythe with the

sharp edge of his sword. The centaurs’ eyes widened in shock.

“Wha… What are you?”

“Sometimes I don’t even know.”

“You demon!”

“I thought that’s what you were.”

   The centaur raised his scythe again and began swinging it at Coryn. Even though

he was attacking as fast as he could and he was using different angles each time, Coryn

continued to block every one of his attacks in the same fashion.

“You’re beginning to bore me demon.”

The centaur looked terrified.

“I say we speed this up a bit.”

The bonds that tied Coryn’s’ left hand disappeared. Coryn stretched out his arm and

summoned up the other half of  his sword. Coryn held out both halves in front of

him. He touched the tips of the swords hilts together and a small bead of light appeared

there for a second. When the light had dispersed the two halves had become one.
“Until now you’ve been up against only one half of my sword. In essence a shadow of its

true self. So it’s my pleasure to introduce you to…” Coryn flurried his sword in his hand

and then took up a fighting position. Holding his sword behind him, the blunt side of one

of the blades running across Coryn’s left shoulder. “Kanshou Amatsu.”

“Do you think that having two blades will help? It will only slow you down! That’s

common sense!”  

“Good thing I’m crazy then.” Coryn jumped at the demon. He did a 360 degree turn in

the air right before he reached the demon. The centaur raised his scythe just in time to

keep Coryn from cutting his head off with the right side of his sword. Coryn pushed off

the centaurs scythe and did another spin. He hit the centaurs left arm with the left side of

his sword. Since the cutting edges of Coryn’s sword faced different directions and

because of the orientation of Coryn’s last strike, Coryn impacted the centaur with the

blunt side of his sword shattering the centaur’s humerus. With the centaur’s left arm

useless Coryn’s strategy changed. He sped up and was now going twice as fast at the

centaur could go, and began circling the centaur. Coryn’s speed increased to the extend

he became blurred. The centaur thought he was about to be dealt the final blow when

Coryn appeared standing next to the girls again, with his left side turned towards the

centaur. Coryn rotated his head and looked at the demon. The centaur was breathing

heavily, as he looked at Coryn. “Why didn’t you kill me?”

“I did.”


“Delayed reactions.”

“What are you talki…?!”

Before the centaur could finish Coryn raised his right hand and snapped his fingers. The

moment he did every crystal on the centaurs’ body exploded. The demon screamed in

agony as it fell to the ground. Coryn began strolling casually over to the centaur.

“Delayed reactions. I’m actually creating a “time pocket”. Basically everything in the

time pocket is out of sync with the rest of universe. I enter the time pocket, wreak havoc,

and then leave. All while moving at high speed so you don’t see me disappear. It’s only

useful against low level enemies though. High level enemies emit to much energy

unconsciously to allow the formation of a time pocket. However that’s not the point of

this conversation is it?” Coryn crouched down so he was on the same level as the centaur.

“Tell Mikaboshi. We will get him, and nothing he throws at us will stop us.”

“My master will defeat you, it is inevitable.”

“Is that so?” Coryn grabbed the top of the centaurs head shaking it around a little.” Well

when you get back tell him Coryn’s here, and that he says hello.” Coryn stood up.

Holding Kanshou Amatsu with one hand Coryn spun it reversing the

location of the two blades, and in this process severing the centaurs head. The centaur

exploded into black smoke just like the demon at the convention. Coryn walked back

over to the girls. Eva looked at Coryn with a concerned look on her face. “Coryn. Why

did you tell the centaur to mention your name?”

“It’s a long story.” Coryn put both hands on his swords hilt and with a small flash of light

one sword became two again. Two beads of light appeared at Coryn’s waist and both of

his sayas reappeared. Coryn holstered his swords and turned towards the city. “I’ll tell

you another time, but for now.” Coryn turned to the girls with a small smile. “The clocks

ticking.” Coryn started walking down the road into the city and the girls followed suite

knowing full well that Coryn was all too right about needing to move, but none the less

interested about the story Coryn kept putting off.

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #10 on: December 03, 2009, 09:16:45 PM »

     The group was now moving deeper into the city without any problems from

Mikaboshi’s demons. Katsumi began to worry that they were walking into an ambush.

“Coryn, doesn’t seem a little fishy that as soon as we entered the city we were attacked.

But after defeating the demon we haven’t been attacked for over an hour?”

“You think that they’re going to set up a trap?”

“Well that’s one possibility. And the most logical one.”

“True, but I see it a different way. I’ve been through a lot of battles before, and my guess

is that they’re observing us to see what our strategy is. From there they’ll figure out their

game plan.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“So do I.”

Coryn and the girls found themselves at a fork in the road. Directly in front of them was a

small park filled with cherry blossom trees. The road split were they stood, went around

the park and reconnected on the other side forming an eye shape. Tall buildings

surrounded all sides of the park so the only exits were the way they came or the place

where the road reconnected. Coryn looked around at his surroundings. “You know

Katsumi. I think we found your ambush.”

“What should we do now?”

Coryn turned to her and smiled.

“Spring the trap.”

   Coryn began walking into the park but as soon as he step onto the grass a pillar of

dark smoke descended from the sky and smashed into the ground at the center of the

park. Coryn quickly removed his foot from the grass. When the smoke cleared there was

a new demon standing there. The demon was the size of a regular human. He wore a

complete set of samurai armor. The armor however was made completely out of the dark

crystals that powered Mikaboshi’s demons. Unlike the crystals on the centaur though.

The crystals that made up the armor were larger and cleanly cut. Each plate of the armor

was actually one crystal, even the mask. Sam began to speak to the demon.

“What kind of demon are you?”

Coryn tilted his head towards her without taking his eyes off the demon.

“He can’t hear you. It’s not an actual demon. It’s a dark spirit that’s just inhabiting the

armor. There’s nothing physical inside.”

“So how do we kill it?”

“You don’t, you just release it from the armor. You see a dark spirit was once a human,

but a particularly sinful human. When someone like that dies, their soul is sent to the

underworld and forced to work for Mikaboshi, until they repent that is.”

“What happens to the spirit if we defeat it?”

“It will go back and serve Mikaboshi again. Of course that’s what will happen if it

defeats us as well. Mikaboshi has never been good at keeping promises. Well enough of

that. Who’s first?”

The girls looked at Coryn a little confused. Katsumi more than the others.

“What do you mean who’s first?”

“Did you think I was going to let you fight together like the first time in every battle?”

“Well yeah.”

“Then you’re mistaken. You won’t get any stronger if you always have someone else to

back you up.”

“You sure this is safe?”

“If you run into anything you can’t handle I’ll stop it, ok?”


“Excellent. Now back to the original question. Who wants to go first?”

The girls didn’t move none of them wanted to do it. They stared at Coryn like he was

crazy. Coryn sighed and reached into his pocket. When Coryn pulled his hand out he was

holding and eight sided dice. “Since we have no volunteers we have to decide using

different means. You see this dice? There are four colors on it. Red, blue, green, and

yellow. Each color appears twice. When I role it whosever color it lands on has to fight.

Understand?” Coryn rolled the dice onto the ground. After tumbling around for a few

seconds the dice stopped and red was facing strait up.

“Survey says! Katsumi! Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing!”

Katsumi didn’t look happy, she looked like she was about to be sick. Katsumi gave

Coryn a look that was somewhere between a scold and a cry for help. She spoke but her

voice was flat and distant. “I hope you’re proud of yourself.”

“Extremely, but what’s important now is you winning this fight.”

“But I’m not that strong.”

“Yes you are. Now go.”

   These last words got Katsumi moving. She walked up to the edge of the grass,

took a deep breath and stepped in. Automatically the spirit took up a fighting stance. He

place his hand on the hilt of the sword but didn’t draw it. Katsumi summoned her sword

and held it in front of her. “She has a nice stance, but the spirits. I’ve seen that stance

before, but where?”

Eva walked up and stood next to him.

“You’ve seen that stance?”

“Yes, a long time ago. But I don’t remember where it was.”

“Do you remember what kind of damage it can do?”

“That, I can tell you. The stance is very good because it leaves the users options open for

what to do. But it’s an offensive stance, not very good for defensive moves. Katsumi

would do well to make the first move.”

   The spirit began to run at Katsumi without drawing it’s sword. Katsumi readied

herself. Five feet from Katsumi the spirit drew its completely black sword and attacked.

Katsumi had just enough time to block the attack. For a moment they both stood there,

swords clashing.  They were eye to eye. The spirit jumped back into the far corner of the

park. But before the spirit was half way there Katsumi had jumped after it. When the

spirit had absorbed the shock of landing Katsumi was already on him. They clashed again

only this time the spirit was on the receiving end of the blow. The spirit quickly pulled

back its blade and then bashed it back against Katsumi’s sword. Her arms were pushed up

into the air along with her sword. The spirit took this opportunity and raised its leg and

kicked Katsumi in the stomach sending her flying into a tree some 20ft off. The tree

shattered where she hit it about seven feet above the ground. Katsumi fell to the ground,

as the spirit began walking towards her. She started to use her sword to stand herself back

up. As soon has she had stood up again the spirit had reached her and swung it’s sword.

Katsumi ducked causing the spirit to get its sword caught in the tree. Katsumi rolled out

from under the spirit, jumped back up, and slashed at the demon just as it managed to get

its sword out of the tree. Suddenly there was a great sound of breaking glass. Katsumi

had managed to land a hit on the spirits armor. The left shoulder plating of the suit was

now hundreds of shards of black crystal flying through the air. Katsumi was shocked to

see that she had actually hit the spirit and had let her guard down. The spirit however was

only momentarily stunned. Coryn screamed at her.


It was too late. Katsumi came to just as the spirit slashed at her hand. She was able to

pull away just fast enough to keep from losing her hand. Instead she received a large cut

on the back of her hand. She dropped her sword. As she looked at her hand in horror the

spirit back handed her across the face. Katsumi was knocked off balance by the hit. The

spirit took this opportunity to attack. He commenced another attack. He made a cut across

Katsumi’s thighs causing her to fall to her knees. The spirit then cut her across the

stomach, but not deep enough to cause any major damage. Next came another slash over

the one already on her stomach creating an cross shape. The last blow that came was stab

strait through Katsumi’s left arm. The girls started running towards the park. Coryn stuck

out his arm to stop them. “Not yet!” Sam spoke. “She’s going to die!”

“Not necessarily.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just watch.”

   Katsumi’s mind was racing. She just couldn’t concentrate. Looking up she

watched the spirit raise its sword into the air. “Oh God!” The sword began its decent. A

thousand things went across Katsumi’s mind. At first she saw her memories of her time

as a Nisou Tomoshibi. Next appeared the image of a beautiful Japanese woman wearing a

kimono. Katsumi looked up at her and realized she was holding her hand. It was the

memory of a festival Katsumi had went too when she was little. The woman was her

mother. Once again the image blurred. Katsumi saw the image of a white man with

thinning brown hair, wearing a grey business suit. This was Katsumi’s father. The man

was yelling at Katsumi’s mother who was bent over in front of her. Her father stopped

yelling and walked out of the room. This was the last time Katsumi had ever seen her

father. Katsumi thought back to her father. He was an American business man who’s job

required him to take frequent business trips. Many of these were to Japan where some of

his company’s best customers lived. It was on one such trip that he met Katsumi’s

mother. They began a relationship and had Katsumi. What Katsumi’s mother didn’t know

though, was that her new found lover was already married and had children back in

America. This is what the fight was about. The wife had hired private investigator and

discovered about the affair. She contacted Katsumi’s mother, and it was revealed that

Katsumi’s mother had not known that her lover was already married. When Katsumi’s

father arrived later that night the confrontation resulted in the fight and he left forever.

These thoughts of her father filled Katsumi with rage. And then, something just snapped.

Katsumi reached up and grabbed the blade with her bare hand. Her eyes began glowing

as if on fire. She flooded her energy into the sword causing it to glow bright red. And

with a bright flash it shattered into pieces. Katsumi stood up slowly with her head still

facing the ground. The spirit backed up cautiously a few feet. Katsumi looked up at the


   Seeing the look in her eyes the spirit threw its arms up in front of its face in the

form of a cross. Simultaneously Katsumi started a round house kick directed at the spirit.

Her foot impacted directed on top of the spirit’s arms where it had crossed them,

shattering the spirits arms. The spirit flew back while still maintaining its stance, creating

ruts in the ground. As soon as the spirit had stopped Katsumi appeared behind it, as if she

had popped out of thin air. The spirit had just enough time to turn around to see

Katsumi’s fist smash into its face. Through some miracle the spirit dogged just enough to

only end up losing half of its head. This time the spirit became air borne. It flew off and

hit one of the cherry blossom trees. The tree broke clean in two. The spirit continued

flying through the air despite the tree and the fact that the armor’s back was entirely

gone. The impact had turned the spirit around and then, just as she had earlier, Katsumi

appeared in front of the spirit. She did a backwards spin in the air building up momentum

for the next attack. When the spirit reached her she delivered her final blow. The spirit

reached a point that would similar to standing to Katsumi’s left. Then while spinning

backwards, Katsumi sent the back of her right fist into the center of the spirit’s chest

plate, shattering it. What was left of the spirit and its armor slammed into the ground.

Katsumi landed in front of the spirit. It let out a cry of agony, and exploded into black

smoke. Katsumi stood for a moment more before collapsing to the ground unconscious. 

Coryn walked out onto the grass, right pass Katsumi, and over to the hilt of the spirits

sword, which had not been destroyed by Katsumi’s attack. He picked it up and began

studying it. The girls had also walked onto the grass but were gathered around

Katsumi.“Umm Coryn, shouldn’t we be trying to help Katsumi?”

“She’s fine for a little while longer.”

Coryn pulled of the metal cap at the end of the hilt and looked inside of it.

“Ah ha. I knew I’d seen that style before.”

“What was it?”

“A long time ago I knew an old Japanese swords smith, and a very good swords smith at

that. However he was also very perverted. Most likely the reason he was under

Mikaboshi’s control.”

“Great, now can we worry about Katsumi?”

“Yeah I guess so.”

Coryn walked over to Katsumi and crouched next to her. He placed his hand over her

heart and a soft white glow began emanating from beneath his hand. Katsumi wounds

began closing up and healing. Likewise her clothes which had been mostly shredded

during the fight began to come back together again. Shortly after the process had

began Katsumi had been completely healed. Coryn bent over and put his mouth

close to her ear.

“Katsumi it’s time to wake up.”

Katsumi’s eye lids began to flutter, and slowly she opened them and sat up.

“Uhh. What happened?”

“You won. What’s the last thing you remember?”

“I was fighting the spirit, then it started winning. I was on the ground and then… then…”

Katsumi looked up Coryn.

“I remembered my father.”

“I see.” The girls looked confused. Coryn noticed this and looked back to Katsumi. “You

never told them did you?”


“Should I say it then?”

“I’m not exactly in any position to object.” Coryn looked back at the girls and sighed “I’ll

say this in the nicest way I can. Katsumi’s father was just a horrible person. He was an

American businessman who was cheating on his wife with Katsumi’s mother. He was

abusive both verbally and physically and eventually he just abandoned them. In the end

the abuse, and having to work three jobs just to get by almost became the death of

Katsumi’s mother. She’s very ill and is always strapped for cash. Katsumi knew that if

she died, her mother’s heart would give from hearing the news. This gave Katsumi the

reason she needed to live. That’s when she finally tapped into her full potential” Coryn

looked back at Katsumi. “Did I get the gist of it?”

“Yeah I’d say so.” Coryn offered her his hand. Katsumi grumbled and grabbed his wrist,

pulling herself up. “Coryn.”


“When I was about to die. Why didn’t you start to save me like you said you would?

“I knew that you had more in you. You just couldn’t find the will to use it. I took the

gamble that you would find the way to use your power.”

“I hate you.”

“That’s ok, I’ve already cau… What’s that noise?

The girls looked around wondering what was happening. Eva looked at Coryn like he

was crazy.

“I don’t hear anything.”

As soon as she finished her sentence a grumbling sound became audible to everyone, a

few seconds later the ground began to shake. “What is that?” Suddenly Coryn looked

alarmed, he looked at the only two entrance ways to the park then he looked up, he turned

to the girls. “Remember how I told you that we were probably walking into a trap?”


“Well I suddenly realize that the spirit wasn’t the trap.”

“What do you me….?” Eva was cut off by Coryn raising his hand and pointing it towards

them. “I’m sorry.” Coryn flicked his wrist up and all four girls were sent flying into the

air.” Katsumi was screaming at the top of her lungs. “I HATE YOU CORRRYYYNN!!!”

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #11 on: December 03, 2009, 09:17:57 PM »

         Coryn took his attention away from the girls and looked at the entrance to the park.

The rumbling grew louder and louder as it moved toward the park. Coryn took his coat

off and threw it high into the air. Wearing his shirt without anything over it you could see

that Coryn was quite muscular but not built like a body builder. The rumbling had turned

into a great roar. He put one hand on each hilt of his sword and pulled them straight out

of their sayas. As he pulled up on the swords, the sayas fell to the ground. Coryn took

each sword and turned it horizontally. He brought the two hilts together at their ends.

Once again there was a small flash of light and two swords had become one. Coryn

grabbed his sword in the center of the hilt with his right hand. He stuck his arm out to his

side and started spinning the sword. At first very slowly but little by little he increased his

speed and soon the sword was a whirlwind of steal. The sound’s origin now became

clear. Emerging from the darkness at both ends of the park, small creatures started

surging from the darkness. Each was about three feet tall and had pitch black skin.

Resembling hairless apes the creature’s front legs were roughly 15cm longer than their

hind legs causing them to run like monkeys. The main difference however from monkeys

were their faces. Their heads were roughly human shaped, but had no ears. Their large

mouths extended from one edge of their face to the other. When opened you could see

that they had large pointed and jagged teeth. Seemingly placed at random they were

about a centimeter of space between each. Their noses seemed to be more of nubs with

slits cut in them than actual noses, and their eyes were like a wolfs with the exception that

they glowed bright red. The fiends continued to charge a Coryn who still stood in the

center of the park spinning his sword. Coryn’s coat hit the ground, simultaneously Coryn

stopped his sword’s spinning with it coming to rest as a forty-five degree angle. The

moment that the sword stopped moving Coryn sped forward. Not running, he had started

flying strait toward the mass of demons. Coryn was bent slightly forward and his right leg

was bent as if he was about to step on the ground with it and his left leg was about a foot

behind his right skimming the grass. Coryn impacted with the mass of demons in front of

him, at the same time as his impact with the front demons the ones behind him caught up

to him. Coryn and the two sets of demons collided at the same time. Coryn was instantly

covered in demons, which continued to pile on top of each other as a seemingly endless

stream streaked out of the darkness. The entire time from Coryn’s coat hitting the ground

to the time he was consumed by the fiends was a little more than a second.

   The pile of demons exploded. Coryn streaked out flying through the demons. He

dashed to the first one he saw. As fast as he was going he stopped in an instant and sliced

the demon in two. Without a moment’s pause he flew to his left and killed another

demon. And so it began. Coryn would dash to a demon cut it in half or decapitate it then

zoom off in another random direction for the next kill. Coryn was wiping them out almost

as fast as they were arriving. Coryn noticed a larger group of demons and headed straight

for them, they all jumped in the air in an attempt to smother him again. Coryn jumped up

into the air and landed on the head of the highest demon. The entire pile stopped in

midair, Coryn stood on one foot on the top. All of time seemed to slow down around him,

he closed his eyes then opened them back up slowly. He took a deep breath and jumped

high into the air, just before the pile of demons he was standing on was consumed by the

rest of the fiends. Fifty feet above the pile Coryn turned around in the air and dived head

first back into the demons. He went straight through the center of the pile, slamming one

end of his sword into the ground sending out a shock wave that sent the nearby demons

flying. Just as Coryn started pulling his sword out of the ground a demon jumped on his

back and bit onto his shoulder.

   Coryn reached around and pulled it off his back by its head and threw it into a

mass of demons. While this was happening Coryn hadn’t noticed the demons sneaking up

on him from behind. He was instantly swarmed. Coryn pulled his sword straight out of

the ground impaling a demon hanging on his right side. However this wasn’t enough, the

demons kept coming and coming and soon Coryn had been consumed. The girls now

about three hundred feet above Coryn were watching in horror as they continued to rise.

Camarin looked frantic. “What is he doing?!” Eva looked at her, a little scared herself.

“How the hell should I know?” Samantha responded next. “Don’t worry about that now!”

Katsumi looked worse than Camarin. “Then what are we supposed to do?! Resign

ourselves to death?!”

“I don’t think he had that in mind.” Eva chimed in. “Umm. I don’t

know if I’m the only one who’s noticed but we aren’t slowing down.” Looks of

realization spread across the other girls faces. But before they could think farther on the

subject their trajectory suddenly changed, from a 90 to a 45 degree angle. They were sent

over the tops of the buildings surrounding the park and towards the roof of a building a

block away from the park. “Brace yourselves!” Eva, Camarin, and Sam all landed on the

roof of the building with some amount of control. Katsumi however, smacked into the

side of the building just below the roof. As she started to fall Sam reached out and

grabbed her arm. “Who said you could go off and die?”

“Thanks Sam.” Sam pulled Katsumi up to the roof and the other two girls walked up to

them. All four of them looked down at the slowly growing mass of demons. Eva sat down

next to the edge. “Think he’ll be alright?” Katsumi looked up from the demons to the sky.

“If he’s as strong as he thinks he is, probably.”

“And if not?”

“Then this battle will be much quieter.” Camarin walked up right next to Katsumi, still

watching the demons. “You seem rather cold to Coryn, Katsumi.”

“He’s to rash, he never tells anyone what he’s about to do, and for some reason everyone

trusts him on a whim. Even Chiyoko, and you know how hard it is to gain her trust.”

“He just has that feeling about him. You know what I mean?”

“No. And I still don’t think we should take our eyes off him yet. He could be up to

something.” Eva looked up a Katsumi. “Could it be your acting so cold to Coryn because

you actually like him and you just don’t want us to know about it?” Katsumi smacked

Eva on the head. “NO! And I have no idea why you’re coming up with these ridiculous

ideas.” Katsumi sat back down. “Let’s concentrate on what’s going on with Coryn.” All

four girls looked back down at the pile of demons. The little monsters had stop flooding

the area and the pile stood about fifty feet tall. Every demon seemed to be trying to dig its

way down into the center of the pile with little success. He and there a sink hole would

form and the demons would fall in. The girls could only guess that it was the natural shift

the demons in the deeper levels or Coryn wiping out groups of demons. Down in the

center of the pile it was a much different story than the peaceful rooftop where the girls

stood watching.

        Coryn stood at the bottom of the pile struggling with the demons. Kanshou Amatsu

was almost completely useless in the packed conditions. There were demons on every

corner of Coryn’s body biting him with their jagged teeth. In order to keep from being

eaten by them Coryn was using his energy to create a skin tight shield that covered his

body. Even though the shield kept the demons from puncturing or tearing Coryn’s skin

and flesh he was still feeling the pain of every bite. With the weight of the hundreds of

demon on his body Coryn could barely move more than a few inches.“Damn it!

Individually these things are weak but with so many there’s no way I can cut my way out

of here. I can’t even swing my sword! Why does this *censored* always have to happen to me?!”

   Coryn thought back through the centuries. Back to when he was 21 years old.

Back to the war. The enemy had taken Jerusalem. Again. Both sides had been fighting

over the city for several months and the enemy generals had thought they would take the

city for good. They filled the city and surrounding area with basic infantry. The entire

force was composed of green troops. Most had probably never even witnessed a battle.

Several attempts were made to take back the city, with the idea that it would be an easy

task because of the inexperience of the enemy troops. Things couldn’t have been more

different. It was a blood bath. While the enemy troops was easy to wipe out in smaller

groups. Their numbers were just too over whelming. Our troops would go in easy

enough, but they would shortly be surrounded by hundreds of enemies and be

annihilated. There was but one option. An option that would take out all of the troops

with one fell swoop, but it had its problems. This option was a nuclear missile. We had

found it attached to a fighter jet at a destroyed air-force base in Iran. The missile and the

jet had somehow survived and seemed to be in operable condition. So the hardest

decision of the war was made. Whether or not to wipe out the holiest city on earth. Even

though the city had been reduced to rubble in the initial invasion it was still a coveted

prize. Muslims, Jews, and Christians all fought in the ranks.  Even among the top

commanders there was fighting. However after much arguing, several death threats, and

even a threatened coup, it was decided that our cause was more important than preserving

the city. The mission was suicide, everyone knew it. Despite that there were over 100

volunteers. The man chosen was an ex air force pilot, and also one of Coryn’s closet

friends. In the end the enemy lost the battle, mankind lost Jerusalem, and Coryn lost one

of his best friends.

   Back in the present Coryn chuckled to himself. “Over whelming forces deserve

over whelming force.” Coryn began charging up his energy, his eyes rolled back, and it

seemed like every one of his veins seemed ready to pop right of his body. Coryn’s body

started shaking violently as his energy became visible and started flowing over his skin.

High above on the roof of the building above the park the girls still watched, wondering

what was happening bellow. Beams of light began shooting out of small gaps in the pile.

Katsumi was once again frantic. “What’s going on?!” Sam was now standing right next

to her. “Sorry Katsumi but it looks like we’re going to have to deal with Coryn a bit

longer.” Back inside the pile Coryn’s strength was about to peak.

The pile exploded. The trees in the park already smashed by the weight of

the demons were incinerated and the sides of the buildings were blown off. The girls high

above were all blown back off the building by the shock wave and sent flying off to

another nearby building. The buildings channeled the blast strait up into the sky and

down the roads that were entrances to the park. Suddenly the buildings could take no

more and were blown into oblivion, quickly followed by the next ring of buildings. The

girls got back to their feet and looked towards the park. White energy was still flowing up

from the park blocking their view. Katsumi stared blankly at the energy.

“What happened?!”

Sam got up and stood next to her.

“Looks like Coryn blew himself up.”

     Thick smoke was rising out of the pit. About twenty feet from the edge of the building

Katsumi could make out a faint blur. As the smoke thinned the blur became clearer and

clearer until the girls could see it was human shape. A wind came up and blew the smoke

out of the way and Coryn emerged. A small trickle of blood was flowing from the right

side of his mouth, and his hair was in disarray. He held his sword in his right hand and

his coat in his left over his left shoulder. While his coat had been torn up it still had its

general shape. “Good to see you’re all right.” Katsumi looked away from him. “Humph!”

“She’s never in a good mood is she?” Sam answered “Only when you’re around.”

   Coryn glided over to the roof top and landed on it. He dissipated his sword back

into energy seeing that his sayas were lost with the explosion. Coryn put back on his

ruined coat, wiped the blood from his mouth, and brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“I look horrible don’t I? Oh well.” Coryn collapsed on the roof of the building and passed


Will review stories upon request. My latest arc: http://goo.gl/KYgsfF

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #12 on: December 03, 2009, 09:18:42 PM »

   “Coryn! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! There’s no way you can


“Shut up and do what I tell you Kelsey! If I don’t do it we’ll all die!”


“It’ll be fine, trust me!”


“No buts! Ready?!... Now!

“One of them is still on me!”

“Hold on I’m coming back around!”

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” Radio cuts to static.

   Coryn sat up quickly. Covered in sweat, he looked like he had just finished

fighting a large battle. He was breathing heavily and had gone completely white. Not

remembering exactly where he was he looked to his right and saw the that he was sitting

on one of the buildings bordering the crater he had recently created. When he looked to

his left he saw Katsumi sitting seiza next to him with eyes wide open and her

mouth slightly ajar.

   “You have been sleeping for about three hours but suddenly you started yelling so

I ran over to see what the matter was.”

“Oh… thanks.” Coryn looked around and suddenly realized it was dark. Katsumi noticed

his reaction to the lack of sunlight. “The sun set about half an hour ago. We figured that

there would an increase in demon activity so Eva and Camarin are out on guard duty.

Sam went out to try and find some food.”

“Sounds good I haven’t eaten since I got to this dimension.” There was a short pause

before Katsumi started speaking. “Umm… Coryn…can I ask you a question?”

“What is it?”

“Who’s Kelsey?” Coryn sighed and laid his head back down on to the remnants of his

coat which had been balled up to use as a pillow. “So you heard what I was saying?”

“Only a little, most of it was inaudible. But the name Kelsey stuck out.”

“Hmm… well ok then. Kelsey was a girl that fought in the war with me. God was she a

handful. We had a bit of a thing going but that didn’t last too long. But I’m sure what

you’re interested in the most was the part I was dreaming about.” Katsumi nodded shyly.

“Well it was a low point in the war. Things were going to hell. There was an attempt

made to turn the war around by assassinating the enemy leader. However that plan went

south real quick. We were forced to flee using some enemy fighters, but they followed

us. In order to save everyone else I tried to get our pursuers to follow me. It was only so

successful. While most of them ended up on my tail, one stayed on Kelsey. They shot her

down. When I went back to help I was shot down too. After I crashed I was found by

Fuji, but Kelsey wasn’t so lucky. She had survived the crash but she was captured

and tortured as a prisoner of war. We rescued her eventually, but she was severely

traumatized and took six months to recover from the ordeal both physically and


   “So you used your powers to rescue her. Couldn’t have been to hard with all that

you can do. Did you just teleport her out or something?”

“No, you seem to be a bit confused about my powers. To begin with I have to learn a

power to use it. Frankly there was no other super humans on my Earth at the

time with the exception of Fuji and I had already learned everything he had to teach me.

So basically my only perks was my ability to heal at super fast speeds and the fact

that I was really strong and really fast. Other than that I had no special abilities, plus I

wasn’t the endless supply of intelligence that I am now, I only had a high school juniors

education. Basically I was only a shadow of my current self.”

“So you really have become a lot stronger.”

“Not as much as you may think.”

“What do you mean?”

   Coryn took his coat out from under his head and un rolled it in front of him. “I

have the ability to change the flow of the energy that makes up the universe. This energy

is called Enix.” Coryn placed his hand on the coat and it began repairing itself, with

missing pieces coming out of the existing coat as if it were a tree growing in size.

“Everything is the way it is because of the way Enix flows around it. I can change the

flow of enix to create something or remove what was already there. However there are

limitations to this power.” The coat was now completely repaired Coryn stood up and put

it back on. “I cannot create new life. It is possible for me to take a pile of ashes from a

creature that was burnt and restore it but it is impossible to make a new life. It is also

impossible for me to destroy life with this power so I cannot just make people disappear.

I can do teleportation but I have to be able to see said person.”


“Because of the nature of Enix itself. You see Enix is quite odd in its behavior. There

have been times when I have been the wielder of incredible amounts of power I didn’t

have the moment before and sometimes I have less power than I know I have. Basically

what I’m getting at is the fact that at times Enix displays traits of intelligence.”

“What are you saying?”

“It’s that we humans don’t control Enix but rather Enix lets us use it.”

“So you’re saying that if Enix let you use it to your max that centaur would have been

dead before it could blink?”

“No that was me holding back so I could figure out how strong one of Mikaboshi’s

demons are.”

“We’re you holding back when you fought all the little demons?”

“Yes but I was holding back more with the centaur, those little bastards pushed me to my

limits when I’m like this.”

“Like this?”

“I have incredible amounts of power. If I was at my peak all the time bad *censored* could

happen. Not only that but to be at full strength I would have to put all my powers in the

active position.”

“What do you mean active?”

“Well, when I limit myself, my energy level, strength, speed, and healing abilities are

only at about 20%. As for special powers I only have five or six active at one time. All

the rest are in a sort of standby mode. When I need one of them I put one of my active

powers in standby and take the power I need and make it active. The whole process of

switching powers takes about five minutes.”

“Why didn’t you tell us this before?”

“Well… I was… kinda trying to show off.” Katsumi looked annoyed. “You’re saying

you’re not normally as powerful as we saw you?”


   Katsumi smashed Coryn’s face in sending him flying across the roof. He stopped

about 20 feet from falling off the side. Coryn jumped back up to his feet with his hand

clutching his nose as he desperately tried to stopped the blood pouring from both his

nostrils with little success. Katsumi and Coryn ran across the rooftop and met each other

half way. They slammed their heads together and started yelling. “WHAT YOU DO


   “WHY DO YOU THINK?!” Both stopped yelling and started growling at each

other. “Ehem.” Katsumi looked to her right and Coryn looked to his left to see Sam, Eva,

and Camarin looking at the scene rather perplexed. Sam who was holding a plastic bag in

her left hand. She rose her right hand, and with her elbow bent pointed at Coryn and

Katsumi. “Umm… what are you two doing?” Both of them suddenly blushed and jumped

back a little away from each other and in unison spoke. “NOTHING!”


Katsumi gave her rebuttal to Sam’s sarcasms. “Really! But there is something Coryn

wants to tell you all.”  She turned back to Coryn and gave him an innocent smile. Coryn

couldn’t help but think to himself. “That Bitch!” he turned to Sam and the others and

gave a nervous laugh. “Hehehe…weelll.” Roughly an hour later everyone had filled their

stomachs and Coryn had accumulated three more bruises on his face.

   Eva lay back resting her stomach. “Can I ask you a question Coryn?”

“Depends what the question is.”

“You seem to know things about Mikaboshi that you’re trying not to let on. What do you

really know?” Coryn sighed.

“Truth be told I don’t know that much. But what I can tell you is that a long time ago I

had an encounter with Mikaboshi in the underworld.”

“You fought him?”

“I wouldn’t call it a fight.” Coryn looked towards the ground and Eva took it as a sign to

change the subject.  “So where do we go now?” Coryn pulled out

the rolled up kleenex out of his left nostril. “You have obviously forgot our eye in the

sky.” Camarin looked at Coryn. “You mean Moon?”

“That I do.” Coryn lifted up his right hand and touched the center of his right ear with

his finger. A orange hologram appeared on his ear. It was a round circle with a large

amount of bright spots that the girls guessed were buttons, from the part that

encompassed his ear a thinner branch came out and reached down to his mouth. The end

of the digit was bulkier than the rest and was obvious as the place he speaks into. Coryn

began to press the buttons at high speeds after having seemed to press each button at least

100 times Coryn put his hand down. A beam of light shot out of the front of the

communicators’ main body hitting ground directly in front of Coryn. The light widened

and formed into the shape of man. He was a at eye level with Coryn who was sitting

down on the roof. Even though the hologram was still orange, you could tell he was

wearing dark loafers, and light slacks. He had on a light colored, long sleeved, button up

shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, over the shirt he had a dark colored sweater

vest. He was white with black hair that was short but was a just slightly longer in the

front but instead of letting hang in bangs he had it gelled up and forward.  He was

wearing thick, black glasses with square frames. Even though he looked slightly odd with

glasses they gave him an air of intelligence. He was also quite good looking and in

excellent shape.

   The man opened his mouth and spoke a familiar greeting. “’Ello you prick.”

“Hello Moon.” Sam scooted closer to Moon. “This is what moon looks like?” Both Coryn

and Moon looked up at her. “Why?”

 “Oh, I just, I guess I had imagined him as looking a bit differently.” Coryn leaned back

again. “That’s understandable, I explained him as an expert computer hacker and genius.

The stereotype is a big fat guy at the computer who can barely move. That’s one of the

things that made him so good a hacker, no one expected a healthy athletic guy with

average test scores throughout his life to be a computer genius.” Moon smiled at her.

“Coryn ‘ere makes and excellent point. Actually all my life I’ve gotten average scores on

purpose. Who would suspect a guy who can barely open up the word processor

application on his computer?” Moon turned back to Coryn. “So, what is it?”

“I need a sitrep on what we’re going to face in the city tomorrow.”

“Can do.” Moon waved his hand over the ground and a 3D map of the city seemed to

unroll from nowhere. A green spot appeared in the upper right of the map and four small

red spots appeared in random places throughout the city. In the center of the map a large

red spot resided. “Right, that little ol green spot over there is us, all these little red spots

are the remaining demons and that big one in the center is the main bastard.” Coryn

touched the red dot closest to their location instantaneously the map zoomed in closer.

“It’s only ten minutes from here. That’ll be are next hit.” Coryn looked back at Moon.

“We’re really going to get to it tomorrow, so I want you to update me every 30 minutes

on the demons locations.”

 “No problem mate.”

 “Good.” Coryn Got up and walked towards the buildings edge a little ways. He stopped

for a second and turned his head back to the girls. “We’re going to leave early tomorrow

so I wouldn’t stay up too long. I’ll take first watch.” He kept on walking towards the edge

but now he started to sing in English. “Now come all you brisk young Salem lads that

have a mind to venture. On board a Yankee privateer, your precious lives to venture. On

board that Salem privateer, and she is called the Fame. She’s cruising out of Salem

sound, bound for the Gulf of Maine.”

   Katsumi looked at Coryn perplexed (for the fact she doesn’t know English) as he

walked off into the darkness at the far end of the building he faded from view along with

the song. “What is he doing?” Sam looked at her. “Going insane I suspect.” Moon and

the map had also disappeared with Coryn, so the girls laid down next to each other and

fell asleep.

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #13 on: December 03, 2009, 09:19:23 PM »

   Katsumi started opening her eyes. As the dim light brought her back into reality

loud music began playing in her ear. She looked to her right and saw a very large speaker

a few meters away. Coming from it was the sound of a brass instrument playing some

sort of pep tune, but before she could think on this further, her view of the speaker was

filled with the view of Coryn’s eyeballs, just centimeters from her own.


Katsumi turned her head back to the left to see that Coryn was standing on her left, but

had bent over so that he would be on eye level on her right. She turned her head back to

Coryn’s face, which he still hadn’t moved. As she looked into Coryn’s eyes he blinked

twice right before she sent her left fist flying as hard as she could into his crotch.

Seemingly un-phased Coryn blinked one more time before falling hard to the ground at

Katsumi’s feet. Coryn curled into the fetal position and very hoarsely said. “Good to see

you’re full of energy today.” The commotion, not to mention the loud speaker, had

woken up the rest of the girls as well who were not so happy to be woken up in such a

fashion either.

   Katsumi had gotten up and was still complaining to Coryn. “How the hell do you

even bend like that?!” Coryn got back up. “I inverted my knees.” At this point Sam hit

Coryn in the face. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?! And what the hell is that



 “Just turn it off!” Coryn walked over to the edge of the roof where the

speaker was sitting. He lifted up his leg and kicked the speaker. It flew off the roof and

accelerated straight down getting quieter and quieter as it fell. Then with a crash that

resounded throughout the empty city the music was heard no more. Coryn turned around

to see that the girls were lined up and not looking very happy. Eva walked up to Coryn

and inserted her foot into his crotch. Coryn once again fell to the ground. “Not again.”

Eva looked down at him. “Are you always like this?” Coryn jumped back up very quickly

“No… shouldn’t have done that.” Coryn fell back over. Eva sighed “Well what now?”

Coryn got back up, but slowly this time. “Well, first thing today we’re going to defeat the

closest demon to us.” Camarin spoke. “And where is that?”

“Well in about ten seconds ‘that’ will be ‘here’.”

“What?!” At that moment there was a great rush of air as a large

black blur flew up behind Coryn. The blur flew in a circle above the building before

stopping in the air about a fifty feet above Coryn and the girls. When the blur had

stopped, it became apparent that the blur was indeed a large raven. Its feathers were

actually more dark crystals. Beating its wings slowly to keep aloft, Coryn estimated its

wing span to be around 30ft. Coryn began rubbing his chin as if he had a beard. “Would

make one hell of a Thanksgiving.” “DO NOT MOCK ME!” The bird had a female voice

and spoke without opening its mouth. “Ohh so you are intelligent.” This time the bird

didn’t reply. Instead it brought its right wing down sending a single sharp feather flying

at Coryn. He caught it with his middle and index fingers centimeters away from his face.

“So that’s how it is.” Coryn flicked away the feather that stuck several inches deep into

the rooftop. “Camarin your turn.” Katsumi ran up to him. “Why do you still plan on

doing this?”

“Because it’s for the best. Besides, we should see what Camarin thinks.” Before Coryn

could turn around Camarin walked past him towards the raven. She stopped and looked

up at the raven. Without a word she unleashed her energy. As yellow energy spiraled

around her she became completely hidden, then in an instant all of the visible energy was

blasted away. Camarin now stood transformed wearing her dress and golden quiver,

while holding her golden bow. She reached her fingers up to the top end of her bow and

started pulling out what appeared to be a string of yellow energy and connected it to the

other end of the bow. She took hold of the center of the string and pulled it back. Sure

enough as she pulled an arrow of light appeared from where she had taken hold of the

string expanding in both directions. One staying connected to the string as she pulled, and

the other towards the bow. She fired. The arrow rocketed towards the bird in a perfect

line, but as soon as she had fired the bird had shot another feather. The two projectiles

met in the middle, producing a small burst of energy as both arrow and feather were



    Camarin lifted her bow again, this time however, she turned her bow sideways.

When she pulled back the string she produced not one, but five arrows. She fired, but

once again the bird stopped them all. “So I have to get serious don’t I?” Camarin started

running to the right with the bird following right behind her. She jumped off the roof

straight at the side of a taller neighboring building. She turned around in mid-air and hit

the building with her feet. As soon as she had got to the building she jumped off the wall

heading straight for the raven. She began firing arrows in rapid succession at the raven.

As she flew past the raven it made a 180 and began following her again. Camarin hit the

ground and spun around. She kept firing as she slid. When she came to a stop the raven

launched a massive amount of feathers from each wing. Camarin shot most of them down

but some of the feathers still reached her.

   There were two feathers in her left leg and one in her right brought her to her

knees. Another feather went past her left shoulder and made a deep cut in it. Camarin

looked up to see a second wave of feathers. This caught Camarin by surprise and she

wasn’t ready for it. Just before the arrows reached her Coryn appeared in front of her. He

came out of thin air just as Katsumi had when she fought with the spirit. Both of his

swords were already out, and when the feathers arrived he began deflecting them as

rapidly as they were arriving. However even Coryn wasn’t fast enough to knock them all

down. Several impacted him across his body. He coughed up a little blood but continued

to stand with his left hand covering a cut on his right side, and his right hand holding out

the other half of his sword in a defensive position. “Camarin… that bird… wants you to

just keep deflecting its feathers. There’s no end to them. But you’ll run out of energy

sooner or later.” Coryn winced as he pulled out a feather on his right side. “Get behind it.

It shouldn’t be able to fire its feathers out of the backs of its wings.” Coryn pulled out

another feather. But he didn’t drop it. Instead he threw it at the bird. He took the

opportunity he had made and turned around to Camarin. He ran up to her and put his

hand on her shoulder. Energy surged from his hand and pulsed across Camarin in an

instant. Even before the energy had finished moving along the length of Camarin’s body

Coryn had disappeared and reappeared back with the other girls. Camarin found that

Coryn had healed her just has he had Katsumi, but much faster. Probably due to the lack

of severity of her wounds. The raven had deflected the feather Coryn had thrown and a

new wave of feathers was already on the way. Camarin, however, was ready this time.

She jumped towards the demon and made a hole through the feathers just large enough to

fit through. When she emerged on the other side the raven brought up its wings in order

to send out more feathers but Camarin reached the raven before it could fire. When

Camarin reached the raven it was at its head. She placed one foot on the demons beak and

launched herself farther into the air and towards the demons back. The raven had moved

its beak upward as Camarin was jumping from it and had in effect flipped her upside

down. But Camarin was not thrown off course and as she turned completely upside down

she launched five arrows down the length of the ravens back. This time each arrow hit

and stuck into the raven. Camarin fell past the ledge of the building still upside down.

The bird flew after her and soon was with her again. It flew right in front of her. Camarin

calmly drew another arrow. At this distance the demon knew it couldn’t block her attack.

It opened its mouth and shot it’s head towards her. Just before Camarin would have been

in the birds mouth she flooded the arrow with energy tripling its size. She let it fly,

straight into the birds’ mouth. It punched a gaping hole strait through the ravens head.

The demon exploded into black smoke leaving Camarin falling by herself.

   Coryn appeared directly in front of her (also upside down for some reason).

He took her in his arms and teleported them both back to the others on the rooftop.

Camarin’s clothes went back to normal and her bow disappeared. She sat down on the

roof and laid back. Coryn sat down next to her with his arms resting on his knees. “You

going be ok?”

“Yeah…I’m just out of energy.” Coryn stood back up. “Lets give her some

air!” Rather forcefully he drug the other three girls away. When they were out of earshot

he brought them into a huddle. “Can I ask you three a question?” Katsumi replied

sarcastically “Would you listen if we said no?”

“Good! No problems then. Now listen, when that demon showed up there wasn’t even a

dispute like the last time. I mean she went straight for the jugular.” Sam put her arm on

Coryn’s shoulder. “This is a sore subject with Camarin so I wouldn’t talk about it to her.

It’s just that… well… Camarin’s family was killed by a demon in the form of a large

bird. She saw the whole thing. Something tells me I don’t have to explain the details of a

demon attack to you.” Coryn didn’t reply, he just stood up and started walking over to

Camarin. “Hate to bring this up even though you just finished fighting a demon but…”

The other girls all had an expression of horror on their faces. “The other girls and I have

talked and we decided it’s high time I got around to teaching you all how to do a jump.

I’m sure you will agree it could have been useful already today.” This brightened

Camarin up. She stood back up and faced Coryn. “So, when do we start.” Coryn smiled at

her. “Right now.”

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Re: Coryn's Saga Arc One is finaly ready!!!!
« Reply #14 on: December 03, 2009, 09:20:00 PM »

   Coryn stood in front of the girls. “Ok, let’s start with the basic explanation. The

technique is called kuupu. Commonly referred to as a jump. It is when you

instantaneously transport yourself from one place to another. You change the flow of

Enix and you end up some place else. Any questions so far?” Eva started to raise her

hand but then put it back down with an embarrassed expression on her face. “Umm…

How exactly to we change the flow of Enix? We haven’t exactly done this before.”

Coryn became a little ecstatic. “Yes! You have! That’s the beauty of it!” Eva just looked

confused. “What do you mean?”

“Listen. Every time you summon your weapons, jump high into the air, or use that super

human strength your changing the flow! It’s just until now you have been unaware of

what you were actually doing!” Katsumi elbowed Coryn in the head who had been

getting progressively closer to Eva as he had been talking.

“Calm down.” Coryn clutched the back of his head. “tch tch tch tch tch. Ok then. The

point I’m trying to make is that to be able to use kuupu all you have to do is mentally

recognize how to change the flow of Enix.”

 “And how do we do that?”

“Well I always thought a little demonstration worked the best.” Coryn grabbed his left

hand. “This maybe a little unsettling.” Coryn ripped his left hand off. But as soon as the

flesh began tearing his hand had began regenerating so that as soon as the old hand had

reached where his finger tips had been his hand was already back to normal. The old

hand however did not do any regenerating. Instead Coryn had formed it into a gun. The

girls were all in shock of what had just happened. Coryn tossed the gun to Katsumi who

caught it awkwardly. “That’s a 9mm handgun. There isn’t a lot of kick so you should be


 “What am I going to do with a gun?!” Coryn looked confused. “What else? Shoot

things. Namely me.” Coryn turned around and began walking off. “What if I kill you?!”

“You won’t.” Coryn stopped about 25 meters away and turned around. “Now I want you

to shoot at me.” Katsumi raised the gun barrel and pointed it at Coryn. She squeezed the

trigger. Within a blink of an eye Coryn was standing a few feet right of where he had

been and had completely dodged the bullet. “AGAIN!” This time when Katsumi fired she

didn’t stop. Coryn dodged three more rounds as he had the first. “ARE YOU EVEN

TRYING?!” Katsumi fired again. This time Coryn not only dodged but came closer.

With the next three rounds fired he came closer and closer. After dodging the third round

he was standing less than two feet away from the guns barrel. “Is that the best you can

do?” Katsumi fired her ninth round. Coryn reappeared behind her but not only had he

dodged the round but he had taken the gun from Katsumi hand and was now pointing it at

the back of Katsumi’s head. “Turn around.” Katsumi turned around and looked down the

gun barrel. “By the time I’m done with you you’ll be able to do that.” Coryn pulled the

trigger. Confetti and a flag that read “BANG!” came out of the gun with a loud pop.

Katsumi jumped back and stumbled to the ground with a high pitched yelp. Coryn tossed

the gun aside. “When you were fighting the Samurai you preformed Kuupu. The problem

is that you did it unconsciously. What is needed is that you know what you’re doing.”

Coryn grabbed Katsumi’s arm and helped her up. He turned back to the other girls. “IT’S

TIME FOR BOOT CAMP MAGGOTS!” While he said it Coryn’s voice was different.

Not quite is own. It had a darker undertone that was reminiscent of an old soldier. Coryn

drew the sword on his right hip and stabbed it into the roof of the building. A strait beam

of yellow light shot out of the ground about a mile away. As the light rose it began

curving towards the building that they were standing on. The light stopped directly above

Coryn. The entire length of the beam split, and began moving around the group creating a

great dome of energy in the sky. When the two halves connected again on the other side

of the building the dome’s light flared up for a moment and then the entire dome became

transparent. Coryn sheathed his sword again and turned to the girls. “The dome is two

miles in diameter and two miles high. This is our training ground. As long as we’re in

here the demons won’t be able to sense us so when we leave we won’t be walking into an

ambush.” Sam stepped forward. “So what now?” Coryn tilted his head to the left. “We

play tag. You four are it. So, catch me if you can!” Coryn disappeared leaving the girls by

themselves. Camarin didn’t look amused. “So now what?” Katsumi rejoined them. “I

guess we find him.”

 “But how? This place is huge.”

 “We should probably split up. We can cover more ground that way.”

“Ohhh I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Coryn’s voice had seemed to come from

everywhere at once. Eva sighed. “I guess he can use this shield to hear us to.”

“Actually no.” Coryn appeared in the middle of them. All four girls jumped back in

surprise. “I never left in the first place. I just turned invisible.” Sam wasn’t happy. “Are

you saying you’re going to be invisible too!” She lunged at him but he disappeared just

before she reached him, and reappeared behind her. “Of course not. That would be unfair.

No, I was simply having fun with you. But you did help me remember an excellent point.

The key to winning is teamwork. That goes for real battles as well as training. So…”

Coryn used kuupu to get on the other side of the girls. “If you don’t work together, you

will never catch me.” Coryn turned around and started running. He jumped to another

building and kept running. Coryn turned his head back. “Oh come on! Did you really

think I would start with kuupu?!” Katsumi wasn’t amused. “Damn him.” At once all four

girls powered up and began running after Coryn.
   Coryn was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, holding on to his swords so they

Wouldn’t fly off. He jumped up to a higher building. As soon as he landed on the roof

five arrows landed in a semi circle around him. He looked up. Camarin was directly

above him with her bow pointed at him. “Hey! Who said we were using weapons?!”

“You never said we couldn’t!”

 “Point taken.” Coryn whipped out his swords. There was a quick flash of reflected light

and both swords were back in their sayas. The bit of roof Coryn was standing slid off the

building. It fell for a hundred feet or so before Coryn jumped off it towards a different

building. He hit the buildings side and started running along it sideways. He turned

around the corner and saw Eva flying strait towards him. His eyes flashed up. She was

using her gloves to swing from a horizontal flag pole on the side of the building. He

looked back at her. She had drawn her arm strait back. “What is she…?” Coryn didn’t

finish his thought. Eva thrust her arm forward. The strings of energy shot out

of her fingers, strait at Coryn’s head. He jumped off the building just in time to dodge

them. As he flew towards and adjacent building he kept an eye on her strings. They

shifted direction and headed towards him. They went clean over his head, missing him by

about twenty feet. Coryn spun around. The strings smashed into the building he was

heading towards. Although they were in a tight formation at the time of impact, they

quickly spread apart across the building’s face. This caused a large section of building to

fall off, directly above Coryn. Coryn lightly hit the building and start a free fall. He

brought his arm back as he fell with his open palm facing the rubble. Coryn’s feet hit the

ground causing the sidewalk to shatter around him. Just before the rubble hit him he

thrust his arm up. It was like a shock wave had smashed into the rubble. The center of the

rubble cluster flew in all directions, leaving Coryn standing in a clear spot as the rubble

smashed into the ground around him. Coryn spun around, only to see Katsumi flying

towards him. He reached for his swords but only got them half way out. With his swords

still partly in their sayas Coryn blocked Katsumi’s attack by crossing his swords over his

chest. They slid back and Coryn smashed into the building. Katsumi raised her sword

again but Coryn was quicker. He dropped to the ground and did a sweeping kick, sending

Katsumi to the ground. Coryn jumped into the air and landed back on top of a sky

scraper. When he got there Sam was already waiting for him. She swung her spear. Coryn

bent back but lost a few hairs from his bangs. Sam jumped into the air and did a spin

before bringing her spear down on Coryn. This time however Coryn had managed to get

at least one sword out. He blocked the spear but Sam was already on her next attack. She

pulled her spear back, spun to the left and brought the spear down again towards Coryn’s

right side. It connected ever so slightly, cutting through Coryn’s coat and shirt leaving a

small cut on his side. Coryn decided it was best to leave. He spun around but as he did

Camarin rose over the edge with an arrow already drawn. With those two options out

Coryn turned right only to see Eva coming at him. Trapped on three sides Coryn didn’t

take the time to turn around, instead he touched off the ground and started to fly

backwards parallel to the rooftop. But within a few feet Coryn stopped. Katsumi was

behind him and had drawn her sword over his throat. She had an a touch of evil

satisfaction in her voice. “Tag. You’re it.”

   Coryn plopped to the ground and folded his legs together. He made a “T” with his

hands. “Time out.” The girls sat down around him. “Right. Now there is one thing you

should learn from this. And that’s that there is a limit to how fast a human can go without

the aid of Enix. Did you notice that you four matched my speed the entire time?” Sam

spoke “Yes but weren’t you slowing down for us?”

 “No. Again a human can only move so fast. You have all reached that limit. That’s why

you could match my speed.” Coryn winced and looked at his side. “Two seconds.” He

put his hand over the wound. The light came out of his hand, the wound healed closed,

and his shirt and coat were restored. “Back on topic. Since we can only move so fast

normally to move any faster we need to know how to use Enix. Kuupu is one of the ways

to use Enix to move around faster.” Coryn pointed at Eva. “When you were swinging

from the pole how did you do that?”

“I used my gauntlets.”

“Exactly. Now, how did you make your gloves grab onto the pole, how did you make

your energy flow from the gauntlets, how did you even summon your gauntlets?”

“I…well I sort of just willed it.”

 “Yes! You willed it to happen! That’s why Kuupu is so fast. It only takes about 300

milliseconds to form a complete thought. So if you can see it coming you can use kuupu

to avoid it.”

“And if we don’t see it coming?”

“Then you’re going to have a nasty headache in the morning.”

   Coryn got back up and the girls followed suit. “To use kuupu all you have to do is

will it, to imagine it in order that it become a reality. So enough tag, now we play follow

the leader. Coryn vanished and reappeared on the adjacent roof. “Now it’s your turn. No

more jumping and running though. It’s all kuupu from here on out.” The girls just stood

there, not quite understanding how they were going to perform kuupu already. Sam

walked to the ledge. She closed her eyes while the others watched. She started whispering

to herself. “I’m standing next to Coryn. I’m standing next to Coryn. I’m standing next to

Coryn. I’m on that roof over there standing next to Coryn. She opened her eyes and saw

Coryn standing on the other roof. Without warning she felt like her guts had been ripped

from her body and she had been turned inside out. She winced for only a second but

when she opened her eyes again she was smashing to the ground. She tried to get up but

vomited instead. Rolling over on her back she looked up and saw a figure silhouetted by

the against the noon sky. The figure bent down and she saw that it was Coryn.

“Congratulations Samantha. You have passed lesson one.”

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