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Author Topic: Comic-writer seeking work [PAID]  (Read 12481 times)

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Comic-writer seeking work [PAID]
« on: January 13, 2023, 02:05:10 AM »
I'm a comic-book writer looking for work. I write fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, and romance. I'm open to other genres except horror and comedy, as I suck at writing those... My services range from as minimum as $1 per each completed script to $5 maximum...
To be clear I'll only accept payment after I've written a completed script for a 24 page comic-book or completed graphic novel... I know my pricing might seem a bit cheap to ask for, but I don't want to ask for something people can't afford.

Here's a sample of my script writing:

Character sheet:

Terrance/Martial Centurion:

Age: 16

Appearance: a 5’7 young man with short black hair, brown skin, dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. As Martial Centurion Teerence wears a black and gray jumpsuit with a gray and black helmet with red eyes.

A black teenage boy with short hair, dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He has a special watch, that has a button that transforms him into a costumed superhero. Said costumed superhero is a Kamen Rider-like hero with a black and gray suit.

Naomi: A young black girl who's Terrance's girlfriend. She loves spending time with Terrence, but doesn’t know about his alter ego Martial Centurion.

Age 16

Appearance: A slender girl is a t-shirt and jeans with long sleek black hair.

Dr. Wallace:The evil scientist who seeks to rule the town Terrence and Naomi live in. So he created robot minions to help achieve this goal.

A balding elderly man with white hair and lab coat. The crown of his head is bald while his hair circles from his temples to the back of his head.

Page 1

Panel 1:

A man in a lab coat stood in front of four robots.

Panel 2:

The man activates the robots.

Panel 3:

The robots flew from the man’s lab.

Panel 4:

Narration Caption:”Elsewhere…”

A young man sat in front of a dressing room.

Page 2

Panel 1:

A young girl stood before him adorned in jeans a a short t-shirt that showed off her midriff.

Young girl:” So what do you think…?”

Young man:”Uh…”

Panel 2:

The young man gazed at the girl as she seemed to glow.

Panel 3:

The young man looked at the girl.

Young girl:”Um, are you alright…?”

Young man:” Yeah, I’m good.”

Panel 4:

The girl makes her way back into the changing room.

Young girl:”Well I know one outfit you like…”

To anyone iinterested, let me know.Comic-writer seeking work [PAID]