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Author Topic: Writer Looking for an Artist  (Read 1247 times)

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Writer Looking for an Artist
« on: September 22, 2022, 07:15:21 PM »
So I am a writer who wants to collaborate with an artist on making a manga or webcomic from a novel I have. First, for any revenue that is earned, we can definitely split 50/50.

I post chapters on Amazon because they have a more steady version of payment instead of waiting so I am more biased :sweat_smile: but I do know that it is not something many people may not be comfortable with and I completely understand. If the artist feels more comfortable with Tapas or Webtoon I am 100% with them.

Plan: If we go through Amazon, we could do it chapter by chapter instead of posting the complete manga/webcomic at once. This gives both the artist and me a break.

To be honest, I am looking for someone who does not mind doing romance. This would be my first webcomic (or manga) alone so it is like opening a new book without reading any reviews but going off of the plot and information I studied from some of my college classes and past experiences under a publisher.

Update: 04/ 12/2023

Okay, so I am changing this around because I have three other works in progress that I feel are closer to people’s interests. I kinda had some of these in the drafts for a while (some even years) and thought “Well maybe I should try these out instead”

The genres are all romance but each subgenre may differ.

 :heart: Plot 1- (My First Completed Story)

Wallflower Blooming:

Genres: Romance, Drama, and a Bit of Mystery

Blurb: Wallflower Blooming revolves around two people, Niko Kumai and Shunpei Matsumura. Niko's husband disappears, and shortly after she is suspected of being the cause. Before she is convicted, she goes on the run to find evidence to clear her name. Shunpei is being accused of bank fraud but has no idea how. Knowing what they may have left behind and the possibility of returning back they question if they want to go down the path of new love or return to the road they always knew.

Note: The story takes place in 2004 and also has themes of LGBTQ. The female lead is Bi (wanted a reflection of myself :hugging:) and the male lead is asexual and I thought it would be amazing to include at a time when it was not talked about a lot. Perhaps some things can teach people.

Length: The completed novel is 37 chapters, but there are a lot of chapters where I made 600 words with hooks for :sparkles:effect :sparkles:. Definitely 30 chapters or less


Physical copies

Barnes & Noble Physical Copies:

 :heart: Plot 2- (My Second Completed Story)

The Light Of Night Book One:

Genres: Romance and Fantasy

Blurb: The world of royalty is soon introduced to Ireia Foxe after she takes a job working under the king. She makes her own family and lives a peaceful life until destruction is brought to her. She builds herself back up but over time gains a new vengeance. She becomes a monarch everyone can aspire to look up to but with the risk of a curse and the unknown truth to many questions she has, how will she manage?

Notes: Book one is a little light and focuses on more of the events that made her want revenge. Book two becomes darker in a sense. There is book two is also finished and focused more on her love life and her as an older adult but primarily I am focused on book one.

Length: The novel version I wrote has about 21 chapters (though the link has 43 book one stops at episode 26, chapter 25. After that, it is the second book.


Physical Copies:

Oh! I do have designs of the characters as well (I made them with sims :sweat_smile:, I know wild right?). I do have a history with scriptwriting as well. Honestly, it's something I love to do when helping the artist.

Last but not least, my author page and socials:

Author page (The most popular ones are at the bottom and the least popular are more towards the top):

Feel free to message me!
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Re: Writer Looking for an Artist
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2022, 08:33:39 AM »
Feel free to ask questions.
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