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Author Topic: Dune... confused me...  (Read 2501 times)

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Re: Dune... confused me...
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2021, 08:54:46 PM »
Having had a few weeks to ruminate on it myself, I'm glad to say I also had a good impression of it. I understand cutting out a lot of the world building in order to tell the story just surrounded Paul. As much as I love all that nonsense, it definitely feels like it would have completely steamrolled people.

I won't say I thought the music was too loud, but that could have just been a personal preference. I won't give Zendaya any crap about the Chani performance though. She was only on screen for like five minutes, and I didn't think she was bad at all for what she did. I think the real test will be part two when she will actually get to be a character. But for now she sufficiently performed the roll as "weird desert chick".

My biggest thing was with Jason Mamoa. Now, I will say that a lot of it had to do with them smashing Gurney and Duncan's characters together, but he was clearly playing a nice gym-bro type, whereas in the books Idaho is a lot of an aloof soldier who doesn't take on much importance until the second book.

I will give him credit for wanting to turn it into a trilogy though. I think Dune Messiah would be a great basis for a movie, especially if they get the face dancers the metal eyes right. My biggest concern would be somehow getting Timothy Chamalandingdong aged up appropriately, lol. He did a good job a being the fish-out-of-water in the first half of the movie, but he definitely reads closer to 15 than to however old Paul is supposed to be in book 2.

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