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Author Topic: Manga artist Needed collaboration  (Read 443 times)

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Manga artist Needed collaboration
« on: March 03, 2021, 05:35:58 PM »
i am looking for a manga artist interested in working with me on collaboration for a story
i will give the rough idea its about cancer patients and their struggle
First page ami is found in a hospital here i thought of something like (a doctor form or patient form showing patient name and their stage of cancer and life expectancy and the date of the time, date of administration is mentioned and treatment available ) so here its stage 4 cancer, life expectancy is 1 year she was administered a year ago. cure available like a checklist here you mention chemotherapy, surgery. here you let the artist show how cancer looks like and where its located. here she is chubby with normal hair
2nd page a nearby patient had died so they moved her with a towel on her head you have to show the towel on the head that means they are dead. so ami got scared and started breathing heavily. she had a panic attack and ami has a really scared look on her face.
3rd page she given a drug with radical sign on it. but she slapped the hand of the nurse who gave it to her and shouted.she was given a tranqulizer and put on Drip with chemotherapy.
4th page she wakes up and she found the chemotherapy drug Drip attached to her but her mother was there she prevented her from removing it. now ami was given a good luck charm by her mother.
5th page now ami is skinny and losing hair drastically she is wearing a headband like the one cancer patients do or you can add that to the 6th page.
6th page ami now has no hair and a hair band on her head and skinny.
7th page Ami was sent to the ER for surgery but first the doctor had shown her mother the papers for surgery as they debated chemotherapy is not enough.
8th page ami is in ER now and the doctor comes out with a happy face ami mother collapsed and had a really happy face while crying she was clinging to the doctor while crying so the doctor hugged her and slowly clapped her back
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Re: Manga artist Needed collaboration
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2021, 02:46:11 PM »
My mom died from stage IV cancer, and I learned that oncologists are very cruel and will make no effort to save a patient's life. They won't even give pain medication to someone who is dying.

I think it'd be better if, rather than have a doctor save Ami, you should have something mystical, like magic saving Ami or something. I know I'm not the only one out there who hates cancer doctors. I'd be willing to help with art if it was something that didn't glorify the doctors.

I suggest you watch the anime "Monster" it gives a realistic depiction of how bad doctors can be.

None of those crackpot "cures" like Essiac, no doctors, just something beyond our reality that could save someone going through that. You know?
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