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Author Topic: Densetsu: A Beautiful Day  (Read 254 times)

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Densetsu: A Beautiful Day
« on: November 07, 2020, 09:55:12 PM »
This is my first time sharing a story on this website, still kinda new, so let me know if there's anything I need to fix. I'm always trying to improve myself! For now, I'm just going to share the prologue of my story. It's called the Densetsu Series. Hope you enjoy it!

Brief Summary: There resides a world that hides behind ours, separated by a mystical barrier. A utopia where humans and other beings such as fairies, yokai, and even gods live peacefully together. High in the mountain, there lives a shrine maiden who guards the border that conceals its identity from us. This world is known as Densetsu, the world of the Legends, created by the Legends.

Upon setting foot into the empty room, the black-haired boy noticed a circular pit in front of him. Visible blazing lights illuminated the room from below the pit. And ahead, a bridge awaited his next destination to another room. Falling off the metal bridge would incinerate him in a couple of seconds. Previously warned of the dangers, he sought to complete his objective: to destroy the generator. Deadly smoke havocked their world—the other world that lurked behind his own. Sickness filled the air, and the people were caught by it. Coming from a different place, this boy was unaffected. If the generator wasn’t stopped soon, this other land the boy discovered would rot.

The dreaded hot wind from the pool of lava blew through his soul as he progressed. His hands swelled, turning red the further he continued. Oxygen became harder to grasp, his breaths shortened, and his vision blurred.

The generator...must be...here, he thought. Even as he headed further into the next room where the generator resided, he realized how exhausted he became so quickly.  I must be...careful too... any enemy can come and...attack me. Sweat drenched his body. Each step touching the flames of the sun became harder than the other. By now, he should’ve been dead. He didn’t understand why he was able to withstand such intense heat.

A rustling movement caught his attention. The boy halted, and he caught sight of a young golden-haired girl in an azure cloak. Her appearance was expected. Before coming here, he was previously warned about this girl—he knew what to do, searching through his pockets. “So you must be Project Device Type-0013 NEW?”

“Analyzing… Target… Complete… Returning into Memory Mode…” Then, she opened her eyes, their gazes interlocking with each other. She met his chestnut eyes while he stared into her azure eyes. “Kotaro! Have you come here to kill me… again?”

The young man recalled no memories of this young girl. He saw nothing in her but scraps of machine embodied with violence. “I’m not here to kill you. I’m here to destroy you and the generator!” Kotaro answered. NEW burst into laughter, but Kotaro remained silent.

“Oh, Kotaro! You’re so funny! Killing and destroying are the same thing,” she teased maliciously. “Let’s have fun and kill each other again!” The tone of her sweet and innocent voice became more sinister and evil, but he didn’t fret.

Kotaro was at a disadvantage. With the fiery heat burning his skin from both the inside and outside, he wouldn’t last very long. He had no other choices. It was either fight or die. “Power Sword!” Kotaro commanded. The stick in Kotaro’s hand morphed into a double-edged sword. “Get ready to be destroyed, you stupid machine!”

“Project Device Gear Activate,” the girl commanded. A sword-shaped object fell between Kotaro and NEW. With one swing from Kotaro’s sword, the heavy impact pushed Kotaro away from NEW. He dropped his sword, and his hands touched the metal floors. Kotaro groaned as his hand made contact with the heated floor. Enduring the fiery pain, he picked up his sword and stood up. “Project Device Type-0013 NEW Combat Mode.” The object disappeared, and Kotaro opened his eyes to see NEW in different clothes. He was impressed by how swiftly she changed clothes. Her cloak disappeared, replaced by a thick azure suit with gray metal shoulder plates. Two identical swords appeared in NEW’s hands, and the two commenced battle.

Kotaro resumed his attack, grunting upon every swing. NEW stood still before clashing her blade to his into a shower of sparks. Laughter filled the battle. NEW used her other sword in an attempt to impale Kotaro. Luckily, Kotaro pushed her away from him, resulting in NEW losing her balance and nearly falling off the bridge.

Now’s my chance! Kotaro thought. He dashed forward with a readied slash. He twisted his body, gathering enough strength to finish the blow.

Then, it occurred, and it would always happen: the Infinite Loop. No matter what happened or how many times it has changed, the conclusions remained the same. Crimson stained the metal floors. The days continued to repeat itself, and eventually, the two would come to meet once more in combat. In their fight, he fell into battle again, and the day would repeat itself once more. This was not the first of his attempt to stop the machine and the generator that corrupted the other world with sickness. The world went round and round, a never-ending world it became. The kaleidoscope never stopped.

“How did you…get me?” Kotaro panted as he convulsed fresh scarlet. Unknown to him, cold steel impaled his chest from behind.

“Summoning Technique: Undefined Saber. I thought you knew I was bound to use Skills for our fight,” said NEW. Smoke-like particles of energy billowed from her fingertips. “But I was wrong…” Carelessly, she walked towards Kotaro, ignoring the pain of the sharp steel piercing through her chest. At last, they were together.

“Let’s become one, Kotaro! Let me accept you, Kotaro!” NEW exclaimed, smiling. “Engaging Project Device Type-0000 THE END…unleashing the ultimate power,” Wrapping her arms around Kotaro, NEW moved backward as she dragged his lifeless body. Without warning, they both burned into cinders. Then, the pool of lava began changing to an emerald hue.

A different man watched their battle from the sides. He spoke to himself in his soliloquy. “And he failed once more...” A girl in red robes sat next to him.

“I’ll see you again, Yuuki Nohara,” she said.

“Kamiyama Shrine Maiden, how many loops have we experienced?” Yuuki asked, “I’m already sick of doing this again!”

A heavy sigh was exhaled into the world. “This is our twentieth Infinite Loop,” she revealed no emotion through this conversation. The tears and worries had already been dried for the scarlet lady. “Kotaro… we’ll meet again.”

Interesting fact, I worked on this over 100 times--but I still don't think it's good YET. I was kinda hesitant to share my story, but I realize I needed to push my boundaries if I wanted people to read my stories. Plus, if I don't improve, I'll stagnate--and I think that's everyone's biggest fear. Anyway, thank for reading! I love to hear some feedback, and then I'll post the next few chapters every now and then!
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