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Author Topic: Diesinglong update it doesn't go well with my vision  (Read 4503 times)

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Diesinglong update it doesn't go well with my vision
« on: February 26, 2020, 04:36:36 AM »
Hey Guys I recently got inspired by the Anime movie Akira, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and other anime with diversity of characters.

Basically Idk how to describe my character I wanted to make him unique If I can make the artstyle of him. Kaneda, Detective Conan, Sasuke, Goku, Daichi Kobayashi, Rumina Asagi, Kosuke Ueki, Kiyo Takemine, Lambo, Kei Kurono.

Basically I don't think a horror or thriller can last I feel that my is in that route and I just feel like I want to put comedy into it if its going to be action.

I really like Death Note and 1917 movie I want to make something like that.

My story has been hard to understand.

 In the beginning they discovered 2 of the 7 wonders of the Ancient Threat World. A unknown past brings 2 of the dead people organization taking their territories and spreading magic into modern society. A world when magic is impossible. This Ancient Threat World reveals Dystopia in some places. The world they seek becomes a lost tournament many suffered for so many years and couldn’t find the purpose of it. One boy name Irugin gains the ability to break codes but when unlocking a grimoire of dark arts. A demonic ghost parasite takes over his body making him have the urge and pleasure of killing others. As his adventure goes on he finds himself in a mess, these pirates name the Telacahedrons came by and came to a decision to take Irugin. They kept Irugin so that one day he can help a pterodactyl name Lchiv with the Telacahedrons having the ability to transport within buildings and travel to different worlds. These Individuals venture out to make their mission to the lost tournament. As the main character Oulu has his own situation. He is a Residual Hitodama also a Residual magic user.

I feel like Idk Irugin very well maybe better off if he didn't exist in the story. Well I was thinking he could be a asian mime clown who transforms into the hindu god kalki. Idk abilities for that but Idk how to figure him out so. Abilities could be figured out after. I mean typical character main purpose is to wipe out humanity. I also like the bond of luffy and ace so I'm thinking.

Incase idea, I don’t think relevant:
Irugin father taught him black arts behind his mother back just because he wasn’t his real father. This is a Counte of Monte Cristo idea but just when his father was about to marry his mother. He got framed and began to go to prison for almost the rest of his life. I don’t know if I would put any family history in this series but this could be about proving and showing glory to his family name.

Ancient sorcerer has relation to Oulu teacher from the lost tournament. He possesses magic books and creatures not for sale.

Irugin sleeps in a cave behind a boulder just like the same as Jesus Christ death bed when he resurrected in 3 days. After suffering from the demon ghost parasite the hill Goliaths and the telacahedron pirates secured him there. They began a ritual for Irugin. What happen is that Irugin split himself into 2 halves and now Oulu born entering a new life at another side of the world.

Oulu and Irugin are 2 halves there is a story behind it. Unknown for now Oulu and Irugin comes from a secret family known as the Hill Goliaths these are old grown ups being around 5000 year old. The secret family is a clan of Hill Goliaths who have abilities from Dunkleosteus, other traits and fairy abilities some say they accomplish nothing in their life some say they can’t remember their names. They come from a secret family but there not Hill Goliaths themselves.

The real Oulu had cause drama in his life around his environment. No one wanted to be with him. This cause isolation at the age of 14 he became a missing boy in his home village. He ran away with his broken arm and died in the hospital from sickness. At the same time he got resurrected by Irugin other half choosing a random person to have his other life. As things go he tries to live out his life. One day in the hospital he met Elliot Soichiro his best friend. For a while in his time in the hospital he began to wonder the absence of Elliot. Not hearing anything from Elliot he felt abandoned. When Elliot arrived back he brought his teacher Bompensiero Bursey and offer him a job and a home to stay. His business called the Antique shop. Through out the story his hard times occur entering and living out the world of the Ancient Threat World. Which psychosis, social isolation and schizophrenia began to meddle within Oulu.

In the middle of the lost tournament Oulu brings Rarura, Opaka and Elliot. Oulu is in a situation with Irugin and gets hunted down by him and his minions, running on the backs of Rarura and Opaka, Oulu tries to survive. Elliot has gone through his own plot being separated for a bit. After being separated Oulu meets his first teacher as of now the teacher plans to create a sacred vase using the baghdad battery technique. He had to drink the sacred vase what it doesn’t know is that its poisonous if his other self Irugin is his subconscious existence so now Irugin will be granted a manifestation of Bupkis. Oulu trains under his teacher for a short time making himself a residual magic user. He seals the steatite on his broken arm sealing Rarura and Opaka. His right arm is now healed and not broken anymore. He heads out with Elliot testing their strength to other opponents before beginning to fight Irugin and the others hoping to get through the lost tournament. As things heat up Rarura and Opaka gets kidnapped by a clan of cannibals. Oulu is soon going to face the boss of the cannibals and now he is entering a territory where more characters are introduced. For example a Egyptian monster and a guy who relies on his metal suit is introduced in Irugin team.

Later in the story Oulu enlisted himself as a sacrificial warrior in the debts of the of prehistoric world as the others try to prove themselves as the true terrestrials. Some villages suffer from these monsters. Every lost human gets swallowed up and eaten by these ugly monsters. These monsters were humans themselves but when they got attacked they were found discovered in a mountain a valley of blood and stew. One of the mountains turn them from Pieces of flesh into monsters. Oulu and some others were taken in a organization. Training these individuals to become Viking sailors, tough experiences leaded each of them to set out in the deserted prehistoric world as they wait to be eaten or as they achieve higher power to conquer. This is where they fight a ugly witch and her minions.

Lchiv is awaken and has previous enemies. Oulu has already met the Asian Lung Period in contact and now he is imprison. Irugin and Lchiv take place in the battlefield with some of the terrestrials a war is about to begin. After that Oulu and a school of people are leaded into a lair in a field trip leading to a bullet train. A isolated building. This school has strictly made the education giving out roles for only professions helping out utopias, fighting slavery and becoming a military troop. As of in now there isn’t much of a option the jobs systems have died out. Within this event Oulu loses his temper with other people in groups of gangs. In the middle of it one of the left over of the Asian Lung Period show up showing there dragon forms just in the middle of the gang war. As the plot unfolds a being is effected with mass killing human organ business develop by the Asian Lung Period. Somehow in this Arc Oulu and Irugin go back behind the boulder of the cave and began the permanent fusion just when Lchiv died he also began to seal him in his steatite. As they sense a new danger the terrestrials wish luck to Oulu to what he has to face.

Later on in the story the time after Lchiv death Oulu trains into the labyrinth cave with friends hoping to be enlisted to be a student of the seven wonders of the Ancient threat world. At the time Oulu and some people dedicate their souls building the temple of Lchiv. There might be a second stage of the lost tournament no one knows about. The government isolates people from entering. Oulu plans to take down Lchiv greatest enemies. Also later on or in the middle of the story Oulu recruits a member a 300 year old Hill Goliaths as in now extinction will arise. Later on this Hill Goliath gains the ability turning himself to 11 year old boy regaining his youth losing his power as a Hill Goliath. This boy trains himself to be a hero like Oulu and the others.

The ends of the 2nd stage of the lost tournament. The 7 princes of hell living inside 7 demon mime Kings. They are the ones responsible for the blood bath. The Egypt king is introduced here the ruler of the Egypt monsters. These guys are the ones who kept Irugin as a experimental project once before. Before these individuals already organised their anti military gang as they recruit innocent bystanders to make a kingdom. Oulu and the others face the plot with all their might according to the Buddha tournament. To what the Buddha tournament said there are leveling of survival matches they have to occur with other unknown players this slowly leads to catastrophe. Villages and lands become effected. Oulu learns more about himself. The secret of the Ancient Dynamis Market turn into the wrong hands.

They travel around different maps. Although Oulu is a one man stand he faces the same danger with Elliot. They cross paths and within their friend group there is sometimes drama and tragedy. There are festival tournaments as well. Going with the activities the committee has titled for. They reach to different areas that don’t cause suffering. Places that isn’t part of the Ancient threat world. A map with exotic destinations.

To Start of the series Oulu has a broken right arm that can’t function ever due to accident.
Story Outline
Sewer Dungeon Arc Oulu/Elliot works and lives at a antique shop->military/warlord guy comes in->demands that Elliot’s teacher pays his taxes/rent->he doesn’t have the money->warlord takes the kids as a lesson ->takes them as slaves for labor camp->at labor camp there is sewer dungeon->there is flood and they get washed up into the sewer dungeon->They all have their adventure inside the sewer dungeon later meeting the Mandarin Fish Knight->A incident happens about the steatite vase piece and the Mandarin Fish Knight to a stepping stone throughout the story. After the sewer dungeon flooding activates again in different other locations now Oulu seeks to find the one responsible and take that user down. Oulu and Elliot are tired of working. They heard about the team death match and decided to join so that they will never have to work again.

Diesinglong chapter 1
The beginning: Tales of a destructive boy
We should know that Oulu's arm is broken based on a character design
Panel 1: Oulu is an employee in the Antique shop behind counter
Panel 2: As things turn out Elliot and Bompensiero are sitting at a table in front of Oulu.
Panel 3: Footsteps at the door
Panel 4: Warlord entering – Bompensiero Bursey, where's the money.
Panel 5: Bompensiero – My business is just started, could you please give me more time to pay you
Panel 6: Warlord – I’ll give you 2 options pay up or I’ll take them to the labourer camp.
Panel 7: Bompensiero is begging "Please don't take the kids, I promise to have the money next week"
Panel 8: Warlord reaching for the kids
Panel 9: Warlord takes the kids over his shoulder "Give me double by next week or you will never see them again"
Panel 10: Bompensiero's shocked face
*Long fade* this part is raining
Panel 11: Wagon wheel creaking down a road
Panel 12: They arrived at the camp in a wagon. others working for the company in background
Panel 13:  Warlord with an evil smile looks at the back of the wagon "Welcome to your new home"
Panel 14: Oulu and Elliot getting off the wagon
Panel 15: Person yelling at them "You two get to work and start shoveling the mud over there"
Panel 16: A giant pile of mud in the distance
*short fade*
Panel 17: Both of them are shoveling mud
Panel 18: Oulu is struggling because of his broken arm
Panel 19: Oulu collapses from exhaustion
Panel 20: Warlord notices and yells at Oulu "Get up you brat"
Panel 21: Oulu continues to lie down "No"
Panel 22: Warlord "Have fun sleeping in the mud tonight"
*fade* Entire thing is dark background
Panel 23: Close up on drum symbol
Panel 24: Light blue paw holding a drumstick with a giant head
Panel 25: Drum symbol being smacked with drumstick *clang clang*
*fade* Night time
Panel 26: Zoom out on the valley
Panel 27: Zoom in on a rushing river
Panel 28: Oulu is lying in the mud with Elliot crouched over him
-Elliot "Oulu it's dark, let's go back and get some rest"
Panel 29: Oulu springs to his feet "I'm starving, where's the food"
Panel 30: Elliot "It's back at the camp"
Panel 31: Elliot looking behind him (where camp is)
Panel 32: View of the camp
Panel 33: Camp being swept up by the river
Panel 34: Elliot realizes what happens (zoom up on face)
Panel 35: Elliot "WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW"
Panel 36: Oulu looking at Elliot (river right about to hit Elliot from behind)
Panel 37: Oulu and Elliot are being swept up by the river (apart quite a distance)
Panel 38: Oulu is struggling to swim (because of his arm)
Panel 39: Elliot swimming over to Oulu
Panel 40: Oulu reaching out to Elliot
Panel 41: Zoom up on their hands almost touching
Panel 42: Elliot grabs Oulu by the arm
Panel 43: Oulu holding onto Elliot
Panel 44: Elliot sees a cave with the river splitting off from the main river
Panel 45: Oulu and Elliot are right before the cave being swept by the river
Panel 46: Fade to darkness
Panel 47: Thud
Panel 48: More darkness End of chapter
Diesinglong chapter 2
Elevator Cage Madness
Panel 1: Oulu's point of view waking up and looking at the ceiling
Panel 2: Zoom out on Oulu looking back and forth trying to get his bearings
Panel 3: Oulu walking down the path leading down to a dock
Panel 4: Over the shoulder shot of Oulu looking at the dock (5 people standing)
Panel 5: Five boat men wearing astronaut outfits, with equipments such as lance-type weapons and air tanks on their backs
Panel 6: Boat men notice Oulu: its one of the prisoners what is he doing here? Hey now your coming with us!
Panel 7:
Extra details about boatmen
5 boat men are part of an organization called the trumpets, a group who dedicate their lives to help people to get through the sewer dungeon so far many of them have died and a few remain.
Story continued
Panel 1x:

What they don’t know is that there’s also a mysterious little group of people from the Ancient Dynamis who is there with them.

Text box: A lot of misfortunate people enter the hazardous borderline.

The first panel shows the first group passing through the sewer stream leading to a gate. You can see bridges and mazes in different directions. There are also caves the next panels 4 of the ships are arriving just in time being confronted by a gate. This underground sewer dungeon became a giant shrine facility.

The gate opens the water goes down. A water fall is about to begin. One team manages to close a floor so that it wouldn’t reach bottom. Everybody reach to different bridges. Some members were separated by their team. The status of the sewer dungeon is the madness of the elevator cage as it prioritizes success in each task according against the failure of flood levels turning against them. It is a scavenger hunt for everyone to find metal and built an elevator cage to escape the sewer dungeon. Who else knows what can happen in there what else other than the clans can be lurking inside deeper in the sewer dungeon?

Before they start they have to find a steel board chained to the ceiling lighting up. Instructed 10 riddles guiding numerous levels: 10a levels and 10b levels right and left of the tower.

•   Deep inside there is something lurking down? Answer: Find the basement and don’t get hunted down by creatures.
•   A room is about to collapse like a jig saw puzzle climb up? This causes the flood level. They couldn’t get the switch.
•   Go underwater and open the vent to the other room?
•   Where is the room of scraps and metal find a trail of cans and bits?
•   Go to a cage room where the ceiling has a vent?
•   Where is the cave of gems? Find a cyan glowing rock and activate the switch.
•   Wood pillars and bridges guarded by monsters? Find a red glowing rock and activate the switch.
•   The Wood pillars and bridges have a reset switch to the flood levels find it before it breaks? 3 attempts.
•   Enter the water slide to grab treasure and climb back up?
•   The cage room is connected to the jig saw puzzle room find a switch?

So Yeah I don't fully like it yet I don't understand. I was wanting to make it adventurous like the dragon ball 1st series and the law of ueki when other characters hunt down ueki just to fight one on one. So I figured I just focus on my art, get feedback from you guys for writing, watch films, read books, Get ideas from my sleeping, Yeah I don't want Oulu to be a emotional character. So what I was thinking getting someone to write and later I write or I could do Writing Survival. Its a feudal high fantasy and idk understand my characters If only I could love them with no headache. I figured I would understand it in art I just wish I can get a editor and hope that editor can get me a job as a manga artist assistant.
Have to do Day 15 for Sketch Survival