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Author Topic: Manga Artist wanted for webtoon idea (Unpaid)  (Read 446 times)

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Manga Artist wanted for webtoon idea (Unpaid)
« on: October 12, 2020, 03:17:43 AM »
I’m a writer looking for a good manga artist to draw an idea I have for a webtoon

The idea is called “BearClaw” and is about a superhero (With the same name) and his roommate (Called LightningLock) with both of them being heroes. LightningLock is ranked No.2 on the hero rank while BearClaw is at rank No.85. LightningLock’s power is (obviously) lightning while BearClaw’s power is a little more interesting, he can create small metal pieces (that for visual effect look like small pyramids) and with these he can create anything (but mostly he makes weapons) the pyramids themselves come from a special pocket on The shoulder of his costume that will describe more in detail to the author themselves . The plot itself is how BearClaw and LightningLock both tackle daily life with each other but also their hero work.

BearClaw is a guy around the age of 20 while LightningLock is a girl around the age of 18 and while BearClaw is more happy and casual about hero work LightningLock is more serious about their work.

Here is a piece from what I imagined would be in the first episode/prologue

BearClaw to the reader: people accuse me of not being nice, but they’re wrong and I’ll prove it.

Picture of a strong guy with a small text and an arrow pointing at him.

BearClaw: see this guy? He broke my cheekbones

Picture of BearClaw’s face in Bandages

BearClaw: so... first I broke his ribs...then I broke his femur...and lastly I broke his pelvis.

Sequence of drawings depicting bearClaw beating the guy with a metal baseball bat first hitting him in the ribs then kicking him in the femur and lastly hitting his pelvis with the bat. The sequence ends with the him laying on the ground in pain

BearClaw: And people say I’m not nice

If you’re interested Dm me at
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Re: Manga Artist wanted for webtoon idea (Unpaid)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2020, 02:05:32 PM »
Sorry Security, but I had to remove your link. We have a rule about not posting links until you've made 25 posts. Please feel free to insert it to your signature however. And please introduce yourself up in the welcome center! MR isn't a big website, so we emphasize finding partners for collaboration by putting in the work to get to know somebody first.

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